24: Live Another Day (2014): Season 1, Episode 6 - 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. - full transcript

Tensions between Heller and PM Davies boil over, and one of them decides to take matters into his own hands. Jack proposes a plan to locate Margot by using someone unexpected as his bait. Jordan raises suspicions about Kate's husband.

Are you happy?

Is he good to you?

I know that I should
have defended you more

when I heard
all those things...

Audrey, no.

Everything they said

is true.

I killed those people.

I looked into the protocol of
handing Bauer over to the Russians.

Rendition requires the
President's direct approval.

So, I went ahead and drafted
the executive order, which

he needs to sign.

You're a terrible
liar, Naveed.

You switched off one of the security
buffers so they could find us.

You still need me
to pilot the drones.

Ian's a quick learner.
He's been watching you.

Please, Margot, don't do this.

I treated you like a son.

Trusted you with my daughter.

Margot, please.

If you love Simone,
you have to know

that she wouldn't
want you to do this.

Ask her.



I think you have your answer.

Two years ago, a missile destroyed
a meeting hall in Ghundi Kala.

The U. S. claimed they were
targeting my husband,

who they called a terrorist.

I demand justice from the man
responsible for this slaughter,

President James Heller.

Unless President Heller
surrenders himself to me

in three hours at
a place of my choosing,

thousands of people in London
will die in his stead.

We've confirmed
that Margot Al-Harazi

has six U.S. drones
under her control.

We believe they're
headed for London.

So I was right.

What's going on? Possible
hit on the Al-Harazi tape.

The back-trace program was being
bounced from proxy to proxy,

but it suddenly
spat out an IP address.

We think we've
located Al-Harazi.

Our local station chief,
Agent Navarro,

is personally leading a raid on
where we think she's hiding out.

Someone inserted
a redirect.

Your team's
headed into a trap.

Steve, your team is in danger.
Get out of there right now!

Take them.


Let's go.

Confirmation from
joint base Lower Heyford.

"Satellite confirmed
target site explosion

"was result of missile strike
from Vanguard-class drone."

Oh, my God.
It was an ambush!

How many agents did we lose?

It's too soon
to say, sir.

Mr. President,
I'm sorry for your losses,

but my immediate
concern is for London.

Thai drone is still
loaded with missiles,

and there are five
more drones en route.

We have AWACS and fighters
in the air, searching.

And naturally, we're going
to coordinate with the RAF.

Well, I must insist that our
people be given full access

to all technical data
and codes

pertaining to
the drone program.

Prime Minister,

the security protocols for that
information are highly sensitive.

Am I to believe
you're hiding behind

protocols, General?

I was assured that the CIA
had this matter in hand.

General, please.

Provide the Ministry
of Defense with all

the information that
the PM is requesting.

As you say, sir.

And, General, let's start coordinating
our efforts with the RAF.

I'm repeating myself.

I have to go and
confer with the cabinet.

We have to decide when
and how to make this public.

I'll see you out.

I know the way, thank you.

Is there anything
you want me to do?

Have the Secret Service
bring Jack to my office.

Sir, I've been loath to bring
this to your attention.

We have intelligence,

that Heller's being secretly
treated by a neurologist.

Possibly for Alzheimer's.

Poor bastard.

Do you mean I'm counting on
a man to protect our soil

who hasn't got
his wits about him?

God help us.

Come in.

Mr. President,
Jack Bauer's here.

Thank you.
You can leave us.

Sit down, Jack.

We were duped
into thinking we had

the location of
Margot Al-Harazi.

When we got there, the
assault team was blown up

with a missile from one of the
drones controlled by Al-Harazi.

So, the drones are
in range of London?

One of them is.

The others are expected
in two or three hours.

This arms dealer
that you know,

are you sure he can lead us
to her actual whereabouts?

Mr. President, I can't be absolutely
certain, but I believe he can.

He's done business with her for years.
She trusts him.

And right now, he's the
only chance we've got.

Would he be willing
to make a deal?

No, Mr. President.
Like I told you before,

he can't be bought,

and we'd never be
able to break him in time

to stop these
attacks from happening.

All right.

Latest count is four
confirmed dead and six wounded.

Agent Ritter's got some burns,
but he'll be all right.

I just put out
the cover story that it was

a gas main explosion,
per your orders.

Good. Sir, I've got President
Heller on the line for you.

All right.

Jordan, patch him through.

Mr. President,
this is Steve Navarro.

I have you on the
speakerphone with Jack Bauer.

He's got a play to
find Margot Al-Harazi,

but he needs to
operate in the dark.

No surveillance, no tracking of any kind.
Do you understand?

I'm not sure I do, sir.

You are to give
Jack Bauer whatever he needs.

Plus, silence.

This is Jack. I'm gonna need
a car, unmarked, civilian.

A clean phone with
a scramble caller,

field interrogation kit
and a small weapons package.

Fine. Jordan,
you'll take care of that?

I'll send them right over.

You have an agent, Kate Morgan.
I want her assigned to me.

I'm afraid I
can't help you there.

Agent Morgan's no
longer on roster.

What are you
talking about? Why?

She'd already been earmarked
for transfer back to Langley.

I only had her in
the field provisionally.

Well, put her
back in the field.

Jack wants her, Jack needs
her, Jack gets her.

Yes, sir.

Thank you,
Mr. President.

I'll get started.

What's wrong?

The President just sanctioned
a mission for Jack Bauer.

Bauer wants you with him.

I'm sorry. What?

I don't know details,
except we're under orders

not to monitor
the operation.

And I don't like it, Kate.

Without any
surveillance or tracking,

we can't provide
you with any backup.

Did Navarro okay this?

He told me to tell you there's a
chopper warming up on the pad

to take you where
Bauer's waiting.

Right now?

That's what he said.

The drone that took out the CIA
team has four missiles left.

I'm flying it within
cloud cover to minimize

the chance of it
being visually located.

And the others?

They're on their way here now
and invisible to radar.


I'm worried about Simone.

I understand what you
had to do with Naveed.

You just shouldn't have
done it in front of her.

She had real
feelings for him.

I have no reason to doubt your sister's
dedication to me or the cause.

She was in love with him.

When you
second-guess your sister,

you're second-guessing me.

You don't need
to watch this.

I'm fine.

it's your sister.

First you tell me
to pack my bags,

and then you don't
pick up the phone.

I'm worried about you. Are We
still getting out of London?

Call me back.

Did you know about this?

No. No.

If Naveed had planned to take
his sister out of London,

then he must have told her
about our operation.

No, no. We don't know that.

Go to her.

Find out exactly what she knows
and if she's told anyone else.

And if she has?

Think of what we've
sacrificed thus far.

What you have sacrificed.

I trust you to do
what needs to be done.

The CIA just delivered
this clean phone.

Thank you.

I'm Mark Boudreau.

I know who you are.

I just didn't expect the Chief
of Staff to make the delivery.

I understand my
wife came to visit you?

Just curious.
What happened?

Maybe you should ask her.

I'm asking you.

We talked.

When I first met Audrey,
she was in pretty bad shape,

in large part
because of you.

I'm worried what your
presence here may do to her.

What do you want from me?

Your help.

Stay away from her.

Mr. Boudreau,
if I live through today,

which, by the way,
is highly unlikely,

I'm going
straight to prison.

I'm the last thing
you need to worry about.

I'm sorry
to interrupt, sir.

Agent Morgan is en route and
should be arriving any minute.

Thank you.

Excuse me.

I have to go.

She said you were good.

A good man.

And that she's happy.

Chloe, it's me.

Jack. I saw you arrested.
Where are you?

I don't have time to explain.
Is Belcheck with you?

Yeah, he's here.

I'm gonna need help from both of you.
Put him on speaker.

Go ahead.

How will you explain our military
presence on the streets?

Surely you can't say it's because
a half dozen stealth drones

are soon to be over London
and under terrorist control.

I have no intention
of causing a panic.

The elevated threat levels will be
framed as a precautionary measure.

Excuse me, sir. President
Heller is calling for you.

Ah. Thank you.

Excuse me.

Well, I hope you have
some good news for me.

I may soon enough.

Listen, Alastair,
if you're thinking of

putting a military
presence on the streets,

I wish you'd hold off.

And why would I do that?

I'm concerned it'll compromise a
covert operation we're running

to locate Margot Al-Harazi.

Yes, with all due respect,

you'll understand that
after your last operation,

I'm going to
need more specifics.

Jack Bauer intends to draw out
a business associate of Al-Harazi's.

Bauer is a disgraced agent with
international warrants out against him.

Why not just move in and pick
up this contact ourselves?

Jack convinced me the man won't
deal and the man won't break.

Bauer needs to go in there
and do it himself.

Well, you'll forgive me if I don't
have your confidence in Bauer.

Remember, it is my country that
will suffer if you're wrong.

Alastair, listen.

Please do not deploy any
military for at least an hour.

All right.

But you'll keep me apprised
of every development.

I will. And thank you.

Allowing a man with Jack Bauers
record to direct an operation...

Maybe James is
losing his mind after all.

I hope you don't think
I'm speaking out of turn, PM,

but should you be placing this
kind of faith in his judgment?

Especially in the light
of his condition?

Get hold of Woodfeld at MI-5.

I want to know exactly where
Jack Bauer is going

and who his contact is.

Yes, sir.

I'm clean.

I was given clear instructions not to
have any operational surveillance.


I just wanted to make sure you understood
the rules and that you'd follow them.

If you don't trust me,
then why request me for this?

'Cause you
strike me as someone

who can handle pretty much
anything that's thrown at you.

Why are they sending you
back to the States?

Is that relevant?

I was married to a man

who was convicted of selling state
secrets to a foreign government.

Were you implicated?


But I didn't catch it when it was
happening right under my nose.

Are you familiar with an
arms dealer named Karl Rask?

Yeah, we've been
hunting him for years.

Rask's in London?
Yes, he is.

I also know for a fact that he's
been working with Margot Al-Harazi.

I think he knows where she
is, and he can contact her.

He's not just gonna
give you that information.

Of course he's not.

He's loyal to his clients,
but he's also greedy.

That's how I'm gonna get him.

You seem to know
a lot about Rask. How?

For the last two years,
I've been working for him.

Unfortunately for us,

I think the second he sees me,
he's gonna want to kill me.

Get in the car.

Go ahead.

I've uploaded everything we have
on Karl Rask to your phone.

And the bank account?

Set up in your name.

If you can get Rask
to log into the account,

it will insert
a virus into his system.

We should be able to trace any of his
interactions with Margot from there.


So, I went and I saw
Jack today before he left.


you saw him as well?

Yeah. I was
gonna tell you.

I told him
I was concerned

about him being back,
what it would do to you.

Mark, that wasn't necessary.

Well, it was probably more
for me than it was for you.

What did Jack say?

He said not to worry, that
he was gonna be gone soon.



Mr, Boudreau, you have a
call from the Russian embassy.

It's the Deputy
Foreign Minister.

I got to take this.

Deputy Minister.

Mr. Boudreau, I hope I'm not
calling at an inopportune time.

We are aware of the terrorist
threat you are contending with.

Please tell President
Heller to let us know

if we can be of
any assistance.

That's very considerate of you.
I'll pass it along.

In the meantime,

I'm reviewing
the transfer order that

the President
signed for Jack Bauer.

How soon can we expect
to take custody of him?

Well, there's been a change
in circumstances.

The President has rescinded
the rendition order.

You're aware of how strongly
my government feels

about Bauer being
made to face justice.

You cannot just rescind it
without explanation.

I understand...

It would be appreciated
for President Heller

to explain to Moscow
why he is reversing his order.

Well, the President is not
available right now, so...

So when may I tell my superiors
to expect a call from him?

I'm curious, Mr. Boudreau.

Is there some reason you are uncomfortable
involving President Heller?

Of course not.

I'm sure we don't need to make an
issue out of this whole thing.

Let's just talk about it and
we'll figure something out.

Let's meet privately.


I'll get back to you.

Today. Get back to me today.

Okay, Chloe.
Thanks. We're on our way.

I'm having a hard
time wrapping my head

around you working
for someone like Rask.

In the last 11 months,
two of Rask's clients,

significant clients,
have been taken down.

A human trafficking ring and
an international drug cartel.

I'm using my position
in Rask's organization

to make sure people like that
can't keep doing business.

Why? Who have you
been working for?

No one.

This time I'm
doing it for me.

And Rask wants
to kill you.

I disappeared on
him when I discovered

the threat against
President Heller.

So, naturally, he'd think I was the leak.
He'd be right.

Okay. So what's
your plan?

Rask had me working
with a guy named Nils.

Nils is dead.

I need Rask to believe that
Nils was the informant, not me,

and that you were
his CIA contact.

You want to hand
me over to Rask.

It's the only way
I know how to make this work.

What do you need me to do?

Chloe uploaded
evidence onto this phone

linking you to the CIA investigation
into Rask's operation.

I need to plant it on
you and offer you up.

A sign of goodwill.

He's gonna want to
interrogate me.

I know.

That's why I want to
deliver you unconscious.

If you're unconscious,
there's no one to interrogate.

Five cc's of
propofol should give me

enough time to get
everything we need.

And if there's
not enough time?

I've got a guy on the ground.
He'll be covering you.

But it's not a guarantee.

Look, this is a long shot.

There is a very good chance
that we will both end up dead.

If you don't want to do this,
I can't force you.

It's a lot to ask.

Just make it count.

Sir, there's something
you need to look at.

Files related to
Kate's husband.

Can it wait? We're in the
middle of an operation.

I think you'll
want to see this, sir.

I was doing some routine
maintenance sweeps,

and I found something
weird in our archives.

A partition was removed
and some sectors are missing.

That's not possible.
Those partitions are locked.

They can't be deleted.

That's what I thought.

It's possible they transferred
sensitive files during Adam's trial.

I'll make some inquiries.

Well, in the meantime, I need
authorization to run a Phoenix Retrieval,

see if I can bring back any ghost
data from the missing files.

You better hold
off on that for now.

We've got enough on
our plates as it is.

I can run it in background.

Stay focused on
Al-Harazi and the drones.

We'll figure out who
screwed up and how

when we have more time.

Yes, sir.


What are you doing here?

I went to your house, and your
neighbor told me you were here.

Is Naveed with you?

Is there something
going on?

What do you mean?

Naveed left me
a scary message.

Telling me to
pack my bags,

saying he wanted us to
leave town with him.

No, your brother's
just been stressed.

The deadline for his
dissertation's coming up.

I'm actually
the one who suggested

we spend some
time out of London,

just to clear our heads.

Why didn't he tell me himself?

He asked me to tell you.

He feels really bad.

I'm so sorry if Naveed
made it sound serious.

I just wish he
would have told me.

I know how important
this PhD is to him.


Bye. See you tomorrow.

Aunt Simone!

Yasmin, you have
grown so much.

The doctor said
two inches this year.

We have to buy new
clothes every month.

There's been
a development, sir.

Bauer stopped
for a few minutes

beneath an overpass
near Wandsworth.

We believe that's the
CIA agent he was with.

Thermal indicates she's still alive,
but he's put her in the boot.

What the devil's
he doing?

Looks to me like
he's betraying the Americans.

Should we alert them?

No. No, we handle
this ourselves.

Assemble a team.

Get out of the car, Jack!


Never expected to see your
face around here again.

He's clean.

I sent you and Nils
to make a payoff weeks ago.

With $200,000 of my money.

Nils is dead.

I know. I was the
one who killed him.

He was ratting you out.
He was working with the CIA.

You expect me to
take your word for it?

'Course not.
I have his CIA contact.

She's in the trunk
of my car.


You open it.

She's still alive. I shot her
up with propofol to keep her quiet.

Search her.

Okay, Jack.

Where's my money?

It's in an account,
waiting for you.

Why the hell do you
think I came back?

I'm trying to
make things right.

You should keep her alive. She's valuable.
She's an asset.

We have something that
can counteract the propofol.

Wake her up and find out
everything she knows.

Bring him.

I'm in position.
I see her.

Remember, this is our only chance of
finding Margot.

You can't move
in on Kate until Rask

accesses the account
I've set up.

She might not have
that kind of time.

Everything's okay.

Farah doesn't know anything
about the operation.

Where did she think she
was going with Naveed?

I explained that he was just
stressed and needed some time away.

And she believed you?

Mmm-hmm. I'm sure of it.

All right,
I'm coming back.

We're too close
to finishing this.

We can't take
any chances.

Didn't you hear what I said?

That Farah's completely
in the dark.

And you also said
Naveed could be trusted.

She has her
daughter with her.

Then you have two
loose ends to take care of.

Is that a problem?



Get back as soon
as you can.

Thank you.

Would you like to
join us for dinner?



Give some to your aunt.

Thank you.

Wake up.

Wakey, wakey.

Open those eyes.

Come on. Come on.

I'm curious.

What did you offer
Nils to make him turn? Eh?

Was it immunity?


Or was it something else?

Is the CIA working with anyone
else in Rask's organization?

Are there any other operatives
we need to be worried about?

No. No. Nils was it.

I don't believe you.


Jack. They're not wasting
any time. You better hurry.

All Rask has to do is
sign into the account.

You disappeared for over two
weeks without telling anyone.

CIA was all over me. It was
too risky to contact you.

So where's my money?

In my account, GGS, Hamburg.

I can log you in.

I know GGS.

When you set up an account, you must
have dealt with Metzger, right?

What does it matter who
helped me set up the account?

Just answer my question.

Looking up GGS's
personnel records now.

Did you deal with Metzger?

What's his first name?

I don't like being
tested like this.

It's a simple question!
Answer it!

I don't see
anyone named Metzger,

but part of the bank's
employee directory is locked.

Describe Metzger.

If you opened an account
there, you would have met him.

Still trying to get
into the directory.

He might be bluffing about
someone named Metzger

working there,
he might not be.

There's no Metzger
at the bank.

There is, and you're lying.

You are the one
who informed on me.

Why are you really here?

Like I said before, there's
no Metzger at the bank.

Do you want your money or not?

You're right.

There is no Metzger there.

Did you see that?

Can't even get him
to break a sweat.

The log-in and confirmation
codes are here.

Your money's waiting.

Set up a secure link.

This will take a moment.

Morgan is in trouble.
I help her now, or never.

You can't. We have to wait

for Rask to
access the account.

You don't understand.
He's going to kill her.

I have to take him out.


Belcheck, do you copy?

Jack, somethings happened to Belcheck.
He's not responding.

Another hostile down.

Advance team in position.

We've got targets
in an adjacent.

Leave if alone.

Our orders are to apprehend Bauer's
contact in the main warehouse.

Proceed to your
designated positions.

Await my order.

Received. Proceed to
the main warehouse.

You're connected.

There's going to
be another raid.


Your next operation.

We have several.

Okay. Okay.

Let me tell you what you
want to know, okay?

Let me tell you exactly
what you want to know.

Rask is on the bank site.

All he needs to do is
enter the pass code.

Everybody, freeze!
Nobody move! MI-5!

Jack, he didn't hit "enter"!
It didn't go through!

Enough of your lies.

Do you hear that?

I've got it, Jack.
The virus is in his system.

We have to get
out of here!

Hold it!

Put the weapon down!

Now! Come on.

Give me an excuse to blow
your brains all over the wall.

On your knees. Now!

Drop the gun.
I said drop the gun!

My name is Jack Bauer.

I'm working undercover on behalf of
the President of the United States.

Please come with us.

He's got a grenade!

Son of a bitch.

Jack, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What the hell is
MI-5 doing there?

I don't know.

Did you manage to get anything
on Margot from Rask's system?

There are a lot of transactions.
What am I looking for?

For an operation like this, she'd have
had to go dark about 30 days ago.

Start there.

Look for high-dollar transactions,
work your way backwards.

Okay. I got 'em.

Is there any contact information
associated with the transfers?

Just a phone number, a mobile.

Run it. See if you
can pull a location.

Already tracing.

I need to narrow it down, but the
phones somewhere in South London.

You sure you don't want
something to drink?

I'm glad you're
staying for dinner.

Yasmin now has an incentive for
finishing her homework quickly.

Are you okay?


Answer me. What's wrong?

Is it about Naveed?

It is, isn't it?

Are you two
having problems?

You need to leave now.


Grab your daughter

and leave London right now.

Why? What's going on?

Has something
happened to Naveed?

Please. I can explain later.

But you need to leave now
before it's too late.

Too late? Too late for what?

What are you doing?

Calling the police.

No. Please.
I'm trying to protect you.

Protect me?
Protect me from what?

My mother.

No, no!
Yasmin, get out!

I'm trying to help you.
Please, be quiet.

Simone, no.
Yasmin, get out!


I'm so sorry.


Yasmin, please
listen to me.


Yasmin, wait, listen to me.
Somebody, help!


Yasmin, wait!

Hey. Stop!


Yasmin, wait!

- Hey, stop!
- Help!

Somebody, help!


We have a problem.

One of my analysts has been
digging around

Adam Morgan's data files.

He knows about
the missing sectors.

I trust you were able to dissuade
him from locking further.

I did for now.

But he thinks he might be able
to retrieve the deleted files.

You told me that
wouldn't be possible.

I said it was unlikely.

Is he working
with Agent Morgan?

Still trying to
clear her husband?

I don't know!

I don't think so.

Make sure nothing
is recovered.

If the evidence you planted
against her husband gets out,

there won't be any way
for us to protect you.