24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 7 - 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack and Kate try to save the life of a key player tied to the threat. Jordan is ordered into the field on a perilous mission. Then, after Heller engages Margot to end her savage attacks, he faces a game-changing decision.

But unless President Heller
surrenders himself to me,

thousands of people in London
will die in his stead.

it's your sister.

I'm worried about you. Are We
still getting out of London?

Did you know about this?
No. No.

If Naveed had planned to take
his sister out of London,

then he must have told
her about our operation.

Go to her.

I trust you to do
what needs to be done.

Grab your daughter
and leave London right now.

What are you doing?

Calling the police.

Yasmin, get out!

I'm so sorry.

Somebody, help!

Yasmin, wait!

Mr. Boudreau,

I'm reviewing
the transfer order

that the President
signed for Jack Bauer.

Is there some reason you are uncomfortable
involving President Heller?

Let's meet privately.

I was married to a man

who was convicted of selling state
secrets to a foreign government.

I found something
weird in our archives.

Files related
to Kate's husband.

I need authorization
to run a Phoenix Retrieval.

You better hold
off on that for now.

One of my analysts has been digging
around Adam Morgan's data files.

If the evidence you planted
against her husband gets out,

there won't be any way
for us to protect you.

Margot Al-Harazi has six U.S.
drones under her control.

This arms
dealer that you know,

are you sure he can lead
us to her whereabouts?

I believe he can.

He's done business with her for years.
She trusts him.

Jack Bauer intends to draw out a
business associate of Al-Harazi's.

Sir, Heller's being secretly
treated for Alzheimer's.

Get hold of MI-5. Assemble a team.
We handle this ourselves.

Set up a secure link.

Jack, if you can get Rask
to log into the account,

we should be
able to trace any of

his interactions
with Margot from them.

Nobody move, MI-5!

I've got it, Jack.

Did you manage to get
anything on Margot?

Just a phone number, a mobile.
Phone's somewhere in South London.

She just ran out
in front of me.

Uh, it was like she
was chasing someone.

Uh, a little girl.
What girl?

There, her.

Thank you.

Hey, there.

Do you know that woman?

Is she your mum?

She killed my mum.

Hey. What'd you
think you're doing?

He's with me.

I've given you some leeway because
of what you did for my men.

But there are
still protocols.

I don't give a damn
about your protocols.

MI-5 shouldn't
have been here.

You interfered with my
operation, almost got us killed.

I had my orders.

From who?

The Prime Minister's office. Your
president can take it up with him.

I'm sure he will.

How're you holding up?

I'm okay. Just tell
me it was worth it.

We got a number.
Chloe's running it down.

- Did you get an address?
- Yes.

I opened the CCTV
cameras in the area.

There are police and
paramedics everywhere.

A woman
was hit by a bus.

I just got a closer look at her.
It's Simone Al-Harazi.

Is she alive?

I think so.

I don't know,
it doesn't look good.

She's just been
put into the ambulance.

Any sign of Margot?

Not that I can see.

Which hospital
are they taking her to?

Chloe. Chloe
which hospital?

St. Edwards, it's the closest in the area.
Jack, I gotta go.


Come on.
What happened?

Simone Al-Harazi
just got hit by a bus.

They're taking
her to St. Edwards Hospital.

It was back-channeled to us
about 20 minutes ago.

Took our communications guys a little
while to figure out what it was.

Are you sure that this is contact
information for Margot Al-Harazi?

Yes, sir.

Why would she send this?

It's part of her game, sir.

The deadline for you to surrender
yourself is approaching.

She is daring you
to discuss terms.

Can we use this
to locate her?

I've already asked. It's a
secured video data stream.

There's no way to trace
it back to its source.

Thank you, Mark.
I have to take this.

Mr. President.

What's happening
with your guy,

did he give up
Al-Harazi's location?

We're still running
numbers, but we got

a lead on her daughter,
Simone Al-Harazi.

She was injured in
a traffic accident.

We don't think her mother
knows about it yet,

and we want to try
and keep it that way.

She's being transported in an
ambulance to St. Edwards Hospital.

I'll have her put
under immediate guard.

Thank you, sir. I'm gonna
need full access to her.

I have
no authority here,

and I don't want to keep working
against British police.

Is there anything
you can do?

You'll have complete

Mr. President,
there's one more thing.

Our operation was interrupted by
MI-5 agents, it was a disaster.

They said they were ordered
there by Prime Minister Davies.

How the hell
did that happen?

I'm sorry
about that, Jack.

I had to take him
into our confidence

in order to convince him not
to put soldiers on the street.

He promised me he
wouldn't interfere.

Sir, that wasn't
the deal we made.

At least five of
his men were killed.

Mr. President. Prime
Minister Davies is here to see you.

He's here. The Prime Minister has arrived.
I gotta go, Jack.

James, I take it you've
heard what's happened?

I explicitly asked you to allow
Jack Bauer to handle this alone!

Now, you gave me
your word.

I only agreed to hold off a
military presence on the streets.

Trusting a fallen agent
is another matter entirely.

Our surveillance shows
that he was betraying you...

You had no business surveilling
him in the first place!

We are approaching
less than an hour

to Margot Al-Harazi's

When you fail to
deliver yourself to her,

she plans to reduce this
city to rubble and flames.

I can't just sit
idly by and do nothing.

Nobody is sitting idly by. We're
working our asses off here.

You and I need to
be working together!

We have worked
together and we have

known each other
for years, James.

I consider you a friend.

And under
normal circumstances,

lam not one who would
ever doubt your judgment.



ls there something you've been
holding back from me, James?

Concerning your health?

What about my health?

If what
I've heard is true,

you have
my deepest sympathy.

If you had a concern
regarding my health,

you should've come to
me directly and asked.

I'm asking you now.

If I thought for one moment that
my health risks anyone's life,

I would resign this
presidency immediately.

My mistake,
Mr. President.

accept my apologies.

There's still a chance that we
can avoid a full-scale attack.

Despite your intervention,
Bauer has a line on Al-Harazi.

Now, can we count on your
cooperation this time?

I personally give you my word that
he will have everything he needs.

Thank you.

We've got a GCS 3,
no response to stimuli.

BP's still good,
140 over 60.

Head and probable
internal injuries.

Compound fracture
to the right radius.

Missing finger on the left hand,
not related to the accident,

looks like a recent injury.


Who is this?

I'm with the London
Ambulance Service.

We have a trauma patient, twenties,
female with reddish-brown hair.

Are you a friend of
hers or a relative?

She's my daughter.
What's happened?

She was struck by a bus.

We're taking her to the A&E
department at St. Edwards.

Is she going
to be all right?

We're doing everything
that we can for her.

You need to make your way to the
hospital as soon as possible.

The police are probably
gonna want to talk to you.

Of course. I'll be
there straightaway.

Could you
tell me your name?

Simone's been
in an accident.

The police are involved.

The police?

Do they know who she is?
I don't know!

What about Naveed's
sister and child,

did she
take care of them or not?

Who do we have in the area?
St. Edwards Hospital.

He lives nearby.

Send him.

Have him find out how badly she's
hurt and if they know who she is.

Oh, Gavin.

What are you doing?

Nothing. What do you want?

Erik wants me to pull up the
body cam files from earlier.

I need your access code.

Why don't I just send
you the files directly?

Suit yourself.

Anything else?

Just send over the files
as quick as you can.


You said you were going
to stop your analyst

from retrieving the deleted
partitions from Adam Morgan's files.

That's right. I ordered
him to leave it alone.

I'm afraid
your order's not being followed.

He's running a data retrieval
program right now.

You have access
to our systems.

Of course we do.

If he sees
those partitions,

he's going to know
that you're the source

of Intel I've been
selling to China.

How long before they
reckon you framed Adam?

He's just a kid.

You'd prefer prison for
the rest of your life?

Is there someone you can send me?
A cleaner?

I'm just
a middleman here.

You've been well-paid.
Sort it out. Quickly.

Are you in charge?

Chief Inspector Helen McCarthy.
You must be Bauer.

The Home Office
told me to expect you.

I'll give you any
support you need.

Thank you.
This is Agent Morgan.

Where's Simone Al-Harazi?

Just through here.

She's still unconscious-
Doctor's working on her now.

What happened?

According to witnesses,
she was chasing

after a young girl
when the bus hit her.

Girl's name
is Yasmin Azizan.

She claims Simone
murdered her mother.

Two officers
checked out the address,

found the mother, Farah Azizan,
dead from a stab wound.

What's the connection?

Girl's not saying much.
She's in shock.

Where is she right now?

Downstairs in A&E
being checked over.

Okay, I'm gonna go talk to her.

We need to clear this entire
wing, authorized personnel only.

Okay, I'll get
onto it.

The doctor's waiting
to speak to you.


What's her condition?
We're still looking.

We're trying to get her stable
before we do a CT scan.

Is she awake?

No. But she's
coming around.

Okay, good. I'm gonna
need to talk to her

before you send
her in for that scan.

That's not possible.

Doctor, I'm not asking.

Right now there are more lives
at stake than just hers.

I need you to do what you can to
stabilize her and get her conscious.

Do you understand me?


Okay, 40 milligrams
of adrenaline, please.

Is this Yasmin?

Mind if I sit
with her a while?

I'm all done here.

Hope you like ginger beer.

My name is Kate.

You mind if I ask
you a couple questions?

You're American?

Mmm-hmm, yeah.
That's right.

You know,

I know that this isn't
easy for you and all,

and I'm really
sorry about your mom.

Can you tell me about what happened,
about the woman who did this?

Aunt Simone?

She's your aunt?

Simone Al-Harazi,
you're related to her?

Shabazz. Her name's
Simone Shabazz.

She married my uncle Naveed
a couple of years ago.

I was in my room doing my
homework when I heard shouting.

They were arguing?

I heard my mum say that she
was going to call the police.

She was shouting for me,
telling me to get out.

When I came down,

I saw...

I saw my mum
and the blood.

Hey, it's okay.

Do you remember anything
that your Aunt Simone said?

She told Mum that we had
to get out of London.

She said she was
trying to protect us.

From her mother.


Margot. Do you know her? Do
you know where she might be?

I never met her.

Okay, well, you know what,
you are a very brave girl.

Thank you so much
for talking to me.

I'm gonna try and come back
and see you again, okay?

What's going to happen to her?
Aunt Simone?

I don't know.

I hope she dies.


Were you able to
talk to Simone?

No, doctor's still working on
her, trying to get her conscious.

Right. This girl Yasmin is Simone's niece.
She doesn't know Margot.

But she said that before
the situation went south,

Simone was urging them
to get out of London.

She said that
she was trying to

protect them
from her own mother.

Are you sure?

Yeah, according
to the girl.

I mean, it sounds to me like Simone
was betraying her own mother,

which means we've got a great
chance at turning her.

I'm on my way back to you.


How is she?

I haven't seen her yet.

I don't know where she is.

It was easy getting in,
but the police

are starting to
lock the place down.

They know who she is.

I'm afraid so.

They're going to do everything
they can to get her talking.

I don't think she's going
to need much persuading.

What does that mean?

The girl, Yasmin,
she left her alive.

An American woman
was questioning her.

She said Simone was warning
them to get out of London?

Said she was trying to
protect them from you.

Find out exactly where
she is in the building.

We'll take care of
the rest from here.

Will do.

Have everyone
start packing up.

Start loading,
we're leaving.

You don't have to do this.

She's betrayed me once.
I won't let her do it again.

Move the drone to within
range of the hospital.

I've just attended
a meeting of

the government's
emergency committee.

Where I received
a full report from

me appropriate
ministers and officials.

As most of you
are already aware,

we received notice of an imminent
terrorist threat to London

a short while ago.

Since we believe this
threat to be credible,

I have ordered that our capital
city be put on critical alert.

As a precaution,
I encourage all citizens...

Jordan, can you step
in here for a moment?


Again, this is simply
a precaution.

We have not seen
a successful attack

on this country
in seven years.

But the absence
of an attack...

Everything okay?

There's a dead drop
over in Camden.

One of our high-level
assets left a package

with possible leads
to Margot Al-Harazi.

I need you
to pick it up.


You're sending
me into the field?

We're shorthanded.

We lost a lot
of agents today.

Erik's not fit enough to go
out, so I'm relying on you.

If you're not up to it,
just say the word.

No, no. Sure.
I can do that.

It's important
this stays between us.

The drop's at
a houseboat on the lock.

Make the pickup,
bring the package back.

enough for you?

Yeah. Okay.


Thank you for trusting
me with this, sir.

You've earned it.

Soldiers have been instructed to help
keep order until the crisis passes.

Emergency services will remain
operational throughout the alert.

The Underground,
rail and bus services...

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Davies is finally going
public on the terror threat.

I know. I had a conversation
with the Prime Minister earlier.

He knows about my condition.
He asked me about it.

What did you say?

I didn't handle it
very well.

But it doesn't matter. It won't
be long before others find out.

Everything I do, every decision
I make will be second-guessed.

It'll be impossible
for me to govern.

Dad, you said that you wanted
to just finish out your term.

That was arrogant, vain and
stupid of me to even think that.


When the crisis is over and
we get back to Washington,

I want you to set up a meeting
with the vice president

so we can bring him up to speed
on the transition, yeah?

Yes, sir.

Can you hear me?

Simone, can you hear me?

Where am I?

You've been in an accident. Right
now, I need you to listen to me.


She's fine.
She's safe.

She told us that
you tried to get her

and her mother
to leave London.

You tried to protect them.
Do you remember that?

I know you.

You were following me
on the Underground.

My name is Jack Bauer.

Simone, your instinct was to
protect your family members

from what your
mother is doing today.

I want you to think
of the hundreds

of thousands of
innocent people

that will die if
we don't stop her.

Please help me.

Right now,
you're the only person

that can stop
this from happening.

Just because I took pity
on Farah and Yasmin,

doesn't mean I would ever
betray my mother to you.

Your mother.

Who did this?

My mother loves me. She would
never do anything to harm me.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have done that.

I just hate these people.

For thinking there
could be anything

that would justify
what they're doing.

She wasn't
gonna talk anyway.

The young girl,
the niece, Yasmin.

Do you think
she can turn her?

she's traumatized.

She watched her mother die by Simone's
hand. She's terrified of her.

We're running out of time.
Margot's deadline's almost up.

Hey. I thought we locked
down this entire floor.

Authorized personnel only.
Who's he?

We did.

Excuse me,
I need to see your ID.

Sorry. I think
I'm on the wrong floor.

It's not right.
Get down!

You all right?

Take the elevator.
Cover the exit.


You take the left.



I got him.

You! Stop!

Stay down!

Move! Move!
Stop right there!

Don't shoot!

Damn it!

He's dead.
Who the hell is he?

Stand down.
Stand down.

Margot must've sent him.

He texted her Simone's location.
She replied.

"You got
eight minutes to get out."

Well, what does that mean?

She's sending a drone
to kill her daughter.

You need to clear
this hospital now.

Get everyone out!


We gotta gel Simone.

Keep going.
I'll meet you outside.

One minute to target.

Chloe, were you
able to pull anything

off the number
I just gave you?

Negative. It was a re-routed connection.
It's a dead end, Jack.

Damn it.

Doctor, I've gather. You can go.
She can't walk.

She's gonna have to.

What's happening?

Your mother's targeting
you with a drone.


She's willing to kill everybody
here just to keep you quiet.

She wouldn't do that.

You honestly believe that?

Stay here then.


Please. Please don't
leave me here.

We gotta go now.

Get up.

Uh, Yasmin, the girl.
Did you see her leave?

I didn't notice.


Yasmin, hey, sweetie, it's Kate.
We gotta get out of here.

Listen, I know you're scared. But
I'm gonna take care of you, okay?

Come on. We gotta get out of here.
Come on.

Hospital in range.

- Come on!
- Get them out of here!

MAN 32 Move!

Starting the targeting sequence.

Zoom in.

They're evacuating. They may
have gotten Simone out already.

Fire anyway.

Follow me!

Target acquired.

It's all right, sweetheart.
You're gonna be all right.

Chief Inspector,
take the girl.

As soon as Simone is secure,
I'll contact you.

Scan the area. If they
got her out, find her.

I got her.

There they are.

Lock on target.

And fire.

Target acquired.

She's got a visual on us.
Hold on.



Stay on them.

Take the shot
when you can.

Simone, she's not gonna
stop until she kills you.

We've got to stop her. You're
the only one who can help us.

All you need to do is tell
us where your mother is.


Trying to acquire target

Got them.


Damn it!

I need to bring it
down to 20,000 feet.

He won't be able
to evade it then.

Okay, but
how much time?

We're down to
our last missile.

The other drones
aren't in range yet.

If we miss, we don't
have another chance.

Damn it! Hold on.


We're gonna switch cars.
Follow my play.

Damn it.

Acquiring the
new target vehicle.

Bloody hell.
I couldn't get a lock.

I see it.

We gotta switch cars.
Grab my bag.

Wait here.

Get out of the car! Now!

Get out! Move!

Is there an infirmary
at your CIA station?


Okay, that's
where we're going.

Hold on.

You, don't you move.

I've got them.


Take it back.

It's empty!

Jack, she's
in bad shape.

Deputy Minister, thank you
for taking the time to see me.

London is under curfew.
We shouldn't be out here.

So I shall make this brief,
Mr. Boudreau.

I insist that you hand over
the criminal Jack Bauer.

Well, circumstances
have changed.

President Heller has
enlisted Bauer's help

in the current
terrorist situation.

The rendition order was signed
in haste, shall we say.

But not by President
Heller, I think.

Excuse me?

That's why you're so reticent to
put him on the phone to Moscow.

He doesn't know
about this.

We know about your wife's
history with Bauer.

I understand
why a man like you

would take
actions against a rival.

Leave my wife
out of this.

But if I'm not mistaken,

a president's signature

would be considered
an act of treason.

What do you think will
happen to your career,

to your marriage,
if you were found out?

Look, it's, uh...

it's pointless to
try to intimidate me.

Bauer is out on the field
on presidential order.

I couldn't get my hands
on him if I wanted to.

So what are
you saying now?

That the man responsible
for murdering

my good friend
Mikhail Novakovich,

and attempting to
assassinate our president

will not be turned over
to us to face justice?

I'm saying
give me time.

Once Bauer serves his purpose,
everyone gets what they want.

Time we do not have.

Make it sooner than
later, for your sake.

I expect your call.

How is she?

Her pulse is weak.

Go ahead.

Jack, I'm watching the
devastation at the hospital.


Yes, sir. We managed to get Simone out.
She's in bad shape.

We're taking her over to the CIA station.
They have an infirmary.

We're gonna try
and keep her alive.

Did you talk to her? Did she
tell you where Margot is?

No, sir, not yet.

Any realistic chance that we'll
find Margot before the deadline?

Mr. President,
we're still trying.

But to be honest with you,
we're running out of time.

I'm going to have
to see you, Jack.


I'll explain it to
you when you get here.

Yes, sir.

The President needs to see me.

And what about her?

Residence is on the way.

You can drop me off, and then
take her over to the infirmary.

Come in.

Contact information on Margot
Al-Harazi back-channeled,

per your request, sir.

Put the jacket
on the chair.

Not a word about
this to anyone,

including Boudreau.
You understand?

Of course.

And what exactly are we...

Thank you.


Margot Al-Harazi.

President Heller.

I'm surprised.

I didn't think you were man
enough to make this call.

You gave me a deadline, asked
me to surrender myself to you.

I still have time
to comply if I choose.

The fact you've
made contact

suggests to me you've already
reached your decision.

If I do as you ask and
surrender myself to you,

can I trust you
to keep your word?

You're asking
if you can trust me?

If either of us should
be suspicious, it's me.

Is this a tactic to
buy yourself more time?

No tactic.

No one else
knows about this.

It's just you and me
reaching out to one another.

If that's true,

then, yes.

Surrender yourself to me
on the terms I set out,

and you have my word
this will be over.

Nobody else will die.

I'm waiting
for your decision.

As you suggested,

my decision has
already been made.