32 Brinkburn Street (2011): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

Elizabeth proposes that Violet goes to a friend in Blackpool to have her baby away from local gossips. Sid confesses to Gracie that his real name is Francis,or Frank for short. He has been caught up in sectarian killings in Ireland and,with Pat,hopes to escape an assassin following them and sail to New York.He asks her to take the girls and go with him but she refuses. Then he hears that Pat has been murdered. Billy Lamb is also killed - by Walter,with a candlestick stolen from the church after Lamb has threatened Walter's family. He hides the body in the coal-hole for the time being. Frank overhears David tell Joy he will not leave his wife for her and consoles her. Nick warns Mikey,Poppy's boyfriend,to stay away from her but this only results in the youngsters running off together.

Violet! How far gone are you?

Don't talk to Ellie like that.

She's not my mum.

And what are you going to call
yourself this time?

I was thinking Sid.

I'll do your washing once a week, no
more and you pay my mum and only her.

Now when I get myself
back on my feet I'll get a job

and I'll pay you back
a bit every month.

No man screws with Billy Lamb.

She banged her head. Nora!

Talk to Ellie. All she wants to
talk about is IVF and my daughter...

The longer we stay here the more
dangerous it gets.

Will you sign the house over to me?

I don't want to leave.

Why's that?
Cos I'm falling in love with you.

Having a baby's not the end of the
world you know. But what about Dad?

Who's this? I don't know.

He'd strangle you
if he ever found out.

My name is Frank and this is my
family home, 32 Brinkburn Street.

It's 1931,
the year before I was born,

when the world was
a very different place.

This is the story of my family,
then and now.

Mrs Walker,
what an unexpected pleasure.

Sorry to call so late,
just want a quick word with Walter,
if that's OK?

No, it's not OK.
Walter's in his bed.

Billy Lamb.

I put you over my knee
when you were five years old

and don't think I won't do it again.

Now if you want to keep it,
move that clodhopper!

Excuse me,
didn't realise it was in the way.

Tell Walter I'll catch up with him
tomorrow. Night, Mrs W.

Tap's stuck again.

Let me try.

I must have loosened it. Sit down.

I'm having hot milk,
do you fancy some?

Guess we've both got
a lot on our minds, haven't we?

Dad, I was just wondering
if you've made your mind up yet,

whether you were going to be able
to help us with the IVF money.

I mean...

whether it's a yes or a no
I just really need to know, Dad.

Hey, Dad?

I just don't understand the rush.

Test tube baby business.
It's like you've got tunnel vision.

What other choice have I got?
You can slow down.

I'm not saying no, darling.

I'm saying not right now.

Pinch me, Gracie, pinch me!
I must still be dreaming. Walter?

You all right? Fine. Just making
an early start. Things to do.

On a Saturday? What things?
Nothing for you to worry about.

Has this got anything to do
with that Billy Lamb?

What was he doing hanging around
in the middle of the night?

Will you shut up about Billy Lamb!
This has got nothing to do with him.

Walter! Well, really!
The nerve of that man!

Have you done
something to your hair?

Thanks for answering me SOS,
just needed a friendly ear. Course.

Besides, I thought I might catch
a glimpse of Frank in his 'jamas...

I don't think he's going to be
in the best of moods this morning.

Why, what's happened? I asked him
to sign the house over to me.

You what?! Well it seemed like a good
idea at the time, June.

We get the house, Dad stays here.

We remortgage and we use
the money for IVF. Problem solved.

Except Frank said no? Yeah.

He thinks I've got tunnel vision.

Do you know what?
I think he's got a point...

I just wanted a baby.

I just wanted a baby so much.

Anyway. It's fine, actually.

It's fine because...

I know it's not going to happen,
so I'm moving on.

Today's a new day and I'm starting
it with shifting

all my old baby stuff out of that

Dad was keeping it all in case
I ever had a...

No point now is there so.

We're not going to get that money
and I cannot wait for the NHS.

Well, in that case here's
to getting on with life.

To getting on with life.

What you doing with Mam's dress?

Is it for Violet and her fat tummy?

Now you know what
they say about busybodies?

Not enough to do and too much
time to think.

Where's Dad?

He had to go out early.
"Things to do," he said.

What's going to happen, Mam? I don't
want him finding out about the baby.

I told you, he won't. I've got
a plan. Now stop your worrying.

Hey, all. Sid! Do that thing!
Do that thing! What thing's that?

Pick me up and rescue me like Mam
said you did in the graveyard.

Do it, please. Do it, please!
Hands up.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Like that? Yeah.

Oh, Lynne rang.

Oh yeah? Did she leave a message?

No, she said it doesn't matter
that she'd see you later.

Did I just see June nipping
into Frank's room? Yeah.

Is she coming here
for breakfast now?

Actually, I asked her around
cos I needed someone to talk to.

Is that another dig at me? You
haven't been around much recently.

And where were you last night?

I woke up in the early hours to
an empty bed. I was talking to Dad.

Please tell me
it wasn't about the house.

Is everything I say a waste
of breath? I asked you not to.

I specifically asked you not to.

Is every women in my life
on a mission to cause me

as much grief as possible?

All right, Nick, calm down.

You don't need to worry about
it any more, because he said no.

I'm sorry. Just...

It's not you.

What is it?

Poppy's on the pill.

Oh. It's that Michael. I'm sure
he's pressuring her into it.

You need to go and speak with her.
Can't you do it?

Are you kidding me? No, I can't.

No, you've got to do this one.


All right, all right,
keep your wig on, I'm coming!

Morning, Walter. Not opening
time yet. I don't want a drink.

I want to ask you something. What is
it? What would you give me for that?

Nice bit of jewellery you got there.
It's all real.

Take it to Billy Lamb's place.
He'll give you a good price for it.

I can't go there. You've not done
anything unwise, have you, Walter?

Are you going to give me
summat for the brooch or not? Not.

Sorry, Walt.

But if you're in trouble with Billy
Lamb, I don't want to be involved.

Thanks for nothing.

Oh, I'm sorry,
I thought you were out.

I'll change the sheets later.


I never really said thank
you for Nora. Not properly. I...

I hate to think what happened
if you hadn't have found her.

She could... She nearly died.

It was nothing.

All I'm asking for is painkillers
with a bit more clout.

The ones I'm taking at the moment
don't seem to be working
properly any more.

Frank, I don't think the painkillers
are the problem.

Increasing the dosage might
not be our best course.

You wouldn't be saying that if you
had to live with the pain I have.

All right.

Luckily for you
you're on my route home,

so I'll drop
something off on the way.

Not everybody gets
this VIP treatment. Yeah, bye.


Hi, Mommy!

I'm so sorry I haven't called.
No, I'm fine, everything's fine.

Yeah, he's good,
he's really looking after me.

Oh, of course he wants to see you.
He wants to meet all of my family.

I don't know when.

I told you.
He's a doctor.

Mommy, he treats me like a princess,

so please stop worrying about me,
I'm happy.

Bye, Mommy. Love you

I'd do it myself but I don't trust
my knees.

Can't bear an untidy grave.

You can tell which marriages
were a sham by the weeds.

You know I was just trying
to help. With Violet, I mean.

I thought getting rid as quickly as
possible was the best thing to do.

How could taking Violet there, to
that woman be the best thing to do?

Why didn't you talk to me
the minute you knew?

You had enough trouble on your plate
without me piling more on.

Living with Walter.
Like having another child

and a wayward one at that.

All that gambling

and Lord knows what he's up
to with that Billy Lamb.

Don't blame this on Walter, Mam.
I'm just saying.

I just wish you'd could have been
as lucky as I was with my Harold.

Your Walter's a fool for not
cherishing you.

You deserve so much better
than you get.

Ha! Ha! Joy!

I tried to call you. I missed you.
We haven't spoken in days.

Oh, it's... I've been busy.
Well, dinner later?

Tonight's not good, I'm afraid.
I've got family stuff.

Tomorrow we could have
a picnic or something.

Yeah, tomorrow's not, not good
either. Look, I'll call you, OK?


Did you mean any of it? What? That
you didn't want me to go back home.

That you'd visit me at Christmas.

That you loved me.

You know I did.

Well, you have a funny
way of showing it.

Things are complicated, Joy,
you know this.

I mean, look at it from my point of
view. I thought you were leaving.

You thought you were getting
rid of me. That's not fair.

No, I tell you what's not fair?

I stayed because I thought
we had something special.

It turns out all we had is
your mid-life crisis. I'm sorry?

You're married. You're cheating.
Sleeping with a younger woman.

You had your fun too. It was more
than just fun, David.

More fool me
for believing your lies.

INTERCOM: 'Dr Mitchell, your next
patient's here.

'Shall I send him in?'

Saved by the bell.
I'll call you, OK? Don't bother.


'Poppy, is Poppy there?' No.
This is her dad... 'What?'

I think you and I should have
a little chat, don't you think?

'OK.' No. I talk, you listen.
Stay away from my daughter, OK?

I don't want you to call her,
text her, e-mail her.

Don't even try to contact her
using the power of telepathy.

Is that clear? 'OK.' Good.

My missus ain't gonna be pleased.

Here we go. About time.
I'm spitting feathers here.
Sorry, Frank.

I was a bit held up with work stuff.
Has anyone seen my phone?

Mikey was gonna call. There you
go. You left it inside. Nice one.


Shall I get it.
No, it'll be for me.

The doc said he might call round.
Let me give you a hand.

You all right? Yes, smashing,
thank you.

Joy. I'm so sorry. Come in.

Call me perceptive,
but I'm guessing you're not here

because you're missing
plumping up my cushions.

I'm sorry, Frank. I didn't know
where else to go.

Ah, you can talk to me...

I've split up from my boyfriend.
Clearly the man's an idiot.

There was only one
idiot in our relationship

and it was most definitely me.

He was married.
I shouldn't have gotten involved.

Well, my mum used to say that
every woman

should love at least one bad man

so that you'll know the difference
when a good man comes along.

You'll find somebody else.

I don't want to meet someone else.

I just want to go home.

Home, home.

Do you think Dad's up
there watching us? I do.

He always loved Violet. He'd be
heartbroken to see what a mess
she was in now.

After the smoke had cleared,
he'd have been all right.

Your Violet's not the first girl
to get herself into trouble

and she won't be the last.

I've told Violet I know
a way through this. I don't.

Don't have a first clue.

Lucky I've been doing some
thinking then, in't it?

Do you remember Mrs Barrett? No.
Of course you do.

Her husband was gassed in the war,
killed himself when he came home.

And then she moved to Blackpool?

With her husband dead in January,
giving birth in December

might have been a bit of
a giveaway...

She runs a boarding house now,
a respectable widow with
a teenage daughter.

I thought we could ask her to take
Violet in before she starts to show.

She could have the baby there.

You want me to pack her off
to a woman I hardly know?

Only until after the adoption.

What if she doesn't want to have it
adopted? What other choice is there?

And what would we tell Walter?
Anything but the truth.

We'll think of something.

The main thing is, Violet'll be
safe. That's what you want, in't it?

I am trying to make amends here,
Gracie love.

I know you are, Mam. Thanks.

Now I'd like a few moments alone
with your Dad, if you don't mind?

May you be in heaven half an hour
before the devil knows you're dead.

Come to Liverpool with me.

This time tomorrow we'll be safely
on the Atlantic bound for America.

I'll follow you later. You can't
stay here. You'll be a dead man.

Oh, let me get this straight,
you're going to sit around here

waiting to get killed
because of that woman.

Nobody's going to get killed.

We are if we stay here,
that's for sure.

Do I need to remind you that
James Duffy has only two interests?

One is torture
and the other is murder.

She must be one special woman.

You're my oldest pal but I've
go to go. You're a lost cause, boy.

You're a lost cause.

What if he's been run over?

Worrying never solved anything.
But he texts me all the time.

He sent me 147 messages yesterday.

Whatever happened to good old
fashioned conversation, eh?

Yeah, we do talk, but he promised
he'd ring me later on.

Teenage boys,
just short attention span.

He's not worth fretting about,
if you ask me. No-one asked you.



I thought you were dead!


He said what!

You've got to be kidding me!
Hang on a sec. Poppy...

Sooner rather than later.
Do you hear me now, Francis?

Francis, Sid, I'll never get used
to that name

and no getting in the way
of a bullet right.

Same as yourself here.

Don't want to be seeing any blood
on that nice jacket.

Come here.

See you soon, yeah? You bet.

Come for a drink with me?

Not in the pub, too many eyes.
We could go for a walk, though?


Poppy, I just want to talk
to you. I did it for you.

I was just trying to protect you.

Protect me?
How does that work?

Were you trying to protect me when
you were drunk on the kitchen floor?

I was absolutely terrified,
I was terrified.

I used to think you were dead. You
know what, now I wish you were dead!

You were a total jerk
when you were drunk.

At least you're not the hypocrite
now you're sober.

All this stuff this
morning about pretending to care.
You ruined my childhood

and now you're trying to ruin
the rest of my life.

Thanks a lot, Dad.


Back again, Walter?
Stopping for a drink?

Aye, stout please. Billy was
in earlier.

Steady on, Walter.
Have a drink, settle your nerves.

Billy said he had to go
away for a bit.



Aye, said he had business
to take care of there.

Lovely head on this!


Butter fingers.

Billy, I thought you were in Oldham?

Jack's got a face you can trust.
Makes him a good liar.

He'd rat on his mother for five bob.

Besides. Business to attend to
here first.

You're a slippery eel to catch,

Still, I've bagged you now.

I can't believe I let you kiss me.

I can't believe it didn't
happen sooner.


Yeah. That's my name, my real name.

Most people call me Frank.

Listen, there's things
I need to tell you, Gracie.

Like why your friend was leaving?

He sails for America
on tonight's ship.

I should really be going with him.
What have you two done?

He talked about you being killed.
I'm a wanted man, Gracie.

We grew up fighting
against the British.

My Dad and my uncles
fought in the Easter risings

so I believe in a cause.

You can't speak your mind
in Ireland without making enemies.

Me and my friend Patrick got tipped
off that our names

were on a death list.

We managed to get out of the country
but the men that's after us

know that we're here now.

Like I said, I'm really sorry.
I don't know what happened.

I tried to blow the whistle,
really I did,

but it wouldn't make a noise.

Maybe the pea had fallen out.

And then our Nora had an accident.
Oh dear, "My whistle was broken!"

Is that the best you
can come up with?

You're going to have to try
harder than that, Walter.

I don't like mess and you left me
up to my throat in it.

Do you think I enjoy running
away from police?

I'm no good at the things
you want me to do.


Do you think business
and free will mix?

I've news for you.

You work for me.

From now on if I tell you
to walk on all fours

I want you down there yelping
before I've finished me sentence.

Billy, Billy please. I'll sort it.
It's too late for that.

I thought... Thoughts won't
pay this one off, Walter.

Your debt's gone up and I've decided
what I want.

Get on tonight's boat.

You wouldn't be on it.

We can't...
Can't what? Do this.

Or this...

"I owe you one terraced house."

I've told you, though, it doesn't
belong to me. But it will one day.

Now, what else is up for grabs?

You've got the house, what more
do you want? Good question.

She's a fine looking girl,
your Violet.

Maybe I'll wait here for
when she comes back.

And that belter of a wife of yours.

How did you manage to bag her,
Walter? She's a fine-looking woman.

Bet she wouldn't say no to being
with a real man for a change, eh?

I can see her now, letting her hair

I can always spot a wild one.

You're gonna pay for that.

I should feel guilty.

I feel alive.

You should come to America with me.

I've got children.
And Violet's pregnant.

Then you should all come with me?
Don't be daft.

I've never been more
serious in my life.

I can sail out first, get myself set
up and then you can all follow me.

How can we afford all that? I'll
pay for it. I'm kinda resourceful.

It'd be a different life, Gracie,
but it'll be a better life.

Hey. At least tell me you'll
think about it.

It scares me that there's people
after you. I'm a lucky kinda fella.

I'll think about it. Thank you.


Don't worry I'll get it
I'm on my way out.

David. Joy.

About this morning. You're not
going to do anything hasty, are you?

Like what, tell your wife?

Don't over-react, Joy.

This is painful for the both of us.

Don't touch me.

Ever again.

How did you expect her to react?

Come on, that wasn't exactly
textbook parenting.

Oh, and you'd know I suppose.

I can't talk now.
I've got a meeting.

Oh, go on, escape to your meeting.

Go and bare your soul in front
of strangers. It's funny how...

What's this? I'm asking for stronger
painkillers not a leaflet.

Yeah, well we've reached a point
where increasing the dosage would be

counter productive.

The bone degradation
is accelerating.

What you need to consider now
isn't stronger medication

but the nursing home that
I told you about.
That's the leaflet.

You'd still be close to your family

and you'd get the 24-hour care
that you're going to need.

Oh. You on commission?

I don't want to go into an old
folk's home. I've got a carer now.

Joy... Yes, Joy. She's lovely.

Yeah. Yeah, she did
a placement at the surgery.

A placement?

I'll ignore whatever
that was meant to infer.

Do as you like.

All I'm saying is that Joy is
a decent and kind young woman.

Qualities that an unscrupulous
so-and-so might take advantage of.

I assume that you are aware that she
is in the country illegally?

If the authorities were to find out,

it wouldn't just be her
that would be in trouble.

Dr Mitchell. Do you still swear the
Hippocratic oath? Yes.

Whatever happened to "do no harm"?

What you doing? The rug's wet.

I got boot polish on it,
had to scrub it off.

Not like you to save me a job.

Well, I've not been
bringing much in recently,

least I can do is help you
a round the house.

I feel really... Silly.

I'm... I should never have
tried to kiss you, I'm sorry.

I'm such an idiot.
I don't know what came over me.

Not your finest moment.

Look, don't take this the wrong way,

but you need to
look for a different sponsor.

What? I try to kiss you and now
you're trying to get rid of me? No.

I'm suggesting you look at what's
really going on with you.

What is it you're avoiding feeling,
Nick? Great. Have you got a pen?

I'll just add this to my long
list of screw-ups.

"Poor me, poor me,
pour me another drink?"

Feeling sorry for ourselves,
Nick - it's the alcoholic curse.

Do you know what?
Maybe you're right.

I should look for a new meeting,
another home group, another life.

Maybe I should move on altogether.
What do you think? Just blackmail.

Is it? Honestly, I'm no
good to anybody here?

What's the point of staying around?

This'll see us through till morning.

I'm going to miss your cooking.
You're leaving? 'Fraid so.

Mam, I don't want Sid to go!

Nora, eat your food.

Walter, you not hungry?
Might have something later.

Oh, I heard a shocking
thing this morning.

Awful enough to put you
off your food... What was it, Nana?

Police found a dead body in
the canal. A dead body?

Mam, we're eating.
Well, I'm just saying.

Terrible, young man like that.
Any details? Irish, like you.

The police said
when they dragged him
out he was wearing a lovely suit.

Murdered, stabbed in the back.
Terrible business. Excuse me.




Had me down as an idiot,
didn't you?

Just cos a man works
every hour God sends for pennies

and then loses them in seconds.

I was the best
footballer in the school,

would have had a trial for City
if my Dad hadn't stopped me playing.

Gave me a choice...

warehouse or the mill.

Chose the warehouse.

Suppose some good came of it.

Met Gracie.

You should never have
threatened her, Billy.

She's the only good
choice I've ever made.

She improves this world
just by being in it.

I'd be lost without her.

What am I going to do with you, eh?

What am I going to do, Billy?

There was someone following me,
but I managed to get rid of them.

The same people that
killed your friend?

I know it's hard for you love,
but... You think it's my fault.

I never said that. That Billy Lamb's
place hasn't been open for a while.

I'm not friends with that man.
Three whole weeks with out you.
I don't know how I'm going to cope.

Maybe it's time you
saw your family again.

I told you,
it's not that easy, Frank.

Because you're not supposed to be
here in the first place?

You in. You disappear now.
No, just stay there. Move it!


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