32 Brinkburn Street (2011): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Lamb pressurises Walter into keeping look-out for a burglary that goes wrong. Violet's younger sister Nora has a fall and she is rescued by Sid. Gracie is angry with Walter for being out when he should have been minding his daughter. She also stops Elizabeth from taking Violet to an abortionist,claiming that the girl could die on the abortionist's table. On Frank's birthday Poppy gives him the photo album from the 1930s she found in her room.David is surprised to see Joy working for Frank but Nick is annoyed with the doctor for putting Poppy on the pill. Feeling alienated from his family Nick makes a play for Lynne,his AA sponsor,who rejects him and sends him home to Ellie. Ellie,desperate for a baby,asks Frank to put the house in her name to finance the IVF.

aren't you forgetting something?

And what are you going
to call yourself this time?
I was thinking, "Sid".

You lying, scheming hound.

Grace... Oh!

Don't talk to Ellie like that.
She's not my mum.

Are you still looking for a room?

I want to go on the pill.

I'll be very, very careful.

It's too late for that.

I'm still in Manchester.
Are you mad?

Your job's gone. Gone?

It's my kids... Little villains.


It's only a baby-grow.
It's too much, too fast.

Cause me any trouble...

and you'll be sorry.

'My name is Frank and this is my
family home, 32 Brinkburn Street.

'It's 1931,
the year before I was born,

'when the world
was a very different place.

'This is the story of my family,
then and now.'

♪ Falling in love again... ♪

Look what Sid's
brought downstairs for us.

The King and Queen
have got one of these.

May I have the honour, Miss?

Put me down first
on your dance card, Gracie.

You next?

Elizabeth? Not with my knees.

Do you not want to have a dance, Vi?

I couldn't.

My legs are wobbly, Nana.

Are we definitely doing
the right thing? I mean,
what if something goes wrong?

Maybe I should think
about keeping the baby.

No. No, love.

This lady has been looking
after lasses for years.

I told you,
she knows what she's doing.

And you have got to be brave.

I should talk to Mam. No.

No, the less people who know,
the better.

And what's the point of upsetting
your mam when this time tomorrow
it will all be sorted, eh?

Worrying never solved anything.

What about money?
How will we pay for it?

to the pawnbroker.

But you love your charm bracelet.

I know I do.

But I love you more.

Now, get on with you.


It's all fun and frolics
around here.

Your daughter let me in
on her way out.

Violet, isn't it?
Lovely-looking girl.

Oh, don't let me stop your dancing.

Just want a quick word with Wally.

Though if you fancy a quickstep,
Mrs O?

You can't keep coming here, Billy.
Can't I?

We need to talk.

I'm with my family.

There's business to attend to,

Gracie's got the tea on.

Tea can wait.

Business... can't.

All right.

We need more sugar.

Why do we have to eat so much sugar?

Because it's in
Grandma Gracie's recipe.

Obviously, I will use
less sugar when I...

if we manage to get the IVF.
You're doing it again, Ellie.

What choice do we have,
realistically, short of
winning the lottery?

Well, what about that pitch you did
yesterday? What if you get that?

I haven't heard anything.

And even if it works out,
it wouldn't cover everything.

No, it wouldn't. But it'd be
a start. Oh, come on, Nick.

Come on, we'll think of something.

I'll get that.

Doctor Mitchell.

Hi. Is everything OK?
Is this about the IVF?

It's not. Everything's fine, though.
I'm here to see Frank. Oh, I see.

I didn't know you did home visits.
I don't.

I do however make an exception
for irascible old men who make a
habit of missing their check ups.

Right, OK.
Go on through to the kitchen, then.

I'll collect the guilty party.

Ah, you must be Ellie's husband?
Doctor Mitchell. Oh, hello.

I'm telling you,
it wasn't in my diary.

Oh, Doctor Mitchell.

If you're here to
give me me birthday present,
you're a bit early I'm afraid.

Frank, sorry. I didn't recognise
you. It's been so long.

Point taken. Where do you want me?

I'm not here to examine you.
I was just checking there
wasn't another reason,

besides incurable awkwardness,
for your third non-appearance.

Isn't it weird to think
they've all lived in this house?
Very. Just think of all the ghosts.

Don't you start.
Frank's been telling us stories
about the house is cursed.

You could be on one of those
ghost shows and have celebrities
running around screaming.

All spooky night shots
and temperatures dropping
in rooms where murders took place.

Oh, shut up, Mikey!
Seriously. I mean, not murder, but
I bet someone's died in your room.

Oh! Dad!

The bulb's gone!

I think I'm being summoned.

So, you know I can't come round
every time you don't turn up.

Well, I wouldn't want you to.

You were meant to say, "I won't
miss another appointment, Doctor."

You've got to understand

the seriousness of your condition.
What condition?

I'm tip-top.
I'm running the London Marathon.

Maybe next year.
Come on, Dad. Be serious.

I'm fine. I'm fit as a fiddle!

You'll make sure to ring the surgery
for another appointment? Of course.

I'll show you out.

Thank you.

You could have told me you were
working for one of my patients.

I nearly had a heart attack
when you walked in. You're not
stalking me, are you?

I'd see you more if I were. I
didn't know Frank was your patient.

Nice surprise, though.

I'll see you soon.

Yeah, of course, it was just a bulb.

Look, if you don't stop going on
about ghosts, I swear, I'll dump you.

Yeah, and guess
who'll be crying, then?

All right, then, babe.

All right, bye.

"I can't wait to spend the night
with you."

I hope she's worth it.

Going anywhere nice?

Pictures. Oh!

How much are the tickets now, then?
Half a shilling?

Something like that, yeah.

You must be earning a packet.
What did you say you did?

Looks like rain...
Probably only a passing shower.

Even light rain gets you wet.

Have a good evening, ladies.

Off to the pictures, indeed!

Perhaps that's where Billy Lamb
is taking Walter for his quiet talk.

Stop it, Mam. What, do you think
they're discussing the weather?

No good's going to come of it.
You mark my words.

So... how are my religious relics?

They're safe.

They'd better be.

We've got another job on tomorrow.


Be at Grayson's, the debt
collector's place, at three.

Is it dangerous?

'Tis if you don't come.

Close your mouth.

I can see your tonsils.

"I can't wait to spend
the night with you."

I've decided what I'm going
to have on mine.

What are you looking at?

What was so urgent that we had to
meet in the graveyard after dark?

I had to tell them I was going
to the flicks. To see what?

I don't know, Patrick, cos I'm here
with you. New Cagney one's good.

Tell me the plot, cos I'm going
to have to sound convincing.

Just mention the grapefruit.

What? Grapefruit.

It's what Cagney has for breakfast
in the film.

He sticks it in the bird's face.

Grapefruit! You know! I don't know,
I haven't seen the film! Could we
not just have met up in the morning?

What if Seamus has opened his trap?
What if they're looking for us now?

We've been through this before
and we decided to stay put, right?

We're in a big city.
Yeah, and I don't like it.

Every man and his dog feels he has
the right to call me "Paddy".

The girls are all bog-eyed
and the money isn't lasting.

Not all the girls.


There's no "Oh-ho".

A-ha, now, come on, who is she?

Tell Uncle Pat. Listen, Uncle Pat,
your money would last a lot longer
if you didn't drink it all away.

Two black cats walked away from me
this week. Two.

Cats? Black cats.

Would you be sensible, man?

What attracts more attention
than an Irish fella?

A new Irish fella.

They're getting used to us now.
We just need to stay put.

have you seen my fishing gear?


Ah, the cavalry.

Can you see if you can get
my fishing rods out of that
lot of mess down there?

I'm going fishing tomorrow.
What? Why? To get more exercise.

You heard the doc.

He didn't prescribe
sitting for hours in the cold.
You can't do that any more.

I've had carp out of that canal.

Well, it's their lucky day, then.
Come on, get in your chair.

Don't get old, Ellie...

not if you don't want
to be treated like a child.

Enjoying sneaking around?

Hey, you seen enough?
I've seen nothing.

Keep it that way.

When are you going
to tell Gracie the truth?

You what?

About losing your job.

You'd better watch yourself, Paddy.

Or what?
Or I'll murder you where you stand.

I'd like to see you try.

Don't start something
you can't finish, Walter.

Any post, Frank?

Did you get the money
for the bracelet?

Good girl.

Now, tell the gaffer you're sick.

I'll meet you at the gate.

Mrs Bates wants us there
at half past one.

What you two whispering about?
If your nose were any longer
you'd have to blow it in the yard.

My Harold used to shake like that.
He'd been in a war.

What's your excuse?

Bet the trenches were a doddle
compared to living with you.

Well! No need for that sort
of rudeness, is there?

Happy birthday, Dad. 21 again. 'Ey,
I hope there's a cheque in here!

Happy birthday, Frank. Oh, smashing.

Is it a book?!

Oh, joy, I see he's ordered
his usual birthday breakfast.

Yes, but I put my foot down
with the fried bread.

If you can't go to the fish,
you let the fish swim to you.

We're going to go down the
garden centre this weekend
and you can choose what you want.

Oh, I've always fancied tropical.
Oh, it's lovely, thanks.
Happy birthday Frank!

Oh, I knew there'd be advantages
to having you lot move in!

What's that, then?

Oh, that's lovely!

I found it in my room.

It's the year before you were born.

Is it all right?
All right? It's wonderful!

Put that wireless on, Gracie, love.

Quality apparatus, is that.

Now, where did an Irishman
get the money to pay for that?

That's the question.
He works. He told me.

Ah, but is it a gift
or a loan that wants paying back?

What you on about, Mam?

You don't get something for nothing
in this life, Gracie.

Take a look at yourself
in the mirror, love.

You're still a good-looking woman.

Don't talk daft.

I see what I see.

Must have been expensive.
Don't worry about it, Dad.

You've done us a massive favour.
It's the least we can do.

So things are OK, money-wise?
Define "OK". I'm serious, Ellie.

If the bailiffs are going
to come knocking, I need to know.
Dad, it's fine.

Yes, things are a bit tight, but
they are for everyone, aren't they?

Yeah, well, if you need any help -
anything - just ask.

Give over.

Right, I'm off.

And I'll see you later
at cake o'clock.

"Cake o'clock"! Bye!

Well, what right do you have to
give a 15-year-old girl the pill?
I think I'll come in, yes. Fine.

Who was that, then? What?
On the phone, who was it?

Oh, just a contractor.

Right, see you later.



Is... Is everything OK?

Well, I still haven't forgiven you
for not letting me see Mikey, but...

But you do know you can...

talk to me about stuff.


Thanks, Dad.

See you later.

See you later.

Where's your charm bracelet, Nana?

Oh, I put it away.

You never take that off.

The silver was getting tarnished.

I thought getting sober,
my life would improve...

but I'm probably going to have
to declare myself bankrupt.

Can't you talk to Ellie about it?

Talk to Ellie!

All she wants to talk about is IVF.

And my daughter...

Well, I'm not even going to tell you
what she's getting up to.

I used to blame everything on the
booze, except now there's no booze.

Is that you saying a drink
would make it better?


Here we go, Joy,
this is family for you.

Now you can see where I get
my devastating good looks.
Check out these handsome devils.

Poppy's even written the names in.

And who's that?
Ah, that's my sister Nora.

I've never heard you speak of her.


She died.

Nora Ogilvie,
what DO you look like?!

I'm getting married!

Mother of the bride and I haven't
even got a hat? Who's the groom?

Ted at school. He's got a bike.

Come here.
What are you even wearing?

That antimac...

antimaca... Antimacassar.

The doily thing
from the upstairs chair.

Is that Violet's Sunday frock?
I'll get it soon, anyway.

No, you won't.
That's got years left in it.

But she doesn't fit in it any more.
Course she does.

Doesn't. I've seen her fat tummy.

Hi, it's me.
Oh. You can't be long, I'm afraid.

Are you still freaked out
about yesterday? No.

No, just a bit shocked
to see you there, that's all.

Well, it's Frank's birthday tea
this evening, so maybe
I can cook for you tomorrow?

I'll check my diary! Now that I'm
staying, everything will be better.

We don't have to sneak around.
We can see each other all the time.

So... tomorrow evening?

I'll, er... I'll let you know.

OK. Bye.


Is it lunch soon, Mam? I'm starving.

We're waiting for Violet.
Now wipe the table.

Edna at school's got a cat
AND a rabbit.

Can I have a rabbit?

Course you can - in a pie!

Dad, can I have the card?

Mam, I've got cinema stars...

Laurel and Hardy!

Go wake your grandmother up from
her nap. She's gone for a walk.

That's a first.
Normally only gets off her backside
to have a little lie down.

Mrs O...

Jack. Just bumped into
your mam and Violet.

In a mighty hurry, they were.
Where were they?

Down near Peterson Street.
Everything all right?

Fine, thank you.

Can you finish these? I've got
to nip out on an errand. What?!

Watch Nora. Well, where are you
going? Look, you can't go out.
I-I-I've got... Gracie!

I feel sick. No, you'll be fine.
You'll be fine. You can trust me.

The sooner we get there,
the sooner it'll be over.

There we are.

Violet! Mam...

How far gone are you?
Gracie, go home, love.

I'm talking to my daughter.

How far gone are you?
Now, look, it's all fixed.
Tomorrow, there won't be a problem.

Mam... I'll deal with this.

Leave it off.



I'm going out.

Stay put, chick. No going out.

Nana said that her way
would be easier.


You think it's easier
to die on a dirty table?


your grandmother's
worried about shame,

about the neighbours
calling you a trollop

because you've a baby in your
belly and no ring on your finger.

But you know what's worse than that,
much worse?

Me having to bury you
because I didn't have
the guts to stand by you.

It's not just the babies
that die in those places.

You made a mistake.

I'm not going to let you pay for it
with your life.

Having a baby's not the
end of the world, you know.

I'm 15!

There's things that I want to do.

I don't want to be
stuck round here forever.

You mean you don't want to be
stuck round here forever... like me?

We were engaged.
He was saving up for the ring.

He said that when we were married...

Have you not got the sense you were
born with? Anything that a man says

when he's trying to get his way
with you should be written in water.

Where is he now?

There are other ways, you know.

Like what?

Well, let out your dresses,
and then... What about Dad?

We'll find a way,
but we'll have to keep it from Dad.

He'd strangle you
if he ever found out.

You managed to fit me in, then?
Billy, I've had an idea.

When I get myself back on me feet,
I'll get a job, a good job, and
I'll pay you back a bit every month,

and I'll knock the gambling
on the head.

You've got it all worked out.

I don't think we're
going to do that.

Lucky for you...
this job requires a coward.

I need a man who can yell.

The gentleman I'm going in there to
see, I have to show him that no man,
friend or foe,

screws with Billy Lamb.

And you're...

standing lookout.

Think you can manage that?

Good lad.

The landlady's washed her
husband's socks in that beer.

I might have another one.

I got you a present.

Well, I didn't get it for you.
I got it for a girl,

but she never turned up.
Maybe you can give it to your girl.

What girl?
The one you mentioned yesterday.

I was going on about all the girls
being bog-eyed,
and you said, "Not all,"

and that means you have one
and she's definitely not bog-eyed.
What goes through your head, man?


It's going to take more
than a couple of notes to
buy two fares to America.

We agreed we were staying put.

Or did another black cat
run away from you?
You're not on your holidays.

The longer we stay here,
the more dangerous it gets.
James Duffy is on his way over here.

They're never going to send
James Duffy. I heard they have.

He never liked me.

Come on. America.
Time for a new start.

Onward and upwards.



Ah! Ah!

Oi! What are you playing at?

Right, we can't wait any longer.
It's time to give pussycat her tea.

Come on, dolly.

Here, puss, puss, puss.


Come on. Come on.

Here, puss, puss, puss. Come on.

Come on. Come on...


Happy birthday, Dad!
Happy birthday, Frank.

Oh! Ta. Yeah.

OK. Cut the cake.

I just can't face going
back to more of the same.

Avoiding things is what got you into
trouble in the first place, Nick.

What is it you're not facing?

Fancy a coffee or something?

You see? Avoidance, a prime example!
I just want a coffee.

Fine. But don't think this gets you
off the hook.




Hey, Nora.

Nora! Nora, talk to me, Nora.

Come on, love. Come on.

Up you come. Come on.

Nick, it's me. Where are you?
You're missing the cake.


Where's the bubbly?
You'll give me a heart attack!

Oh, get away with you.
You've the heart of an ox.

I didn't think it would be right
to put this one in the album, Frank.
I mean, someone's torn it.

Was that your mum? Yeah.

So who's the man, then?

Hey. She's hurt. Nora, sweetheart!

Nora, talk to me! What's happened?
I found her in the graveyard.
She must have fallen.

Sweetheart, open your eyes. How
long's she been out? I don't know.
I'll get the doctor. You take her.

Nora, Nora, Nora...

Tell Mam where it hurts, sweetheart.
Tell Mam.

My head hurts, Mam.

Let me see.

Nora's fallen.
She's unconscious in the house.

I'm going for the doctor.



What happened? Dad!

Dad's here, darling.

I'm sorry. There was a kitten.

You've nothing to be sorry for.

I'm going to be...


Poppy, I want you to have this.

It's me sister's, Nora -
she used to collect them.

It's a family heirloom.

Oh, Frank, you can't give me this.

Yeah. You're family.


It's so much easier
talking to you than Ellie.

Oh, cos I don't judge you,
so you're not risking anything.

You have been... so great.

No, seriously.


I don't know what I'd do
if I didn't have you.

I think it's time to go home.

No, it's definitely time to go home.

Erm... now I feel really silly.

I'm sorry. I...

Nick... go home.

You need to talk to the people
that matter to you.

I just thought that you...


I'm sorry.

Give over! You'll wear
the floorboards out.

Thank goodness you found her.

You're supposed to get more
than three slices out of a loaf.

Give it here.

Someone else can have the crust -
it doesn't suit me dentures.

She's asleep now.
The doctor said to watch her tonight
but she should be fine tomorrow.

Why weren't you here?

Where were you?


'How are you going to win
a competition without a camera...?'

Hey! This has been
the best birthday ever.

Hm. But you say that every year.

Every year it's true.

Hey, I can't wait to fill
that tank up with fish.

It'll be like the
South Seas in here.

So you like it, then? Oh, I love it.

Oh, Dad,

the present I really want
to give you is a grandchild.

You will. Just give it time.

It doesn't seem to be
happening naturally.

Look, ever since you were this high,
you've always wanted everything now.

Just be patient.
It'll happen, sweetheart.

Gambling. You were gambling.

No, I...

I thought you were a
better liar than that, Walter.

All these years I've had people say
to me, "Why do you put up with him?"
I thought you loved your kids.

I do. Not enough.

I wasn't gambling!

I was... with a mate.

Oh, please! Who's that, then?
Billy Lamb, I suppose. No...

I should have shut the door in your
face when you first came calling.
I wish I'd never married you.


Dad... I need to ask you something.
Fire away.

I hate asking this,
but you know earlier, when you said
that you could lend us some money?

Yeah, of course, and you said "no".
I've changed me mind.

Oh, that's all right.
I'll get me cheque book. It's
going to be a bit more than that.

Will you sign the house over to me?

See, I need to get a loan for IVF
and this is the only thing
I can think of.

I mean, if we put the house in my
name, it'll still be your house.

Of course, it's always
going to be your house, Dad,

and obviously we'd never, ever throw
you out or anything like that,

but, Dad, I'm at me wits' end.

It just seems like
the perfect solution. Ellie...

I know it's an awful lot to ask.
Just slow down.

When you talked about a loan,
I presumed you meant a couple of
hundred quid for a gas bill.

I mean, this is very different. I
know, I know it is. I just thought...

I'll think about it, eh? OK.


I just wanted to see how she was.

She's fine.
I just can't get her to settle.

Can I try something?

♪ Too-ra, loo-ra, loo-ra... ♪


Always works a treat. My mum used
to sing it to me all the time.

At least she was more tuneful than
me. You've got a lovely voice.

Here... for when she wakes up.

She'll like that.

Are you going to sit up all night?

I couldn't sleep if I tried.

I could sit up with you, if you like?

No more singing.

Scotch. A large one.

Has Walter Ogilvie been in tonight?

Not tonight, Billy.

I'm going to wring his neck.

Watching her sleeping,

she looks like an angel.

She looks like you.

When I saw you carrying her,
I thought... I know.

I know.

I should be off soon.
Yeah, it's getting late.

I don't mean to bed, Gracie.
I mean permanently.


The thing is...

I really hated
Manchester at first and now...

I really don't want to leave.
Why's that?

Cos I'm falling in love with you.

Nobody's going to get killed.
We are, if we stay here.

Where's Dad? I don't want him
finding out about the baby.

Sorry, Walt,
but if you're in trouble with Billy
Lamb, I don't want to be involved.

Stay away from my daughter.

You ruined my childhood
and now you're trying to ruin
the rest of my life.

You're not going to do anything
hasty, are you?

Like what? Tell your wife?

There's things that I really need
to tell you. What have you two done?

Maybe I should move on altogether?
That's just blackmail.
I just wanted a baby.

I should feel guilty. I feel alive.

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