2 Broke Girls (2011–2017): Season 4, Episode 21 - And the Grate Expectations - full transcript

Max and Caroline help launch the new branch of The High at JFK airport, and Sophie discovers that Oleg may have an ulterior motive for wanting to marry her.

I'll go check on your salads.

Oleg, what's the hold
up with the salads?

I never made one before.

My two favorite guys,
Big Doug and Sancho,

are ordering salads?

What happened to their usual BLTs?

Burgers, lasagna, and tacos?

They said they want to lose weight.

And no matter what you order,

it's easier to throw
up here than at home.

I don't get why nobody
wants to be fat anymore.

The fat seasons of Oprah
were always the best.

You're right.

Every other year of Oprah
was the best years.

What is this I hear about you
blushing beauties on a diet?

Oh, we're not blushing.

We're just still flushed
from sitting down.

And we're trying to get in shape.

Yeah, preferably a shape
that doesn't resemble

a seasonal gourd.

Plus my girlfriend wants me to slim down

so we can sit on the same side
of the plane when we travel.

Well, Big Doug,

you tell that lucky lady that
I would rather date a man

with boobs bigger than mine

than a man who brings his own
salad dressing to a restaurant.

Pie me.

Cherry, pumpkin, or coconut cream?

(both) Yes.

Max Black,

bringing smiles to men's
faces since puberty.

(Peter Bjorn and John)
♪ Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh ♪

[cash register bell dings]

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I just talked to this guy at...

I think it's table three, I
still don't know the numbers.

Anyway, he asked, "What's new?"

And I told him we were
opening a dessert bar

at the airport tomorrow.

Then I realized he was
asking what kind of pot

I was selling this week.

Why are you telling people
about us and the airport?

It's like when you told everyone
you thought you had HPV.

That was a state-mandated kind of thing.

Oh, look who it is...

the airport people.

You guys putting together
a little happy hour?

With the jocks at Southwest?

Or the "in crowd" at
the Virgin Terminal?

You know who's going
to be a terminal virgin?

You can make all the
death threats you want,

but you know what will keep me alive?

The fact that you two
work at the airport.


Hey, everybody!

Here comes the almost bride.

Did you ever see a
prettier almost bride?

I mean, you know,
besides Jennifer Aniston.

Sophie, it's only one
week till the wedding,

so this is your last chance
to take a run at me.

Now you won't be disappointed.

I'm still very sexually active

for the first five minutes.

Oh, Earl.

If I took a run at you,

you'd go right through that
wall like Wile E. Coyote.

Hey, bridesmaid.

(both) Hey, Sophie.

Hey, Oleg.

You got a message from your
brother in the Ukraine.

Yoshinko called?

Yeah, hear this message.

What was the message?

"Hey, Oleg, did you see
last night's Alf?"

Nah... I don't speak Ukrainian.

I mean, what am I, a plumber in Queens?

No, so I brought the whole thing in.

Here he is.


[speaking Ukrainian]


[speaking Ukrainian]

What did he say?

He's not coming.

I understood a little

'cause I had a Russian
Au pair growing up.

You know, until she
bleached my good jeans.

Yoshinko can't come to the wedding.

He's on a no-fly list, a no-drive list,

and a no-walk list.

He's in jail.

Oh, but he was gonna be your best man.

I got a ham engraved for him.

Don't worry, baby, I'll find someone.

It could be anyone.

He doesn't even have to
be the best or even good.

I'll have to lower my standards.


will you be my best man?

You said lower, not sub-basement.

Well, Oleg, I'll need to think about it.


Great. So Han,

you're in charge of the
bachelor party tomorrow.

I want a night that will
disgrace all involved.

A night where no one can
look each other in the eye

at brunch the next day.

Wow, Han.

Bachelor party's a big responsibility.

Do you know any grown-ups
who can buy you beer?

[rock music]

Max, hurry.

The grand opening of this
pink airport dungeon

is in a few minutes.

That TSA line took forever.

The woman with all those nickels?

I haven't seen that much change
on a lady since Chaz Bono.

Don't worry,

I'm making friends in the TSA.

Judy, big gal, little beard?

Having lunch with her at the Wok N' Roll

near Malaysia Airlines.

It's pretty quiet over there these days.

Hey, ladies.

Opening day, I'm so excited

my nipples have been shooting
daggers since I woke up.

Seriously, I haven't been this excited

since my parents sent
me to military school.

God, does everything have
to be fun when you're gay?

If it isn't, you're not doing it right.

I'm just happy I get
to be out front here.

Finally, I won't be stuffed in the back.

I mean unless I run into
a Republican senator

in the men's room.

Come on, let's open up.

But DAT key though?

I love this job.

Wait, should someone make a speech?

A speech?

If you want to hear my thoughts
on opening this place,

I'll just CC you on my suicide note.

Fine, I'll make a speech.

To all the school janitors
who told me I'd never have

my own giant set of keys,

too big for any pocket,

and that I wasn't a good kisser?

They can all suck it.

Yes! Rise, gate, rise!

Ooh, you go, gate.


Yes, I'm drunk with power.

Also, a little drunk.

All right. Here they come.


Any minute.

Just our luck.

The one day the airport isn't crowded.

Well, I guess I have time
to go check my make-up

in the men's room.

[phone vibrates]

It's Han.

He wants us to come to Oleg's
bachelor party tonight.

I've gotten a call like this before,

but usually it's through
a service that involves

making some tassels spin
in opposite directions.

No way.

You know I was planning on
going home and crying tonight.

Han is planning a party.

You will cry there for sure.

That's true. I really
can cry anywhere now.

I guess I've got that at least.

I can't believe I work
at the airport, Max.

Hey, would you feel better
if you held my giant keys?



Welcome, you're our first customer.

Do I get a prize?

Is it you?

I'm on board now. I love this job.

Welcome, everyone.

I'm your M.C., Han Lee,

gonna get the crazy party started here

with some dirty, racy jokes.

This is the deadest place
I've ever been to,

and I once woke up in Heaven.

Okay, here we go.

What do a Rubik's Cube and
a penis have in common?

The more you play with
it, the harder it gets.

A Rubik's Cube was a popular '80s toy.

You suck! Next act.


What do a walrus and a
Tupperware have in common?

Hold on a minute.

Something about a seal being tight...

[phone dings]

[gasps] Oh!

I just got a text from Josh, the pilot.

He says, "What's up, you?"

Isn't that cute?

Cute that he forgot your name?

It's really been a long
time for you, hasn't it?

I took off my underwear last
week and a coyote howled.

Tough crowd.

I'm talking about you, Max.

Oh come on, Han. Loosen up.

Have a drink.

A martini, an appletini, anything teeny.

Nah, just do a vodka shot.

If nothing else, the glass will
look normal-sized in your hand

and I'll have a laugh.


Can't hurt.

But it did.

Thanks for the party, Han.

What time is it starting?

I've never been a best man.

It's a lot of pressure.

Yeah, being a man would be hard for you.

You've never been one before.

Let alone the best one.

What's in that, ground glass?

Ugh, this party is worse
than the communist party.

And they killed half my family.

Oleg, don't worry, I'll
get this party started.

I'm making a call to some
girls I went to school with.

The Slut Academy on Seventh.

Commonly known as NYU.

I'm more concerned about my cousin.

He has something I need.

Soap? Deodorant?
The toughest actin' Tinactin?

Oh, there he is!

- [laughs]
- Hey, hey.

Mwah, mwah.

Well, he didn't bring the deodorant.

Yuri, you made it.

Are you the stripper?

Probably in a few years.

Did you bring the papers?

The papers I need to get married?

And those little Ukrainian candies I love?

Bad news.

The guy who made the fake
papers got deported.

They took the papers.

I ate the candy.

What'd I miss?

Besides my chance to become something?

Are you the stripper?


A compliment and an
insult in just one word.

Oh, no.

Oh no, no, no, no, no.

Did I mention "no"?

How can you say the word "no"

but not understand it when women say it?

This is a disaster.

And not the kind where I can loot.

I needed those fake papers to
renew my fake green card.

Mine expires next month.

Since when do you care
about expiration dates?

You cook with eggs so
old they fight back.

Sophie will never believe
that I'm not marrying her

just for a green card.

She has major trust issues

since one day, her father
went out for pierogies and...

came back without pierogies.

[soulful music playing]

I'm really enjoying the dance stylings

of Camel and Toe up there.

Everyone is having fun except Oleg.

I haven't seen him so much
as put the "V" fingers

in front of his mouth
at any of these ladies.


Wouldn't mind some over
the sweater action with her.

Hers or yours?

Max, I just did something
I've never done.

Told a story about someone else?

No, I sent the pilot a boob pic.


Girl, you nasty.

I know. I am nasty!

I just looked into the camera
with my boobs out and hit send.

Ah-ha, that's awesome.

Uh, circling back now,

did you say you looked into the camera?

You didn't put your face in it, did you?


You stupid.

How else would he know it was me?

You never put your face in it.

Didn't I raise you better than this?

Well, at least you
weren't smiling in it.

All right, what kind of smile?

A flirty smirk could work.

A come-hither grin would be great.

More like...

So you were in this... pose

with your yabbos out?

So you basically did a nude yogurt ad.

Yeah, but like yogurt you
want to have sex with, right?

Oh, my God.

Sophie will be here any minute.

When I called, she was washing her hair.

She was going to put it
back on her head and come.

Just be honest with her.

Sometimes the truth is ugly.

But she knows that.
She's seen you naked.

Well, still no text back so
apparently not as ugly as this.

What's that about?

Are you selling real estate now?

[Rufus's Tell Me Something Good]

♪ Tell me something good ♪

Oh, wow.

I mean, this party
couldn't get any sleazier

unless you invited Robin Thicke.

I'm looking up at skanky whore city,

but I trust you, Oleg.

You do?

Yeah, why wouldn't I?

Aside from my complicated past

full of men that have lied to me.

But you and I don't have secrets
from each other, right, Oleg?

Yeah, well, you see...

It is time for the
traditional best man speech.

So listen up, bitches.

Ow, damn it.

I am bleeding.

Repeat, I am bleeding.

I can't believe this.

There's an app that burps
when you shake your phone,

but no app that unsends a boob pic?

[clears throat]

Sophie. Oleg.

What's there to say
about these two kids?

Oleg is a bad cook.

Sophie, quite loud.

But somehow, when they
get together, magic.

You suck, next act!

Says the lady that works at the airport.

And, Oleg, I'm so glad
Sophie is marrying you

so now you can stay in the country.

(Max) Oh, no. Uh...

You suck. Next act?

Yeah, I hear ya girl.

I mean that last joke didn't
even have a punch line.

Yeah, I mean, it was sort of sad.

It was no joke.

This is serious.

It's really serious.

That boob pic is up in the Cloud now.

My boob is in the Cloud, y'all.

Sophie, I didn't know how to tell you.

You wanted to marry me for a green card?

See, I thought you were
marrying me for my bod.

Or for my connections at
The Container Store, or...

I mean, I taught you how to read!

Sophie, I can explain.

No, no, no. The wedding's off.

Oh, no.

What the hell am I going to
do with all those pigeons

that I had painted wedding white?

Sophie, wait.


Aww, well, look who it is.

My dearly deported.

I worked on that the whole way over.

Sophie, I'm not gonna be deported.

I'm gonna marry someone so
I can stay in this country

and win you back.

I don't care who my new bride is.

Just upfront, it can't be me.

'Cause everybody knows
I'm married to my work.

And it can't be me.

It just can't.

They don't even have to
be the best or even good.

Standards are out the window.

Look, it's a California Raisin.

Ooh. Sunglasses and Advil.

Last night was mad real.

(Oleg) Han,

will you marry me so I
can stay in the country?

I'll need to think about it.


Apparently the only thing he
won't say yes to is health care.

Oleg, I don't believe you.

This is just another
trick to get me to do

what you want me to do.

Like when you kept "dropping"
your ice cream into your lap.

No trick.

Sometimes love makes you do
crazy, disgusting things.

Like this.

[sprays mouthwash] Come here, Han.

And now I love this job, too!

Thank God he picked Han.

Wow, Sophie. Oleg must really love you.

That had to be hard for him.

And from what I can see,
a little hard for Han, too.

At our wedding, maybe two
pumps of breath spray.

Han, you're not marrying Oleg.

'Cause Oleg's marrying me.

I believe you now.

'Cause you kissed Han,

and Asian girls aren't even your thing.

Oh my God, Max, it's my boob pic.

Someone made it into a meme.

A mammo meme?

You're not supposed to
need those 'til you're 40.

My boob pic is gonna be hanging
over me for the rest of my life.

Oh, come on,

your boob couldn't hang over a pencil.

[cash register bell dings]

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