2 Broke Girls (2011–2017): Season 2, Episode 10 - And the Big Opening - full transcript

Max and Caroline host a grand opening celebration at their new cupcake shop, and Max invites her former flames to show off her success.

Earl, time to play
"Marry, Sleep with, or Kill:

Diner edition."

Ladies, booth one?

Sleep with, sleep with, slept with.


Okay, Max, the dude at table ten.

Is there a "Throw food
in the cage and run" category?

Hey, jump in.

We'playing "Marry,
Sleep with, or Kill:"

Diner edition."

No, if I slept with
anyone in this diner,

I'd kill myself.

Even in a fictional scenario,

I cannot permit myself to go there.

Girl, you'd take the fun
out of the punch bowl

full of cocaine.

Okay, fine.

Sleep with Earl, marry you.

Not us!

What are you, a freak?

I feel uncomfortable, Caroline.

Like, I don't know
how to look at you anymore.

Now, I can only see you
in a creepy lady tux.

You said it was just a game!

I'm not in love with you.
Back off!

It was just a joke, Earl.

The things we say in jest, darling.

The things we say in jest.

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

Sync & corrections by Alice

Oh, my God, look at the RSVP
list for our opening party.

Max's Homemade Cupcakes is at capacity.

Hey, we might even be overbooked,

because in my experience,
even when guys

say they're not going to come, they do.

Caroline, booth two has been waiting

for service for ten minutes!

And Han knows how frustrating that is,

'cause he's been waiting
to be serviced for years.

Not that it's any
of your business, Max,

but I have a very active sex life.

So then, Han, will you be
bringing a date tomorrow night?

Ah, no.

You do understand that sex
involves two people, right?

And that one of those people
has to be you?

What is all this dirty talk?

This is a diner,
not a dirty talking place.

Sorry, Han, I know
we still work here at night.

I'll go right over to the booth.

We were just talking
about our big opening party.

All you ever talk
about is your big opening.

Now who has the potty mouth?

Max, I need your guest list names.

Oh, okay, I'm still waiting
for them to confirm,

so just put me down for ten.

Okay, but I need their names asap.

I'm running a tight door.

I got a bouncer from a local club

to donate his time.

I told him it
was a charity event for eczema.

What? We'll make a big donation
when we're successful,

but, for tomorrow, every now and then,

scratch a little?

Hi, everybody!
I got great news.

What? You finally found
the thing we lost in there?

No. I knew we should've
tied a string on it.

No, look.
I got a fax from Poland.

My dream house is done!
Isn't it amazing?

It is amazing.

I haven't seen a fax
in, like, five years.

Sophie, it's so pretty!

Look at all this sweet
gingerbread woodwork

on the porch.

Oh, I'm so excited.

I'm going to be on Air Poland flight

right after big party.

You are going to Poland?
That's news.

And when were you going to tell me?

Um, now, yeah.

Um, I'm going to be gone for a month.

Oh, okay.

It will be good to have some time away

from the old ball and chain.

Yeah, he's not talking about me.

We use a ball and chain
in our lovemaking.

That's the thing I can't find.

All right.

Okay, yeah.

Well, buh-bye.

I'll see you tomorrow night
at my big going away party!

Sophie, the party's
for our cupcake business.

Oh, see, this is why
I don't like you so much.

Guys, thanks again
for donating your time.

It's fundraisers like this
that will help

put an end to undescended testicles.


I'd like to meet the owner
of this awesome

and totally cool cupcake shop?

Oh, nevermind!
That's me.

Max, you got a blow-out!

Yeah, I'd figured I finally see

what all the fuss
about getting blown is.

Oh, hi, we're not
quite ready for guests yet.

Girl, I'm your doorman, Nevel.

Oh, I'm confused.
I thought my doorman was...

Straight, white, and boring?
He was.

Then, boring came down with the flu.

Now, you've got gay, black,
and definitely not boring.

So what's the charity tonight?

- Eczema.
- Undescended testicles.

People with eczema
and undescended testicles.

Lord, child.
That is a cross to bear.

Get me the door list, and let's make

those poor, itchy boys some money.

Another fake charity?

You've got some balls,
even if they aren't descended.

Max, we so lucked out.

Nothing says "successful party"

like a bitchy, gay doorman!

Give me your guest names.
I'll write them down.

Okay, fine.

Put down Tommy, Dylan,
Robbie, Johnny...

Robbie and Johnny?

Wait, Max, are these
all your ex-boyfriends?


Max, the invited guests

were all supposed
to be business contacts.

See, this is why I didn't
tell you sooner.

You're a control freak.

And for the record,
these guys have all had contact

with my business.

You're using our launch party

to get back
at ex-boyfriends?

Uh, yeah!

That's what success is for,

to say "suck it"
to people who dumped you.

"See my blown-out hair?
Suck it!

"See my cool cupcake shop?
Suck it!

See these in this blouse?
You wish you could suck it."

And here, it is not just
boyfriends on my list.

I also invited the lady from Staples

who gives me attitude.

She can suck it too.

Fine, but how is inviting Johnny

and his new wife a victory?

Oh, like this.

"Hi, Mrs. Johnny.
Nice to meet you."

You got him, but I got these

"And all this,
so suck it."

I'm not so sure this is healthy.

Are you kidding me?

This is the healthiest thing
I've done in my life.

I even thought about inviting my mother

to come and suck it,
but then she'd realize

maybe I didn't commit suicide
two years ago

like my note said.

I'm about ready to open.

Shouldn't we be putting up
some testicle banners,

or scrotum posters, or something?

Also, there's a cute blonde boy
out here asking for you

that I'm about to eat alive.

That's Andy with the free bar stuff.

Go, I'm gonna stay here

and practice my "suck it" face
for a while.

How's this?

That look is so much more "suck it"

with the straight hair.

I know, right?

- There's my cute boyfriend.
- Hey.

How did everything go
at Spike's Liquor?

Well, I got a little bit confused

about what charity
we're pretending to help,

so I told them my sister's homeless

and my balls are up inside me.

Now, we just gotta hope
Spike's not the chatty type.

Oh! They just dropped.

Hey, Andy, question.

What does this face say to you?

I don't know,
like, "I'm cool."

So close!
Guess again.

Okay, like,
"I'm better than you."

No, like, "I'm it,
and you can suck it."

Yes! Yes!
They can suck it!

Is that what you're wearing tonight?


A sweater?

I always saw you in a suit tonight.

Run home real quick and put on a suit.

Hurry, people are starting to come.

Uh, Max is still making the face.

I know.
I can't stop.

I've waited my whole life
to make this face.

Max, look.

Our business is open.

Wait, wait, wait.
Not quite.

In five, four, three, two.


- Name, please?
- Sophie Kuchenski.

Guest of honor.

- How many in your party?
- See, I knew it was my party!

Max, there's a line
all the way down the hall

and I've given out,
like, a hundred business cards!

You know what that means?
Being poor can suck it!

Girl, the Fire Marshal just dropped by,

and told me
we can't let anymore people in

till some of these folks go out.

Nevel, none of my guests
are even here yet.

It is very important to let in any guy

who looks hot, but you know
would screw you over.

Is there any other type?

I'll go get some more cupcakes.

How's it going so far, babe?

Andy, what are you doing?

I told you to come back in a suit.

Yeah, I know,
but I like what I'm wearing.

So you're telling me you'll just go

and do what you want,
no matter how much

I try to control you?


That is so freaking hot.


Caroline, I can't get in!

Caroline! Less kissing,
more noticing me!

See, I know her,
and my name's on the list.

Han Lee.

Honey, if I was a fat girl,

and your name was Sara Lee,

you still wouldn't be getting in.

We are at capacity!

Hey, Robbie.
On the list.

Go right on in, child.

Uh, hello?

Do you need a dictionary
to define the word "capacity?"

I have clear orders:

Only very hot men
who look like trouble.


Excuse me, you know
where I can find Max?

- Yes, she's in the back.
- Cool.

Robbie, it's me, Caroline.

Oh, sorry.

Did we have sex?

What? No!

I'm Max's roommate.

Oh, Max had a roommate?

I was pretty much wasted
the whole time.

I remember, like, nothing,

but I'm in the program now,
so it's one day at a time.

- Well, Max is through there.
- Cool.

But we did have sex, right?

We did not have sex.

You offered, but I wasn't into you.

Yeah, right.

- Hey, Max.
- Robbie!

Why are you making that face?

You have a toothache or something?

No, it's...
I'm successful now

and this is my shop.

Wow. Cool.

So listen, I'm an alcoholic now,

and I did a lot of stuff
that wasn't cool,

and I came here because the program

says that I have to make almonds.


You mean "amends"?

Cool. So, look,
I cheated on you

behind your back, like, every day.

Well, um, we don't have
to go into all this now.

It's kind of a big night for me.

And I stole money from you too,

like, every time we had sex.

But we had a lot of sex.

I know.

Well, I stole a lot of money.

Well, this just went
from "suck it" to "it sucks,"

so lift up your shirt.

I gotta get something out of tonight.

Money well spent.

Just found out I paid for more sex

than an Arab businessman.

Maybe this wasn't the healthiest thing

I could've done tonight.

So what do you wanna do?

Should I tell Nevel to keep Johnny out?

Too late.
Way too late.



You look even better than I remember.

Well, I should.
I just got blown.

Suck it, suck it, suck it, suck it.

Max, this place is so awesome.

It's like you're telling everybody

who ever doubted you to suck it.

No, we're not petty like that.

Hey, it's a little loud in here.

You wanna talk in the hall?

Uh, wait, let me take a look
around my big, successful shop.

Yeah, I can go.

Keep your eye on Max.

That guy in the Brad Pitt glasses

broke her heart, and I don't trust him.

Max, you look insanely good.


Now, maybe you could repeat that
to your wife,

and where is she?

We never got married.

Max! Max!
I can't get in!

Wait, what do you mean
you didn't get married?

Hey, Johnny, I'm back here!

I didn't know if I was gonna tell you,

but then I got your invite...

Max! Johnny!
I'm back here!

Should we just go say "hi"?

Uh, no, not right now.

Max! Max!
I can't get in!

Max! Johnny!

Max, I've been thinking
about you a lot.

Stop. Before you
say anything else,

I just have to say

I need candy.

All right, what were you saying?

I called off the wedding
because she wasn't the one,

and you wanna know how I know that?

Max! Johnny!

I can't get into the party!

Come here.

Help me out!


That doorman is a biatch!

Okay, so, uh...

Wait, what are we doing?

Making out in a room full of candy.


No, no, this can't happen.

I was gonna give you my "suck it" face.

Okay, give it to me.
I deserve it.

Your "suck it" face is hot.

It's the hair.


Greatest night of my life!

This is not my T-shirt,

though I am all about the Girl Power.

It's not my T-shirt either.

Some nerd left it in the dryer
at the laundromat.

It's mine.

Girl Power!

No way.
No way!

Do I smell chocolate chips?

And is Uncle Andy making pancakes?

You do, and I am.

Dude, I don't know you,
but chocolate chip pancakes

are the balls.

How did you two sleep?

Did we sleep?

Great! So what's
gonna happen now?

I meant today, at the shop,

our big first day in business!

You thought I was talking
about you two?

Plbbt! I don't care
about you two.

Plbbt! Nobody cares
about you two.

Well, first, we have
to clean the party mess up.

Andy and I did it last night

when you didn't come back.

Um, can someone here mellow out

and put some pancakes
in her pancake hole?

No, Caroline, I get it.

It's been a rocky ride for Max and me.

See, when we met, I had a girlfriend.

Which he never told her about, and...

And keep eating.

And because of that, Max and I

never really got together,

and then that girl and I broke up,

and by the time
I saw Max again, I was...

Engaged to be married?

Yeah, yeah, I was gonna get married.

Wait, to that same girlfriend?

Different one.
Different one.

Yeah, but that didn't work out either,

and I've had a couple
girlfriends since...

Oh! Only a couple!

Yeah, none of them seemed to work out.

None of them are Max.

Hey, save me a pancake.

It looks like Caroline
has plans to eat them all.

Well, Max, as far
as the "suck it" plan goes,

it looks like somebody
sucked something.

Pancakes, pancake hole.

He's a good guy.

Yeah, he seems cool.

Kinda falls in love a lot, but hey...

And I did not tell him to say that.

He never does what I say.
It's hot.

"But hey" what?

Oh, we're continuing?

Um, I don't know.

Maybe I'm partial, but Max,

you're an "A."

He kind of seems
like a "B."


First of all, look at me.

I am clearly a "D,"

and I don't think
he falls in love a lot.

Man, I love, love, love pancakes.

If I could, I would marry a pancake.

What time is it?


Well, it's the first day open.

All those people are probably
tired from the party.


Oh, and look!
We forgot to light it up.

People don't know we're open.

In five, four, three, two.


Go to work.

- First day!
- Yep.

No one's here.

Remember: All we have to sell
is 70 cupcakes a day

to keep on track.

70 cupcakes?
That's not so hard.

Maybe we should do the light again.

In five, four, three, two.


What time is it now?

Tomorrow, we only need
to sell 140 cupcakes.

140 cupcakes!
That's not so hard.

How many did we sell today?


And all were to Johnny.

I think I've made a terrible mistake.

It's only been three days.

Business will pick up.

No, with Johnny.

It's different now that he's available.

Maybe I'm the kind of person
who only wants something

they can't have,
and then when they get it,

they don't want it anymore.

Okay, but do you feel that way
about the cupcake shop too?

No, I love our cupcake shop.

Wow, that's the first time
I've ever said

I loved anything out loud,

except for Robitussin.

It's Johnny.

Well, I know what I have to do.

Max, you can't change
your mind about him now.

He's our only customer!

By the way, I've always loved him.

Hey, guys.

Um, could we talk in the kitchen?


Wait, before you go, I just wanna say

that no matter what goes down in life,

we are always open to your business.

We're either
gonna have crazy kitchen sex

or I'm getting expelled.

We're not having kitchen sex.

It's way too dirty in here

from other people having kitchen sex.

So I'm getting expelled?

It's weird, right?
Between us?

Yeah, I don't know what it is.

Maybe it's an absence
of a lot of candy...

But it's not the same.

Max! Johnny!
I thought I heard you.


I can't get out!

Maybe we're only at our best

when you have another girlfriend.

Maybe give me a call
when you get that going

in, like, ten minutes.

Or I could just call you
on my actual wedding day.

Oh, cool!
Yeah, just call me 30 minutes

before the service, and I'll be there.

Or better yet, call me at, like,
your 50th wedding anniversary.

Yeah, now that's hot.


I'm cold!

Kiss good-bye?

Seriously, guys, I can't feel my toes!

See, it's hot again 'cause we broke up!

I'll see you at my 50th,

if not before.

First the party, now this.

When I have a party,
you won't be on the list.

You're right.
I deserve that.

No, I was doing a power move.

Please, I'm begging you to come.

We'll see.

I might be a little too busy

with my big, successful cupcake shop,

so suck it.

Sync & corrections by Alice