3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Capítulo 07: Névoa - full transcript

Fernando finds an unlikely new ally. Michele undergoes a mysterious procedure. A crisis leaves Rafael torn between Elisa and his mission.


Hey, I'm still here!


Fuck, Elisa. You almost killed me.

Am I not here for exactly that?

Elisa. Uh...

This is dangerous.

Here's the thing, Rafael. Drop the towel.

Drop it or I'll shoot.

Raise your hands.

Did I scare you?

-I have 20 minutes before my shift.
-That's all?

Can you handle it?



Apart from the risk of you shooting,
I loved the surprise.

But there's the safety lock.

Today's my last day at the ARU.
Then, I'm going home.

That'll be good.

I like missing you.

I thought you could come with me.

I can't, Elisa.

You were fucking kidnapped, Rafael.

It was traumatic.
There must be someone better prepared.

Someone what?

You don't understand, Elisa.
You don't. I'm here on a mission.


My best friend ratted me out
to the Division,

I'm stuck in this shit,
and you will interrogate me.

-When it rains, it pours.
-I just came to talk.

-Nothing to say, sir.
-You can speak freely.

-There's no camera here.
-Nothing to say, asshole.

You're a shady guy, a traitor.

Everybody knows that.

But a murderer?

That's low, even for you.

I didn't kill Ivana, Fernando. I swear.

I've never been a traitor, Fernando.

Today, the one person who's ever loved me

asked me to go back to the Offshore,

but I'm not going to.

So, if I'm here

in this shitty place,

wearing this shitty uniform,
working for these shitty people...

it's because I still believe in the Cause.

[laughs, then claps]

Congratulations! Cool.
I got you. I'm even touched.

Did you rehearse all that crap,
son of a bitch?

I fell for that crap last year,
and the shit hit the fan.

I'm not falling for this victim act again.

Actually, the uniform suits you.

You look like a real Division asshole,
a real clown.

I-- I'm no traitor, Fernando.

-The Cause can't think that of me.
-Since when do you care

what people think of you?

Fernando, listen to me.

Why would I let you in with a radio?

Call Joana.

Tell her that I'm still with the Cause,

that I'm with you, that I can be useful.
I can help you end the Process.

What if I don't cooperate?

What will the threat be this time?
Torture, soldier boy?

As bizarre as this may seem,

you're the closest thing
I have to a friend right now.

Some good memories?

Have you talked to Commander Marcela?

-About what?
-I delivered the bomb, I played my part.

I'm not with the Cause anymore.
I need you to know that.

I wanna be here,
caring for my brother as best I can.


I have to know. Is everything okay?

We're very grateful to you
for saving us from such a great threat.

Then why am I here at the RTC?



Would you please lie down?

We're just going to run a few tests,
Michele. Relax.

Tests? What for?

We understand that you're on our side.

Today's test is just to guarantee that.

Are you comfortable?

Please remain calm, okay?

Try not to think of anything.

Can you do that for me?


[device humming]

Can you hear me, Michele?

I can hear you, Cássia.

[Cássia] You're walking towards a fog.

Walk through it.

You are completely calm.

Now, Michele,

I want you to return
to a special day for you.

Return to the first time
you ever heard of the Cause.

I'm in a bank.

I'm in an abandoned bank. It's windy.

But I'm not alone here.

He's here.

What did you say?

-What's that about my brother?
-Your brother...

is no longer alive, Michele.
They've killed him.

We will take care of you now.

[Cássia] Who's there with you?

The Old Man.

-André died during the Process.
-André died during the Process.

André died during the Process.

André died during the Process.

Now I want you to describe this place.

It's windy. There's someone here with me.

Who's there with you, Michele?

Who are you?

Tell me who your first Cause contact was.

I can't remember.

Tell me, who was the first Cause member
you've met?

I can't remember.

[grunting and shouting]

[Elisa] Next, please?

Have a seat.

I'll check your registration.



Let me update your photo.

Ready for the Process?

[Carmen] I'm a little nervous,
but I hope I pass.

[Elisa] Everything will work out fine.

Hi, good morning.



-What is it?
-[Iara] It's your registration.

-I'll have to check you up close.
-Why? Is there an issue?

If you want to do the Process,
I must update your registration.

-Excuse me.
-Slow down, please.

What is it, Iara?

The candidate won't cooperate.
There's an issue with his registration.

Seeing how gentle you are, I can see why.

What's your name?

Luis Carlos.

Luis Carlos.




Stay calm, okay?

I'll update your photo.

Okay. Thank you.

Anything else?

Thank you.

See? Just treat people nicely,
and they'll respond.

-[Fernando] So, how is it?

The food there.

Uh... There's fish.

A lot. Very fresh.
It's by the shore, after all.

I had never eaten fish,
nor seen one, really.

To me, they're like zebras and lions,
animals that don't exist anymore.

The truth is, there are good things there.

There are good people.

Once there,
there's a risk you'll forget it.

Forget what?

When you're having such a wonderful time,
it's easy

to forget the rest of the world,
so I have a method.

Whenever I have great wine or sweets,
any tasty food,

I force myself to remember my siblings
will probably never taste that.

-It ruins the flavor a bit.
-Do you have many siblings?

-Six. Six.
-Six? Fuck.

No wonder my family is all screwed-up.
How about you?

I'm an only child.

Just me and my dad,
doesn't mean we're good.

The Process managed to ruin even that.

If we managed to end it,
we might have a chance.

We had that chance. It's gone.

-What do you mean?
-We had a plan.

What plan? The bomb?

No, of course not. I mean a real plan,

erase the registration data.
How could they carry out the Process then?

-Without people's names and birth dates?
-Fuck, that is genius.

-Yeah, fucking great! My idea.
-Fuck, yes. Shh.

But the Cause gave it up.

See? I can be your guy.

-You know all about the registration?
-I don't have the slightest idea,

but we can learn about it together.

I'll take it from here.

-[Elisa] Did you take your vaccinations?


Good morning.

You could have woken me up.
I slept for like 12 hours straight.


Your face screams many names,
but I never thought Tiago.

Won't you say anything?

What do you want me to say?

-The truth, Tiago.

My name is Rafael.

This is who I am.

Then tell me...

why steal your brother's registration?

'Cause I couldn't accept...

that I only had one shot at life...

and stay in the Inland forever.

Everybody wants a second chance.

Who does that to their own family?

"The joy of having a child
is the most efficient method

to cure depressive feelings."


Never heard that, huh?

It's what they tell you
when you fail the Process.

I'll never forget that.
Neither will my mom, apparently.

She had a ton of kids.

My siblings and I
just represented her failure.

When I failed the Process...

the failure got bigger.

Not a single day goes by...

a single day, that I don't regret
what I did to my brother.

I'm sorry.

I must know.

Is there anything else
you're hiding from me?



Okay, then, Rafael.


How are you?

-Tired, but these are the last ones.

-Did you make up your mind?

About coming back with me?

Not yet. I'm here for my shift.

-Your shift.

Let me update your photo.


-How does it work?
-[Elisa] What?

[Rafael] The registrations.

-Where is the data stored?
-I access it through the network.

But is it in the registration itself
or somewhere in the Offshore?


Why are you so interested
about how registrations work?

I'm just curious. Can't I be curious?

And you came to ask me?

Don't you think I know you, Rafael?

Am I done?

Can I go now?

-Yes. Thank you.


What is it?

Somebody showed up today,
someone very familiar.

-It made me think about your registration.

He said his name was Luis Carlos Moreira.

My brother.

Yes, but not the one you're thinking of.

His real name is Rafael Moreira.

Looks like you started a trend
in your family.

I feel bad for the youngest one.

Whose registration is he going to steal?

What did you do?

I let him through.

But why I did that, I don't know.

-I don't know why I do anything for you.
-What do you mean?

Should I really trust you, Rafael?

Would you?

Here's a message from Ivana.

[woman screaming]

No, no, no.

Somebody, help.

Somebody, help.
Somebody, help me, please!

No, no, Elisa.

I need help.

I need a doctor here at the ARU.
It's urgent!

[Cássia] Very good.

Very good, Michele.

You're doing great.

Now I'd like you to recall
another moment, Michele,

another event.


Deep down, isn't that what you want,
Michele, to forget?

To start over?
It will be good for you, Michele.

Focus, and this will be over
before you know it.

Return to the day Ezequiel died.

[Ezequiel yelling]

[Michele] No, get out of my head.

-Stop messing with my memories!
-[Cássia] Michele.


I'll avenge his captivity.
I can't forget. I won't forget.

I won't forget it, I won't forget it.

Michele, you're at the wrong place.

Leave your imagination.
Return to your memories.

Go back to the day Ezequiel died.

What is your name again?

They tried to wipe the Cause
from her brain.

Thank you, Ezequiel.

[Cássia] Michele,
go back to the day Ezequiel died.


That's enough.

It's no use, Michele.

I know what you're trying to pull.
It won't work.

Stop that right now.

I'm doing you a favor, Michele.




I'm tired.

No, Elisa. Look at me.

Look at me.

Don't fall asleep. Stay with me.

I won't make it.

-I won't make it.
-Yes, you will. Look at me. You will.

Everything's gonna work out.
We're leaving this place together,

all right?

[Elisa] Who was he?

I don't know.

Did he try to kill you
because he was with the Cause?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Who are you?

I feel like I don't know you.

Of course you do. Better than anyone.

No, no, no.



[man] Hurry, hurry. Bring the anesthesia.


How long have you been here?

An hour.

Maybe longer.

How are you?

I want to leave this place.

-I'm scared.

Don't be afraid, Elisa.

I won't let anything happen
to you ever again.

Come back to the Offshore with me.

You can be happy there.

[woman on pa] The submarine will depart
in three minutes.

I'm going to the bathroom, okay?

[woman] We will depart now.

You did well, soldier.

Your fight here is more important.

We're going to get every one of them.

[Cássia] I'll take that weight
off your shoulders.

Don't you want to forget
everything they did?

Forget them,

all the bad things they did to you.

Forget all the bad things
you did, Michele.

I won't remember any of it?

Just imagine being able to start over.

Cooperate with me

and it will all be over quickly, Michele.
Cooperate with me.


You want me to forget about Ezequiel...

who killed Ezequiel.

Cooperate with me, Michele.

Forgetting is your only chance
to be happy in the Offshore.

[Marcela shouts]

[Michele] I won't forget.

I'll never forget it was Marcela.

[alert beeping]

Michele, give up.

Unless you follow my orders,
you'll never leave that place.


I'll go to a safe place.

[Cássia] Michele.

-[alarm wailing]

Michele, can you hear me?







You will never ever
leave this place, Michele.


Cooperate, Michele.

Wake up.


[door chimes]

Are you okay?

It's Elisa, my girlfriend.

She was shot with a bullet meant for me.

The Cause tried to kill me, and...

She almost died, Fernando.

-She almost died, and it was my fault.
-Is she okay?

Yes, she's on her way to the Offshore,


She's going to be fine.

The farther she stays from me, the better.

I know you're feeling sorry for yourself,
but now is not the time.

Someone needs our help right now. Joana.

-Did you talk to her?
-She's being held captive.

I've overheard the agents.

The fucking militia
will kill her tomorrow.

[door beeps]

[gun clicks]

Get away from there!


[Michele sobbing]



we have to run away.

Trust me.

-Let's go.
-Come on.

Commander Marcela,
she took her brother and ran away.

The procedure was incomplete.

I'll have all agents after them.

This way.

André, we can't stop.

This way.

-Up here.
-How do you know?

It's a place nobody knows.

And where are you going?

I'm in hell, huh?


This is much worse than hell, Joana.