2 Broke Girls (2011–2017): Season 5, Episode 14 - And You Bet Your Ass - full transcript

Caroline is torn when the studio writers reveal they won't portray Max in the project; Max is being spoiled by her new Hollywood beau, Randy, who sets Caroline up on a date with his friend, Bob.

Caroline, I'm home!

I mean, I'm hotel!

(Caroline) I'm upstairs,

because we have an upstairs!

Thank you for losing all
your money so Hollywood

would buy your story and I
could buy all the pot I want.

Hello, darling. You're just in time

for my big Hollywood entrance.

Hold up, Greta Garbage.

I just want to tell Earl about
the pot sitch out here.

He'll think it's high-larious.

You never want to watch me walk.

What up, Earl? It's your girl, Max,

calling from Holly-weed, Cali-juana.

Hey, Max, it's not the
same without you here.

A lot less customers crying.

Listen to this!

They just give you pot cards out here.

All I had to say was "Sure, I get sad."

Hey, I'm an 80-year-old man
working at a dead-end diner.

I bet I'd get two cards.

Is that Max? Let me talk to her.

I can't find my white golf
glove, and I know you took it!

Han, keep your panties on.

I have no idea where your glove is.

Oh, I'm driving through the hills.

I'm... breaking... up. Aah... uhh...

Okay, here comes my big
Hollywood entrance.

Hello, darling... I hope I
haven't kept you waiting.


Oh, my God! Are you okay?


I'm head over heels
for Hollywood, baby.

(Peter Bjorn and John)
♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

[cash register bell dings]

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Just put it wherever you
would usually put things

for, like, a big Hollywood
meeting with screenwriters

who are writing your life story.

So, the counter?

Go with your instincts.

If I'd gone with my instincts,

I would've finished nursing college.

Another reason I love LA?
We just had brunch at a place

where you can valet park your dog.

Oh, my God, Max, are
those new sunglasses?

Randy got them for me.

I had to. Your other pair of sunglasses

were being held together by willpower,

and four-week-old gum.

Can you have dinner tonight?

Ah, would that mean I have
to have sex with you again?

Because the answer is yes.

Max, you're going out with Randy again?

I've barely seen you since we got here.

And I've seen David
Schwimmer four times.

I've never met David Schwimmer,

which is weird 'cause I'm
pretty sure I'm his lawyer.

Why don't you come to dinner with us?

Would that mean she has
to have sex with you again?

Because that's a yes!

Actually, now I think of it,

I can set you up with
an old friend of mine.

He is big in this town.

Deli-sandwich-named-after-him big.

If you start dating a big sandwich,

I'm gonna be really jealous.

- See you later?
- Hey.

My boobs are down here.

Wear something cute.

[giggles] Okay.

Last time a guy told you
to wear something cute,

You said, "Like what? Yo nuts?"

You really like this guy.

Oh, can you just not ruin this for me

by pointing out what's good about it?

- Ooh, snacks.
- No, don't eat those.

That's for the meeting
with the writers.

Writers are actors who gave up,
so they're allowed to eat.

Can we talk about casting
with these writers?

Because for once,
I want a name to play me,

not just some lady who falls
out of her tube top on "Cops."

Hi, everybody!

[audience cheers]

Sophie, I thought you were
gonna be at the healer

who's gonna help you get pregnant

until well after our meeting.

Well, you're wrong.


My healer had to cancel.

She's trying to get Kim
Kardashian pregnant again.

Or is it Kanye?

I forget which one's the girl.

I'm pretty sure it's Kanye,
because he's the one

that goes crazy once a month.

[knocking on door]

This is so exciting.
Our movie meeting is happening!

This is exciting.

I've never been in a hotel meeting

that didn't start on Craigslist.

- Hi!
- Hi, I'm Leslie.

This is Jason. He's my partner.

Writing partner. To be clear,

I only date models.

Hand models, to be clear.

Come on in.

I'm Caroline Channing.

You probably recognize
me from Google Images.

The photo of me being dragged
out of Barneys crying

with my cut up credit cards is classic.

And I'm Max Black.
If you Google Image me,

you'll see the Canadian dude
I stole my identity from.

You're hot. Are you a model?

That is so unprofessional.

Right. Like I'm the one who has to stay

500 feet away from Fred Savage.

He's just so darn cute!

Anyway, hi.

Hi, okay, yeah.
Let's switch focus and sit

and talk movie.

I already came up with my
character's catch phrase.

I think every time I leave
the room, I should say

"Jigga jigga damn."

We thought it was just
gonna be us and Caroline,

not that you're not fun and fabulous.

You're like a sober Megan Fox.

I'm confused.
I assumed you wanted to meet

with both of us because, you know,

Max is a huge part of the story.

Stop texting. Help me.

This is just a boring, preliminary,

get-to-know-you meeting.

- It would really be better if...
- I wasn't here.

Yeah, I get it.
I know when I'm not wanted.

That's why I high-tailed it
out of my mother's womb.

Anyway, I have a big
Hollywood meeting myself.

- You do?
- Uh, yeah.

I have an appointment
to go stand in line

for a little thing called
"The Price Is Right."

You ever heard of it?

Ah, you know you have.

Max, you don't have to go.

It's cool, it's cool.

And with that, let me just say,

jigga jigga damn.

So, here's the thing.

Your friend's character
is not in the movie.

We don't have to do that
"jigga jigga damn" thing.

To be honest, I've never
heard her say that.

Nothing personal to your friend.

- She's hot.
- We get it!

But Jennifer Lawrence is
interested in playing you.

And she wants to do a
brave, no-makeup role.

Without a co-star.

Jennifer Lawrence wants to play me?

Jigga jigga damn!

So you want to sleep
over again tonight?

Think your mom will let you?

Maybe. She let me get a job at five.

You guys are sitting on
the same side of the table?

Max, you've kicked people
out of the diner for that!

And it was a boy and his Nana.

I've sat next to people
before at dinner.

They kind of make you at the shelter.

Some wine?

Wine that's not from a box?
That's a yes!

Anyway, how was "The Price Is Right"?

Did you get to meet the host,
I want to say Alex Sajack?

Control that temper, Max.

It's Drew Carey,
and he gets housewives wet

five days a week... know the facts.

But I showed up too late,
so I got to go back tomorrow.

I was thinking of wearing
a shirt that said

"One in the Plinko, two in the stinko."

How about I buy you a lifetime
supply of Rice-A-Roni?

Aw. I don't think you realize
how much Rice-A-Roni I can eat.

Oh, there's Bob.

Bob! We're over here.

Oh, hey there, hot shot.

[cheers and applause]

Is that my date Bob,
or a different Bob?

I need that to be a different Bob.

I think that's the very first Bob.

It was Adam, Eve, and Bob.

Caroline, this is Bob.

- Bob, meet Caroline Channing.
- Nice to meet you.

Not a lot on top.

I hope he means I'm stupid.

Wow. If me and Randy are May-December,

you two are May-Dead.

Marlon Brando played the
pants off the Godfather.

You bet your ass he did.

At the end of the day,
he was kissing my ring.

Speaking of kissing,
I haven't gotten one

since that time Bob did
heroin with the Stones.

I think you mean the time the
Stones did heroin with Bob.

Getting any ideas?

Yeah, that I want to die before 60.

Anybody want to do a little blow?


I'm gonna pass.
We have to be careful, Bob.

Some of us are capable of dying.

I'm gonna pass as well.
I don't do snorties.

Even I'm scared of how
much talking there'd be.

Toot, toot. The train is leaving.

Um, Randy?

It was really nice of you to set me up,

but what the hell were you thinking?

There's a 100-year age difference!

Caroline, this is Hollywood.

Age doesn't matter.

Unless you're a woman.

Plus, Bob's got a lot of connections.

He could really help
you with your deal.

I'm not gonna sleep with
God's college roommate

to get ahead in Hollywood.

I think sleeping's pretty
much all you'd have to do.

Never got to the blow.

Ran into my fourth ex-wife,
only this time

it wasn't with the moose
bumper on my Range Rover.

You're still driving?

What are you dolls doing in Hollywood?

You girls like a sister
act or something?

Kind of. They're making
a movie about us,

So, what did the writers say?

What did they think about
Zach Galifianakis playing me?

Well, it's nothing personal,

but the writers don't
feel like you're...

It's just, there's so much story.

There's a lot of characters already.

You're out of the picture, kid.

Really? I'm out?

Max, I'm sorry.
I told them you are crucial.

But then they said maybe
Jennifer Lawrence would play me

and I kind of blacked out after that.

Hey, I've been cut out of
a lot of life stories,

like my mom's,
every time she met a guy.

I was just her two-year-old
cleaning lady.

Max, this is just the
way Hollywood works.

Bob, you know how Hollywood is.

You were there when it started.

It's cool, it's cool. Randy, you ready?

Yeah, we're gonna take off
before the next story, Bob.

I can only hear about that three-way

with Gavin MacLeod so many times.

Plus, I have to get up early

to get in line for
"The Price Is Right."

I used to babysit little Bobby Barker.

Max, don't leave.
Stay for another drink.

Nah, I'm out.

Wow, you could cut that
tension with my coke blade.

Max is tough. We're a team.

We've been through a lot together,

including a car wash
that time our shower broke.

You'll be fine, kid.

You're gonna have plenty of friends

when your movie comes out,

and for six months after that.

I don't need fake friends. I have Max.

That's what Wesley Snipes
said about Jane Fonda.

- They're not friends.
- You bet your ass they're not.

[people muttering, shouting]

I thought you weren't gonna have time

to be on "The Price Is Right,"

with Caroline's big and
I'm assuming boring movie.

Well, my schedule's wide open.

When it comes to the movie,
I pulled out.

You know, like I always
tell guys I'm going to.

Oh, it's Oleg.

I bet you he wants to have phone sex.

Is there anything I can lean on?

(Oleg) Hey, Sophie.

I was just making some baby back ribs

and I thought, ♪ I want my baby back ♪

Then I pleasured myself
with an oven mitt.

(Sophie) So, no sex?

'Cause I see a bench.
It's a perfect height,

and I can have Max
hold the phone for us.

Is that Sophie? Is she with Max?

Give me that.

It's Han, and you know sounds
even shorter long-distance.

Max, did you play with
the ringtone on my phone?

Every time it rings,
it makes sex sounds.

[woman whimpering]

Mother. I have to call you back.

Sounds like she's doing
just fine on her own.

How do I make the sex sounds stop?

For you, it's a rare occurrence.

Just leave it in your
pants and enjoy it.

- So, Max...
- (Max) Sorry, Han.

I can't hear you.
I'm driving through the hills.

I'm... breaking... up aah... ahh...

[woman whimpering]

I'm coming, Mother!

Ooh, here comes the contestant picker.

Act like you're a stay-at-home
mom from the Midwest.

That's the "Price Is Right" sweet spot.

Okay, how's this?

[in a Midwestern accent] Oh, God.

Those little bastards are
just running me ragged.

Both: Pick me! Pick me!

We got a lot of 12-year-old
boys playing sick at home.

How long can you ladies
jump up and down for?

- 20 minutes.
- Step out of line.

What is that costume?

Oh, this is home-bedazzled,
doncha know?

Step out of line.

I'm just glad to be out of the house.

Wait here. You're both in the mix.

Practice being excited
to meet Drew Carey.

He knows when you're faking it.

My Bob never knows when I'm faking it.

Keep it up. I like your pepper.

Max! I've been looking
all over for you.

What are you doing here?

This isn't a scene in the movie.

I know, because I'm in it.

Max, there would be
no movie without you.

There would also be no armed
guards at HomeTown Buffet.

What's your point?

I would've been here sooner,

but I just got back
from Vegas with Bob.

He lost $50,000,

and somehow Faye Dunaway's Oscar.

But Bob and I talked a lot about
friendship on the helicopter.

You know, right after
I jump-started his heart

with the epi pen.

And you and I are not gonna be

Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Or Sophie and Gwyneth Paltrow!

That bitch.

I was going to name
my first-born "Apple,"

and she took it.

Now I have to settle for "Fritter."

I am not gonna sell out our
friendship for Hollywood.

Max, you're in the movie
and you're coming with me

to the meeting to tell them that.

But I'm in the mix.
They actually want me here.

But I want you there.

I'm the stupid you should be with.

All right, screw it.

Sophie, I'm gonna go with her.

Why stop making bad decisions now?

All right, but I'm gonna have
to make another friend in line.

[Midwestern accent] Hi, I'm Barb.

Oh, gosh, carpool and fluffernutter...

because soccer, right?

[upbeat music]

Max, this is kind of our
first Hollywood party.

I know. I wonder who I'll go home with.

Probably Andrew Dice Clay again.

Hey listen, this might be

the sixth teeny, tiny, tequila talking,

but thanks for standing up for me

and not letting those writers
cut me out of your life.

Oh, Max, that means a lot.

I love it when you're drunk and nice.

[phone ringing]

Oh, no, it's Han.

Wonder what he wants.

You think he finally realized

I changed the outgoing
message on the diner

to "Welcome to Diarrhea-ville?"

Max, I heard the outgoing message,

and I found a series of Home
Alone-style traps in my office,

each one more fiendishly
clever than the last.

And I don't know how you got
those goats in his office,

but we're having a hard
time getting them out.

What's next, Max?

What will finally bring me to my knees?

I don't know. A guy who
kind of looks like a girl?

Why are you doing all of this to me?

I just didn't want you to
forget me while I was away.

- Audience: Aw!
- Oh, Max.

Now you've brought me to tears.

[goat bleating]


Congratulations, Max.

You finally got his goat.


Whoo! Aah!

Somebody help me!

Cover those nuts.

You may need them one day.

I like that you're a bi-coastal bully.

That might be our sequel.

[knocking on door]

Oh, I forgot to tell you.

I invited a couple of guys over.

Who? I'm kind of seeing someone-ish.

It's Randy and Bob.

Bob was real?

I thought he was a ghost.

Hey, girls. I brought some bubbly

to celebrate your victory today,

and Bob brought a wide variety
of opiates and stimulants.

Oh, I'm glad to see
you two stuck it out.

True friendship is a rare thing.

There's only one man I've ever trusted,

and that is Anjelica Huston.

[helicopter whirring]

Holy crap!

I think God is here for Bob.

Is that chopper for you?

You bet your ass it is.

I'm going to Malibu.

Susan Sarandon is ordering pizza.

We're doing molly.


Will I ever see you again?

Slow down, pussycat. I'm just
getting out of something.

That man sure knows
how to make an exit.

Not from life,
but from everything else.

I gotta go, doll.

[audience hoots]

Bob's gonna drop me off at home.

Hopefully, I'll land
in my pool this time.

I don't know what it is,
but I'm crazy about Bob.

Get it, girl.

[upbeat music]

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