45 rpm (2019): Season 1, Episode 10 - La puesta de largo - full transcript


I'll dedicate a song to you

so that everyone knows.

Knows what?

That I'm crazy about you.

What are you doing here?
You're here to screw us over.

From now on, I'll call the shots

for Golden and Futura.

The face she had when
you walked out of the bathroom.

- I'm not that ugly, man.
- No. You're great.

You'll make three more movies,
and one of them in Mexico.

And make albums together.

Sir, I play with Los Truenos.

I was famous before him.
I don't need him for that.

You're Robert and Fanny now
and will be while it makes us money.

Being famous isn't worth it.

Never, ever, have I made
my own decisions.

Now I have to go out there and smile

because I'm Fanny,
happy and charming.

Can you confirm your affair
with a girl named Maribel Campoy?

It's true. We're dating.

- For how long?
- Let's go.

Robert says Fanny is fed up.

She hates Vidal and feels like
she's making the same movie seven times.

This girl only needs
a push to break it off.

Vidal will never let her go.
She's his golden ticket.

Eugenio won't let
go of his golden ticket,

but, what if the ticket breaks?

If you want to leave
and break the contract, there's a way.

Tell me.

Tell the press all about
how he treats you,

that he has taken advantage
ever since you were a girl.

So, you're looking out for me?

You must get something out of it.

We all want to end Vidal.
But only you can do it.

C'mon, man.

Get more champagne.

Fanny is having a field day.

I saw you talking and laughing at me.

No one was laughing.

I wanted to apologize for my behavior.

Will you just...

Do you want to end your career?

You did that for me a long time ago...

- Eugenio!
- Let go of me!

This man is manipulative,

and an opportunist.

My whole life, years of work for nothing.

Not necessarily.

Do you want to sing?

Not what Vidal wants.
Do you want to sing?


After last night,
Fanny's career is over.

She has a chance to show another side.

A girl who wants people
to stop treating her like a child.

We were busy looking for
Futura's new artist,

when we had it before us all along.

One second.

What's going on?

Rocío Dúrcal just left the label.
She's the third one today.

Did they say why?

Just that they don't want
to work with him.

- Zabala.
- On it.

I'll call her manager
and you go ahead and...

I'm on it. That's right. 10%.

- The Toronjo brothers!
- I love them!

They're great!

Really? That's wonderful!

I have just found
Futura's new artist.

I couldn't give a shit
about Futura right now.

You might know her. Fanny.

To Golden's new deals!

And to Futura's new star!

And to Vidal's face
of absolute shock!

Thank you.

Thank you.

That's great.

- What was his name?
- José.

José Manuel.

José. Thanks. That was great.

Great. I see you chose
one of Robert's songs.

That's a wild guess.

I thought it was best
since it is his band.

- Of course.
- Of course. Yes.

We'll call you
when we have news. Thank you.

Thank you, really.
It's a dream for me.

Robert, all your work
is really admirable.

It was a pleasure.

- You're outstanding.
- Thanks, man.

- Outstanding. Right.
- You too, man.

You played well.

It can't be so hard
to find a new guitar player.

It's been all day and here we are.

You play the guitar.

We might dress you up
and make you the new star.

No, thanks.

I like my own clothes
and being a lonely songwriter.

Police! Everyone against the wall!

What's going on?

Everybody out!
Hands against the wall!

Look at all these Republicans!

Shit, the military police!


- Move it!
- OK! OK!

- Let's go!
- OK! OK!

We weren't doing anything.

Of course you weren't.
You haven't done anything

in your whole damn life.

We're musicians.


A monkey can play
cymbals better than you.

You just make noise.
Against the wall!

My daughter listens to this guy.

You better keep a tight ship if
you don't want to get any surprises.

Spread your legs!

Don't touch her.

Don't touch her!

Don't move! Repulsive!

The worst part of searching them
is that they probably like it.

Don't you, goldilocks?

You like that, huh?
Do you like it?

Oh, shit. C'mon!

What's wrong with you?

Peeing like a little boy?

Mother fuckers! You bunch of fags!

That's enough!
He didn't do anything.

- What? Are you the boss here?
- No, I just...

Shut the fuck up!

- I'm just...
- I said shut up!

We weren't doing any...

Shut the hell up
or I'll hit you so hard you will.

- Got it?
- Got it.

Then move!


- Let's go.
- C'mon.

You're all disgusting!


I'm serious, sir.
We can't do this every day.

I don't think it's a good idea.

I'm going home and to bed.

If you are going to bed,
you can get into mine.

Stay over for dinner.

Spend the night.

What are you talking about?
I've seen your fridge

and there is nothing in it,
not even a slice of bread.

C'mon. Stay over. Stay with me tonight.

No way.

I said no. No way.

I can't go to work in the same outfit.

Women there can be mean.

You can be the big boss now,

but they'll watch my every move.

Haven't we discussed this already?

You have to stop calling me sir,
because my name is Guillermo.

- No, sir.
- Call me Guillermo.

Please, sir.

No one can know, OK?

I mean it.
No one can know, alright?

- Guillermo, open the door!
- Shit.


I'm coming.

- Open the door.
- I'm coming!

What's wrong?

Ignacio has been arrested.


We were at the bar
and the police came in.

We weren't doing anything
and they took a few of the guys.

We went to the station
but we couldn't do anything.

We almost got arrested too.

It's alright. I'll take care of it.

I'll pay bail and get him out.

Do you want us to wait for you?

I still have to get changed.

Go home. I'll head over.

You have one minute.


C'mon. Sit.


Are you OK? You need a doctor.

Can you get me out of here?

Not even paying bail.

They said it's not the first.
That you have a record.

I was caught in a raid
in a speakeasy bar a long time ago, but...

I barely made it out alive.

I'm not going to lie.

This doesn't look good.

If you go to court,
they'll apply the Vagrancy Act.

I can't go to court!

People like me don't go to court!

They beat us and throw us
directly in prison.

- If I go to prison...
- Listen to me.

...they won't tell you
where they're taking me.

- I've seen people disappear.
- Listen.

- I don't want to disappear.
- Can you just listen. Jeez.

I'll do whatever I can to get you out.

Keep this.

Time is up!

Come on! Out!

- Please, Guillermo.
- C'mon! Out!

- Stay there!
- OK, OK.


- I will get you out.
- Get a move on!

Please, Guillermo.


Cheer up.

I'm sure Guillermo
is paying bail as we speak

and is talking to whoever to let him out.

How do you know he'll get him out?

He helped me once.

I got arrested for sneaking
into the theatre, remember?

Of course I remember.

You got a good beating.


But, it was the best day ever
because I met you.

- Robert.
- What is it?

We will have even better days.

Is that so?

I should go home.

Or you can stay over.

What about your parents?

It's late. They are probably asleep.

- Come up for a while.
- Just five minutes.

Five minutes, OK?

Robert! Wake up! We fell asleep

and if they see you here
they'll kick me out!

Hurry! Get dressed.


Morning, sleepy head.

Good morning.

I thought you had left.
I didn't hear any shouting...

Everything OK?

Crazy weather, huh?

I thought it would rain,
but there's the sun.

Are you planning on never
speaking to each other again?

You haven't spoken in days.

Your father made it clear
that he wants my mouth shut.

It's better this way.

I'm taking a bath.
Have a great day, darling.

You're not going to talk?

The less your mother and I speak,
the better.

I can see that.

These walls are thin as paper
and I can hear you arguing.

Let's drop it.

I've got to leave. I'm late.

C'mon, Robert!


- Hi!
- Good morning.

- You just got here?
- He came to pick me up.

This is Robert.

The Longhair with... the singer.

That's right.

- And my...
- Colleague.

From work.


- It's a pleasure.
- Pleasure is mine, sir.


We were just leaving, Dad.
Have a great day.

- See you later.
- See you.

- One second.
- Hey! Dad, c'mon!

I don't have a problem
with you two dating,

but we should do things right.

Of course.

I know it's old fashioned,

but we shouldn't lose
our good manners.

- Do you agree?
- Yes. Of course.

Good. I'm glad you understand.

I'll see you here for dinner tomorrow.

- Tomorrow is not...
- At nine.

- At nine o'clock.
- Bye, sleepy head.

Don't look at me like that.
They don't bite.

They might bite each other,
but they won't do it to you.

Let's go.


Take this, Josefina.

Good morning, Ms. Nines.

Good morning, Mr. Rojas.

Is it me or do you look
particularly pretty today?

You are particularly chirpy if I may add.

- What's all this?
- Pedro, it's over.

- Let's go.
- What did I say now?


Hey, kid!

- Good morning.
- Hello.

It's nice to see
such movement in the office.

It's better than ever.

I heard it's all thanks to you.

You saved Golden.

Zabala was also involved.

He told me you were
working together again.

Like the old days.

They say all is fair in love and war.

Thank you for helping Pedro
in his worst rough patch.

Is everything OK?

Smooth as a feather.

You brought the Yo-Yo.

Like it?

He likes it but has to practice.

Let me try.

The trick is loosening
the hand to let it roll.

Let's give it a try.

See that? Now you try.

Call the elevator, honey.

I really appreciate you
helping Pedro out

and that you are getting along again,

but I don't want you getting any ideas

or giving any wrong ideas to the kid.

Take care.

Do you have cigarette?
I gave my last pack.

Here you go.

Are you writing up the deed?

Since Vidal is gone,
it's a nicer atmosphere.

The poor guy must be doing everything

to save what is left of Hispamusic.

Poor guy? Do you have any regrets?

The only thing I regret
is not taking more singers.

The plan worked so well,
I'm afraid we'll need more help.

In fact, we do.

This is the agenda
for the next two months.

With all these new artists,
our studios are at full capacity

and that is even doubling the shifts.

There's an event each week
coinciding with the promos.

If you need a hand, I can handle Futura.

When Fanny's album releases,
this will be mayhem.

It's ironic.

A week ago
I was firing people, and now...

Should we get into politics?

As a company, I mean.

We really shouldn't.

Our job is to sell albums
and make money,

and staying away from other problems.

What if those are our problems?

- What's wrong?
- I can't say much yet.

You knew someone
important in the Regime, right?

Commander Miralles.
My father's friend.

He saved his life during the war.

I need you to set up
a meeting with him.

You need to empty out
the files downstairs

and put it all in a box
and put it in storage.

Label it as contracts. Do it quickly.

Now she calls herself a producer.

What a sham.
Even I could do that job.

She made her way up the list.

So? Discussing the weather?

Did you hear about that rat Maribel?

She's no rat.
That girl is worth a million.

She can do it all.

- I wouldn't say that.
- If they let her, that is.

This industry is full of sexist cave men

and bitter, venomous ladies too.

You don't mean us, do you?

Do you know what Maribel
is doing while you're here?


We're not the ones who made this up.

It's what half the office thinks.

Well, I'm the other half

and I say it's enough chattering.

All you have done
is criticize a colleague.

Back to work. Coffee break is over.

What's wrong?


What do you mean nothing? Look at them.

Just girls talking about
things they know nothing of.

Don't listen to them.
You've done nothing wrong.

- It's not me they...
- So, they are talking about me.

They are doing more
than just talking about you.

You'll have to get used to it.

The people that used to like you

won't like you as much
now that you're with Robert.

I didn't get anything for free.

Robert will say that
he's here thanks to me.

You don't have to
tell me that, darling.

Or tell them.

They'll think the same
no matter what you say.

Are you OK?


Were you able to get
Ignacio out of jail?

Not yet, but I'm on it.

So he's still stuck there.

I thought I could just pay bail,
but it won't be that easy.

Don't worry about it.

Zabala knows someone who can help us out.

He knows someone?

- I'm starting to worry.
- You don't need to.

Ignacio will be out in no time.

Don't you have things to do?

Of course.
I have a radio interview.

We have a meeting with Fanny.

Good. Let's get the wheels turning.

I'll take care of the rest.

Let's go, Maribel.

We need people
to see you in a different light.

You've been singing
the same song for 12 years.

You're telling me.

We were thinking of
Jazz with a touch of Soul.

Like singers like Aretha,
Etta James, Nina Simone...

All those women are...

Singers. Their color doesn't matter.

All that matters is their strong,
virtuous voices.

As your voice has to be.

It all looks good on paper,
but I need to hear the songs.

Where's the songwriter?

Ignacio can't be here.
He's locked up... writing.

He's making the final touches.
You'll love it.

When can I hear some of it?

Soon. Very soon.

Do we have anything else?

Yes. Music can't be
the only thing to change.

We must change Fanny's image.

Something different to
what we have seen you in.

We need to see the real you.

Truth is, missy, that scares me a bit.

I can't lose my fans.

You'll have new ones.
Everything has to change.

Everything except your talent.

We have a few options
to change your look.

This example here,
is a French singer.

Feminine and yet powerful.

Then we have...

Can we get to the point?
I don't have all day.

Basically, we have thought
of no make-up. You don't need it.

You have natural beauty.

Or an aggressive make-up.
The same thing with your hair.

A different hairstyle
or with a modern look.

Your clothes have to be
completely different than this.

No more "good girl" dresses.

You're a woman who can
wear whatever she wants.

Why all these changes?

Your image has to represent
who you really are.

Your look is holding you back
and we don't want that.

Go without a bra for all I care.

That would get them talking.

A liberated Fanny.


You can trust Maribel.

She's perfect for your career.

Look what she did for Robert.

That's true.

We might have to get rid
of a few more things.

- Mr. Rojas?
- Yes?

A phone call for you.

- Come this way.
- Thank you.

If the meeting is over,

want to join me for some cake?


Everything you said sounds great,

but you know I put
everything on the line.

You don't have to if you are not sure.

I know my entourage is not too bright,

but they take my coat and my purse.

You are right about one thing.

If I'm going to trust you,
I don't want any distractions.

Don't worry. I'll give it my all.

I need you on top of your game, missy.

If Robert's life is going to
keep mine behind the scenes,

I'd rather know now
to get someone else.

That won't be the case.
I'm a professional.

Good. I just needed to hear it.

Excuse the interruption.

I spoke to Ignacio
and everything is going well.

That's good.

I'll see you soon.

Zabala just called his contact.

I'm meeting him tonight.

You want us to come along?

You should wait for me
at Ondas and I'll see you there.

Alright. There is
something else I need to discuss.

I've been thinking about
how busy we are going to be

and I think we could do
with some help with production.

I thought you were
taking on Fanny's work.

I will. That's exactly it.

I need someone to help
with Robert's day-to-day.

I would still supervise
everything, of course.

It would let me delegate
and work with the new artists.

Does this have anything
to do with our conversation

about mixing work with love?

It does, a little.

Very well. It's up to you.

I'll get Zabala to get someone.

- Does Robert know?
- No.

Thank you.

So? Do you have the results
or do you want me to guess?

I'll be honest with you.

It looks worse than I expected.

I'd like to speak
to a colleague in Barcelona.

He's a great doctor

and two minds think
better than one, right?

Doctor Rosales has dealt
with cases like yours.

He knows your illness well

and he can give his view
to make a diagnose...

Don't worry.

Guillermo said he would take care of it

and he will.

We have to think it will work out.

You were right
about the "New Talents" night.

It's packed in here.

More nights like this
and you won't work ever again.

Or I can get a bigger bar.

If you want some privacy,

go to the back,
no one will find you there.

I love you, Robert!

I'll wait for you there.

I really don't think he's that handsome.

I'm kidding.

- Diego!
- It's nice to see you.

How are you?

Fancy seeing you here.
She is a singer, right?

She's trying to be.

She's just starting.
I'm here to support her.

- How are you?
- Nice to see you again.

- How are things?
- How are you?

Will you go up there?
I hear you're very talented.

I do the best I can.

Should we all have a drink?

We're actually waiting
for someone to join us.

We can have a drink
until they get here, right?


After meeting you once, my mother said:

"I'm not sure about that boy."

Two seconds later, you were a hero.

After you told her
you were in love with me.

Not really. It was after
I told her you were an economist.

After that, each time
I had lunch at your place

- I felt like a trophy.
- You were.

She showed you off
to all the neighbors.

I'm getting a drink.
Do you want anything?

I'll come with you.

Why didn't you tell me?

I heard you were dating on the radio.

I'm sorry.

I spent months wondering
why you had left me,

why you didn't love me,

or if I had done something wrong.

You're the last person
I wanted to get hurt.

It would have hurt less
if you had said the truth

that you were in love with him.

I guess I saw it coming
when you spoke about him,

how you looked at him.

I suppose I, like you,
just turned the other cheek.

I'm sorry. You didn't deserve that.

I'm a terrible person.

Not terrible.
Maybe somewhat of a liar and selfish,

but... everything else is not that bad.

I should have been honest
with you and myself.

It's alright now.


I think I was lucky with her,

I'm... happy.

That's good to hear.

I'd rather not think about it.

Think about what?

Well, where there was fire...

Just asking could get you arrested.

I don't like asking for favors,
but there has been a mistake.

Are you insinuating
that my men were wrong,

that they don't know
what they are doing?

I would never speak ill
of those who defend our country.

You work is key for...

You have no idea about my work.

All I know is that you
give up your lives

to let people like me
sleep safe at night.

You have men working for you

and you would defend them.

I do the same.

Each one of them
is important for the team.

I can't leave anyone behind.

The man I'm talking about
is a bit of a nerd.

He was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

If you could lend a hand,
I promise from now on

I'll control him myself.
On a tight rope if I have to.

I'll take responsibility.

If it's a misunderstanding,
the truth will come out.

If he's innocent,
there's nothing to worry about.

I see.

But, if we had your support
it would be much easier.

You're pushing your luck!

Want to see your friend?

Another word and
you'll see him in jail!

I've had enough.
It's always the same.

Daddy, you will ruin my party.

- What now, darling?
- Don't "darling" me.

My friend's birthday had a DJ.

My debutante ball
can't have a military band.

Do you think that is a block party?

- That's not the way...
- I'll be a laughingstock.

- Sweetie...
- Don't "sweetie" me.

- Good night.
- Good night.

See? I told you I can't talk to him.

I can't talk to daddy.

My daughter. The youngest.

The other four never
raised their voices, but this one...

She's just nervous.

A girl's debutante ball
is a big deal for them.

Do you want your daughter
to be forever grateful?

What are you saying?

I can get something
much better than a DJ.

Get out of my sight.

Mind if I smoke?

You're kidding, right?

I'm afraid I'm not.

You want us to play at a girl's party
for a big fish of the system

as if I was a clown or a magician?

The man's daughter loves you.
What was I supposed to say?

They love you and that works.

Don't start with that.

We just got rid of Vidal
who forced us to do everything.

- Don't get on my nerves.
- It's not the same.

You're right. It's worse.

You want us to play
for a bunch of assholes that

would kill the first...

I'm not forcing you. It's up to you.

I'm asking for a favor.

The commander will only
help us get Ignacio out

if you play at the little girl's party.

There has to be another way
to get him out of there.

- You should have paid bail.
- He did nothing wrong.

Ignacio had been arrested before.
That's why they still have him.

He was arrested once before?

A few months ago
they found him in a speakeasy bar

with another man.

They let him go, but not this time.

Only someone powerful
like the commander can get him out.

You have to do the show.

We'll do it, but we still
are missing a guitar player.

I'll worry about that.

I'm exhausted.

I'll see you tomorrow.

I didn't know
Ignacio liked men.

It's something
you must keep secret

if you don't want to get locked up.

Don't worry.
We will get him out of there.

I heard I was being transferred.

Transferred? Where?

A concentration camp,
an asylum, I don't know.

If I leave this place
you won't find me.

Those places are horrible.
They electrocute or beat people up.

I won't survive that.
Really, I can't take that.

Hold on a little more.

We're all trying to get you out.

All of you? Who else knows?

Just Robert and Maribel.
Don't worry about it.

Do something for me.

What the hell are you looking at?



I'll beat the shit out of you.

Ignacio, are you OK?

Yes. Please, Guillermo.
Get me out of here.

What are you staring at?

Tell me. What's the first thing
you'll do when you get out?

- Jesus.
- Listen to me!

What's the first thing
you'll do when you get out?

I want to play the piano.

That's great.

What will you play?


That's all I played when I was a kid.

Now, we have to hang up.

Now that is all
I want you to think about.

Only you playing the piano.

- What are you...?
- Just listen to me!

I want you to think
about those keys

and you playing each chord to the song.

Close your eyes.

Listen closely.

Can you hear it?

I want you playing it
over and over again.

Don't think of anything else.

Next time I see you,
it will be in person.

Guillermo, thank you.

C'mon. Let's go.

You're doing right by him.


I don't know if it's enough.

You are a better man than you think.

I'll get some ice
and you get some glasses.

I've been thinking, Robert.

Maybe we should separate
work and our relationship.


We can be together,

but we also work together
every single day.

You're successful
and your career is growing,

and I think I should
concentrate on Fanny's career.

You don't want to produce me.

I'll still be your producer.

I would just have
an assistant to help you,

but I would supervise everything.

I will be there
in all the important events,

but I would be able to
work with new artists.

It's important to me and a challenge...

I want to do this.

I spoke to Guillermo
about hiring someone.

You've already spoken to him?

So, you decided this
behind my back. What is that?

I've been thinking about it
and I think it's the right time.

- Also...
- What?

Everyone at the label thinks
I'm there because we're dating.

Is that why you want to
stop working with me?

Who cares what people think?

The only thing that
got you there is your talent.

If everyone talked about you,
you wouldn't say that.

I want to prove to everyone
how good I am at my job.

You have nothing to prove.

I need to prove it.

I know that it's just gossip,
but they're right in one thing:

Being the boyfriend's producer
won't change their minds.

I know you don't like it,
but try to understand.

Will I see you tomorrow?

That's up to you.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Sleep well.

There you are!

This is Miguel Santos.

He just got back from London
from working with...

Decca. I know.

Have you met before?

He came in last week
looking for a job

and to give his view
on Robert's album.

I said it was refreshing
and had good songs.

You also said his voice was flat
and was recorded in a rush.

I did say that...

before learning
Maribel was the producer

and before she kicked me out.

We could do
with a sincere critic on the team.

On the team?

You wanted help with Robert

and he can do that.

He's experienced, talented...

We can give it a try.

We can try.

That way you can show us
what you learnt in London.

I won't let you down.

Head over to the rehearsal room
and introduce him to the boys.

I'll see you later.


Follow me.

Hey guys!

- We've been here for 30 minutes.
- Sorry I'm late.

I would have stayed in bed if I had known.

I'm sure you took advantage
of the extra time.

Miguel, this is Robert and Los Truenos.

Robert and Los Truenos,
this is Miguel.

Finally, a new guitar player.

It's a pleasure.

We need to practice for the concert.

- No, he's not the guitar player.
- But I can help you find one.

I know a guy who plays
just like The Kinks.

So, who are you?

Miguel will help out
managing you guys.

He'll be with you
in practice, in your day-to-day.

I will supervise his work,
but he'll spend more time with you.

So, our new producer.

No. Just my assistant.

I'll let you all get acquainted.

I'm late to a meeting.

I'll walk you out.

So... producer, huh?

Did you like our album?

Do you really trust
this guy for us?

I already told you
I will still be on top of you

and supervise everything he does.

Miguel has experience
and can do a good job.

But you want to put distance between us.

I never said I needed distance.

- I really don't understand.
- What don't you understand?

Why do you listen to what people say
when we work perfectly together.

It's not just the gossip.

I need to prove to myself
I can do this on my own.

It's better for someone else
to give you their full attention.

Just leave everything as it is

and ignore the gossip of Golden
or the rest of the world.

I have to go to a meeting.

Remember dinner
with my parents tonight.

It's not the best plan,
but we'll get it over and done with.

Come in.

- May I?
- Of course. Come in.

I was just enjoying some music.

Take a seat.

Robert told me about Ignacio.

I just wanted to know if you had any news.

He's OK.
As well as could be, considering.

Don't worry.
It won't get worse.

Will he be out soon?

The last one.

I'm doing everything I can to get him out.

But, will he? He did nothing wrong.

I know he didn't.

Don't worry. It's alright.

Thank you.


Don't tell a soul about this.

You'll be with your father
in a minute, OK?

Am I still the topic of conversation?

Aren't you bored
of wasting time with that?

I didn't get where I am
being someone's girl.

I worked very hard,
just like everyone else here.

Josefina stays everyday doing over time.

You, Luisa, have spent
entire weekends working

to deliver something in time.

I'm sure you would all like to be praised
or at least thanked for your work.

The company wouldn't work without us.

Not without Luisa, or without Josefina.

Not without Rosa or Daniel.

Not without those of us
who work our butts off every day.

If I could do it, you can do it too.

So, let's stop the silly comments

and start supporting each other.

We've earned it.

You can say no.

It would help Ignacio
to get out of there.

Apparently, they caught him
some time ago in a bar

with another man.

In this country you have to explain
who you are sleeping with.

You don't have to tell me.

Please be careful.

Careful who you talk to
and with what you do.

I don't want you arrested either.

There's no need to worry.

I've only told you what I know.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Get me another beer, man.

Another one? It's early.

You're drinking beer
like there's no tomorrow.

It's a special day.

I know you. Something is wrong.

- Maribel doesn't want to produce us.
- What?

She is worried about
what they might think about her.

- She's found a new producer.
- Maybe it's a good idea.

A good idea? Not you too.

This sucks!

Who cares what people think?

Tonight I'm having dinner
with her parents

and I have to look sharp
and make them like me.

Well, look who is worried
about what they think of him.

I've played for hundreds
in more than 60 cities.

I've gotten into fights
with the military police

and got beaten up badly,
but never have been afraid.

But, tonight's dinner
makes me nervous.

No more drinking. You have
a show and a dinner with the in-laws.

Biggest show yet. C'mon.

I'm coming!

Come in!

- May I?
- Of course.

What is it?


I spoke to Miralles yesterday.
He's quite the character.


We're getting a new guy

to help Maribel with production.

I'm glad your checking in
before making a decision.

I'm not asking. It's done.

Thank you anyway.

Sir, I really don't know
what to do with him.

We've been up and down the building.

I don't think he understands me.

I have a lot of work to do
and can't take care of him.

Hey, buddy. How are you?

What did he say?

He says he's bored.
He's been here all day, but...

What can I do? I'm stuck with work.

Is that what Ángeles complained about?

She says I'm in the office all day

and that I don't spend time
with the boy. I can't do much.

If I only could teach him
how to do the accounting...

I'll take him a while.

- No.
- Of course!

You just said you were busy

and the boy is as bored as can be.
I'll take him out.

We can go to the park.
How do you say...?

Do you like the park? How...?

Want to go to the park?

Yeah? OK then.

Just a couple of hours.
Take an umbrella with you.

Be careful, will you.
I mean it. Please!

Ángeles can't find out about this.

Not a word. We're off!

Just what we needed.
After a shitty week...

Watch your mouth!

My mouth. Right.
Watch your head now

and let's go!

I already regret this.


Hello, man with suitcase.

How's it going, Nines?

Good, thanks.

Look at you! I have something for you.

Where's the candy?

Come. I'll get you some more.

I was going to ask.
Yesterday you left without saying goodbye.

- Is something wrong?
- Nothing, sir.

Come over for dinner tonight.

We'll have some wine and have a chat.

I'm not sure it's a good idea.

Here. Don't let your father see you
or I'll get the blame.

C'mon. Come over.

We can talk. I'll see you there.

Now, off to the park.

The park?
It looks like it's about to rain.

No way!
I'm sure it won't rain on us.

Mother of God!

Take this.

Why would you
go out in the rain?

I didn't think it would rain.

If we stayed longer,
he would have gotten sick.

So, instead of taking him home
you bring him to a bar.

- Want a hot drink?
- There's no need to shout.

Just articulate well.

A glass of milk?

A hot chocolate?

Water? Coffee? Olives?

Where's he going?

You rascal. A soda.


It's on me. Guillermo, the usual?

I'll also have a soda.

- A soda?
- With a straw, please.

A soda with a straw? Mr. Rojas?

I can't believe it.

What do we do now?

You have two options.
You can play or opt out.

Show me your cards.

A flush of kings.


Beginners luck, huh?

The boy is enjoying his soda, huh?

It's his fourth bottle.

Are you guys stupid or something?

Are you betting?

Just with nuts and candy,
not any money.

You're teaching him
how to play poker?

And he's pretty good!

OK. That's enough.

Jorge, let's go.

Don't ignore me. I can see you.

C'mon. Let's go.

Why isn't he wearing any shoes?

We got caught in the rain,

but he's dry so don't get mad at him.

I'm not mad at the kid.

I'm mad at myself for trusting
another kid with him.

- C'mon.
- I'm sorry, alright?

You might be right.

But, I'm having a good time
and so is the kid.

You can either get mad at me
and take the boy home

or you can sit your ass down
and play a round with us.

We haven't played in a while.

You weren't that bad.

Excuse me. I was better than you.

C'mon big bad wolf. Prove it.

Shall we stay?


Move over, kiddo.

Nuts are worth one
and candy worth five.

Make it quick.
I have to go to Miralles's concert.

I'll take a point.

I'll introduce you.

This is Santi, our new guitar player.
Santi, these are Los Truenos.

- Paco.
- And Robert.

Nice to meet you, man.

Miguel speaks wonders of you.

He didn't tell me
you were this beautiful.

Don't go there, man.

Careful there.
The producer is Robert's girlfriend.

Love doesn't last forever,
don't you think, buddy?

Stop talking about me
as if I was a trophy

and let's clean all this up.

Here you go... buddy.

Come here.

I'm going to puke.
I hate this crowd.

The commander will be
right with you. Please go ahead.

Jesus Christ.

C'mon guys.
This is a piece of cake.

I hope all concerts are not like this.

Let's go.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Enjoy the show.
I'll be right back.

So, you're the new guitar player.

- Ready to get them dancing.
- Every single one of them.

I hate having to play for these assholes.

- I feel like a clown.
- Lower your voice, will you?

I know this is for Ignacio,

but, I hate having to do this.

Listen. I know this crap isn't easy.

If they take your photograph,
you will have a big smile

and if you have to raise your hand
and salute the flag, you will.

Don't screw me over.
You won't be less of a man if you do.

Good afternoon.

I don't like these people either.

I hate who they are, how they think

and I especially hate
their damn tradition

of making people afraid.

We have a chance
to change it with music.

Be smart about it.

Use that anger
to play better than ever.

If you don't, we'll
never see Ignacio again.

Don't worry. My lips are sealed.

God bless our country.


There. Good.

Watch your step.

Are you ready, honey?

I hope you like the surprise.

What's your name? Teresa? Teresita?

Don't be shy. Answer him.

- Teresa.
- Teresa.

They tell me you become a woman today.

Want to celebrate it with us?

- Yeah?
- Yes.

Happy birthday!

Let the show begin!

Who wants to hear some rock and roll?


No, no.

Who wants some rock and roll?




Here we go!

The guitar player is good.
You've got a good eye.

I thought you hated me
after saying the album was lame.

You were right. I hate to admit it
but, it does need work.

You know your stuff.
You will all get along fine.

Who would think these guys
drive girls crazy.

You should see the riots
there are in the Price theatre.

Our only choice is to beat them up.

They turn decent youngsters
into crazy teens.

It's getting out of hand.

That's why those shows
will close down soon.

Orders from the Generalísimo.

And here you have them,
at your daughter's party.

- Do you have children?
- One.

Then you know we will do
anything for our children.

Commander, don't forget
to make that call.

Relax, Mr. Rojas. Who knows...

Maybe another day locked up
may fix his little problem.

One, two, three, four!


I love you!

- Did you enjoy it?
- Yes.

I'm glad.

- I love your music.
- Your father must be proud.

We can take a photo together.

We loved the concert.

Thank you very much.

Let's take a picture over there.

- How was I?
- Incredible.


What are you doing? They'll see you!

We have dinner at your place
and I can't go empty-handed.

Leave it in the van and I'll go change.


- Rock star. Over here.
- Coming!



There you are!

- Hi.
- How are you?

Alberto, they're here!

- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.

It's nice to finally meet you.


- Good evening, sir.
- Welcome.

I brought you this.
I don't know much about wine,

but I was in a concert earlier

and the owner gave me this.

It looks expensive,
French, so, it should be good.

I hope you like it.

I'm sure we will.

Thank you.

Come on in.

He gave it to you, huh?

- Want some more, Roberto?
- Yes, thank you.

Is it Robert or Roberto?
I can't keep track with trends.

For the public I'm Robert,

and everyone calls me that way.

Please call him Robert, Mom.

- Do you like it?
- Yes.

- It's capon with almonds.
- It's delicious.

We eat this often. Well, we used to.

Diego used to love it.

I don't need any more.

That's barely any. Have some more.

Darling, his name is Rob.

- Robert.
- Right.

So, what is a musician's life like?

Very busy, to be honest.

You travel a lot.

We don't spend more than
two nights in the same hotel.

If it weren't for me,
they would be late to everything.

That's true.
She holds the group together.

We can't live without her.

Maribel really does enjoy her job.

The stories she tells us
seem like a lot of fun.

It may be fun, but not stable.
Right, Roberto? More food?

His name is Robert
and he doesn't want any more.

It's OK. I'll eat it.

I'm sure this lifestyle
you have is a lot of fun,

but it's not compatible with
a long-term plan, don't you think?

Elisa, sweetie. Drop it.

What did I say now?

I'm just pointing out
that there comes a time

when you have to think
about what is more convenient.

Not a job that keeps you away
for more than two nights,

but a job that brings stability
and the option to start a family.

- Like working in a bank, right?
- For example.

- Mom...
- He said it, not me.

That's enough, Elisa.

You don't have to be so rude.

He's just a friend of Maribel.

- A friend?
- Yes. Whatever it is.

He's our guest
and you must treat him with respect.

Stop making snap comments.

- What comments?
- Your comments.

The comments that you say
full of poison.

And stop mentioning Diego.

Call the poor boy by his name.

It's not that hard.
He told you four times.

- His name is Robert.
- Robert.

I obviously
can't say a word in this house.

If you want more,
you can help yourself... Albert.

Excuse me.

I'll do it, Dad. I think the neighbors

had enough screaming for today
and the rest of the month.



After all this, I hope
you will join me for a drink.


Please excuse our little scene at dinner.

- It's OK.
- Of course it isn't.

It just that, lately...

Well, we both have...

For some time now...

These are beautiful.

It was a gift from Elisa.

The thing is that
she really liked Diego.

I understand I'm not
what she wanted for Maribel,

but I assure you I'll take care of her.

I know, son.

Elisa just wants
what's best for our daughter,

but, she can't talk like that.

She is right in one thing.

Despite you being a good guy,
which I don't doubt you are,

you are not a kid anymore
and have to think about the future.

I promise you that is all I think of.


I'm not the right person
to give relationship advice,

but Maribel is my daughter
and I want her to have the best.

A stable future, a family,
someone who will make her happy.

Can you give her that future?

Will you be there for her?

If I had known about the show,
I would have made some popcorn.

I'm sorry, Lately, my parents are...
I don't know.

I can see that.

Your father told me.

He told you?

What did he tell you?

Nothing. He showed me
his butterflies and had a drink.

C'mon. You must have
talked about something else.

Tell me. What did he say?

Maybe your mother is right.

You need something stable, a future.

Your father asked me
if I can give you that.

There's no need to think
about that now, right?


You looked comfortable
with Diego the other day.

Diego? Are you jealous?

Me? Jealous of that...

Maybe a little.

We were together a long time.

He has a job, stability, a family.

You know I can't give you that.

I'd rather spend a minute with you
than a lifetime with someone else.

- But, what if I...
- No "what if".

You were just fine during the tour.

The doctor said you're better.

You haven't fainted in a while.

Maybe we have longer than you think.

Maybe we have a lifetime.

I'm an optimist. I prefer it that way.

This is Fanny's standard look.
We should avoid this.

First of all, the color.
We need cold colors.

She should also change her hair
and avoid that traditional look.

- It's old fashioned, right?
- Maybe something more...

I'm so happy to see you.

Not more than me.

I can't imagine how scary that was.

Welcome back, man.

Guillermo told me
what you did for me.

I can't thank you enough.

You can write me a good song.

We're interrupting this program
to give some sad news.

After the riots in the surrounding...

He's only six.

Do you really think you can
take a six year-old to a bar?

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- The boy told me

you spent the afternoon together
playing poker and drinking soda.

- He's more honest than me.
- That's for sure.

Pedro was busy, I offered help,

the kid had fun and so did I.

Next time, I would like to know
what is going on.

Pedro knows this and now
so do you.

Do you expect me to say sorry?

I'm sorry I had a good time
with my own son.

- Happy?
- Don't play the victim.

Don't make me out to be the bad guy.

We both know it's not the case.

I don't know why, but you look good.

I'm happy for you, Guille.

What's wrong?

You haven't called me that in years.

Guille? It must have just slipped.

I guess last night...

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

No worries.

I was just leaving.

- See you soon, Guillermo.
- See you.

Come in.

I didn't know you still were...

That was years ago.

It ended years ago.

This has been fun, but I can't
handle it any more.

It's best to leave now
and avoid making it complicated.

Your mail.

Dad? Where are you going?

I swear I have tried.
It's best for everybody.


I've been waiting for you.
We'll be late to the movies.

Are you OK?

Are you sure?

Is it Ignacio?

Cheer up.

Everything went well in the end.

And all thanks to you.

It's not that.

Dinner with the in-laws
didn't go very well.

Don't worry.
You'll have more than enough time

to have dinner with them
and solve any problems.

That's the problem. I don't have time.


I don't have time for the thousands
of plans I had for Maribel.

No family dinners
on Sundays or Christmas.

I don't have time.

What are you talking about?

There's something you need to know.

Remove the offer
and let me manage Golden.

I promise you'll leave with a big sum.

That's very generous,
but that won't happen.

Get me another drink.

There will be no more.

I've had bad days,
but today was the worst.

Just pour me a drink.

These are my old bosses from Decca.
They are interested in you.

We want to hear you play.

If we like it,
we'll make an offer to join


You'd earn a lot of money.

Can we talk or are you walking away?

What do you want?

I want to know
why you are ignoring me.

All I know is that
you were locked up for being gay

and I don't want that for me.

Just forget all about me.

It's been a while, huh?

Eight years.

How much?

You called me to ask for money.

- This time is different, Mom.
- You look the same to me.

I've started a record company
and it's going well,

but I'm about to lose it.

Come with me to London.

You're making me choose
between you and my job,

just like Diego did.

It's not the same.

Why not?

If you don't come,
I don't know when I will see you again.

Oh my God!

Let me through!


Call an ambulance!

- Mr. Alfredo!
- Everybody out!

Please! Everybody out!

Mr. Alfredo!