49 Days (2011): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

What should I do?

Oh, no! I'll be late for the engagement!

In-jeong, what do we do?

-Get out.

Get out of the car!


All right. Get changed.

You want me to wear that?

It's an engagement ceremony.

That doesn't mean I--

Just wear them.
You'll be late for the ceremony.


Hurry up!

Shin Ji-hyeon!
Are you seriously laughing right now?

Isn't this fun?

Hey, doesn't it feel like
we are in a movie?

We have ten minutes!


I am such a troublemaker.

Are you all right? Are you hurt anywhere?

I'm fine. Can you get my shoes?

What do we do now?

In-jeong, she's crying.

Hey, crybaby! No tears, okay?

Put on these.

Put my shoes on quickly.

What about you?


We are almost at the entrance.
We'll be there soon.

Hurry up!

I keep stepping on my dress!

-Are we good now?
-Hey! Gosh!

What's this?


I've never been more jealous
of my friend, Kang Min-ho.

And now, representing both families,

the bride's father will deliver
a message to the guests.

Give him a big round of applause!

My apologies.

I know these are difficult times,
but I wanted my child's engagement to be

as grand as possible.

As you may all know, in my company,

my son-in-law is--

That idiot.

How could he be so late?

Han Kang!

As I was saying,
Kang Min-ho is currently in charge of

such a large project,

that if we time the wedding
to when it's done,

we may have to wait a whole year,
maybe even two.

So I thought we should do this first.

That's why we have invited
all the important guests

here today.



Thank you!

Hey you!

Look who finally showed up
at the very end.

At least I came. Can I go now?

But you just got here.

Han Kang! You should at least say,

Hey, congratulations.



-You should go over there.

Mr. Cho wants to talk to you.

Kang, can you hold her hand for a minute?

It's because of her dress.

I'm not holding your fiancée's hand.

I'm good.

Careful now.


-You came.

So you met him
when you went to do your MBA?

He's an architect.
A unique and promising one at that.

He will be in charge of
the private space sector A.

If he graduated with Ji-hyeon,
he wouldn't have any experience.

He came first
in the Eco Architecture Contest.

Practically a genius.

Okay. Go talk to him.




It's almost over.

Right now?

You want me to be there?


A pack of cigarettes, please.

The one on the right.

That will be 2,500 won.

Come again.

Where on earth have you been?

-Where is Ji-hyeon?
-Knocked out from exhaustion.

How could you leave as soon as...

But Father,

I mean, Mr. Shin. What do you mean?

Dad! We got engaged yesterday!

You want us married in 15 days?

Were you even listening to me?

It was a mistake on my part.

Before things get really busy,

we should have had your wedding,
not an engagement.

But Father, we are already engaged.


You don't want to get married?

You don't want to marry Ji-hyeon?

You know that's not what I meant.

-Settled then.
-We can't get married in 15 days!

There is too much to prepare!

What's the matter with you two?

I thought you were inseparable!

He wants it done quick and sure.

He wants him in the family
as soon as possible,

so that he can begin
the resort project in Haemi-do.

So this is because of his job?

Don't you know your father?

You are his number one. Then me.

The company comes after us.
That's how he is!

Didn't you know?

Of course I know that.

But even Min-ho was shocked.


What is this?

Thanks to Father,
I didn't even get to propose.

It doesn't seem right.

You are proposing to me?

Come on!

I'm starving!

What? No food?

Why didn't you order?

Min-ho is here too.

Weren't you on a business trip?

I had to meet you two before the wedding.

You set the wedding date behind our backs!

You said everything was ready
when I called five minutes ago!



I'm hungry.

Hey, did you take out the bay leaf?

No bay leaf, double the garlic.

What are you doing? Serve it.

But I just got the dish.


Mr. Kang Min-ho!

On that fateful day,

when you saved Ji-hyeon's life,

did you expect her to be such a big eater?

Fateful day?

Oh, you mean the day
I almost got an heart attack!

Come on, hurry up!

In-jeong, what's wrong?

Let's go!



Daddy... What should I do?


You are okay now. Hang in there.

I wish I could go with you,
but I have a meeting tomorrow.

Take care now.

Let's get up.

Like a scene out of a movie!

Totally like in a romance movie, right?

Even as he was carrying me on his back,
he thought I might be a ghost.


Still not over it, right?

The fact that I nearly died
because of you.

Shin Ji-hyeon wouldn't die like that.

You are the daughter of a God.

If it weren't for Min-ho,
I really would have died.

Wedding hall, check. Dress, check.

That's done, too.
We still have to send out the invitations.

We need dresses for the bridesmaids,
and we need to go shopping.

We need to buy a ton of stuff,
that's the problem.

There it is!

So In-jeong and I should do that, right?

I will pick out your dresses tomorrow--


Do you know how much your dress costs?

I know.

You know what?

You can wear this for your weddings!

Then we can all have our weddings
in the same dress!

So much better than renting one!


In-jeong's room will be
used as a study room, right?

Yeah. While I am on my honeymoon,

Mom is going to renovate the second floor.

If I had gone to a college in Seoul,
we would have lived together.

In-jeong, try it on.

I'll pass. Min-ho wouldn't like that.

It's not like you'll be
entering as the bride or anything.

You should go to bed now.

It's like he knows everything.

How does he know we are still up?

He knows everything about me.

I'm going to bed now. Good night.

Where's the money?

Not that!

The money your boss left here!

I know everything,
so don't do anything stupid.

What's the hold-up?

She's just standing here!

I know your boss left the money here!

You're insane.

Why, you!

Where is it?

I will kill you!

-Go on.
-You little...


You really tried to take on
these two men on your own?

He was holding a knife!
You should have done as told!


Each of the 30 houses
must be designed individually, okay?

If you don't trust me,
just find someone else.

Come on, man.

You never think about
expanding your business.

-With your skills--
-Do I really have to?

Being your groomsman, I mean.

Not if you don't want to.

Ji-hyeon is a bit simple sometimes.
Try to understand.

So who do you have in mind?

By the way,

did you find that woman
you were looking for in Korea?

You can't find her in this small country?

You want help?

No thanks.

Hold on, In-jeong.

Hey! Han Kang!


I just want all our beloved friends
to be there at the wedding.

You are a good friend to both of us.

I'm not your friend.

What do you mean?
We went to high school together.

I was only there for a few months,
and you happened to be in my class.

That makes you a classmate, not a friend.

Also, I don't want to be a groomsman.

Why not?

I already told Min-ho I won't do that.
Leave me alone.

Did he really let you off the hook?

Just go.

Hey! Han Kang!

Don't tell me you are still sour
from that incident.

Is that it?

Come on! Are you still holding a grudge?

I've put it all behind.

Besides, if you think about it,
I should be the angry one!

You are still as pushy as ever.

-You do things no one else does,

and is still pushy.

I don't want to because it's you.
Happy now?

Got it?

Han Kang...

So once you get mad at someone,

you stay mad forever. Is that it?

That's right.

Once you get married,
I'll treat you like my senior's wife.

Are we clear? This conversation is over.

-He said no, right?
-He's being mean.

What kind of friend is that?

You shouldn't treat him like that either.

-What did I do?
-You two were enemies for months!

That was a long time ago!

That doesn't mean you are his friend.

He's saying you aren't,
so what makes you think otherwise?

Friendship goes both ways.

Well, you don't just quit being friends.

He hates you.
Doesn't that make you hate him?

-What a saint!

He's annoying sometimes,
but I don't hate him, okay?

If anyone hated me, I would hate him too.

How come you don't hate him?

I have my reasons.
In-jeong, you'll be late for work.

I have to stop by my house too.
It's going to be a busy day.

I'll pay for these later. Bye!

We were too harsh on her.

Certified copy of the register,
certificate of seal impression,

and the registered seal.

That's everything, right?

So meticulous today.

Oh, by the way.

You told Kang that
he doesn't have to be a groomsman?

He doesn't exactly mix well with others.

Wouldn't want the attention.

It was the same in America.

Are you saying he feels awkward?

That Han Kang?

He's been hurt in the past.
He just doesn't show it.

I guess that explains it.

I will take care of the groomsmen.

The guy who emceed at our engagement
should be one of them!

Call me if you finish before four.
I'll leave with you.

You know that will never happen.

Aren't you forgetting something?

My cellphone!


I'll get going, then.

I'm scheduled to be in Namyangju
by five o'clock.

As soon as we get the money,
I'll talk to Mr. Jeong,

and seal the Haemi-do site purchase deal.

Great work.

I started this mess,
and you cleaned it up beautifully.

This is only the beginning.

You are right.

The real work begins now.

All right, then.

I'm heading out and won't be back.
You should head home, too.

Yes, Mr. Shin.

-Take care.

This should look good on In-jeong.

Maybe something a little sexier.

I can't choose.

Go with what you want.

Everything is fine,
if the bride is pretty.

No way.

I've already picked out
one of the groom's friends for her.

I see.

I want In-jeong to really stand out.

Then you should tell her to come
and try them on herself.


Mr. Kim Jin-su.

You've got five minutes.


Who taught you to drive?

What is this?

You are young but very impressive,
Mr. Kang.

I'm getting married in a week.

The whole world knows that.

I want to be free from work at least
for three days before the wedding.

Look at that over there!


Wake up, young lady.

Hey, lady!

Is she okay?

-Open the door.
-How can I do this?

There's so much blood!

Hey, lady!

I think she hit it from the rear!

What do we do?

Wake up!

Lady! Are you alright?

Wake up!

Hey, lady!

That's me!



Out of the way!

What's going on?

This can't be.



She's not waking up.

Please hurry up!

Excuse me!

Excuse me!

Hey! Lady!


-Excuse me, mister?




What happened to me?


Please come to the payment desk.


Excuse me.

My daughter! Her name is Shin Ji-hyeon!

-From the car accident! Where is she?



-What happened?





You can't come in here.

Please! You must save her!



It's me, Ji-hyeon.




This can't be!



Where is Ji-hyeon?

Is she hurt bad?

We'll know for sure after the operation.



Those bastards!

How did this happen?

What do I do?

Excuse me!

Hey, do you recognize me?

You saw me back there!

Shin Ji-hyeon!
What kind of reckless driving was that?

He's passed away.



No! Dear!

Oh, no! My son!

-Please wake up, dear!


-Wake up!

Wake up! Please wake up!

Your life is over.

Wake up, dear!

Dear! Please wake up!

My dear! Please wake up!

Let us go.

Where are we headed?

This way, please.

Open your eyes! Dear!

Please wake up!


What is all this?

What is that? Who are you?

Follow me.

So you are...

You are the Grim Reaper?

Come on! What a corny name!

This is the modern age.
We have a modern name now.

I'm not the Grim Reaper.

I'm a Scheduler.

A Scheduler?

Each person is born with
a predetermined lifespan.

I won't get into the details.

We'll save that for later.

Anyway, I check
people's scheduled times of death,

and lead them to the afterlife.

That's what the Grim Reaper does.

I told you! I'm a Scheduler!


That doesn't matter!

It means I'm dead anyway.

Right. You are dead.

So you were there to pick me up?

Is that why you knew my name?

Well, not exactly.
Only Kim Jin-su was on my schedule today.

You saw him, right? The man who just left.

I was waiting for him.
Death by heart attack while driving.

But an accident delayed the traffic,
and he had a heart attack late.

The worst nightmare of any Scheduler!
A delayed schedule!

So what happened to me?

Why isn't anyone coming for me?

Because you weren't scheduled today.

-Listen, Shin Ji-hyeon.

You weren't supposed to die today.

Not supposed to die today?

Sometimes, we get troublemakers
who mess up our plans.

Like the one who tried to
kill herself today.

I don't get it.
She knows her time will come eventually!

That's not fair!

You almost gave me a heart attack.

Why did I have to die before my time?

Like I said, things got messed up!

And how is that fair?

You are lying, aren't you?

I'm not really dead, am I?

I should have figured.
You don't even look like the Grim Reaper.

Who says I don't look like a Scheduler?

Have you met anyone
who came back from death?

Even if it happens,
they can't remember us.

I'm not dead.

I can't be dead.

I am in surgery right now.

I saw them take me to the operating room.

You don't operate on the dead.

Is it natural to see myself go to
the operating room with my own eyes?

I just want all our beloved friends
to be there at the wedding.

You are a good friend to both of us.

I'm not your friend.

I don't want to because it's you.
Happy now?

Hey, Han Kang!

Park Seo-u!

Why didn't you answer the phone?


Ji-hyeon was in an accident.

What's going on, dear?

Why isn't she waking up?
When will she wake up?

Where's the doctor?

He'll be here soon. Just wait a minute.

See? I'm not dead yet.

Can you please shut your mouth?

-Mr. Shin!


She's my friend.

Shin In-jeong. I know.

Your fiancé, Kang Min-ho.

Your parents.

Park Seo-u and Han Kang should be coming.

Mr. Shin!

Thank you for coming.

What happened to Ji-hyeon?

How did this happen?

Hey, Ji-hyeon.

What happened?

Dr. Cho, talk to me. How is my girl?

She's in a vegetative state.

But it's closer to brain death.

Brain death?

That means...

-Mrs. Shin!

You can't interfere.

What are you saying?

What about the operation?




Do you get it now?

So what will happen to me now?

-Follow me.
-Where are we going?

You aren't getting on that elevator,
so just follow me.

I'm just fed up with these.

It's always the same with you humans.

Can you at least be more creative?

Don't come any closer.

I said no elevator for you,
so why are you running away?

Forget it! I'm not falling for your lie!

Unlike you humans, we don't lie.

Do you still think...

that I'm human?

Help me, please!

Gosh, this is new!
You are asking me for help?

You still don't get who I am?

Let's go.

No, not you. I want to speak to your boss.

-You are the Grim Reaper.

I don't have to listen to you!

There must be someone above you!
God, Buddha or whoever!

That's right. I'm just a small fry.

But this is my turf.

I carry out orders and write reports.
I'm in charge here.

I'm getting married in a week.

As for my parents,

I'm their only child.

I wasn't even supposed to die!
So irresponsible!

You are not the only one
who died unjustly.

And as for those kinds of souls,

we don't force them to take the elevator.

You promise?

This is my fifth year as a Scheduler,
in your neighborhood.

We've had two other cases like this.

You'd be the third one.

Two other cases?

In such cases,

in other words, those who die
prematurely because of others,

we offer two choices.

You get to choose one of them.

What are they?


Follow the Scheduler's guide
and leave this world.

Are you kidding me? That's dying!

One guy chose this option.
This world had nothing left for him.

He chose to test his luck
in the next life.

He willingly took the elevator.

Are you serious?

What did I say about lying?

Okay, I get it!
Just don't come close to me!

What about the other victim?

He chose the second option.

What's the second option?

You get 49 days

to find three people who truly love you.

If you do, you can stay.

In other words, prove your worth.

You seek to disrupt the order of nature
and reverse its flow.

Show me that your life is
worth all that trouble.

Don't you mean thirty?
Three just sounds too easy.

I wouldn't bet on it.

We are talking about life and death.
You think it will be easy?

You just saw three of them in the room.

If you count my parents
and all my friends,

-that's already more than three.
-Blood relatives don't count.

Why is that?

They love you unconditionally.

But how do I prove their love?

Someone who truly loves you

will shed a tear for you.
That'll be the proof.

Three drops of pure tear.

That's it?

You should have said it earlier.
You just saw them.

Min-ho, In-jeong, and Seo-u.
They all cried for me.

Tears don't always mean
someone is truly crying.

Why are we here?

Look carefully.

-At what?
-The tears of those who are crying.

Look closely.

That's the tear of sympathy
for a friend who died young.

And that woman over there,

she's relieved that
it's not her who died so young.

That one is shedding fake tears
as a matter of courtesy.

There it is. A pure drop of tear.


It's just a regular tear.

So that woman

really loved the one that passed away?

Yes. She's her sister.

And that's her husband.

He's expecting a huge sum of
insurance money.

He's sad, but he will be happy to move on.

I see two who are actually happy.


Such complex creatures.

How are you feeling?

I'm fascinated.

Must be nice being so simple
and optimistic.

That's what they call me.
Ms. Simple-and-optimistic.

So what do you say?
Do you accept the challenge?

What challenge?

Finding the three tear drops! What else?

Of course I accept!

I'm not like that lady over there.

No need to tell me that.

The decision is yours to make.

I said I accept!

Okay. Come this way.

He sure loves leading people.

-Her name is Song I-kyung. She's 28.
-Song I-kyung.

-Grew up in Chuncheon Hansarang Orphanage.
-She's 28.

-Chuncheon Hansarang Orphanage.
-After high school,

she got a degree
in tourism and hospitality.

-She worked for two years in Seoul Hotel,
-Worked in Seoul Hotel.

-but quit her job at 23.
-At 23.

Jobless for a year,
then began work at convenience stores.

Wait! Hold on!

Can you write that down somewhere?

I'm no good at memorizing stuff.

Her current shift is from 2 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Write it down for me!

What? I memorized everything!

Forget the logic of this world.

By the way,

does it really have to be her?


She's a bit weird, don't you think?

Look at her hair! And her outfit?

I don't know about your world,
but here, everything happens for a reason.

Everything is connected to one another.

So there's a connection
between me and her?

Tell me what it is.

What were you thinking
at the time of the accident?

I don't remember.

Then just shut up and listen.

I still got a load of instructions.

Mom. Dad.

Just give me a few days.

You too, Min-ho.

I'll be back soon.

Wait until she falls asleep.

Don't be afraid. Don't be scared.

It is nothing difficult.

Leave yourself to her. That will do.

I am...

Shin Ji-hyeon.

I am...

Shin Ji-hyeon.

Subtitle translation by Su-youn Jung