3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Capítulo 06: Garrafas - full transcript

As the hunt for Cause members heats up, Glória wrestles with nagging doubts, Michele and Joana search for the bomb, and Fernando makes a defiant move.

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[voices chattering]

[woman] Did you see what you
did to the pastor's son? Did you see it?

I expected bad things from you, but that?

[Glória] Mom, what?

[woman] --your father's daughter.

-[Glória] Mom, what?
-You're rotten.

[Marcela] --and guarantee
there's no threat to the Process.

It will take place in three days
as planned.

I know today is your big celebration,

but I would like to stress
that any information,

however small,
which may lead us to any Cause member,

must be reported to one
of our Security Division agents.

Whoever brings useful information,
which may help us bring down the Cause,

will be rewarded...

and will start the Process
at an advantage.

The Process is everyone's responsibility.

Keep on preparing, and good luck.
Or better...

be worthy.

[Glória] Fernando?

[Marcela] You saw Ezequiel's body
hanging out in the open.

It was grotesque.

I am sure you are as outraged as I am.

What was hung there
wasn't just Ezequiel's body.

It was each of our own bodies.

It was the entire Offshore.

Anyone may be part of the Cause.

Anyone may be close to a Cause member.

Are we going to allow

all we believe in to be destroyed
by a pack of revolutionary shitheads?

It's time
to show them which side is stronger.

We have three days until Process 105.

Three days.



He's with the Cause.
He hangs out with Cause people.

Everywhere I go.
There's no place to run, man.

How do you plead?

I'm not with the Cause.
This asshole is lying.

-You are. Everybody knows that!
-Hey, buddy.

-Do you have the baton of speech?

-This is the baton of...

-When it hits your chest, what do you do?
-I speak.

-I speak.


He's pissed because Marcinha chose me.

-He accuses me of everything.
-[man 1] That's not it, fucker!

-You're with the Cause. Admit it!
-[man 2] You're dishonest!

[man 1] Admit it!
It has nothing to do with Marcinha!

-You are with the Cause!
-[man 2] I'm not! You are.

-[man 1] I am not. No fucking way!

Well, I'm a fair guy.

I won't decide anything. I'll just
take you with me, so you can think.

[man 2] How can I prepare
for the Process?

I guess the Process is over
for you, son. Let's go.

No, let me go!

What is it?
Are you denouncing someone?

[Ariel] Here's the deal.

Six prison cells.

The goal is to keep all six
after I remove one straw.

Starting now.

-Can I go?
-It's on.

-This game must be wrong.
-It isn't. Go on, you'll get it.

[Ariel] Mmm?

I can't concentrate.


Relax, Glória. You're just nervous. Look.

One, two, three, four, five,
six prison cells

with one straw to spare.

[mockingly] Ooh! One straw to spare!

We got a spare one!

[Fernando over radio] Joana.

-Go ahead, Fernando.

Did you see what happened to Ezequiel?
Were you part of that?

No. I don't even think it was the Cause.

Then who was it?

Stay sharp, anyway.

-There are agents everywhere.
-It's fucking rough.

I've been thinking.
What if people knew the truth?

What truth?

The sterilization thing.
That stuff is serious.

Knowing they can't start a family
on the Other Side...

would it make them give up the Process?

Well, Fernando, I don't know.
How would they find out about it?

Will you preach at the market?

[sighs] I don't know,
but what if they knew?

-Do you have a better plan?
-Aren't you the brains?

Figure this out, then.

He's the brains?

I guess.

Listen, Joana. I had another idea.

Let's follow Silas,
find out where he hid the bomb

-and handle it.
-I won't betray the Cause.

This is not the Cause.
It's Ezequiel's crazy plan.

You stole the fertilizer.
You're also to blame.

-And you brought the shitty flask--
-That's what I'm saying.

If anyone must handle the bomb,
it's you and me, together.


[man] Today is the big day.

I'm having constant dreams about my mom.
She's with me in the Process, the tests,

-sometimes she's even competing with me.
-That's normal, Glória. That's normal,

especially after the horrible death
of the Process leader.

And some will start at an advantage.

[Antônio] Rightfully so, don't you think?
Cause opponents deserve an advantage.

Yeah, they do.

Eat something.

[Glória] Thank you. I can't eat right now.

Listen, in my Process, which took place--
I won't say it to not give my age away--

I was determined to store all the food
I could, and eat it the day before.

I went a few days without food,
and then stuffed my face.

-And then?
-Then I threw up on the agent's feet.


What I mean is,
it's normal to feel anxious.

But there's my mom, too.

She used to say that I was a rotten seed.

Well, you know,

we don't choose our mothers.

But what if she's right?

[woman] Come on, girl.

-Mom, what? You have many chores at home.

I'm practicing for the Process.

Don't you get
that rotten seeds never pass it?

It's only for the worthy.

-Look, I drew the Offshore.

[woman] Come on, girl.

I will pass the Process. You'll see.

-I must pass the Process.
-Relax, Glória.

If anyone deserves to pass,
that person is you.

How can you be so sure
that I'm a good person?

You have no idea what I've done.

Glória, relax.

Today's procession will do you good.
It's your big farewell to the Inland.

It's time to leave family, friends,
everything behind,

so you can start your new life
on the Other Side.

[device beeps]

The ARU post is closing earlier
due to the festivities.

Anyone who wishes to update
their registration today

must come immediately.

Good morning. Slow day, huh?

-Are you here for an update?

I'm already 21, and I failed my Process.

It's too complicated for me, you know,
with all that technology--

-Here, let me help you.

-Look what you did.

-Get out of here!
-I apologize.

If it's not for an update,
get out, minion. Cockroach!

[device beeps]


[on device] Hello, hello, hello?

Hello, hello, hello?

Hello? Hello, hello, hello?

-[Fernando on device] Hello?



[woman] Let's dance, everyone!

[boy] It's going to explode!

[all cheering]

Let's look carefully.
The bomb might go off at any time.

-Did you find it?
-No. Just a bunch of black bricks.

For Silas to hide it this well,
he must not trust anyone.

We're looking for it,

-so he wasn't wrong about hiding it well.
-What goes on between you two?


-[rhythmic instrumentation]


Look, Ariel.

[coughing, then laughing]

[man] And it exploded!

[all cheering]


[both grunting]

Who goes down? Who holds it?

-Do you want to go?
-You'd better go.

You're taller than I am, you know...

It'll be easier for you
to hand me the bomb. I'll help you up.

-You'll be here all alone with the bomb?
-We can draw straws if you want.

[door creaking]

[both grunting]

I'll go.

It's dark as fuck.

-I can't see anything.
-Easy. Watch your step.

Fuck, Silas, where is it?

There's a cable.

Easy, it might be the bomb.

-Be careful!
-I fucking am.

So, what is it?

Fuck, yeah.

Fuck, Michele. Get back here!


Jesus, I'm really stupid.

[Joana banging]

Shit! Fuck!

[metal clanging]

[Michele grunting]

I thought you'd bailed.

You really think I'd leave you?

[Glória] So, there you are.

What are you doing here?

Where's your Cause friend?

-What friend?
-Do you know the agents want you guys?

Let me guess.

You came to wish us good luck?

You drank too much.

I did,

because it's my last time
getting drunk in the Inland.

Next time, Fernando,

will be in the Offshore.

-Didn't you understand me?
-I did!

I understood that you're just a loser

-who wants to fuck people's dreams. Shh.
-I'm just trying to help.

Shut up.

Do you know what you are to me, Fernando?

You're living proof that my mom was right.

I am rotten.

-Calm down, Glória.
-Calm down, my ass!

[man] It's starting.

[Antônio] Please.
The procession is starting.


[singing in Brazilian Portuguese]

Aren't you going to play?

I don't know.

What do you mean?
Give me this drink and go play.

I'll go.

-There's the procession crowd.
-Let's go.


Sorry, you two, I didn't see the child.

Come on, honey. Let's go.

-It's Silas. Run, run!
-Did he see us?

[Joana] Silas must not see us together.

-I can't see the way.
-We must get out of here.

[man] It's going to explode!

[all cheering]


Do me a favor and hold this thing.

-Let's go.
-At least they left us a gift.

Hey, everyone.



[music stops]

I have a few words for you.


Thank you.

Don't worry.
I'm not here to spoil the party.

My speech will be brief.

I thought about a conversation
I had with a young lady earlier today.

She dreams about problems
of her past every day.

I didn't tell her, but I will now,
and this goes for all of you.

The beauty of the Process is...

that it is about the future.

All you have to do is believe.

[radio static]

[Fernando] You need to stop listening
to this pastor, who only talks shit...

and no truth.


You know the first thing that happens,
when you set foot at the Offshore,

the so-called purification?

They sterilize you.

That's exactly what you've heard.

If you go to the Offshore,

you won't be able to have kids,
a family, none of that.

And that little story they tell us,

that we're seeds who will grow
in the Offshore, is a lie.

The Process is not the future.

It's deception.

So, don't go through the Process.

-[woman 1] Is that true, pastor?
-[man] Who is speaking?

[chattering indistinctly]

Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down. That's a lie. That's sabotage.

It's just Fernando
trying to sabotage your future.

Where are you, Fernando? Come out here.

Say it to their faces.


[Glória] Antônio.

Had you heard this before?

[Marta] Hey, you.

Hey, you.

You're Glória, right?

Do you know
who said the sterilization thing?

Fernando, right?

No. I mean, I know him,
but I haven't seen him.

We know it was him,

and that you're his friend.

-How old are you?


You'll go through the Process.

-If you report--
-He's not with the Cause.

Then why would he slander the Offshore?

I don't know.

-I don't know anything.
-Don't be stupid.

Did you know you could skip
one stage of the Process?

If I were you, I wouldn't think twice
before turning him in.

An advantage means a lot in the Process.

Will you keep me informed?

Yes, ma'am.

[Fernando] Glória, come here.

Glória, come here.

-I have nowhere to go.
-What did you expect, huh?

Help me.

An agent is after me.

She knows I'm your friend.

What if that ruins the Process for me,

-What did you tell her?

What would I tell her? But I should have.


I need your help.

[woman] You dare to answer me?

Did you see what you did
to the pastor's son? Did you see it?

I expected bad things from you, but that?

You really are your father's daughter.
You're rotten. Just like him.

You know what you deserve? A beating.
But I won't get my hands dirty.

Your punishment will be looking
at Fernando and remembering what you did.


Okay, okay.

Go on.

[both laughing]

What if we'd accidentally set off the bomb
in the crowd we were trying to save?

That was the most intense procession
of my life.

You used to go?

-Didn't you?

What do we do with this shit?

Put it on the floor. I don't wanna
die from a bomb that fell off a bed.


You can trust me.

I'm on your side.

Since you're a fancy girl
from the Offshore,

I'm gonna get us glasses.

I kept some somewhere here.

But there isn't one for little Joana.

They're dirty,
but the alcohol will sterilize them.

-Where the fuck are you going?
-I gotta go.

-Are you mad?
-I have to do this.

Don't you recognize this place?

[Fernando] I don't know.

Wait, this used to be our hideout, right?

Wow, it's been ages since I've been here.

I come here all the time.

It's where we got married, right?


[both laughing]

Who's crazy to marry at age ten?



Thank you.

I mean it.

-I had too much to drink. Forget that.

So, that's it?

I only get a kiss
after being married for ten years?

I'm sorry.

Come on, you don't have to apologize.

I don't mean the kiss, Fernando.


Let's race to the wall.

Last place won't pass the Process.

-I won.
-Oh, really? You always win.

Not true. You won back in...

-No, that was me.
-That's not funny.

Then you pick the next test.

Up there.

-I don't want to.
-What? Are you scared?

-Should I call Daddy to help you?
-I just don't want to.

I do. If you don't wanna go
to the Offshore, stay there.


Your turn.

-It's too narrow.

You should just give up.

This one is only for the best.


[Fernando screams]


Are you hurt?

I can't feel anything.

The brick...


I noticed it was loose.

I already knew that, actually.


What do you mean?

Your mother, Glória.

She told me some time ago.

[Glória] All this time,
you knew about the whole thing?

But I just can't believe
you did that out of malice,

just to harm me.

Maybe you didn't have time to warn me.

We were kids.

So, you forgave me?

I never blamed you.

At least now
that you've given up the Process,

I'll have plenty of time to blame you
and forgive you over and over.

I haven't given up.

What? Even after everything I've told you?

-The sterilization thing?

-You know, I think that's great.

Look at my mother.

Look at my mother.

Not even you blamed that shit on me,

while she'd hammer guilt into me
every day...

always saying I didn't deserve to pass.

-We'll see.
-That's the screwed-up idea.

Nobody fucking deserves to pass.

I'm not talking about the three percent.
Listen, it's 97 percent, Glória!

I can't believe you're telling me this.

Can't you see that you're doing this
just to prove to your mother

-that you can pass the Process?
-Of course not.

I just want to prove it to myself...

while you just wanna tell me what I should
or shouldn't do, just like my mom.

[Fernando] I'm sorry.


I'm sorry, too.


I don't wanna argue.
I'll get us something to eat, okay?

I'll be right back.

I hope this proves
that I was never with the Cause.

Ezequiel went mad.

I never did anything
against the Process or the Offshore.

Careful. It isn't disarmed.

I'm always careful.


I need to get on that submarine.

I want to leave This Side behind.

I want to see André.

If you'll let me, of course.


You must be tired.

These last few days
must have been very intense for you.

You may go.

We'll talk more another time.


Michele is taking the next submarine.
I want you to welcome her.

[Antônio] Two?


You were right.

The procession helped me calm down,
and I got hungry.

But don't worry, Antônio,

I've learned I must not overeat,
so I don't throw up on the agent's feet.

So, that's that. Yeah, that's that.

You're finally here, huh, Glória?
I was starving.

Freeze, freeze.

Hands up. Hands up.

You're under arrest for helping the Cause

-and slandering the Process.

Handcuff him.

Don't move, asshole.

Give me your arm.

How can I follow you handcuffed?

We'll push you.

Take him.

I can't believe you did this, Glória.

-Just for an advantage in the Process.
-I didn't.

Fernando, you must believe me.
I didn't say anything, I swear.

I swear it wasn't me.

It wasn't me, Fernando.

[Joana shouting]

[man] Take her.

[Joana shouts] How did you find me here?

Was it a nice trip?


What's your name?


Are you carrying anything
I should be aware of?


Arms up.

Fucking traitor.

-Anything underneath?

He's clean.

You'll stay in a cell
and wait for an interrogation

about your illegal activities.

Did you understand, sir? You may take him.