3 Below (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Fall of House Tarron - full transcript

The last defenders of House Tarron face off against General Morando and his army of Omen robots in an all-out battle for survival.

[Luug barking]

[panting, grunts]

[alarm blaring]

[commander] Security team Foxtrot
to west portico.

[soldier 1] Move!

- [soldier 2] Ammo!
- Go, go, go!

- [soldier 3] Position!
- [soldier 4] Grab your neurometer.

[soldier 1] Let's go!

Fall in.

- [snaps fingers]
- Omens.

You promised your Omen technology
in exchange for my help.

This operation is too important
for a human to command.

I shall return them to you
after the royal cores are mine.

Are you sure about this deal, Colonel?

I'm sure that if we play ball,

Earth gets all the technology
you could dream of.

And if we don't, he'll destroy us.

That's what I'm sure about.

[theme music playing]

♪ One, two, three below ♪


[Mother] Shield activated.

- [Vex] Are you quite certain?
- Positive.

[grunts, sighs]

Not to question your visual capabilities,
my queen-in-waiting...

- Luug saw him, too.
- [whimpering]

- Tell her, Luugy.
- [whines]

Jeepers creepers, you gloomy Gusses,
who turned out the lights?

- [laughing]
- General Morando is on Earth.

- Morando?
- [yelps]

That vile, vile villain.

Don't panic, kiddos.

We'll leave right now.

- Silence!
- The talking cans are correct.

- Cans?
- Hey, missy!

Now, that hurts
my pre-programmed feelings.

We'll return to Akiridion-5.

With the palace abandoned, this is
our best chance to retake the throne.

Is the wormhole generator operational?

Yes, but to create a wormhole
large enough to fit us will take time.

- We're not leaving.
- [barks]

Morando expects us to run and hide
because that's all we've done

since the first secton
he attacked our planet.

If Morando is working with Kubritz,
you cannot engage them alone.

I won't. I'll be doing it
with all of you, together.


Varvatos Vex agrees
with the queen-in-waiting.

General Morando stole your throne
and harmed the king and queen,

but tonight we shall storm the gates
and show that usurper

the true meaning of torture and suffering.

He will beg for our mercy,

which we will deny
as we laugh like this...

[laughing, gasps]

- [alarm blaring]
- [Mother] Alert! Alert!

Varvatos Vex is in the middle
of the most rousing of monologues!

I just thought you'd like to know
we have intruders.


- [Luug barking]
- How could he find us so quickly?


[Luug barking]

[Morando] Well, if it isn't
the last defenders of House Tarron.

- A traitor, a rebel, and two children.
- [barking]

Surrender, and your deaths shall be swift.

Fight, and you shall regret
your very existence.

The only existence we regret is yours!

- [Luug snarling]
- Ha, good one.

[Morando] Very well, then.

[laser charging]

[lasers charging]

[Vex] Let the soolians
try to breach our defenses.

There isn't a serrator forged
that can penetrate that shield!

[Morando laughing]

That ship is more powerful
than a serrator.

[gasps] I have an idea.


[Buster roaring]

[Morando] Adorable.

- You called for your pet.
- [roars]

[Luug barking]

- [laughing]
- He isn't a pet! He is a our friend!

[Buster snarls]

- Oh, no! Buster, get out of there!
- [roars]

I never liked bugs.


- [Buster screeches]
- Ah! No!

[Luug barks]


[whining, barks]

[growls] I am going to kill you for that!


Into the house, now!

[Mother] Force shield
at 50 percent and holding.

[blast booms]

- But not for long.
- Kleb!

[Zadra] We won't be able to stay
in this domicile long.

We can't leave Mama and Papa.

[Mother] Unfortunately, my royal,
the king and queen

are in their final stages of regeneration.

If you remove their cores
from the stasis pods at this stage...

- [blast booms]
- ...you would cause permanent damage.

Then we don't.

Buy me some time, and we can send them
back to Akiridion-5 through the wormhole.

Izita and the Resistance
will protect them.

- To the death.
- Good.

But we are not leaving this planet
until we end Morando.

This is our home.

- We will protect it.
- This is not our home.

Well, now it is, little brother.

- [blast booms]
- [Mother] Shields at critical condition.

That's my way of saying hurry!

[Kubritz] My soldiers
are blockading the streets.

- No one is getting in or out tonight.
- Excellent.

This will finally be the end
of the Tarron family.

[helicopter blades whirring]

- Oh, allow me to get the door for you.
- [neurometer charges]



The royals reduced
to living like larvoxen.

[Mother] Lockdown protocol initiated.

You're not going anywhere near my royals.

Blast that door and find the royal cores.

[barking, growling]

[yelps, crashes]

- [Luug barking]
- [blaster charging]

[Morando] Humans. Pathetic.

- [glass shatters]
- Ah!

- Who dares?
- [Mother] Mother dares.

This is my house, after all.

- Destroy her!
- [grunting, growls]


[blast booms]

Varvatos and I will protect you.

I'm going to need a lot more power
to create a wormhole large enough

to fit the stasis pods.

We can connect it to the daxial array.

We cannot risk draining power
from the stasis chambers.

No, we'll pull from
Mother's energy reserve instead.

Coordinates set to Akiridion-5.

- Izita is standing by.
- [beeps]

[Zadra gasps]

Seklos and Gaylen.

- [Krel] Yes!
- [blast booms]

And are you positive
wormhole travel is safe?

I sent the dog to the moon.

Not to doubt your capabilities, my liege,
but I strongly suggest

we test your genius on a life-form
other than the king and queen.


- If I survive, then we'll send the royals.
- [blast booms]

Any last words?
I mean, before you leave?

[chuckles] N-Not for good or anything.

Seklos and Gaylen, save me.

[announcer] O2 transfer almost complete.

- [grunts]
- Zadra!

He is a genius!

Prince Krel! Prince Krel!

Loth, is that you?

You must listen!

Morando is after Gaylen's core.

Gaylen's core? That's a fairy tale.

No! [whimpers]

It's real and it's on Earth...

Little brother, in the immortal words
of Coach Lawrence, "Step on it!"

[Mother] Access denied.

Access denied.

- Enough! [grunts]
- Access denied.

Delete her.

- [laser charges]
- [Mother] Aw, kleb!

- Lights out.
- [Morando chuckles]

[Mother straining] You will fail!

Long live House Tarron!


No, no, no, no, no, no!

Mother, respond!

- Krel? What's happening?
- Come on, talk to me!

- [ship powers down]
- [electricity crackling]

[Aja] Krel!

No, no! No, no, no!


- Where's Zadra?
- Where's Mother?

The circuits are fried.

Her entire neurological cortex is... gone.

Well, find her.
And fix the wormhole generator.

Where are you going?

- On a date.
- That better have been sarcasm!

- [blast booms]
- [Vex grunts]

What is taking her so long? [exhales]

Zadra made it to the other side,
but the wormhole collapsed.

Looks like Morando fried Mother.

Then it is time for the warriors
to adjourn to the battlefield.

Guard the royal cores.

No harm can come to them, or all is lost.

We will protect them
with the most powerful weapon of all...

[both] Love.

[blaster charging]

The lower deck of this ship
is built like a labyrinth.

Find the royal cores.

That will not be necessary.

[Morando] Kill them!

For Mama and Papa!

[Vex screaming]

- [grunts]
- [Aja screaming, grunts]

- [Aja grunts]
- [shouts]


[shouts, grunts]

Varvatos Vex commands you to...

get off his lawn!

[grunting] Ha!


This is what Phil calls "checkmate!"

Did you really think
it would be that easy?

[snaps fingers]


[Morando laughing]

If I knew Earth would be
this entertaining,

I would have invaded sooner.


- [Kubritz screams]
- For a human who hates all aliens,

you pick the worst ones to befriend.

- [Kubritz chuckles]
- [grunting]



House Tarron, do you read?

We must warn them.

- Aja and Krel, answer your phones!
- [phone crashes]

[Loth] Only the king and queen
knew the truth about Gaylen's core.

- If Morando...
- If Morando?

He's already there, Loth.

The time for ifs has passed.

This is a time for warriors.

We need to contact the humans.

[grunts, chuckles]
Can't believe Friday's the big day.

Arcadia finally gets to see
the action-romcom-space-Western epic

they've been waiting for.

Thanks for casting my dad
as the gruff bodyguard

with a heart of gold... Gargatos Gex!

How do you come up with this stuff?

- [phone ringing]
- I'm just a natural, I guess.

- [phone beeps]
- TP Domzalski, dee-rec-tor.

All interview requests must be sent
through my agent Aaarrrgghh.

- [Zadra] Can you hear me?
- Zadra?

- Who's Zadra?
- It's a new Greek restaurant.

Earthling, can you hear me?

Why is your area code a million digits?

I'm calling you from deep space

via an interstellar,
sub-spectral radio frequency.

Wow. I can't even get a signal
on the toilet.

Not that I'm even on my phone
in the... [laughs] you know.

Which one are you, the blond oaf
or the one with window eyes?

Uh, Toby, call sign War Hammer.

Oh, the robust one.

Listen to me very carefully.

The royals are in grave danger.

Morando has invaded the mother ship.

It's really happening?
Aliens are invading Arcadia? Tonight?

- Did you just say "aliens"?
- I mean, Akiridions.

I mean, Greek food. I mean, Eli.
We'll talk about the script later.

You must rally our Earthly forces
and launch an assault on the mother ship.

Okay, so, just so that we're clear,

by "Earthly forces,"
you mean me, Eli, Steve...

- And the brute, yes.
- Technically, Aaarrrgghh's a Troll.

I'm not confident about your chances,
but these are desperate times.

Sounds like you're not too big
on pep talks either.

That was my pep talk.


Hey, babe, you seem like you got
this stapling thing down pat.

Thanks for handling! TTYL!

[Vex screaming]

[Aja grunts]

- Huh?
- Need a hand?

Aha! Where was I?


[Kubritz groans]

An injury?


Go make yourself useful.
Find the cores.

I will exterminate these pests.

Make it hurt.

[Vex grunting] This battle cannot be won.

Find your brother
and retreat with your parents.

No! No way!
We're in this together.

Akiridion-5 needs you.

Varvatos is very sorry.

Sorry for... Whoa!


[Vex] For that!


[Vex growls]

Let us settle this like warriors!

- [helicopter blades whirring]
- Yes, let's.

[both shouting]


This way.

[Aja panting]



- [groans]
- [Aja] Sorry!

Maybe when this is over,
I should teach you how to fight.


I'll take those fighting lessons now.

- [Omen shouts]
- Did that Omen just...

- Attack the other Omens?
- [Omen shouts]

- [Aja] Yes!
- [Omen shouting]

- Are you complaining?
- Huh...

[Mother shouts]
Oh, there you are, my royals.

I was worried.

- [gasps] Mother?
- Mother?

I've had what the humans call
"a makeover."

Per standard protocols,
when my programming was threatened,

I downloaded myself
into a safe receptacle.

My options were the microwave...

or one of these monstrosities.

You are Omen-Mother...
[gasps] or Robo-Mom!

Ugh! Why isn't Toby here right now?

Naming things is really his specialty.

It's very strange to have legs,
but I do enjoy these blaster-hands.

Oh! Ha! I... I'm still getting
the hang of it.

- [Aja laughing]
- [laughs] Oh-ho-ho!

- Now...
- [Krel] Hoo-hoo-hoo!

let's show them what a mother can do.

[Toby grunting]
I-I think this thing shrunk.

Is that even possible?

- Uh... don't think so, husky.
- [phone line ringing]

How can armor shrink?

- [Chompsky speaking gibberish]
- Eli, is Steve with you?

I know you're just Creepslayerz,
not dating, but is he with you?

[strains] So tight!

No, not you! [panting]

Just get Steve
and get to Aja and Krel's house.

We've got trouble!

I'll meet you there. [shouting]

- [Aaarrrgghh] We should go.
- [weakly] Eventually.

[both roaring]

[Vex grunting]

You won't win this war.

The Resistance grows stronger
every delson.

After I claim Gaylen's core tonight,

no life-form can deny
my authority to rule.

Gaylen's core?

[Morando yells]

Ow! [groans]

You were supposed to rule beside me.

You would have led my armies
across the galaxy.

It would have been glorious.

You promised the royals would not be hurt!

You swore to Varvatos.

I vowed vengeance for your family.


Do not speak of my family!

Varvatos now knows you hired
the Zeron Brotherhood to destroy them!

Oh, so you heard about that?

What can I say, old friend?

You have a keen mind for battle
but are a soolian in every other respect.

Lay down your weapon, Varvatos.

Kneel before your rightful king.

Varvatos Vex serves
the heirs of Akiridion-5.

They are loyal and brave,
and above all...

- Ah!
- [helicopter blades whirring]

You do not fight with honor.

- No, I fight to win.
- [Vex grunting]


A concept that never
got through that thick...

- [grunts]
- ...head of yours.


- [thuds]
- [helicopter blades whirring]

- What the jeepers?
- Ah! Don't look now, kids,

but you've got one of those monstrosities
right behind you!

It's okay, it's okay.

This is Mother, or Robo-Mom,

- or Mombot?
- Oh.

- [Krel] We're still working on the name.
- Put 'er there.

Hey, why don't you and Lucy
whip up a nice supper?

- [Mother] I'm not here to cook.
- [Lucy cackling]

- But I believe I can kill.
- [Krel chuckles nervously]

That will come in hands.
We need to protect our parents.

I believe the human expression is...
"come in handy."


[Vex grunting]

[Morando laughing]

- Now you want to beg for your life.
- [grunts]

Varvatos Vex would rather die laughing.

No, you will live so you can watch
as I kill your new family.

- [thuds]
- [Vex grunts]


[alarm blaring]

- What's happening?
- [Mother] Morando is trying to gain access

to the cognitive memory
integration matrix.

That's a mouthful!

It means he's trying to access
your parents' memories.

That's something you can do?

- Why are we only hearing about this now?
- Because it is extremely dangerous.

But why would Morando want to see
our parents' memories?

- Oh, no...
- What "oh, no"?

Before the wormhole closed,

Loth Saborian told me
that Morando is after Gaylen's core.

So, what if Morando wants
Mama and Papa's memories

to find out where Gaylen's core is?

Gaylen's core would make him
as powerful as a god.

But you said memory integration
was dangerous.

The damage to your parents could be
severe and permanent.

Not if we beat Morando to it.
If we went into their memories first...

Without causing harm
to yourself or your parents.

Yes, yes, without all of that.

We could find out
where Gaylen's core is and...

And use its incredible might

- to send that buckaroo packing!
- [cackling]

We can do that after we get him
out of our house, little brother.

What if he gets to Mama and Papa first?

This could be our only chance
to stop Morando.


Okay, what do we do?

We need to get
to the cognitive memory access point.

Who's going to continue the fight?

How about we give them
the old knuckle sandwich?

- Just remember to take off the crusts.
- They are.

- Are we having fun yet?
- No.

- Hey, hey, hey!
- [Lucy] Ha! Ha!

It's 10:00 p.m.
Do you know where your children are?


Blam, blam!

- Take that, daddy-o!
- Yeah, put your money where your mouth is!

Kill them.

[Ricky] Hey, chrome-domes,
this is our pad!

Now beat it!

Well, the transduction serrators
worked like a charm,

but the blanks could use
a couple of acting pointers.

And some fighting lessons.

- [Mother] We need to go. Follow me.
- [Luug barking]

[Morando] So lovely to see you again.

I came to finish what I started.

[Lucy] It's 10:00 p.m.
Do you know where your children are?

- [Ricky grunts]
- [Lucy laughing]

- [grunts]
- Ha! Ha ha!

We are causing quite the ruckus,
big sister!

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

- Ah! [cackles]
- Ah!

This wasn't very swell!

Stand aside.

- Oopsie daisy!
- You can say that again!

- Oopsie daisy!
- Crazy lady!

The Tarron children are dead.

[electricity crackling]

[Kubritz] Fascinating.

Prepare the extraction van.
I've got some tests to run.

[soldier] Link-up point ahead,
12 o'clock.

Blue-three-bravo-two-one at link-up...


[soldier] Huh?


Aaarrrgghh, you know these bushes
are totally useless.

- [soldier 2] Stop right there!
- [Aaarrrgghh growls]

[Aaarrrgghh grunts]


Bushes useful.

- [trash cans clanging]
- [grunts]

[Toby sighs]

- [Costas] Hey!
- [gasps]

- What are you doing?
- [Aaarrrgghh groans]

- What are you? And what are you wearing?
- [Aaarrrgghh] Aaarrrgghh.

Uh... would you believe we're going
to a Greek restaurant? [chuckles]

- Opa!
- No.

[soldier 2] Sir, we found ourselves
a couple of spies.

- [panting]
- [Toby yelps, whimpers]

- [metal clangs]
- [Eli gasps]

- Please don't call my mom.
- Or Coach.

You can't hide your secrets from me.

[Luug barking]

[Mother] This is the matrix access point.

I can use this Omen's
internal energy source to power it,

but you won't have long.

We won't be there to sightsee.


let's go see Mama and Papa.

[Luug grunting]

[Luug whines]

[theme music playing]