3 Below (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Dogfight Days of Summer - full transcript

With General Morando's invasion of Earth imminent, Krel tries to stop the fleet's advance with unwitting help from the kids of Arcadia.

[Luug barking]

[panting, grunts]

[theme music playing]

♪ One, two, three below! ♪

[loon warbling]

[electronic chirping]

[Mother] Mother's log.

It's been 42 delsons
since we crashed on Earth.

I am still, as the humans say, grounded...

as in incapable of flight.

Since our arrival,
I have scoured my databases

for information to better understand
human emotions.

From love to anger.

From hurt to hope.

But I did not understand the importance
of human connection...

until today.

Let me start this story
from the beginning

with last night.

- [electricity crackling]
- [car alarms blaring]

[Mother] When trouble came to town.

[electricity crackling]


[Mother] With trouble
can come heightened emotion

such as frustration or fear.

These feelings can tear a family apart.

I thought it was your turn
to pay the bills!

Same old excuse!

[electricity crackles]

[Mother] Or it can bring a family together
through love and cooperation.

- [babies giggling]
- [Notenrique chuckles] Mm!

[Mother] And my royals were about
to be tested yet again by trouble.

[Toby screaming]

[screaming continues]

- [Toby chattering, muffled]
- Hey, don't worry.

- I can do this with my eyes closed.
- [chattering, muffled]

- It's a what?
- [electricity zapping]

- It's probably just the laughing gas...
- [gags]

[distorted]...playing tricks
with your mind.

[slurring] Yeah, playing tricks.
I play tricks, too.

- Magic tricks... Huh?
- [whirring, rumbling]

- [dentist singing in Spanish]
- Ah!




- [Toby] Hey! Come quick! Ah!
- [singing in Spanish continues]

- [metal rattling]
- [singing continues, distorted]

- [snarling]
- [Toby whimpering]

[sighs] My hygienist used to handle
my utility bills.

[singing in Spanish]

[Toby whimpering]

[Tronos snarling]

[Toby whimpering]

- No core detected.
- [dentist] What?

Sorry, repita, por favor.

- [electricity crackling]
- [music playing over speakers]

Uh, m-maybe I need to lay off
the laughing gas.

Bad alien! [gasps]

- [shouts, thuds]
- Get back in that chair!

- [Costas] Colonel Kubritz?
- [Kubritz] I said no disturbances.

Understanding this machine

could be the key to protecting Earth
from an alien threat.

While scanning
for the Durian's spacecraft,

we found something significant.

An electrothermal anomaly
not far from where we found that.

Do you think it's extraterrestrial?


Load up the ops van.

We're going to pay Arcadia a visit.

[Mother] Good news, my royal.
Four gamma sensors are functional.

I'm only seeing
three functional sensors, Mother.

Oh. You are correct, my royal.

Three sensors. My apologies.

An error?
You have never made an error before.

Are you feeling all right, Mother?

[Mother laughs] Perfectly normal.

To err is human, after all.

Seklos and Gaylen.

Is there any chance
you'll be able to fly again?

- If I only knew.
- [sighs]

My king, I just received word
from the Resistance.

Morando is well on his way toward
rebuilding the armada.

- And the good news keeps on coming.
- What is the status of your repairs?

- [barking]
- Not now, Luug.

- [Aja] Yaah!
- Whoa!

Seklos! Aja, what are you doing?

Varvatos can tell you
what she's not doing. [grunts]

Paying attention to her surroundings
like Varvatos instructed her.

- [both shouting]
- [Zadra] Who could blame her?

Hard to trust the strategic advice
of a confessed traitor.

Are you almost done in here?

This is the only deck
with a working training simulator.

I'm sort of in the middle
of something here, Aja.

[Mother] Incoming call
from Tobias of House Domzalski.

Please, more interruptions.

[muffled] Guys, you need to come quick!

There was electricity and it was scary...

What a peculiar human dialect.

[Mother] Not consistent
with any I'm able to translate.

Can't understand you.
Don't have time for this.

Good day. Ay yi yi!

- [screams]
- [drill whirs]

You need to give me some space!

The ship is broken,
possibly beyond repair.

And if I can't figure out how to fix it,

we'll be sitting larvoxen
when Morando returns.

[Mother] Might I make a suggestion?

After studying the history
of these humans,

I've noticed that working together
has a higher success rate

than working independently.

Together, the human population
built great bridges and cities

and even went to the moon.

[Krel] So? We were there last week.

Varvatos agrees!

We should cease all further operations
and work together to fix the ship.

- [Mother] Thank you, Varvatos. I...
- But we can't stop preparing for battle.

Morando could come back any delson.

I agree with Aja.

Only because you refuse
to ever agree with Varvatos.

- For once, I agree with you.
- [growls]

[Mother] Commanders, please.
I strongly urge you to work together.

Maybe it's best to split up.
We'll work faster apart.

- Excellent, divide and conquer.
- My royals, if you would just listen...

I'll check in with Stuart,
see if he has any leads on these parts.

Zadra, you take Aja out.
Continue her training.

And what exactly is Varvatos
supposed to be doing?

[Luug barking]


Looks like Luug is due
for his afternoon walk.

[Mother] Despite my best efforts
to bring the family together,

anger and frustration would continue
to pull the Tarrons apart.

[Varvatos shouts]

Dog walking.

[Taylons speaking alien language]

Now remember, these Omens need to be
constructed with the utmost precision.

Take your time.

[guard] Sir!

You bring word from the Galactic Scholars?

[guard] As King Morando requested,

they've been scouring the ancient texts
for any references to this "Urrrrth."

Gaylen's core!

Oh, the legend is true.

[guard] Shall I prepare a report
for the king?

No, no. Leave this to me.

- [guard] Are you certain, sir?
- Yes! Oh...

This information stays between us.

[Taylons speaking alien language]

[detectors clicking, beeping]

At first, I thought it was
the laughing gas messing with my head.

- [boy mutters]
- Not that I would ever take laughing gas

for recreation.

This life-form's clearly not
from around here,

and that makes it dangerous.

Nobody's seen anything.

Not that they're admitting, anyway.

I checked the diner, the school.

Nobody's talking.

It's making its way all around town
like it's looking for something.

But what?

Nothing seems to connect these read-outs.

- [detector beeping, screeching]
- Nothing except...

the power lines.

[Mother] As the colonel and sergeant
searched for the cause

of the town's frustrations,
my royals created their own.

Ugh! Can we stop running

and get to the cannon-blasting,
back-flipping part of my training?

I do not trust that the traitor Varvatos
trained you properly.

We must start with the basics. Huh!

After you've mastered that...


...then we can move to advanced tactics.

I'm a fast learner and swift as a larvox.

Ya! Whoo-hoo!


[grunts, coughing]

[gasping, straining]

- You were right.
- In battle,

a warrior must be prepared
to save herself.

Your compatriots might betray you,
and you will be left to fight alone.

We're no longer talking
about the battlefield, are we?

[electricity crackles]

- [Zadra] Seklos and Gaylen.
- [Aja] It's only a power failure.

That looked like
an electrothermal life-form.

They manipulate electricity,
travel through it.

The Taylon Phalanx fought one once.

An entire battalion
was turned into "burned bread"?

You mean "toast."

We need to stop it
before someone gets hurt.

Negative. We shall return home
and ensure the mothership is secure.

Princess Aja!

[sighs] She always did excel
at running away.

[Mother] My young royal let impatience
and arrogance guide her,

and, I feared, straight into danger.


[heavy footsteps]

[Toby] Ah!

Toby? What are you doing here?

- There's a bounty hunter on the loose!
- Yeah, I know.

You would have
if you hadn't blocked my call.

I figured as the sworn protector
of Arcadia,

someone had to track this guy down.

- Toby, run.
- [Toby screaming]

- [Aja] Stay back!
- Aja, wait.

- This is Aaarrrgghh!!!
- No need to scream, Toby.

- I'll protect you.
- I'm not screaming.

- His name is Aaarrrgghh!!!
- I protect wingman!

No, she's Aja. She's a friend.

Everyone, stop protecting me.

I am a protector. I am a protector!

Oh, okay, sorry for almost killing you.

Aaarrrgghh!!!, is it?


With three Rs.

I'm Aja Tarron. Just two Rs.

You are one magnificent creature.

- Thank you.
- Okay, good intros.

Now that we're no longer
trying to kill each other...

- [electricity crackles]
- [screams, whimpers]

- [Tronos] Aja...
- Ya!


- [roars]
- [screams]

Maybe we can try to kill that?

- [roars]
- Who are you? [gasps]

No one special, unlike you.

- You are worth billions.
- [Toby gasps]

- You are?
- [growls]

- Stand back. He's here for me.
- And I'm here to help.

- [roars]
- We should take him...

- [Aja shouting]
- ...together?


[shouting, grunting]

Protect new friend.


[roaring continues]

[both grunting, roaring]

- What are you?
- Made of stone.

Oh, my gosh, an alien fighting a troll.

I gotta call Jimbo.

[Tronos shouting]

[both grunt]

- [electricity crackling]
- [grunting]

- You okay?
- No!

That was, like, my seventh phone!
Who was that creep?

[Mother] Soon, they returned
to the mothership

and asked me to identify
this bounty hunter.

- [Toby gasps]
- [Mother] He is Tronos Madu,

an electrothermal life-form
from the planet Voltar.

- Voltar? That planet still exists?
- [Mother] Barely.

It's been mostly reduced to rubble
after a keltons-long war.

I saw this guy at the moon outpost.

He was drinking, gambling,
killing Foo-Foos.

- No class.
- Your valiant rescue of Commander Vex

would explain how this bounty hunter
tracked us here.

Forgive me for not thinking
it was worth it.

Perhaps now would be a good time
to work together.

- Tronos is a dangerous predator.
- And he travels through electricity.

[Varvatos] Hence the power failures.

He's no doubt using the power lines
to infiltrate the grid.

I came to the same conclusion myself
significantly earlier.

Perhaps you should have shared
this earlier insight with your allies.

Oh, now the traitor is chastising me
for withholding information.

Varvatos should de-core your body
with a dull spoon!

Hey, hey! [laughing]
We're all on the same team, right?

Guys? Come on, this hurts.

- Guys, we have to stop him.
- How?

He's lightning fast,
making him impossible to stop.

That's it! The guy moves like lightning.
And who's captured lightning before?

In a bottle? Huh?

These guys!
Back with Jimbo and Claire.

I still got the bottle thingamajig!
We could capture him in that.

Huh, for a human, that is, shockingly,
not a terrible idea.

Ha! "Shockingly," am I right?

That was a nice one.

No? Okay. It's okay, buddy.

Toby, you go get the thingamajig.

It's time for some dividing
and conquering.

[Mother sighs] "Dividing and conquering"

is not what I meant
by "working together."

Obviously, my royals
still didn't want to listen to me.

But what's a mother to do?

If we want to capture Tronos,
first, we have to corner him.

We'll shut off all the power to the city
except for one spot.

We can light the place up
to draw Tronos in.

Where we'll be waiting for him
with a newly modified...

We need a new name for that.

Now, to test this out, it should pull
all electricity into the container.

- [zapping]
- Ha.

[Toby] Dude, you're an engineering genius!

[electricity zapping]

[electricity zapping]


Think you could build me a flying bike?
I never liked pedaling.

How about a wormhole
between my house and yours?

- Imagine the sleepovers.
- [Krel laughs]

I can't even fix our ship,

much less open up a scientifically
impossible quantum gateway.

[garage door opens]

- Target approaching!
- [Toby yelps]

- [heavy thud]
- [panting]

- [bulb shatters]
- [gasps]

[electricity crackles]

What is this place?

[Zadra] Aja, now!

- [serrator charges]
- Ya!





It worked!


[all laughing]

- Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.
- [laughs]

- [Toby laughs] Yeah!
- [electricity buzzing]

- Huh.
- [power turns off]

[both gasping]

[Tronos shouting]

[Aja] He's everywhere and somehow nowhere!

It's like he's beyond physics.

This shouldn't be possible.

[Tronos shouts]

[Aja and Toby shout]

[glass shatters]

[Toby shouting]

[Tronos shouts]

[both grunt]

Prepare to eat stone!

[all shouting]


- Vex, what are you doing here?
- Varvatos already lost one family.

He is not prepared to lose another.


[Zadra grunts]

- Oh, no!
- [Aaarrrgghh!!! roars]

[Varvatos] No! No!

I have the royals!

The bounty is mine!

Here it comes.
Set your neurometers to maximum.

- Take out the pole!
- [soldier shouts]

- [roars]
- Now!

[roars] No! No! The royals!

- The royals!
- That's our cue to leave.


Get him to the lab.
We've got a lot of tests to run.

[metal clangs]

[Aja gasps] You saved us!

- [stammering] That thing, it...
- It attacked us!

Costas, we have some civilians to...


[indistinct PA chatter]
- [horns honking]

Get this intel to the royals at once.

- Has Morando seen it?
- Surprisingly, not yet, Counselor.

Go! [gasps] Save yourself!


- [grunting]
- [horns honking]

- [resistance fighter grunting]
- [snaps fingers]

- [screams]
- [Loth] No!

Mr. Saborian, you dare betray me?

Your Excellency, I... I can explain.

This stolen text
will be explanation enough.

This cannot be.

The legend of Seklos and Gaylen
is... it's true.

And Gaylen's core is on Earth?

There was a reason it was hidden away.

No one life-form should wield such power.

And a reason the mothership
took the royals to that planet.

Take him to the prison bay.
He can still be useful.

No! Please, I beg of you! Please!

Thank you for your cooperation, Loth.

You've just handed me the key
to ruling the galaxy.

[thudding, roaring]

[Kubritz] Rubber walls and silicon glass.

You're not going anywhere.

What is this place?

Humanity's first line of defense.

I've dedicated my life
to hunting down alien technology,

to protect Earth from invaders like you.

You make for a poor hunter.

Who is inside the cage, you or me?

You let the true prize get away.

The younglings you saved from me

are from one of the most advanced planets
in the galaxy.

[Kubritz] It's them,
the ones who infiltrated my base.

It would seem our objectives
are in alignment.

- Perhaps we can come to an agreement.
- [beeping]

[guards murmuring]

Keep their tech. I just want their cores.

Then help me bring them in,
and you shall have your freedom.



[Varvatos] Come on, Luug.

[Mother] My royals survived the battle,

but there was still anger and frustration
inside the house.

[Luug barking]

Uh... why is the table set
for a ceremonial banquet?

Has someone died?

[Mother] You haven't been working together
as cohesively as you should be.

I thought it might be smart
for everyone to participate

in an Earthly bonding ritual
known to foster interpersonal connection.

The humans call it "dinner family."

Who's hungry for Mom's famous meatloaf?

No, thanks. I'd rather eat my own face.

Easy does it, big fella!

Count me in! This smells delicious.

- [laughs] Everything smells good to you.
- And better than you.

[Mother] Now, now, my royal. Be nice.

- Sorry, Mother.
- Delicious! Oh!

Perhaps it is unwise
to keep questioning your loyalties.

You have proven yourself loyal
to the royal heirs, and I'm... um...

I believe the human expression
you're looking for is "I'm sorry."

Let's not be hasty, Mother.

Varvatos knows a thing or two
about making mistakes himself,

but it's about how one makes up
for those mistakes that matters.


How about a toast? Cheers!

A toast.

Mazel tov!

To fighting together.

Na zdraví! Salud!

And not each other. [chuckling]


Huh, you know, Varvatos thinks
maybe this "dinner family" tradition

isn't so bad.

While we're making tributes,
let us toast to my scientific genius.

We're going home!

You fixed the ship?

Mother, you can fly?

Not likely.

I fear my flying days are over.

I'm sorry.

Oh, Mother, we don't love you
because you can fly.

We love you because you're... you.
You're a part of the family.

We call you "Mother" for a reason.

Thank you.

I... I don't know what to say,
my... my children.

It's okay. I do.

We cannot fly,
so we're going to walk home instead.

Walk? To Akiridion-5?

More like into Akiridion-5. [chuckles]

One of Toby's overenthusiastic ramblings
actually proved quite useful today.

I might be able to build a wormhole
connecting Arcadia to Akiridion-5!


What? I thought such a scientific feat
was impossible.

It might be, but now,
it's our only chance to return home.

I've seen you do the impossible,
little brother.

If anyone can build this, you can.

We can figure this out together.

[Mother] Mission accomplished.

- To going home!
- [Stuart farts]

And that is what I learned today...

the power of not only human emotions,
but the need for human connection.

What a family is like
and what it feels to be a part of one,

and what it means to be... Mother.

[orchestral music playing]