3 Below (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - The Big Sleep - full transcript

With General Morando searching for Gaylen's Core, Aja and Krel must travel into their parents' subconscious to learn the core's location first.

♪ One, two, three below! ♪

Memories are a window
into the past.


But when revisited,

they can open a doorway to the future.

We call it "Totus Praeter,"
or "The Totality."

With these core readers,
you will be inside

the virtual projection
of your parents' subconscious.

Unfortunately, they will be
unable to see you.

If Morando is inside
Mama and Papa's minds,

then it won't take long
for him to discover

where on Earth they hid Gaylen's core.

And once he finds it...

He'll have all the power he needs
to conquer the galaxy.

Mother, we need to get
inside this Totality now.

Are you sure that Krel
is ready for all of this?

- Were you?
- Look at you.

At first, I desired only your death
and your throne,

but now I've learned there's so much more.

Krel is just a boy.

And that is why, until he is ready,

Gaylen's core rests
in the hands of its guardian.

Tell me, who protects the relic?

I will find the truth.

You cannot stop me. Ha!

Do not interfere
with the memories,

or you risk destroying
the very information you seek.

Ay, ay, ay.

We're ready, Mother.

Good fortune, my royals.

No one gets to choose
their station in life, Aja.

Welcome to the Totality.

The Talon has betrayed us!
We are forced to retreat!

This is the doorway
to your parents' memories.

For hundreds of keltons...

Akiridion-5 stood divided
between two houses.

Each of these are memories.

All indexed and searchable
based on your desired parameters.

Your mother and I will be gone,
and you and Aja will be all the other has.

- Krel...
- Mother, search for Gaylen's core.

I count 7,547
of your parents' memories

relating to Gaylen's core.

The most recent
from the day of Morando's coup.

That is not a memory I want to revisit.

Oh... but it looks like
Morando's already been here.

He must be destroying the memories
to cover up his tracks.

Indeed, so you must move swiftly.

Morando has a head start,
but we have the advantage.

Krel, do you know how a head start works?

We know Mama and Papa.

Right now, Morando has to comb
through all of their memories.

But we know them well enough
to find the right ones.

Remember the stories
they used to tell us?

How about "The Legend of Gaylen's Core"?


Pipe down back there!

You humans don't seem to understand
what a rescue mission entails.

Aja! My ninja-kicking angel.

Angel? I'm not dead, silly.

What happened to your face?

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.

Mrs. Lucy?

Aja is Mrs. Lucy?
Are they the same person?

Aja, are you in there? Can you hear me?

Calm yourself, young oaf.

I suspect Aja and Krel are fine,
thanks to these two.

I'm a helper!

I don't even know
who you are anymore, Aja.

Surf's up, buckaroos!

Move out!


Okay, I can do this.
Who's the man?

I'm the man!

Oh, I don't think I can do this.

I don't think my body can take the fall.
I have weak ankles.

- I did it!
- What? You did nothing!

- Are you all unharmed?
- Well, what's it look like?

Oh, honey, are you okay?

I have a little headache, actually.

Oh, no! Ricky!

So the great Gaylen crushed
the errant star between his fingers,

and from its ashes rose Akiridion.

- Papa.
- He's exactly as I remember.

No touching, or you'll break the memory.

But as Gaylen's power grew,
so did his greed.

And only Lady Seklos
had the courage to stop Gaylen

by sacrificing her own life core.

And since then, many have sought
to steal Gaylen's core, and...

Are you even listening?

Ay, that's embarrassing.

I'm awake! I'm awake.

One secton.
Just need to tighten this...

Wow, we really could be brats.

Krel, for one delson,
will you stop tinkering with your toys?

It's not a toy, it's a...

Mechanics are a fine hobby,

but you are a prince and we are
discussing our planet's origins.

That hobby saved you and Mama's lives.

Krel, don't!

I built a Daxial Array from these toys!


Little brother, what did you do?

- I... I didn't mean to.
- Mechanics are a fine hobby...

- Papa! No! Papa!
- ...but you are a prince...

I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.

He never listened to me. I just...

I know, but we weren't listening
to Papa either.

He must've told us that story
a thousand times.

Something else happened.
For a secton, I thought Papa saw me.

But Mother said that is not possible.

It must have been a glitch
of the memory projection.

At least now they've forgotten
what brats we were.

Oh, no, I'm sure they have
plenty more of those memories.

We did learn something, though.

Papa said that many
tried to steal the core.

So, if we go to the last time
someone tried taking it,

we might discover
where Mama and Papa hid it.

Oh, you're back to being brilliant,
little brother!

Oh, I do love the smell
of formaldehyde in the morning.

Transfer officers, use checkpoint...

Where are they?

According to my geo-positioning system,

we're still several horvaths away
from Arcadia.

You could say we haven't made
a lot of "head-way."

- Oh! You made a funny, honey.
- Thanks.

I was worried that one
might go over your head.

Okay, don't press your luck.

Stuart's not answering.

Varvatos forgot... he has
aerobics class on Tuesdays.

Tobias, you must recruit your nana.

To drive us? She's legally blind.

Well, considering my non-saggy appearance,

her ocular deficiency may be for the best.

We must expedite our return.

The king and queen-in-waiting
are in danger!

Now remember, Toby Pie,

you want to keep your hands
at 5:00 and 7:00.

Coach Lawrence says
they're supposed to be at 10:00 and 2:00.

Coach Lawrence is a square, dear.

We're going so slow.

Who knew student driving
was such a brutal form of torture?

Car worse than gyre.


Klebtastic! Even in virtual memories
people shoot at us!

Security breached.

Lock down all sectors.

Those soolians!

The Zeron Brotherhood
tried to steal Gaylen's core?

Agh! I was hoping
we'd seen the last of them.

Halt, by the order
of the Akiridion throne!

There's quite a bounty
on this case of yours.

Whatever it is,
I hope it was worth dying for.

- No!
- Aja!

You can't mess with the memory!

- I'm sorry. I wanted to help Papa.
- I think they have that covered.

Zadra, get the case!

Seklos and Gaylen!

- Mama was a vaunted warrior.
- Just like you.

She never told me.
Why didn't she tell me?

We need to get this case to safety.
It is of the utmost importance.

We'll handle the Zerons, Your Highness.


I've never seen a serrator
do this before!

Mama, how did you do that?


Krel, Mama just saw me.
I know she did.

But that's impossible.

- Mama, I'm here!
- Akiridion-5 is no longer secure.

- We must proceed...
- And cross the galaxy.

I have just the ship in mind.

The mothership,
fresh off the assembly line.

She's the fastest in the Akiridion fleet.

Remind me to thank
General Morando for the upgrade.

There is a class-D planet
in the Hypo Quadrant.

Not just any class-D planet.


The ancient texts did presage
that Gaylen's core

would one day return to the world
from whence it came.

Where are we?

"RB and CH"?

This is the kissing tree!

Do you know what that means?

Mama and Papa visited
the kissing tree, too?

No! They hid Gaylen's core in Arcadia

hundreds of years ago
before the city even existed.

- Why didn't Mother tell us?
- She probably didn't know.

Our parents would have wiped her memory

to keep the location
of Gaylen's core a secret.

That seems likely.

And I suspect that
in the event of an emergency,

I was programmed
to bring you back to this planet.

I always thought it was strange there was
only one mudball you could find for us.

No Akiridion has made contact
with such life forms in a millennium.

Then we'll be the first.

Do you think that's
who we're supposed to meet?

Whatever it is, it sounds... big.

For the glory of Merlin,
daylight is mine to command.

That sounds familiar.

Greetings, Your Majesties.

Welcome to Earth.

You've arrived
just as the ancient prophecies foretold.

Wait. I thought that was
Jim Lake's metal suit.

This is years in the past.

Perhaps this was the Trollhunter
before Jim.

You'll have to forgive us.

We've only read about your kind
in the ancient texts, and, well...

they failed to mention the horns.

You have nothing
to fear from us.

I am Vendel,
elder of Heartstone Trollmarket.

And this is Kanjigar the Courageous,
our Trollhunter.

Just so I'm clear, you're a Trollhunter,

but you're also a Troll,
so does that mean you... hunt yourself?

I am a guardian of creatures,
both magical and mortal alike,

which makes me well-suited
to protect that,

just as the prophecies of your kind
and ours have foreseen.

Gaylen's core holds the power
to destroy a universe,

so how can I pass the responsibility
onto another?

I can assure you,

as long as our Trollhunter
is standing guard,

your relic will be safe in Trollmarket.

Trollmarket. That's it!

Now all we need to do is find it.



Oh, I think you have
much more immediate concerns.


Be careful, my royals.

If Morando kills you
inside the Totality, you will be lost.

You're only saying this now?
Mother, wake us up!

No! If we run away,

Morando will destroy
Mama and Papa's memories and cores.

Great talk. Glad we took the time
to weigh all our options!

I suppose I should thank you.


If you hadn't fled
to this miserable planet...


Aja, no! You might damage a memory!

...I never would have learned
Gaylen's core actually existed

or where to find it.

No, no, no, no!

How did Mama do that?

Why settle for being a king

when I could be a god instead?

You're no god, you're no king.

You're a traitor!


Still trying to save
Mama and Papa?

No, no, no!

When are you going to realize

that they died on Akiridion-5?


This cannot be possible.

What's happening?

It's Mama and Papa.

They're fighting for us!

Val Morando is a traitor
to Akiridion-5.

As long as we're together,

- as long as we remain a family...
- This is an act of high treason!

Mama! Papa!

Smile and wave. Smile and wave.

I sparred with my father as he sparred
with his father before him.

Traitor... traitor...

Traitor... traitor...

Mama and Papa saved us!


Sweep the ship.

No one leaves until you've confirmed
all the royals are dead.

Your Majesties...

never a pleasure.

My royals, I'll protect you!

Huh? Mother, what's going on out there?

Morando is attacking
the royal cores!

The stasis chamber is failing.

- Aja, we love you.
- Aja, Krel.

- Aja.
- Aja, Krel...!




I cannot protect them for long.

My royals, you need to get out of there!

How? There's no way out!

No one can save you now.

You are extraordinary, Aja.

You could leave this palace,

fly far away from our world,
and your destiny would follow you.

You need to get out of there.

- Get out of there.
- Krel, there's a way out!


We've gotta get to Mama and Papa.

Morando's forces
are outside waiting.

- Kleb!
- I got this!

- Don't worry, we'll hold them off.
- No one messes with my girlfriend!

Come on, Mama. Help me out.

Most impressive!

Varvatos, we need your help!

Mother's hurt
and our parents' cores are failing!

We need to hurry!

I've learned the location
of Gaylen's core.

Send my Omens.

Did you reroute the biometric capacitors?

Of course.

What about unplugging the pods
and then plugging them back in?

That isn't the answer
to every technical problem, Aja.

No. No. No, no! No, no, no!

I don't think
there's anything else I can do.

We're losing them.

I may have an idea.

I still have some energy reserves.

They are scarce, but they should be enough
to power the stasis chamber.

Mother, if you do that,
you'll be erased... forever.

And if I don't,
the king and queen will die.

This is our only option.

Mother, please, no!

Krel, fix this!

I... I just... can't.

I have seen you endure everything
during your time here on Earth,

and I've learned so much.

What it means to be family.

What it means to love.

I've watched you truly sacrifice
for those that you love.

I will go, and you will remember me.

Isn't that what a mother does?

Mother, I'm scared.

I'm scared, too, but I also feel...

love, and pride, and peace.

I gather this will make
a good bedtime story one day.

I promise I'll tell it.

I never thought a glorious death
could hurt this much.

We... we'll miss you, Mother.

And I'll miss you, my royals.


She's... gone.

Seklos and Gaylen...

she did it.


My royals.