3 Below (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Lightning in a Bottle - full transcript

The royal heirs look for Aja's missing serrator in the forest, where they mistake Trollhunter Jim Lake's Amulet of Daylight for her lost weapon.

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Season 01 Episode 09
Episode Title: "Lightning in a Bottle"

Where is it?
My serrator must be around here somewhere.

We should have brought Varvatos.
We could use an extra pair of eyes.

Ugh! We should have brought Stuart.



Varvatos can't learn
I've lost my serrator.

If he does, he won't train me anymore!

Kleb! I hate raccoons.
They poop everywhere!

It must be here somewhere.

- Maybe over by that rock with the...
- Moss on the side.


We've been going around in circles!

Ugh! Fligshaag!
Perhaps you left your serrator at school.

Krel, we're talking about
a highly advanced weapon here.

I wouldn't leave it in my locker.

I can't believe we survived Merlin's cave.

-There's my little emotional anchor.
-Chompsky! Buddy!

I know. I told you a million times,
we'll get your girlfriend

the Sally-Go-Back Space Skater
next weekend, after we save the world.


And we found Merlin's cave
and Merlin!

We deserve a midnight snack.

- Who are they?
- You know what?

We deserve midnight huevos rancheros.

What's that?

-I make a mean mushroom omelet.
-Seriously, Jim?

You want fungi over frijoles?

You see that light?

-They must have my serrator!
-Where are you going?

Where do you think?
We can't leave my serrator in human hands.

Look at your hands.
You currently have four of them.

Tobes, hurry up!

Tired. Starving.
Must persevere.

We need to go.
We cannot be seen by these humans.

We can't let them be killed
by my serrator either.

If they haven't been killed yet,
they probably won't be.

Maybe we can find a better way
to get your serrator back.

Great, they're gone!

I'm not the one who lost advanced
and deadly Akiridion technology.

Not again!

Poop everywhere, I tell you!


What the...?

Okay. Turn off death beam.

Please! Turn off death beam.

-Who is that guy?
-Shh. That's Seamus' dad.

He's a piece of work.

My son has the smartest
of the smartest brains.

It's huge.

I'm sure we can discuss this
like reasonable people, Mr. Johnson.

-'Sup, dude?
-You guys seen Tarron?

That weirdo? Over there.

-That's the cheater.
-Weirdo? Cheater?

I am the future King of Akiridion-5!

Varvatos will kill me
if he finds out I lost my serrator!

Krel, I think that's one of the humans
we saw last night!

Mr. Tarron,
can I have a word with you?

Ugh. What now?

Chompsky! We've been over this.

We'll get your girlfriend a gift
next weekend.

Just stay here and out of sight.

All right, back to defeating Gunmar.

What's first on Merlin's list
to make that super sweet magic spell?

-An Antramonstrum shell.
-Strickler has one in his old office.

There they are.

And there you are.

Everybody, get to class now.

Mr. Palchuk!

Gaming devices are not permitted
inside the school.

It's not even mine.

-I just need to return it to...
-This isn't kindergarten.

-In high school, we confiscate toys.
-No! Wait!

But it's not a... Please, señor!

Por favor!

Aja's gonna hate me now.

All right, I'm here.
Now, what seems to be the issue?

The issue is that she only gives out
one A-plus per exam.

Studies show it's quite effective.

And my Seamus got them

before he dropped out of the sky.

It was a rough landing, yeah,

but I wouldn't say
we dropped out of the sky.

Everyone knows that people like him
are terrible at math.

What do you mean? Cantaloupians?

Someone this new to our country
should not be that good at math.

I am new to the country,
but I am not new to math.

It is a very ancient subject.

Mr. Tarron and his sister
may have had some difficulty

fitting in around here, but...

-Not in math class.
-Only because you're cheating!

I'm not cheating!
I've been holding back.

I didn't want to make
a spectacle of myself.

-Clearly, it isn't working.
-You've got a big mouth, kid.

Mr. Johnson, your tone is not appreciated.

Why don't you back it up with action?

You and my Seamus, math duel.

Whoever gets the higher score
gets the A-plus.

-Fine. Agreed.
-No problem.

Uh, if you'll excuse me,
I have another issue to deal with.

-You and your sister wait in my classroom.

Because I asked you nicely.

- What are you doing in my office?
- Señor Uhl!

I mean, Interim Principal Señor Uhl.

It's so hard to keep track.
I'm just, uh...


Looking for...


Well, I'm glad you came to see me.

I'm worried about your attendance.

You've missed 43 days.
But there is one thing.

We have two students
who are not from these parts.

They're having some difficulty fitting in.

They are a little weird.

Kleb! A math duel?

Why is it so difficult for these humans

to accept
that I have a superior intellect?

Forget them, little brother.

We need to figure out
how to get my serrator back.

I'm leaving!
Tell the prison teachers that I'm sick.

Oh, and my leg hurts.

- Oh, no.
- My throat hurts so much.

Feeling better, hmm?

Show them around,
make them feel more at home in Arcadia,

and I could be compelled to look
the other way regarding your absences.


If there's anyone that wants you
to look the other way, it's me.

Hi. I'm Jim Lake, Jr.

He is the one that has my serrator.

-This is good. This will work out.

Jim, you made it out okay.

You're not touching
the human's bag.

-We have to wait until the time is right.
-But it's just right there.

That's the burrito girl! She has
a legendary digestive system, dude.

These are the people that have one
of our deadliest weapons in their hands.

I'm getting it back, no matter what.

The diablo maximus
is not for the faint of heart.

Whoa, Seklos and Gaylen!

Is that a serrator?

If Krel or Aja lost their weapon,
Varvatos will tear them limb from limb!

Oh, no!

Slow down!

Little hooman!

Varvatos Vex commands
that you open this door,

you speedy, impish...

...silver-haired temptress.


My chess companion
finally stopped by for a rematch.

I hope you've been practicing.

Varvatos certainly has.

You should be very afraid of my skills.



Guess what I have for the occasion.

Oh, no, not again!

Not for you, poochie poo.

They're poison.

Pets can't eat chocolate, you know.

I wouldn't dare give
Mr. Meow Meow PI a nibble.

Who is this Mr. Mayo Mayo PI?

Oh, my cat!
He's around here somewhere.

Meow Meow? Meow Meow PI?

A cookie! A cookie!

Meow Meow?

Meow Meow, it's Mommy.

If you're not getting
an A-plus on every test,

then why am I sending you to school
and SAT prep?

If you lose to that foreigner,
you can forget about space camp.

Krel is going to face Seamus
in a duel of math.

-That's you?
-Why is that unbelievable?

Can't the new kid get an A-plus
in Ms. Janeth's math class?

Darci said you're like a numbers wiz.

-What is it we're doing?
-Something super awesome sauce.


We love rooms that move.
Don't we, little brother?

I'm so bored.
Where are we going again?

A super secret...

teen center!

- What are those?
- Ooh. Looks like human bones.

With bite marks. Oh-oh.

-Now things are getting interesting.
-Teen center?

Let's see you justify

how we're supposed to be collecting
the femur of a Changeling

and everything else on Merlin's list.

This is the worst teen center
in the galaxy.

Where is the music, the dancing?

These primitive life-forms
can't do anything right.

Are you listening to yourself?

You sound like Seamus
and his soolian father.

...from the Halloween party.

I'm going to steal my serrator.
Try and act normal for five mekrons.

I make no promises.

-Got the bones. What's left?
-Just the last thing.

Lightning in a bottle?

You mean, like, in a metaphor, right?
It would be impossible to catch.

Ha! You think that's hard?

You should see the ones
I gave Blinky to find.


-Where's Krel?


-Oh, no!

I so enjoy moving picture stories.

-No, no, no.
-Turn it off, Jimbo.

I'm trying!

Try harder!

Huh. Looks scary. What is it called?

-Gun Robot.

I mean, Trollhunters.

Here's an idea.

Who wants to see the house
of Arcadia's very own councilwoman?

Yeah, we should go.

Ay yi yi.

That was them, right?

Maybe there's a little more
to these humans than we thought.


Return the serrator, Mr. Meow Meow PI,

or suffer at the hands
of the great Varvatos Vex!


Prepare for defeat,
you mangy, bearded mystery!

Varvatos Vex of the Taylon Phalanx
commands you to drop your weapon!

Varvatos knows not what you say...

...but he finds it
ingloriously sassy!

He's growing up so fast,

but he still needs his Nana.

Uh, maybe I can break my diet
just this once.

Luug, dismember him!

Well, here we are.

La casa Nuñez.

And this is where the leader of our town,
Councilwoman Nuñez, makes enchiladas.


These are the strangest humans
we have ever met,

and that is really saying something.

Oi! Occupied! Close the door!

- How's it going?
- This is never gonna work!

It has to! Unless you have a better
way to capture lightning in a bottle.

I'm done. Fridge is all yours.


Did I hear you say you're trying
to capture lightning in a bottle?

Play along.

I am not going home to Varvatos
without my weapon.

Okay, okay.

Oh, we used to play that game as children.

No, no. You don't understand.

Lightning... like a thousand volts
of electricity... in a jar.

Actually, it's closer
to several hundred million volts.

And that's not the way you do it.

They're geniuses, Jimbo.
Weirdo geniuses.

That's the best kind!

They think being weird is... good.

Now! Get it now!

Of course, some of my best friends
are far from ordinary.

Mm, pook. We're all set.

I've redirected the power to one corner
at longitude 36 degrees,

uh, Fifth and Main in T-minus 15 mekr...
minutes and 30 seconds,

and approximately 71 milliseconds.

All we need now is a metal
to act as a conductor.

Toby, I need your robo-teeth.

Jim, stop these weirdo geniuses.

I think I have something else we can use.


I need a vacation.

- Hmm, maybe Cantaloupia might be nice.
- Hola, Señor Uhl.

-Hi, Steve.
-What? Where?

If I lose Aja's laser thingy,
she'll never date me again.

Now, where would Señor Uhl
hide a death beam?

Just like my grandson!

Oh, my sweet little cherub.

Oh, Varvatos!
You've got a queen to capture!

On the chessboard, of course.

Why, yes.

He was merely planning
his next capture. Hmm...

Okay, let me try.

Allow me to take the bag
off your shoulders, friend.

I'm good. Just hang tight.
Back in a flash.

Nothing to see here.

That is not my weapon.

How strange.

He's just doing that
in the middle of the street.

A shameless weirdo.
That's my favorite kind.

Curious. First, metal teeth,
now metal clothes.

And you always tell me
we are the ones who have to be normal?

Lively. What is the power source?

Um, I don't know.
Just a standard safety suit.

Uh, yeah. Safety first.

Safety? You're wearing metal,

-and we're capturing lightning.
-Yeah, okay.

Hup-two. Better hurry.

Good luck.

So, we agree his glowing gem thing
is not Akiridion tech.

It's not Earth technology, either.

Maybe this has something to do
with Trollhunters.

Uh... nope.

Yep, just another boring day

in our perfectly normal town.

In three, two, one...



No, that's not good.

If the weird Trollhunters
don't have your serrator, who does?

Come on, Palchuk.

If you were a weird laser hoop thing,
where would you hide?

Aja's gonna hate me!

With great power...

...comes no power.

King to F-three. Take that.

Finally, we have ourselves a game.


Great Gaylen's core!

♪ Holy guacamole ♪

♪ My guacamole holy ♪

What on Durio is that rogue lawn ornament
doing with a serrator?

I will be taking this,
thank you very much.

You really helped us out.
You guys are out of this world.


Maybe we'll see you around this summer.

Sure. Maybe at the teen center,

Be more careful. Heart.


There we go.

Who'd have thought
little Stuey from the block on Durio,

growing up to protect a princess?

Oh! Oh, your mama would be so proud
if she was alive today.

Oh, you know what?
She is still alive!

Lightning in a bottle.

Should we be concerned
with what they're going to do with that?

I'm just glad we're not
the only weirdos in this town.

You mean the perfectly normal
and ordinary town of Arcadia?


Hey, it came back.

This day has been too strange.

"Be more careful. Heart. S."?

Aja, I'm so sorry.

- I found whatever that was in the woods...
- I know!

Thank you for returning it.

Just let it be our little secret, okay?

-Uh, sure.

Thank you!


-You two, where are your serrators?
-Right here.

- Got it!
- We wouldn't lose our serrators, Vex.

- We're not soolians.
- Just weirdos.

Oh. Well, true.

Gentleman, as you know,
I only give one A-plus in my class.

This test will resolve
who gets that A-plus.

Ready? Begin.

If this were a true duel,

there would be glorious dismemberment
at its conclusion.

If he's your grandson,
why's his skin so much darker than yours?

Krel told Varvatos much about you.

You are fortunate
Varvatos doesn't take your skin

and turn it into drapes
for his living room.

-You're intense.
-No, you are intense!

Shh. You're both intense.

If you lose
to that foreigner,

you can forget out about space camp.


Time's up.


We almost have a tie.

Mr. Johnson has edged out Mr. Tarron
by one point.

Ha! Told you.
Didn't think it'd be this close, though.

No alien should beat my Seamus.

-He's better than you, Dad.
-Ha! Well...

Why'd you do it? You threw the math duel.

I wanted you to be able
to go to space camp.

- I hear space is nice.
- You're weird, you know that?

From what I've seen,
everyone here is weird.

But you're okay.

Really? I'm okay?

You're okay, too!

For too long, the technological
advancement of our planet

has been repressed
by the hollow virtues of House Tarron.

But under my leadership,

the brilliant minds of Akiridion-5
have been liberated.

We can now finally guarantee
the everlasting security of our people.

From here unto eternity,

our enemies will surrender,
or they will die

at the hands of this Ocular
Mechanically Engineered Neutralizer.


The Age of Omen has begun.

♪♪ Theme music playing...