3% (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Capítulo 06: Vidro - full transcript

Candidates find a tempting offer waiting for them in their new dorm rooms. Those who decide to stay face daunting individual tests.

...seven, eight, nine, ten. Here I come!
Michele, where are you hiding?
You must be really well-hidden, because I can't--
-Stop, André! Stop! -What now?
Now it's my turn!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
André, where are you?
Are you okay?
I'm fine. It was just a nightmare.
How did you know?
How did I know what?
Don't play dumb. I'm with the Cause.
I saw a picture of you.
I know I shouldn't have,
but I was going through some stuff in the shelter and I saw the picture.
-It was very useful. -You should've stayed anonymous.
I know, but it was an emergency.
I would've died if you hadn't let me through the barricade.
-Did you by any chance tell him? -Of course not!
Our contact here is totally against protocol.
Forget what you saw and I'll do the same.
Okay, candidates. From now on, each of you will get your own room.
Follow me.
This held up pretty well, son.
You haven't made it through yet,
and you're already better off than anyone in the Inland.
This is a new room. It's pretty, but it's just for show.
Do you know what the Founders of the Offshore went through
without the least bit of comfort, safety...?
I get it. They brought you here to encourage me to pass the Process,
-so I can have a better life-- -No, son.
It's a test. They bring in the relatives to convince the candidates to give up.
And they offer that as temptation.
That's a lot of money, Dad.
We could renovate our house, or build a new one.
Since you don't have any family, I came here to explain.
Explain what?
Each candidate has 30 minutes to decide whether they want to take the money
and return to the Inland or continue in the Process with nothing.
You have 30 minutes to think about it.
I have news, my friend.
-Hi, Nair. -Aline just sent in her report.
I don't know what you did and, frankly, I don't care.
But whatever it was, it worked. It was all compliments.
She said your measures are appropriate, moderate...
Do you understand what that means?
Yes, of course.
Her evaluation was so good, the only way I'll leave is if I voluntarily resign.
Did I call at a bad time?
No. I'm just in the middle of a test and finishing some candidate profiles.
-Can I contact you in a bit? -Sure.
Very good news. Very good, indeed.
We got rid of that problem.
Here I come.
You shouldn't have seen this.
I found you!
Do you know who I am? Do you?!
I came here to take you to Gerson.
You murdered his son.
I got in by pretending I was your father.
I just didn't expect to find this.
The money the Process is offering you to quit
is more than what Gerson's offering for your head.
So, I have a choice to make. Option one:
I kill you right now and take a picture of the body.
By the time they find you, I'll be at Gerson's getting my money.
Option two:
You walk out of here holding my hand.
Like Daddy's little girl. And I get double the cash.
Isn't that what you wanted? To get your life back?
This will be a great help.
-Mom-- -Your plan worked.
You should see how proud your brothers are.
Especially your little brother, Rafael.
Mom, I'm not going back. I'm staying in the Process.
Let's talk about this.
-Stop being so stubborn. -I didn't come for the money.
But that's why you're gonna quit. It's for your family.
Don't you understand? You don't need money.
How do you know what we need?
After everything you did to your brother? Your betrayal?
What do you really know, Tiago?
You know...
I dreamed that I didn't make it through the Process--
-Don't even say that. -I've seen things in here, Dad.
People have died, Dad.
People like me who worked hard for the chance to make it through the Process.
This Process is not fair. Trust me. Maybe we should take the money--
I don't understand you.
This doesn't sound like you. You sound more like a Cause rebel.
Look how much money that is! You wouldn't have to preach every day--
Just the opposite! Especially if my son is a skeptic from the Cause
who quit the Process!
-You are not listening. -What matters most?
-I'm not saying-- -What matters the most?
Tell me! What matters the most?
Passing the Process, son! Passing the Process.
You've known that since the day you were born.
That's your dream, Dad!
It used to be mine too, but now that I'm here, I know it's not anymore.
It was an accident. I didn't take a single coin. You can count them.
Relax. They have no value on the Offshore. We don't use money.
Have you made your decision?
I'm staying.
I've made up my mind.
I came here to pass.
And I'll do that because I want a better world for my children.
You know nothing about children.
And when you find out, you will see that a family needs money.
No, Mom! You don't know! You had tons of kids for what?
-I've done everything for you. -No, you haven't.
I'm going to pass, Mom.
I will do it so I can change things.
Forget about the money.
Imagine what they would do if they found out you're not Rafael.
That you are here trying to pass the Process for the second time.
You wouldn't do that to your own son.
Not to a good son.
I would never do that to my Rafael.
But to you, I will.
I'm glad you reconsidered, son.
If you turn me in, I'll say it was your idea.
That you knew, the whole family knew.
Your children would all be banned from the Process.
-You wouldn't do that to your own mother. -Not to a good mother.
But to you, I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Mom, what are you doing? Mom!
Take a close look at Rafael! He is not who you think he is!
He's a traitor!
He betrayed his own family.
My mind is made up. There's no reason to wait.
I won't let you quit.
-I want to quit! -Did you forget your condition?
My condition hasn't changed. This is who I am.
Where is this pride coming from? I carried you all the way here.
Don't you want to walk again, son? Or do you want to sit there forever?
You! You always said I was like everyone else.
As long as you have a chance of passing, yes!
As long as you can be cured, yes!
But if you want to sit in that chair forever...
I will always pray for you.
May you be happy and healthy...
on the Offshore.
If you choose to come back, you'll be on your own.
My son will remain in the Process.
Very well.
Time's almost up, Joana.
Option two, "Daddy."
Good choice. You'll have everything you ever wanted.
Now let's get out of here.
The Founders would be proud--
Go ahead and kill me! Fuck it! I want to go to the Offshore!
Congratulations, then. You passed.
What the fuck is this?
My name is Jairo.
Ezequiel sent me.
We know who you are. For real.
He wanted to make sure you really wanted to pass.
That you weren't using the Process just to get away.
And if you really want to pass, for us... you really are Joana.
So I passed?
Yes, Joana. You passed.
I came here...
to say goodbye.
You'll have to take care of yourself from now on.
I don't want to.
Being on your own will be good for you.
It will make you strong.
You will grow up, be strong.
You will pass.
Ezequiel, I know you're there.
You're acting strangely.
-Aline... -What about her?
She wants to take my place.
But... that's not really a surprise, is it?
She's blackmailing me, Cássia.
-You have to report her. -I can't.
Why not? May I ask what she has on you?
It's best if you don't.
That makes it hard to come up with a strategy to neutralize her.
You don't think I've considered all possibilities already?
I'm on your side.
I always have been.
Now, to get the other agents on your side, you have to pull it together.
The summit meeting is in 30 minutes.
Remaining candidates, from now on, you will be summoned one by one.
What happened? Was that your father?
He made me stay in the Process.
He told me if I didn't pass, I wouldn't have a home anymore.
What about you? Who came for you?
I don't have any family.
I was raised by my brother.
You are the best thing that's happened to me in this Process.
In fact, the only good thing. I know what I want, and that's you.
I'll go wherever you go. It doesn't matter where.
-Fernando, no-- -No, I'm serious.
I don't care about passing the Process as long as we end up on the same side.
Let's begin. First candidate.
Joana is done. Next.
Done, why? Anyone care to explain?
Her individual test was applied instead of the parents' visit.
Jairo did a variation of the Quitting test and she passed.
May we continue?
Candidate Michele has leadership skills, social presence and lots of awareness.
She rarely shows her true emotions. Like with that other candidate,
what's his name, the one in a wheelchair.
Fernando. Yes. The dynamic between them is basically unilateral.
Wasn't she the one who witnessed the execution of the Cause infiltrator?
Bruna? Perhaps that's the reason.
We can't be sure.
We need a comprehensive test.
I suggest a hybrid test. Family News with Recruitment.
Good idea, Aline. Next.
The candidate who stole the cube and Ezequiel let through.
I suggest a Dependency test to check this candidate's level of vulnerability.
Denise will run the test.
I enjoyed this place during my Process.
Are you ready for your individual test?
Michele, your individual test is about to begin.
If you pass, I'll pass.
We'll make it through together.
There's a couple in the next room.
They have a ten-year-old daughter. You must convince them
to sign her up for the Process when the time comes.
-That's it? -That's it.
You! You're friends with Bruna, aren't you?
Michele, it's you.
You look beautiful.
I forgot to mention that their daughter is Bruna's younger sister.
You will have to tell them that their daughter is dead.
You passed? You and Bruna passed, right?
They said they had news.
You don't need to say she was with the Cause.
You can make something up.
Unfortunately, I don't have good news.
What happened? Is she hurt?
Just say it, girl.
Bruna passed away. I'm very sorry.
My daughter?
What happened?
It was an accident. She... She knocked over a gas cylinder--
What the hell was a cylinder doing there?
-You killed my daughter! -No! Bruna got lost.
She walked into a room that was off-limits.
-So, it was her fault? -No, it wasn't her fault.
It was nobody's fault. It was an accident.
Where is my daughter?
I need to see my daughter.
These are the records of all tests ever conducted in the Process.
Your test is to come up with a new test for the Process.
Even after all these years, we're trying to make the Process more efficient,
more fair.
You have half an hour.
It's a tradition to project images of the Founding Couple
to symbolize this time of celebration.
The Foundress on this side...
and the Founder over here.
Your individual test is to trigger both images at sunset,
precisely at 6 p.m. tonight.
No problem.
Both images at the same time.
One image can't upstage the other.
Right, of course. What about the switch?
The switch for one of the images is located at the end of the south ramp.
The other is at the end of the north ramp.
Wait. You're asking me to be in two places at the same time.
Yes. But you're smarter than that.
So, my individual test is not individual.
Good luck getting anyone to help you.
-Good luck. -Sure.
Buddy! Yeah, you there!
I need a favor, real quick!
Hey, I--
Are you kidding me?
No. Why?
Did you forget what you did to me in the dorms?
That was a misunderstanding. I didn't mean to do that.
Well, I've been eliminated.
So, you can go fuck yourself.
Calm down. Calm down.
It'll be okay. Easy.
The clock is ticking, Michele.
You must understand,
over 1,000 candidates apply to the Process every year.
It's a very complex system, so accidents like this do happen.
I am here to apologize... on behalf of the Process.
-Let's get out of here. -If they leave, you are eliminated.
No, please, wait! You can't give up like this.
There's still hope.
Isabella, your youngest daughter, she still has a chance.
-You bitch! -She can have a better life!
-Calm down! -Out of my way!
You're not thinking straight! The Process is her only chance!
-Shut up! -I know how you're feeling.
-You know nothing! -I do! My brother died in the Process.
He was murdered in here.
Your time is up.
Come on.
Tell me about your test.
To start, not all candidates are truly motivated to go to the Offshore.
Unlike me. I need to pass...
because of the wheelchair.
For that reason, I suggest a change in the Quitting test we had today.
Didn't you enjoy the test with your father?
That's not it. It's a cynical test. It's impure, based on money.
What if the candidate wasn't aware they were being tested?
An agent tells him a story in private, a lie that appeals to his emotional side.
For example:
"Your father is dying. It's your last chance to see him alive."
Candidates who decide to quit so they can address the issue will be eliminated.
One thing that concerns me is that you chose to adapt an existing test,
rather than creating a new one as I had requested.
But I only had half an hour.
That's not enough time to research the old tests.
You've probably considered that.
What matters is that we improve things gradually.
Let's consider a hypothetical situation.
Suppose someone walked in here today and said your father was on his deathbed.
Would you quit the Process?
I would not quit the Process whether my father was sick or not.
Your suggestion is good.
It might work.
You passed.
Thank you.
You deserve it.
I really need your help!
They fucked me over! My individual test is not individual.
I really need your help in order to pass.
Fine, I'll help you. But only if you tell me why you have a fake registration.
What do you mean? So do you.
Yes, I do. But the Process knows about it and they forgave me.
I've already finished my individual test, Rafael. And I passed.
Because I deserve it. Do you?
I'll help you if your reason is as forgivable as mine.
I can't tell you. Please.
Joana, please...
Michele, I passed!
You passed. Congrats. Really!
Michele isn't here. I tried many times. She's still taking her test.
Fernando, let me talk to you, please.
I need your help. I need you so I can pass my test.
-Good luck in the Inland. -I know you are a good person.
You're a good guy. You couldn't live with the guilt of eliminating someone.
You cheated on the first test. You tried to eliminate me.
Even joined a gang that murdered people!
Fernando, if not for me, do it for Michele.
Michele and I share the same goal.
I know you have faith and believe in the Process, but...
not everyone thinks the same way. Not everyone accepts it.
Everything I've done, everything, is because the world is messed up.
This world is messed up!
It's not fair that only three percent of the population, three percent,
enjoy a wonderful life on the Offshore at the expense of everyone else.
Some accept this injustice, but others don't. Others fight.
That's what I believe in. So does Michele.
Are you saying you're both with the Cause?
That can't be.
What do you think I said to her to get inside the barricade?
-Michele is with me, Rafael. -Yes.
-The Cause is a criminal organization. -Criminal?
People with the Cause are the only ones fighting for a better world,
fighting to end this division, because that is what's criminal.
Or are you gonna say that you don't see the harm this system brings
to people's lives?
I know you think I'm an idiot. An asshole. Selfish, mean, whatever.
But what you don't get is that I did what I had to--
-"Had to," my ass! -I had to!
I could have done nothing. It would have been much easier.
Get eliminated, go back home and that's it.
Am I sacrificing some along the way? Yes, but to save everyone else.
Do you realize the risk I'm taking here?
If you turn me in, I'm dead.
Not eliminated, Fernando. Dead.
And Michele, too.
My brother was a few years older than me.
Our parents died when we were kids.
So, he raised me.
He was everything to me.
Until the time came for him to join the Process.
He wanted to stay to take care of me, but I told him he had to go.
Three days later, they told me he was dead.
They said he cheated on a test. It was a lie.
A fight broke out and...
an agent walked in and shot my brother.
I spent five years hating this Process, five years being angry, five years alone!
Until my time came.
When I got here...
the first person I saw was the man who killed my brother.
And what did I do?
I focused on the Process...
and I passed.
I don't regret it. I know I made the right choice.
And everything I did was for André.
For him, in his memory.
Do you understand? I did this so his death wouldn't be in vain.
they happen. We can't blame anyone for them.
It's also... no good seeking revenge.
I forgave the Process.
I didn't give up. I didn't.
And that's what Isabella needs to do.
She has to keep preparing.
This is where she belongs.
You don't understand.
I can't give you my other daughter.
You're not giving her away.
Look at me. I came from the same place as you. And now I'm here.
I believe in the Process.
They have to say it in so many words.
I need confirmation from both of you. It's very important to me.
Isabella will apply to the Process.
And she will pass.
She will.
Thank you.
I passed! I passed!
I passed!
I'm impressed.
How did you come up with a story like that?
I did what I had to do.