24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 7 - 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. - full transcript

Eric and Jadalla are able to come to a negotiated settlement: Eric will get someone to fix the corrupted flash drive in return for Jadalla releasing Nicole and Isaac. Both sides secretly do not intend to honor their bargain. Eric is secretly able to co-opt someone with technical computer knowledge to assist him in the matter, the ask which is more than assistance with the technical issue. This person does agree if only to make up for issues in the way he has conducted his life to this point, especially in his most recent personal relationship. Meanwhile, Henry, despite having confessed to John his role in assisting Jadalla, is now denying all under official interrogation. As such, Rebecca, ultimately with Keith's okay, decides they have to use more extreme interrogation techniques on Henry. They know they cannot tell John what they are going to do, and so have to keep John distracted while they transport Henry off-site so as not to be officially connected to CTU. Not being tied back to CTU extends to who Rebecca hires to conduct this interrogation, he who cannot be tied back to the organization.

Mullins knows
I helped Carter.

He took away
my clearance,

and he'll fire me as soon
as he figures out how.

I shouldn't have
gotten involved.

Some might consider what I did
an act of courage.


Something you could've
used a little more of.

Look, I'mma send
CTU to pick you up.

- Thank you.
- For what?

Saving my life.



We have her.

And we took
the brother as well.

You told John
you gave the identities

of the Army Rangers
to Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

I know he's told you
some story

about my working
with terrorists,

but I swear to you
I don't have
the least clue

what he's talking about.

I'm asking you one last time.

Help them find
these terrorists.

I can't tell them
something I don't
know anything about.

911 call from Mikail Dudayev,
father of Amira and Khasan.

Daughter's driving a truck
full of explosives

onto the George
Washington Bridge.

What's the status
of the driver?
I think she's dead.


How many?
At least 100.

I just keep thinking,
if I hadn't left CTU
when I did...

Rebecca, that wouldn't have
made any difference.

I could've done more.

They're still out there.

Okay? Either we give up,

or we hunt them down.

This is the work
of one cell.

There are 14 more cells,
and they must strike as one.

But without the flash drive...

Carter will deliver
the solution.

He'll do whatever we ask him.

The flash drive we got
from Grimes is damaged.

We need someone
to recover the data.

You let my wife go,
and then we'll talk.

Find someone who can.

And bring them to us.

I'll free your wife
and your brother
when you do what I ask.

Some kind of explosion,
possibly a bomb,

has destroyed a section
of the George
Washington Bridge.

We can't confirm if
this was a terrorist act,

but the bridges and tunnels
to New York City
have been closed.

First responders
from both New Jersey
and New York

are working to get
survivors off the bridge,

but we don't know
how many lives were lost.

We'll bring you
more information
as it comes in.

Eyewitnesses who saw
the explosion

say that it was
some sort of truck
or car bomb, that account...

Where are we on those
lockdown protocols?

New York City
is shut down.

Planes are on the ground
and trains are in the station.

National Guard is mobilizing,

and Homeland Security
raised the alert level to red.

All those people...

Just stay focused.

We'll get through this



Director Mullins.
Not now, Andy.

Sir, I understand
why you benched me.

But with everything
that's happened,

can't you restore
my clearance?

Please. I can help.

You can help by
archiving those servers.

This is Andy.

Mr. Shalowitz,
are you the owner
of a blue teal Ford?

I wouldn't exactly
call it "teal".

Your alarm's going off.
You need to come down
and turn it off.

I'll be right down.

Eyewitnesses who saw
the explosion

say that it was
some sort of truck...


This wouldn't have
happened if Henry Donovan
hadn't given

the Rangers' IDs
to the terrorists.

We both know
conventional methods
won't get him to talk.

We need to use
enhanced interrogation.

My people are
already in position

to pick up Henry
and take him to a black site.

I want your approval
to activate them.

To recap,
some kind of explosion,
possibly a bomb,

has destroyed a section
of the George Washington

Make the call.

I'll release Henry from CTU.


My husband will
never go along with this.

Okay. What do you
suggest we do?

Stall him.

Keep him from finding out
what we're doing

for as long as you can.

I can park him
in the debrief,

but it's a matter of time
till he figures it out.

I know.

I'll deal with
that when it happens.

I'll take care of it.

At this time,
the smoke is still hampering

our ability to see clearly
the extent of damage
to the bridge.

Officials, at this point,
believe that some type of bomb
went off

in, probably,
a van or small truck.

It was obviously
a massive explosive device

to create
such an explosion...


You have approval
to move on Henry.

I figured.
I saw the bridge.

You okay?


But I'll feel better
when we get Jadalla.

How soon
can you mobilize?

We're good to go.

Just let me know when
he's being released.

I'll text you my location
once I have him.

What the hell?


Oh, my God.

Relax, Andy. Listen.

I need your help.

I don't think
Jadalla can set off
any more attacks. Not yet.

How do you know that?

He contacted me.

He said the flash drive
containing the list

of sleeper cells
has been damaged,

and he needs
somebody to repair it.

Why would he call you?

Because he...

He has my wife.

And he has my brother.

Oh, God.

And if I bring him somebody
to repair the list,

then he'll let them go.

Wait a minute.

You're not actually
asking me to repair
the drive, are you?

I'm asking you to
help me destroy it.

I'm going to
bring you to him.

We will tell him
that you're going to
repair the drive,

but instead you're going
to erase it.

Erase it?

It's something that you can
figure out, right, Andy?

Yeah, I mean,
I could write a virus.

But, wait a minute.

Let's just say
I did this.

Once we destroyed
all the data
on that flash drive,

Jadalla will know.

How do we
get out of there alive?

Andy, uh...

I don't think
we're going to make it out.


That's kind of a big ask,
don't you think? I mean...

There's got to be
another way.

There isn't.

And this is the only chance
that we're going to get.

If we don't do this,

Jadalla is going to
get somebody else
to repair that drive,

and then he's going to launch
the rest of the attacks.

And, Andy, God only knows

what these other sleeper cells
have planned.

I get it, okay?

This is a suicide play,

but we are doing this
to save thousands of others.

There aren't that many people
in this world

who get a chance
to make this kind
of a difference.

I'm going to need
a couple of things.

My laptop and
my development kit.

It's a hard drive
with pieces of code
to write programs.

You know what?
It doesn't matter.
It's on my desk.

Look, Andy...

You're really going upstairs

to get your laptop, right?
You're not going to tell CTU?

Believe me,

if I were lying,
you could tell.

continue to come in
on that huge explosion

that has destroyed
a significant part

of the George
Washington Bridge.

As of yet, we do not
have confirmation...

Is this Jadalla?

We think it's one of
his sleeper cells.

Tell me what I can do?

Anything you need
and anything
that might help.

Well, actually,
Mullins wants to ask you

a few more questions
about your father.

Well, I've already
told him everything.

Yeah. We need to
go through it again.

We don't know
what details
might be helpful.

There's an agent
waiting for you
in the conference room.

Please, John.

I don't want to
release you, Mr. Donovan,

but your biometrics
are clean and with no
hard evidence against you.

Or maybe
you wanted to avoid

getting a call
from my friends
at the Pentagon.

It crossed my mind.


Where's my son?

He's being debriefed.
He'll be done soon.

I'm leaving CTU now.

I'll be at the house soon.

Is everything all right?
What happened?

Big misunderstanding.
I'll tell you about it
when I get there.

Henry's been released.

An agent will
stall your husband

in the debrief
for as long as he can.

I should go.
You still haven't told me

who you're using
for this job.

I'm trying to insulate you
in case this goes sideways.

I appreciate it,
but I want a name.

Tony Almeida.

He's a criminal.
A lot of people are dead
because of Tony Almeida.

There's nothing that
ties him directly to CTU.

That's why he's right
for this job.

I have to go.

What do you want? I'm busy.

I just need to tell you

that I get it.

What are talking about?

I am needy, Tom,
and insecure.

Andy, this isn't the time.

No, it's never going to
be the right time.

But that's okay.

I only wish
I had shown you
my better qualities.

'Cause believe it or not,

I do have some.


I know there's a lot of
emotion flying around

with everything
that's happened today.

You sure you're okay?

I just needed to
get that off my chest.

I'm good now.

They will continue
to keep us updated
on the situation

as they ascertain whether...



Go, go, go!

All right. Let's move.



Isaac, please.
Please stop.

Were you always so stubborn?
Stop it.

If I don't get us free,
this thing ends real bad.

You understand?

They're not going
to hurt us, okay?

They need us.
They need us
to get to Eric.

And when they do,
they ain't going to
need us no more.

Eric is going to
get us out of this, okay?

He'll try,
'cause that's what he does.

You made the right choice.

You did.

Why are you
telling me this?

'Cause the next time
they come up here

could be
the last time I see you.

Like, for a long time
I blamed him.

Like, my brother
stealing my girl.

But you're not a thing
that can be stolen.

You are a woman.

You made a choice,
and you chose him.

It's not his fault.

That's on me.

I lost you.

Get your hands off her.

Don't touch her.

Stop it!


Oh, my God, Isaac.

Your wound.

She's a nurse.


She's our guest.

You need stitches.

Bring whatever she needs.

What do you want?

Why are you
holding us hostage?

I believe
you know of my father.

Ibrahim Bin-Khalid.

My husband's team
killed him in Yemen.

And my mujahideen
killed them in return.

Didn't kill my husband,

You're going to need
to take your shirt off.


there has been
a major explosion

on the George
Washington Bridge,

heading into Manhattan.

And we have reports
of many fatalities.

Horrifying, isn't it?

But based on the images
we have seen so far,

we can speculate
that the number
of fatalities

will easily be
within the 100 range...

Of course, it is.

It's disgusting.

But if you think
this will make Eric
do what you want,

you're wrong.

Oh, but he will, though.

He will,
because he loves you.

And once he's done,
I'll kill him.

You can try.

But you better not miss.

Because I promise you,

he won't.

Damn it.

Is there a problem?
This isn't easy.

I have to make
the virus undetectable.

If Jadalla and his men
discover it

before it finishes
erasing the flash drive,

we fail.

And then, we die.

Which seems,
I don't know, like

a waste of
a perfectly good virus.


you talk a lot
when you're stressed.

you'll figure it out.

I have faith in you, man.

That makes one of us.

Hands on the car,
legs apart.

Tom, don't.
Back up, Andy.

I said, grab the car.
You've got three seconds.

What the hell
are you doing here?

You left CTU
with your laptop

and your development kit
in the middle of
a terrorist event.

That's not normal behavior.

Even for you.
So you followed me?

Tell me what you're doing.

We're taking out
Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

Jadalla's flash drive
is damaged.

He told me to bring
someone who can
fix it, and he's...

He kidnapped my wife
and my brother as leverage.

I'm going with
Carter to Jadalla.

He thinks I'm going to
repair the flash drive,

but I wrote a virus
that'll destroy it.

Let's say you fry
the flash drive,

then what happens?

How do you get out of there?

We don't.

Look. We're open
to a better plan.

I mean,
I really don't want to die.

I can't let you do this.


You won't shoot me.

But I will.

Tie him up, Andy.

Sorry, Tom.


finish writing the virus.


Good to see you.


How are you holding up?

Getting through it.

Everything go
all right?

Yeah. It was a clean grab.
No complications.


Make sure you run all
the preliminary medical on him

before you begin.

I don't want
anything to go wrong.

Yeah. Of course.

Does, uh, John know
this is happening?


That's going to be
an awkward conversation.

You're up to speed
with everything
we need from Henry?


Then you should
get started.

All right.

So, when were
you two together?

What are you talking about?

It was a long time ago.

After my wife was killed.

She met Donovan,
that was that.

So, this is why
you're doing the job.

Look, Ceedra...

This is just
about the money.

Don't make it
about something
that it's not.

What is this?

What do you want?

Just the truth,
Mr. Donovan.

That's why we're here.

The truth about what?

About an hour ago,
Jadalla Bin-Khalid

launched a massive
terrorist attack
on New York City.

And we know
he's planning more.

We also know
that you've been
in contact with him.

And that you gave him
the name of the Rangers

who took out his father.

Now I need you

to tell me

exactly how
you two communicated.

I've never been
in communications
with this Jadalla person.

I went through all this
at CTU!


This isn't CTU.

Who the hell
are you people?

She's just going to
draw a little bit of blood

and run a couple of tests.

But unless you come clean,

we're going to inject you
with a chemical

that'll stimulate
the nociceptors in your brain.

The first dose will feel

like your skin
is being burned away
from your body.

And, trust me,

it only goes
downhill from there.


you could put an end
to all of this.

You just tell us
what we need to know,

and then we'll inject you
with a reversing agent,

and the pain will stop
like somebody hit a switch.

You understand?
This is crazy.

My son is a US Senator.


Explain to me again
how you came to realize

that your father had framed
your campaign manager.

Asked and answered.
You're wasting my time.

Senator, I understand
that this is
frustrating for you,

but we do have
just a little bit
more ground to cover.


John, it's your tío.

Your old man called.

He said he was on his way
back to the house.

What? CTU released him?

That's what it sounded like,
but he should have
been here by now.

The GPS on his phone and car
have gone quiet.

And I can't reach anyone
on his security team.

How long ago did he call?

Fifteen-twenty minutes.

I'll call you back.

we haven't finished yet.

Unless I'm under arrest,

you need to stand down
from this door, sir.



Andy, we need to go.

Program's still compiling.
Two more minutes.

Do you have what I need?

CTU's top programmer,
Andy Shalowitz.

If anybody can fix the chip,
he can.

How did you convince him?

Let's just say
I didn't give him a choice.

I'm sending you
GPS coordinates
for the exchange.

I want to speak
to my wife first.

You'll see her soon enough.

I need proof
that she's okay.



Nicole, baby, are you okay?

Did they touch you?
No. I'm okay.

Listen. I'm going to come
get you out of there.
Okay? As soon as I...

Eric, whatever it is
they want you to do,
don't do it.

If I suspect for a moment

that you've brought CTU,
your brother dies first.

You know who comes next.

you don't have to do this.


Let me call CTU,
they'll back you up.

I'm asking you
to find another way.

I don't want to lose you.

Jadalla just sent
the GPS coordinates.

When CTU finds you,
you better tell them
to stay away,

because I'm going to free
my wife and my brother,

and we're going to end this
once and for all.

Andy, let's go.

I'll see you
in another life.

Where is she at?

Tell me where Nicole is.

Where's Nicole?

Isaac? Oh, God, Isaac.

I was worried about you.
I'm all right.

You okay? Let me see.

Yeah. Come on, now.

You know my grandma
hit harder than
them dudes, man.

Come on.

Close it up.

All bridges leading
into Manhattan are shut down
and evacuated.

NYPD is working on
closing down the tunnels.

Director Mullins,
we need to talk.

You've released my father?

The one person
who might be able

to lead you
to Jadalla Bin-Khalid?

We determined we've gotten
everything we could
out of him.

Why isn't
he answering his phone?

I really couldn't say.
I also can't reach my wife.

Somehow, I don't think
this is a coincidence.

I want to know
what's going on.

Let's talk in my office...
Right here.


Senator, we are dealing
with a major terrorist
threat right now.

I serve in the Senate,
but I am a candidate

for the President
of the United States.

I can have
the Attorney General here
in 20 minutes.

Do you want to have
this conversation with him?


We couldn't stall
your husband.

He knows his father
is missing and you had
something to do with it.

And he's threatening
to call the AG.

Okay. I'll talk to him.

What are you
going to tell him?

The truth.

Where is he?

He's in my office.

Put him on the phone.


It's Rebecca.

Rebecca. Where are you?

Where's my father?

He's here with me.

What the hell is going on?

Your father wasn't responding
to conventional interrogation.

We needed to try
something else.

Something else?

We need to finish
this conversation
in person.

I'll have CTU bring you over.

Until then
nothing happens to my father.

nothing's going to happen

to your father
until you and I talk.

They're for anxiety.

I used to take one
every morning with my coffee.

I don't know why I ever quit.

You know,
my first mission
as a Ranger, we were

clearing an apartment block
in Baghdad.

Eight Rangers, and over
a hundred apartments.

And we had to
go door to door.

But knocking on
that first door
was the hardest.

What happened?

Old lady opened the door.

We checked her apartment.

Moved on.

What does that
have to do with this?

You just do the job, Andy.

Door by door,

one step at a time.

You okay?

Yeah. I'm all right.

Here we go.

Where's Jadalla?
He's close.

These are just his scouts
to make sure we're alone.

Good thing we're alone.

All clear.

We're slowing down.



If I'm about to go out,

I'm just going to say
what I got to say.

All right?

Nicole, I love you.

I always have.

I always will.


Remember, make sure
Jadalla believes
I'm forcing you to do this.

Follow my lead.

Oh, God.

Mr. Carter.

And you must be
Mr. Shalowitz.

Where's my wife?

Send the programmer to me.

No. That's not the deal.

You need to release
Nicole and Isaac right now.

Tell your men
to lower their guns!

Look, you might not
need me, but
you damn sure need him!

Lower your weapons.


Bring them out.




Are you okay?
Yeah. I am now.

Okay. Listen, stay here.

My brother! Now!

Eric, what the hell
is going on?

get in the car, babe.

Are you coming with us?

I need you to
get in the car now.

What's going to
happen to you, Eric?

Just tell me you have
a way out of this.

I'm going to finish this.

I promise.

Eric, what are you...
I love you.

I'm waiting, Carter!

- No, Eric! No!
- Listen to me. Nicole.

Get her to CTU, Isaac.
They'll take care of you.

No! Eric!

You don't have to do this.

You know I do, Isaac.

You know I do.

Isaac, wait. Wait!

I'm sorry, man.

For everything
that's happened between us.

Everything that I did.


It wasn't your fault.
All right?

Things happened
the way they had to happen.



Just take care of her, man.

For me.

Go. Go.

Go, man.



Find Carter's
wife and brother
before they get too far.

And kill them.