2 Broke Girls (2011–2017): Season 1, Episode 7 - And the Pretty Problem - full transcript

Caroline enrolls herself and Max in a cake-decorating class to increase their skill level and take their cupcake business to the next level.

Evening, ladies.
Gals' night out?

Chasing guys, eating pie,
having fun.

This table is sticky!
Run a damp rag across it!

Would it kill you
to clean a little?

What kinda place is this?

The kind that serves soup cold.

And what's with
your crazy earrings?

What are you, some kinda gypsy?

Hold up, ladies.

You don't get a bitch pass
just 'cause you're old.

Yes, that's right.
I said it.

You come in here with
your gangster granny attitude,

think you can get away

with dumping all over
the lowly gypsy waitress.

No way. At this diner, we don't
discriminate due to age.

If you're gonna act
like an ass,

I'm gonna treat you
like an ass...

No matter how close that ass
is riding to the floor.

Now, I'll wipe off the table
we'll take it from the top.

Hi, I'm Max.
Who wants tapioca?

That's more like it.

Save the disappointment
for the grandkids.

Earl, I need another book
of checks.

The last one fell between
the refrigerator and the oven.

I'd reach for it,
but that falls between

"I don't do that"
and "Oh, hell no."

Look overthere, Max.
Men and women in suits.

This neighborhood is
definitely on the rise.

I remember a time when a black man

couldn't get a cab around here.

And that time was Wednesday.

Max, I was just talking to
the smart couples in booth two.

I know they're smart because
they're the first people in here

who ever ordered the croque monsieur

as croque monsieur and
not "crock monster."

They wanna meet the woman
who made the cupcakes.

I told them you'd be right over.

- Go! They're so nice.
- No, they're not nice.

They're trendy, blood-sucking locusts

who come into this neighborhood
to pillage and destroy

everything I care about.

I felt the same way
when the Hilton sisters

crashed my 21st birthday.


You made these cupcakes?

Yeah, what's the problem?
Spit it out, I've got a life.

We just wanted to tell you
that your flavor palate is...


I don't know who you are
or where you came from--

Neither do I.

But these are fabulous.

Well, welcome to the neighborhood.

I knew I liked you guys.

So what did the trendy locusts want?

You are so judgmental, you know that?

They wanted to tell me the
cupcakes are "fabulous."

Thank you.

Maybe now you'll finally start to get it

if someone besides me
tells you how good they are.

I believe the word was "fabulous."

Pick up, Max.

Oleg, from now on, you
may call me Countess Max

of the Fabulous Cupcakes.

And you may call me Sir Oleg

of the Amazing Party in My Pants.

Caroline, the happy,
shiny people in suits

asked me to give you this note.

Oh, what a great idea!

They suggested we sell Max's cupcakes

at the cool new coffee
place in their building.

But you already sell
cupcakes here in my diner.

Han, we're building a cupcake
business that will one day

get us out of here.

That's what we're trying
to do with our lives.

But I thought we
had something special.

Yes, but we're not exclusive.

The diner's cute, but
I want more than this.


First girlfriend all over again.


Hey, Johnny.

Max has the tables against the wall.

Oh, we're good in your section.

Caroline, I want you
to meet my buddy Carlos.


Well, I'm working the counter.

What's happenin'? Come on, dude.

You have a literature degree from NYU.

I didn't mean to say
that, but when I get nervous,

my Rico Suave comes out.

It won't happen again.

And here's two menus.

What's happenin'?

Dude, I'm nervous.

Hey, guys, I'm in
that section over there.

Oh, we're good in Caroline's area.

Well, if you like hot
coffee in your pants area,

you're in the right place.

Actually, I like that.

Coming right at you.

Johnny's in your section.

Yeah, why?

He comes in here every night to see you.

He's your friends
or...crush or whatever he is.

Shh! He's not a crush. He's a...

I don't know what he
is, but whatever he is,

he's in your section.

- Max!
- Ooh! What are you doing?

You're not supposed to be in here.

I know, I'm a bad boy.

Look, the reason I'm not
sitting in your section

is because my buddy Carlos is
crushing pretty hard on Caroline

and he asked me to do
what I can to hook them up.

Oh. So now you're a bartender,

a street artist, and a pimp.

Ain't nuttin' wrong with me
pimpin' some boy on the side.

Keeps me in spray paint and whatnot.


From pimp to pimp...

Help me out with your girl.

My girl don't come cheap.

Is it hot in here?

Yes, and we're in a freezer.

Yes. My freezer.

I was, uh, just talking to Max.

Um, I'll see you out there.

So is this what you like in the men?

No. He's just a
customer that went rogue.

He is weak and girlish.

A woman like you needs a real man.

You know what they say.

Once you go Ukraine, you
will scream with sex pain.

That probably lost
some of its sensual appeal

in the translation, but
thanks for the offer, Oleg.

Cute, but I'm not interested.
Besides, he's not my type.

Just say it.

You're not interested in him
because he's Puerto Rican.

Where did you get this idea

that I would only date white guys?

For your information, I've
dated all kinds of men.

I once had a Spaniard in Monte Carlo.

Isn't the title of an Abba song?

Are you sure about this? He's cute.

And trust me, you could use a
little salsa in your white rice.

Max, I just lost every dollar I had.

The last thing on my
mind right now is guys--

any type of guy.

Except this guy.

Hi, Chestnut.

I'm much more concerned
with our business

and getting my head back above water.

Men will come sooner or later.

Well, according to my
research most men come sooner.

Oh, I thought we should stop by

that new coffee place tomorrow
and introduce ourselves

and your cupcakes.

I'm not gonna walk in there.
I feel like I'm selling out.

Okay, let's reframe
the phrase selling out

and make it sold out,

as in "Max, we sold out of the cupcakes"

and are now successful."

What's that you say?

I can now afford to buy
the wax dental floss again?


But I'm only doing it so
you'll eventually get your mind

off the business and get laid.

Why do you think I
need to get laid so badly?

If I'd just gone through
all the tension and trauma

that just happened to you,

I'd be climbing telephone
polls to take the edge off.

Trust me, sex is the last
thing on my mind right now.

Oh, and speaking of reframing things,

I have a surprise.

I redecorated my room.

I scoped out some cheap
fabric in bedding places

down on Houston Street.

What do you think?

I think you've made a vagina.


Sister, you may think
that sex is the last thing

on your mind, but you turned
your bed into a vagina.

Do you think my vagina has curtains?

I don't know how long it's been.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

Okay, but I still
have to make the cupcakes

to bring by that place tomorrow.

I don't wanna keep you awake

so why don't you sleep in my bed tonight

and I'll pass out on your vagina?

Okay, but you better buy
me breakfast in the morning.

I love this place. Looks
like Paris in the '20s.

More like poseurs in their 20s.

Man, they've really
cleaned this place up.

You've been here before?

Yeah, it used to be a liquor store

owned by this old Irish guy

who had freckles on his penis.

Sometimes he'd corner you and flash it,

but then he'd always comp
you a free lotto ticket.

Okay, well, let's try and keep

that sort of charming nostalgia

out of our sales pitch.

Oh, that's the owner.

I scoped it out before you got here.

And remember, I'll do the talking.

Why don't I get to talk?

Freckled penis.

And besides, I have more experience.

All those who pitched business
models to Warren Buffett

as a member of the Phillips
Exeter Entrepreneurs Club

raise their hands. Holla!

Well, if you care enough
to raise your arms about it,

fine. You talk. I won't say anything.

Hi, what can I get for you?

Hi, I'm Caroline and this
is my business partner Max.

- And you are?
- Semhar.

- Oh, jeez.
- Such a pretty name.

It means "light of
the tiger" in Sanskrit.

Oh, jeez.

It's my yoga name.

Help me, God.

Well, Semhar, we just opened

a local neighborhood cupcake company.

Our card.

We're introducing our exciting product

to local boulangeries.

Please try a sample. Max.

Would you like
coconut-coffee, chocolate-curry,

or blueberry-lemon zest?

My absolute fave is the coconut-coffee.

Let's start with that, shall we?

Thank you, but no thank you.

Well, can I ask you why?

They're not pretty enough.

Excuse me?

They're not pretty enough.

Perhaps if you tried one,

you'd see how amazing
our flavor palate is.

Hold off, Flava Flav.

What do you mean,
they're not pretty enough?

They have a charming homemade look,

but my customer would prefer

a more upscale, prettier product.

Just FYI, some upscale residents

in this very upscale building

where your upscale
store actually is located

recently told us they were fabulous.

I understand.

But they're not pretty enough.

Listen, battlefield earth.

This is Williamsburg, Brooklyn,

and no amount of exposed brick and paint

can change the fact that,
right where you're standing,

I've seen Tommy O'Hanlon's wing-wang

more times than I care to remember.

And I must say, it was way less
offensive than your attitude.

And you can shove that up your upscale.

Let's go.

- Namaste.
- Namaste.


What's with the empty hands, Max?

No cupcakes tonight?

No, they're bugging me. I
decided to take the night off.

Be careful with decisions like that.

In 1987, I took a night off
from earth, wind, and fire

and the next day, they
earth, wind, and fired my ass.

Hi. Sorry I'm late.

Mid-afternoon nap in your vagina?

I wish! No.

I went to a cheap bakery
supply store in Greenpoint

and got us some supplies.


It's the basic cake decorating kit.

And best of all I found us a fun,

reasonable two-session
cupcake decorating class

at a bakery.

We can learn how to make pretty roses.

No way.

The cupcakes don't need to be pretty.

They compensate by having
a great sense of humor.

Pretty cupcakes is just
another option for our business.

People want pretty, we do pretty.

Or people want
homemade, we do--

- Wait, where is our homemade?
- I didn't make any tonight.

You didn't make any?

What, you get one piece
of constructive criticism

and you stop making them?

Max, it's business.

And maybe Semhar has a point
about making them pretty.

First of all, what does
she know about pretty?

The woman has dreadlocks.

Her head looks like the stuff

you empty out of a vacuum cleaner bag.

Not pretty.

Forget her.

What's happening with you?

What's your problem with pretty?

Don't wave your
divas live hand at me.

I just think society's way too concerned

with other people's
idea of what's pretty.

You don't think you can do it.

That's what this is about.

This isn't about society.

You're afraid you can't do pretty.

Look, I don't do pretty

the way you don't do Puerto Ricans.

What are you talking about?

I'll do Puerto Ricans.

All right.

Then go do one and leave me alone.

Max, it's a skill. That's all.

It's not shameful to not
know how to do something.

Didn't you have piano
lessons growing up?


Ice skating?

Closest I've come to blades on ice

was when a pregnant
girl pulled a knife on me

at a hockey game.

Look, you and I have a business,

and this is a skill we need.

We're going to that class

and we are gonna master
how to make pretty roses.

And I know how much you
hate anything trendy,

so I found us a family-owned
Italian bakery in Brooklyn.

Italian's good.

Maybe they'll know how to dump the body

after I kill you.

First of all, welcome
to Spice and Sugar.

We did a little twist on the
traditional sugar and spice

putting spice first because...

We're Italian.

And we always got the spice up front

and a little in the rear.


Now are you embarrassed
you ever said holla?

My name is Stephanie, and
this is my cousin Serena,

and this bakery has been
in our family for years

and then we took it over and made it...


All right, let's go around
and introduce ourselves

and tell us why you came tonight.

Let's start with the cute guys.


I'm Steve, I thought this would be

a fun idea for my bachelor party.

I'm getting married to
Michael...right there.

So cute. God bless!

And I'm Michael.

- I'm Michael as well.
- Michael.

Oh...So many Michaels.

- And you are?
- Michael.

No, I'm Max.

Oh, she's funny. So cute, God bless!

And I'm Caroline. I'm Max's partner.

- Oh, so many gays tonight.
- I know.

No, I'm her business partner.

We actually have our own cupcake
business over in Williamsburg,

and I must say, we're doing very well.

Max is the baker and
I'm the business head

and we're here tonight to
increase our skill level

and take our business
up to a level that's...

Hot as well.

If you're gonna talk that much,

no one will have time to learn anything.

I know, right?

So, uh, where's your shop?

Well, right now, we're just
working out of our apartment.

- So no shop.
- Oh, that's sweet.

- Cute.
- Yeah, good luck, God bless.

Can you say jealous?

All right, let's start simple

with a pretty little icing flower.

Everybody pick up your piping bags,

and with a
straight-edge tip--

But you guys can use your gay-edge tip.

All right, everybody watch Stephanie.

You're gonna take the nail head

and you're gonna make a little "U"

so that you get little petals.

And we'll do this five times.

And then, you have a pretty
little five-petal flower.

- Simple.
- So cute. How fun!

No, no. You gotta
start by making a "U".

I did. That's a "U".

- Serena, is that a "U"?
- Not a "U".

Fine, I'll start over.

That was a "U".

And what, just because I
don't have a quote-unquote shop

I don't know a "U"?

What's with the attitude?

All right, let's leave.

Next time the gays giggle,
we'll just slide out.

No, we're here to learn.

That looks good.

I suck. I'm starting over.

Max, why'd you do that? It was good.

Not good enough.

You two not done yet?

You have to master the little flower,

or when we move on to
roses you'll be screwed.

- Right, cuz?
- Oh, totally screwed.

Screwed and not in the good way.

Do you think we can convince them

that slapping each other's
face is the new high five?

Steve, oh, my God.
That rose is gorgeous.

Good for you.

All right, one more minute
and we'll display our roses.

Psst. Steve. Little help.

I choke at timed tests. I
got like a 40 on my SATs.

Damn it, Steve!

Look at this place.

There's no way these girls

could have this much cupcake
success in this economy.

I mean, the overhead
on this building alone--

What are you saying?

Not saying mob money,

just saying maybe we'd have a shop too

- if we had mob money.
- Shh.

Keep it down.

You wanna wake up tomorrow
with Chestnut's head

in your vagina bed?

Okay, time's up.
Let's see what you got.

What is that? There's
like nothing there.

That's not a rose.

- It's minimalist.
- Whatev.

No, not "whatev". It's brilliant.

And I would know because,
when I was in Tokyo,

I had a private Japanese
flower arranging class

with the head of the Ikebana institute.

And he said I had a gift.

In his words,

Whatev. Okay, what
about your friend there?

I kinda ran out of time.

You had 20 minutes.

I thought she said you were the baker.

No, you need to be able to whip
these out in like 20 seconds

if you wanna be successful
in your little bakery.

"Um, I'd like a cupcake."
"That'll be 12 hours."

- Right?
- Right.

And they have to be prettier than that.

Well, maybe you'll
do better tomorrow.

Remember. Your homework assignment

is to bring in a cupcake
with a pretty rose on it.


Like we're gonna come back here

and spend time with
these Robert de Nir-hos.

Ugh! That one stinks too. Damn it!

Max, forget it.

It's 3:00 A.M.
Go to bed.

Don't. Don't say anything to me.

I am so mad at you right now.

- What did I do?
- Everything.

I used to love making cupcakes.

It was the one thing
I could zone out and do

without thinking.

And now all I'm doing is thinking.

Thinking that I stink
at making cupcakes.

Well, stop it.

Who cares what they think?
They're bitchy baking bullies.

We don't have to go back there.

Oh, and then what?

I'm gonna think my
cupcakes weren't good enough

for the rest of my life?

You said we need the skill,
then we need the skill.

I'm a lot of things,
but I'm not a quitter.

I'm gonna make a stupid,
pretty cupcake if it kills me.

Or you.

And you are going back there with me.

And we're gonna shove our pretty cupcake

right up Snooki and her cousin's asses.

Now, shut up, don't talk to me,

and go back in your vagina.

Sorry you had to see that, Chestnut.


Oh, not very pretty.

But at least you tried, Michael.

Just one question.

Are you sure that you're gay?

Oh, okay, Caroline.
Let's see your pretty rose.

I didn't do one.

Society is way too concerned
with other people's idea

of what's pretty.


Okay, what about your baker there?

She bail too?

No, here it is.

- Mm-hmm.
- Max, that's so pretty.

I'm so proud of you.

Good work, God bless. Good for you.

How long did it take you?

About three hours and 40 minutes.

But I did it!

I just wanted to prove to you and myself

I can make something pretty.

And now
that I have--


That cupcake wasn't
me. I don't do pretty.

But I did make each of you
a cupcake that I think says

what I feel about this
whole cupcake class.

This one says "Bite me".

This one says "Screw U".

You see that "U"? That's a "U".


Well, good luck with that.

People don't want
cupcakes that insult them.

Oh, my God, Max. That's our thing.

I was wrong. You were right.

We don't need to make pretty cupcakes.

Everybody does pretty.

We have to do what you do best.

Insult people.

Yeah, who's gonna buy that?

We will. For our shower.

And really let us bitches have it!