24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 4 - 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. - full transcript

Grimes comes to Carter with information that might lead them to the terrorists. Meanwhile, at the Donovan compound, Nilaa is sequestered and questioned by Rebecca.

Sleeper cells are
preparing to launch
multiple terror attacks.

We don't know where or when.

Ben, I got your money.

Just give me
the list and we're done.

I have four
potential hostiles.

You lied to me.

Someone used my
proprietary code

to access the file
identifying the Rangers
who took out Bin-Khalid.

The file was accessed
from Nilaa's computer.

She may be facilitating
a terrorist attack
on domestic soil.

My guy was able to
hack the ATM camera.

Changed the time stamp.

Rebecca's already
pulled the footage.

CTU won't be able to trace
the leak back to you.

You said you were out
running that morning,

but here you are,
entering the office.

You need to come clean.
Tell me who
you're working with.

Isaac's girlfriend,
she's up to something.

CTU might
pull up a transcript
or some kind of recording.

Royo, I know you ain't
down with the split,
never have been.

If Isaac don't make it
back from this meeting,

wouldn't be a lot of tears.

I don't like the way
she been looking at me.

Maybe she knows something.

You want me to
do her right now?

Not until Royo calls
and we know
Isaac's taken care of.

You need to finish
mixing that explosive.

My brother says we could be
activated at any time.

What happened?

We don't know.
We just saw him lying here.

Somebody, help!

The terrorists,
they got away with the list.

I don't know
how many times
I can say it,

I didn't
leak the identity
of those Rangers.

I saw that ATM footage.

You say you were
out there jogging

but it shows you
at the exact place,

at the exact moment.

When the data on those Rangers
were stolen.

Explain that to me.

I don't know how,
but I'm being set up.

And we both know
why they picked me.

You've known me
for years, John.

You've met my family,

my parents.

How can you possibly
think I'm part of this?

What am I supposed to think?

If you were in my shoes,
what would you think?

Rebecca has told me
these terrorists

are planning attacks.

Attacks that could
kill thousands of people.

Nilaa, you help us
stop this

and I will do
everything I can...

Just leave me alone.

Please just go.
Talk to me.

Please I just said go.

I am not going anywhere
until you tell me the truth.

I have
told you the truth.

You're not listening.

Do you understand
I'm trying to help you.

If that
were really true

you'd be out there
right now.

Rebecca, the list
of sleeper cells,

the terrorists have it.

My God.

What happened?

They must have
been tracking Grimes,

took the flash drive

before he had
a chance to move in.

They're locking down the area
but it doesn't look good.

What about Carter,
is he all right?

Carter is fine

but he identified
one of the terrorists

as Jadalla Bin-Khalid.


He had a falling out
with his father,

left his study at Oxford.

Yeah, well,

guess his father's death
gave him a change of heart.

Hey, did you get anywhere
with Nilaa Mizrani?

Not yet. My husband
is speaking with her.

I thought a personal appeal
might get her to open up.

Well, right now she's our
best hope to stop Jadalla

from activating
those sleeper cells.

I want her back at CTU,
we'll work on her there.

Okay, on my way.

With me.

You're coming
with us to CTU.

On the way
think about this...

You're facing
the death penalty

for the murders
of those Rangers.

If you want to prevent that,
you better speak up

before any more Americans
lose their lives.

Get her to the car.

She's terrified.

Good, I wasn't bluffing.

I mean, it really seems like
she doesn't know anything.

Come on, John.

It's not impossible that
she's being set up, Rebecca.

What if she's
telling the truth?

You're a good man.

It's why you only want
to see the good in people,

but sometimes
it just isn't there.

I've got to go.
I love you.

So Rebecca has found
some ATM security video

that shows Nilaa
at the campaign headquarters

the exact time
the Rangers' identities

were being stolen.

They're taking her
over to CTU.

I'm sorry, son.

You think you know someone.

That's just it though, Dad...

I do know her.

I'm having a hard time
accepting this.

Yeah, but you just said

that they found
security video.

Yeah, I did.

John, the sooner you accept
that Nilaa is not

who you thought she was,
the sooner you can

begin to recover
from the damage she's done.

You're not
surprised by all this?

Nilaa supporting terrorists?

I mean, you know her
as well as I do.

How come you're
not disoriented
by all this?

Well, I am, I am...

It's just, I learned
a long time ago that...

Everybody lives two lives.

You know, one that we show
to the outside world

and then the other
that we keep
all to ourselves.

And I try
to keep that in mind

and never get caught short.

But right now I'm just
focused on helping you
get in front of this.

So, I tell you what.

Why don't I put together
a list of names
to replace Nilaa.

You know,
for you to consider.

Okay, Dad. Thanks.

Yeah, and son?

We're gonna get
through this.
All right?

I hope so.

We always do.


Perimeter's in place,
Locke's running a sweep,
but nothing so far.

We're getting
Jadalla's face
out there.

Son of a bitch,
do you know what
the hell you just did, huh?

Innocent people are
going to die, Ben.

Hundreds of people, man.

The squad,

their families,
their children.

You murdered your sister,

they're all dead
'cause of you, Ben.

You think I don't know that?

You think I wanted
this to happen, Eric?

I just wanted the money
so that I can support...

No, Ben...
Carter, come on get off.

Come on, Eric, let go!
I can fix this, Eric.

Guys, guys.

I can fix this.
I can make it right.

He's bleeding.
I got to close him up,
get him to CTU.

Get him out
of here then.

Come on. Back up on
the gurney. Let's go.

Eric, I can fix this.

I can make this right.

I can make this right.

My husband's expecting
to hear from me.

I just need to make
one phone call.

You ain't making
no calls.

So just make
your ass comfortable.

How long am I
supposed to stay here?

It won't be long.

Right back.

This is Aisha.
What's happening?

Just waiting
on your boy.

Shouldn't he have
been there by now?

You tell me.
You think
he ain't showing?

Didn't say that.

Coño mami, look,

if you're gonna
take over Isaac's game

you gonna learn
to take it easy.

Just watch yourself.

Isaac's smart.
Do him right away.

Look, I ain't gonna
make a move

until I see he's got
the merchandise.

The second I do,
he's a dead man.

He's coming now.
I'll call you
when it's done.

Took your time?

Started to think you
might get cold feet.

Nah. Far from it.

So, look, I got
20 kilos uncut.

My best work.

I want to start us off
on the right foot.

Royo says wait till
we see the product.

If we're gonna sit here,
do we have to watch this?

I hear that.

The hell!

Get to the front
and cut her off.


Help me, please, please,
please. Help me, please.

Yo, where'd she go?

Check over there.
I'll go upstairs.

Drop it!
I said drop it now.

Throw it down.

I'll kill you.

Drop it.

Get on the ground.

Okay. Grab the product.

Get set.

Give me a sec.

- What?
- Isaac,

Royo is not
there to make a deal.
He's there to kill you.

He planned this with Aisha.

They're in it together,
do you hear me.


Aisha and Jerome
tried to kill me,
but I have a gun.

Get out of there, Isaac.

All right, cool.

Hold on.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, it is now.

What does that mean?

So, look...

That was my bull saying
they all set and in place
on the rooftops

and ready to go
if it comes to that.

Man, I don't know
what you...

Stop right there.

All right? I know
what you was
planning with Aisha.

But right now my men
got you in their crosshairs.

You can look, right?
But you won't find them.

So now we got
two options.

You can try what
you was gonna try

and we just see
what happens.

Or forget all that

and we just do
some actual business.

We're all good, papi.

Let's just
do some business.

All right.

Don't move.

I said stop.

You wanna shoot
me in the back?
Go ahead.

Stay where you are.
Hands where I can see 'em.

Interrogation four.

Full biometric package.
Yes, sir.

Pull Suarez into double team,
we need to hit her hard,

get something out
of her we can use.

I want to finish
questioning her, Keith.

Right now I need
something else from you.

I'm briefing the DNI

in about five minutes.

You're the expert
on Bin-Khalid

and what
he was planning.

I want you there with me.

Of course. Let me
talk to Andy for a sec.

Okay, I'll be in
the conference room,
setting up.

Andy, can you pull
all the files on
the Alexandria attacks?

Yeah, no problem.
It'll just take
a few minutes.

Port them over to
the main conference room.


Isaac, it's Eric.

I guess since
I'm hearing your voice

you gave up on
the police station idea.

Yeah, that's a long story
I'll tell you some other time.

Look, Nicole isn't
answering her phone, man.

Oh, yeah?

Listen she probably
wouldn't want me to

tell you this,
but she called.

Guess she was worried
about some girlfriend
of yours, man.

She was afraid you were
in some kind of
trouble or something.

Nah. Nah,
you know Nicole, man.

She could always
smell trouble
from a mile away.

She just saved me
from a little
female drama is all.

It's all good.

All right, where is she?

She's back at my place
safe and sound.

I just finished up
with some business,
I'm heading back now.

Isaac, you sure she's okay?

She's good, bro.

All right, you asked me
to watch her,

that's what I'm doing.

I'll get her to call you.

Yeah, you do that.


Good to see you, Eric.

Got to say this is

a little different
from that bunker in Yemen.

This is national
CTU headquarters,

the nerve center.

I remember you from Taiz.

Food poisoning,

I'm never gonna
live that down, am I?

Andy, you saved
my life today.

A couple of times.

Well, probably
more like three,

but who's counting,

Excuse me.

I never had the chance
to say how sorry I am
about the men.

I know they were
like brothers to you.

I wish I could tell myself
they didn't die in vain.

I really wanted
to get the guys

behind this, Rebecca.

It's not over yet.

But things are gonna
get crazy around here.

I have to head
into a meeting.

I'm guessing Keith
wants you to debrief.

Yeah, but first,
where's the infirmary?

Are you all right?

No. Yeah, I just...

I just want to see Ben.

Agent Conner, can you
take Eric to the infirmary?

Thank you.

Hey, I sent over
those filters
for you to look at.

Check your inbox.

What, you already
went through them?

Yeah, I tweaked
some parameters
so you're good to go.

You can thank me later.

I know you think Mullins
is looking to get rid of you.

How do you know
what I think?

Because whatever
is on your mind
hangs on you like a sign.


You're right.

I am?

In fact,
when I first got here,

Mullins asked me document
every time you screwed up

so that he could have
a reason to let you go.

You're spying on me?

No, if I was,
I wouldn't have told you.

But you might not
want to screw up.

Director, the initial raid
against Bin-Khalid

was prompted by reports

that he was planning
multiple attacks

against the United States.

We thought we'd taken him out

before he was able to
put that network in place.

Now that his son
has acquired this list
of sleeper cells,

how long
before they strike?

We have to assume
the cells are ready to go.

Attacks may
already be underway.

I'm speaking
with the President
in ten minutes.

He's gonna want
the worst case scenario,
so let's have it.

I'll let Rebecca respond.

Bin-Khalid's goal was
to implant a network
of sleeper cells

consisting of
home-grown sympathizers
and foreign operatives

entering the country
under false identities.

Fifteen to 20 cells,

each with a specific target.

And likely coordinated
to take place simultaneously.

If a series of attacks
like these were launched,

the effect could
be devastating.

The kind of apocalypse
Bin-Khalid promised.

Can we have a minute?

He's not going anywhere.

All right.

What did you mean
you can fix this?

Did you see the guns?

Bin-Khalid's people
were using the semis.

Yeah, A-120s.

They were modified A-120s.
The custom slide.

As far as I know,
there's only one man
who sells those.

You ever heard of
an arms smuggler,

goes by the name Gabriel?

He's ex-military.

He went into business
for himself when
Stockwood went under.

He's a ghost.

Gabriel smuggles
arms and people.

I think that
if Bin-Khalid's men got
those guns from Gabriel,

there's a good chance,

There's a good chance
that he got them
in the country.

But, Eric, if Gabriel's
still based out
of the same place,

I can get us to him,

see if he knows where
Bin-Khalid's people are,

what identities
they're using.

What do you think?

I'm asking myself
if any of this is real.

I'm trying to help.
When all you've done

since we hooked back up
is the opposite.

I never wanted
the terrorist
to get the list.

There was an easy way
to do that, Ben.

Not steal it from me

in the first place.

Look, I know...

I know I'm done, Eric.

It's over for me

and I'll be
lucky to escape
the death penalty.

It's my last chance, man,

to do something
right for once.

We can get to Jadalla

before he triggers
those attacks.

The NAND flash memory
is damaged.

The data is corrupted,
it's unreadable.

So you can't
reconstruct the list
of sleepers?

Is that what
you're saying?

That all of this
was for nothing?

I'll do everything I can.

I laid eyes today
on the man
who killed my father.

It's a sign we're on
a righteous path.

You'll fix that drive.

It's me.

There's a problem
with Drew.

He wasn't dead, Khasan.

He got away from us.

They brought him
to the hospital.

I'm there now.
Has he told anyone
what he knows?

No, he's unconscious.

I know I have to
kill him, Khasan.

I just need you to
tell me how to do it.

Can you get to him?
Is he alone?

They put him in the room,
but there's a doctor
examining him.

Was he on an IV?


You need to get your
hands on a syringe.

As large as possible.

Then when the doctor leaves...


I'll call you back.

All they told me
on the phone is
he had a head injury.

Is he okay,
what happened?

No one knows.

They found him lying
by the soccer field.

I'm so glad you're here.

I'm sorry.

He really cares
about you.

You being here,
it means so much.

Miss Phelps,
I'm Dr. Edwards.

Your son's stable.
He's had a pretty
bad head injury.

Neurology is
looking at him now.

But signs
are positive.


Yeah, Ryan?
You asked me to
run background?

On the ad that was
gonna air about Nilaa,
that radical Mosque?

What'd you find?

A local news story
from five years ago

about a speech the Imam
gave at that Mosque.

He's saying some
pretty outrageous things.

Which is hardly news.

Senator, Nilaa was there,

protesting the speech,
just like she claimed.

You are certain about this?

There's footage of her.
She's trying to
shout the Imam down

saying that
he's perverting
her religion,

that Islam teaches peace.

Show me what you got.

It has descended
upon us word for word

from Allah...
We don't live

in the 7th century.

Islam is not about hate,
it's about peace.

Fight the unbelievers.

Fight them! Do not
accept them

as your friends
and your allies.

But the
Prophet Muhammad had
Christians and Jews

as his allies.

Ben and I will
go in together.

If we make contact
with Gabriel

we'll see if he knows how
to find Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

Why limit
the operation to you
and Grimes?

If he really knows
Gabriel's location

why not go in hard,
send an attack team.

Because if Gabriel
is not on site then
we've shown our hand.

We'll never find him.

On what pretext
would you and Grimes
make this approach?

According to Ben,

Gabriel won't show himself

unless we have
something that he wants.


Ben said
the schematics for many
of the current anti-missile

defense systems
would do it.

The ONIX or the T7.

That Grimes would
offer to sell to Gabriel.

Well, suddenly
this all makes sense.

What's your point, Mullins?

Eric, your friend is asking
for highly classified
weapons schematics

that he can sell for
millions of dollars.
With all due respect,

doesn't this sound familiar?


I looked Ben in the eye

and I honestly believe
that he is trying
to redeem himself,

that he is
telling me the truth.

How sure of that
can you be?

I can't. Okay,
not completely,

but right now
this is the only play
that we have

unless someone else
can tell me that you
have any other leads.

Well, we just got
the all agency report.

No one has anything
actionable across the board.

So, maybe this
is worth trying.

it's not your call, Andy.

We'll double check
the intel on Gabriel,

analyze digital forensics
on arms transactions...

No, all of your technology
didn't save my Ranger squad.

We have a location on
Gabriel and a way in.

We don't need

another one of your
analysis, Mullins.

We need boots
on the ground.

Carter, you're an Army Ranger,
you're not a CTU agent

and you're not in
the middle of the desert
operating on your own.

We don't just go
on our gut here,

we make decisions
based on intel

and I cannot
authorize this mission.

There are too many variables.

I appreciate
all you've done
for us today,

but this my call.
Agent Wilkes will
take you to debrief.



Are you hearing
what you want
to hear from Grimes?

Convincing yourself
you can trust him?

Why would I do that?

Because you blame yourself
for what happened today.

Look, Rebecca...

I told you and Mullins
what I think.

And right now, I don't
see any other option.

Do you?

I can't get you
the ONIX schematics.


But I know someone who can.

You'd have to
handle the rest yourself.

Yeah, just send the
schematics to my phone

and I'll move as
soon as I have them.

Thank you.

Grimes is my
responsibility too.

The ONIX schematics,
can you get them?

You mean steal them?

Yeah, can you do it?

I'm already looking into it.

I had a feeling
this would end up in my lap.

You surprise me, Andy.

Mullins is looking for
any excuse to fire me.

I might as well
give him a good one.

How long do you need?

It should take me ten minutes
to retrieve the schematics.

Send them
to Carter's phone
when you have them.

You know,
you're the only person
I would do this for.

Remember that when
I'm looking for a job
or facing jail time.

Thanks, Andy.

What's this all about?

I'll handle it.

What you doing with her?

We got reports
of shots fired.
She was carrying.

Right. You need
to let her go.


I'll make it
worth your while.

I already put her
in the system.

Really worth your while.
All right?

She's important to me.

You have to take care
of my partner too.

All right, done.
Take her out.

Hey, you okay?


What happened to
Aisha and Jerome?

They got away.

You said you had
a gun on them.

I did, but what
was I supposed to do?
Shoot them in the back?

No. No.

Look, I'm just...

I'm supposed to
be protecting you.

You saved my life.


I'm just glad you're safe.

Let's get you back,
all right?

I want to know
everything that happened.


I'm in his room.
What do I do?

You got the syringe?

Yes, 35 milliliters.
Is that enough?

Yes, yes.

You see where
the IV goes into him.

Probably midway up his arm.


There should be
an extra port
for injections.

There is.

All right, listen,

you need
to pull the syringe
all the way back

so the thing's
full of air

and then inject it
into the port.

Did you get it?


What, did you get it?

I said yes.

Okay, I'm on my way.

Text me when you're done
and I'll pick you up outside.

Stop, stop.

Drew, stop!

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

Still working
on that list.

Good names on it.

We can talk through it
whenever you are ready.

I'm not replacing Nilaa.

What are you
talking about?
Of course you are.

John, you're gonna
have to let this go.

Nilaa's innocent.

I had a friend over at NSA

take a look at
that ATM footage.

And it was altered.

Really good job too,
but, yeah, counterfeit.

But the fact remains
that those Rangers' names

were stolen from
our campaign headquarters.

That much is still true.

As is the fact that
there were only three people

that had access to
that particular account.

Me, Rebecca and you.

Son, I hope to God
you're not saying
what I think you're saying.

You know, it struck me how

easily you were able
to just turn against Nilaa.

Without blinking.

But it never occurred to me

how you could do something
that would be so horrible.

I think at the very least
you need to tell me why.

It wasn't me.

It wasn't you.
Wasn't me.

Who was it then?

Tell me!


I guess I'll just
show Rebecca...

John, stop it.

from my friend, NSA...
You don't know
what you're doing.

Don't you realize you...
...to see if CTU...

I did it for you.

For me.
You did it for me?

It was the only way
I could save your campaign.

Six weeks ago,
I was contacted
by someone

claiming to be
Jadalla Bin-Khalid.

He said he had evidence
that my company had bought

off-market oil from ISIL.

Threatened to go public
with it.

Is it true?


One of our major pipelines
had been blown up

a year before.

We were facing a catastrophic
production shortfall

and my regional director
cut a deal.

So, you bought oil
from terrorists then?

No, I didn't,

my director did,
without telling me.

But that wouldn't have
mattered to the public

because it was
still my responsibility.

It was still my mistake

and I could not
let you pay for it.

So you sacrificed
those Rangers' names.

To save your campaign.

Son, I made a choice.
I made a terrible,

terrible choice.

I betrayed
American soldiers.

I weighed all the good
that your Presidency could do

against those six lives...
No, no, no.

It's not just six lives.

God knows how many people
could be lost

if Jadalla Bin-Khalid
launches those attacks.

Do you understand that?

You need to tell Rebecca
everything you know.

I don't know anything
that could help find those...

You were able
to contact them.

Through an intermediary
on an encrypted phone. I...

What about Uncle Luis?

He doesn't know
anything about this.

Listen, son,
I don't expect you to
forgive what I've done.

But you have to understand
the consequences here.

If you go to Rebecca
you will be ruining yourself

and I beg you please.

Don't throw away

that we have worked for
your whole life.

I was just coming
to talk to you

and your father
about campaign managers.

You know anything, Tio?

Anything about what?

Because if you do,
you need to tell me
right now.

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

I'll let my father
tell you then.

What the hell
did you do?

He already knew.

I tried to talk him
through it,

I tried to reason
with him but...

He's going to CTU.

That's okay.

We can still save this.

I've told him

You'll deny it.

Unless he was
wearing a wire,

there is
no hard evidence

linking you or me
to anything.

And whatever
they do at CTU
you hold your mud.

And we'll
get through this.

And so will John.

I didn't do anything.

If that were
true, you wouldn't be here
with me.

So stop wasting time
and tell me

what you know about
Jadalla Bin-Khalid.


It wasn't Nilaa.

She's innocent.

And I can prove it.

Then who
leaked those names?

So you first noticed
Mr. Grimes becoming unstable

one year before the mission
to eliminate Bin-Khalid?

That's right.

The war really
changed him, I just...

Never realized how much.

Did you report
your observations

to your superiors
at the time?

No. I didn't.


Mr. Carter,
everything okay?

Yeah, sorry.

Yeah, everything is good.

Don't make a sound.

Turn over.

Show me
your hands, now.

I'm not gonna hurt you, okay.
I'm just gonna lock you down.

Need to talk
to him again.

Sir, I need
to get authorization.
Already have it.

We're crossing T's
and dotting I's on this,
I'll have to call it in.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing?

Exactly what we
talked about. Let's go.


Security is reporting
a situation
in the infirmary.

Andy, pull it up.

All right. There you go.

Carter. Lock
everything down, now.

What happened?

Smoke alarm in the
server rooms went off.

It triggers
an automatic
system shutdown

to protect the servers.

Get these
cameras back up.

It will take
five minutes to reboot.

Until then we're blind.

Son of a bitch.


You better be telling me
the truth about Gabriel.

I am.

Eric, I swear.

Good, 'cause if you're not
I'm gonna kill you myself.