45 rpm (2019): Season 1, Episode 11 - La oferta - full transcript


Police! Everyone against the wall!

Fuck it, what a bunch of faggots!

- We haven't done...
- Shut up

or I'll shut it up for you, understood?

Move it.

Mr. Rojas,
I don't want anybody to know, please.

Open up, Guillermo.

- Coming. What's up?
- Ignacio's under arrest.

You can't get me out of here?

No, I can't even bail you out.

They said you're a relapser,
that you have a record.

I won't lie to you.
It doesn't look good.

Didn't you have an important contact
inside the Regime?

Yes, General Miralles.
Friend of my father.

My father saved his life in the war.

I need you to call him.

- Good morning.
- You just got here?

Yes, he's picking me up.

We're leaving, Dad.

One moment, one moment.

I don't mind you dating my daughter,

but let's do things properly, shall we?

- Of course.
- I'm glad you get it.

Come have dinner with us tomorrow.

Frankly, you've sung the same song
since you were 12.

I know.

If I'm going to put myself in your hands
I don't want distractions.

If Robert's life
is going to make you neglect mine,

I'd rather you say it now
and I'll find someone else.

That won't happen. I'm a professional.

I think we should separate us from work.


It's one thing to be a couple
and another to work together.

Your career's a success,
it's on its way.

I think I should focus
on Fanny's new song.

Someone with a critical sense
will be good for the team.

For the team?

You wanted help handling Robert.

He can help you.

We can try it out.

And you can show us
what you learned in London.

I hope I don't let you down.

If he's innocent,
he has nothing to worry about.

Yes. But with your support
it would be easier.

You're tempting your luck.

Keep pushing and you'll see him in jail.

I'm sick of it, always the same.

- You're ruining my party, Dad.
- These aren't...

You want us to dance pasodobles,
like grandparents?

- Behave.
- Everyone will make fun of me.

Do you want your daughter to be
eternally grateful to you?

What are you saying?

That I can get you something
far better than a DJ.

I've heard you become a woman today.

Shall we celebrate it?

Yes? Congratulations.

- Stop making your comments.
- What comments?

Your comments, Elisa.

Stop talking about Diego.

I can't say a word in this house anymore.

You can get more yourself.

I'm so happy to see you.

- Welcome home.
- I don't know how to thank you.

Write a good song.

Where are you going?

I'm sorry.

I tried,
but I think this is best for all of us.


Are you ok?

Dinner with Maribel's parents
didn't go well.

Don't worry, you have plenty of time
to have it again

100 times and fix it.

That's the problem, Clara,
I don't have time.


There's something I haven't told you.

Are you going to say the results
or do I have to read your mind?

I won't lie.

It's much worse than I expected.

Good morning, Mr. Alfredo.

How are you?


What a stupid question.
You look great.

Blessed youth.

Seize the day, because you wake up
one day and you're old like me.

C'mon. You're strong as an oak.

When my granddaughter finds out
I've been in the elevator

talking with Robert.

She's a big fan.

Why don't you bring her one day?

I can sign her a record, she'll love it.

Of course. She'll be thrilled.

I'm happy I trusted Mr. Rojas, he's right.

You have something, boy.

You're going to be great.

Your future is bright as the sky.

Good morning, Mr. Alfredo.

- Good morning, Nines.
- Good morning.

I'll tell Zabala you're here.
Would you like some tea?

- Yes, with a...
- Yes, just a drop of milk

- Be right there.
- Thanks.

- I'm glad we spoke.
- Me too.

And I will bring my granddaughter.

Of course.

How are you? Are you in pain?
How do you feel?

I told you I don't want you to pity me.

I'm sorry.

I can't sleep
since you told me yesterday.

I'm your sister and I worry about you.

And even if I ask you 50 times,
I want an answer.

- And the truth.
- Ok.

I'm fine.

I would have loved to stay in bed
a bit more but I feel fine today.

- Better?
- Well.

Oh my god.




Yes, Eurovision.

Different candidates compete each year
to represent Spain,

it would be great,
because it would get a lot of press.

Yes, it would be a good time
to launch Fanny's new song.

Sounds good.

What song do we chose?

- Well...
- Nines.

What happened?

- What happened?
- Nines, what's wrong?

Make some room, please.

Get out of the way.

Maribel, Nines, call an ambulance
right away.

Call an ambulance.

- Mr. Alfredo.
- Everybody out.

- Mr. Alfredo.
- Everybody out of here, please.


- Fuck.
- Mr. Alfredo.

- Can you feel his pulse?
- I can't find it.


I was looking for you.

We had just spoken.

We came up in the elevator.

I think I was
the last person he spoke to.

What did he say?

He wanted to bring his granddaughter


that he was very happy to have me

and he was convinced
I had a bright future.

We were talking there so nicely
and one minute later...

Poor man.

Do you know what I realized?

I think I've done everything
I had to do before I die.

I played for hundreds of people,

I love my job,
I have great friends,

I have you too...

And I've been so busy enjoying it all

and living all this that I haven't
stopped to think about the end.

You don't have to think about that.

Yes, we do have to think about the end,
because it's coming.

- And it only takes a minute.
- No.

You're not Mr. Alfredo
and the doctor said you were better.

There's something I didn't tell you.

I told Clara.

She knows I'm sick.

It's not a luxurious space.

It seem they don't want you
to get comfortable, Rojas.

Don't worry, it's perfect.

By the way,
thank you for believing in me.

- Don't worry about it.
- I know, but I wanted to.

Other record labels aren't
as generous as you are.

I like the concept of Futura very much,
you have good taste.

We need people like you at Golden.

Although I must confess
Zabala doesn't think so,

he tried to convince me
it was a mistake to hire you.

I know.

I hope this tension between you
doesn't affect the work.

It won't.

Mr. Rojas, besides good results,
I would like to ask you something.

Work it out with Mr. Zabala.

Is it an order?

It's a suggestion.

Zabala's a good guy.

He worries about the business
and takes care of the employees.

He's been in charge of this ship
even before I bought it.

But, between us, he lacks
something you have, courage.

Don't tell him to his face because
he doesn't do well with criticism.

Believe me.

I'm convinced you could make
a great team if you worked together.

I promise I'll do my best.

Don't worry about the little office.

In a few months you'll be moving on
to a better one.

Are you ok?

I will, Mr. Rojas, thank you.

What's going to happen now?

Feli, Mr. Alfredo's daughter,
wants to celebrate the wake here.

We'll say some nice words,
time will pass

and it will all be a memory.

I know.

And what about Golden?

I don't know.

I know this is harder on you
more than anybody else,

but Mr. Alfredo is the owner...

was the owner
of 49% of Golden's shares

and you'll have to figure out
what to do with them, right?

The body just left.

What do you expect?

Mr. Alfredo wasn't the only one
that trusted you.

All those people out there
also do.

Ok? Think about it.

I'm glad he told you,
he should've done it before.


Now I wish he hadn't.

I'm crying every tear I have
for the next five years.

I know.

I wake up with this anguish

thinking something might happen
any minute.

I know you're afraid and I'm also,

but we have to be positive
and cheer him up.

Plus, the last results were good, right?


Before the tour
the doctor said he was fine

and he hasn't had attacks, not one.

He's going to be ok, Clara.

- Ok?
- Yes.

What a long face, man,
did someone die?

Mr. Alfredo, the owner
of the record label to be precise.

Really? I'm sorry.

Poor man.

Do you want a drink?

Aren't you tired of lying?


First you tell me you're sick,

and now I hear
that Maribel thinks you're better.

You have to tell her the truth.

Can I have an autograph?



Don't forget this.


You're worse and she has to know.

I can't do it,
I don't know what to say.

Tell her like you told me.

And how are you since then?

I don't want Maribel to pity me
for the short time I have left.

I shouldn't have told you.

Yes, you should have.

You are my brother
and I want to be here for you.

I know Maribel wants it too.


I can't... I can't do it.

I can't say goodbye to Maribel.

I don't know how, I don't want to.

I know it isn't easy,
but she deserves the truth.

I try, but every time I open my mouth
it doesn't come out.

There are other ways to say it.

You know better than anyone.


- Hi, Mom.
- Oh, my god.

How was your day?


- You're clearing stuff out.
- Yes.

Since your father never lets me in here,

you can't imagine the amount
of pointless junk there's inside.

Maybe you shouldn't be doing this
by yourself.

Do you want some help
getting it into boxes?

Don't think I don't want to.

All in boxes and off to the trash.

But when your father comes back
and realizes

I've thrown everything out,
he'll go crazy.

When Dad returns.
Mom, you know...?

What do you need
these bugs in here for?

It's disgusting.

But, if the man likes it, he likes it.

It should be clean at least.

Yes, of course.

I'll be in my room if you need me.

A spider, how gross.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm very sorry.

Thank you.


- How's he doing?
- Badly.

But you know how he is,
he never asks for help.

They spent a lot of time together
when Alfredo bought Golden.

- He was a great man.
- Yes, he was.

He trusted me when no one else would.

He made Futura possible.

So good to see you,
even in these circumstances.

Yes, you too.


I'm so sorry.

You father was a great person,
I'll always be grateful.

Thank you.

- I'm very sorry.
- Thank you.

- Sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.

Can we speak?

Not now, please.

I'd like to say a few words.

It's hard for me to speak right now.

Mr. Alfredo

was my boss, our boss,

someone who always trusted me,

but above all my friend, a great one.

Unfortunately he's left

without time for good-byes.

Even so, let's give him
the farewell he deserves.

Mr. Alfredo was someone that...

always cheered us up
when things weren't great,

someone that took
this company, this record label,

to where it is right now.

Someone with a huge and generous heart,

something not very common
in this business

and that we need so much.

If he were to be here with us,

he'd say to cheer up

and get to work.

Mr. Alfredo, rest in peace.

We will miss him.

I'm sorry we have to meet
in these circumstances.

I'm sorry I have to see you at all.

What are you doing here?

I think it's obvious.

I'm Golden's largest shareholder

and I came to pay my respects
to Mr. Alfredo's family.

That's nice of you.

He's not here for anything good.

I'm afraid so.

I cleaned the river's water

Like the morning star

I cleaned my lover

At the stream of your fountain

Like the water

Like the water

Like the water

Like water coming from the mountain

I want to see you day

And night

Like the water

Like the water

I wrapped my arm around you

And a ray of moonlight

Brightened your eyes

Like the water

Like the water

Like the water

We want to end by simply saying thank you

for everything.

Can we talk privately for a moment?

Yes, of course.

Do you have a minute
or are you going to run away?

What do you want?

I want you to explain
why you've been avoiding me

and, we should talk
about what happened, Chimo.

The only thing that happened is
that you were locked up for faggot.

I don't want that to happen to me.

So forget about me for fucks sake.
Don't talk to me or look for me, ok?

- Everything ok?
- Yes, perfectly.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- You're the writer, right?
- Yes, Ignacio, nice to meet you.

I was expecting the lyrics
for the songs a week ago.

Yes, don't worry,
they're almost ready.

Do you know who I am?

We're about to start rehearsing
and I need to prepare.

I need to work with professionals.

That goes for you too.

Excuse me?

The owner of the label just died.

Some things are more important
than your songs.

I need them.

People are nervous.

No one likes a wake.

It's not that.
They worry about their jobs.

Relax, it's under control.

It's normal to worry.

One of the company's owners
has died.

Zabala's taking care of it,
it's under control.

Ok. I'll go find Robert.

Very well.


Vidal wants to buy
Mr. Alfredo's shares from Feli.

I knew it.

He couldn't wait.

No, you were right.

I have to get going.

The good news is Feli
wants to sell them to me.

- And the bad?
- I have to match Vidal's offer,

it's an amount with a lot of zeros
and I only have 48 hours to get it.

Tell me you can.

I'll do my best

so that bastard
doesn't get his hands on Golden.

Ok, I'm going to help you
get the money.

Are you going to rob a bank?

I hope not,
but it should be easier

to buy the shares
between the two of us.

Are you offering a partnership?

I don't know if it's a good idea.

You'll see, but it's either that

or Vidal ends up with 100% of the shares.

It would be Futura's ending.


I don't want to be a secretary again.

I don't want to make records
with Fanny until I lose my voice.

If Vidal doesn't chose to trash
your career altogether.

Let's see if I get this.

If Vidal buys it,
we're all finished.

He hates me,
and you work for me, so...

Awesome, I'm only going to have
this job for a week.

This day only gets worse.

I thought it was under control.

Not really, but it will.

- But I have...
- What about Los Truenos?

I can't leave them with nothing.

That's cruel.

Guys. One moment.

How can we help?

Keep calm.

Let's not sink ship.

Zabala and I will find the money.

I won't allow all this to end

after all we achieved.

- Did you hear me?
- Does Zabala know...?

Mari, it's your Mom.

Tell her I'll call her later.

No, she's here.

We're looking into different options.

Relax, ok?

She was crying, she's a mess.

Did she know Mr. Alfredo?

No, she's intense like that.


It's not the best day for you to show up,
we just had a wake.

Poor man.

I didn't know what to do,
something terrible happened.

Relax, sit down
and tell me what happened.

- Ok...
- He came back.

I was dreading this moment,

but it's like I simply froze.

I don't know what to do.

So he finally said something.

What did he say?
Was he sorry?

What are you talking about?

Dad. Didn't he show up?

No, the electric bill showed up.

You're here in this state
because of the electric bill?

Of course, it's the first one
of many more to come.

And your father normally
handled these things.

I don't know how to do any of it.

Calm down and go home,
we'll figure it out,

don't worry.

I don't know how, I've never
been on my own.

I can't do any of it.

I need my husband's authorization
for everything.

This is your father's fault

for leaving like a coward
and abandoning us like dogs.

What are we going to do now?

Don't worry about that.

I'll take you home,
calm down.

I'm sorry, it's too much, you know?

Yes, I know.

I'm so glad I still have you.

Of course. I'll go get my things.

Can we talk?

Why not?

Are we waiting for Vidal to kick us out?

You heard Guillermo.

They're going to try to buy
all the shares.

But what if they don't?
We need a plan B.

If they don't we'll see,
what do you want to do?

There they are.


Our plan B.

Robert, these are Nick and Dave.
They were my bosses at Decca.

They're here for a week
listening to different artists.

Given our current situation, I offered
them to meet you and they said ok.

We want to hear you play.

If we like you, we'll make you
an offer to join us.

At Decca.

Is this a fucking joke?

I would listen.

They have the best studios in Europe.

And you'd tour in England with...

- As opener.
- Yes.

We have a band that's starting,
The Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones?

You'd play before them.

Let's talk about money.

If you accept to come with us
you'd win a lot of money.

Interesting, right?

Who do you work for,
them or us?

You should listen to their offer.

I can get my old job back and
you won't find anything better.

You brought me here for this?

I already have a label.

Yes. Until when?

I don't care. I started there.

I'm not leaving Futura
no matter what.

Have a nice night.
Good bye.



Do you feel better?

I will when the pill kicks in.

I'm sorry for putting you
through this.

No need.

I know what you're going through

and how bad it hurts,

because I feel it too.

So, if you're feeling
sad, mad, worried,

you let me know,
because now it's just us.

I'm sorry because I spent
half a life with your father

and now I don't know where to start.

And I'm so mad

I think I could hit him
if we crossed paths.

And I worry because I don't know
what we're going to do now.

See? It's good to let it out.

That or that the pill's kicking in.

Yes, I feel better.

How are you?

Lately I feel everything's falling apart.

Dad left home
and I'm about to lose my job.


If my boss doesn't get
the money for the company,

Futura will disappear.

And with it, our jobs.

And all we achieved
will be worth nothing.

I know you don't want me to work
or understand,

but these months in Futura
have been the best of my life.

I'd never felt so good,
it's where I want to be.

If it ends, I'm going to feel
as sad and lost as you do.

Where are you going?




Let's make this situation
count for something good.

What do you mean?

He gave me this bracelet
for my birthday.

This necklace for our anniversary.

It's expensive.

I got him this Swiss watch
when we married

and his collection
of fountain pens.

For the stupid butterflies
you might get something.

You want me to sell this?

It's good money,
you can help your boss.

It's too much, Mom.

I might not understand what you do

or why,

but I do know it makes you happy.

I don't want you to lose it
and end up sad, bitter

and a nervous pill popper.

Thanks, Mom.

I have to mortgage the house.

Ángeles is not going to be happy.

It's for a good cause.

Yes. Put your son's roof at risk
for a job that keeps you absent.

What's wrong with that?

Don't tell her we're going
to be partners,

don't tell her everything at once.

That could be terrible,
after everything that happened.

But you've changed.

You're... more in order.

The responsibilities, I guess.

Or seeing someone every night.

What do you mean?
You're fishing for something.

I don't know, you've been
very kind with Nines lately.

The way you look at her...

I might be wrong. Am I?


Please be careful,

I've known her since forever.
She's like family.

That's one less thing
you have to worry about.

It's over. She's safe.

The typical...

Guillermo Rojas' touch and go.

She dumped me.

So, we have half of the money.

I can go to the banks,
ask for a loan.

Relax, I'll get the rest.

How? It's a lot.

I'll figure it out.

Well, it might be easier.

There's someone that might
give you a loan.

- You could ask...
- Don't.

I know you haven't spoken in years,
but if you swallow your pride,


It's not a good idea.

It's the worst idea.

C'mon Guillermo.

I know she's the last person
you want to see now,

but you said it yourself...

- We have to save the label.
- I'm not going to, ok?

I'll find another way,
talk to the banks.

I'll find another way.

If we've gathered all this money
in one day,

we're on the right path.

I only need Feli
to give us some more time.

Another drink, please.

This would be the deal.

The first payment would take place now,
when we sign.

The rest, in installments.

We'd take care of the delay interest.

That means you don't have
the money right now, right?

No, we have half.

We have a check ready to be cashed

tomorrow if you wish.

The problem is Vidal
has the total amount,

and he pays now.

We met with you out of respect
but if you don't have half the money...

But this isn't just about the money,

- Money's important.
- Of course, nobody works for free.

But there's something else here,
your father's legacy.

He'd want his company
to be in the hands of someone

who would treat it with respect,
and take it to the best place.

Someone like us.

Vidal, on the other hand,
will destroy Golden.

He's only interested in keeping the market

that, your father and us,
have reached with hard work.

What he can't achieve with talent,
he wants to achieve with money.

I've mortgaged my house
to save this company,

because I can't allow

for all those people working
there to go unemployed,

which will happen if you sell to Vidal.

I will defend this company,
because I care.

But above all
because I owe it to your father.

You have to decide, Feli,

between someone who will destroy
your father's work

or those who will preserve it.



Esteban, can we hear the payment plan...

I said no.

With all due respect,
you are the heiress,

it's your decision.

But I make
the decisions in my house

and business is business.

Vidal has the money,
you only have promises.

One day,

give us just one more day.

We'll get the rest.

Esteban, please.

One day, or we'll sell to Vidal.

Tell me how we're going
to get that money in just one day.

I'll take care, trust me.

How did it go?

We lost a battle, but not the war.

I have until tomorrow to get
the money we need.


Take this.

I know it's not much
but it's something.

Where did you get it?

My Mom and I sold some valuable things.

You didn't have to.

It's my way of helping.

Thank you, Maribel.

But not to worry, I'm on my way
to Banco Hispano to get what's left.

- How do I look?
- Great.

You look great.
I'd give you my guitar if you asked,

but you didn't get the loan last time.

It's different now, we're doing better.
We've accomplished many things since then.

Wish me luck.

- Good luck.
- Good luck.

- I'm off too, ok?
- Where are you going?

I need to do something.

I'm glad you gave it a second thought.

If Decca signs you, you'll be rich.

But I want the money in advance.

Why? You want to save Futura?

I thought you trusted Guillermo
to get the money.

You said it yourself,
you always need a plan B.

- Don't worry, I'm on it.
- Thanks.

You're taking the right decision.

Why then do I feel like shit?

Eusebio, how are you?

Good morning, I'm Guillermo Rojas
from Futura Records.

We have this situation.

We're seeking funding for...

Yes. Basically a loan.

It's not a good time. I see.

Ok. Well.

Ángeles, we can't talk about this again.

We discussed the mortgage.

How are we not going to?
You didn't even ask.

I tried to explain. Please...



Ángeles, please.

Ramón, how are you?

When have I let you down?

Don't do this to me, c'mon.

The company's going great.

Our numbers are solid,
I'm sure we...

Yes, I'll hold.

He can't, can't he? Yes.

It's too much?

In a meeting, ok.

Yes, thank you.

Thank you, it was very interesting.

Thanks, Robert.

What's up?

No idea.
I don't understand a thing.

What are they saying?

I'm so nervous.

Are we ready to go to London?

I told Ángeles we're mortgaging
the house

and she didn't like it at all.

I hope we can save Golden,

because I might need to sleep here.

Did you speak with the banks?

- Mr. Zabala...
- I'm talking with Guillermo,

- see?
- Yes, all of them.

- And?
- They won't.

We're done, shit.

You're still doing this?

Mr. Zabala.

What Nines, what?

Mr. Vidal is in your office.

Every time that man shows up
I can feel the seven plagues of Egypt.

- Ok, go.
- Hey.

Every time I see you around here,
I get hives.

The feeling is mutual.

The good news is we'll lose
sight of each other soon.

As soon as I buy Golden you're gone.

Don't get your hopes up,
we're not letting you do that.

You really think Mr. Alfredo's daughter
is selling you her shares?

I thought you were smarter.

What are you here for?

Pull back the offer,
let me take care of Golden

and I promise you
a good compensation.

Very generous,
but that's not happening.

Get ready then.

As soon as all this is mine,

I'll be busy making you miserable.

I owe it to you.

What a prick.

What did Vidal want?

To mark territory.

You have the money then?

You always have an ace up your sleeve.

I might not have one this time.

It's been a long time, right?

Eight years.

How are you?

How much do you want?

That's why you called, to ask for money.

It's different now, Mom.

- You look the same to me.
- It's just one drink.

It's never just one with you.

Just like your father.

You just got here.
Can we try not to argue as always?

- You tell me.
- That's fair.

I need a loan.

This sounds familiar.

I tried everything before calling you,
believe me.

But I don't know what else to do.

I started a record label,
and it's going well.

But now I'm about to lose it.

Last time I saw you,

you told me very clearly
what you thought of me.

You probably don't remember
because you were drunk

and couldn't stand up.

I'm very sorry about that, Mom.

I'm really sorry, but I have
no one else to go to.

If you don't have any doors left
is because you closed them yourself.

Are you ok?

Thank god you're not a drummer.

Anything about Guillermo?

He didn't get the money.

I feared that could happen.

I did get the money, Maribel.


I got an offer from Decca.

Why didn't you tell me?

I wasn't planning on accepting it.

But now you are.

They offered a lot of money.

Enough for Guillermo to buy the shares.

So, you save Futura
but we lose you?

We can't have it all.

I'm sure Guillermo will find
other artists,

I'm not that special.

Nonsense, Robert.

Can you think of any other way
of saving Futura?

Futura is closing.

And you, Guillermo, Ignacio,
Chimo, Nines, won't have a job.

Don't say that.

I can't say good-bye to you.

Don't do it.


I don't want to either.

I don't know how.

I want you to be by my side.

Come to London with me.

Robert, my life is here.

I can't leave my mother alone,
not now.

What am I going to do in London?

You think I'd get a job as a producer,

as a Spaniard that just got there?

I have a job I love here, plus...

Guillermo, Ignacio,
Nines, Clara...

I know, but we'd be together.

If you don't come with me,
I don't think I can do it.

You're making me chose
between us and my job,

exactly as Diego did.


No, this is very different.


Because if you don't come
we might never see each other again.


I'm not better, Maribel.

I lied, I'm worse.

The doctors said I should be hospitalized
and stay there,

no singing,
no concerts, and no touring.

And I decided not to listen to them,
because then I'd already be dead.

So I will probably go to London

and some day, on some stage,

I'll be gone
in front of a lot of strangers.

But I have to take the offer.

I have to do it for them, I owe them.

I'm sorry, Maribel,
I was selfish and I lied.

But I love you.

I'm in love with you.

Now you know.

I have much less time
than you think

and I need to know if you want to spend...


To Decca.

That's right.

In London.

Yes, Decca's in London.

That's a good label.

They have amazing studios

and they'll turn you
into an even greater star.

Hey, Robert, I know I messed up
a few times, but...

it wasn't my intention.

- I know. I know...
- If I had had more time,

I would have given it my all,
you know that, right?

You don't have to say that.

I'm not leaving because
I want to leave the ship early.

I would never leave
after all you did for me.

Then why?

To return the favor.

And to keep the ship from sinking.

Decca offered me a lot of money.

Enough for you to buy the shares.

No, you can't do this.

You did all you could and didn't
get the money. I did.

I can't accept it.

- Listen, please...
- Maribel, sit down.

If it weren't for you
I'd still be in Alicante

working at my parent's restaurant.

And I'd curse myself every day

for not being able to make
my dream come true.

You made it true
and I want to return the favor.

There's nothing to return.

What you have, you won yourself.

Tell him.

He had some help.

Let him return it.

I don't want Futura to die,
if I can avoid it.

What's it going to be without you?
We're a team.

Maribel, you and me.

Three legs for a bench,
it all breaks if one goes missing.

Guillermo, I...

You're going with him.

Yes, it makes sense.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too.

You're going to be fine, ok?

Take care of each other.

And you have to listen to her,

because you have the heart
but she has the head.

Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.

I'll miss you.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you, come here.

I'm sorry, Maribel.

I didn't tell you the truth.

I'm sorry you have to leave
your life here

and your dreams to come.

I'm sorry about it all.

And I know you're angry,

but I don't want our last days
to be like this.

Like how?

With you looking at me,

like I'm already dead.

I'm still here.

I'm not angry.

Not at you, or maybe just a little.

I'm angry at this situation
and at the world.

But above all, I'm scared.

You're not the only one.

These months have been the best
of my life and I don't want them to end.

Stay with me tonight.

Another drink, Tino.

That's all for today.

I've had bad days,
but today is the winner.

So give me another drink.

I said no.

Stop. This is bad for you.

I'd made it, fuck it.

I'd made it.

My mother's right after all.

I shut those doors myself.

Your mother thinks you're the same
as you were eight years ago.

But she hasn't seen
what you accomplished.

I have and you should be proud.

Ok, Robert and Maribel are leaving,
that's shitty,

but you always figure it out.

You should be proud.

I know, fuck.

But I'm tired of always
ending up alone.

But you're not, you're not alone.

Guillermo, you're not alone, ok?
Look at me.

Give me five minutes.

- I'll pick this up and take you home.
- No, don't.

I'll call someone.

- Sure?
- Yes.


What are you doing here?

You called me, remember?


Did you sleep here?

Yes, on the sofa.

You said you wanted to sleep alone.

Can't be.

I'm sorry... I mean, thanks.

Please, stop picking up.

I'm embarrassed enough,

I must have been very drunk
if I can't remember.

Yes, you were.

You were doomed.

But I get it, ok?

It's very sad
that Robert and Maribel are leaving.

I told you?

Yes, and much more.

You're on fire when you're drunk.

What else did I say?

You said many things
and beautiful ones too, but...

they would've been nice to hear
when you were sober,

because they're empty
if you can't remember.


I like you, I like you a lot.

I like it when you sleep
with me at night

and wake up with me in the morning.

Did I say that?

More or less.

Did I say I like to bite you here?

- I didn't catch that.
- No?


Is Mr. Rojas in?

Yes, I told him to go see you.

Goodness gracious.

So, you went out.

With everything that's going on
you went and got drunk.

Look, I don't need a speech.

We need the money today.

You said not to worry,
and then you disappeared.

What the fuck are you doing?

Hangover remedy.

We're going to lose this company,
you know it.

I have the money.


Robert gave it to me, without interest
or commission, it's mine, ours.

I don't understand.

It's his payment for going to...


They're turning him into
an international star.

I'm happy for him,
we can't take him that far.

They're both off to London,

Robert and Maribel,
my star and my right hand.

We save Futura, without Futura.

Wow, so...

I'm sorry. I know how important
that's for you, but...

that saves everybody's job.

It's something.

So, call Feli and Esteban,
tell them we have their money,

because we're going to be partners.

Yes, about that.

I don't think I have to explain
what's at stake.

I put my family's house as guarantee

and everybody working here
depends on us.

I don't want to have a partner
who shows up like this

or disappears without notice.

When you're fine you're the best.

But I need you like this 24 hours a day.

I don't want what happened 8 years ago
to happen again, ok?

I know, Pedro, I'm on your side.

I wanted to hear you say it.

Drinking is over.

Awesome, partner.

I like the sound of that.

Nines, get Feli Colomer on the phone.

He left just like that?


Oh, I'm... sorry.

How are you?

It's not easy, but my mother
has the worst part.

Poor woman.

That's why I'm here,
I need to ask you a favor.

She has to pay the bills

but she can't without
an authorization from my father.

Yes, of course.

Tell her to come by any day,
whenever she can.

We'll find a solution, you'll see.

Are you sure?

Yes, don't worry.

It will be my way of thanking her

for how well she treated me
each time I went to your house.

I still dream of her meals.

- Thank you.
- Here.

There's something else.

I'm moving to London with Robert.

To London? Moving?

- When?
- In a few days.

He's signing
with an English label, Decca.

With the money Guillermo can save
Golden, it's a long story.

There wasn't another way?

Your boss couldn't get it other way?

Asking for a loan maybe...

Why didn't you tell me?

You've already done enough for me,
I didn't want to bother you.

Thanks for everything.

When will you be back?

I don't know.

Take care, ok?


Maribel isn't here yet.

I wanted to talk to you.

What can I do for you?

It's more like what I can do for you.

I don't understand.

I'm convinced I can help you
prepare a more viable option

for the bank to give you a loan.

I see. I tried, it didn't work.
Besides, I got the money.

But you lose your star
and right hand in exchange.

It's a high price to pay.

Why do you want to help me?

I don't want Maribel to leave either.


I know we're not getting back together,
what we had is over, but,

the idea of not seeing her again...

I can't stand it.

Please, show me Futura's numbers

because I think I know
how to save the company.

Ok, sit down.


When you get to London
and you're settled down,

we'll take you to the studios.

Great. That way Miguel
can show me how it all works.

I'm afraid I'm staying here.

They don't have room for me at Decca.

Fuck, I'm sorry.

But don't worry about it.

With us, you'll be better than ever,

you'll have the best producer
and musicians.

I already have them, Los Truenos.

I think there's been a misunderstanding,
we only want you.

You liked how we sounded
the other day, right?

It's not the same without them.

The record was made
thanks to them and this girl.

They're my team.

You'll have a new one now.

I'm sorry,
I don't know if I want that.

The conditions are these,
it's either take it or leave it.

I guess we can't choose.

Hi, am I interrupting?

What are you doing here?

- Who's this?
- My old producer.

We'll see about old.

If you could chose, would you stay?

What do you think?

- And you?
- What do you think?

Great. Gentlemen...

...but you're going back without them.

Robert's my artist
and he's staying. Right?

You heard it, my friend.

The moment we're out that door,
the offer is off the table.

That's perfect, wonderful.

I told you, I'm not leaving Futura
for the world.

- You got the money?
- Oh, yeah.

- How?
- C'mon, guys.

I had an ace up my sleeve.

I knew it. I knew you'd manage.

It was actually Diego
who saved the day.

- What Diego? My Diego?
- That Diego, yes.

He helped me make a presentation

and found an asset
in the company I hadn't noticed.

- Which one?
- You.

Tino, drinks, on me.

A soda for me, ok?

Today's the beginning
of a new season in my life.

I don't get it, explain.

We put your next album's profits
as a guarantee.

If they're half as good as the first,

in two or three years
we're debt free.

Two or three years?

Take care of your voice.
We have three busy years ahead

and we all depend on you now.

Tonight, in Carrusel Musical,
we'll know who

will represent us at the grand finale.

When will you tell him?

I don't know.

The only reason
they gave him the loan

is because you're the guarantee.

You heard him, it all depends on you.

We want to take advantage
of the festival's repercussion

to send a positive image of Spain.

We want you to send
a candidate this year.

We're on it.

We want to take the opportunity
to present Fanny's new image.

It's not a problem for that girl
to be part of the contest,

but we want that boy, Robert.

You kissed
Franco's wife's hand today.

What are the kids listening
to your music going to think now,

those who fought with their parents
to listen to you,

to be how they are, for trying to be free?

You know what you said
to them today?

You have to bow your head
and look the other way.

What would happen if
Robert's career didn't go well?

He's the loan's guarantee.

If it didn't go well it would all sink.

Guillermo won't handle the debt
and Golden and Futura...

Good bye.

You know why I never sung again?

It reminded me of you, of us,
how much I loved you,

and how after all these years
it was all dead and buried.

You need to calm down.

I don't want to, I don't
want to go out and win.

I don't want to take a picture
with Carmencita,

I don't want to do interviews
adoring the Regime.

I don't know what's happening,
but it must be serious.

You can trust me.

Whatever it is, tell me the truth.