30 for 30 (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Four Days in October - full transcript

When the night of October 16, 2004 came to a merciful end, the Curse of the Bambino was alive and well. The vaunted Yankee lineup, led by A-Rod, Jeter, and Sheffield, had just extended their ALCS lead to three games to none, pounding out 19 runs against their hated rivals. The next night, in Game 4, the Yankees took a 4-3 lead into the bottom of the ninth inning, then turned the game over to Mariano Rivera, the best relief pitcher in post-season history, to secure yet another trip to the World Series. But after a walk and a hard-fought stolen base, the cold October winds of change began to blow. Over four consecutive days and nights, this unlikely group of Red Sox miraculously won four straight games to overcome the inevitability of their destiny. Using extensive archive coverage from that week, Major League Baseball Productions will produce a film in "real-time" that takes an in-depth look at the 96 hours that brought salvation to Red Sox Nation and made baseball history in the process.

[suspenseful music playing]

Now here's an up and coming young player.

The name is Ruth.
The Yankees have just purchased him

from the Boston Red Sox.

[news commentator]
Babe, no good here at Yankees Stadium.

[commentator] Don Zimmer
throws a punch at Pedro Martinez.

They're attacking A-Rod. Going at it.

[commentator] This only heightens
the anger between these two teams.

[commentator] Deep to left,
Yastrzemski will not get his home run!

[news commentator] Out here in Boston
and they have beat the Red Sox again.

[commentator] One hundred fifteen
pitches on the night,

Grady Little is gonna stick
with his starters.

There's a fly ball deep to left.

It's on its way. There it goes.

And the Yankees
are going to the World Series.

Boston has written another chapter

into their tortured history.

[commentator] And now it is 19 to 8.

[commentator] This has got to be
one of the worst massacres

in any post-season game ever
in the history of baseball.

This tonight it's actually embarrassing.

I mean, it's an embarrassing loss
in the playoffs.

[commentator] The Yankees lead the series
three wins to none.

[commentator] Now the big question
around here is,

will the Red Sox come back?

I think they're done.

It's over.

[Terry] It was disappointing
for everybody.

But, we're not done.

And, uh, I fully expect
we'll come out tomorrow,

and play our ass off.

[suspenseful music playing]

-[Bill] Did you go to game three?
-[Lenny] No, no.

I didn't go to game three.

And I'm glad I didn't.
Because I would of went out of my mind.

It was 19 day.
I go into Dunkin' Donuts the next morning.

Everyone's in a bad mood.
The people in line are bad.

The people serving are bad.
Someone says, "You suck."

Someone says, "No, you suck."
Everyone said, "We all suck."

I said, "We're last. We're down
three games to zip to the Yankees,

and we're never gonna get
this close again.

This was gonna be the--we can do this."

And, I just was--I was crushed.

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] It's time to make history
for yourselves, Red Sox.

Yankees go at it again tonight.

Game four. We're over at Fenway.

At this stage, realistically,

everyone knows what the challenge is.

And no team in baseball history
has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit.

Live from Fenway Park
in Boston, Massachusetts,

it's New York Yankees baseball game four

of the American
League Championship Series.

How do you come back from this?

Being embarrassed on your home diamond,

by your most hated rival.

-[Kevin] All I'm saying--all I'm saying--
-[commentator] It's embarrassing, man.

-[Kevin] What's embarrassing?
-You guys are better than this.

Well, I mean, you know, it happens.

-It's baseball.
-You guys are better than this.

We wanted to go in
a championship series and lose.

-That was our--that was our job.
-Come on.

If we can get swept, that was our--
that was our whole, whole job.

[commentator] Come on.

But let me tell you,
don't let us win today.

-Okay. That's a start.
-And we got [indistinct] tomorrow.

-[commentator] That's a start.
-[Kevin] Then we got show game six.

[commentator] Okay, that's a start.

And game seven, anything can happen.
We can have--we can have you out there.

I'll put you on second base.
You know, game seven, anything can happen.

Dan Shaughnessy hitting ninth.

Then you can take that fraud comment back.

And then we'll be in the World Series.

This is it.

Don't let the Sox win this game.

To me, it was, give me that water.

Let's talk about what needs to happen.

We have a game to win tonight.

Don't let us win this game tonight.

Then, they get Pedi.

And then they get killed game six.

And game seven, anything happens.

I mean, I know you from Mass.
and I know you grew up a Red Sox fan.

But don't count the Sox out,

-that's all I'm gonna say.
-No. No.

You cannot count the Sox out.

Because if there's a group of idiots
that can do it,

it's us.

It hasn't happened
in the history of baseball.

But, don't let us win today.
That's all I'm trying to say.

Just put us to bed tonight.

Put us to bed. And put us home.

We'll be all right.

We just don't make it easy on ourselves.

Down and out, and then, pow,
Sox major take over.

[dramatic music playing]

[Bill] I think we just
didn't wanna get swept.

-No, but it was like, oh...
-No, no that would--No.

-...we're gonna come back and win four.
-Listen. We don't wanna--yeah.

We--it's like, oh, [bleep] these guys.

I don't want to get swept
by these assholes.

Yeah, don't let them--
Yeah, don't let these bastards sweep us.

Yeah, just win one.

[commentator] Two to one.
Yankees lead in the fifth.

[commentator] Swing and a right side
base hit right centerfield.

Here comes Damon, Cabrera scoring too

and the Red Sox lead 3-2

on a base that's loaded [indistinct]

by David Ortiz.

[Terry] When you start thinking about
winning four games against the Yankees,

it seems kind of daunting.

When you think about beating them once,
that's tough enough.

Tapped. Here comes the runner.

No play. And off Cabrera's bare hand,

and the runners in to tie the game.

Pitches to dirt,
he grounds to the right side.

Bellhorn, knocks it down.

Can't make a play.

And the Yankees lead again.

It's a two run sixth inning,
and a 4-3 Yankee lead.

And those rooting for the Red Sox

not happy to see Mariano Rivera.

[commentator] 8 and 1 in the post-season.

0.69 ERA.

Swaying in a weak ground ball,

the [indistinct] as we jam them again

with a fast ball and Rivera does it again.

[commentator] The Yankees have
three more outs to get,

and they will sweep the Red Sox,

-and move onto the World Series.
-[commentator] We go to the ninth inning.

The Yankees 4. The Red Sox 3.

[commentator] This season is about
to come crashing down around them.

This season with so much hope.

[commentator] Once the Red Sox rally,
this season is over.

[commentator] Mariano Rivera
will work till the bottom of the order,

here in the night,
trying to finish off a sweep.

[Terry] You know, you try to set up
the inning in advance.

You know, okay, if this happens,
this is what we're gonna do.

And I was down in the tunnel
with Dave Roberts,

and I said, "Millar is gonna get on.

You're gonna get on.
And you're gonna steal."

Just turned midnight here at Fenway Park.

The Red Sox are three outs away
from being swept.

It is four to three as Millar settles in.

[commentator] Here we go.

Millar ball one.

[upbeat music playing]

[commentator] Block.
And there's life for the Red Sox.

[Kevin] I can't get off the bat
quick enough,

knowing hopefully
they're gonna pitcher in Roberts here

to get my slow butt off these--
off these bases.

[commentator] Dave Roberts will pinch run.

[Dave] Kevin had such a great bat,
and he gets on base,

and Terry looks down at the end
of the dugout, and gives me a wink.

[Terry] When he left the dugout steps,
I just winked at him.

And that was my way of saying,
"Go get 'em big boy."

[commentator] Our pinch runner,
Dave Roberts, is gonna come in for Boston.

[Kevin] We knew he was going.
The Yankees knew he was going.

Are they gonna pitch out?
Are they gonna slide step?

Will the Red Sox try to steal a base?

[Terry] They threw over
a few times at first.

And he had little grin on his face.

Like, you could see
how much he was enjoying the moment.

[commentator] He's going.

He's certainly got a lead
big enough to go.

[Dave] I get my great lead,
and I'm feeling good about myself,

and then he picks over two or three times.

And I think that one of them
was pretty dang close.

[commentator] That was close.

[Dave] When you're in the moment,
everything is just quiet.

When you see the people in the stands,
there's no sound,

and it's just you in that moment.

Mariano held the ball on me.

[commentator] Mariano doing exactly
what a pitcher has to do

with a good base runner.

He held, and held, and held,
and it seemed like an eternity.

[commentator] Millar is still waiting
for his first pitch.

Roberts is going.

[Dave] You know,
as I was running, I felt good about it.

[commentator] Roberts had a great jump.

Good ball for Posada to throw on.

Posada's throw, Roberts.

My head was down, and I was chugging.

[commentator] Safe.

[cheers and applause]

Oh. Holy [bleep]

-Wait, this ain't over.

[dramatic music playing]

There's a chance here.

[Kevin] You know, we talk about my walk.

We talk about Roberts' stolen base.

But we forget about that bat
that Billy Miller had off Mariano Rivera.

He had to hit a ball on the right side.

And this was probably
the only guy in our lineup

that really did a lot of damage
off of Mariano.

[commentator] Here's the pitch.

Swing and a ground ball up the middle.

Base hit. Centerfield.

And here comes Roberts, rounding third,

and he scores the tri-run.

Boston is still alive.

[cheers and applause]

[commentator] And the game is tied.

Rivera has gone astray
and the Red Sox have light.

[dramatic music playing]

After nine, Boston 4, New York 4.

We go to extra innings.

At some point it became
like a life experience.

I remember at one point,
Curtis Leskanic came in.

[Lenny] Yeah.

[Bill] He's the worst pitcher in the team.
There's guys on base.

-He's getting guys out.

[commentator] With an inning and a third,
scoreless relief.

[Bill] So, it became officially surreal.

And then, finally, Ortiz.

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] Ortiz, so many times
the hero for the Red Sox,

trying to have the ball club jump
on his back one more time.

[commentator] The bottom of the 12, 4-4,

the Red Sox with a run,
would force the game five.

[David] When the situation come

of me facing [indistinct]

he was trying to not
let me get a stand in.

So, he was trying
to throw me the [indistinct],

start right at you
and go back into the plate.

On the inside corner a ball and a strike.

[David] He throw me that pitch
a few times.

I guess I was just ready for that pitch.

Ortiz in the deep right field,

back [indistinct]
will see you later tonight.

[cheers and applause]

[indistinct chatter]

[commentator] Jeff [indistinct]
is back, fellas, the Red Sox win.

His fourth career walk-off home run,

he will mobbed at home plate

and the Red Sox live to play again.

David Ortiz has set off another wild,

uninhibited celebration at Fenway Park.

[commentator] It's gotta be somewhat
of a demoralizing loss for the Yankees.

They were down to the ninth inning,
Mariano Rivera on the mound,

looking to close out a Series,
and he couldn't.

Is that enough to turn momentum a bit?

Do the Yankees feel it a little
after losing a game like that?

[man] Whoa! Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Big cat, big cat, big cat.

That's how D Or does it.

He steals second base in game four,

when the world knows he's going.

Well, nobody yet has won four games.

So, I mean, you know,
the Red Sox finally had to win a game.

You've got Pedro Martinez going
in the ball game tomorrow against Mussina.

And another great pitching matchup.

[David] We're three on one right now.

You never know what can happen.

You never know. Things can change.

You never know
what can happen from now on.

You got to keep playing harder to win,
till the last out.

[commentator] Thank you very much, David.

[David] Bye, guys. Go home.

[commentator laughs]

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] They thought it was over,

but David Ortiz said,
"No, not on my watch."

And the Red Sox do indeed
live to fight, and play, another day.

[woman] My friend's painted her toenails.

She brought her hairspray.

This girl hasn't changed in six days.

And I say, keep the faith. Keep the faith.

[commentator] You know,
if the Red Sox were a person...

-...it would be like that person

that you date, that keeps doing you wrong,
and is mean,

but then they just always do
one little more nice thing.

[woman] Eddie! Eddie!

Are the Red Sox still in this thing?

Come on, folks, deal with it.
It's already over.

You would have been better off
losing last night.

The series is never over, until it's over.

How can you say that?

Excuse me, guys.

[Alex] Oh, my God, somebody got Ortiz.

-Big Daddy in the house.
-Son of a [bleep]

[Terry] I think the mood in our clubhouse
has been the same all year.

[man] Look. Just look.

See kids.

[Mike] We're gonna go in here,
and see where all the decision is at.

Tell him we're gonna start game six
and game seven, what do you think?

-[Terry] Will you put that camera away.
-[Mike] Why?

You're gonna be in the bullpen tonight
by the seventh inning.

[Mike] Oh, man, I thought I was gonna get
to start the game seven.

I don't ever remember walking
into that clubhouse,

seeing guys down, or quiet.

It's just not the way they operate.

[commentator] Nelson, say,
hola to all the gringos.

-[man] [speaking foreign language]
-Hola gringos.

You know, their personality,
is their personality.

You can't really force those things.

Or if you do, I think it's wrong.

[David] It's nice out here today, huh?

I'm going to tell you some [bleep]

When I wake up this morning,

I thought my shoulder
was on the other side of the bed.


Hey, seriously.

My shoulder hurt to so bad
this morning, bro.

-I know.
-Come on.

There you go.

[Terry] They've been themselves all year.

I don't think that's ever gonna change.

[David] Ride or die.

You know what I'm saying?

You either ride, or you either die.

You got no choice.

Good afternoon, everybody.
And welcome to Fenway Park.

A cold Autumn afternoon.

The Red Sox try to keep the season going,

with game five of the American League
Championship Series.

[commentator] Pedro Martinez
against Mike Mussina,

and Joe, once again,
the season is on the line.

[commentator] [laughs]

Well, there is no tomorrow,
unless you win today,

as he heard yesterday.

If we hadn't swept, Pedro,
it could have been his last game,

because he's a free agent.

Hey, I'm a free agent.

-[Bill] Yeah, this might be it.
-[Lenny] Yes.

We may never see him again.

Pedro is a free agent next year.

[commentator] Red Sox try to get
this ALCS back to New York.

And at this point,
this is the biggest at bat of the night.

One of the most clutch,
post-season performers

in their franchise history at the plate,
Derek Jeter.

Here it comes.

Swing and a live right down
the right field line of base hit.

Coming into score is Posada.

Here is Sierra.
Now, here comes Cairo, the tag.


It's a three run double for Jeter.

Oh, come on.

[commentator] Boston Red Sox fans hoping
that they can come from behind again.

I think everybody is kinda like,
"Okay, here we go again."

[dramatic music playing]

[interviewer] In the eighth inning,
off Tom Gordon,

-do you remember that at bat?

I was just looking for one pitch.

Who's your papi?

Ortiz hits it to deep left field.

Back, hit the Monster and gone.

It's a one run game.

[crowd cheering]

[commentator] Ortiz does it again.

[commentator] The second in the series.
His third of the post season.

4-3 Yankees.

[commentator] A 4-3 score.

Nobody on or off, bottom of the eighth.

[commentator] And here comes Millar.

Walked, instead of the tying run
last night.

Oh, he walked in. He missed down and away.

The tying run is on [indistinct]
and he's coming up.

[commentator] And here comes Dave Roberts,

who scored the tied run
in the ninth inning last night.

Pinch running for Kevin Millar.

[commentator] This is like seeing
the same movie again,

two days in a row.

[commentator] Roberts with a big lead.

[commentator] There's no question
Roberts is in Gordon's head.

[commentator] Absolutely.

So, if you're Nixon you look
for a fast ball inside park.

[commentator] Gordon to the set.

He goes. Swing and a line
drive base hit right center field.

Roberts is on his way to third.

He's in there standing.

The tying run in the third.

The go ahead run is at first.

There's nobody out in the eighth inning,
and Jason Varitek coming up.

So, after pitching two innings,

literally earlier this morning,

Mariano Rivera is back in it
in the eighth inning.

But all it takes is a fly ball here,

and the Red Sox tie it.

Swing and a high fly ball to set it.

Bernie Williams, moving in a little bit.

There will be no play.

Roberts heads home,
and he scores the tying run.


[commentator] So, on to the ninth inning
we go on a 4-4 tie.

It's like from, like, inning 8 to 14,

it was like having open heart surgery.

[commentator] Swing and a drive down
the left field aligned toward the corner.

It's a fair ball,
and it hops into the stands,

a ground rule double.

[Lenny] The fans are really convinced
that God was against us.

[commentator] And a very lucky hop
for the Boston Red Sox.

[commentator] If that ball stayed
in the field and played,

the Yankees would have the lead.

But then--

-but then the baseball Gods came back.
-[Bill] Yeah.

Off the glove of Veritek again

his 3rd pass ball in the inning.

But one more fast ball and the Yankees

have the lead of 3-2.

And it's over. Varitek rolls on,

and Wakefield through all of that,

pitches a scoreless 13th inning.

[Bill] All the breaks
that we couldn't get 36 years,

they swing the other way all of a sudden.

[commentator] Now it has become
the longest post season game

in Major League history.

[Bill] I kept looking over at my Dad.

I remember at one point,

my Dad has this thing in his pocket,

and he pulls them out,
and he puts something in his mouth.

He's like--and I'm like,
"Are those Altoids? Can I have one?"

And he's like,
"No, those are heart pills."

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] And another golden chance
to win game five.

Ortiz marching up.

[announcer] Number 34 David Ortiz.

[crowd cheering]

[commentator] What a dynamic once hitter

this guy has been for the last two years.

[commentator] The Red Sox
try to hang on to their season.

[man] Come on David!

[commentator] Ortiz had a rip. 1 and 2.

Fouled away.

Ortiz clubs it down the right field line.

Hooking foul.

Tenth pitch and isn't back.

What an event here by David Ortiz
and this is something.

[crowd] Let's go Red Sox.

[commentator] It does not take a home run
to win this ball game.

Just a live drive base hit
in any direction.

[crowd] Let's go Red Sox.

Let's go Red Sox.

Ortiz bats it off center field.

Damon running to the plate.

And he can keep on running to New York.

Game six tomorrow night.

[crowd cheering]

[indistinct chatter]

He did it with a home run just last night,

and then he comes back, and does it again.

What David Ortiz has done is miraculous.

Ortiz is a [bleep] God.

A [bleep] God.

[indistinct] [bleep] [indistinct]

[commentator] And you talk about
earning your back to New York.

The Red Sox have earned a trip

to Yankee Stadium for tomorrow night.

I'll see you in New York.

[commentator] All right,
let's get out of the field,

while we're still alive on the field.

[commentator] If we thought last night
was wild out here,

this tops and it, and then some.

-I mean, nobody has left yet.
-[crowd cheering]

I think everyone will remember
where they were, when this one was played.


These are classics forever.

What a change of atmosphere, huh?

To send to game three.

And they're pitching
is in much better shape.

And big chill will be expected
to be on the mound tomorrow night.

[woman] First, tell us physically
how you feel?

Ready to go.

This was just a phenomenal night.
Phenomenal two nights.

Every night, every game.

I've never seen anything like it.

[Johnny] I know those guys are exhausted,
so hope--hopefully, um,

we'll sleep a little bit
on the plane tonight.

From day one, we believed in us.

I keep coming up with a question
I can't find an answer to,

-but why not us?
-[man] Yeah.

Why not us?

You know what, why not us?

[man] Why not us, baby?

[commentator] I think that's about it.
We're gonna say goodbye for now.

[man] Okay. Good night.

[dramatic music playing]

[interviewer] Hey, Curt, how is your foot?

Hey, Curt?


[commentator] Certainly all eyes
are on Curt Schilling tonight.

How long will he go? Can he go?

[commentator] Tonight Curt Schilling
is very competitive.

He's trying to pull a Willis Reed,

and pitching on a bad ankle.

[commentator] He can be somewhat
of an inspirational lift for the Red Sox,

but he can't be any more than that.

He still can't pitch
because he can't push off that leg.

He didn't pitch well the last time.

The Yankees know they can hit Schilling.

Boston's bullpen is spent as well.

I'm gonna take the Yankees to win tonight.

Each game is like a 50 act play.

It's remarkable.
You look back at last year,

and you said, "Okay, seven game, LCS,

how in the world are they gonna top it?"

The only way to top it would be
to have a team go down three love.

Have Curt Schilling limp out.

Put your great game six.

And get to another game seven.

Can he pitch a great game six?

I don't know.

[commentator] There's a light drizzle
falling in Yankee Stadium,

and it is likely to stay wet
all night long.

As the Yankees,
and the Red Sox get ready for game six.

I hope it snows tonight.

No team has ever been down 3-0,

and come back and won three in a row.

No team in baseball.

[commentator] The story with Schilling,

the ruptured sheath
around the peroneal tendon,

on his right ankle.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to Yankee Stadium.

[commentator] A horrible ankle injury
that many thought would cost him

the rest of what was left of his season.

Somehow he has recovered enough.
And he pitches tonight for Boston.

[man] First of all, healthy all
of a sudden out of nowhere really?

[man] Yeah, well we don't know
how healthy he really is.

I mean, uh, this--it's a big game picture,

but this is the biggest mystery
of his career,

I think, going out there tonight.

[Bronson] I was one of the first few guys
to walk into the training room

right after they had
done surgery on his ankle,

right there on the training table.

[man] [indistinct]

It's good enough.

Look at that.


[Bronson] It was amazing.
I mean, I thought at the time

it was semi-barbaric.

[commentator] I can't ever remember
this place being more alive

than it is right now.

[Curt] I made the comment,
before the series started about, you know,

I can think of nothing better
than making 55,000 people

from New York, shut up.

And I got out there,
and get my ass handed to me in game one.

And they were anything but quiet.

I had one last chance
to make that happen.

[cheers and applause]

[Curt] I was looking forward
to hitting that top step

and hearing those people boo me.

They fed me as much as any crowd ever.

[commentator] Blood soaked sock.
Around that right ankle.

Like a scene from The Natural.

Schilling climbs the mound and prepares
to take on this Yankee line up.

[dramatic music playing]

Let's see what Curt Schilling has

with is wounded right ankle.

Let's see if the Yankees
bunt up the first base line,

forcing him to move as much as possible.

[Curt] I was trying to--to keep
the heartbeat regulated,

and keep the, uh, blood pressure normal.

Because I knew once the game started,

there was gonna be a lot of stuff
flying from an emotional stand point.

[commentator] Schilling [indistinct]
swung on in the air to the right.

Nixon backs up a step or two,
and there's one away.

Yankees jumping on Schilling early.

Jeter swinging at the first pitch,
and now Rodriguez.

[commentator] Three up, three down,
strong start for Schilling.

[commentator] The 0-2,
swing and a miss, he struck him out.

Got him with the splitter,
which has been money for Schilling.

He's not holding back at all.

He's got a good tempo,
and he's being aggressive.

[commentator] Yankees have not yet
had a base runner against Curt Schilling.

[commentator] Bellhorn coming up.
Two men on. Two men out. And one run in.

[commentator] A man booted Boston
time after time after time.

[commentator] A swing and a drive
down the left field line. Into the corner.

Going back to Matsui.
Way back. That ball is gone.

So, the left field umpire
says it's in play,

but I think he made a mistake
on that one.

Bellhorn stops in second,
but the Red Sox are gonna argue.

So, now the umpires, all six of 'em,

will get together,
trying to get this call right.

And it's a home run, four-nothing Boston.
The umpire's got it right.

Curt Schilling is back to the hill,
this time he's got a four run cushion.

[commentator] How long is Schilling
gonna be able

to carry this ball game with the lead?

[Curt] I was more concerned with the fact
that I couldn't really feel my shoe.

My foot was bleeding,
and the blood was going

to the bottom of my sock,
and it was so wet.

And I could only feel half of my foot.

So I kept trying to have
to push my foot

and adjust my foot to make sure
my shoe was on tight.

[commentator] The question is,
is that the Marcaine itself

that they're shooting into that ankle,
or blood from the shots?

[Kevin] People say, "Is that real blood,
or is that Ketchup?"

Listen, this was a real surgical procedure
that went on.

That was real blood.
And he stepped up, big time.

[Lenny] Even to this day,
people say, "Oh, that was paint."

They go, "Paint doesn't spread."
That blood got bigger and bigger.

-And they kept zooming in on it.
-[Bill] That argument drives you crazy.

He's in the dugout the whole time.
There's camera's on him, everywhere.

Wouldn't you have seen him, like,
with a little dropper, like,

"Oh, does, does that look good?

Did that set in?"

[commentator] There's just so much
adrenaline flowing right now.

You're watching, thinking,
"Why don't they just punt every time?

The guy is freaking on one leg?"

[Kevin] It's a great question.
You had a guy.

A wounded duck out there,
that couldn't move.

[commentator] And I'm surprised
they haven't tested Schilling

getting off the mound to field
his position, with that bad ankle,

because I tell you,
swinging the bat didn't work at all.

[commentator] You haven't seen
the Yankees drop the punt yet.

That was something
speculated on by many baseball pundits.

[commentator] Right side, Millar.
Knocks it down.

With Schilling having to get over
and cover with that bad ankle.

And he was limping to first base.

[Curt] I felt like I was pushing
at that point. I was struggling.

It was kinda hard to get around on.

And I--I know I kinda walked
a little slower than I otherwise might,

getting back to the dugout.

Curt Schilling limps off the bat.

-It's a very pronounced limp right now.
-[commentator] Yeah.

[commentator] There's a big difference
playing with pain or with an injury.

He's playing with both.
He's got an injury.

And he, uh, definitely has pain.

[commentator] And Schilling now has
retired the last ten batters he has faced.

Dang. Just missed that ball.
You'll get him next time.

[commentator] Schilling has been as good
as you can be.

Yielding three hits
and no walks in six innings of play.

[commentator] Schilling
ends the seventh inning with a flurry.

[commentator] Three hours ago it was
unsure if he could get through an inning.

-[commentator] That's right.
-[commentator] And he got through seven,

allowing one run on four hits.

What he did that day was heroic. I
mean, bottom line,

this guy had surgery
on a tendon on his ankle,

and was able to throw
in probably the biggest game of his life,

game six in Yankee Stadium,
elimination game.

Schilling's performance tonight

will long live in New England
baseball lore.

[commentator] Curt Schilling
getting a lot of hugs,

and a lot of thank you's
from his teammates,

after seven brilliant innings.

And then, we had to bring in
Arroyo for relief, which was frightening.

Because we ran out of pitchers.

And it's 27 year old Bronson Arroyo.

And this crowd
with Schilling has kept quiet all night,

-not quiet anymore.
-[commentator] And the Yankees trail 4-2,

and they have the time run at the plate.

And Alex Rodriguez is in.

[dramatic music playing]

[Bronson] I took a little bit off
on a curve ball,

and Alex just skimmed it
right off the end of the bat.

[commentator] Off the end of the bat.

[commentator] Got it [indistinct] first.

[commentator] Rolled softly
up the first base side.

Arroyo off the mound again,
nobody's covering first.

He reaches out. Takes A-Rod
who knocks it out of his glove.

[commentator] He swatted the ball
out of Arroyo's hand.

[Bronson] Next thing I know,
I'm looking, and the balls

rolling all the way down
the right field line,

and Alex is on second base,
and, and Jeter scored.

Jeter coming all the way around.

It's a one run game.

[Bronson] And I'm just looking around,
going, there's six umpire's here.

Somebody had to see what just happened.

[commentator] I've never
seen that before. An error by Arroyo.

[commentator] Terry Francona
coming out to argue.

An umpire, whether it was home plate,
first, not only saw it, but again,

that's a tough place to make a call.
Especially at that magnitude.

[commentator] Now the umpires,
they're gonna get together

and see if anyone else saw A-Rod

swipe it out of the glove of Arroyo.

At the moment it is four to three,

and the possible tie run has moved
into scoring position on a catastrophe.

[commentator] I know when that ball
was trickling down the right field line,

Red Sox fans were thinking,
here we go again.

[Bronson] But I know what I saw.

Thankfully, the umpire saw it also,
and they made the right call.

And they're gonna call him out.

[commentator] He's out.

They got the call right again.

And they're gonna bring Jeter
all the way back to first base.

[cheers and applause]

They finally make the right call.

And then Alex was arguing,
and he's trying to plead his case

which, you know, I thought was absurd
that he was even trying to justify

the fact that that was just
his running motion.

[Bill] That's when I felt like,
all right, Karma.

-[Lenny] Yeah.
-Now Karma's on our side

because that was such like a--

And he was like you know what I mean?

-Yeah, I know, I know.
-[Bill] It was great.

[commentator] He actually--he not only
knocked the ball out of his glove,

he knocked the glove right off his hand.

[Curt] The most vivid picture for me
that says everything you need

to know about that situation,
was when they called him out,

and he was on second base
and the camera's points to him,

and he's like this.

[commentator] A-Rod is looking
like a four year old

who spilled over the milk carton.

But he knows what he did.
And it's starting to get ugly here.

All sorts of stuff is being showered

onto the diamond here
at the Yankee Stadium.

They're throwing drinks and balls.

This is just awful.

They're throwing beer bottles.

Baseballs. I mean,
this is turning ugly in a hurry.

This place is dangerous now.

Yankee fans should be ashamed
of themselves. This is just terrible.

[commentator] And now they'll try
and restore order here at Yankee Stadium,

as the fans have gone nuts.

[man] Please [indistinct]

[Bronson] Very quickly you feel like
you're not at a sporting event anymore.

It definitely turned into feeling
like a war zone for a--for a split second.

So now we're gonna resume the game,

with the members of the New York
Police Department in riot gear.

And they are on the field, in foul ground,

down both the left and right field lines.

It's midnight here at Yankee Stadium.

Keith Foulke, day after day after day.

Game four, two and two-thirds innings.
Game five, an inning and a third.

Now working for the third consecutive day,
trying to save game six.

[commentator] Tying runs are on base.
Clarke is the winning run.

[commentator] And it's Foulke's game
to save or lose.

Let's go, Red Sox!

[commentator] The Yankees are one
swing away potentially from winning.

[commentator] The runners ready to go.

The 3-2 pitch. Swing and a miss.
He called fast ball.

Game seven coming up tonight,
here at Yankee Stadium.

[commentator] A tremendous pitching
performance by Schilling, Arroyo,

and Keith Foulke, who dies it again.

Whoa. Gotta make it interesting.

[commentator] Didn't you just feel
like there had to a be a game seven?

This stuff is just too good.

-One more. One more.
-One more. That's it.

And so tonight was Curt Schilling.

He was the story from the get go.

[man] Was this one
the biggest rush of all?

As of now, yeah. I mean,

I've never been involved
in anything like this.

This is one of the most courageous
performances we've ever seen in sports.

-That bloody sock, just said it all.
-Talk about cowboy up.

-I'm talking about John Wayne.
-Another gut wrenching, gutsy win,

thanks to a heroic performance
by Curt Schilling

with a big assist
from the Sox training staff.

You can talk all you want
about that area, but his heart is so big.

Extremely gutsy performance.
But an extremely good performance.

[Terry] I guarantee
he didn't feel that good.

But he competed,
and he pitched his ass off.

Maybe someday they'll say
that Willis Reed pulled a Curt Schilling.

[commentator] Willis Reed only threw up
two shots against the Lakers.

This guy threw 99 pitches.

This is one of the great post season
pitching performances ever.

I just can't explain to you what it--
what feeling it was to be out there.

And to feel what I felt.

[commentator] The Red Sox have been saying
from the start of this ACLS, why not us?

And the guy who's been
wearing that T-shirt around every day,

Curt Schilling.

[man] We're gonna
come back tomorrow night, and, um,

play the same way we played tonight.

-Play hard, and see what happens.
-[man] No doubt about it,

we have a chance
to shock the United States of America.

I mean, we win tomorrow,
we shock the United States of America.

-[man] What about the world?
-The world?

Alright, the world. There you go.

If they're watching in Japan,
we'll shock them too.

[man] This is something
that never happened before.

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] Eight miles
from New York's famed Broadway district,

the compelling theater
provided by the Red Sox and Yankees

is drawing rave reviews,

leading to another
epic game seven showdown.

A lot of people say it's the biggest game
in the history of baseball. Is it that?

[commentator] This is as big a sporting
event as New York City has ever seen.

Not just baseball.

One more. One more.

When you're putting a movie together,
writing a script,

and you continue to write drama,
but you can't write this kind of drama.

That's, that's why movies--
that stuff is fake.

That's why sports is the greatest,
because it can't be scripted.

-I liked our chances last year.
-I like them even better this year.

I really like them.

[Stephen] Sure, I'm excited about it.
I'm nervous. I'm hopeful.

Well, you have to respect 'em. I mean,
they had great fight. Great comeback.

And now we'll see
if they can take it all the way.

But the Yankees are the Yankees,
and George is a winner.

[singer vocalizing]

You've gotta be a believer in the curse,

when you see what's happened,

you've got to believe it.

I feel like I already know how this ends,

'cause I've been
watching it my whole life.

They killed my father. They're killing me.
I love that, but not so far.

[commentator] The Yankees know they're
about to play a game they cannot lose.

[man] They know too soon. They try
to beat us every year, but we beat 'em.

[man] It's gonna say jokers,
right on the front on the New York post.

If the Red Sox win this game,

this would be one
of the great sports stories of all time.

[commentator] Perhaps this is the way
the curse has to end. This final exorcism.

Coming back from three nothing,

like no team has ever done
in baseball history.

[singer vocalizing]

[boy] Do you think
you're gonna beat the Yankees?

`We better. If not, we're in deep trouble.

-In your dreams
-In my dreams?

I could feel the fear
with the Yankee fans.

-Oh yeah, I could too.
-"I'm not nervous."

"Why would I be nervous?"
"We've won 26 straight."

I'm not gonna lie. I'm not gonna front.
I'm nervous.

[commentator] Here we are. Game seven.
Truth is stranger than fiction.

And this big ball park already rocking.

[commentator] There is an eagle eye
look of determination

in the Boston Red Sox faces.

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] Well, one thing to remember
is the Yankees have never lost

a seventh game here at Yankee Stadium.

[commentator] Boston has written another
chapter into the their tortured history.

A stunning rally from three games down
to their arch rivals,

to become the first team
in Major League history

to come back and force a seventh game.

[all chanting] Let's go, Red Sox.

Let's go, Red Sox!

[commentator] Legends will be made.

GOATs will be born in one play,
one swing of the bat tonight.

[commentator] And so now
the New York Yankees take the field,

led by Derek Jeter
who heads onto short stop.

[all chanting] Let's go, Yankees.

Let's go, Yankees.

[commentator] The big crowd is revved up,

and this ballpark
may rock as has never rocked before.

[commentator] Base hit.
Damon trying to score.

[man] The one time I got a little bit
worried was--was the first inning

we had to base it to left field.

Damon is coming to the play.

The throw by Matsui. Cut off.
Jeter's throw. Got him.

[cheers and applause]

[man] They executed that play.
And they threw Damon out at the plate.

And I thought, "Oh no."

[commentator] I wonder why.
He was set with David Ortiz coming up.

[Terry] You could just hear
the gasp of the Red Sox fans,

like, "Oh, we came this far."

[commentator] Strike out
to win the innings.

[woman] I'm a teacher in a high school,
and all week we've been just a mess.

[commentator] Now, here's David Ortiz.
The big hulking left hand hitter.

And round--Ortiz, blast run.

-Right field. There it goes.
-Go, go, go, go.

[commentator] Gone. Adios Pelota
and Senor October strikes again.

And the Red Sox have gone ahead,

[commentator] Ortiz is taking
on the look of a superhero.

[Lenny] Big Papi
starts it off with a two run homer.

Which was like the Yankees fans
are petrified from that point on.

Yeah. Right. And then Damon
follows up with a grand slam.

[commentator] Damon hits it in the air
to right field.

Sheffield back.
At the wall. A grand slam.

[commentator] Johnny Damon
with one swing of the bat

has given the Red Sox four more runs.

They lead at six to nothing.

[commentator] And the Red Sox
have blown it open early.


There's not one fan of the Red Sox

in New England or anywhere else,

comfortable with a six to nothing lead,

in the second inning,
at Yankee Stadium in game seven.

[commentator] If the Red Sox
get a chance to tack on,

this game will be history.

[Johnny] I was working hard
the days leading up to that,

to find my swing, and game seven,
the swing was definitely there.

[commentator] There's another one
in the right field.

Johnny Damon is going off.
And it's an eight to one Red Sox lead.

[Johnny] Obviously, you're excited.
You're able to put some runs on the board.

But I'm just still focused.
Barely cracking a smile.

Knowing that we have
to keep playing the game hard.

[commentator] Don't even start to think
about painting that field at Fenway yet.

[commentator] But the Yankees
with a devastating attack of their own,

can hang five runs on you in a heartbeat.

Although Lowe
looks very comfortable out there,

pitching into his fourth inning.

[rock music playing]

[commentator] Got him looking.

Derek Lowe just looks sensational.

He's got a warm hitter going.

[commentator] Swing and a bounce
hit to the middle. Strike three.

[commentator] Solid innings.
Only one hit allowed. Only one run.

[commentator] That sounds good.
Derek Lowe has been on two days rest.

[Bill] What starting pitcher
starts at game seven, and two days rest.

-[Lenny] And he started the game--.
-He'd be a hero in any other city

and he's like the number eight hero
of this whole game.

[laughing] Two-days rest.

[commentator] And the Red Sox fans
are up and cheering in the New York.

And the Yankee fans
have been stunned here.

Just looking around Yankee Stadium,

it's almost as if the fans
can't comprehend what they're seeing.

-[Lenny] We knew that look.
-Yeah. Hey, I know that look.

-Hey, that's us.
-That's the "My life is crumbling" look.

-What am I gonna do now?

[commentator] They realize
that time is starting to run out.

The urgency with the Yankees
and their fans,

thinking, this can't happen.

The Red Sox can't come back
from a three games to none deficit.

[Lenny] I was swept up in the fact that,
wait a minute, things are changing.

We deserve this.
Give us this one--just give us this one,

and I'll never ever--and I remember
saying, "Just let us win this.

I won't ask again. I'll never ask
for another sports things again.

But I need this. I gotta have this."

[commentator] The Red Sox
now turned from Derek Lowe

to Pedro Martinez,
the great right hander.

[commentator] Well,
the mere presence of Pedro Martinez,

it incites and excites the crowd.

[commentator] This stadium
has just come alive.

[Bill] Once the crowd saw him,

it was like waving a baby
in front of a Pitbull kind of--

Yes. Especially after what the Yankees
had been saying about him.

[Bill] Oh, yeah, yeah.

[Pedro] They wish I would disappear,
and never come back.

I mean, what can I say,
just stick my heart and--

and call the Yankees my Daddy's.

[commentator] He just lit a fire
underneath this crowd

but putting their Daddy out on the mound.

All of a sudden here goes the chants.

"Who's your Daddy?"

[all] Who's your Daddy?

Who's your Daddy?

[Kevin] And you start feeling
the 60,000 people.

[all] Who's your Daddy?

Who's your Daddy?

[commentator] You gotta figure
that Pedro Martinez insisted

to either Terry Francona or pitching coach
Dave Walsh that he wanted to pitch.

[man] Did you expect
to pitch in this game?

Hell, no. [laughs] No.

[commentator] It is a head scratcher
why Pedro Martinez is in the game?

[Pedro] Also, I could be taking
my cleats off at that time.

All of a sudden they said,
"Pedro you in the game."

and all--I only got to throw
eight pitches.

[commentator] It was a seven run lead.
Now, it's a five run lead.

[Pedro] I actually had just one day rest.

We were winning by a lot of runs.
I, I couldn't understand why.

-Why, Terry? What's, what's the deal?
Yeah. I'll never understand why he did it.

And, and I've never really
heard a good defense for it either.

It meant a lot to Pedro.

What ended up being good
was it worked out.

[Curt] The game was never as close
as I think anybody in our dugout felt.

But as it wound down, it was just
affirmation of--of playing on that team,

for the entire year.

[commentator] The Red Sox
are two outs away from the World Series.

[commentator] Lowe has become
a full tilt cheerleader.

[Lenny] Now, we're on the verge.
This is--like, now it's three outs.

Now it's two outs. That, that was the--

that was one
of the greatest feelings of my life.

-One of the greatest feelings of my life.

[commentator] Red Sox, one out away
from the celebration at Yankee Stadium,

in the house that Ruth built.

[Kevin] Yeah, you started seeing
the Yankee fans were kind of leaving,

and the Red Sox fans were taking over.
They were louder.

[crowd chanting]

[commentator] Red Sox can't wait
to explode out of that dugout,

and start a celebration
throughout New England.

[commentator] The one all pitch.

Swing and a ground ball to second base.
Pokey Reese has it. He throws it first,

and the Red Sox
have won the American League.

Move over Babe, the Red Sox
are American League champions.

[dramatic music playing]

[Pedro] You know what, I wasn't relieved
until I saw that we beat them.

And, and we had finally
made it over the evil empire, like,

Lucchino used to call them. [laughs]

We did it. We did it.

[commentator] The Boston Red Sox become
the first team ever to win a series.

Went down three games to none.

[Kevin] Oh, you were awesome, dude.

We shocked the world.
We shocked the world today.

Today we shocked the world.

Not everybody got an opportunity
to do that. Sox nation.

[dramatic music playing]

What I'm going to remember
most about the greatest come back,

is that it was bigger
than the game.

[cheers and applause]

[Johnny] For the Red Sox fans,
it was 86 years of torment.

[cheers and applause]

Would you compare it
to, like, 1776 when we knocked the,

-the British out of, uh--
-Better. Better. It was better.

Are you kidding me?
This is the Yankees.

[dramatic music playing]

[David] Yeah, baby, yeah.

Get the [indistinct]

[cheers and applause]

Watch the hair. Watch the hair.

[Pedro] [indistinct] look at this.

American League champion,
oh, my God.

[man] We might never have another chance
to come into the Yankee Stadium

in the game seven,
and in front of their fans,

beat such a great organization.

And put some things behind us.
Like, '49, '78, '03.

But a year later, we're back here,
and we get a chance to do it,

and we do it, after being down 3-0.

So, that's incredible.

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] Look at this outside.
This is a live shot,

right outside of Fenway Park.
That's the Cask 'n' Flagon.

[man] This is the stuff of legends.

This is one of the greatest
sports stories ever told.

Well, I've never seen a team like,
with their back against the wall

as much as we were,
and continue to keep fighting,

and these guys are--
these guys are amazing.

Let's not break this thing.

[Terry] I do think it shows
that although we have a lot of characters,

they have a lot of character.

Hey, why not us? Why not us?

[Bill] In those four games,
every guy had some sort of moment

over the four games.

Everyone had their job to do.
And they did it.

[commentator] They whipped
the New York Yankees four straight.

And we won, baby.

We took that to another level.
That's it. Number one.

[indistinct chatter]

[commentator] An amazing
comeback story here in the Bronx.

We're going, all series.

To do it in that spot.
The most famous ball park in the world.

And against that team.
What an incredible accomplishment.

This will be a team,
and these will be players

that will never ever ever be forgotten
by Red Sox fans.

Whoo! Sox.

[commentator] For people in New England
they will always remember

where they were when the Red Sox
finished off four in a row

against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium
on Wednesday, October 20th, 2004.

That was our World series.

Beating the Yankees was bigger
than receiving the ring. [laughs]

[dramatic music playing]

[commentator] Back to [indistinct]
Red Sox fans have longed to hear it.

The Boston Red Sox are world champions.

[rock music playing]

The greatest Red Sox team ever.

[cheers and applause]

[all] ♪ Snap back to reality,
Ope there goes gravity ♪

We'll gonna do Disney World, man.
We're going on Disney World.


[cheers and applause]

[man] Oh, yeah!

-Whoo! What's that?
-Here with the trophy.

[man] Look at that guy.

[rock music playing]

[man] Look at that hair.
Is that unbelievable?

-For you though--
-Yeah, it is.


It is unbelievable like I--like I--
nobody believe we were winning.

You ain't lyin', Petey.