45 rpm (2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - El álbum - full transcript


We're making progress.

We did it, kid.

What's this?

Your contract
as Futura's first artist.

You'll earn more royalties
than any artist in Golden.

Who offers this percentage
to a new artist?

You have to run all decisions by me.

- No.
- No?

I'm not running every decision by you.

Great. Smile a little.

One of the top voices

for young people in the capital.

Robert and his song "Let Her Go".

A big hand for our new star.

It was my presentation
for my label.

I thought it was my label.

The star of the party
running off without a word.

I've had enough of crowds for today.

What's wrong?

Not all the people I'd like
to share it with are here today.

I thought you wanted
to share it with me.

- To Futura.
- Why did you come?

We barely talked at the party.

And I was on the rooftop with
a beautiful, fun girl,

but I really wanted to
celebrate it with you.

You're still awake?

Yes, there was a party
at the record company. You?

I can't seem to get home
before two. Last night the same.

- You got home at this hour?
- Yes.

I thought you were at home
with Mom when I came in.


Weren't you at a concert with Diego?

We're in the middle of
the "Tombola" promotion.

Why don't we renegotiate
the contract after that?

Too late, Zabala.
Let's go, Pepa.


Robert is in Futura,
but Futura belongs to Golden.

Let's sell him to another label
and get rid of the problem.

You asked for it, Rojas.

Your dear Futura has become
a source of problems.

What if I get Robert to capitalize
on Marisol's departure?

Robert, are you alright?

Just going for some air.

The whole crew is waiting for your boy.

He has 10 minutes.

Otherwise, forget the contract.

Robert! Robert!
Robert, are you alright?

He needs a short break.

The kid needs a break!

Just when things are going great,
the kid needs a break.

I'm really sorry, Guillermo.

No, if we can't work this out,
you'll be sorry alright.

We have to get Sonora
to trust Robert again.

He'll sell thousands of
record players for them.

And your only plan is lunch?

Do you have a better plan?

I'd like to sing you a song
you already know.

Then you can buy the single
and listen to it on...

the new Sonora Dualette,
which sounds fantastic.

How dare you call my home!

My artist is on TV sets
all over Spain. Marisol's left you.

You'd have to be a fool to lose
two stars in the same week.

I want you to know
that I respect you...

I don't want you to respect me,
I want you to desire me.

I thought you didn't want
to be with me.

JANUARY 10, 1963




- Maribel.
- We did it.

You're number one
on stations nationwide.

- I beat Dúo Dinámico?
- Last week, yes.

No wonder. "Let Her Go"
is on all the time.

You're the singer of the moment.

Your face is everywhere.

You don't say!

Didn't I tell you? You're unstoppable.

Zabala! Cheer up.
Haven't you seen the lists?

Guillermo Rojas does know
what he's doing.

You expect me to congratulate you?

It wouldn't be bad.

Do you have the other songs
for the album?

Is it so hard?
"Guillermo, good work".

Try it, it's not that hard.

Have you finalized the album song list?

We have to define the concept,

choose the songs that are in or out.

I want a proposal
this afternoon in my office.

We have to show it to the censor.

Since when is someone
with no idea about music

the best to decide if songs
are good or not?

What if we don't send it?

Guillermo, tell your boy
to keep the rebel stuff

for when he's onstage.

What fantasyland did you
come from, kid?

In this country,
everything goes through the censor.

- What's the big hurry?
- I spoke to Alfredo.

We reached the conclusion
that it'd be good to use

the single's momentum

to save money on
the promotion of the album.

What album?

The one you're going to record.
Got a problem?

No. Robert's ready. So is Maribel.


She's going to produce it.
Got a problem?

I want you to get to work now.

Did what just happened happen?

We're going to record an album!


Why are we overthinking it?

Listen to me, every album
has to tell a story.

Like Frank Sinatra did in his day.
Or Ray Charles, or the Beach Boys.

Each song has to be crucial.

The theory's very nice,

but maybe we should change
the story, it's always the same.

Now you're the bad boy.
What's wrong with this?

Why is it always broken hearts
and how tough it is to be dumped?

I want people to dance,
not slit their wrists.

You'll sing about what love means,

with the good times and bad.

People will put on your album
to dance when they're happy

and console themselves
when they're down.

That doesn't sound bad,
but I don't it want to be corny.

It won't be corny.

Excuse me, but I'm right here,
and my song aren't corny.

They reflect a crucial moment,

a slice of my soul that
I want to share with the world.

Maybe I do get a bit intense.

- Hi, guys.
- Hi, Maribel.

I spoke to Chimo

and he's finalizing the studio details.

I also spoke to Gabi,
he has a Law exam tomorrow,

but he's not going,
he wants to do this much more.

I like it, we need more rockers
and fewer lawyers.

- How are you guys doing?
- We can't agree on the song order.

Let's see...

I think we should start with "Human"

and end with "Let Her Go",

so the album starts and ends
with the most danceable songs.

I like it.

Well, now we have a repertoire.

- Happy?
- Very.

Yes, I'm happy too.

It's more or less what I said.

"Beginning and End" is the title
that best defines the album.

It's about the beginning
and the end of love.

And all the songs are in English.

Now we're discussing songs,
I think this song with this title

won't pass the cut.

Let's leave that to the censors.

I'm warning you, I know them
and they're evil-minded.

They're not the only ones.

Oh, really... You should cut it.


If it's out, you lose part of the journey.

The album's about being in love,

from when you meet someone
and it's all wonderful

until you get to disappointment,

you break up and sink into misery.

How pleasant!

I'm not taking it out.

It's a key piece,
it fits the album perfectly.

Okay, you win.

We'll show it to the censor.

If it doesn't pass the cut
and you've recorded it, you pay.

Relax, I'm going to present
Golden's best album in years.

It's all set: Robert is rehearsing,

Maribel's finishing off
the arrangements.

Alfredo and I wanted
to tell you something.

You'll understand that we
can't leave the production of the album

in the hands of your secretary.

She's not my secretary,
she's my right hand.

What are you saying?

You want some girl to run
the recording with my money?

Money, in case you don't realize,
we don't have a surplus of.

Maribel's not "some girl",

she's proved herself to be
more than able to do this job.

She knows Chimo, she knows Ignacio

and she can get the best performance
from Robert's voice.

Knowing how to make coffee
and answer phone calls

doesn't mean she's ready
for the challenge

of the production of
an album of this size.

I don't know if you recall,
but Maribel produced the single

that half of Spain is sighing over.

The single's sound quality
leaves a lot to be desired.

You don't say!
If you'd let me record

in Golden studios
the quality would be different.

And maybe it's not perfect,

but it's direct, original, fresh.

It's the sound I want for this album.

Forget Maribel.

You can't force me.

- We've hired Salvador Quintana.
- Salvador?

What a great idea,

hire a dinosaur to produce
and rock 'n' roll album.

- Get outta here!
- No, no, no.

I won't let you talk
about Salvador that way.

He's a wonderful professional
with years of experience.

Recording "copla" records. "Coplas!"

He won't know how to do this job.

You've show yourself to be decisive,
but also unpredictable.

You got us a number one, yes,
but we also lost Marisol.

And Juanito Valderrama
is threatening to leave us.

Now Valderrama's my fault too.

He's demanding a raise in royalties.

Ring a bell?

You changed the rules of the game

and we're all paying for it.

Golden has a lot at stake
with this album, a lot.

Maribel can make this record
and three more.

This is "First Division", alright?

We're not consulting you, Rojas.

The decision's been made.

Thanks a lot, Guillermo.


What's wrong?

I tried, Maribel, believe me.

But they want someone else...

Someone with more experience.

It's absurd,
he's never even seen her work.

Let's start there.

Come here to the studio
tomorrow, early.

I know Salvador, I'll get him
to make you his assistant.

Don't worry.

When Salvador sees you work,
he'll want you on his team.

We can convince him to let you
do a couple of songs.

Don't you get it yet?

They'll never let me produce anything.

Not because I'm young or inexperienced,
but because I'm a woman.

Go outside and take
a look at the world.

All the women in this office
are secretaries.

Not just here, in any office.

Smart, hardworking, talented girls,

and no boss will give them
a chance because

they need someone to get coffee
and answer the phone.

I promised you that you'd be
more than a message girl

and I'm keeping that promise.

Forget it, it's not your fault.
It's mine for dreaming.


You're so lucky.

Such a thoughtful fiancé.
One lots of us would want.

Cheer up, girl,

you got flowers,
not a sack of manure.

I'm so sorry about what happened.

Forget it, I don't want
to talk about it

or let the whole office know.

- Let's talk alone.
- I don't want to talk!

I want to be alone, okay?

I'll go.

Girl, what are you doing here?

I needed to be alone.

Mr. Rojas told me everything.

I'm sorry, honey.

I'm sorrier.

You know when I was little
I'd go to piano competitions?

I'd spend all night practising
until I got callouses on my fingers.

Even in bed when I closed my eyes,
I'd keep practising.

I practised the most
in the conservatorium,

I was the most disciplined
and dedicated.

But it didn't matter.

I tried for seven years

and never won a single
bloody competition.

And you know the worst thing?

My mother put all my second prizes
on the living room piano,

for everyone to see,

to remind me that I've never been
the best at anything.

It's not fair, Nines.

I've worked the hardest,
I've given it everything.

I know, honey.

Why do I feel like a little girl?

Like when I'd come in second.

You're the best,

you should produce it.

That's what my dad said when I lost.

And "taking part is the main thing",
which is the world's biggest lie.

What did you expect, love?

To get respect here,
you need to wear pants.

How do they know
if the pants fit me?

With your body,
they must look terrific.

But you know how all this goes.

We're here to make things
a little prettier

and shut our mouths.

I don't want to shut up, Nines.

I want them to listen to me,
to let me decide.

For once in my life
I want to be first.

Another coffee, Tino.

No, whisky. No, coffee.

- Whatever you like.
- Herb tea?

What's the matter with you?

How do you do it?

You're even prettier
than the last time I saw you.

I forgot what a flatterer you were.

A Negroni?
I still make the best.


I was surprised you called.

I thought, after the party,
you didn't want to speak to me.

I haven't come to speak to you.

I came to return this.

Enough, Guillermo.

- Doesn't he like them?
- Of course he did, he's a boy.

But that's not the problem,

you can't leave presents
at people's front doors.

- You keep it at least.
- You still don't listen.

You know how much it means
to me, I want you to have it.

What do you want, Guillermo?

Let me see Jorge.

If you won't let me send him gifts,
I can give them in person,

but let me know my son.

Make no mistake.
You've never been his father.

You never gave me that option.

Do you really believe that?


I made a lot of mistakes.

But you didn't tell me.

If I'd known you were pregnant,
I would've been there for you both.

Take care, Guillermo.

Now, Robert and "Let Her Go",
the song of the moment.

You'll fall for this kid,
he'll captivate you...

Maribel, can you open up?

- I'm busy.
- Coming.

Go on, make it today.

I'm going, Mom.

Diego, what are you doing here?

I came to see if you want
to take a walk, or...

- My parents are here.
- Your parents?

Yes, my parents.

I keep thinking about
the other night.

About you and me and...
It was greatest time of my life.

Me too, but my mom's
making dinner and I'm busy.

We're recording tomorrow
and I have tons of work.

Work? Here?

You have a studio here at home?

Yes, Diego, yes,

because there's a lot to do
before you record.

It all has to be prepared.

And I have to do it
because it's my job, okay?

Lots of people depend on
me getting it right.

Did you like the flowers?

Golden is my workplace, okay?

What'll people think
if you send me flowers?

That you have a boyfriend
who loves you.

Do you think Guillermo
gets flowers? Or Robert?

Okay, understood.

I wanted it to be
a nice gesture, that's all.

I don't know what
you want me to say.


The secretaries in my office
get flowers and they melt.

Maybe you should go out
with a secretary from your office.


Don't worry, there won't be
any more gestures.

And I left reports half-done
to be with you, to come to see you.

But it looks like
I should've stayed in the bank.

Good luck tomorrow.

Yes, you're so busy.

Mom, I'm not in
the mood today. Please...

- Why did you lie to him?
- Were you eavesdropping?

The walls here are like paper.

You're really going to
criticize me for lying?

You should be proud,
it turned out like you.

I'm sick of impertinence.

You have no idea, so just keep quiet.

No, I've kept quiet for days
because if I speak, it'll kill Dad.

I love your father,
he's the man of my life.

Sure, but not the only one.

You have no idea
how hard marriage is.

No, tell me.

None of your business,
I don't have to explain to you.

Very convenient, no explanations,

but you never stop
telling me what to do.

I'm supposed to marry Diego...

when you don't even respect
your marriage vows.

Marrying your father was
the best thing to happen to me.

I've never regretted marrying him
or having him by my side,

or you, though sometimes
you're a spoilt brat!

I'll be in the kitchen.
When you want dinner, tell me.

Sorry, I didn't want to bother you.

I thought no one was here

and the cleaning lady
had left the light on.

I'm going.

I went, but I came back
to finish the reports.

- I'm more awake at night.
- Need anything?

A little hemlock.

I don't have that,
but I can go for a drink.

No, thanks. I think I'll go home.

I know I shouldn't pry,
but my mom always said

you should be with the people
who make you happy,

that life is hard enough already.

Is that drink still on offer?


Let's go.

You know what?
I like your mother.

Because you don't know her
when she gets bossy.

You'd love her desserts,
they're delicious.

- Good morning.
- 'Morning.

You caught me preparing things.

It's a shame that
you're not holding the reins.

What can you do?
It's the rules of the game.

If it does any good,
I really wanted to see you work

in a proper studio
and not in a church.

Zabala doesn't know
the mistake he's made.

Well, I assume my churros are here.

I'm no good without breakfast.
Can I get you something?

A record to produce?

It's too early to start off
so melancholy,

I'd rather something livelier.


You play very well.

Thanks. But not perfectly.

May I give you some advice, miss?

- Maribel.
- Forget about playing perfectly,

music isn't mathematics,
it's not an exact science.

So, enjoy doing it.

That way I'll play better?

At least you have more fun,
that's what it's about, right?

Can I help you?
Are you looking for someone?

I'm supposed to be
recording here today,

but I don't know if I'm early or late.

Are you Salvador Quintana?

The very same.

- Is that funny?
- No, I thought you'd be different.

Better or worse?

- Salvador, good morning.
- Hey, Guillermo!

I'm glad you're still in the business.

Hanging in there.

This is the team.
Ignacio, the composer.

- How are you?
- Hi.

Chimo, the technician.

In case we're hungry.

You've met Maribel.
These are The Thunders

and here's the future star
of Spanish rock: Robert.

- I hope to be up to it.
- "Humility, divine treasure."

You won't need it when
you've got 5 gold discs

and your colleagues will sure miss it.

We have to be good musicians.

There's little time
and we have to be very efficient.

But if you all play as well
as Miss Maribel,

it'll all be wonderful.

Chimo, my things.

You're already friends?

He seems nice.

Yes, they all do at first.

Shall we start?

What's your take on it?

This song was faster before

and Salvador's halved the tempo.
Now it's a ballad.



How do you feel, Robert?

Not great.
It's really slow, right, guys?

At this rate, the record
will be four hours long.

Let's do another.

Excuse me.
This song was faster before

and Robert's not comfortable
with mid-tempos.

This one's always more upbeat.

You young folks nowadays think
it all has to be breakneck speed.

No, it's better like this, slower,

so you can dance up close.

we have other songs for that.

This song's so the kids
bust their butts dancing.

Okay, fine.

We'll do one your way,
then compare it with mine.

You'll see that not everything
in life is about speed.

You have so little faith.

- Alright then...
- Go ahead.

We're going to speed it up, okay?

Okay. I'll tell you.
I'll mark it.


- More, more.
- More?

Yeah, yeah. Listen to me.

Go, have no fear.

- Okay, that's it.
- Okay, up to you.

- Okay, whatever you like.
- Much better.

3, 2, 1 and...

- It's not recording.
- What?

Salvador didn't give the order.
Chimo isn't recording.

Sorry, Salvador,
but I don't think it's recording.

Gosh, how careless.


Okay, stop. Stop for a sec.

- Everything alright?
- Yes.

A little technical problem.

- From the top, okay?
- Okay.

But relax, it's going great.


Rock and roll!

Cut. Cut, cut, cut.

No, no.

It's not working, you can't
understand a word, it's too fast.

- It's fine.
- Excuse me?

It's okay to be a bit noisy.
It's better like that.

We're not after a perfect,
mainstream record.

It's not for clerks
in starched shirts.

You're telling me
you want it to sound bad?

No, I don't want it to sound bad,
I want it to sound alive.

Not boring, with character,

Sorry, but I'm not putting
my name on

some racket where
you can't understand a word.

Yes you can.
And the guy's got a soul...

- Mr. Rojas, excuse me...
- What now?!

Sorry, I just brought this.

Sorry, honey, I'm not having
a good day.

It's alright.

The censor's report just came,
I thought you'd want to see it.

Have they passed all of them?

All of them...

All but one.


We've started recording
without the censor's permission?

We've tossed the whole morning
in the trash?

- Salvador, enough!
- Don't bust my balls!

Don't bust my balls,
you've wasted the whole day!

And you try to give me orders!

20 years I've been in this profession!

This up, that down, slower, faster...

Damn it!

I'm in charge here!

We'll take 5,
and see if we can sort out this mess!

Okay... This is impossible.

What do we go, Guillermo?


- What?
- Come with me, coffee.


What if we recover one from the list?

- Ignacio, don't be offended...
- Here we go...

You're a talented writer
and I love your songs.

Get to the point,
I won't be offended.

We discarded the others for a reason.

- Coffee?
- Down the end.

Robert's first album
can't have any filler.

Sorry? I don't write filler.

See? You're offended.

Hey, that's offensive.
"Filler", he says.

I'm not saying they're bad songs,

but this album can't have
songs that aren't bad,

they all have to be number ones.

And they've censored what
we saw as the first single.

True, it was one of
the songs I liked most.

I really don't get it.

Shit, Ignacio,
it's called "Inside of You".

It's a good title.

Do I have to explain?

Hey, it's not a dirty song.

You don't have to convince me,
but the censors have dirty minds.

But it's not about that.

It's about the rapport
between two people.

They don't need to speak
to know what the other's thinking,

that is, true love.

Very nice. Yes, sir.

But you should've called it
"True Love"

and we'd still have a song.

Is there nothing you can do?

Pull some strings...

What am I, a puppeteer?

We're talking about censors,
they have no friends.

We need a new song, Ignacio.

Okay, I'll get on it now.

Where the hell are you going?

Home. It's just that here...
I need space.

"Space"... Here's a table.

Sit here and don't leave
until you've written the song.

And hurry up!

Oh, great! No pressure.

This is no way to treat an artist.

I can't write in all this commotion,
at least not that fast.

Inspiration is capricious,
it comes when it comes.

Talk to your inspiration and tell it
to grab a taxi, I'll pay,

but you're staying here
until you write this song.

If you need help, call me.


Sorry, you can handle people

and manage talent, but as an artist...

- Don't get offended...
- Write that song now.

- Okay, yes.
- Not a word to Zabala.

- Okay, not a word.
- Not a word.

Not a word.

A little silence, please.

We have to do something.

Salvador, can we talk?

Cut. What?

Can we work in peace?

Sure. But first it'd be good
to plan things

in order to work more efficiently.

Efficient means: sit down,
shut up and don't interrupt.

Robert, one moment.

I'm with Guillermo,
we should talk about

what sound we want to get.

It seems you didn't get
that I decide on the sound here.

And I'm fed up with
negotiating with you.

Robert, from the top.

Chimo, roll it.

Robert. Wait.

Chimo, don't record.

No contradictory orders,
I'll short circuit.

It's seems you don't get
who's in charge here.

It's you who doesn't get it.

You're going to record our way.

I'll record how I goddamn like,
that's why Zabala hired me.

He hired you, but it's my label.

I have the last word.

So let's breathe, calm down
and act like professionals, yes?

What professionals?

I'm the only professional here.

How many records have you recorded?

How many gold discs
have you produced?

How many artists like Robert
have you produced? None!

None? No, none!

Nor will I after this,

if you'll just let me goddamn finish!
That'll do!

Robert, from the top. Chimo, hit it.

Everyone else, shut up.

Anyone who doesn't like it,
get out. That'll do!

That's it, you're fired.
Get out of here.

- You can't fire me.
- Oh, no?

This is my album, my artist!
Get out of here!

This isn't over!

I never believed what I was told
about you, and it turns out it's true.


That feels good.

Now what do we do?

Now we're going to do things right.

When Zabala finds out,
he's going to scream blue murder.

Don't worry, I'll deal with him.

Go on, guys, rest up.
Everyone home.

Mari, your father's called you
three times now.

He's waiting for you at Galerías.

Yes, yes.


Maribel, wait.
What a day, eh?

One to throw in the towel.

What do you want, Robert?

What do I want?
To talk to you.

You've been avoiding me for days.

I'm not.
We've been in the studio all day

and I've talked to you
like any other colleague.

So we're just colleagues.

We've never been anything else.

I get that you're frustrated because
they won't let you do your job,

but it wasn't the best day
of my life either.

Welcome to the club,
I've got problems too.

So let's get a drink at Ondas
and let off steam.

That's what colleagues do, right?

'Bye, Robert.


Hello, Maribel.
It's great you could come.

I don't know if I can
help you with Mom's gift.

Sure, I need your advice.

You don't celebrate
a silver anniversary every day.

- Right.
- This necklace, what do you think?

Insultingly expensive.

Don't look at the price.
Do you like it or not?

- Yes, I do, but...
- Then it's decided.

I don't have
such bad taste after all.

I was recommended this brooch,
but I don't like it.

Mom's very lucky to have you.

And I am to have her.

- You think so?
- Of course.

It has to be a surprise.
Keep my secret.

Relax, I'm great at
keeping secrets lately.

There's something I've wanted
to tell you for some time...

So this is your daughter, Alberto?

She's so pretty.

Maribel, this is Lola,
head of the Ladies section.

Nice to meet you.

Your father never stops talking
about you and your work,

you're the apple of his eye.

Can I help you?

Yes, please.

Gift-wrap this necklace for me.

The pearl one?

- The very same.
- Perfect.

I want it nicely wrapped
with that blue ribbon.

Like every year.

Do you like it?

I love it.

...the bracelets.

I think she'll be surprised.

Da-dah! Congratulations!

I don't know what it is,
but I can see you coming.

Mine's going to look terrible.

I'm not totally sure,
but I hope you like it.

Do you like it?

You don't like it.

I should've chosen the brooch.

It's beautiful, darling.

But you've spent a fortune,
you shouldn't have.

No, I want you to look pretty
for the next 25 years of marriage.


It's not just to my credit.

Maribel helped me to choose it.

Thank you, my girl.

If you don't like it or tire of it,
you can change it for another.

Why would I want to change it?

If you take care of something,
you can use it all your life.

- That's right.
- A jewel is forever.

Though sometimes you wear
something else, for a change.

Sure. You always have
a solution for everything.

Telephone. I'll go.

It's beautiful.

Put on what I bought you.

Yes? Hello?

Okay, okay.

C'mon, go, go.

Hurry, damn it. Good.

Guillermo, Guillermo.

If they catch us, we've hat it.

We're breaking and entering.

They're both crimes.

Don't worry,
I'll save everyone's asses.

We're recording the album tonight.

C'mon, hurry.

We've got a chance
to record this album

without some idiot interfering.

I need to know I can count on you all.

Count on me.

Ignacio, will you have time
to write the song tonight?

- Well...
- Good. That's the way I like it.

Maribel, I told you
you'd produce an album.

- It's your chance. What do you say?
- You're nuts.

Yeah, I can't help it. Are you in?

- Yes, of course.
- That's the way I like it.

Mr. Rojas, some lads
are asking for you.

Good, just in time.
Come in, guys.

We didn't have time to go far.

I had to leave in mid-supper.

Gabi, hunger is temporary,
this album is forever.

Grab some sandwiches and caffeine,
it'll be a long night.

I'll help you.

Sandwich? Coca Cola.

Come on.

Rock and roll.



Good, guys,
but let's do another, okay?

Another take, Maribel?
We've done loads already.

Not enough.
One more, just one.

Remember, Juan has a solo
in the second part.

- You don't have to sing there...
- Okay, okay.

...or play guitar, alright?

Are you alright?

Yeah, yeah.
Better than ever. Go.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah.

C'mon, guys, one more.
Go, Robert.

Because I love you.

"Because I love you"?

- "Because I love you".
- No, no, no...

What's wrong with it? It's nice.
"Because I love you", he says...

It's not you,
I'd just rather work alone.

Okay. I was trying to help.

If you don't like my lyrics, fine.

I need space.

You have all the space in the world,
but hurry up, yeah?

"Because I love you..."

No, sorry, not you.

Go over it again, because we're
recording it now, okay?


It's getting to be too much.

- If you can't take it...
- I can take it.

You said that at the promotion,
then I had to take you to hospital.

If you can't take it, say it,
the doctor...

The doctor spoke to me again.

What? When?
Why didn't you tell me?

Because you're avoiding me?

I'm not avoiding you.

Don't change the subject.
What did he say?

That I'm doing better.


I'm responding to the treatments.

That's good news.

Okay, but don't cry,
they'll think it's because of me.

I wasn't going to cry.

Admit it, you got a bit emotional.

We'll end up being
more than just colleagues.

We've had our pit stop.

Are we all ready?
Whenever you like, boss.

Come on, guys,
let's go to the next one.

What do you think?

It's horrible, right?

I knew it,
writing in a rush is no good.

It's beautiful, Ignacio.

- Seriously?
- Really good.

It's not corny?

If you're not convinced,
you can say it.

Ignacio, it's perfect.

And we'd flatter you more,
but we don't have time.

- Let's record.
- Mr. Rojas, they're here.

- Thanks, Lucas.
- That's it, we've had it.

- Nice knowing you all.
- No way!

We're the musicians on the Titanic,
no one's going anywhere.

We don't have time,
they're coming.

We can't record this song.

Nobody leaves until
we finish the album!

Are you with me? Yes or no?

- C'mon!
- Let's record it!


To your instruments!

They're coming up.

I'm sorry you had to
put up with all this,

I'll fix it right away.

I don't badmouth colleagues,
but you've got the enemy within.

You don't have to explain.
I'm apologizing to you.

Not letting him back
in the studio is enough.

Guillermo will never bother you again
while I'm here. He'll hear from me!

What the fuck is going on here?


Open up!
Open up, goddamn it!

Cut, Robert. Cut.

This is the limit.
How can I record if I can't get in?

Goddamn him to hell!

This is over! Open up!


Are you opening it or not?
Can you hear me?

You've had it, you bastard!

What do we do?
We don't have time.

We carry on.

The song's not working,

it needs accompaniment or it'll fail.

We're locked in here.

If we go out without finishing
the album, it's over.

You can't call anyone,
you'll have to wing it.

Without backing,
the chorus falls flat.


You can do it.

Shall we go?

Let's go.

Come on!

Stop, goddamn it!

The police are here.

You're in big trouble.


Open the fucking door!

Got it?

We've got it.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We've finished Robert's first album!

Let's go!

- Go, guys!
- Welcome!

I love you!

- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.

Good, guys.

Grab him.

Relax, it's alright.


Juan Carlos, it's alright.

Alright! That'll do!

Okay, fine. Thank you.
Take him away.

- Let's go.
- Please.

Guillermo, you left me no choice.

You never leave me any choice.

I can't believe
they didn't even let us see him.

Don't worry,
they'll let him out tomorrow.

They can't hold him for
locking himself in a studio.

I hope not.

Want a lift?

What's this motorbike?

I always wanted one and...

...it's now or never.

You don't need to take me.
Don't worry.

I'm not worried, I want to take you.

What's a motorbike
without a pretty girl on it?

C'mon, get on.

- You alright?
- Yes.

You did really well.

You didn't do so badly either.

It was worth it, right?

Well, we may lose our jobs,

Guillermo's going to spend
the night in jail

and I have my doubts that
our album will see the light of day.


yes, it was worth it.

If it all goes sour,
you can work as a backing singer.

You do it
almost as well as production.

We sing well together.

It wasn't bad,

but it would've been better
with a real singer.

I wouldn't swap
your voice for anyone's.


Are you alright?


- Yes.
- Are you sure?






Are you alright?


I heard a noise.

It wasn't in here.

Have you come from Galerías?


A lot of work, huh?


We'll be refurbishing
at night the whole month.

Money can't make up for that.

I'll leave you. Sleep well.

Good night.



How do you know
that you still love someone?


I suppose when their faults
matter less than their virtues.

Sleep well.

Good night.

Is there more?

No, nothing else.

Hey, you, fancy pants.

You have a visitor.

Let's go!

About time, Maribel.

My life would be more peaceful
if you spent a while here,

you know that, right?

- Why are you here?
- Your album.

You and I disagree a lot,
but I know something about music.

I've sent it straight to the factory.

And Salvador?

Salvador will be listed as producer.

I have a contract with him
and I don't need more problems.

Bugger the contract.
Maribel produced this album,

her name has to be on the credits.

Please, for once you could
make things easy.

We're in the red,
and you got your way.

you're in no position to negotiate.

This is your fault too.

If you'd let me do things
my way, we wouldn't be here.

It's hard for you to say
when someone's right.

Are you coming with me
or staying with these guys?

I don't know,

I really like my "roomies".

Get me out of here, go on.

Let him out.

Good luck, gents.

Thanks, boss.

I'm free.
Can you let go of me?

Pedro, how bad are things?

Is it grim?

I hope your boy sells lots
of records, or we're screwed.

I wish I could give you better news.

So, what are my options?

You should stay here permanently,
24 hours a day.

And never leave?

You've taken it to the limit lately
and your heart's affected.

You're worse.

How long?

It's hard to say.

But you'll live a lot longer
if you stay here

and we start treatment day and night.

Think about it.


- Pack your bag, we're going.
- What?

Get your things,
we're going to the flat.

I paid three months in advance.
We have to make the most of it.

Are you sure you want us
to live together?

You are moody in the morning,

but I'm looking forward
to living with you again.

What do you say?

- Yes.
- Yes? Let's go.

Come on.

Miss Campoy.

Are you going to surprise Diego?

Yes. Is he in his office?

Yes. I'll tell him you're here.

Were we going to meet?
I'm so busy.

No, but I wanted to talk to you.

I saw you yesterday, by the way.

I was visiting my dad in Galerías

and you were buying a scarf
like the one your secretary has on.

It was a gift for helping me
with a tough account.

A gift for doing her job?
Isn't her salary enough?

She did overtime

when she didn't have to
and thanks to her, I finished on time.

When a colleague helps me,
I like to say thanks.

What's all this about?

I'm sick of everyone
around me lying.

I'm telling you the truth.

Carmen is a workmate.

Do you really think
I'm that sort of person?


I don't, actually.

You're one of the best people I know.

So can you tell me what's going on?

Sometimes I miss
my life of a year ago,

when I was sure of everything,
I had no doubts.

Being with you, getting married,

having a family,
a marriage like my parents.

A quiet, apparently perfect life.

And now?

Now I don't know.

I just don't want to
look at you in a few years

and realize it was all a big lie.

Are you leaving me?

I'm sorry,

but I'm not sure
of anything anymore.

On one hand, I'm scared of
having nothing to hold onto,

like I'm falling into the void.

But on the other,

this vertigo...

makes me feel...


For the first time in my life
I feel truly free.

Sorry, the bar next door
only gave me this,

- but I'll see if I can get...
- No, it's alright.

Have you read any Oscar Wilde?

What's this literature lesson about?

I like men too.

I'll call Diego tomorrow
and we'll all have lunch on Friday.

He might not come, I left him.

Diego had his secrets
and I had mine.

I don't want to end up like you two,
lying to each other's faces.

What does he want?

First, sole authorship of our client.

Tell your client he's dreaming.

He can keep it, I don't care.

- It's your song.
- What if it isn't?

Ignacio, what are you saying?

I stole it.

Leave those two out of it,
you and me, outside.


Are you saying he negotiated
shares in my firm behind my back?

In his defence,
the plan isn't that crazy.

I will not let you destroy
what I've built up over all these years.

Neither this company
nor my family.

Sorry, babe, when does
your boss get here?

I'm the boss
and I'll organize the crew.

Are you telling me how to do my job?

If you want something different,
you get up there and do it.

You have to carry on regardless

and the Price concert
has to be better than perfect.

Guillermo, how's Ignacio?