3% (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Capítulo 04: Guardanapo - full transcript

Ivana and Joana subject their captives to grueling interrogations to find out who's telling the truth. Marcela reaches out to an Inlander for help.

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[Rafael] Get away from her.
She's a traitor.

I'm telling the truth.
Joana, tell her to put the gun down.

-He's the traitor.
-Shut up.

Hands on the wall, both of you.

Whoa, Joana. Careful. You always wanted
to do this, but slow down.

Shut up, Rafael.

Ivana, can I explain what's going on?
Can I?

It's simple. Michele works for Ezequiel.

-What are you saying?
-What am I saying?

-Why are you here?
-He's a soldier.

-[Rafael] Of course. I'm--
-[Michele] He works for the Division.

Stop it, both of you!
I won't say it again.

[Michele] Ivana, let's talk.

You can hear us one at a time,
then you both can decide.

Fuck, Michele,
you learned a lot from Ezequiel.

You use stupid, manipulative speeches.

What do you guys do
when you're alone together?


What did you say, asshole?

Ivana, let her go. Let her go.


Trust me, Ivana.
You were the one who trained me. Ivana!

Ivana, stop that. Ivana. Ivana!

Now what?

We find out who is lying
about not being on Ezequiel's side.

The liar won't get out of here alive.



[Ezequiel] Michele.



Can you hear me?


Can you hear me?

Can you hear me, Michele?

What's going on?



Get me out of here.

Stop yelling.

We're alone now, just you and me.

You knew it. You knew very well
that Rafael is with the Cause.

You hid that from me.

-I didn't know.
-You're lying.

He told me he had left it.

-He understood my story.
-You're on your own now.

Good luck finding a way
out of there alive without my help.

No. Ezequiel, hold on.


Come back!


I came to see how you are doing.

It looks like you'll be here
for a long time.

Ezequiel, please. No.

-I passed you

because I believe in you.

You can be of great importance here,

as long as you prove you're on my side.



You have to understand.

Now it's easy to see Rafael was lying.
He was afraid I'd turn him in.

But back then, I had to believe him.

Just as I had to believe you.


I know you're out there.

You need me.

Only I can help you figure out their plan.

Release my brother,

and do whatever you want to me.
I don't care anymore.

And do you know where they've taken you?


It's near an old sewer system.
They locked me in a room.

With kids' stuff painted on the wall,
like, a duck.

They will grill you separately,
put you against each other

and find who works for the Offshore.
They'll execute the first to slip.

You have the upper hand.

You know Rafael's only strategy
is to tell them the truth.

He is predictable. You're not.
You're free to play.

Do as I say, and you'll make it.

Are you okay?

Sit down.

Sorry for the distress

and for tying you up.

If it makes you feel any better,
we also tied Rafael up.

A little.

I know you miss me,
but I didn't expect first-class treatment.


[chuckles] I would have loved seeing your
face when you learned I'm a Cause mole.

Were you surprised?

What's that?

It's an industrial battery
with two connectors,

one for each of your balls.

I hadn't been here in a while.

I grew up here.

-You're also an orphan, right?

My brother raised me
not too far from here.


[Ivana] Who do you think
is living there now?

I don't know.
Someone must have invaded it,

taken everything.

Listen, rookie, please go get Ivana.

Tell her to release me or send someone
who knows what they're doing.

You'll talk to me.

[Ezequiel] Ask her where our good
old friend is. Look surprised.

-You don't know he's been caught.
-Where's the Old Man?

Shouldn't he interrogate me?


Are you thirsty?

You know very well where he is.

Are you with Ezequiel? Talk! Talk, Rafael.

You turned him in.

-[Joana] Start talking.
-[Rafael] No.


-No, Joana. No, Joana.

No. No. This is ridiculous.
After all I've done to be here,

I should be welcomed
with a round of applause.

It must have been you.
The Old Man recruited you.

-You knew his hideout and the signal.
-I didn't.

-You turned him in.
-I didn't know he was arrested.

-It was Rafael.
-He didn't know of the Old Man.

You were the only mole who did.

Do you know
why the Cause does things like that?

To make it easier
to catch traitors like you.

Get in her head, make her doubt herself
and her decision to recruit that dick.

Rafael knew about me.

He told me and Fernando
that he is with the Cause...

because he knows I am with the Cause...

-so he knew of the Old Man.
-[Ezequiel] Very good.

-Tell her it's her fault.
-You recruited a jackass.

Michele said one truth
and you'd better understand it.

It's a matter of time before they find me.

You told Michele you're with the Cause.

I did. It was the only way.

-What else did you say to survive?

I did what I had to do.
You'd have done the same.

Look at me.

Michele is the traitor.

It's Michele.

It's no use.
They'll keep blaming each other.

We'd better change our strategy.

I can imagine Marcela training you.
It must've been easy to break you.

And you in the RTC?
What did they do to you? Brainwash you?

-They did nothing.
-Oh, no?

Don't you get tired of lying so much?

Don't you get tired of chasing
and torturing Inland people, soldier?

-I don't do that.
-[Michele] No?

How long will it take until
they ask you to kill the innocent?

Didn't you poison that Process agent?

Have you told Luciana
you killed her husband?

You'd love to see me dead. Isn't that what
you do? Kill Cause people? That's his job.

I'm not a murderer.

-[Rafael] No.

Unlike your brother.

Michele's brother is alive and in jail
for the first murder in the Offshore.

Rottenness runs in the family.

Is that true, Michele?

-[Ezequiel] What's the color of your card?

Blue? Isn't it red?


It isn't red.

You're lying.

How do you do that?

Relax. If you want to leave the RTC,
you must not only come up with lies,

but also believe them.

And if I don't want to lie anymore?


-You don't have a choice.
-[Ivana] Is that true?

No, my brother is dead.

[chuckles] Dead, Michele?
So, the glass cell was a dream of mine.

It was. You're delirious.

-I'm delirious?
-Enough. Enough!

Enough finger-pointing nonsense.

Now is your chance to prove
you're on our side.

Tell us some Offshore secrets.

[Rafael] A secret?

Here you go. The vaccine scar.

That's their secret.

Yes. Purification by sterilization,
the final test in the Process.

-You guys are--

We can't have kids. Nobody there can.
It's part of their logic.

Shit, now it all makes sense.
That's why they need us.

-What if we tell everyone?
-[Ivana] No one would believe it.

[Ezequiel] That's your chance, Michele.
Think of something Rafael wouldn't know.

There's another thing...

something Rafael wouldn't admit.

[whispering] Ezequiel...

What did you tell her, Michele?

Did you know? Didn't the Old Man tell you?

Rafael is loyal to the Process.
He'll protect Ezequiel.

-He won't confirm that.
-Did you know, Rafael?

-Repeat it, Michele.
-Did you know about Ezequiel?

It depends. What about him?
There's a lot...

The only thing that matters now!

Rewind audio.

[recording rewinding]

-[Michele] I have something else to say.
-Amplify it.

--Rafael wouldn't admit it.
Ezequiel was with the Cause.


Ivana, she'd make anything up
just to incriminate me.

You couldn't--
Where are you going with this, Michele?

Rafael knows it. Everybody does.

But no one in the Inland should know.
And that's why he won't talk.

Rafael is loyal to his leader.

Now it's very clear who his leader is.

[Cássia] Ezequiel? Ezequiel?

Go away!

It's urgent.

We have a situation.

Marcela, with the Process so close,
an operation of this magnitude

-would destabilize the candidates.
-One of ours was kidnapped.

Searching for him is a waste of time.

You don't want a soldier's blood
on your hands.

[Michele] Are you there?

Neither do you, who trained him poorly.

A 20-year-old who just passed the Process.
His safety is your responsibility.

I have the autonomy to--

And I have the autonomy to report you

for mobilizing the Division with no clue
of your soldier's whereabouts.




If you know something we don't,
now is the time to tell us.

I told you I don't know anything.

I need to be alone. Please get out.

-You're bleeding.
-Get out!

[door closes]

[Michele] Ezequiel, are you there?

[Ezequiel] What is it, Michele?

I know I went a little too far,
but I think it's working.

Did they send you to yell at me this time?


There was a time I kept rehearsing
what I would say when we met again.

But now nothing comes to mind.

-At the Process, I told you some things--

Let me finish. I'm not that guy anymore.

What happened between us was a mistake.

-It must've been the gas, right?

But that doesn't mean I don't believe you.

But I don't think
they're buying your story yet.

I'm here to help you,

to prove Rafael is lying.

The Division will soon storm in shooting,
and you waste time on Michele,

-believing her--
-Then confess and get this over with.

-It's pretty clear who the traitor is.
-Michele is lying!

-He's right.

Michele's lying about her brother.

I was testing her this whole time.
It's an old Cause test.

You can read people
through their eye movement.

If it makes you feel any better,
we also tied Rafael up.

A little.

[Ivana] When she makes something up,
she looks to one side.

For real memories...

You're also an orphan, right?

-...she looks the other way.
-[Michele] My brother raised me.

You can repeat it
to figure out their pattern.

Michele's pattern is made-up story,
left side,

real memory, right side.

Is that true, Michele?

When she talked about her brother,
she looked to the left.

-No, my brother is dead.
-[Ivana] Made-up story.

She is a liar.
She must be on Ezequiel's side.

And you want us to kill one of them
based on eye movement?

It's the best we have.

Her lying about her brother doesn't mean--

You keep talking,
but you forget I know these tactics, too.

You might not believe it,
but I'm here to help.

I know a way to get Michele,

maybe the only way.

We must brainstorm
or they might kill you both.

You shouldn't be with the Cause.

You're too good for them.

I always thought
the Cause was everything to you.

Of course it is.

But I wonder if you're only here--

I'm here because I want to be.

Not because of you,
if that's what you're implying.

I know why you were eliminated.

I watched the footage.

I saw what they did to you.

If I led you on, Fernando--

Water under the bridge, Michele.
I'm here because I want to be.

The world doesn't revolve around you.

That's not what I meant.

I'm sorry.


Fernando, wait.

Ask Rafael about Elisa.

If she was worth betraying the Cause.


-Any news? Do you know where he is?
-Not yet.

But don't worry, we're on it.

-[communicator beeps]
-Gerson. Gerson.


Answer, you fuck.

Well, well. A bad penny always turns up.

I need a little favor from you.

-Go ahead.
-One of my soldiers is missing.

-How long has that been there?
-I don't know. It's a fossil already.

Any light at the end of the tunnel?

Ivana is still voting against Michele.

[Fernando grunts]

All this time...

and I still don't know
how to trust someone.

I'm the worst for this kind of work.

I thought I was helping,
but I'm just a hindrance.

You trusted me.

But that was easy.

Listen, we need Michele for our plan.
I know my vote doesn't count,

but you need to make Ivana
change her mind.

What's wrong?

-I don't know.
-You don't believe Rafael, do you?

-He's lying.
-Come on, it's time.

[Ezequiel] Michele, can you hear me?



Can you hear me?


Can you hear me, Michele?

You have to take control of the situation.

Marcela is getting the troops ready
to rescue Rafael.

You said you'd help me.

I don't know how long
I can keep the Division at bay.

You said you were in a room
with wall paintings, is that right?

-Yes, kids' drawings.
-It's an orphanage.

-Or it used to be, at least.
-How do you know that?

You said that yourself.

I was with the Cause.

I was born and raised here...

the same place where you will die.

I said I was going to help you, didn't I?

I always keep my promises.

What are you doing, André?
Don't do that, André.

Take your head out-- Stop it.


Get up.




I'm here.

I'm here.

Here, André. Here.


What are you doing here?

[Ivana] What do you think?

Huh, what do you think?

I want the truth.

-Why did you lie?
-I don't understand.

I know you lied about your brother.

[Michele] My brother is dead.

I can't trust you. You're a traitor.

You lied about your brother.
I can't believe anything you say.

[Ezequiel] Shit.

Michele, focus on me.

Don't give it away.

It's no use trying to lie even more.

You'll only be able to tell the truth now.

Where's your brother?

If she finds out you lied,
she finds out everything.

Remember what I taught you.

-He's inside the mirror.
-[Ivana] The truth.

He's inside the mirror.

[Ivana] Come on. Tell me the truth.
Do you work for Ezequiel?

We have to defeat the Process.
Destroy it.

You lied to me!

[Michele grunting]

-[coughs] Stop that.
-Fernando, the smoke.

Get him out. He's on her side.

-Get out, Fernando. Go.
-I'm not going.

Deleting the data was my idea.
I have the right to stay.

-You're not thinking straight.
-No one will take me back.

I'm with the Cause for good.

What are you doing?
I have nowhere to go, Joana.

-Joana, don't do that.
-I'll call you on the radio.

Wait. You can't do that. Joana!

[bangs on door]

-[man speaking indistinctly]
-[dog barking]

[Gerson] Come on, on your feet! Come on.

Anybody pass by?

-No, man.
-Don't lie to me.

Why would I lie?

-Yeah, a bearded guy.
-Which way?

[Gerson] He saw a bearded guy being taken
four hours ago. He must be dead by now.

-Was he alone?
-He doesn't know.

They took him to the old orphanage.

It seems it's an old Cause hideout.

-[Rafael] Did she confess?
-[Ivana] No, she passed out.


-[Rafael] What are you doing?
-You know what.

[Rafael] Ivana. [shouts]

-I suggested the gas for Michele, not me.
-Thank you for cooperating,

but I have no choice.

Fine, go ahead.

Unlike Michele, I have nothing to hide.

I want to know who Elisa is.

And this time, you will tell me.

Time's up, Michele.

[Ezequiel] Focus on the sound of my voice.

Talk, Michele.

The gas makes you tell the truth,
but you're stronger than that.

-You work for Ezequiel, don't you?
-It's your expertise.

-He told you to press the button.
-You always lie

-so you can survive.
-I know what you're up to.

Your good-girl act won't work on me.


You can't fight the gas.
Tell us the truth.

-[Ezequiel] Resist, resist.
-I can't.

You're like me, Michele.

Tell her one truth.

Tell her a truth among the lies.

Find a true feeling
to hide what needs to be hidden.

[Joana] Go on, confess.

[Rafael grunting]

-[body thuds]

What did you do to her?

What did you do to her?
What did you do to her?

[Joana] Confess you work for Ezequiel
and finish this.

-Confess, Michele.

I confess.


I confess.


[Ivana] Who is she?

Who is Elisa?

It is against protocol,
but at first, it was just a way

to contact the Cause
and improve my disguise.

Then it happened.

I told you not to fall in love.

We live only for the Cause.
And we love only for the Cause.

I had a mission.

But I wasn't weak.

I swear, Ivana.

I swear that I never betrayed the Cause.

[grunts, then panting]

I confess, Joana.

Any truth that won't give you away.

[Michele coughing]

I confess that I hate Ezequiel.
I hate him with all of my being.

After all I did, all I've sacrificed,

I could never live
with being seen as a traitor.

So, that's why you're here? For your ego?

You want to become a hero for the Cause?



You always knew that, Ivana.

I might not be the perfect spy.

I know I'm not.

But I'm the best you have.

He forced us to lie,

to kill.

He betrayed us, tortured us.

He tortured me for hours.

And now he thinks he can control me?

All of them?

I'm the one who passed you.

That's all they want.

I don't even know what I want,

what I feel,

who I really am.

I'd kill him if I could.

I would never work for him, Joana.


[alarm beeping]

What is it?


-I told you to--
-I know where he is.

I will rescue my soldier.

Commander, abort that mission now!

Ezequiel, you said it yourself.
His safety is my responsibility.

Michele, you're out of time.

-Discover their plan and get out of there.
-Enough. Get out of my head.

The Division will probably
storm in shooting.

I can't guarantee...

It's all your fault.

You brainwashed André,
turning him into a murderer.

-Listen to me.
-I'll tell everyone you sent me...

-...that the Division is coming. Enough!

He has his issues,
but I'm still voting for Rafael.

The smoke didn't make her crack. She lied
about the brother so we wouldn't think--

She's like him.

But she is.

Michele's a liar.

[Michele] Joana!

-We'll have to decide it another way.
-I've been in the Cause longer.

It's my decision to make.


You can't do this.

You can't tell Joana.

Yes, I can!

So they'll have time to leave and not die
thanks to a piece of shit like you.

Shit. Connect.

[André] Michele.

Michele, is that you?



It's me.

Is that really you?



I knew he wasn't lying.

Ezequiel fulfilled his promise.

He let me talk to you.

Michele. Michele, are you there?

-Yes, André. I'm here.

He told me you'll get me out of here,

that he'll help you get me out of here...

-and that we'll be together again.
-I will.

Trust me. I'll save you.

[thud nearby]

Ivana, wait.

-Let's run. Where are you going?
-Not without Rafael.

[Rafael] What's going on?

I'll get you out of here.
I'll get you out of here.

We're fucked. Real fucked.

I believe you.

[Ezequiel] Listen.

There's a secret passage inside
the workbench at the back of the room.


Come on.

-Trust me. Come on.

I know you're telling the truth.

When they get here,
tell them you took my gun.

-I can't do that.
-It's the only way...

for them to believe you.

-There must be another way.
-I don't want to be tortured.

I struggled to get you to the Offshore,
and I did it.

Do it.

Do it!

Ivana, I can't.

-You must.
-I can't.

For the Cause.


Soldier Rafael disarmed the Cause member
and killed her.

The terrorist died at the scene.

No other Cause members were found.
Copy that, Cássia?


Is everything all right?


You know you can trust me, right?

What's going on?

There's something you must know
about Ezequiel and Official Michele.

-Are you okay?
-I guess.

I knew Rafael was the traitor,
but seeing him...

-It's time you learn why we need you.

No more interrogations or power games,

You kept your word.

But from now on, it will be on my terms.