24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 8 - 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. - full transcript

Mullins and CTU try and track down Carter. Andy is forced to do something he doesn't want to. Rebecca's interrogation techniques lead Donovan to question her judgment. Isaac turns to his friends for help.

We can't confirm
if this was a terrorist act,

but we don't know
how many lives were lost.

This is the work of one cell.

There are 14 more cells,
and they must strike as one.

But without the flash drive...

Carter will deliver
the solution.

This wouldn't have happened
if Henry Donovan hadn't given

the Rangers' IDs
to the terrorists.

We both know
conventional methods
won't get him to talk.

We need to use
enhanced interrogation.

My people are
already in position
to pick up Henry

and take him to a black site.

I want a name.
We're good to go.

What is this?

What do you want?

Just the truth,
Mr. Donovan.

This is crazy.

My son is a US Senator.


If I don't get us free,
this thing ends real bad.

They're not going
to hurt us, okay?

They need us.
They need us
to get to Eric.

And when they do,
they ain't going to
need us no more.

Jadalla has my wife.
And he has my brother.

He said the flash drive
containing the list of sleeper
cells has been damaged,

and he needs
somebody to repair it.

You're not actually
asking me to repair
the drive, are you?

I'm asking you to
help me destroy it.

I'm going with
Carter to Jadalla.

I can't let you do this.

Tie him up.

I'm sending you
GPS coordinates
for the exchange.

Eric! Eric.

My brother! Now!

Get her to CTU, Isaac.
No, Eric!


Find Carter's
wife and brother
before they get too far.

And kill them.

If you're just
joining us, there has been
a terrible explosion

on the George
Washington Bridge.

Details are still coming in,
but we are told
that there are mass...

Sir, I've got Agent Locke
on the line.

It is unknown if this
is a terrorist...
Where the hell you been?

Logged out of the building
without telling anyone.

I had a run-in
with Eric Carter.

What? Where?

Parking lot at
8th and M Street.

I was following Andy.


Andy Shalowitz? Why?

Carter said the flash drive

with the list of
sleeper cells is damaged.


Jadalla Bin-Khalid
took Carter's wife
and Carter traded himself.

And Andy.

He's using Andy to
sabotage the drive.

Permanently erase
the list of sleepers.

But they gotta know
Jadalla's gonna kill them both

the second he realizes
what they've done.

It's suicide.

They know.

If we can track them,
they'll lead us
right to Jadalla.

Same place. I'll dispatch
a TAC team to meet you.

I'm gonna try to find
where Carter went.

He was driving his
dark red Ford pickup.

Left here about
20 minutes ago.

Copy that,
Agent Locke.

I'll backtrack satellite
from your position.

Andy Shalowitz on
a suicide mission.

That's hard to believe.

Meaning what?

He's not exactly known
for his fortitude.

Yeah, maybe he decided
he had nothing left

after you took the job
he loved and lived for.

Sorry, sir.



I need you to
keep it together.

I'm trying.

Now you.

Fix the flash drive.
Recover the data on it.


I need my laptop.

It has the data recovery
programs on it.

You're going to walk my friend
through every program
you have on this laptop.

You understand?

Isaac, we have to
go back.

Try to help Eric.

Eric told me to
take care of you,
so that's what I'm doing.

I'm getting you safe.

They're gonna kill him.

You can live with that?

What you think?

I gotta live with
a lot of things
I don't like.

You told me you love me.

Maybe you want him gone.

Why would you say
something crazy like that?

Because I've never
known you to run.

And that's what you're doing,

you're turning your back
on your brother.

You know if you
ever needed him,
he would be there for you.

No matter what Eric had to do,
he would be there for you.

So what you want me to do?

We don't know
where they took him.

We ain't got no play here.


We gotta move.
We gotta move.

Come on.
That's right, move.

Nicole, you all right?


All right.

We need to call CTU.

Hell no. Nah.


Eric brought you to me

because those people
cannot be trusted.

Okay. So who
are you calling, then?

I'm gonna call my crew.

I'm gonna tell them
to bring every burner,
every weapon we got.

this dude gonna tell us
where they took Eric.

They messed with
the wrong people.

You think you can
do this to me and
just get away clean?

I'm a powerful man.

This will catch up to you.

You're young.

That's gonna make for
a very long life sentence.

There is still a chance
for you to stop this.

Talk to your people.

Okay. Thanks, Keith.

Let me know as soon as
you have any news.

Maybe Mr. Donovan here knows
something that can help us
catch Jadalla in time.

How soon until
you're ready?

We're close.
We're almost done
with his medical screens.

How far away
is your husband?


I've been able to
learn about you.

Where you came from,
the drugs, the violence.

I was just like you once.



Seduced by the West.

You don't know
anything about me.

I know decadence.

So does your brother.

The way he looks
at your wife...

I was so blind to the truth.

Until my father died.

Until you murdered him.

I should thank you.

Thank me?

You're the reason
I'm here today.

Fulfilling my father's dream.


All of what's going
to happen now
is your fault.

The laptop is clean.

There's nothing on it
that could damage
the flash drive.

We can proceed.

Recover the data.

What's happening?

He has triggered a virus
to erase the flash drive.


I'm not going to shoot you.

This was a decoy.

The real flash drive
is safe.

And now that Hamid knows
where your virus is,

he can disable it.

And you'll recover
the list for us.


I won't.

I won't do it.

I'm sorry.

What did you say?

I said

I won't help you
recover your files.

You're very brave.

Willing to die.


are you willing to be
taken apart piece by piece?

Leave him alone!

It was my plan, okay?

If you wanna hurt somebody,
hurt me!

Stop, please!

No, please! Stop!

I'll do it! I'll do it!

Tell me what it is
you'll do.

I will recover the list.

Oh, God.

Take care of his wound.

As soon as Hamid is through
disabling the virus,

we'll begin again.

Where is he?

I need to talk to you.
I wanna see my father.

Listen to me.
Henry's all right.

You can see him,
but I want you to
hear me out first.

Hear you out
so that you can
try to convince me

to let you torture him? No.

If he knows how
to get in contact
with Jadalla Bin-Khalid,

we need to find out.

Not like this.

Not like this, Rebecca. No!

Your father will
be given a chemical

that stimulates
the pain receptors
in his brain.

He will not be
physically harmed.

I want to talk to him again.
Talk to him again

so I can try to get him
to tell us what he did.

No, that is not
gonna make a difference.

He's just gonna
tell you the same lies.

And we are
already out of time.

You saw what happened
on the bridge, John.

There were families
in those cars.

Children with their parents.

And the terrorists are
planning more attacks.

John, do you really believe

that this interrogation
isn't justified?

If there are more attacks,
can you honestly stand up

and tell the families
of those victims

that this was a line
that you couldn't cross?

Oh, Rebecca.

When this is over,
he's gonna walk out of here

on his own two feet,
in perfect health.

Unlike the people
in New York.

I wanna see that he's okay.

All right.

We need to begin, John.

All right.

Wow, I see that you were able
to organize this really quick.

Weren't you?

You knew the people
to call.

'Cause you've
done this before,
haven't you?

Another day at the office.

It's not like that, John.

I look at you,
and I don't even know
who you are anymore.

I followed Carter's truck
to the exchange site

where Jadalla transferred
him and Andy into a van,

but I'm having trouble
following the van.

They're using overpasses
for cover.

Keep looking.

Are you guys close?
You and Andy?

I barely know him.

Mariana, look.

Jadalla's van.
Not a lot of cover
in that direction,

so we should be
able to track him.

Thank God.

Director Mullins?
Good news.

Give us another
five or 10 minutes.

Hopefully we'll have
Andy and Carter's location.

I'm running a four-branch
recovery algorithm.

First branch is
already finished.

As soon as the program
runs through the other
three branches,

the data will be restored.

This makes sense
as an approach.

How long will this take?

Based on what I'm seeing,

10, maybe 12 more minutes.

Want more?

Oh, God.

You're wasting your time.

God is on my side.

There's only one
possible outcome
for all of this,

and we both know
what that is.

You people will lose.

You don't get it, Jadalla.

This country's so much
stronger than your jihad.

And it'll still be standing

long after false prophets and
lunatics like you are dust.



And for the record,

if there is something,

anything on your side,
it sure as hell isn't God.

We'll see.

I'm gonna ask you again.

How did you and Jadalla
Bin-Khalid communicate?

Mr. Donovan,

you have to know

that by keeping quiet,
you're putting thousands
of American lives in danger.

I keep telling you

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You see,

we know that you gave him
the new identities

that the Rangers
were living under.

We know that.

I'm asking you

how did you pass
that information along?


Give him another dose.

The terrorists will
almost certainly execute
Carter and our analyst

the moment they destroy
Bin-Khalid's list
of sleeper cells

and activation codes.

You're assuming
they'll manage to do so.

What if this list of cells is,
in fact, recovered?

Every second we lose
gives Jadalla more time
to launch attacks.

Okay. What's the alternative?

We got fighters
scrambled out of Andrews.

As soon as we have
their coordinates,

the plan is to take
the terrorists and the list
out with a missile sortie.

You're talking about
killing everyone on site,
including our own people?

Keith, I am not happy
about this.

They are brave men
who deserve better.

We gotta look at
the larger picture here.

I'm sorry, but I can't
go along with this.

I'll appeal directly
to the Secretary of
Defense if I have to...

This has been cleared
through the SecDef.

The fighters
are in the air,

waiting for the coordinates
that you're gonna provide.

Now, I'm gonna
ask you just once.

Are you gonna follow
my orders or not?

I'm waiting.

Come on.

A building.

Hansmore and Kingsley.

That's the warehouse?

Yes, I swear it.

All right.
All right, all right.
I swear it. I swear.

Now all you gotta do
is convince me
you ain't lying.


Where's Isaac?
Over here.

Y'all see that?

Now that there dude
right there is a terrorist,
all right?

And him and his men
are trying to launch
some attacks

that'll kill
a lot of people.

And that's your moms,
your sisters, your kids,
all that.

And they also got
my brother.

But I know where.

So here's the play.
We go in, we grab Eric,

and we lay some jihad
on their ass.

No, this ain't got
nothing to do with us, Ise.

It's a government
problem, bro.

It's my problem.

Which makes it
your problem.

You understand?


We have no business, Ise.

This ain't business.

Why should me and my people
take a risk for Eric

when he turned his back
on us years ago?

Speakin' of which,

you ain't been acting
real loyal yourself lately.

Maybe you're right,

Look, I'll tell you what.

I'll make it worth
your while, some.
All right?

I'll double your cuts.
Every one of you.

You do that, you'll be left
with almost nothing.

He'll still have
his brother.

Family's gotta
mean something, right?

Or else what's the point?

I remember when
you were all family,

when there wasn't
anything you wouldn't
do for each other.

Before everything
was just business.

What the hell.

Let's give these bitches
some payback.

My man.

All right, let's go.



You gotta hang
back here with her.


This is about
to be a war.

Right? I got no clue

how ugly it's gonna get,
but I'm gonna go after Eric
'cause I love him.

No. I'm not just gonna
stand here while you go off
and save my husband.

Eric gave himself up
to save you.

You go back in there
and something happens to you,

his sacrifice means nothing.

You understand?


Bro, take care of her.


All right.

Turn your phones off, man.
Both of you.

I don't want those bastards
or the government

to be able to trace you,
all right?

I've got it.

They're holed up in
a storage compound.


I was just about
to alert Agent Locke.

Route the coordinates
to the DOD.

To the...
Do it.

Theo, patch me
through to Locke.

Stand by.

Tom, Keith Mullins.

Have you got our
target location?

DNI has issued
a change of orders.

You're to prep your team
for a cleanup operation.

Cleanup for what?

We're taking out
the location with
a surgical missile strike.

Say again?

DNI thinks it's our
best chance of stopping
the terrorists

before they can activate
the sleeper cells.

Does he know we got
people in there?
Andy and Carter?

Yeah, he knows.

I argued against it,
but I lost.

DNI's order was final.

I understand.

But I don't like it.

Neither do I.

Route the coordinates
to the DOD,
then to the TAC team.

But, sir...
You heard what I said.

Don't make me ask again.


Got it.


Be quiet.

You think I wouldn't
recognize you after
what you did?

Why is he
calling you "Naseri"?

Because he's been beaten
and he's delirious.
Get back to work.

I'm gonna kill you.

I swear to God
I'm gonna watch you die.

I said shut up.

He's just finished
the first three
algorithm branches.

Just one more to go,
and the list will
be whole again.

Once we have it,
send the activation codes
to all sleeper cells.

You hear that?

Very soon we'll launch
a wave of attacks

like you and this country
have never seen before.

So many

that your government
will be simply overwhelmed.

Oh, and what was that?

For the record,

this is the proof that
my path is righteous.

You know, you can keep
hiding behind your religion
all you want, Jadalla,

but we both know
this is just about
killing innocent people.

Some of them Muslim.

Not that you give a damn.

You're a psychopath, Jadalla.

Just like your father.

Both of you are sad little men
twisting your faith

into an excuse of violence.

You liked that,
didn't you?

You loved it.

It really gets you off,

You can do better
than that, can't you?

Do it.

Do it!

Do it!



Who are they?

I just got an ID
on one from the arrival.

It's Eric Carter's brother.

Does this change anything?
Can we call off
the missile strike?

I can try.

Mariana, it's Andy.

Andy. You need to get
out of there now, Andy.
You and Carter.

Really? You think?

DOD is launching
a surgical strike
on your location.

You have less than
three minutes.

Go, Andy.

Carter, this place
is about to blow!

Eric, we gotta move.

Everybody get
the hell out of here!

We gotta move.
Move! Move!

Oh, God!

Come on.

Let's go. Come on.
Come on! Come on!

Come on. Come on!

verify direct hit.

Making visual confirmation
on egress.

Confirming, target destroyed.

I repeat, target destroyed.

Let me see.
Let me see.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Keep pressure on it, Isaac.

Keep pressure
on it, all right?

I'm going back inside.

Stay there.

You brought this on yourself,
Mr. Donovan.

But you could put an end to it
at any moment, all right?

Just answer the question.

Just answer the question.

Just answer the question!

How did you talk to him?

Tell me how
you talked to him!

All right,
give him another dose.

All right, that's enough.
Stop it.

Stop it,
you're killing him.
No, we're not.

We're monitoring
his vital signs.

I don't care.
I don't care.

This ends now.

It's over,
that's enough.

What the hell is going on?

This is over.

I'm walking in there,
I'm taking my father home.

- That is not your choice.
- You gonna stop me,

you're gonna have to
shoot me.


He's about to talk.
I can feel it.

Let him through.

All right, fine.
Let him go. Do it.

Dad? Dad.

This is a mistake.

I just got a flash
from Keith.

They've located Jadalla.

They're moving in
on him as we speak.

Break it down.
We're done.

Yeah, it's okay, Dad.

It's okay.
There you go.

All right,
let's get you home.

Let's get you home.

We'll get you home.

Let's go.
Go, go, go.


Hey, you miss me?

Damn it.
I'm okay.
I'm all right.

I need a medic over here.


I did it. I did it, Tom.

I got the flash drive.

I should be able to restore
the sleeper cells.

We can round 'em up.

That's good.
That's real good.

Where's Carter?

He went back inside.

Looking for Jadalla.

Wrap it up this side.
Let's go.

Come on! Come on!
Come on!

Stay down!

Where's Naseri?

Where is he?

Naseri. Later.

He was here, Jadalla.
Where is he?

- Carter.
- Tell me where he is.

Stand down!
Stand down!

Go, go.

Asim Naseri is
in the country.
He was here.

Working with Jadalla.

You need to lock
down the area.

Okay? Set up a perimeter.

Already being done.

Carter, are you sure
it was Naseri?

It was him.

Look, get more men here,
pull up whatever satellites,

just do whatever the hell
you gotta do, okay?

You know what he is,
and what he's capable of.

We can't let him get away.