3% (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

[wind bell chimes]

[Antônio] Oh, the Offshore kindness!

It's endless, folks.

It's just like the ocean that stretches
as far as the eyes can see.

But today is a historical day.

They sent us a gift.

A window to paradise.

[light beam pulses]

[indistinct chatter]

[crowd] The Offshore!

[woman 1] Oh, wow!

[woman 2] A dream!

[woman 3] Look at all this food.

Wow. Nice place, huh?

[woman] Aren't they from the Shell?
What are they doing there?

Look, it's the doctor from the Shell.

They're in the Process?

Really? We're working hard
to send the turbine,

-and they are hanging out at the beach?
-Relax. Something is wrong.

My name is André.

I am broadcasting this big announcement
everywhere in the Inland.

This year, the Process will start early.


As the new Process Leader,
I invite everyone who's 20 years old

to go to the ARU office today

to update their implant.

Even those who removed their implant

can sign up again.

We will accept you back.

You are forgiven.

That's wonderful!

I'll be waiting for those who are worthy.

Long live the Offshore!


Long live the Process!


[crowd] Hooray! Long live the Offshore!


[crowd cheering]

We thought we were tricking him,
but he was actually tricking us.

André… he's your brother, right?

The Shell will lose credibility
with this announcement, Xavier!

Now everyone will want to insert
their implant back.

Michele, our plan can still work
if we manage to send the device.

There's no way we'll be able
to get in the ARU now, Xavier. Look!

There's no way. We won't be able to take
the turbine there.

Michele, relax.
We can figure something else out.

We can sneak into the Process building.

Maybe put the turbine in the sub.
We could do that during the Process.

We don't even have to sneak in.
We just need a 20-year-old on the inside.

Xavier, would you go?


-No way!
-But you're 20.

-A lot of people are.
-They don't agree to the plan.

-I don't have an implant.
-Just put it back.

-He's forgiving everyone.
-I don't like this plan.

How would I even take the turbine?
It's huge!

You don't need to take the turbine
to the Process.

You just need to move it to the rooms.

Didn't Marco lose his legs there?

Yeah, but it's just for one night.

You'll get in the air duct
and turn off the fan.

I'll sneak in with the turbine,
put it in the sub, then you can go.

Are you crazy? I'm a Toledo, I won't last.
There has to be another way.

The Gardrone!
We can tie the turbine on it.

It can fly to the Offshore.
It will make it there. I know.

No, Xavier. You're the only one I trust.



[birds chirping]

[Nair] Joana…

we all have the same goal.

Take down André as soon as possible.

I thought you supported your leader.

He has overthrown the council.

He's out of control.

He's arresting anyone
who disagrees with him.

What does that have to do with me?

You came here to negotiate, right?

André doesn't negotiate.

But we…

We have a lot more in common, Joana.

Many of us are prisoners in the RTC.

If you help us release them,
we can take down André.

Release them, how?

RTC's security system
acts on the implants.

If someone tries to escape,
a deafening whistle paralyzes them.

That was André's "gentle" solution.

He knew he couldn't wall in the Offshore.

And you know we don't have implants.

-We're immune.

You just need to deactivate the system
and release the prisoners.


If you help us,

we'll take care of you.

[soft music playing]



Take off your implants,
and you can take care of it yourselves.

This tip is for free.

But you don't wanna do that
and lose the privilege

-of being worthy of the Offshore.

We must act fast!

André will start an illegal Process

[Joana] Okay.

Under one condition.

After you take down André,
you'll have to end the Process for good.

All Processes, permanently.

That's what I thought.

[metal thuds]

[military equipment rattling]

Get ready for an intense Process.

From now on, you'll be my eyes and ears.

If you're more experienced,

get ready, because the Process
will be different this time.

And if you're new to this,
pay attention to people just like you,

brave and determined.

Thank you, André.

You can count on me.

[indistinct chatter]

[distant baby crying]

[nurse] Next!



What are you waiting for? Hurry up.

I see you're also from the Shell.

Yes. I mean, I was,
but it was my biggest mistake.

[doctor] I'm glad you changed your mind.


[eerie music playing]

[neighbor] Mom…

Mom, I didn't pass, I'm sorry!

Help me, please!

Help me, please!

[door closes]

Look at Jeremias.
He couldn't take two hours in the Process.

[Jeremias] Shut up.

I lasted longer than you did.


I'm sorry about that.

It's fine. It was for the best.

I have a lot to do here anyway.

Organize the closet, fix the stove.

What did they ask you?

Why? Are you interested, Xavier?

Did you forget everyone here's a Toledo?

-He'll be eliminated before the interview.
-[both laugh]

I'll be eliminated for not wearing
the uniform correctly.

-[Fabiana] Nice…
-[chuckles] Or because I'll be late.

[Fabiana] How was it, Jeremias?

[Jeremias] So…


[heart beating]


Dang. Implanting this thing
was worse than taking it off.


I'm not sure you're the best option
for the Process.


[Glória] Did you send for me, Michele?

[Michele] I want to talk to both of you.

Please, have a seat.

I know our ARU mission didn't work
because of one of you.

I want you to be honest.

Which one of you is against the plan?

-Nobody's against the plan.
-We already explained.

[Xavier] A bottle broke.

That's not what I asked.
I'm asking who sabotaged the task.

-No one sabotaged the task.
-We couldn't.

You have 30 seconds to tell me.

-What are you doing?

You don't have to do that.
We were focused on the mission!

-I mean, at least I was.

I didn't do anything! Are you saying
I wasn't focused on the mission?

No, Glória. You saw me with the turbine
when the bottle broke.

You said some kids threw it,
but I didn't see any kids.

Because you were distracted!
But I saw them, Michele!

And I also saw you had enough time,

What are you talking about?

Michele, I was on the lookout.

I saw when the kids threw the bottle
and when it broke.

Xavier had time to do everything.

No way, Glória!

-I went slowly so no one would see me.

-You just confessed you were slow.
-No, I didn't.

Enough, Xavier!

-Glória, leave me alone with him.
-[Xavier] What?


Thank you for trusting me.

I had to tell the truth.

Michele, trust me.
You know I didn't sabotage the plan!

-You know I was focused on the mission.
-I believe you, Xavier.

But you couldn't defend yourself.

-Glória passed the test, you didn't.
-What test?

If you're going to be a mole
in my brother's Process,

you need to be prepared.

This was the first elimination process
of your training.

Damn it, Michele! Fuck!

[chuckling] I'm glad it wasn't for real.

From now on, everything is for real.
Got it?

The first day of my Process,
they took me with another candidate.


She was my friend.

We were interrogated by Cássia.
She was head of security at the time.

One of us was a mole for the Cause.

I passed.

Bruna didn't.

But you were the mole, right?

The point is,
I had to deal with the situation.

Michele, but that's you. You know me.

I had already given up on the Process.

-It's not for me.
-You can't give up.

It's gonna be hard.

But I'll train you.

[Artur] You put the implant back.
You want to sleep here, eat our food…

[Cibele] Everyone is welcome here!

-I'm not okay with this. Get out!

Rafael is there, Elisa is there.
Even Joana is there.

But you're leaving! Get out!

[Artur] Go fuck yourself.

[Ricardo] Out!

Why was the Process moved up?

I'm here.

-I know.
-Who's the Process Leader?

Just pick your tomatoes.

You sent that note,

but you were not brave enough
to do anything.

I'm not a traitor.

Each Process has a pattern

according to the leader's personality.

Each test examines a type of skill.

Knowledge, emotional balance, logic…

How's André's personality?

Bigoted, relentless.

Damn it, Michele. I won't pass.

Relax. Some things never change.
The interview, for example.

Nobody in my family passed.
I won't pass either.

All you need is confidence
and a good story.

Why do you want to pass?

Why do you want to pass?

I'll be a great asset to the Other Side.

If I have enough merit, you'll know.

-I don't want to pass. It was your idea.
-I know, but you have to pretend.

Come up with a good story.

Improvise something.

[sniffles] Okay. Wait.

Wait. Let me think.

My grandmother…



It's a flower.

Many say it's a myth,

but my grandmother's mother saw one
when she was a kid.

She said it was beautiful.

I always dreamed of seeing these plants.

Bromeliads, fern plants, banana trees,
prayer plants.

Everyone says plants bring life,

but we only have sand
and dirty water in the Inland.

When grandma died, I promised myself

that I'd plant a bromeliad,
even if it was on the Moon.

But the Offshore is closer, right?

That's a good story.

We just need an object.

What object?


Perfect! Your grandma gave it to you.

[Velho] Your boyfriend gave it to you.

What boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend.

[Velho] It's for the interviewer.

You have to say
what the Process wants to hear.

[Michele] You have to say
what the Process wants to hear.

-I'm not a good liar, Michele.
-Don't think of them as lies.

You have to believe them.

What if I don't wanna lie?


[Velho] You don't have a choice.

[exhales sharply]

My grandma gave it to me
right before she died.

She got it from a cousin.

He's also dead.

Then he… I mean…

My cousin…

I feel terrible, Michele.

That's normal. You're learning.
Now, let's move on to the tests.

See that guy?

[Xavier] Mm-hmm.

What do you think of him?

He's tall, has straight hair,

-No, Xavier! Personality wise.

-I never spoke to him. How will I know?
-Look at his hand. Look!

He's biting his nails.

-That shows he's insecure, nervous.
-Got it.

Now, look at that girl sitting there.

-The one on the floor?
-Don't point at her.

Through the mirror you can see
how she's looking at him.

Look, she's into him! [chuckles]

Exactly! Come!

From that group, who would you choose
to take a test with you?

I think that guy in the middle.

He looks very sure of himself, confident.

His nails look intact at least.

That's what everybody thinks,
but take a good look at him.

He only cares about himself.

He has his back to that girl.

She would be a great partner.

-She's quiet, an observer.
-[Xavier] Got it.

Whenever you have a test with a partner,

you never know if that person
is with you or against you.

So you gotta choose someone
who can help you,

but that you could also eliminate.

All right, I think I get it.
I'll remember this.

-[inhales] I'm ready.
-No. The training just started.


[Michele] First step: breathing.

Anyone can, eventually, set up a cube,

but 40 percent of the candidates can't,
because they get too nervous.

Xavier, before you start, close your eyes.

Align your shoulders,

and take three deep breaths
to clear your mind.




[louder] Go!


[Michele] Focus on what you're doing.
Forget the rest.

Don't look at other people's progress.

You'll get distracted.
Focus on what you're doing.

[suspenseful music playing]

If time's running out,
and you haven't set them up yet,

steal from who's next to you.

-Take them! I've seen it happen! Steal it!
-I can do that?

[Michele] Yes! Take them!

Hurry up! You're running out of time.

Come on! Take it!

-I passed! Yeah!
-[Michele] Xavier. Take a good look.

If you can steal from someone,

someone can steal from you.

Be careful.

You've been eliminated.

[bangs] Damn it!

[seagulls cawing]

[waves crashing]


Why do you want to turn that on?

Leaving all the time can raise suspicion.
We need a powerful sound…

[loud music playing]

-Turn it down!

What's going on?

[Marco] He's paranoid.

Our house is tapped.

[Marco] Tapped, Rafael? Shut up!

What are we doing about the turbine?

[Marco] Elisa is going there later.
I'm tired of waiting.


Where have you been?
I've been looking for you.

Did you find what you were looking for?

No. It was deactivated.

Aren't you gonna ask?

Elisa and I checked,
but the cargo hasn't arrived yet.

[Rafael and Marco continue arguing]

-Did something happen?
-No. I was just walking around.

-[Rafael] They are watching us.
-[Marco] You're being obnoxious, Rafael.

[distant metal music playing]

[hollow thud]




[somber music playing]


[drums playing]


[indistinct chatter]

[woman 1] Good luck.

[woman 2] Good luck.

[man] I'm gonna pass. Trust me.

[drums intensify]

[Michele] Everything will be fine, Xavier.




[drums stop]

[indistinct chatter]

[Pedro] Hey!

Are you Jeremias' brother?

I am. Do you know him?

Man… So, you're a Toledo.

Holy shit!

I'd better stay away
if I don't want to be eliminated.

Hey, guys!

He's a Toledo!
Don't touch him. It's bad luck. [laughs]

Just kidding, man.

I'm Pedro.


I met your brother
right after he came back.

But he was doing great,
like he hadn't been eliminated!

It was weird!

Yeah, I know…


I think it's inside out.

[footsteps approaching]

You've been waiting
for this opportunity your whole life.

Here's my advice:

don't be afraid to do whatever it takes.

No matter the cost.
The Founding Couple was like that.

They weren't afraid
to do what had to be done.

I'm like that, too.

That's why the 3% I'll choose

will change the Offshore.

Repeat after me:

-thank you for the chance…
-Thank you for the chance…

-…to prove…
-…to prove…

-…that we are worthy.
-…that we are worthy.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.


If all As are Bs, but not all Bs are Cs,

is it possible for an A to be a C?

[voices over computer]

Xavier Toledo.

Nobody from your family
has ever passed the Process.

Ever. [chuckles]

How are you different from them?


I mean…

-[stutters] Of course I'm different.

They came here already defeated,
but not me.

-Are you optimistic?

The Offshore is made of realistic people,
not optimistic.

-But it's also important to be optimistic.

For example…

For example, my grandmother,

she always said that there are bromeliads
in the Offshore.

And I have always enjoyed gardening.

-She gave me this souvenir--
-I didn't ask about your grandmother.

Did you live in the Shell?

As far as I know, they have plants there.

Yeah, but not a lot.

But in the Offshore,
they have amazing species

cutting-edge technology and--

If you always wanted
to come to the Offshore,

how come you took off your implant?

And if you did it once,
how can I be sure you won't do it again?

I give you my word, I won't take it off.
I swear.

-I wanna go to the Offshore.
-I'm sorry, Xavier.

-I have to eliminate you.
-No! I need to pass!

Your background is not good.
Your answers are unclear and evasive.

-No! I need to pass!
-You're too naive.

-Are you attached to This Side?

-No, I'm not.
-I can't help you, then.

Please, reconsider.

-I'm really sorry.
-Look at me. I need to pass!

-I'm eliminating you.
-Please, don't. I need this!

I'm on a mission!

I have a plan! I'll destroy the Offshore!

Excuse me?

I'll destroy the Offshore
as an impossible dream

for all the defeated families, like mine.

I'm tired of putting myself down.

I'm tired of letting people laugh at me,

of people thinking I'm not capable.

I want the responsibility
to prove to everyone in the Inland

that your background doesn't matter.
What matters is where--

-Time's up.
-But I'm not done.

Please, candidate.

[breathes deeply]


We'll see.

Did I pass?

You can move forward to the next stage.



I passed.

I passed! [chuckles]

What's your name?

-Thank you, Denise!

I passed! [laughs]

[door opens]

So? Did you get it?


[loud music playing]

The turbine wasn't there.
Second day in a row.

You didn't have to turn this on.

-Are you sure?
-Yes, I looked in every fridge.


Fuck! We're falling behind.

André is no longer
in the Offshore meetings.

We're left in the dust.

We all knew it wasn't going to be easy.

We have to wait a little longer.

They will send the turbine.

One of us should've stayed
in the Shell, but no.

We trusted Glória, Michele, and Xavier.

If it's not here by now,
it won't be here at all.

But we have to stick to the plan.

-We have to think of another option.
-There is no option!

Don't let them seduce you.

[door closes]

Is that it?

You're not gonna talk to me?

What do you want me to say?

We're in this together.
We have the right to know what's going on.

Nothing is going on.

I want to know what's going on.

You lost control in there.

Nobody's getting seduced.

It's her, isn't it?

Are you jealous?

Of course not.

But I'm disappointed
because you're hiding something.

I have nothing to say.
I told them to fuck off.

[Natália] Who?

People from the Offshore
who are against André.

They locked people up,
and now they want our help

to release the prisoners
and take down André.

Joana, that might be good.

Nothing good comes from them.

But it might.

We have to talk to the others.

This could be our best bet
while we wait for the turbine.

Trust me.

Let me help you.

What happened to Xavier?

He left.

He was ashamed.

You didn't kick him out?

I don't kick anybody out of the Shell.

I'll never do that again.

The Shell is for everyone.

I know you believe that.

You've been here since the beginning.

I know you care about the Shell
as much as I do.

[Pedro] Less than two minutes.
I didn't have to say much.

The interviewer noticed
my potential right away, you know?

My dad taught me that you must show
confidence with your eyes.

What's up, Toledo?

Are you daydreaming?


How was your test?

-Good. I passed.
-Confident for the next one?

you'll need a partner for the next test.

I thought the cube was a group test.

Find your partner.

[upbeat music playing]

You two,

-follow me.
-[exhales sharply]

[Pedro] God damn it.

Don't screw this up, Toledo.

Have a seat.

[metal snaps]



André, are you really going to start
with this test?

Is that a problem?

Maybe it's too early
to start with this test.

It tests interaction, endurance…

and especially willpower.

Don't you think these are essential
to the Offshore?


-These are electric chairs.
-Are you gonna kill us?

The board shows the shock voltage
each one of you will get

and the total amount between you two.

It's 20 thousand equally divided by two.

At any time,

you can drop your own voltage.

But if you do, and your partner
doesn't increase his to balance it out,

you're both eliminated.

-I don't understand.
-The total must stay at 20,

otherwise, the clock will stop.

You have one minute
to finish the test. Good luck.

Fuck! Hey, get us out of here!

Come back! Get us out of here!

Easy, Toledo. Relax.

We can do this.

[distant screaming]


Calm down, Xavier. Calm down.

[breathing heavily]


[heart beating]


[electric bolting]


[strained groaning]





[grunting] I can't breathe, Toledo!

I have to lower it.

Pedro, don't lower it.
I don't wanna have to go higher.

[Pedro] I already lowered it.


Raise to a thousand, Toledo.

-[Xavier] No!
-Raise a thousand. I lowered it already.

[strained groaning]

[Pedro moaning]

[powers up]



[Xavier grunting on screen]

Shit! Pedro, I can't take it anymore.

Pedro, I'm gonna pass out,
I have to lower it.

-[Pedro] Don't lower it.

-Raise yours, Pedro! I can't!

Take a deep breath! Breathe.

-I can't, Toledo!
-Yes, you can!

-I can't take it. I'm sorry!
-Pedro, raise it!

[Pedro] Raise it again.



[strained grunting]

What she's asking for
is out of the question.

Ending the Process is ending the Offshore.

Not necessarily.
We just need to give up sterilization.

-Separate them from us.

It's against the Founding Couple's values.

[Nair] It was different in their time.

Offshore's first killer is leading
the Process, choosing the youngsters.

I know it's absurd.

Can you imagine the type of people
he'll bring here?


Pedro… we should each take 10 thousand.

You just have to take it!

Pedro! Pedro! Uh! Pedro!

Stop the test! He passed out!

Stop the test! Help! Somebody help!

Pedro? Oh, fuck!

[electric buzzing continues]



[Xavier screaming]

[alarm activated]


[ticking quickly]




You guys passed.

Take them to the infirmary
along with the doctors.

They're passing out.
I'm canceling the test.

The tests can't be easy,

otherwise we'll have weak people.

-Shit, Joana. Why didn't you say anything?
-It's absurd.

We didn't come here to take down André
and replace him with someone else.

But maybe then we can negotiate.

Negotiate? We're not here to negotiate.
Pff. Remember?

We have to try.

-We have nothing to lose.
-This Verônica…

-What did she offer?

They'll never agree to end the Process.
And that's what we came here to do.

I think this plan is more realistic,
and it can be good for the Inland!

They just wanna use us
because we don't have the implant!

[banging on door]

Son of a bitch.

-Fuck, they heard us!
-[Elisa] Relax, Rafael!

Joana, what are you doing?

Hi, Joana.

We can't waste any more time.

We're willing to negotiate
the end of the Process.

We just have to talk and…

Of course.

I understand.

When you were 20,

why did you come to the Offshore?

I don't have a good answer.

I came because everybody came.

But didn't you leave anything behind?

What do you mean?

Didn't you lose anything?


You're testing me, Joana,
just like in the interview.

If we are going to team up,
I need to know who you are.

We are very much alike.

We want the same things.

No, that's not true.

You've been in the Offshore
for over 20 years.

You turn a blind eye
to what happens in the Inland.

All the abandonment.

-It's really sad.
-The Offshore sabotages the Inland.

The Division pursues
those who are against them.

The Process separates families.

I left my whole life in the Inland, Joana.

I left my family behind.

[sighs] Joana…

André's Process is in progress.

We need to break into the RTC tonight.

Can I count on you?

[nurse] Xavier.

Wake up, Xavier.




Are you okay?

Thank you so much.

They told me what you did for me.

I'm really thankful.

Yeah, Pedro. Now you just partner up
with a Toledo to pass.


Sure thing.


Your necklace fell down.

Just one more night, Toledo.

[eerie music playing]

[fan whirring]

You'll get in and turn off the fan.

I'll get in the air duct
and send the turbine.

What if you run into your brother?

I'll handle him.

After the Pulse, André…

will understand me.

[fan whirring]

[Rafael] We can't back down
just because they're against André also.

[Elisa] We're not backing down.
We're making a deal.

I don't agree either, but we don't have
the turbine and have to do something.

If Michele hasn't sent the turbine,
we must think of another plan.

What plan? It will be tough.

We only studied the turbine
from the Shell.

We can't improvise. It's too risky.

What's risky is trusting this woman.
Do you know what she wants us to do?

She just wants us to go where
the prisoners are. What is it called?


Yes. We'll just turn off the system
that keeps the prisoners,

-and Verônica's people will do the rest.
-What if we get caught, Joana?

We don't have any weapons.
We're fucked. It's insane!

You said we shouldn't let them seduce us,

but you're the first one to fall
for their bullshit.

I trust Verônica.

[Rafael] Why?

What did she do to gain your trust?

Okay, Rafael. We get it.
You don't want to help.

We can do this without you.

[gate opens]

This is not the kind of help I need.

What if I give you what you need?
What will I get in return?

So now you don't mind being a traitor?

They are deceiving me in here too.

Do you remember your Process?

You got so close…

You used Fernando's death to eliminate me.

That's true.

But what if I told you

that this is your last test?

What if I told you
that your Process isn't over?

[drums playing]