3% (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Capítulo 01: Cubos - full transcript

In a grimy near-future, 20-year-olds stream to a sleek testing facility to compete for a spot in an idyllic land known as the Offshore.






[crowd chattering outside]

[sharp whistle]

[woman in earpiece]
Good morning, Michele.

The gates to the Selection Process
are open.

The estimated time of your walk is:
47 minutes.

[overlapping chatter]

Go, honey.

I slept for maybe two hours.
I was too anxious.

I doubt anyone slept last night.

Take care, okay?


[man] "Envy and resentment
have led to the rise of groups..."

Don't dwell on that.

My dear Nair,

you can say that
because you are 4,000 miles away

in the safety of the Offshore.

These terrorists are right
at our doorstep.

- [no audible dialogue]
- [woman cackles]

Are you going to pass? Look at her!

You know... You know I almost made it?

I lasted three days!


Good luck to you! [laughs]

You're screwed!
You won't last a day in there!


This is as far as you can come, okay?

Now you go home, okay?


[group] With the faith
of the Founding Couple!

With the commitment
of the Founding Couple!

With the strength
of the Founding Couple! Amen!

[air whooshing]

[people chattering]

What should I do with these?

[woman over PA]
Please do not forget your box numbers.

Numbers? Fuck the numbers!

I'm never wearing these rags again.

[indistinct chatter]

[crowd goes quiet]

Three percent.

Only three percent of you

will form the select group of heroes
heading to the Offshore...

where the Founding Couple
created the perfect world.

Where there is no injustice.

Everyone gets the same chance,
and then, the place they deserve...


the Offshore or Inland.

Or as some may say,
"their side" or "our side."

This Process ensures
that only the best of us

will enjoy life on the Offshore.

But not everyone understands this.

As you know, envy and resentment
have fueled groups,

who in the name of a false
and hypocritical equality

and with populist ideas, aim to destroy
everything we have achieved.

But they have always failed
and will continue to fail.

And so, welcome, everyone.

Welcome, Michele.

I hope that you will do
your very best, Joana.

And that you will trust the Process, Alex.

Because all these years
of sacrifice, Fernando,

could be rewarded right here.

Remember, you each create your own merit.

No matter what happens...

you deserve this.

Now would be a good time
to express our gratitude, don't you think?

Repeat after me:

We are grateful for the chance...

We are grateful for the chance...

- for a better way of life.
- For a better way of life.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.


[theme music playing]


[woman] Candidates, please proceed
to the interview rooms. Thank you.

- Need some help? I can push you.
- No, I'm good, thanks.

- It's all good, I can help...
- Buddy, I said I don't need it.

Let them see I can get around by myself.

Sorry, man.
I didn't mean to get in your way.

There's a lot of people.

At this rate,
by the time we get to the Offshore,

we'll all be 30 or 40. [chuckles]

Congratulations on your speech.

You don't work here.

My name is Aline.

I was sent to evaluate
the Process this year.

I don't think I got that memo.

It was a last-minute decision.

It's a routine analysis of the tests
and changes made over the past few years.

So, I am your memo.

[both chuckle]

Okay. But first I need to confirm
your identity, all right?

Of course. If you didn't,
that would have to go in my report.


It'll be a pleasure having you around.

Why didn't you warn me
someone was coming to evaluate me?

You were so focused on your speech,
I didn't want to distract you.

Besides, you and I have more important
issues to discuss, Ezequiel.

This year's Process is very important.

No more important than any other year.

- Nothing's changed.
- [chuckling] Of course it has, Ezequiel.

- How?
- Are you blind?

For the first time in a hundred years,
someone was murdered here, on our side.

- Tell me what that has...
- Don't start again.

Nair, please tell me what this has to do
with me and with my Process.

You're the Process Leader,

responsible for everyone
who comes to the Offshore.

He proved to be perfectly suitable
while he was here...

I'm not the one you need to convince.
I'm just warning you,

there are those who want to blame you
for the first homicide in our history.

It's given Councilor Matheus
and his followers leverage.

Matheus, of course.

He wants his people
to take over the Process.

He wants a lighter Process,
a weaker Process.

To do things his way.

This is my Process.

Only I can lead it.

Look, I have enough to worry about
at the moment, Nair. I'm sorry.

[water stops]


- Hi, how are you? My name is...
- Alex.


Before we begin, are you aware
we have no inclusion policies for...

Yes, I am.

You believe you can make it
through the Process?


I'm going to ask a sensitive question.

When was the last time
you washed your hair?

Since the last time
I had enough water to waste.

Can we go out sometime?

I'd like to get to know you better
outside of these walls.

If all A's are B's,
but not all B's are C's,

is it possible to have an A
that's also a C?

Five seconds, okay?

[no audible dialogue]

I feel like I am one of...
I'm sure that I'm one of the best...

Listen, Carolina... take a breath.

I'll give you another chance
to pull yourself together.

[stammers] I am... I'm sure
I'm one of the three percent of...

of people...

Elimination reason number two.

What? Eliminated now? I didn't know
I could be eliminated now...

Carolina, look at yourself.

If you don't believe you're worthy
of passing, how can I?


And what is your biggest weakness?

Um... I care too much about people?


Just kidding.
But that's a good answer, right?

It's a place where each of us can grow

and reach our full potential.

- But it's also about helping others and...
- Enough. You answered the question.

May I just add another point?

I wanted to say it's about
thinking of the community and...

Have you seen this before?

It's graffitied everywhere.

And how do you feel about
the ideas of the Cause?

They're just a bunch of losers
who couldn't pass

and now they want to ruin everything.

Do you know anyone
who made it through?

- Luis, my boyfriend.
- [man shouts] Let go of me!

He wasn't understanding me!
I need to go back!

- Last year?
- Yes.

So you want to pass to be cured?

I have other ambitions and goals
as well as that one.

So, you want to pass to see him again.

- A romantic reunion?
- No.

- No?
- No.

He give you that necklace? If you're
not a romantic, why do you wear it?

- [stammers] It's a souvenir.
- A souvenir! [laughs]

Did your father raise you
to have faith in the Process?

Yes. He's a pastor.

You are one of the worst candidates
I've ever interviewed.

Maybe you're just the worst interviewer
there is.

Who do you think you are?

Don't you realize we have candidates
begging to not be eliminated?

I doubt the Offshore
is interested in beggars.


- But why?
- Enough. You're eliminated.

You're losing one of the best candidates.

You talked for 20 minutes
without saying anything original.

- Please...
- Memorized bullshit.

Please, one more chance.
I've dreamed of this my entire life.

I swear I'll shut up. Is that it?
Is it because I talk too much?

I won't say another word, I swear!

I've been waiting for this my whole life.
Don't eliminate me!

Instructions on how to overcome
the trauma of elimination

will be given to you
while you return your uniform.

- Please!
- Please, leave.

- Please!
- Another candidate needs this seat.

No! This is my seat! My seat! Let me go!
I'm not leaving! This is my dream!

I have to get to the Offshore!

Let me go! Please!
I swear, I swear, I'm good!

You are losing the best candidate!
I am the best! I am!

[shouting continues, fading]

How do you picture the Offshore?

I imagine... I'll be happy.

- Mm.
- I'll be with my family.

Relaxed. Safe. Fulfilled.

Now, how do I picture it?
If it's full of trees,

- cars that can fly, I really don't know.
- Mm-hm.

But I know I'm going to be surprised.

And don't you feel bad, Fernando?
For being a burden on your father?

I'm not a burden. It's the opposite.
He believes in me, in my abilities.

How touching.

Tell me something.
How do you know he actually made it?

He made it.

Sometimes, candidates don't return
due to unforeseen circumstances.

Unfortunate accidents.

You look very calm.

There's nothing to be afraid of.
My family has done well in the Process.

I have uncles, cousins... my parents.

Do you really believe
that gives you an advantage?

I am here to judge you,
not your family history.

I know.

That's not what I meant.

- Do you think your father loves you?
- [Fernando] Yes.

- Do you love him?
- Of course I do.

So, tell me three things about him.



I don't know off the top of my head.

Tell me something you admire him for,
something you've learned from him.



You told me that you love him.

You want to pass because your father's
been telling you to pass

- since you were a kid.
- No, I want to pass to end my pain

so he doesn't waste all his time on me.

Look, if you keep saying the same thing,
I'll eliminate you right now.

Why do you really want to pass?

So I won't have a life like his.


- What's his name again?
- Luis. Luis Ferreira.

Let's find out
if he really made it through.

Do you really want to know?

No. No, I don't care.
That's not why I want to pass.

So, I guess that necklace
doesn't mean anything, huh?

If you take too long, I'll question
your honesty and eliminate you.

Are you gonna cry?

You can move on to the next round.


You did the right thing.

He's dead.

[gunfire and shouting on screen]

[Ezequiel] Cássia, what about
the son of a bitch that was caught?

[Cássia] It's confirmed.
He's with the Cause.

Going by the name Jorge.
Caught him alive, no collateral damage.

- Is that him?
- Yes.

- Has the interrogation started?
- Yes.

He told us one of this year's candidates
is a mole for the Cause.

He hasn't given us a name yet,
but it's just a matter of time.

If there is a mole among them,
I need to know as soon as possible.

They captured Jorge alive.

Those pigs are one step ahead of us.

The question is,
with Jorge now in their hands,

what can he reveal about the moles?

- Does he know names?
- [man] No.

He knew I had sent someone.
He didn't have a name.

Maybe a few details.

- Why did he know details at all?
- [woman] Calm down.

This puts the whole operation at risk.

Calm down.
We have to find out what he knew.

I know how to run my team.

And I know Jorge.
He's devoted to the Cause.

He would never betray us!

Take it easy. It's not about betrayal.
No one can withstand their torture.

We have to assume that whatever he knows,
the Process now knows.

[soft gasps]

[Ezequiel in earpiece]
Hey, Cássia. Any news?

He's still resisting.

He hasn't revealed the name of the mole,
but it's just a matter of time.

He's softening up.

[soft, rasping breath]

[woman] This is bullshit!
It's all bullshit!

Motherfuckers, there are
much worse candidates than me!


I feel bad for them.

[man] Eliminated candidates, this way.

- Eliminated? That way.
- Hold on...

Yeah, but... there's nothing we can do.

It might be fair, but it's still sad.

- [body thuds]
- [group gasps]

Stand back!

Get back!

[Ezequiel] Dr. Gisele will take care
of the candidate.

Right now
we need everyone to remain calm.

If you need anything,
need to talk, counseling,

we are here to help you.

[Ezequiel] Don't let this interfere
with the most important day of your lives.

Keep going with your tests.

The Process continues this way. Follow me.


Let's go.
It's hard, but we have to move on.

[woman over PA] Candidates,
please report to the registry scanner.

Naughty boy. Aren't you ashamed?

- What?
- Your fake registration.

When they do it,
they only use three stitches.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Let's see what the scanner says.

[scanner whirring]

[affirmative beep]


[scanner whirring]

[affirmative beep]

[scanner whirring]

[negative beep]

[scanner whirring]

[affirmative beep]

This next test is very simple.

It evaluates your spatial logic,
geometric reasoning

and basic motor skills.

Using these pieces,
each of you will have three minutes

to assemble as many cubes as possible.

We expect a minimum of nine cubes.

Any less and you will be eliminated.

And when the table turns red,
it means your time is up.

One, two, three, begin.


What's her deal?
Trying to be politically correct?

Doesn't she know
it's every man for himself?

Damn it! I've asked them to fix this crap
a thousand times.

There we go.

[three beeps]

[two beeps]

[countdown alert beeping]

That's my cube! What the fuck?

Time's up!
Whoever has nine cubes passes.

Didn't you see him steal my cube?

Time's up. Eight cubes.
Sorry, you're eliminated.

- Thanks for participating.
- Motherfucker!

- Let me go! Let me go!
- Take him.

No! Let me go!

Ezequiel, that kid stole the cube.


Nine, you passed.

Sorry, you've been eliminated.

Only eight cubes. Eliminated.


[sighs] Nine cubes? You passed.

Eight plus a cube made of cubes. Nine.

You passed as well.


[sighs, counts softly]




Excuse me.

You have to understand,
while each test has an obvious goal,

what's really important
is what's behind them.

But you may not get that yet.

I'm not here to judge, Ezequiel.
I'm just recording the facts.

[Ezequiel mutters]
She will never understand, Ezequiel.

[candidates chattering]

- [woman] Mm. Delicious.
- [Marco] It's too sweet.

So, you... I heard...
I heard some of the girls talking.

They said you're an Álvares.

- Your family always passes.
- Yeah.

So? What's the secret?

- Congeniality, of course.
- [chuckles]

I want to thank you, really.
What you did...

Forget it. It was nothing.

[man] Look who's here.

[whispers] That's him.

[candidates murmuring]

[woman] Is that him?

That's so messed up.

I don't understand
how the Process let him pass.

I don't get the criteria.

[man murmurs]
Look at him... Cheater.

Go on. Keep talking about me.
Go ahead. I don't care.

I'm impressed how everyone here
is so honest, so fair.

I just don't understand why
none of you did anything.

Why didn't anyone try to stop me
or help the other guy?

The ones in the room. Hm?
Why didn't you do anything?

Do you know why? Do you? Anyone?

I know. Because everyone is here
to make it through. Everyone.

And everyone will do
whatever it takes to pass.

I only did what everyone here
will do sooner or later. That's all.

And most importantly:

If you keep thinking
you're better than me...

then you'll lose. And you'll lose to me.

And you'll lose to everyone here
who really gets what's at stake.

For real.

What about you, big guy?
What do you say?

- Why don't you shut up?
- No, I want your opinion.

Are you saying you'd just
keep your head down

and accept elimination
without a word?

Would you do that?

Would you be that stupid?

Take your hands off me, cheater.

[man shouts]
Take that, you son of a bitch!

Say something now, motherfucker!

Come on, loser!

- [crowd clamoring]
- Come on!

- Cheater!
- Come on! Come on!

[man shouts] Cheater!

That's enough! Stop! Leave the guy alone!

Let him go.

Let's go.

You don't fool me.

I know you got beat up on purpose.

It worked. Now you have
a bunch of idiots on your side.

Actually, having a friend in the Process
isn't such a bad idea.

[chuckles] Me? Why me?

Because if you betray me...

I'll tell them your registration is fake.

I know you're very busy,

but if I wait until you have free time,
we'll never get a chance to talk.

I'm waiting for someone,
but in the meantime, go ahead.

Tell me, how would you evaluate
your performance over the last five years?

My productivity rates
have reached record levels.

What about adaptation?
Community well-being?

Your candidates haven't done well
in that area.

They didn't score well when compared
to productivity rates.

Which, once again,
have reached record levels.

Are you familiar with the concept
in which selected candidates

adopt the personality
of the Process Leader?

[chuckles] Sounds like the typical
psychobabble of Councilor Matheus.

- Have you met?
- [sighs]

How have you been feeling?

I'm great. What a question.
Why do you ask?

I'm just wondering
if you ever think about your wife.

- What?
- Julia.

I never met her,
but I heard what happened.

And even from afar,
it sounded painful. Even...

- I'm sorry. I'll come back later.
- [Ezequiel] Come in.

Aline was on her way out.

Actually, I would love to sit in
on your meeting, if you don't mind.

[Ezequiel] Please.

I was waiting for you.

I called you here to talk about
the candidate who committed suicide.



I did his interview, his evaluation,

and he definitely showed no...

Denise, I'm not questioning your judgment.

On the contrary, I'm worried about you.

I'm fine.

Agent Denise, sadly, suicide
is not uncommon among candidates.

They do it out of shame.

Because they are weak.

- It's pathetic.
- Pathetic.

But it takes a toll.
And there's no shame in admitting that.

We can't ignore our feelings...

or we'll never find happiness.

Of course, the suicide of a young man
with no merits is a tragedy.

But you...

you're a person of merit.

That's why it's always good...

[Aline] Ezequiel!

Ezequiel! Stop, Ezequiel!

Stop, Ezequiel!





I do that every day to remind myself
that what we do

is a matter of life and death.

I understand. Perfectly.

Do you see things more clearly?

[door closes]

[door opens]

Ezequiel, I would like to thank you.

Everything I've learned here
in such a short time

is beyond anything
I would've learned somewhere else.

Thank you.

[Cássia] Ezequiel?

Ezequiel, we have a lead.

I want the infiltrator's name.

It's one of two candidates.

Michele? Bruna? Come with me, please.

Thank you, Bernardo.

This way.

- What's that?
- Close your eyes.

Here. Duck your head.

- [Michele] I don't know what's happening.
- [Bruna] Me neither.

Look, I know what this is about.

You heard me complaining about the guy
who cheated in the test.

I won't criticize the Process anymore.
I've learned my lesson.

Have you two met before?

- Yes, we...
- We...

- We live on the same block.
- Where do you live?

I live on 7th Street,
block 35, apartment 42.

Same block, apartment 12.

We received some information
that a mole working for the Cause

lives on that same street,
on the same block.

How do you know that?

The fact is, we know that
one of you sitting here is the mole.

I just don't know which one.

So, I have three minutes to find out

who is with the Cause
and who is innocent.

And if I can't figure it out,
the recommended step

is that I kill both of you.

- Ma'am...
- There must be a mistake.

I don't know anyone in the Cause.

- Me neither.
- We know each other.

I swear to you...

Sit down! Stay back, please.

- This is a test.
- No, unfortunately, it's not.

[Michele] I'm innocent!
I'm... I am not with the Cause!

- I don't know anyone in the Cause!
- Me neither.

- [Michele] I am not with the Cause.
- Neither am I.

- Are you accusing me?
- Of course not!

But she said it's one of us
and I'm saying it's not me.

- It's not me, either!
- Bruna, you know me.

- You know I'm not with the Cause!
- I can't sit here listening to excuses.

I need a confession, do you understand?

- Bruna, please...
- [softly] It's not me.

Whoever is with the Cause
and believes that they're a savior...

this is your chance to do something useful
for society and save someone's life.

Because you will die anyway
and take an innocent person with you.

[Bruna sighs]

[Ezequiel] Cássia!

Bruna, please...

if you are with the Cause, save my life.

I'm not with the Cause, Michele.

- I'm not.
- Then they have the wrong information.

Of course they do!

What are we going to do,
for God's sake?

- This isn't happening...
- We're gonna die.

We're already dead.

What are we gonna do?


We have one way out.

We have to attack this woman.

- We have to attack her. Shh.
- We can't attack her. She's armed.

- If we get her gun, she'll...
- [softly] She won't.

It's you and me.

- Two against one.
- Mm-hm.

Bruna, when she comes back,
we'll take her gun.

We're gonna run away
from the Process.

We're gonna run away.

Bruna, we can't die now.
I don't wanna die.

Look at me.

Trust me, okay?

I'll give you a signal
and we'll attack her.

[footsteps approaching]

Your time is up.

Who's going to confess?

Why do you want to make it through?

I have a lot to offer the Offshore.

If I have enough merit,
you will see it in me.

[man] Your boyfriend gave you this.

What boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend.

[chuckles] I know.

It's for the interviewer.

You have to say exactly
what the Process wants to hear.



It was Ezequiel.

- Ezequiel killed my brother.
- Don't think about that.

You won't get anywhere near Ezequiel.

And if you do, run. Stay away from him.

I'm sorry you had to see that.
Move aside.

Cássia? Cássia?

Get up.

Get over there.

I think I can trust you.

I got this.

That's what my brother used to say.

Whenever I asked him for anything,
he'd say, "I got this."

You really loved him.

He was five years older than me and...

when our parents died...

Revenge isn't about killing Ezequiel.

It's destroying their entire world.

[man's words echo]

You have to act as if you blindly believe
in the Process.

Act completely naive.
Tell me... can you cry?


That will be useful.

Are you gonna cry?

[man] The key is to hold back your tears.
Fight them back.

That's what gets to them.

I got this.

[Cássia] Michele, what just happened
has to stay between us.

A mole for the Cause is not the concern
of the other candidates.

[candidates chattering]


[muffled sobs]

Where were you?

Michele, what happened?

[instrumental theme music plays]

Subtitle translation by João Neto