3 Below (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Race to Trollmarket - full transcript

After learning the location of Gaylen's Core, Toby calls Trollhunter Jim Lake, and Blinky advises the royals to consult the Soothscryer.

♪ One, two, three below! ♪


Check the AIT connectors.

- Photon levels in the blue. Whoa!
- It'll be okay.

- Sorry!
- Everything will be okay.

Stuart, what's our ETA?

Not long now!
Nearly at my humble abode.

Not near enough! Step on it, Durian!

Energy levels normalizing.

Mama, Papa, if you can hear me,
we're on Earth.

Remember that old mudball?

It's not much,
but, uh, I've come to like it.

Here we are!

- Ah!
- Let's move!


Chompsky, you broke character
in every take.

Don't tell me it was an artistic choice.

- Hurry, here!
- Hook them up to the daxial array.

Oh, my gosh!
Are these your parents?

They gonna be okay?
Do they need anything?

I have a Nougat Nummy if they want one.

Recalibrate the power gauge
to one-seven-eight.

Checking diagnostics.

Daxial array powering up.

Ha, Mama and Papa's cores are stabilizing.

- Toby, what are you doing?
- Eh.

While I was holding down the fort,
I thought I'd finish my director's cut.

But then Chompsky started acting out.

No, I can't make you taller in post!

Ugh! He thinks he's a star.

Does this mean you're going home soon,
back to Akiridion-5?

Of course.

- That was always the plan.
- What?

But you can't, not yet.

I've got good news. Great news!

Captain Kleb is going to premiere
before Gun Robot 7 at the local drive-in!

That's amazing!

- All our friends are going to be there.
- We'll be local celebrities.

Maybe they'll finally name
a street after me.

Domzalski Drive!

Your moving picture party
will be the perfect way to celebrate

after we stop Morando.

He's already on his way to Gaylen's core.

Gaylen's core?


Are you... Are you trying to tell me
that Gaylen's core is real?

Yep, pretty much.

What? What's a Gaylen's core?

Well, uh, according to legend,
as recounted

in A Brief Recapitulation
of Akiridion Lore...

What? You guys have one of these, too?

Gaylen ruled
as a being of immense power...

until he was defeated
in the battle that shook the universe.

And Gaylen perished, sadly,
but some Akiridions believe

that his core remained
and contained the latent powers of a god.

Whoever uses his core has the power
to create and destroy entire planets.

And I have always wanted one.

Not to destroy a planet,
of course.

I'm not a lunatic, but it'd just be nice
to shed some weight.

Uh, I don't think weight loss
is Morando's plan.

Fortunately, when we were
in Mama and Papa's memories,

they showed us where Gaylen's core is,
or at least who's protecting it.

We need to talk to Jim
about a Troll named Can-in-jars.

- Do you mean Kanjigar?
- I guess so.

- Is there a way to contact your Jimbo?
- Hmm.

Let me check if I have my best friend
in the whole world's phone number.

Yep, totally do!

Your timing could not be worse.

Master Jim and I are below
Hoboken, New Jersey,

with a mysterious armored foe-oh!

What was that?

He looked scary.

I don't wanna interrupt,
but it's kinda super important.

Long story short,
but remember Aja and Krel?

- Hi.
- How's it going?

Perhaps we can save the introductions
for a more opportune time?

This foe requires our undivided attention!

You know anything
about something called Gaylen's core?

As in where Kanjigar stored it
for safekeeping to protect the universe?

Kanjigar kept many secrets. Begone!

Our parents gave Gaylen's core to Kanjigar
and another Troll named Vendor.


In that case, I would recommend... Ah!

Back, you foul beasts!

I would recommend you consult
the Soothscryer!

Good luck with
the scary armored guy, Jimbo!

You know I worry!

What is a suit-cryer?

More importantly, where can we find it?

In the most incredible
place ever.

You, my friends, are about to be
the first Akiridions inside Trollmarket!

Based on what you learned
in the Totality,

we suspect that Gaylen's core
is being kept here.

My predecessor called it "the underneath,"
a land inhabited by strange creatures.

Those creatures avoided
the human world until recently.

I am certain
we will find Gaylen's core there.

You've done well, Colonel.

I have a reward for you.

Constructed from advanced
Akiridion technology,

this mechanical armor will enable you
to vanquish any invaders

of your feeble planet.

When I return, it will be
with Gaylen's core.

I'll see your guys'
super-out-of-this-world serrators

and raise you...

the Horngazel!

- Pretty cool, right?
- Lively!

- Oh, no!
- Morando's here already!

Kill them all!


Open fire! Break through that wall!

We can enter here.

We have to get to Gaylen's core.

Will that entrance hold?

Don't worry,
there's no way they can get in.

At least I think they can't.

Welcome to Heartstone Trollmarket!

This is
the most incredible place ever?

It was before the Eternal Night.

Damp and creepy.

With an aura of death and decay.
I like it.

Ah, wait,
wasn't this Bagdwella's place?

- I thought the gnomes did some damage.
- Mmm.

- They pooped everywhere.
- Do you have to do that?

Come on, let's get to the Suit-cryer.


We know what it's like to lose one's home.

But Jim, Blinky, and the Trolls are safe,
and that's what matters the most.


- But we might not be.
- Okay, let's pick up the pace.

What was that?

We have to move.

Morando and his forces
are drawing closer!


Come on!

Where is this Tooth-scraper?

It's up there!

Come on!


- Okay, maybe the armor was a mistake.
- Oy!

- But I look so good.
- So, where is the Suit-cryer?

Step here.

Very foreboding. How does it work?

Stick your hand in and it'll tell you
if you're a Trollhunter,

or where Gaylen's core is,
or maybe bite your arm off.

Honestly, I'm not sure,
but you have four of 'em anyway.

And I would like to keep them all...
thank you.

- Come on, Krel.
- Here, let me give you a boost.

Not my first rodeo.




Well, that was underwhelming.

Toby, what is happening?

No idea, but that definitely
never happened for Jimbo.


- What is it?
- Whatever it is, it must be your answer.

I think it wants us to follow it.

Come on, it's getting away! Keep up!

No, no, no, no!

That looks... deep.

How do we get down there?

We don't! That's The Deep.

If you go down there,
you face your deepest fear.

Why would anyone want to do that?

Long story.
But Jim made it out alive.

Unfortunately, he's the only one who has.

We don't have much choice.

We have to find Gaylen's core
before Morando.

I'll go. You and Varvatos
need to fight whatever's coming.

Go. Take my hoverboard.

If I'm not back in five mekrons,
all of you come after...


Just giving some incentive.

Uh, I got a bad feeling about this.

Come on, Krel.

Keep up with that light,
keep up with that light.

No, no, no, no!

What's that?

It does not sound like
Morando or his Omens.

- Gumm-Gumms.
- Aw, man!

I never thought I'd see these guys again,
let alone in zombie form!

- Friends of yours?
- Not anymore.

How the heck did they survive?

On dead Heartstone.


Yeah, that is definitely
zombie Troll breath.

They smell worse than Stuart!

It's been five mekrons. Where's Krel?

We must trust the king-in-waiting.

In the meantime,
enjoy the resplendent combat!

Go ahead and park!

- DJ Krel is in the house!
- Hey, Krel!

- Hey, how's your summer?
- Good afternoon, Mr. Tarron.

Hey, Krel! Ha, your order's ready.

- Hey, Tarron!
- What's happening?

Hey, Krel, over here.

What up, buttsnack?

Hey. Eli, Steve.

Stuart, save a burrito for me.


Papa? Mama?

What are you doing here?

Why wouldn't we be here?

This is our home now, Krel.

- Home?
- Yes.

- Home.
- See? All your friends are here.

No! No, no, no! No!

Run! You need to run!

- There's nowhere to run.
- No!

Papa! Mama!

I will destroy everything you love.

No! No! No!


No, no, no, no, no!

No! No.

No, no, no, no, no!


Arcadia burns and House Tarron
has ceased to exist while you cower.

No. Please, no.

You couldn't stop me before.

You can't stop me now.



My friends.

My family.

This is my home.

This is my home.

I won't let you do this.

Earth is my home.

This is my home!

I won't let you do this!

Then... you die!

You'll never take my family away again!


I won't let this happen again.

Never again!

I am not afraid!

I did it.

I did it!

Are these guys ever gonna stop?

I mean, seriously!

- Oh!
- Yah!


Varvatos Vex has rarely seen this level
of persistence from his enemies.

Or bad breath.


Oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh...

Varvatos Vex, you cannot keep me
from Gaylen's core.

So, that's Morando, huh?

The overgrown one and I
shall hold them off.

We're not leaving you!

We must keep Gaylen's core
out of Morando's hands.

Get to your brother.

More incentive!

How many times
has he thrown you off a cliff?

More often than I'd like.

There's nowhere to run, Varvatos.

I shall make this your tomb.

If Varvatos is to die this day,
rest assured he will not do so alone.

I know. I'll kill your pet, too!



- Krel!
- Aja? Toby!

- Why isn't The Deep doing its thing?
- I don't know.

Maybe The Deep's defenses
were made to protect this.

And I made it through
by confronting my worst fear.

I'm glad I didn't have
to confront mine: dieting. Ugh.

Are you okay?
What did you see, little brother?

Morando. He was destroying
everything in Arcadia.

That's what he'll do
if he gets Gaylen's core.

- Aaarrrgghh! You coward!
- Sorry.

Your pet was clearly not bred for battle.

Now I begin to wonder
if you weren't either.

I fight with honor! Aah!

You call yourself honorable?

You betrayed your old king.

Now you stand against your new one.

The penalty for treason is death.

You will never be my king.


Ha ha! Aah!

Have to jump!

Varvatos only jumps into battle,
not into deep, deep darkness.

Hmm, you need incentive.

Where are Varvatos and Aaarrrgghh?


- This one pushed me!
- Oops.

Wingman! You're okay!

We stalled Morando,
but he is not far behind.

Quick, open the door!

I've been trying, but nothing works.

Krel, look.

Mama and Papa really did
hide the core here.

It looks like there's a password.

The end of the inscription
is in Akiridion,

but I've never seen
the other language before.

Mm, Trollish.

Well, by all means,
my stone-faced friend, enlighten us.

- "With valiance and justice..."
- "Long may..."

"House Tarron reign."


- Lively!
- Awesomesauce.

Open up, open up, open up!

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh. Oh, my...

Or we could stay.

Let's stay. Aah!

- Go! Go, go, go!
- Take cover!

Uh... so, now what?


- Is that...
- Seklos and Gaylen!

The legend of Gaylen's core.

Aw, man!

Wish I brought my film camera.

From the stars,
Gaylen created Akiridion-5.

But his power grew too fearsome.

Only Seklos found the power
to stop Gaylen.

Channeling her own life energy,
she sacrificed herself to pierce his core.

- But the legend did not end there.
- Kanjigar!

- You led us here?
- Of course.

I built this place to guard Gaylen's core

for when House Tarron
would one day return.

Fine, but you're helping me up.

This thing weighs,
like, a million pounds.

Sir Can-in-jars,
we are Aja and Krel Tarron,

daughter and son
of King Fialkov and Queen Coranda.

- It is our honor to meet you.
- The honor is mine.

And Gaylen's core is yours, House Tarron,
as it always has been.

This is truly a sacred place.

It is now yours to protect.

We did it, Krel.

Come on, for Mama and Papa.


Here ends the House of Tarron.

Gaylen's core is mine.

Varvatos Vex says nay.

Let's light him up!

Omens, attack!

We have to get the core, Aja!

Boom, boom, shake the room.

The Trollish symbol of victory.

Most impress...


We have to hurry!

- I'll stall him.
- Krel!


- Aah!
- Stay away from my sister!

Out of my way!

No! No, no, no!


Ah! See ya, rust bucket!

Oh, hello again, rust bucket.

Aah! Need a little help here!

- Oh, no!
- Wingman!



With this I shall remake the universe.

Oh, no, Krel's down!

Hammer time!

Gaylen's core
belongs to House Tarron.

True, but the rule of House of Tarron
is about to end.

Morando, heads up!


Ha! Nice one, Tobes!

Feel the wrath of the Hammer!

No, look out!

No, no, no!


I've got you!

Whoo! Should've brought extra underwear.

You're just a girl!

And you're just a jerk!

Omens, fire!


- No!
- Uh-oh!


- No! No!
- Whoa!

- Morando!
- Rocks!

- Aja!
- Krel!

My lieges!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Take it slow.
It'll be okay.

Morando? Where is he?

Varvatos regrets to inform you
that he got away.

With the core?

Aja? It's okay.

At least we're all safe.

Yeah, but now the universe isn't.