24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 6 - 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. - full transcript

Using a lead, Carter and CTU narrow in on an enemy's location. Amira comes to a crossroad as her plan nears completion.

How can this be a great war

if it makes us do this
to our own father?

What does that mean?

Maybe we should
think about this.

We've gotten
the activation code.

We're launching
the attack.

You told John
you gave the identities

of the Army Rangers
to Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

I swear I've never even heard
of this Jaballa person.

You have signed those
Rangers' death warrants.

You have a chance here
to make this right,

to save people from dying,
and you're pulling this?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You better be telling me
the truth about Gabriel.

I am.

Eric, I swear.

Ben is taking me to Gabriel.

And I'm using the ONIX
missile schematics as bait.

We can find out what he knows
about Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

Bring him up to speed.

Gabriel fronted me some money.

It's gone.

Kill him..

Ben and I fought together.

And we swore an oath.

I'm not doing it.

Jadalla Bin-Khalid.
I need to know
where they are.

Carter, it's Locke.

I got Gabriel.
No, you don't.

Son of a bitch.

This may be
our only lead.

All right, Tech's
still scrolling through
the hard drive's data.

If we find something.

Copy that.

You steal classified missile
specs to use as bait.

Draw out Gabriel,

only for him to end up dead
before we can question him?

I told you
it couldn't be helped.

I get it.

But all Mullins
and CTU can see

is some Hail Mary
operation that's looking
like a screwed pooch.

There's gotta be something
on that laptop. Okay?

Some kind of lead
that can help us find
Jadalla Bin-Khalid

and his men before
they launch any attacks.

And you're basing
that on what?

Your degenerate friend's word

that Gabriel smuggled
the terrorists into
the country?

He was right.

He came here

with me, voluntarily,
to broker this meeting

even though he knew
Gabriel was likely
going to kill him.

So, yes...

I'm pinning my hopes
on my degenerate
friend's word.



Did you make it
to Christine's?

No. No, I'm still
at Isaac's.


Isaac's going through
a rough time.

A rough time?

We don't need
to talk about it
right now, okay?

No, listen. No...
I want you out
of there, Nicole.

All right?

It's fine.

No, it's not fine.

Look, I'mma send
CTU to pick you up.

I will... I'll call
them right now.

Are you meeting me there?

I'll see you soon.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Eric's having me
picked up by CTU.

We're gonna meet there
once he's finished
what he has to do.

How is Eric gonna
send CTU here? Hmm?

It's just for a minute, Isaac.
You should know better.

It's just enough time for me
to get in the car. Relax.

You don't have to go.

Not right away.

Like, if he's still got
business going on,

there ain't no reason
that you can't wait here.


Nicole, you're
safe right here.

With me.

You know that, right?

I know.

But I'm still leaving.

All right.


Sir, it's Locke.

Tell me you got something.

Shipping manifest
from the port of Baltimore

dated a week before last.

Notation in the margins,
"LS 17 out of Ash Shihr."

Carter says Ash Shihr
is a port terminal in Yemen.

Right, I know that.
But what's LS?

Cargo designation
for livestock.

Looks like Grimes was right.

This is the how,
when, and where

Jadalla Bin-Khalid
and his crew got
in the country.

Scroll through that sub-file.

Wait, go back.

That's one of the men
who broke into my home.

And the other one,
he came after Ben
after we reconnected.

Rashid and Malik Al-Sabi.

And there's Jadalla,

using the name Aashiq Raza.

The addresses
on the passports,
they're all the same.

CTU, we have it.

Aliases and a potential
address. Sending
all to you now.

Don't waste any more time.

Gather your assault teams,
set up a perimeter
at that location.

We'll redirect satellite
up-links and reconnect
with you onsite.

Copy that.

It's Carter.

Carter, I got your text.

I'm sending agents to retrieve
your wife to bring her to CTU.

She'll be safe.
Thank you.

I need to speak
to Rebecca Ingram.

Rebecca is indisposed.
What do you need from her?

I want to assist in
Jadalla Bin-Khalid's takedown.

Uh, look, Carter, you got
us the lead we needed,
and we're grateful, but...

But you're not a CTU agent.

Listen, my entire
squad is dead

because of Jadalla Bin-Khalid
and his followers,

so I deserve
to see this through.

To keep them from
killing anyone else.

You're right.
You're on the team.

Locke, circle back
with me in 10.

Let's go.

Thank you.

Why are you doing this?


I have to go.

Wait, Amira.

Do you know what
our religion is really about?

The reason we pray?

Family and peace.

That is what we seek.

Anything else is
a twisted perversion.

Don't let your brother
lead you down the wrong path.

I raised you better than this.

I have to go.

Wait, stop. Amira.


He said something
to you, didn't he?

That's how he is.

Always trying to be
heard when no one
asked any questions.

Ignore him.

He's worried.

Now he's worried?

We're his children, Khasan.

Was he there for us
when we were growing up?


He only came around
to raise his voice,

puff his chest

and beat us into behaving.

Hmm? Or have you forgotten?

Hey, Amira,

this is our moment.

This is no time for doubt.


I'm asking you one last time.


tell them what
they want to know.

Help them find
these terrorists.

If for any reason you think
that by holding back,
you're protecting me,

you're wrong.

Because if these
attacks happen,

whatever blood
is on your hands
will be on mine, too.


Son, I...

I can't tell them
something I don't
know anything about.

John, can you come
out for a minute, please?


I'm sorry. I can't get to him.

We might be okay.

I just heard from Keith.

An operation Eric Carter
is running has turned
up a promising lead.

We may be able to find Jadalla
without your father's help.

CTU is launching an operation.

Keith's asked if
I'll oversee it with him.

I don't know if
it's you that can't
do without this place,

or them who can't
do without you.

Hello, this is
Senator John Donovan.

Nilaa Mizrani,
is she done with
her debriefing yet?

Okay, good.

Please tell her
I'd like to see her.


This is Locke. Go ahead.

Uploading satellite feed
and property schematics
to you now.

Okay, thanks.

You seem to be the only
one running point for
field operations today.

Where's Andy?

I think you better
ask him yourself.

Okay, put him on.

Hold on, I'll transfer you.

This is Andy.

What the hell is going on?

Why aren't you point on this?

Mullins revoked my clearance.

He knows I'm the one

that gave Eric Carter
the classified missile specs.

Some might consider what I did
an act of courage.


Yeah. Something you could've
used a little more of.

I gotta go.



I questioned your loyalty,
I'm sorry.

Rebecca told me
you were the one
who knew I was innocent.

That you turned in
your father.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

Uh, yeah, there is.

If you can reach out
to the Party Chair
and set up a meeting.

I wanna be able to tell him
in person that I'm
withdrawing from the race.

Yeah, so I'll set
that right up.

Are they any closer
to finding these terrorists?

I think so.

Maybe this will
all be over soon.


Get the last barrels ready.


You have it?

I couldn't get a hold
of fulminic acid,

so I combined
two parts nitric acid,
two parts alcohol.

You'll still need
to combine it with
one part mercury.

A strong concussive
force will still set it off

but it'll be more stable
during transport.

This is good.

You're quiet. Something wrong?

This is harder than
I thought it would be.

Because of what
happened with Drew.

We crossed a line there,
didn't we?

It's my father.

He showed up here
all of a sudden.

He... He's in the house?

Khasan tied him up.

He's so angry with us.

And he's not well, David.
He's got diabetes.

I'm sorry.
I'm not getting it.
Why would Khasan tie him up?

Papa knows what we're doing.

And he doesn't approve.

He says we're perverting
our religion,

disgracing our family.

Amira, you don't
have to do this.

We can leave now.

Right now.

We can be together
like we used to talk about.

It's not an option.

You don't have to
be afraid of your
brother anymore,

you've done more
than enough for him.

He'll just have to understand.


I need you here.

I need help pouring mercury.


Be careful. Go very slow.

Yeah, I understand. Thank you.

That was DOJ.

Since all we have on Henry
is what John heard him say,

we can't detain him
past 24 hours.

Okay, let's keep him on ice
till this plays out.

What's Locke's ETA?

We've got one satellite
feed on the property
Jadalla's holed up in.

Waiting for a second
to come online.

You can also piggyback
into traffic cams
from district DOT.

Of course,
you already knew that.

Yeah, but it never hurts
to be reminded.

You sure you want me here?


Sir, I think you need
to see something.

A video was posted
of the firefight
with Gabriel's men.

Although no
law enforcement agencies
have confirmed involvement

at least one of the victims
have been identified as
former military operative...

I ordered a media blackout.
How the hell did this get out?

Some stringer must
have posted it.

Find out who else
is running the story.

When we
spoke with port officials,

they said they were not aware
of any suspicious activity...

The man who brought us
into the country,

how much did he know about us?

...to our field reporter,
who is at the port...

Wipe the equipments.
Destroy what we
can't take with us.

Get ready to move out!

Get ready.
We're 30 seconds out.

You miss it?


The action.

The way you were working
your weapon before.

You seem like you miss it.

I just wanna get
the son of a bitch
who killed my squad.

We'll get him.

Copy that.

Locke, there's a chance
your op may be compromised.

Compromised how?

Well, we're not sure how,

but some stringer posted
what happened between
Gabriel and his men,

and now it's on the news.

If Jadalla sees it...
We'll find out soon enough.

We're here.
Okay, standing by.

Assault teams,
move into position.

They're in position.

Do you have
visual confirmation
on any of the targets?


Plus, the windows
are boarded up.

We're going in blind.

On my signal.

Go, go, go, go!

Ops, targets have vacated
the immediate entry way.

Are you detecting any movement
on sat surveillance?


There's too much
tree coverage.
Visibility is limited.

All units, initiate
search procedures.

Go, go!

Damn it.

Widen the satellite grid.

And put out a full
inter-agency alert
on Jadalla Bin-Khalid.



They killed my men.

And they almost
killed me and my wife.

We'll find them.
But we had them.

I had them!

I found them for you.

I tracked Jadalla,
and you and your
men lost them.

Okay, we're set.

Close it up, Harris.

Here, South & Elm
to Fourth Street.

No, it says here
we take Elm to Main.

No, no, no. Fourth Street
is less traffic,
it'll be quicker.

You'll be fine here.

It's okay, Amira.
Get behind me.

What are you doing?

Saving you.

You said you didn't want
to be a part of this anymore.

Give me back my gun.

We've given you
everything you need

to martyr yourself, Khasan.

But me and Amira,
we wanna live.

We're done.

And we're going.


Amira, get behind me!


David, stop.

Stop, David!

He'll come after us.

You know as well as I do,
we'll never be safe.

We'll never have peace.

Khasan... Khasan,
you're all right.

Come here, come here.

You're all right.

I'll bandage you
and clean you up.

Shh... Shh...

You're all right. Shh.

You're gonna have to do it.


What, Khasan?

You're gonna have
to drive the truck.

I can't.

If you don't succeed,

I don't die a martyr.

Khasan, I can't
do this by myself.


You're all right. Come here.

God is with you,
little sister.

Khasan, no...

To the end.
Khasan, no...

You understand me?

To the end.


No... Khasan!


I'm sorry, baby.

I don't know
what else to say.

You don't have
to say anything.

To be honest,

just hearing your voice helps.

Yours, too.

Look, CTU should
be there any minute.

I'm headed over there now,
so I should see you soon.

All right?


I'm sorry.

Yeah, me, too.

I love you.

Looks like your ride's here.

You wanna walk me down?


You know, you really
should think about

getting out of this
business, Isaac.

Is that what it would take
to get you to stay, hmm?

This is the only thing
I know how to do.

You don't know what
you can do until you try.

You're smart, Isaac.

You know, I got faith in you.


Thank you.

For what?

Saving my life.


All right.



Take him, too.

- Right there!
- Go! Go!

Go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go!

Isaac! Isaac! Isaac!

We have her.

Isaac. Isaac!

And we took
the brother as well.


Meet you at the warehouse.

I heard something.

It sounded like a gunshot.

I came to tell you
goodbye, Papa.

What do you mean?

Where are you going?

Oh, no.

Amira, you listen to me.

We're not murderers.

What you're doing
is not the way to
change things.

Khasan is wrong.

Khasan is dead.



What happened?


It's all right.

I took care of it.

And now I take his place.

No, he's not... No, wait.

Shh. Shh...

He and I will be
together again, soon.

Someone will find you.

I'm sorry, Papa.

Amira! Amira! Amira!




My son.


Oh, no.

Who is this?


Please, listen to me.

You can't do this.

I already told you, Papa.

I'm going to teach
the infidels a lesson.


That's not you talking,
that's your brother.

He was always
the angry one. Not you.

And now he's gone.

They took him away
and they left me here alone.

I am here now.

I know I wasn't there before.

I should've been
a better father.

I'm sorry.

But if you come home,
I promise,

I will be.

It's too late to stop...

Even if I wanted to.

No, princess.

It's never too late.

Don't worry.

This will all be over soon.

what is your emergency?

Last time we spoke,
you said you were moving
in on Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

Now you're telling me
he escaped?

Jadalla may have gotten
a heads-up that
we were tracking him

because of the leaked story.

So you dropped the ball?

This wasn't
Director Mullins' fault.

It's become almost
impossible to maintain
operational discretion.

Sir, will you excuse us?

I'm just getting word
of a potential situation.

Of course, keep me apprised.

We have a credible terrorist
threat on the George
Washington Bridge.

It's one of Jadalla's cells.

Yeah, might be.

Bring us up to speed.

911 call from Mikail Dudayev,
father of Amira and Khasan.

Daughter's driving a truck
full of explosives

onto the George
Washington Bridge.

What makes you think
this is genuine?

Read the call transcript,
confirmed the father's ID.

His kids immigrated
from Chechnya two years
ago on student visas.

He thinks they may
have been radicalized
before they got here.

Have we located
the daughter yet?
Not yet.

The son rented a box truck
three days ago.

We're scanning traffic cameras
for the license plate.

I got a hit.

Track it on satellite.

Patch me through
to highway patrol.
Copy that.

She's already on the bridge.

Highway patrol
is two minutes out.

We need to cut her off.
Get me through to
someone on the bridge.

This is Jenkins. What's up?

This is Keith Mullins,

Director of the National
Counter Terrorism Unit,
Washington DC.

I need you to listen
to me very carefully.

There's a truck bomb
on the bridge as we speak.

Truck bomb?

It's a white box truck
coming from the west.

New Jersey license plate
LDJ8053, female driver.

Sir, it's just me
in this booth.

What am I supposed to do?

New Jersey PD's moving in,
and NYPD's closing
roads to the east,

but I need you to close
the bridge and get as many
people clear as you can.

Okay. Okay.

Jenkins, if you get
a shot at the truck,

take her out.

Okay. Okay, patch me
through to his cell.

Copy that.

You need to get off
the bridge! Off the bridge!

Please tell me
I got the right truck.

You did.

What's the status
of the driver?
Let me check.

I think she's dead.

There's a lot
of barrels in here,
wires all together.

Detonators on them.

Do you see the trigger?

She's got something
in her hand.


was a large explosion on
the George Washington Bridge

that crosses
the Hudson River...

This is the work of one cell.

There are 14 more cells,
and they must strike as one.

But without the flash drive...

Carter will deliver
the solution.

He'll do whatever we ask him.

We're dispatching forensics
crews to the girl's house
and to the site.

We don't have confirmation.

But, as far as we know,
this was one of the 15 cells.


How many?

They don't know yet.
They're still counting.

How many?

At least 100.

I tried to stop them.

Yeah, we all tried.

We all failed.

I just keep thinking,
if I hadn't left CTU
when I did...

Rebecca, that wouldn't have
made any difference.

I could've done more.

They're still out there.

Okay? Either we give up,

or we hunt them down.

It's my wife.

You should talk to her.


Eric, don't do
anything he says!



I have your brother as well.


Now that I have
your attention,
listen to me carefully.

The flash drive we got
from Grimes is damaged.

We need someone
to recover the data.

Carter, did you hear me?

I can't help you with that.

Find someone who can.

And bring them to us.

You let my wife go,
and then we'll talk.

No, no, no, no, no.

I'm not negotiating with you.

I'll free your wife
and your brother
when you do what I ask.

And if, by some
chance, you fail,

or make a single wrong move,

trust me,

I'll make sure that
their deaths will be
slow and agonizing.