24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 3 - 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. - full transcript

After Carter escapes from the police precinct, he must put his trust in the CTU as he plans a meet up with Grimes to do the exchange. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Donovan try to isolate the leak and Amira and Harris deal with a slight hiccup in their plan.

It's a new day, a new hero
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There may be an attack.
I have to try and stop 'em.

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I think Amira's
gonna do something.

He thinks you're planning
an attack at the school

with someone.
He doesn't know it's with me.

Amira: I told him I've explained
everything to you

and you believed it.

Did drew believe it?

I knew you were lying to me.

He was the one
you were texting?!


I was beginning to think this
was gonna happen without you.

Rebecca: The party asked John
to run four years ago.

He knew
I couldn't track bin-Khalid

and work on his campaign
at the same time.

Standing up for the truth
the way you did--

it's what I've been telling
the American people I'm gonna

do for them.

You'll still take a hit.

Well, the hit I can take.

It's the not swinging back--
that's what bothers me.

There's a hit
on whoever accessed

the army rangers'

The computer that belongs to

nilaa mizrani.

My husband's campaign manager.

Isaac, we can't
let him do this.

I want to talk to him.

To try to change his mind? Nah.

He gonna do what he gonna do.
You know the man you married.

You are unbelievable.
She's my brother's wife.

Like that would stop you
starting up with her again.

Don't get crazy.

Money ain't coming in
like it was.

That's why I reached out to you

in the first place,
put this deal together.

If Isaac doesn't make it back
from this meeting,

wouldn't be a lot of tears.

Bin-Khalid's people--
they found us.

They killed
the rest of the squad.

There was a flash drive

containing a list
of sleeper cells,

along with all the codes
to trigger their attacks.

Are you saying grimes still has it?
He said he'll sell it

to the terrorists if we don't
give him want he wants.

Two million dollars.

Show up at the 7th street
Metro station in one hour.

You got to give me more time!

You get me the money,
or I call bin-Khalid's men.

I took one of their phones.

Just tell me if the money's at
the police station, Rebecca.

Your source is right.

Metro pd made a drug bust
in southeast D.C.

Recovered a little over
$4.6 million in cash.

Carter: Just need to know
where the evidence lockers are.

Rebecca: This is crazy. You'll
never get out of there alive.

Okay, feeding in the loops.


Andy: We were pulled off-line.
They know.

Keith, we're running an
operation. If you shut us...

You're not running anything!
Lock them in interrogation now.

Rebecca, can you hear me?!

(No audio)

Can anyone hear me?!

Rebecca respects you.

It's not about
not trusting you.

She had no choice.

Once she confirmed you weren't
the breach, she was relieved.

Can I get some water?

It-it is so hot in here.
Are you not hot?

Oh, god.

His story syncs up
with Rebecca's.

They could be
covering for each other.

According to
his autonomic indicators,

he's telling the truth.

Perp managed to get
his hands on a gun.

He took Vernon and bates hostage
before they could process him.

Who is he?

Name's Eric Carter.

Mr. Carter!

This is commander George Marx.
Tell me if you can hear me.

I hear you fine.

But if you want your
men alive, you stay out!

Nobody's doing anything.

Let's just keep talking, okay?

Tell me what you want.
I'll see what I can do.

Mr. Carter?

What's on the other side
of this wall?

It's only a matter of time
before they come busting

through that door.

Shut up.

Listen, whatever you think
you know about me, you don't.

My name is Eric Carter.
I'm a former army ranger,

working with the national
counter-terrorism unit.

The guy that was
on that phone--

he has a list of sleeper cells

that are waiting
to be activated.

If I don't get
this money to him,

he's gonna sell that list
to the terrorists,

and there will be attacks
all over this country.

Do you understand me?!

Yeah, right.



I need your help.

Why don't you open that door,
explain it to the captain?

I swear to you,
there is no time for that.

Behind that wall...

Damn it, bates!

...there's a stairwell. It
leads to a maintenance room

and a door to the
back of the building.

Yeah. Send it to hrt.

They're on their way
over here now.

I went deeper
into Carter's file.

Guy enlisted in the army.

Did tours in Afghanistan
and Yemen,

worked his way up
to special forces.

Special forces?




Get me out of here.


Bates! He's getting away!

Get through that door now!

He's getting away!

Come on, this way.

Bates! Hurry!

Go, go, go!

Carter's gone. He's got a gun.
Cut him loose!

Officer: Room clear!
Go, go, go!

This way.
Follow me. On me.

this is lieutenant Daniels.

I'm ordering
an emergency lockdown.

An armed suspect, six-two,

has escaped custody.

He is ex-military, and he is
holding an officer hostage.

Out this way!

Is there another way out?

That terrorist thing--
it's for real, right?

Yes. It's real.

(Panting) Listen, if i
don't get out of here,

a lot of people
are gonna die.

There's another exit
on the roof.


Move, move, move.

It's down this way. Oh!

Visual of suspect!


Come here!

Lower your weapons!

Lower your weapons!

Lower your weapons!

Lower your weapon!
You lower your weapons!

Let the man go!

I will kill him!

Marx: Carter!
Carter: Drop your guns!

This ends now!
I need to get out of here!

I have a shot.

I have to get out of here!
Stand down.

Stand down.

Stand down.

Lower your weapons.

I have Rebecca ingram

from CTU.

She's explained everything.

She's on the line for you.

Carter: Rebecca?

Thank god. Are you okay?

You tell me.

I'm here with director
mullins at CTU.

We cleared him.
He's not the leak.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am.

Now, he's up to
speed on everything.

He knows you need to
get grimes the money

as soon as possible,
so I'm gonna put him on.

Carter, the police
are giving you

a vehicle and a comm package.

A CTU tac team will follow you
to your rendezvous with grimes.

But they won't make any moves

until they confirm
grimes has the list of sleepers.

No. Ben told me to come alone.

He spots anyone he even thinks

might be with the government,
he will bolt.

I'll make sure
the tac team stays hidden.

You're not hearing me.

Ben is counter-surveillance
trained, okay?

He's also very paranoid.

Carter, grimes has already
gotten away from you once.

We can't let that happen again.

Eric, you and I were
operating alone because

we didn't know
who we could trust.

Now we do. We have
a better chance

of recovering the list
with CTU's help.

All right, Carter,
are we clear?

Yeah. I heard you.

Let's get you down to motor pool.

Come on, let's go.

Mullins is
about to brief everyone,

and last I looked,
you're still on shift.


I need to apologize

for everything that happened.

We'll adjudicate
this another time.


Look, I have to ask.

Nilaa mizrani--

we know she's a leak.

I want to be the one
to bring her in.

I keep having to remind you,
you don't work here anymore.

She's my husband's
campaign manager.

Keith, it would be easier
for John if I do this.

Take agent fox with you.

Thank you.

According to Carter,
the list of sleepers

is on a USB flash drive.

We can't move in
until we confirm grimes has it.

Give me a second.


I'm sorry I've been
shutting you out.

Look, I'm not happy about
the way things ended.

Things didn't just end.

You ended them.

Mullins: I need everyone
to close the projects

you're working on and listen up.

We've just received
reliable intel

that sleeper cells
are preparing to launch

multiple terror attacks.

We don't know where or when.

Casualties could be
extremely high.

This is a high-value
threat assessment.

We don't have a lot of time.

Stay focused.

This operation just became

priority number one.

(Siren wailing in distance)

(Indistinct chatter)

So, Jerome's staying here

to look after Nicole,
all right?

Since when you need
my permission?

Aisha, look,

this business ain't never
been easy, all right?

But it's never been
this hard, neither.

If I've been taking it
out on you, I'm sorry.


Come on.

Don't be like that,


Take us a half hour, at least,
to get cross town to royo, bro.




It's nothing. We good.


What you looking at?

? ?

(indistinct chatter)

So, she wasn't there to pray.

She-she went there
to talk down some

crackpot imam, call him out.

Well, even if that's true,

do you trust the voters
to make that distinction?

I do.

Well, John, you're an optimist,

and that's your great gift,
but I'm telling you

that a lot of these folks--
your major donors--

one out of five of them's
gonna jump ship

if you defend her on this.

I don't think so, dad. I think
they'd appreciate my loyalty.


(Phone ringing)

Oh, let me take this;
It's Rebecca.

Ask her what she thinks.

I will.

Everyone's been
asking after you, darling.

I'm actually heading
over there now.

Well, good.

John, you need to know--
something's happened.

It's serious.

What's going on?

Secret service is
sequestering nilaa.

They'll be discreet, but i
wanted to give you the heads-up.

Wait, wait, wh-what do you mean,
sequestering her?

I'll explain when I see you.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.

Rebecca... I promise
I'll tell you everything,

but you need to stay away
from her until I get there.


(Talking quietly)


(Phone vibrating)



Oh, my god.

Thank god you're all right.

I'm sorry I haven't
called you before now.

It's okay,
as long as you're safe.

How are you?

I'm fine. I'm fine, baby.

Listen, this whole thing
with Ben is winding down,

and we cleared the guy
running CTU.

Does that mean we can go home?

Soon. (Sniffles)

I'm-a come get you, and...

We can start to put this
whole thing behind us. Okay?

Listen, Nicole...

...i know I haven't been
hearing you.

And I know I got a lot of
things that I need to work on.

But I promise you,

I promise you things
are gonna be different. Okay?

I love you.

I love you, too.

I'll call you later.

Wait, Eric.


Isaac's girlfriend,
or whatever she is,

she's up to something.

Like what?

I don't know. I don't know.

It's just a feeling I have

from how she's been acting.

And from a phone call she made
she didn't want me to hear.

I don't know,
maybe it's nothing, but, um,

you know,
I'm worried about Isaac.

No, Isaac can take care

of hisself.

He is looking out for me.

Okay, listen, if...
If you can get her number

and tell me
when she made that call,

CTU might be able to
pull up a transcript

or some kind of recording, okay?

They can do that?

They can do a lot of stuff
i didn't know they could.

Just make sure
you tap into

all those surveillance
cameras, okay?

(Car approaching)

Torrent downloaded by rarbg

it's good to
see you again, Carter.

I need a favor.

Phone call I need pulled
for my wife.

Those are the details.
I'll get someone on it for you.

This is agent Locke.

He's the best
tactical specialist in CTU.

He'll be leading the field team.

Now, we have no way
of knowing how

grimes will approach you
at the station.

We'll keep the bulk
of the tac team

out of your line of sight.

Agent Locke will shadow you.

As long as he stays invisible.

Grimes won't see me.

We've just hot mic'd
your phone.

We'll be able to hear
everything that's going on,

and we will not
make any moves

till we confirm that grimes
has the list with him.

Yeah, I'm due at the station.

Good luck.


Look, I don't know what
your orders are, but, um,

I don't want Ben coming
out of this in a body bag.

That's up to him.

I'm just after the list.

Well, so am I.

But Ben and I served together.
That makes us brothers.

No matter what he's done.

(Engine starts)

You asked me to remotely
erase the memory.

I ran a locate on Malik
and rashid's phones.

Also their guys, huh?

Five of the phones
are here, stationary,

in police custody.

We lost six men, not five.

The sixth one is in motion.

Someone else has it.

It's either grimes or Carter.

Whoever has that phone,
I'll get him myself,

so there will be
no more mistakes.

(Steady beeping)

(School bell ringing)

We wait until it's dark
before we move him.

This is bad.

We've stayed hidden
for two years, Amira.

And we stay that way as long
as we have to, I promise.

How's the teacher
holding up?

He's fine.

'Cause killing someone
for the first time, it...

It's no small thing.

And we can't do this
without him.

You understand, Amira?

You don't sound
so sure.

Your brother was asking
about me, wasn't he?


And what did you say?

I told him you're with us.

So don't make me a liar.

No, I absolutely agree
with that, but...

(Door opens) Why don't you
grab a bite to eat first.

I'll catch up
with you outside.

Hmm? Thank you so
much, both of you.

Okay, so tell me, what
the hell is going on?

John... this is the last thing
i want to be telling you.

The last thing you need to hear.

Someone used my proprietary code
to get into the CTU system.

They accessed the file
identifying the rangers

who took out bin-Khalid.

And now most of them are dead.

We ran a trace.

The file was accessed
from nilaa's computer.

I don't--

why would she do that?

I'm not sure yet.

But the upshot is she may be
facilitating a terrorist attack

on domestic soil.


Gage's campaign
came up with some evidence

linking nilaa
to a radical mosque.

I confronted
her about it,

and she... she said
she was there to protest,

and i-i believed her.

I understand.
You wanted to believe her.

She volunteered
for my first Senate Race.

You know, she went from

working the phone banks
to running my campaign.

I'm sorry, John.

Agent fox:
Excuse me, ma'am.

We're ready.

She's in here.

I had them set up
video and audio

before they
sequestered her.

Your guests are
expecting you outside.

You should
get back to them.

No. I-i need
to see this.



(Clears throat)

Do you know why i
asked to talk to you?

I'm waiting for you to tell me.

Take a seat.

I'd rather stand.

Over the last few hours,

terrorists killed four of the
rangers who took out bin-Khalid.

This is a copy
of my server log.

The highlighted

contains the wit-sec
information on those rangers.

It was accessed
25 days ago

at 6:05 A.M.
from your I.P. Address.

Nilaa, we've
known each other

a long time.

I don't want this to be you,
so help me understand.

Who are you working with?

First Gage tries linking me
to some radical mosque,

and now you're calling me
a terrorist?

Well, it wasn't me.

You need to do better than that.

I wasn't at campaign
headquarters then.

I take a run every morning
at 6:00, right after I pray.

I never miss either
one when I'm in D.C.

Show me your route.

We'll see if we can confirm it.

(Knocking on door)

Mr. Harris?

You said I could come by
to go over my test.

She'll go away.

Not if she heard
the faucet.

Mr. Harris?


Hold on, I'm-I'm coming.


Hey, grace, uh, sorry,
i-i completely spaced.

I'm working with another,
uh, student right now.

So maybe we can
do this tomorrow.

Are you all right,
Mr. Harris?

Your hand.

Oh, I'm not, um--

i-i dropped a beaker.

I-i must've cut myself

cleaning it up.

It's nothing.

So, I'll see you tomorrow.

(Lock clicks)

She could tell
that I was lying to her.

I don't think so. We have
to get him out of here.

No, we need to wait
until it's dark.

(Coughing, panting)


He... hel...


Quick, before
someone sees him.

My god.

What happened?

We don't know.

We just saw him lying here.

Help! Somebody help!

(Students murmuring)

Coach: Something's
going on over here.

Coach: Get on the phone,
call 911.

(Crowd cheering, clamoring)

Donovan: ...Until my dad
sits me down after the game,

and-and he says, uh, "son,

"stopping at third base
is no better than striking out.

"If you want to
make a difference,

you got to
bring it home."

(Crowd cheering)

With your support in
November, we'll be...

Keep checking traffic cams,

surveillance from
local businesses,

anything that could prove
nilaa was out running

when she said she was.



So, you just slip in after
the party's already started,

and then disappear

behind closed doors
without so much as a "hello"?


I'm sorry.
Now, don't be sorry.

Just tell me
what the hell's going on.

There was a situation at CTU.

And this, um, situation,

did it have something to do
with my son's campaign manager?

Henry, you know
i can't talk about this.

I just found out
she's under lockdown.

Do you honestly think
i don't know

what's going on in my own house?

Now, Rebecca,

whatever is going on,
if it affects John's campaign,

you need to bring me
up to speed.

(Applause outside)

(Phones ringing,
agents chattering)

Carter's two minutes out.
I've got eyes on sight.


Mullins asked me to pull up
a cell phone conversation

for Eric Carter's wife.

But I can't find it.

That's because NSA
hasn't captured it yet

from the phone company servers.

But, look, if we go into
the system directly

and I.D. The cell tower
that handled the call...


So, um, what's going on
with you and Locke?


He broke it off.

Thought if it got out,
it'd screw up his career.

Geez, what year
is he living in?

But, you know,
behind closed doors,

when promotions are
being handed out,

it-it matters.

That's what tom
thinks, anyway.

There it is.

You can send it as soon
as it decompresses.


(Phone buzzes)

Be right back.

Aisha (Recorded):
Royo, it's me, Aisha.

What's up?

I don't like the way
she been looking at me.

Maybe she knows something.

You want me to do her right now?


Not until royo calls and we know
Isaac's taken care of.

Aisha: I know you ain't down
with the split,

never have been;
Maybe I can do better.

Royo: You? Aisha: That's
why I reached out to you

in the first place,
put this deal together.

If Isaac doesn't make it back
from this meeting,

wouldn't be a lot of tears.

Something wrong?

No. I just, um, I had to
make a phone call.

To who?

You're supposed
to be laying low.

Why don't you give me that.


You serious?

Something wrong?


Carter's entering
the station now.

(Man speaking indistinctly
over P.A.)

(Line ringing)


Ben, I'm here.

Where are you?

Platform number two.

Stay on the line.

We have facial rec
looking for grimes

on traffic
and security cams.

So far no match.

Excuse me.
Excuse me.


What now, man?

Get on the train.

(Electronic bell chimes)

(Train doors close)

Go, go. Go, go!

(Tires screeching)

All right, man,
listen, I'm here.

I'm on the train.
Where are you, Ben?

Where are you?

Right here.

But you're staying
right there.

Ben, I got your money.

Just give me the list
and we're done.

I've got eyes on grimes.

Any sign of the list?
Not yet.

Ben, we had a deal.


the list.

I'm taking you to it.

Right now, you stay
right where you are.

? ?

All right, let's go.

They said he's stable.

Okay, that's it. We got
to get out of here. What?

The second he wakes up, he'll
tell them about us, everything.

And what do you think
my brother would say about that?

W-we don't have a choice.

Yes, we do.

I go to the hospital, and
i can try to finish this.

Go back and finish the compound.
My brother's waiting.

Excuse me, excuse me.
I'm his girlfriend.

I'd like to travel with
him to the hospital.

Climb in.

(Ambulance engine starts)

(Doors close)

(Siren wailing)

There were no cameras
along your route.

No way to confirm you were out
running when you said you were.

But I was.

I had the CTU search
for any cameras

near the campaign

There's a bank in the building.

The atm camera picked
up a reflection

from the lobby window.

You said you were out
running that morning.

But here you are,
entering the office

moments before your
computer was used to access

the rangers'
new identities.

You lied, nilaa.


No, that's not me.
You need to come clean.

Tell me who you're working with,
and I will do my best

to take the death
penalty off the table,

because that is what the
a.G. Will be asking for.

I'm telling the truth!
I didn't do it!

That's not me!

That's not me.

(Indistinct chatter)

Very nice. Smile.

(Phone beeps)

Donovan: I so
appreciate you coming.

Thank you. No problem.
God bless.

Here we go.
(Camera clicks)

Talk to me.

My guy was able to hack
the atm camera,

change the time stamp.

Rebecca's already
pulled the footage,

and she has a record that nilaa
was at campaign headquarters

when her file was breached.

And there are no other cameras?

There's no way that CTU
can confirm nilaa's story?

I went over the route
myself, twice.

CTU won't be able to trace
the leak back to you.

That's what you said
the first time.

Henry, you asked me
to handle your mess.

I'm handling it.


Giving up those soldiers
was bad enough.

Now nilaa.

It's our only play.

Unless you're ready
to burn down John's campaign

and everything that you spent
your life trying to build.

(Quietly): Target's
moving towards Carter.

Copy that.

You wearing a wire?

I'm not wired, man.

He's not with me.

I came alone, man.

Just like you asked me to.


(Bag zips)

I didn't want it
to go like this,

but I didn't have a choice.

You did have a choice.

You could've turned the list in
with me and walked away.

No, no.

That's what this is all about.

It's about trying to get away
from them, for good.

What do you think
i got the money for?


...i got a plan.

Listen, a guy...
A guy that I know went here.

They got these lakes
made by glaciers.

They're deep and ice-cold.

It's like a shock
to your system.

Did you ever swim
in glacier water?



I always thought I could settle
down in a place like this.

(Sniffles) Looks like
a nice place, Ben.

Then you should come.
You should come.

You should bring Nicole.
You two could get a fresh start.

There are no fresh starts, man.

You still got to
deal with yourself.

No matter where you go.

I didn't mean
to drag you into this.

But I just, I knew
i couldn't do it on my own.

"Never shall I fail
my comrades."

You remember those words?

Mullins: Get ready. They're
approaching the next station.

We're almost there.

This might be it.

Copy that.

(Indistinct chatter)

(Electronic bell chimes)

Automated voice (Over P.A.):
Step back.

Doors closing.

Step back.

Doors closing.

Locke: They're heading
to the mezzanine.

Copy that.

Linking you into the station's
camera network.

Uploading station
schematics now.

Turn in, right here, right here.

(Tires screeching)

No good cover on the mezzanine.

We need to deploy
outside the station.

Entry points here and here.

(Man speaking indistinctly
over P.A.)

All right, give me the money.

Where's the list?

You heard me, Eric.

No angle here.
Is he retrieving the list?

That's my bet.

Will confirm as soon as
I have eyes on.

I have four potential hostiles.

I need to warn Carter.


Let's go, boys. Go!

He's got a gun!

Locke: Carter!
(Woman screams, gunfire)

You lied to me!

(Men shouting)

(Men shouting)

Check on them, make sure
they're okay. Her, too.

You okay?
I'm fine.

Down the stairs.



I'm fine. They got the list.

Carter, where are you?

The hostiles have the list.
I'm headed into the tunnel.

Carter, we didn't catch that.
Say again.

They just entered
the exit stairwell.

Confirm you're getting this!

(Train horn blows)

(Train horn blows)

? ?

(sirens wailing in distance)

(Car horn honking)

(People murmuring)

Get out of the street!

(Horns honking,
tires screeching)

(People shouting)

(Car horn honking)

(Phone ringing)

Talk to me.

The terrorists, they...
They got away with the list.

(Sirens wailing)

(Tires screech)

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the clock is reset
on 24: Legacy.

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-Man: I'm an engineer.

I am a billionaire.

I will upgrade the police to the
best technology money can buy.

Long story short,
we're gonna change the world.

I have a proposal.

Give me the 13th district.

Technology doesn't solve cases.

-Cops do.
-You haven't met my technology.


What the hell was that?


This is the good part.