45 rpm (2019): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript


Oh my god.

Make some room, please.
Get out of the way.

- Mr. Alfredo.
- Get out!

- Mr. Alfredo.
- What will happen now?

Feli, Mr. Alfredo's daughter,
wants to have the wake here.

We'll say some nice words, time will pass

and it will all be a memory.

- He isn't here for anything good.
- No.

- Do you have a minute?
- What do you want?

I want you to explain
why you've been avoiding me.

You got locked up for faggot.

I don't want that to happen to me,
so forget about me.

Vidal wants to buy
Mr. Alfredo's shares from Feli.

The good news is Feli
wants me to buy them.

- And the bad?
- I have to match Vidal's offer

it's an amount with a lot of zeros
and I only have 48 hours to get it.

Ok, I'm going to help you.
It should be easier

- to buy the shares between us.
- Are you offering me a partnership?

They were my bosses at Decca.
Given our situation,

I offered
them to meet you and they said yes.

We want to hear you play.
If we like you,

- we'd make you an offer.
- To join Decca.

You'd win a lot of money.

You brought me here for this?
I already have a label.

- Good-bye.
- The deal would be:

The first payment would take place now,
when we sign. The rest, in installments.

The problem is Vidal
has the total amount, and he pays now.

One more day.
We'll get the rest of the money.

We're looking for funding...
When did I fail you?

- Please, don't do this to me.
- Any news?

- He didn't get it.
- I got the money,

enough for Guillermo
to buy the shares.

I'm glad you thought it over.
If you sign with Decca, you'll be rich.

- Ok, but I want the money in advance.
- Don't worry, I'm on it.

Come with me to London.
If you don't come with me, I can't go.

You're making me choose between us
and my job, like Diego did.

- No, this is different.
- Why?

Because if you don't come with me,
I'm not sure we'll see each other again.

I'm not better. I lied, I'm worse.

I don't want Futura to die
if I can help it.

Guillermo, I...

- You're leaving with him?
- I'm sorry.

You'll be fine.
And you'll be missed.

I came to tell you something else,
I'm moving to London with Robert.

- When?
- In a few days, he has a new label.

Take care, ok?

I can help you prepare a viable option
for the bank to give you a loan.

I tried already, it didn't work.
Plus, I already have the money.

But you lose your star and right hand
in exchange.

- Why do you want to help me?
- I don't want Maribel to leave either.

- Hello. Am I interrupting?
- Who's this?

- My old producer.
- We'll see about old.

- If you could chose, would you stay?
- I don't understand, explain it.

We put your next album's profits
as a guarantee.

If they're half as good as the first,
in two or three years we're debt free.

We have three busy years ahead
and we all depend on you now.

- A bit more to the left.
- Left?

- No, the other way. No...
- I don't understand. Like this?

- A bit more.
- It doesn't work. This or that?

- I don't understand you.
- C'mon, honey, really...

- You're making me very nervous!
- Ok, ok.

...it might sound familiar:
the music, the stars.

Which is what we see first
when we turn our TV on

and the Eurovision Festival begins.
We're so excited...

Don't get so excited yet
because there's still lots to come.

- It's gone again. No. Ok.
- Who wants a soda?

- ...who will represent Spain.
- Sit down.

And tonight, on Carrusel Musical,
we'll know who will be honored

to represent us at the grand finale.

We're Tony Leblanc
and Laura Valenzuela.

Let's meet the first candidate.


As new partners of Golden and Futura,

we want to tell you we're going
to fight for these labels to grow.

We care about you
and your families' future.

We aren't going to lie,
you probably heard.

We were about to be absorbed
by Eugenio Vidal.

Which would've meant losing our jobs,

but that didn't happen, and here we are.

Mr. Rojas and myself have gathered
enough money

to buy Mr. Alfredo's shares,
may he rest in peace.

But as you all imagine,
we depend on the benefits

of our next projects.
So we can't slow down,

we have to give it our all. Everyone.

Specially Robert, he's the reason
a bank trusted us.

Let's give him
the applause he deserves.

- That's all. Back to work.
- Let's go.

- When are you planning on telling him?
- I don't know.

The only reason he got the loan was

because you're the guarantee.
You heard it, it all depends on you.

- It's done, what can I do?
- Tell him the truth.

Yes. "Hey, you put
my next record's profits as guarantee,

but there might not be records
because I'm dying.

Sorry I didn't tell you".

There are other ways of saying it.

Whatever the way,
they all sound terrible.

So, you're not going to say anything
and we'll see what happens?

- Pedro Zabala?
- Yes.

How can I help you?

- Let's go to the meeting room.
- Of course.

Can you join us, please?

Follow me.

- Who's this?
- It's Fraga's right hand,

from the Information and Tourism Office.
They don't come often, but when they do

- they're like an elephant in a warehouse.
- What do they want?

Nothing good for sure.

We want to take advantage at the Ministery
of the enormous repercussion

that the festival has to send
a positive image of Spain,

an image more in line with the reality

and that will overcome the bad press
that is out there.

The European Song Festival
can open the world's eyes

- to our beloved country.
- If we can contribute

in any way, well...

That's the reason for my visit.
As you know, every year there's

a contest to chose
the Spanish candidate.

We want you
to submit a candidate this year.

We're working on it. We want
to take advantage of the occasion

to show the world Fanny's new image.

There's no problem for that girl
to be a part of the contest,

but we want that boy: Robert.

Who do you mean by "we"?

It's coming from above.

We were asked specifically.


Teresita Miralles' party
got people talking.

Robert's pictures are everywhere.
Since then

the higher spheres love him

and also at Palacio del Pardo.

Carmencita, the Generalísimo's
oldest granddaughter,

has her room wallpapered with
pictures of him.

She has good taste.

That's that. I hope I was clear.

A pleasure to have you.

We'll take note of you suggestion.

- I didn't suggest anything.
- I mean about Robert.

Me too. That man will be
in the contest, end of discussion.

- Count on it.
- Arriba España!

- Arriba!
- Arriba.

Arriba, arriba.

- Now you're the Regime's cute boy.
- Don't fuck with me.

I don't like it either, but
they insist on you being a contestant

to represent Spain at the festival.

It's a great platform. I don't know
why you say it so sadly.

Yes, it is. We're taking Fanny
to show her new image.

- I can't see the problem.
- They want to decide Robert's image.

They want you to sing in Spanish,
comb your hair, wear a suit.

- They don't want you, they want him.
- To give his regime a young image.

A pet.

If he goes on like that, we'd be
throwing in the trash all the work we did.

If he connects with the youth is because
he represents rebellion and freedom,

- the opposite to this.
- That's why they want him.

- To show they can tame a beast.
- Can we say no?

It's always hard with them,
but not impossible.

It's your decision.

- Don't worry, I'll do it.
- Are you sure?

Let's not rush. We can always
make up an excuse.

You don't have to do
it if you're uncomfortable.

It's not the worst. If I win,
we access the European market.

That's selling tons of records.

- As promotion, it's priceless.
- That's all, let's do it.

Ignacio, we need a song for Robert.

I have some songs.
We could adapt one.

Wasn't it your thing to sing in English?
You're ok singing in Spanish?

I don't write the rules.
We'll have to suck it up.

- Are you crazy?
- I don't have an option.

- I should've left with Decca.
- Why?

Because Guillermo would have the money,
now he's mortgaged up to his ears.

Golden and Futura depend on me.

You think I want to go up there
and sing whatever they want me to?

I don't like it one bit.
Think it through.

If we win this contest,
we go to the festival,

we can access the international market.
That means selling a lot of records

and winning a lot of money.
We may not need three years

to pay the loan,
a few months would suffice.

- I think I can take it for a few months.
- It's a lot of work in a short time.

- I'm afraid you won't handle it.
- I have to try.

I have to win that contest, ok?

- Tell me it's a joke.
- No, it isn't.

- It feels like one.
- You mustn't see Robert as a rival

and you have to keep
the positive side in mind.

- Which is?
- You're going to be in the gala,

you're going to blow them away
and you might even go to the festival.

Yesterday I had all that
and I was Futura's single candidate.

You did it on purpose,
to shift all the attention on you.

- What? I don't want anything.
- Please, I wasn't born yesterday.

I've been in ten movies,
you don't have to act with me.

If I could avoid it, I would.
I have no other option,

- I have to be in this contest.
- No other option. Poor boy.

You know what I hate the most?

That first you woo me over with
this new Fanny stuff,

my new hair, clothes, music...

You're always saying I'm unique,
Futura's bet.

- Because you are.
- Not feeling it.

Let's do this. Let's relax, rehearse,

- and we talk later.
- I'm in no mood to rehearse now.

This was going to be my presentation,
my moment. Mine.

I don't understand why I have to
compete with Robert.

The last thing I want
is to compete with you, ok?

- Calm down!
- Listen to me, Fanny.

You have to trust me, ok?
You're going to blow them away

and Spain's going to fall in love with
you, your image, your voice, everything.

That's if they don't prefer Robert.

The rehearsal is off.


- Tino, as always.
- What always?

This last week's always, a soda.

So, for making it to partner

and having your artists competing
at Eurovision, you don't look happy.

Yes, I'm happy.
But I'm also in a bad mood.

Happy, but in a bad mood.
Very coherent.

I was happy
until those people showed up

- and told us what to do.
- You're hearing this now?

"Don't make a mess, play this music,
or grow your hair long..."

Long hair?
I don't know that it's for you.

Fuck you. I'm sick of them telling me
what to do or think,

and of having to be
careful what you say

because "They might hear you".

Guillermo, you're free to say whatever

but be careful here, ok?
I don't want trouble.

That's what I mean. Why?
Do they own the country?

What do you want me to say?

How are you?

- Thanks.
- ...dear listeners,

we know the names of the artists

that will compete to represent
Spain at Eurovision.

Gelu, Mike Rivers,

José Guardiola,
the film and music star;

and the teen idol Robert.

- Which of them will be chosen?
- Hello.

I came to thank you for helping
Guillermo with the loan.

Why did you do it?

It's what banks do. We get money
from here and invest it

where we see a good opportunity,

while trying to keep away from risks.


What would happen
if Robert's career didn't go well?

Why wouldn't it? He's a candidate
for Eurovision, isn't he?

- They just said it on TV.
- Seems like it. But imagine

that suddenly Robert's career
is shorter than what expected.

Don't be so negative.

- It's curiosity.
- Robert's the guarantee.

If his career didn't go well,
it would all go down,

to use a metaphor.

Guillermo wouldn't be able
of facing the debt, and,

Golden an Futura would have to close.

But, relax.

Tell your boy to win that contest,
to work hard a few years...

- and it'll all be fine. You'll see.
- Yes, of course.

I was here to say thank you
and I did. Happy to see you.

And I'm happy you didn't go to London.

I mean, that way we can still meet
for a drink and...

- chat, right?
- Whenever you want.

- Are we ready to go, honey?
- Of course.

- How are you?
- Good, and you?

I was so excited when I heard...

- Mom.
- Hi.

- We're here.
- I was downstairs, but she saw me.

- I'll change and we can go, ok?
- No way.

You stay here, Robert has to tell
all the details.

- Robert? He's not "Roberto" anymore.
- No. "Robert", of course.

He's like family now.

I'm so proud of you.

She has never told me that.


I'm very, very proud.

- European Song Festival, wow.
- I'm one of the contenders.

We have to compete amongst ourselves
and the one who wins goes to the festival.

It's going to be you, listen to me.
I have a hunch.

Why don't I go to Golden tomorrow,
and we have a celebration lunch.

- On me.
- Wonderful.

I'm going to look for some appetizers
and something to toast with.

I want all the details. Robert,

I'm so excited!

She seems happier.

I don't know if it's the pill,
or if she's over my Dad,

but she's after me all day making plans.

I know, I've been here 20 minutes
and she offered to go to the movies

and for a snack on Sunday.
I thought she hated me.

I'd say she adores you, "Robert".

The festival had to have
something good.

I'm here.

Maribel, get some glasses.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Mr. Zabala is waiting for you
in his office, he's with Vidal.

- How to start the day on the wrong side.
- What this says,

his agenda is free at nine.
We'll find some way to sheer him up.

I can think of a way, yes.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- Nines.
- Yes?

I need you to call
all the musicians on this list

and, even if they've done it already
this is our press release for the contest.

I'll be right on it. Anything else?

I see you speaking with Guillermo
a lot lately.

Me? The usual.

I saw you chatting, smiling...
You know.

I know?

I thought there might be something
between you, but maybe

it's just my imagination.

Or maybe not. Did something happen?

Everything happened.

It started like nonsense,
but now the stars aligned and...

- You're together?
- No, not together.

This is a fling, fun, a little something.

We see each other some nights,
but after we each go home.

- I don't need any complications.
- I hope. I care for Guillermo,

- but I think he still has old open wounds.
- No, don't worry.

Go to work, I'm very busy.

Sorry I didn't ask before.
How are you feeling?

You're so kind today.
I'm going to cry. A drink?

No, thanks. I'm saying because,
you thought you would keep all this

but you have to be partners in the end,
that must sting a bit, right?

A bit, I won't lie.
But you said it, we're partners now,

and that's why we should bury
the war's axe underground

- and go in the same direction.
- Yes, that should be nice.

And that port is
the Eurovision Festival.

We can win a lot of money easily.

- We agree on that.
- I need you to speak with your boy

and let him know we need
to do this one right.

We need him at his best behavior,

with no outbursts or jokes, ok?

He only needs to sing and smile,
the rest is done.

He has to win the contest first.

Don't worry, he's going to.
I spoke with the vice minister.

It seems like

Carmencita insisted a lot
on how exciting it would be if he won.

And the Generalísimo can't say no
to her granddaughters wishes.

So the contest is rigged
before it even starts.

"Rigged" is an ugly word,
let's say it's a suggestion.

If you ask the jury, the winner
would be Jose Guardiola.

But Robert is the Regime's favorite.

And if we want to do business,
we're interested in that situation.

- He's going to love it.
- I don't care, the contest is won.

On one condition, he plays the role

and his behavior is exemplary.
Starting tonight.

- What happens tonight?
- You're going to love it.

Guess what movie star
hates me for entering the contest.

I think Fanny
isn't speaking to me again.

She isn't the only one who thinks
this is all a mistake.

- You too?
- No, I'm thrilled.

You have pictures with the same people
that put me in jail

and now it turns out
you're the Regime's favorite.

- I'm not happy.
- I don't like it one fucking bit

that those pictures were published.
I gave that concert to help you.

- Ok, forgive me.
- Ok.

I'm angry, but not with you, with myself.

I feel all this is somehow my fault.

If you hadn't gone to that party,
you wouldn't be those fascists favorite

- and wouldn't have to do all this.
- If I hadn't gone to that party,

I wouldn't have a songwriter.
And I like him.

Let's look at the bright side
of all this shit, ok?

- Does it have one?
- If we play it right,

we might reach the festival.
You have two songs,

so that's two opportunities for you.

This is going to work for all of us.
For you, me, Futura, all of us.

Keep that in mind. The good side.

- Can we rehearse?
- Yes, let's rock and roll.

Let's do it.

- How was it?
- Why did you cut all the bridges?

- The performance is one minute and a half.
- But the song's just


We go right to what sticks,
what people will remember.

If you cut all the bridges,
the song doesn't make sense.

I said it too,
you can't understand the lyrics...

So none of you like the decisions
I made. Awesome.

- Sorry for trying to do my job right.
- Don't take it that way,

- I don't want you to be mad too.
- I'm trying to say that maybe

we can try it other way.
If the song's too long,

- we can cut the second verse.
- We can.

Don't take it personally,
you shouldn't turn down a good idea.

- What you think is a good idea, right?
- So, you can critic my work

but I can't speak of yours.

I know what's wrong, you're upset of what
I said of your work on the record.

Calm down. The song is new,

we don't have much time,
we're all nervous,

- but please, let's all get along.
- Robert, Maribel,

I need to talk to you, in private.

- It hasn't started and I already won?
- Sort of, yes.

I want to win because a jury

- chooses me.
- The jury saw you and chose you.

- That's unfair to the rest, isn't it?
- Listen,

there's a reception at the Ministry.
All the candidates have to go.

Yes. And the winner can't miss it.

Someone important wants to meet you.


Are you ok?

I didn't know
so many reporters would come.

You're nervous?
You've been doing this half your life.

Nervous? Not at all.
I'm going to the powder room, ok?


He really has to greet
Carmen Polo and her granddaughter?

- Why don't I ask for Carmencita's hand?
- Don't you dare, he'll give it to you.

They're all here.
Only the Generalísimo is missing.

He's opening a swamp.

My god,
I could use a drink right now...

You're finally here.

Mrs. Carmen will greet
the candidates one by one.

When it's your turn,
you kiss her hand, greet the girl,

and when they ask
why you want to represent Spain,

you say how proud
you are of your country.

And thank the Regime
for bringing peace and prosperity.

If they ask, you give them your soul.

I don't want any nonsense.

This contest is won.
You'll be a national symbol.

But you'll have to do what you're told
for once in your life, ok?

So now I have to sing for them,
and do and say as they please.

That's the price to pay
for being the winner.

I'll say this again:
you don't have to do this.

We can leave right now,
and end this circus.

- We're in no hurry to win money.
- Don't worry.

Fanny went to the powder room
and didn't return.

Go find her
because this is about to start.

What's wrong? It's about to start.

Leave me alone, I'm not going out
until my hair grows again.

- I don't want anyone to see me.
- Fanny, I'm going to say

what no one has ever told you.
You're in an unbearable mood.

- Excuse me?
- I'm sorry, but we can't stand you.

You're making everybody's life

And I can't understand why.
Didn't you want a change?

- Yes, but...
- But what?

The stylists found Paris' latest trends,

Ignacio wrote you amazing songs,

Maribel is working so hard for you.
I'm sure the new Fanny

- is going to blow everyone away.
- What if they don't like her?

How is that even possible?
You have an amazing voice

and you look beautiful.

- You only want me to feel better.
- No.

I say it because you look great.

I always thought you're
the most beautiful woman in the world.

Every time I saw you in magazines,
I would stare at you, mesmerized.

I got to intense, did I?

But it was very nice.

It had been a while that anybody
was so honest with me. Thanks.

So, what?
Shall we show everyone the new Fanny?

- Yes.
- Let's go.

- Mrs. Carmen, this is Julio Iglesias.
- My pleasure.

Jose Guardiola.
He was at Carmencita's birthday.

Yes, good luck, Jose.

- Mrs. Carmen, he's...
- No need. I know who he is.

The girl can't stop talking about him.

- I love your songs.
- Great, thanks.

Would you like to represent us
at the European Song Festival?

- What are we doing?
- I have no idea.

It would be a great honor
to represent my country

and prove to the world that Franco
brought us peace and prosperity.

She doesn't need a presentation,
she's our beloved Fanny.

- Very nice to see you again, Mrs. Carmen.
- I love your new haircut.

Thank you.

- Hello, Maribel.
- Hi, Dad.

I always thought of this place
as a slum,

but it has its charm.

- What do you want to drink?
- Nothing.

- Why did you call me?
- I wanted to see you.

But I can tell you're mad at me.

I'm not mad. I'm sad.

I didn't know if I would see you again.
Do you know how we felt

- since you left?
- I didn't want your mother to suffer,

or you, but...

if I stayed home I knew
I would explode at any moment.

I couldn't take it anymore,
I needed to live again.

And I couldn't do that
with your mother.

- But you can with Lola.
- Lola makes me happy.

I don't want your blessing.
Not right now, but...

it's the truth.

I guess you love her
like you never loved Mom.

Love isn't everything.

Love isn't enough.

Lola makes me a better person.

And she feels the same.

You can love someone
and make her unhappy at the same time.

It's been a long time that
your mother and I don't get along,

we have nothing in common. We love
each other, but it's not enough.

You had me in common.

Yes. If it hadn't been for you,
I would've left many years ago.

I remember the day
I was about to do it.

You were four years old,
asleep on the couch.

We started to fight, yell.

You didn't even wake up, I guess...

you were used to our yelling.

At one point,
your mother slapped me,

slammed the door and left.

When you woke up,
I had packed my suitcase.

I had decided to leave
when your mother returned,

but it got late,
and at supper time,

your mother was still gone.

So I took you to the kitchen
and made supper.

I won't forget because,

I felt you put your hand on my arm,

when I looked at you,

you were crying, in silence.

That night, when you fell asleep,

I unpacked my bag.

Your mother came back
so I wasn't capable of leaving.

Not that night or the next one
or any night, until today.

Lola's leaving her husband.

It isn't going to be easy,
but we want to live together.

When we move in,
I would like you to come

and get to know her.

Will you?

- I didn't know you'd returned.
- Yes, I have work.

The reception went well, right?

He sold his soul to the devil
for money, but he behaved.

Let's not get worked up.

This company's accounts is liking
that the boy sings in the festival.

Yes, but I hate that he has to play
along to these people.

We'll get our principles back
when we pay the debt.

I was looking for you. Ready?

Can you give me five minutes?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

"Five minutes."
I hope they're not twenty.

Can I have a drink while I wait?

You really know
how to treat a guest.

No more alcohol for me, Ángeles.
Not at home or at work.

- I have to be focused.
- That's a surprise.

Are you sick
or did you decide to grow up?

I'm not sick.

I'm happy to see you like this,
you look well.

- You didn't like me before?
- Did you like you?

The last one out of the office,
no alcohol...

- You even look better.
- It's a lot of pressure.

Your nice husband and I
are partners now.

And with Vidal always around
we can't afford any mistakes,

- there's too much at stake.
- For me too.

Since Pedro decided to mortgage
the house to buy the shares,

the kid and I depend on this too.

I don't have a career anymore, so...

if you go down, we all fallow.

- That won't happen, you have my word.
- I'm ready, let's go.

See you at the contest, right?
We don't have two artists

at the European Song Festival every day.

Pedro didn't say I could go with him.

I didn't say
because it's a work thing,

but you're welcome to come.

Don't be so excited about it...

I hadn't thought about it,
but I love the idea. Of course.

Great, see you there then.

I'm not thrilled about it, but...

- since Pedro's so excited...
- Ángeles, please.



How was it? Signed a lot of records
for Franco's granddaughter?

What do you want me to do?
To go out there

and tell everyone what I think
about Franco and the lack of freedom?

You know very well
how that would end.

You told me to look on the bright side
and I tried.

I thought this was for a greater good,
it was only music,

but it's a lie.
You kissed Franco's wife's hand today.

What are the kids listening
to your songs going to think now?

Those who fought with their parents
to listen to you,

to be who they are,
for trying to be free.

Do you know what you told them today?
You have to bow your head

and look the other way. Really?

Do you really think
there's still a bright side?

I can't do what I feel like now.
Futura depends on me.

Thank you so much for saving us.

But it's something else
to become the Regime's favorite...

The first time I saw you play

I thought you were authentic,

you sang and did whatever you wanted,

you were free, right?

And that impressed me.

when I listened to you on the radio,

I felt pity.

Good luck in the contest.

But you're not going to need it
with the friends you have up there.

You're here already?

I brought you the cakes
you like so much.

And some gifts. Just some jewelry.

- What are you doing here?
- I've been thinking and said:

"There's no place I'd rather be
than with my family".

You mean the other woman
didn't want to leave with you.

- No, it wasn't that.
- She couldn't, then.

- Why don't we have the cakes?
- Leave the damn cakes alone!

Do you really think you can
come and go as you please?

And we're going to be waiting for you
because you finally decided

- to bless us with your presence?
- No. I'm sorry.

I made a mistake,
but I would like to fix it.

It's too late. You should have thought
about it before leaving us.

Please, Elisa. Honey...

Don't "honey" me, because we
don't mean nothing at all.

Get those bags out of here!

- I'm sorry, Dad, but Mom is right.
- I know.

- This is for you.
- Thank you.

So this is a pond full of fish

and, what are the chances,
I brought my fishing rod.

It has to go really bad
for us not to sign someone.

Jose Guardiola better sign with Golden,
he's not much of a rock singer.


- Do you mind?
- No, go ahead.

Give me a moment.

- How are you?
- What's up?

Are we nervous or what? Ready?

- Let's do this.
- Yes.

Do you have a light?


- Are you Robert?
- Yes.

- We're competing tonight. I'm Julio.
- Nice to meet you.

- Have you been doing this long?
- I played football before,

but I had a car accident
and good-bye football.

But I don't complain.
I like singing.

And the best part is the girls.

That's true. Good luck.
You're off to a great future.

Not tonight, you're the winner.

And you know it.

Fanny, you look great.
Doesn't she?

If you're trying to avoid
a panic attack, it isn't working.

Relax, you still have time.
Breathe deeply.

Excuse me, ladies. Fanny get ready.
You'll be the first one, ok?

- I'm so nervous...
- Roberto.

When you're done, stay around.
Carmencita's here

- and she wants a picture with you.
- We'll be here, Mr. Vice Minister.

You don't need to stay, miss.

They only asked for Robert.

- Are you ok?
- Wonderfully.

You look amazing,
you're going to be great.

A bit more to the left.

- No, the other side. No...
- I don't understand. This way?

- A little bit more.
- It doesn't work. Here or there?

- I don't understand you.
- Oh my word...

- Really...
- You're making me nervous!

- Leave them there.
- Now, now.

- ...might be familiar,...
- There, come, look.

...the music, the stars.

It's the first thing we see
on our screens

when the European Festival begins.
We're all so excited...

Don't get so excited, because
there's still time for that.

- It's gone again.
- No, no! There, there!

We still don't know
who will represent Spain.

That's why we're here.
And tonight, on Carrusel Musical,

we'll know who will be honored
to represent us at the grand finale.

We're Tony Leblanc and Laura Valenzuela.
Let's meet the first candidate.

You and me? Where?

Let's go,
with the first contestant.

If we say you're about to listen to
Estefania Rodriguez Lopez,

- you won't budge.
- Some less than others.

You're in in five.

- Good luck, although you don't need it.
- Blow them away, ok?

- Good luck.
- Fanny!

Fanny entering stage.

- Hello.
- Hello.

What are you doing here?

Aren't you introducing us?

Yes. This is Ignacio,
Robert's songwriter.

- Hi.
- She's Alejandra, my girlfriend.

I've heard so much about you.

Me too... So much about you.

- She's radiant, right?
- Yes.

Where's Zabala?

working Mike Rivers up.

- I'll call you Tuesday. And Wednesday...
- Wednesday?


You couldn't
Understand my heart

What was in it, because you

Didn't have the courage
To see who I am

You didn't listen to what is
So close to you

Only the noise outside, and I

By your side, disappear

To you

I'm not going to cry and say

I don't deserve this

Because I might

Deserve it, but I don't want it
That's why

I have to go

It's sad but, good-bye

I say farewell to you and

I know

There's something better for me
Someone who will love me

- She's good.
- Very.

Who will be sweet
And make

The sun come out
I thought

We would never be apart

Look at how they watch her,
they like it.

But I understood today

There isn't enough

For both of us

- She's got something special.
- I'm not going to cry and say

I don't deserve this because

- Are you ok?
- Yes.

- I might deserve it
- It moves me to see her there.

But I don't want it

I forgot the feeling it is
when you're on stage,

- and all eyes are on you.
- I say farewell to you and I go

It's sad but, good-bye

I say farewell to you and I go

It's sad but, good-bye

I say farewell to you and I go

It's sad but, good-bye,

I say farewell to you

And I go

Yes, Fanny is good,
but you were so much better.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing. Please, leave.

I'm not here.
You're fine and I'm not here.

I thought
this couldn't hurt me anymore,

I was over it and didn't miss it.

I was going to be huge, remember?

And what for, I'm nothing.

- You still can.
- Please...

If you want, I can say
what I said years ago,

the first time I heard you sing
I felt you were born for it

and I'd never met anyone with your talent.

It's still like that,

no one has ever made me feel... that.

I'm not that person anymore.

I'm Jorge's mother now,
Zabala's wife.

I'm not me anymore.

Do you know why I never sang again?

It reminded me of you,

of us, and how much I loved you.

I'm sorry,
I don't know what got into me.

I thought that after all these years,

- it was all dead and buried.
- But it clearly isn't.

I mean the music.

Wasn't it all mixed up?

- I have to go back.
- Yes, of course.

And now,
our next contender.

- Jose Guardiola.
- Big applause.

Did you watch Fanny? She was
wonderful and now it's your turn.

Are you ok?

Yes, it's the heat in here,
it's an oven.

- Are you sure you're ok?
- Roberto, you're time has come.

I came to wish you luck,
but who are we fooling?

I'll just say congratulations.

Please tell me if something's wrong...

Everything's wrong.
I'm not ok with this. It's bullshit.

He just congratulated me
without me deserving it.

I heard it.

You're right, it's all a show.
It's rigged.

- But they're the ones cheating, not you.
- I'm letting them use me.

Ignacio's right. Look at me,
I'm the Regime's fucking pet.

- You need to calm down.
- I don't want to go out there and win.

I don't want pictures with Carmencita
or interviews adoring the Regime.

I'm going to have to dine at the Pardo.

- Are you done?
- Yes.

You know I feel the same and
I know how hard this is,

but you're going on that stage and
giving your best concert ever.

And you're doing it for Futura
and Guillermo.


Forget about them, think about me.
Sing it to me, ok?

And now, buckle up,
ladies and gentlemen,

because one of this year's
musical sensations are about to perform.

- They're...
- Robert and Los Truenos.

The most beautiful one

Made people stand up

More nights up than the moon

Everything was fine

This song is so beautiful.

- Thanks.
- In 1963

From Malaga to La Coruña

Sleeping in the train station

Rooftop star

Had the most rock
And roll of us all

Us cats were hanging

Lady Madrid

Rooftop star

Had the most rock and roll of all

Us cats were hanging

He's so good.

The sound is great, it's obvious
you worked as a team.

Had all the vices

But so hard to grab

- Where were you?
- Where were you?

I just signed Mike Rios for two years.

The first thing I'm doing
is changing his shitty name.

Well, you've had a good night.

- Do you know where Ángeles is?
- No idea.

...If you're coming back.

- Rooftop star
- There you go.

Had the most
Rock and roll of us all

Us cats were hanging

Lady Madrid

Rooftop star

Had the most
Rock and roll of all

Us cats were hanging

Lady Madrid

It seems the jury
has made a decision.

Who will the winner be?

It's so exciting.

You look like the wait is killing you.

The only good thing of all this
is that we know we're winning.

The artist representing Spain

at the next Eurovision Festival is...

So nervous.

- So exciting.
- I'm sweaty.

Jose Guardiola!

What? I don't get it.

I don't get it either.

Wasn't this supposed to be rigged,
that I was the winner?

Give me a second.

Mr. Vice Minister, excuse me.
This isn't what we agreed.

Be thankful we're not taking
your hippie to prison right now.

- Why? What happened?
- The walls have ears.

It seems like Robert thought
this stage was the best place

to state clearly his political opinions.

- There must be some misunderstanding.
- Excuse me.

We're not taking a jerk to Eurovision

who doesn't respect the Generalísimo
or his country.

Or are you going to deny your words?
Very well, from now on,

you're getting a taste of how it works
with the Regime against you.

- How?
- We're vetoing you on press, radio and TV.

- This is a bit...
- Your career is over, boy. Yours

and your label's.




Good morning, or whatever.

- Last night was so sad. How are you?
- Not well.

I called you last night.
Did you arrive late?

- Yes. I guess late.
- Today's not your day.

Last night had consequences,
and none are good.

I thought of something.

Why don't we go out to dinner tonight?

I think I know how to cheer you up.
What do you say?

Do you mind if we do it another day?

No, I don't mind.

- Good morning.
- You're here early.

- I couldn't sleep, I'd rather be here.
- The important radio stations called

and they all say the same, they're
sorry, but they have direct orders

- from Tourism and Information.
- This is a nightmare.

- Phones were ringing at 7.
- So, we're out of

radio, TV and press.
Without them, we have a mute singer.

- The sales will drop.
- What can we do?

I'm meeting with Zabala to work it out.

It's a disaster. But the truth is,

I'm relieved Robert's out
of the circus.

I still don't understand why he decided
to be a part of it. How is he?

No, he hasn't slept with me.
Don't. You saw how he left.

Ask Clara, please.
We need to talk about this now.


Futura, good morning.

- Have you seen Robert?
- He hasn't been with you?

- That's why I'm asking.
- He hasn't been home.

- Maribel, honey.
- Maribel...

- Mom, sorry, it's not a good time.
- But it's not that big of a deal, is it?

I came to buy you coffee,
but if it's not a good time...

I don't want you to show up
without notice.

And don't make plans
without asking me.

Go to Ondas or wherever you think
he could be. I'm going to see the guys.

I can't believe he's done something
so stupid.

Me neither,
but you know how this is.

I'm sure some jealous guy spilled
the story upstairs.

Yes, but we're fucked.

It's one thing to lose the contest,
but another to be vetoed at radios...

- That destroys us.
- Make Vidal speak with the Ministry.

- Call Fraga if possible.
- I told him and he did.


He doesn't answer.
Not even the sub-secretary.

We'll have to wait for a while.

Fanny's performance was a success,
that's great for record sales.

It was the only thing that went right,
what a night, huh?

Ángeles acted so weird,
did you notice?

I shouldn't have brought her.

She gets very melancholic when
she remembers her singing period.

- But you had to bring it up...
- I screwed up. I'm sorry.

That's ok. What are you guilty of?
What did you do?

That's life.

Well, hello... Coffee for the lady

with orange juice.
And this for the gentlemen.

- Have you seen my brother?
- No, he hasn't been around.

He was great last night.
We thought he...

- Sorry, I have to go.
- Wow.

Have you seen Robert since the gala?

- No, we haven't.
- If you do, tell him to hurry up.

He's always late.

Sorry, have you seen Robert?

Sorry, have you seen Robert?

Hey, have you seen Robert?

Girls, have you seen Robert?

Can you look again?
His name is Roberto Aguirre.

- No one's been admitted under that name.
- And as Luis Baroja?

No one under that name either.

- Nothing?
- Not even at the hospital.

- Miguel, have you seen Robert?
- No. Do I have to follow him now?

- Maybe you should.
- What?

Didn't you want to take care of him?
It's your job, do it right.

I want to be his producer,
not his mother.

You have to know where he's at all times.

You can't lose him, ok?

- You have to know where he is.
- And all this from his girlfriend?

- Can't you see this is important?
- What's going on here?

He's useless and can't do his job.
I don't know what we hired him for.

Maribel, listen. Come with me.

I don't know what happened,
but it looks serious.

Are you going to tell me now or what?

Maribel, girl.

You can trust me.
Whatever it is, tell me the truth.

His name is Roberto Aguirre.

Yes, I'll hold.

- Calm down, what's wrong?
- Where were you? Are you ok?

- Of course I'm fine.
- We thought the worse.

- I needed to be alone, that's all.
- But you can't disappear.

We were worried sick.

- Maribel is overwhelmed.
- Where is she?

Talking with Guillermo.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- I'm sorry. I told him to tell you,

but he didn't want to worry you.
I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you.

I'm sorry.

Are you ok?

- Are you ok?
- I'm fine.


- What the fuck is this?
- What do you think?

So, it was you. You bastard!

It's the only way of controlling the story
and making it play in our favor.

I had to answer personally
to my bosses. And all to save you.

I didn't ask you to, you wanted
to play the hero and save the day.

For you. It was the only way
for you not to go to London.

Golden and Futura depend on
the benefits I make the next years.

So what now?

There's still something that would
keep Golden from foreclosure:

one last record.


- Sorry, we were talking and...
- I'm sorry. I'll go.

- I had never done nothing like that.
- The new Fanny does whatever she wants.


- Do you need a ride?
- I was going home, long day.

I can take you.

If you invite me to a drink
of that hidden bottle you have.

If we have to sink,
I think we should sink big time.

What about a farewell concert?

What's up Madrid!

He's a great cardiologist.
He's only in Spain for a few days.

He can see you this afternoon.
It's good to have a second opinion.

If there's something I learned
throughout my career

is that there aren't absolute truths
in medicine.

I've carefully reviewed your history
and blood work,

and I think we have a chance.