24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. - full transcript

Carter and Grimes try to make a deal with the leader of a smuggling ring in order to find out the location of the terrorists for whom they've been searching. Meanwhile, Amira and Khasan get a visit from an unexpected guest, while progress is made on the leak.

The terrorists got
away with the list.

One of the men
was Jadalla,
Bin-Khalid's son.

We have the list.

It's a sign we're
on a righteous path.

Rebecca, the list
of sleeper cells,
the terrorists have it.

My God.
You got anywhere
with Nilaa Mizrani?

Right now, she's our best
hope to stop Jadalla

from activating
those sleeper cells.

You're coming
with us to CTU.

You speak up

before any more Americans
lose their lives.

I didn't
leak the identity
of those Rangers.

a problem with Drew.

I know I have to
kill him, Khasan.

I just need you to
tell me how to do it.

You need to get your
hands on a syringe.

Isaac, Royo's not
there to make a deal.

He's there to kill you.

He planned this with Aisha.

Get out of there, Isaac.

You need to let her go.

I already put her
in the system.
She's important to me.

Son, I made
a terrible choice.

So you sacrificed
those Rangers' names.

To save your campaign.

I weighed all the good
that your Presidency could do

against those six lives...

It's not just six lives.
God knows how many
people could be lost

if Jadalla Bin-Khalid
launches those attacks.

I can fix this, Eric.

I can fix this.
I can make it right.

You ever heard
of an arms smuggler,

goes by the name Gabriel?

He's a ghost.
I can get us to him.

See if he knows where
Bin-Khalid's people are.

Carter, you're an Army Ranger,
you're not a CTU agent,

and I cannot
authorize this mission.

What are you doing?
Exactly what we
talked about. Let's go.

You better be telling me
the truth about Gabriel.

I am.

'Cause if you're not
I'm gonna kill you myself.

We took a closer look
at the security tape

from campaign headquarters.

It looks as if it may have
been tampered with.

You mean it was faked?

Like I told you
from the beginning?

That appears to be the case.

It's over.
You're in the clear.

Was someone else arrested?
That's classified.

You accused me of doing
some terrible things.

You really believed it.

I was just following
the evidence.

People inside the campaign
were already whispering
about me

before the Gage ad.

Now they will never stop.

My reputation's destroyed.
How do I go back
to my job now?

How do I just go
back to my life knowing

what you and John
really think of me?

You should know that
John never thought
that you were guilty.

In fact, he was
the one who uncovered
the additional evidence.

I'll have someone start
to process you out
as soon as possible.


I'm sorry for everything
you've been through.


Mariana, can you
track Carter's SUV?

No signal. He must've
disabled the transponder.

Rebecca, I have to ask,

did you know
anything about this?

No. Carter's operating
on his own.

I want your team ready
to intercept once we
locate Carter and Grimes.

It's him.
Put him on speaker.

Eric, I'm here
with Keith Mullins.

Turn around now
before this gets
any worse for you.

Ben is taking me to Gabriel.

And I'm using the Onyx
missile schematics as bait.

And hopefully

we can find out what he knows
about Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

You stole those schematics?

When I've identified Gabriel,

I'll look for a chance
to lock him down.

Have a TAC team standing by.

Carter, you're
predicating this entire plan

on what Grimes told you.

He's proven he
can't be trusted.

This is the only chance
we have right now

to find Jadalla.

I'm sending you location where
the TAC team should stage.

He's wrong about me.

Everything I told
you is the truth.
You can trust me.

Shut up, Ben.

This is where
he wants us to stage.

Locke can chopper
his team there

and back Carter
when the time comes.

Keith, it's the only play
we've got.

Be ready to move as soon
as we get Carter's signal.


I've been trying to
reconstruct the list.

So far,
I've been able to recover
the contact information

and activation codes
for one of the cells.

What's the time frame
for recovering
the rest of the list?

Honestly, I don't think
I'll be able to do it.

Too many
of the partitions
are corrupted.

It's impossible.

Then we should
activate the one cell.

Have them launch
the attack right away.

My father's plan

was to have all 15 cells

launch their attacks at once.


That's how we bring
this country to its knees.

How we change things.

But Hamid said
he doesn't know

if we'll recover
the rest of the list.

We have to have faith.

Every minute we wait,

we show kindness
to these people...

There were 15 cells, Kusuma.
We launch 15 attacks.

If we can retrieve one,
we can retrieve the rest.

Keep working.

I know that it's hard, Amira.
But you had to do it.

You had no choice.

You and I are going to be

part of something greater
than ourselves.

We are changing the world.

And when it's over,

everyone will know our names.


Don't cry, little one.

I'm happy
to see you, too.

Khasan. How are you, son?

What are you doing here?

I'm just here
on business.

And you?
How is work?

It's fine.

You're not there now?
An early day?

Always try to leave in time
to pick up Amira from school.

And how's school, Amira?
You studying hard?

Of course.

Don't want you
to drop out
like your brother.

Why didn't you
tell us you were coming?

I just wanted
to surprise you.

Why? Can't a father
surprise his children

Are you hungry, Papa?


Okay, I'll make you

What are you doing?

Feeding our father.

He shouldn't even
be here.

Something's not right.

This isn't the first time
he's come here on business.

But he told us.
He always tells us
when he's coming.

He knows something.

How could he?
He just wants
to see us.

You feed him,
but once he's
done eating,

we need to get him
to leave.


You got everybody inside?


Oh, y'all just chilling.

I almost got killed today.


Royo tried to play me.
And he got help
from Aisha and Jerome.

More of y'all
got to be involved.

Here's how
we're gonna do this.
Bring Kevin.

Jerome tried to
sell me out.

And you're
his little brother.

So don't tell me
you know nothing about it.

I don't.

No, listen, Kevin,
you're gonna tell me

who Jerome
is working with.

But I don't know
anything, man.

You still don't
know anything?

I swear, Jerome
never said nothing, man.

I don't know what you
talking about.

Take him downstairs.

Isaac, Isaac, no!
No, please, listen.

Please, Isaac...
No, you gotta
believe me. No!

The rest of y'all,
get your phones out.

I wanna know who
you've been talking to.

I said get
your phones out!

Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna
see you then.

Just calling ahead.

Gabriel's people
have real hair triggers.

You don't wanna
show up unannounced.

Here's your stuff.

Gabriel and his men, they...

They like things
high and tight.

Besides, my mom
never liked me
with a beard anyway.

Just hurry up, Ben.

You think you get to
see 'em when you die?

See who?

People you love.

The ones you lost,
like my mom and sister.

I don't know, Ben.

Maybe you get
to say the things

you meant to say
when they were around.

Or maybe this
life's all you got.

So maybe you shouldn't
waste it with what-ifs.

Let's just do
what we gotta do.


It's safe for me to
get out of here, right?

Leave Isaac's?

Yeah. Why, you okay?

I just...
I don't wanna
be here anymore.

Okay, listen...

I want you to go
to Christine's.

Christine's? Why can't
you just pick me up?

I want to.

More than you know,
but, I just...

I'm still in
the middle of this.


I thought it was almost over.

Yeah, right.
I thought so, too.

Eric, what's going on?

Listen, I want you
to go to Christine's

and I'm gonna come
and get you as soon
as I can, okay?

I love you, Nicole.

I love you, too.

Hey, Nicole.

Can I come in for a minute?


You gotta talk to Isaac.

This is none
of my business.

I left to get
away from all this.

I just wanna get
back to my husband.

You think anybody
here wouldn't kill

to get out of here
like you did?

We don't have
that choice.
We're here.

Trying to do
what we gotta do...

Look, I'm asking you
to talk to him.

And say what?

I've never seen him
like this before.

That's 'cause he wasn't
like this when you
and Eric were around.

Once you two bounced,

everything changed.

I know Eric leaving
was rough for him.

It wasn't Eric.

It was you leaving
that broke him.

And now,

you're the only one who might
be able to set him straight.

Is that kharcho?

It smells just
like your mother's.

It always reminds me
of home.


So good.

And what about you?

How's work, Khasan?

Work is good.

Is it?
I said it's good.

Because before
I came here,

I stopped by
the construction site,

and your boss said
that you haven't
been there in weeks.

They didn't need me.

Don't lie to me, boy.

What are you
talking about?

Your friend Timur,

the one with
the drunk father,

he was arrested
two weeks ago

trying to plant a bomb
in Grozny Square.

The police never got
anything out of him.

But in the village,
people talk.

There were rumors
he trained in Pakistan,

that he wasn't alone.

You were there with him.

Tell me what
you're doing here.

I already told you...

I told you,
don't lie to me.

Tell me what you two
have done.

Fine, you don't
want to talk,

then pack your bags.

You're coming
home with me.
You too, boy.

We're not
going anywhere.

You think you're a man
because you can shoot a gun?


I fought the Russians
while you hid under the bed

in your pajamas,
crying like girl.
Papa, please, please...

You're not a soldier,

you're not a man,
you're nothing
but a coward!


Help me, Amira.
Get the duct tape.

Princess, help me.

Amira, now!

Bind his wrists.

Bind his wrists.

Don't let your
brother control you.

I raised you to be better.

It's your father, Amira!



What are you
going to do to him?

We just got to
the staging area

Carter gave us.

Team's ready to go
when we get the signal.


You wanted to see me?

I know you
helped Carter access
the ONIX schematics.

You have no proof of that.

Only because
you're good
at what you do.

Which means I can't
fire you for cause. Yet.

But I don't trust you.

I understood
siding with Rebecca

when all this started,

but Carter's gone
off the reservation,

and you helped him do it.

I'm revoking all
your clearances
effective immediately.

Turn all your files
over to Mariana.

You're benched.

This is Andy.
What happened
with Keith?

He knows
I helped Carter.

I thought you
covered your tracks.

I did, but he doesn't
care if he can prove it.

He took away
my clearance,

and he'll fire me as soon
as he figures out how.

I shouldn't have
gotten involved.

Andy, you did
the right thing.

Listen, I have to go and
interrogate Henry Donovan.

I'll talk to Keith.
I'll get you reinstated.

It'll work out.


If there's something
you wanna tell me,
now would be the time.

Let's do this.

You got some balls
coming back here again.

I got business.

Something for Gabriel.

You think he's
gonna do business
with you again?

He'll want what I got.

It's just my phone.

Who's this guy?

Eric Carter,
we served together.

He brought me those.

These real?
I took them
from DOD myself.

Where's the rest?
Locked with
an access code.

So unlock it.

Only for the guy
who can greenlight
the deal.


If you're screwing
with me, I promise you,

I will splatter your brains
all over this asphalt.

Let's go.


What the hell do you want?

To talk.

I'm busy.

Just for a minute. Please.

Make it quick, Nicole.

You're gonna go through
every call on every one
of those phones?


If that's what it takes.

Isaac, look, I know you don't
trust anyone right now.

You think?
But you can trust me.

Oh, really? Can I?

I just saved your life.

And you let Aisha
and Jerome bounce.

Yeah. What would you
gain by killing them?

Set an example.

And what about the example
you're setting right now?

What's that
supposed to mean?

Isaac, these men,
they respect you.


They revere you.
But you're losing them.

You're out of control.

You'll end up
making them do something
they'd never think of doing.

Like what?

If you keep going like this,

they're gonna turn on you.

What? Did somebody
say something?

Did somebody... No.

Who you been
talking to?

No, you lying.
Who you been
talking to?

Nobody, Isaac.

You're no better
than the rest of 'em.

What y'all looking at?

Nothing, man. Cool.

Come here.

Ben Grimes.

I didn't expect
to see you again.

But I'm delighted
you decided to stop by.

Gabriel, Gabriel.

I came here to
make things right.

Mr. Carter, isn't it?

Something tells me
your partner here

hasn't been
entirely forthcoming
about our history.


Bring him up to speed.

Gabriel fronted me
some money for an arms deal.

Tell him how much.


But I was robbed before
I could make it right.

I was...
They knocked me out.

I swear, when I came to,
the money was gone.

Right into your veins.

That's not true.

That's not true.

Gabriel, this deal will
net you many times that.

I won't take a cut.
Not a penny.

Mr. Carter,
a man is entrusted

with a significant
amount of money.

That money disappears,
doesn't matter how,

the man's responsible
for his money.

It's gone.

What do you think
the consequences should be?

I'm here to make a deal.

So whatever happened
between you two
doesn't matter.

Oh, it matters to me.

Quite a bit, actually.

Stand up.

You know...

I'll never do
business with him.

The question on the table is
can I do business with you?

I just need to know
we're on the same page.

Kill him.

Then we can talk.

Ben and I fought together.

And we swore an oath

to our country.

And to each other.

I'm not doing it.

You might wanna reconsider.


That's what I like to see.


Maybe we can do business.

We'll run background on you.

Everything checks out,

we'll continue
the conversation.

If not...

Where are you going?
Anywhere but here.

Nicole, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

Come on.

Look, I mean it, right?

I'm sorry.
I put my hands on you.
That was wrong.

I shouldn't have
did that.
You're done?

Well, come on.

Everything's been crazy.

My business is falling apart.

I got dudes out there
that's trying to kill me.

I'm losing my mind here.

Let me say it again,
I'm sorry.

And I'm glad you
let her go.

I didn't want to
kill Aisha, not really.

Yeah, well, I'm glad
that worked out for you.

And you coming
to me like that.

Right, telling me
I'm bugging,

I'm out of control.

You're right.

What about Kevin?

I'll let him go, too.

Like, he probably
don't know anything anyway.

Listen, thanks for
saving my life earlier.

You're welcome.

It's just been real
hard lately, you know.

I know.

It hasn't been
the same since you left.

So, what, he's waiting
for you now?

He's not quite
finished yet.


So, look,
why don't you stay here,

let me make it up to you.

At least till your man's done
saving the world.

You see how things are.

I need you.


Don't you ever touch me again.

Have a seat, sir.


Are you okay?

Did he say
anything else to you?

Anything I should
know before I go in?


Just what I told you
over the phone.

That he gave up
the Army Rangers
to the terrorists.

That he framed
Nilaa for it.

He said he's doing it all
for me.

To protect my campaign.

I'm so sorry.

He's ready.


Can I get you anything?

Something to drink?

I would just
like to understand
what's going on,

why John would
do this to me.

I know he's told you
some story

about my working
with terrorists

but I swear to you,
I don't have
the least clue

what he's talking about.

And I keep
going over it
in my head.

I know that John
is under pressure.

I don't know,
maybe he overheard

a conversation I had,
misinterpreted something.

I just...
I don't know.

You told John
you gave the identities

of the Army Rangers
to Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

I swear on my wife's grave,

I've never even heard
of this Jaballa person.

And how would
I get the identities
of those Rangers?

Rebecca, you know me,
we're family.

We've spent
Christmases together.

You and John were
married in my backyard.

Now, do you honestly
think that I would
cooperate with terrorists?

That I would help them
to kill service men?

Does that make any
sense to you at all?

What the hell
are you doing?

Son, please.

You have signed those
Rangers' death warrants,
you understand?

You have a chance here
to make this right,

to save people from dying,
and you're pulling this?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Tell her the truth.

- Son of a bitch!
- John.

Don't. You should leave.

Looks like
you check out.

It's a good thing.

Give me the phone.

So how do you know
they're genuine?

Because I know
where I stole them from.

Let me ask you something.

What's to stop me killing you?

Keeping the plans anyway?

'Cause someone
who I trust

told me you were
a stand-up guy.

All right,
let's take a look.
What's the code?

Three, seven,
alpha, tango,

four, four, hotel,
six, two.

Looks like the real deal.

I'll have to have someone
authenticate them.

Yeah. Of course.

Move. Don't.

Put your hands
behind your head.
And move over there.

Hands above your head now.

You have a gun
around your waist.

Put it on the floor
and slide it over
to me. Slowly.

What do you want?

You sold guns to a terrorist
named Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

I also think you helped
smuggle him and his men
into this country.

I need to know
where they are.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You're lying.

It's Carter.

Carter, what's
your status?

I have Gabriel.

Lock on to my GPS
and send your men in.

Got him.

Sending choppers now.

Tell the TAC teams
they'll be dealing

with at least six
highly-trained ex-military.

Approach from the east.

Locke's ETA's
less than 10.

Copy that.

My blood sugar.

I am diabetic.




Why didn't you tell us?

I didn't want to
worry my children.

What does it matter,

Of course it matters.
Here, take some more.

How can you do this
to your own father?

We don't want to hurt you.

If you go through with this,

whatever you're
thinking of doing,

my life will be over.

Amira, do you not
remember your childhood?

How we played together?

How we used to
sing you to sleep?

What would
your mother say

if she were to see
you treat me like this?

Please, untie me.

Khasan would never
allow it.

Just go to police.

The police?

Untie me and I'll talk
to Khasan again.

Amira, please. Amira.


I don't understand,
an activation code
was sent out.

Meaning what?

The sleeper cell
whose information
we received from the list,

someone in our system
sent out the code.

I swear it wasn't me.
Can you stop it?


No. It's been encrypted.

You did this?

Stop the activation code.

It's too late.
The code was received.

At least this way,
we strike a blow.

You've never taken
a man's life, Jadalla.

You would start with mine?

You're a good man, Kusuma.

But you lack faith.

And a man without
faith is dangerous.

How can it be
a great war, Khasan,

if it makes us do this
to our own father?

What does that mean?

It means maybe
we should think about this.


There's nothing
to think about.

We've gotten
the activation code.

We're launching
the attack.

No. Khasan...

Call Harris. Tell him
to be here with the
rest of the material.

Do it right away. Now!

You should know I don't do
business with terrorists.

I'm a patriot.

So those modified
semis that you sell,

Jadalla just found them
lying around.

You'd have to
ask him about that.

Son of a bitch.

Listen up!
Move, move, move!

We got an alert.

Hostiles ahead, prepare to take fire.
Here we go.

Stay put or
I will shoot you
in the other knee.

Go right.
Copy that!

- Clear.
- Clear.


Carter, it's Locke.

I'm in here,
I got Gabriel.

No, you don't.

Son of a bitch.



Medic! Over here,
come on.

Medic right here.

All right.
Let me take over.

He cut the artery.
He's gone.

What about his computer?
He's already on it.

Okay, well, his men
might know something.

Most went down fighting.
We're interrogating
the others now.

I'm in.

No, no, no, no!
Data wipe!


This may be
our only lead.

Get what you can,
and quickly.