24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 9 - 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. - full transcript

A threat forces CTU to go on lock-down. Carter finds himself in a tense situation. Donovan reaches out to Rebecca when he faces a big decision in his campaign.

Jadalla Bin-Khalid
took Carter's wife
and Carter traded himself.

And Andy.

If we can track them,
they'll lead us
right to Jadalla.

Fix the flash drive.
Recover the data on it.

I won't help you
recover your files.

Andy Shalowitz on
a suicide mission.
That's hard to believe.

Yeah, maybe he decided
he had nothing left

after you took the job
he loved and lived for.

How did you
and Jadalla Bin-Khalid

I don't know what
you're talking about.


Give him another dose.

I see that you were
able to organize this
really quick.

It's not like that, John.

I look at you,
and I don't even know
who you are anymore.

We have to go back.
Try to help Eric.

Eric told me to
take care of you,
so that's what I'm doing.

They're gonna kill him.

I remember when
you were all family,

when there wasn't anything
you wouldn't do
for each other.

Let's give these bitches
some payback.


Be quiet.

You think I
wouldn't recognize you
after what you did?

I swear to God
I'm gonna watch you die.

I said shut up.


Come on.

You need to get
out of there now.

DOD is launching
a surgical strike
on your location.

Carter, this place
is about to blow!

Everybody get
the hell out of here! Move!

verify direct hit.

Keep pressure on it, Isaac.

I'm going back inside.

Where's Naseri?

Where is he?

Asim Naseri
is in the country.
He was here.


You know what he is,
and what he's capable of.

We can't let him get away.

Where is he?

We're set.

Let's move this wall.

All right.

It's not him.

Jadalla Bin-Khalid's
on his way in here.

You need to put extra
security around him.

I'll put calls into
all available off-duty
security personnel,

add them to the rosters
when they arrive.


Eric Carter's on
the line for you.

Carter, go ahead.
Naseri's not here.

Is there anything
on your end?

I'll re-scan the satellite
to see if we can
find him leaving,

but the smoke
from the missile's
creating some blind spots.

I think he made a call
about 20 minutes ago.

Maybe you can
track him that way?

Yeah, we can page
local cellular towers,
try to isolate his signal.

Got it.

We found a cell
call placed from

that location
in the time frame
you gave us.

Is there a way
to track the phone
or the phone he called?

No, both are either
powered down

or running
different SIM cards,

but whoever Naseri
talked to

was at 1176 Hill Road.

It's a neighborhood
not far from you.

Who lives there?

Still working on it.

Inter-agency networks
have been overloaded

since the bridge attack.

All right,
I'm gonna head there now.

Who's this guy Naseri?

Bin-Khalid's bodyguard.

Two years ago,
when Carter and his team
were hunting Bin-Khalid,

they hired Naseri
as a translator,

before any of us
knew who he was.

Naseri used them
to get to their
highest-value intel asset.

He killed the asset's family.

Decapitated his
three children.

Carter found them.

We got the bleeding
under control.

All right, thanks.
Appreciate it.

Well, Isaac.

I just wanna say
thank you, man.

For everything.

I'm your brother, man.

Uh, yeah.

Listen, where's Nicole?

She with Omar.

Not too far.

I need you to look out for her
a little while longer.


There's one last thing
that I need to take care of.


Somebody that I went up
against, over there.

He was a part of this. Okay?

And now he's gone.

So it's unfinished business.

Listen, man.
Seems like you got

some unfinished
business over here

that you should be
dealing with first.

Isaac, not right now.

Won't you tell Nicole?

I will call her

as soon as I can.
Nah, man.

See, you not gonna
leave me here

to explain all that to her.

Call her now.

She is not gonna
understand, man.

She not the only one.

What the hell do you
want me to say to her?

Like, I just lost
three of my men

and got myself shot
saving your ass.

And I love you for that.

I do.

I gotta go, man.

No, look.

Going after this man.

It has to be you?

Of course it does.

Hey, why am I even asking?

I'm almost finished
recovering the list
of sleeper cells.

We all owe you a lot, Andy.

I know.

I want you to run
the takedown with Locke.

Coordinate with the regional
law enforcement agencies.

I can't do anything until
you restore my clearance.

Already done.

Welcome back.

He's got a concussion,
we'll need to monitor him.

I'll let
Director Mullins know.


I was gonna call you.

My wife decided to stay home,
so can't see you tonight.

We're sending you a link,
Mr. Grant. Open it.

Who is this?

Where's Jennifer?

What is this?

What do you want?

Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

Your girlfriend

is wearing a vest lined
with C-4 plastic explosives.

I'm going to tell you
exactly what to do and when.

If you deviate from
what I'm telling you to do,

try to warn anyone,

it will force me to
detonate the device.

Please, don't do this.

Once we have Jadalla,
she'll be released.

Just do what I tell you

and your girlfriend
will be fine.

- Eric.
- Nicole.

He's okay.
Thank God.

We lost Andre
and Marcus though.

Isaac, I'm sorry.

We won't be seeing
no terrorist attacks
on TV tomorrow.

Me and Eric took
those bitches down.

That's good news.

Where's Eric?

Eric had some business
to take care of.

He'll call you
as soon as he can.

Is that what he
told you to say?

Whatever it is
that Eric was doing,

he's still in
the middle of it.


I wanna go home.

Well, I'll take you.

You don't have to.

Come on.

Let me take you home.

Thank you.

Only thing is...


I don't know where you live.


Okay, nice. Um...

Look, I just gotta reach out
to Andre's mom on the way.


She can't be hearing
what happened
from nobody else.

The house is leased
to a woman named
Jennifer Marshall.

Thirty-four, unmarried,

works for a Zurich-based
software company
called Teradyne.

Is there anything linking
Marshall to Naseri?

Nothing, no connection
to anyone on the watch list
of the NCSC database.

I'll send her DMV profile
as soon as it comes up.

Our location is plus
or minus 100 meters.

It's possible Naseri
was calling someone else
near the house.

We'll find out soon enough.

I got eyes on the house now.

Jennifer Marshall's
wired up.

The remote trigger is live.

You should get out of there.

Leaving now.

Oh, my God!
Stay very quiet, move.

What is your name? Now.
It's Jennifer Marshall.

Secure the house.

Put your hands
above your head.

Who are you?
What do you want?

I'm with
the Counter Terrorism Unit.

We're looking
for Asim Naseri.


This man.

He made a call
to this house
about an hour ago.

No, I've only spoken
to my sister. I swear.

Did you see anyone
out front? Hmm?

In a car, walking by?

No. But I don't think
I would've noticed.

Sir, the floor is clear.

There's a door
to the basement.

Cover her.
I'll check the basement.

Sir, I got Carter on the line.

Go ahead.
Jennifer Marshall's
been strapped

into a vest
filled with ordnance.

And I think Naseri
is watching her on
some kind of a webcam.

So, Naseri's
using her as leverage.

Yeah, but she can't
tell us anything until
we defuse the vest.

I might be able to
create a video loop,

like what Andy did for you
when you broke into
the police station.

I'm looking at traffic
coming out of the house.

It's got a firewall router,
but I should be
able to get through it.

Tell me how long
until the bomb tech gets here.

We can get someone
there in 20 minutes.

That's too long.

Listen, I'm gonna send you
a picture of the device.

There's not much
light down there,

but I think I got it.

Perfect, that'll work.

Have somebody look
for matching schematics.

Carter, you're gonna
defuse it?

I'm gonna try.

CTU confirmed.

Jadalla's in custody

and they've
secured the flash drive

with the list
of sleeper cells.

So, it's over?

It looks that way.

Well, then it's time to give
the party a heads-up

that I'm suspending
my campaign.

Can you see if you can get me
in front of Frank tonight?

Will do.

Bringing my father home.

CTU released him?


Sorry, I can't take
your call right now.

But leave a message
and I'll get back
to you soon as I can.

John, please call me back.

He's not picking up.

You surprised?

We tortured his father.

You did what you had to do.

I don't think he'll
ever understand that.

He probably won't.
He lives in
a different world.

He'll never understand
the work that we do.

I'm not sure
I understand it.

We do these terrible things

and tell ourselves
it's for the greater good.

You have nothing
to apologize for.

I should go back to
CTU for my debrief.

All right, well,
we'll break down here.

It'll be like
we were never here.



I hope things work out
between you and John.


I can manage.

I've asked Dr. Waring
to stop by tonight

so he can, uh,
take a look at you.

I don't blame you
for what Rebecca did.

She's the one who
had them pump me full
of all those damn drugs.

There's one thing
about Rebecca...

She gets things done.

No matter what it takes.

Suppose I shouldn't
be mad at her either.

My fault.

I put you both in
impossible situations.

It's all water
under the bridge now.

Water under
the bridge.

I never meant to
compromise you, John.

I was defending you
against your enemies,

protecting your campaign.

Look how well
that turned out.

Turned out fine in the end.

I covered my tracks, John.

So, now, no matter what sort
of allegations they make,

you're the only
one I ever told.

They won't find
any evidence connecting
me to those terrorists,

which means you
don't have to quit.

You can still be president.

And I know that you can
bring Rebecca around.

I mean, if anybody
understands that sometimes

short-term compromises
have to be made

for the greater good,

it's Rebecca.

She understands
that sort of thing.

There were over
100 innocent people

that were killed
on that bridge.

Because of you.

And 100 million people
will be helped if
you become president.

When you become president.

Are you even
listening to yourself?

You're upset, I understand.

It's over, Dad.


It's over.

No. No, it's not. No.

We have not come this far just
so you can throw it away. No.

For the record,

you were the one
who threw it away.

Don't you turn
your back on me.

Come back here
so we can discuss this. John.

Who the hell you think you are
turning your back on me?

I'm your father.

That was the party office.

The chairman can
meet you after 11:00.


That's enough time
to draft a statement.

But, uh...

I don't wanna
do it here.

How's the roll-up going?

Fine. Except we got
a complication.

One of the terrorists
slipped away.

Someone from your
Bin-Khalid operation.


Yeah, guy's got
nine lives.

And he's used
only three so far.

before you debrief,

I was hoping you
can talk to Jadalla.
See what you can find out.

Yes, sir?

Could you pull over

I'm, uh...

I'm gonna need a minute.


I wasn't sure
you'd call me back.

I wasn't sure either.

You know, I just brought
my father home, and...

I keep asking myself,
was I oblivious
all of these years?

Or was he
always this insane?

He was desperate.

Not that I'm justifying
what he did. I'm not...

...but desperation
can make you do
terrible things.

And it can make you
keep them from the people
you love because...

Because you don't want them
to see that part of you.

Rebecca, I may not know you
like I thought I did,

but I do know one thing.

I don't wanna lose you.

I don't wanna
lose you either.

Listen, I have a meeting

later on in the night
with the party chairman

about suspending my campaign.

Before I do that, I...

I'd really like
to talk to you.

You know, face-to-face.


I don't know how
long I'm gonna be.

Could you come here?



You okay?

Yeah. Uh...

Would you mind very much
taking the follow car

and head on over to
the chairman's office.

I'll meet you there.


Ms. Ingram.

I didn't know
you were back.

Keith asked me to
interrogate Jadalla,

see if we can get
a lead on Naseri.

Steven, are you okay?

I'm fine.

I just, uh...

Fighting something.

Ms. Ingram,
biometrics are in place,
whenever you're ready.

I'm Rebecca Ingram.

But you already know that.

As it stands,
you're set to be
transferred from here

to a 5-foot-square
cell in Guantánamo.

But tell me
what I wanna know,

and I'll petition
my government
on your behalf.

Recommend that you're sent
to a federal prison.

You'll live
the rest of your life
under much better conditions.

Have access to books.

Return to your studies
if you want.

Asim Naseri escaped
from the warehouse.

We wanna know what
operation he's running
and how to find him.

I don't know
anyone named Naseri.

Eric Carter saw him with you.

I don't know anyone

named Naseri.

This man was your
father's top operative.

No, this man is
a fighter I recruited.

His name is Ahmed.

You're throwing
away your chance.

I told you everything I know.

Is he telling the truth?

Hard to say.
The state that he's in,

his readings are
all over the place.

Why would Naseri keep
Jadalla in the dark?

Can you refine his readings?

I can try.
Send them
to the annex office.

I'll review them there.

I'm in.

Carter, the loop is live.

Theo's ready to
walk you through
the disarming procedure.

Cut her loose.

Help me.
My God, they're watching.

Listen to me. Jennifer,
we fixed the camera. Okay?

So whoever's watching,
they're looking at a loop

of past few minutes, okay.
They can't see us.

Listen to me.
I don't wanna die.

No one's gonna die.

My name is Eric Carter.

I'm working with
the Counter Terrorism Unit.

I need you to tell me
why they're threatening you.


Who are they leveraging?

Get me out!

Hold her!

Theo, we gotta
get this thing
off of her, now.

- Whenever you're ready.
- Okay.

You need to locate the wires
that are leading to
the detonator, all right?

There should be two

just underneath
the lower-right front
section of the vest.

I see them.
Jennifer, stay very still.


Spliced into
one of those wires

is the remote trigger.
It's a small
black plastic box.

Yeah, I see it.

we're gonna deactivate it.

Then once we do,
you can cut her
out of the vest.

Okay, so first,
pry open that casing.


Okay, the casing's off, Theo.

I see wires.

Three of them leading out
from the circuit board.

What do you mean, "Oh"?

Vest has a backup
vibration sensor. Okay?

It'll go hot if
the remote trigger
is deactivated.

Jennifer, Jennifer.
Jennifer, stay calm.

Theo, is there any
way to take it out?

No, you're just gonna have
to be extra careful

when you remove
the vest, okay?

One sharp movement

will trigger a detonation,
all right?

Usually with
a 10-second delay.

Extra careful. Right.

First step, you need
to cut the short wire
spanning to the circuit board.

It's not the long one
leading out. Confirm.

Short wire. Jennifer.

Please do not move.


Okay, Theo.

What's next?

we're pulling into CTU.


This is Grant.

I'm, uh, expecting
a team of subcontractors,
they're at the gate.

Yeah, I'm not seeing
their clearances
on the network.

We had a power loss
on one of those servers.

That's what
they're here to fix.

You want me
to let them through,
I'll need your override.

It's Apple, Charlie,


Escort them to engineering,
they'll take it from there.

Copy that.

Guns out, tip of the fingers.

Left hand.
Put them on the floor.

John, please do it now.
I don't wanna hurt anybody.

I swear to God
I'll pull the trigger
if you don't do what I say.

You, too.

Turn around
and face the wall.

Turn around
and face the wall!

Cuff them.

Where was this?


It was a long time ago.

Hey, um,

you think Eric will mind
if I borrow a shirt
or something?

I got all this
blood over me, just...


What's wrong?

It's a letter.

Rebecca Ingram,
the woman who ran CTU.

Offering Eric
a job as an agent.

Sounds like they've been
going back and forth
about it for a while.

Isaac, he never said a word.

This was the same
time he was telling me

he wanted to stay here
and settle down
and have a family.

I don't understand him.

Was he just telling me
what I wanted to hear?

Hey, come here. Come here.

It's okay.

I need to call Eric.

What are you doing?
Get up.

I said get up.


I got a blinking
yellow on Egress 3.
Want you to take a look.

Probably just
some kind of a drill,

but I want you to do
a full sweep anyway.

Copy that.



- Yes?
- I got him.

I'm not gonna
hand him over

until you show me proof
that Jennifer's safe.

You'll have your proof.

I don't know
anyone named Naseri.

I told you everything I know.

I don't know
anyone named Naseri.

I don't know
anyone named Naseri.

Are you here?

Yeah, we made good time.
I'm down here at security.

I told them to
bring you to me.

I'll see you in
a few minutes then.


Okay, so, Theo,
I'm looking at
the last four connections.

I see white wires leading into
some kind of a switch,

and a single wire leading out.

All right, good.
That's the trigger.

Okay, so clip the single wire

and the vest can't be
remotely detonated anymore.

Got it.

It's done. It's done.

Jennifer, listen to me.

I'm gonna remove this vest.

But I need you to remain still
a little while longer, okay?


Stay still, okay.

Hurry. Hurry.

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Jennifer, no!

Jennifer, no!

Theo, I think she's activated
the vibration sensor.

You got 10 seconds.

Get it off! Get it off!

Go. Move! Move!




We're good.

Jennifer, I need to know
why they did this to you.

It's over?
It's really over?
It's over.

Who were they
leveraging you against?

It has to be Steven.

My boyfriend.

Steven Grant,
he works at CTU.

But he's married,
so no one's supposed
to know about us.

Mullins, are you getting this?

Grant runs security.
He's guarding Jadalla.

Put the building on lockdown.

I told you everything I know.

Keith, what's happening?

Naseri was holding
Steven Grant's girlfriend.

They're using him
to break out Jadalla.

Is Jadalla still locked down?

Grant's not answering and
the security cameras are down.

Are you okay?
You need to get
out of here, John.

Tell me that you're okay!

I'm fine, I promise.
But I need you to
get out of here now.


Let's go, sir.


Steven, stop.

Jennifer is safe.

We got the vest off.

Just stay
where you are!

Jennifer's okay.

I promise, Steven.

I don't believe you.


You have my word.


I promise you. She's safe.

Now, come with me.

And let's get Jadalla
locked down.

Come on, come on. Come on.

Go! Move! Move!

We gotta move.

No. That's John Donovan.

Take him.


I'm at B gate.
Everybody's dead.

Mobilize everyone you've got.

We need a visual
on Naseri's vehicle.

Grant took out
the cameras in that section.
We have nothing.

Well, somebody
must have seen something.

Naseri didn't leave
anyone alive at the gate.

what about other cameras?

Sorting through traffic
and municipal feeds now,

but there's still
a lot of vehicles
on the road.

What about
the perimeter lockdown?

We got a full cordon
in place, 10 blocks.

There's still
no sign of pursuit.

We've been blessed.

Why did you lie to me?

Why didn't you tell me you
were my father's lieutenant?

Not my place to tell you.
Whose place is it?


You'll get your answers soon.
For now, be happy.

You have your freedom.

And we have a prize.


Keep going.

- Go ahead.
- Move forward.

Move forward.
Check that one.

What was that?
It came from the van.

Check it out.

Hey, open up the door.



Tech teams
are commencing a ground search
within the contained area.

We're analyzing
street camera feeds.
But so far, nothing.

My God.

DCPD's reporting a vehicle
broke through the checkpoint

at North Lincoln
and Temple.

All officers are down.

They're looking for witnesses,
but so far,
no ID on the vehicle.

Get choppers out there. Now.

Then widen the cordon.

Access every camera feed
you can in and around
that checkpoint.

DCPD is trying to
establish a wider cordon,

but the additional
road blocks won't be

in place for
another 10 to 15 minutes.

Just heard back
from state police.

They're deploying
units to the major roads,

but getting them in place
will take at least as long.

Revise the All
Agency Bulletin.

Naseri and Jadalla Bin-Khalid
are at large and
holding Senator Donovan.

Their location
presently unknown.