24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 12 - 11:00 p.m.-12:00 p.m. - full transcript

Carter and Donovan's deal to save Rebecca doesn't go as planned. CTU must rely on Carter to go out into the field and facilitate an important exchange.

She does not get
to die quietly, Naseri.
We do what we've planned.

Recite her crimes.
Then execute her
while the world watches.

You should've
stopped her!

I thought this
was a good plan.

You thought
it was a good plan

to help her turn herself
over to these monsters?

She was gonna get them
to release you

and then draw Naseri out
so that I could take him down.

My wife is gonna
die a terrible death
and everyone's gonna see it.

What is it?

I have an operation
that may be compromised.

It needs to be cleaned up.


I want it done fast.

Cavalry's not coming.

You have information
that could potentially
save Rebecca's life,

and you're holding on to it
so you could cover your ass?

He kidnapped Naseri's
10-year-old daughter.

If we can get the girl
from the safe house,

prove to Naseri
that his daughter's
still alive,

I might be able
to negotiate.

Ara, my name is Eric.

I'm here to help you.

I see them.
It's a clean-up crew.

These are Simms' people,
and they're here to kill us.

Tell your people
to stand down.

Take out your phone
and call them right now.

That's not gonna happen.
Unlock the phone, Don.

Hey! Inside the house!

We only want the girl.

Just send her out,
and then we're done.

It's okay. I'm not gonna
let anything happen to you.

We're taking him down.

You come in, you die!

Come on.


I need you to stay in here

while I take care
of something, okay?

These people.

I'm going to do
everything I can to
protect you, I promise.

But I need you to go in here
and don't make a sound,

not until I come and get you.

And then what?
Where will I go?


With my father?

Yes. Okay.

Don't make a sound,
all right?

Stay down. Be quiet.

Tony, I'm moving in.

Pull on this and
keep pressure on it.

Andy, are you going to be
able to unlock Simms' phone?

I've got three algorithms
that are running
password combinations.

It's almost there.

What's happening
with Carter?

I'm trying not
to focus on that.

Put pressure on it.

I can't believe you hit me.

Donald, I'm asking you again,
call off your people.

I can't do that.

If they get to
Naseri's daughter,

Rebecca will die,
do you understand that?

I wish I could
help you, John.

It's over!

You can't keep
this secret anymore.
Why would you kill this girl?

Because without the girl,
all you have is some
files on my server.

And they're just scenarios.

Bad ideas that
never played out.

Without the girl,
this never happened.

Get ready.


Hold it!

Where is the girl?

I'm going to find the girl
with or without you.

Look, we had a little bit
of a setback,

but don't worry,
we're going to
recover the package.


Who is this?

I've got Simms
on lockdown, Tony.

This is John Donovan.

And that package that
you're talking about

might be the only
way to save Rebecca.

I'm listening.

That girl is
Naseri's daughter.

We've sent Eric Carter
there to protect her.

Naseri thinks she
is dead, which means

if he finds out
that she's alive,

there might be a chance
that he would trade her
for Rebecca.

But that won't happen, Tony,

unless you release
Carter and that girl.

Simms told me
they weren't connected.

Well, he lied to you.

What do you think, Tony?

He hung up.


Get him back. Get him back.

What's your name?

Eric Carter.

All right, go get the girl
and take her out of here.

Just like that?

What are you doing?

Let him go, Sidra.

I'd go with you myself

if you hadn't broken
my damn arm.

You didn't give me
much of a choice.

You find Rebecca.
Bring her back safely.

Tony's withdrawn,
you're in the clear.

Listen, Mullins,
saving Naseri's daughter

isn't going to do
anything for Rebecca

unless I can talk to Naseri.

We're trying to
reverse channel

Naseri's sat phone numbers
from Simms' file,

contact Naseri that way.

How long is that
going to take?
It's impossible to tell.

Director Mullins,
NSA flagged a live feed
popping up on Jihadi subnets.

They're porting
the feed through
a server in Yemen.

It's impossible to trace.

What's happening?

Carter, there's a live
broadcast going on
over on the Internet.

Rebecca's on her knees.

Bin-Khalid is
standing beside her.

He's speaking Arabic.

What's he saying?

He's saying he
wants to bring justice

to the war criminal,
Rebecca Ingram,

"Murderer of
my beloved son."

They're going
to execute Rebecca.

I need that sat
phone number now.

Working on it, Carter.
Stand by.

I have an idea.

On how
to contact Naseri.






Papa, Papa!

Got a voice match.
It's definitely Asim Naseri.

Carter was right.
She never forgot
her father's number.

If you ever want to talk
to your daughter again,

you're gonna listen
to me very closely.

Who is this?

Eric Carter.

I can send your daughter
home to Yemen,

back to her family,
where she will be safe.

But you have to
give me Rebecca.

It's time.

The Sheik wants you
to execute the sentence.

Asim, listen to me.

I know you
turned us down before,

but I promise you,
this is the last chance.

If Rebecca dies,

I will put Ara back
where I found her

and you'll never
hear from her again.


He disconnected.

Looks like he powered
down his phone.

Andy, tell me
what's going on
with Rebecca.

I'll send the feed
to your phone.

What are you doing?

All right, Mr. Carter,
we will finish
this conversation.

Asim, the woman
must be punished.

It is not too late
for you to change your mind.


Sit down. Sit down.

I keep wondering

why you didn't tell me
that my daughter is alive.

You didn't even
try to save yourself.

You'd rather die
than expose your
country's crimes?

It wasn't my country.

It was me.

God willing, you'll be
punished for your crimes.

And you for yours.

The individual's
identity remains unknown,

but he appears to intervene
in Rebecca Ingram's execution.

His motives are also unknown.

All right, Mr. Carter,
we will finish
this conversation.

Senator, we're picking
up Naseri's daughter now.

Once Carter has Rebecca,

we'll deliver the girl
to the Jordanian embassy.

And you trust Naseri?

To the extent that
he's burned himself
to Bin-Khalid, I do, yeah.

Yeah, this is
his only play.

And how come
he's trusting us?

He's not, Senator.

As a condition
to the exchange,

he's demanded access
to one of our satellites

just to make sure that
Carter is the only one

anywhere near
the point of exchange.

So to get Rebecca back,
it's all on Carter.

That was the deal.

And it was non-negotiable.

And if this works,
then Naseri,
he just walks away?

No, no. Once Rebecca is safe
and if he has an opening,

Carter's gonna take out
Naseri and Bin-Khalid.

Senator, we're almost there.

I'll reach out the moment
I have anything new.

You think you're
saving your wife, John?

Once this gets out,

she'll wish she was dead.

Well, you seemed to have
lived with it just fine.

It's different being
the only one who knows.

You develop this
kind of amnesia

that lets you get
through your day.

But once everyone knows,

once Rebecca goes
to trial at The Hague

or wherever they wind
up prosecuting this,

every good thing
she's ever done

gets undone.

And you know what
you're left with?

"Rebecca Ingram,
war criminal."

He should be here soon.

We were always moving,
you know.

Living in different places.

It must've been hard.

I didn't mind
because of the trees.

Father told me
they were my friends.

He taught me
all about the cypress,
poplars, willows.

You know what
those are called?

Uh, no.

No, we, uh...

We didn't have
a lot of cypress,

poplars and willows
where I grew up.

That's a shame.


So what are they called?


They're originally
from Lebanon.

Cedars of God.

Some live for 1,000 years.

And we have them here.

They are mostly the same
but a little bit different.

You're going home.

I'll tell Father
about the cedars.


Mr. Ambassador.
We're in the air now,

should be landing
in front of the embassy
in less than five minutes.

Director Mullins,
this girl is
a Jordanian citizen.

What was she doing
in US custody?

She was the target
of an unsanctioned operation

by an individual
in our government.

The goal was to
leverage her against
her father, Asim Naseri.

Who was this individual
in your government?

I can't get into
that right now,

but I promise you will have
an opportunity to
litigate this later.

I'm going to consult
with my State Department.

With all respect, sir,
we just don't have
time for that.

If you don't receive
the girl when we land,

Rebecca Ingram
will lose her life.

I need a decision now.

Very well.
Of course. The girl
will be received.

Great, thank you.

DCPD will be
cordoning off the area

directly in front
of the embassy.

Please have someone
there to meet us.

Carter, it's all set
with the Jordanians.

We'll be landing
at the embassy
in a few minutes.

Okay, I should be
at Naseri's location
by then.


Your daughter's on the way
to the embassy, Asim.

I'm on my way to
your location, alone.

As agreed.

And as agreed,
I'm ready to receive
the satellite feed.


Mr. Naseri,

I've set up a connection
to an NSA satellite

which we repositioned
directly overhead.

How wide a radius
does it cover?

I've set the range
at two miles,

centered on the coordinates
you provided, Carter.

The function controls
are located in the window

at the bottom right hand
corner of your screen.

You kept your word,
Mr. Carter.

I'll see you
when you get here.


that family you
slaughtered in Yemen...

What about them?

Did you do it
because you thought
we killed your daughter?

That father
was a traitor.

But his children weren't.

I'm not going
to explain myself
to you, Mr. Carter.

Mr. Hammad.

We're just waiting
for the go ahead.

And then I'll walk
the girl over to you.

We were able to
contact her mother.

We are arranging for
her to travel here.

Ara will be very
happy to know that,
thank you.


I can see you.

Continue onto
the train tracks,

stop next to
the brick building
on your right.

Wait in your car.

For what?

You have to prove
to me that my daughter
is safely inside the embassy.

Andy's sending
a video link
to your phone.

You will be able to see
Ara walk into the embassy.

Once she does,
you'll get Ingram.

You're going to
have to show me that
my daughter is safe.

I'm reaching
for my phone.

Start the video link.

And give Ara the phone.

Copy that.



Start walking her
to the embassy.

Mr. Hammad.
Director Mullins.

Okay. Go see Mr. Hammad.

Hello, Ara.
I'm Mr. Hammad.

I'm going to take care of you
until your mother arrives.


She's safe.

Start walking.

When I tell you,
hit the ground.




I need an ambulance
here immediately.
Rebecca's been shot.

send an ambulance and
TAC teams to the area now.



Rebecca, it's me.
It's Eric.

John's the reason
I'm here, okay?

All right, so I need you
to hang in there
for him. Okay?

Okay. Okay.


Senator, it's Keith Mullins.

I just heard from Carter,
the exchange took place,
the girl is safe,

but, sir, there was gunfire
and Rebecca was hit.

How bad, Mullins? How bad?

It's serious, but there's
an ambulance on the way

and they will go
to the nearest hospital,
St. Catherine's.

We're gonna
send a car for you.
Thank you.

What happened to Rebecca?

She was shot.
They're taking
her to the hospital.

How about Naseri's daughter?

Safe in the Jordanian embassy.

Which means everything
you've done will come out,

and you won't be able
to talk your way out of it.

You'll hear from
the Attorney General.

Rebecca's ambulance
is exiting 29.

What are you working on?
Signal lights.

I want that ambulance
to hit green
all the way through.

What Nicole said,

that there's something
inside you that scares her.


I know what that is.

Because I have it, too.

We all do,

people who do this work.

It's a gift,

and it's a curse.

And it will eat you alive

if you don't deal with it.

"Deal with it"?

Go where it leads you.

He's on
his way, Rebecca.

- I got this.
- Okay.

Got a clean entry
wound above the pelvis.

Let's prep her for surgery.

Ready on three.
One, two, three.

I'm your nurse.
We're in ER.



Okay, we need you to leave.

They need to work.
They need to work.

Normal saline wide open.

We're taking her to surgery.

- Get another line in.
- Soon. Soon.

Take nice,
slow, deep breaths.

Put pressure on
that wound, please.

Tell me what happened.

Blood pressure
90 over 60.

- Trade was done.
- More pressure, please.

Bin-Khalid got
his hands on a gun.

He was aiming
for me, but she...


She took the bullet for me.

Nice, slow,
deep breaths.

I don't know why,
but she did.

Let's get
another line in, please.

She, uh...

First thing she said
when I got to her
was your name.

More pressure, please.

Blood pressure
is 90 over 60.

You're the only thing
she was thinking about.

two pints of blood.

Thank you, Eric. Thank you.

Pressure's dropping.
She's tachycardic.

She's bleeding out
in the abdomen.

Get the crash cart.

Start CPR.

V-fib, apply CPR.



Check for pulse.

- Pressure's still dropping.
- She's still in V-fib.


Clear. Now.



Your father's here.
He wants to see you.

Send him in.

Also, sir,
your call with
party headquarters

is in five minutes,

but they said they're
fine to reschedule.

No, Nilaa.


You let me know
when they're on the line.

Thank you, Nilaa.

I wasn't sure that you would
even want to see me.

So, thank you.

If you've come to
pay your respects...

I'm your father.

I know who you are.

I'm trying to understand

how this happened.

How I let this happen.

I told myself
I was protecting you,
but now I...

Those soldiers,

all the people
on that bridge,

and now Rebecca.

They're all dead
because of me.

One little lie

led to a bigger lie
and a bigger lie.

I trapped myself
in all these lies.

But there is one thing
as true now as it ever was.

This country needs you.

The, uh...

The latest poll says that

you had a nine point
spike this morning.

That's because of Rebecca.

Why are you telling
me this right now?

So that you would reconsider
what I said last night

about staying in the race.

He never gives up.
Never gives up.

If you drop out,
I will turn myself
in to the authorities.

I would've done it before
if I had thought
there was any way

to keep you out of it.

But you need to
know this, son.

Whether I spend
what's left of my life
in or out of prison,

I will pay
for what I've done.

But a son should not have to
pay for his father's sins.

And a husband shouldn't profit
from his wife's death.

You would be
honoring her life

by living yours the way
she would've wanted you to.

You're calling early.

It's not the party.
I can't right now... What?

There's an FBI agent out here,
he says he needs to see you.

Something about DNI Simms.

I'll be right out.

I need to step out
for a few minutes.

Can I stay with her?

Senator, I'm Agent Dietrich.

I'm sorry to disturb you,

but Director Simms
was found dead

in his office
earlier this morning.


I understand you were
with him last night.

I was.

Why were you there?

I was asking
about my wife.

What he was doing
to try to find her.

Did he say anything
that suggested he was
about to take his life?

No. No. Nothing.

I'm really sorry
to hear about Donald.

But I've got my
own situation that
I'm dealing with right now.

Of course, Senator,
I understand.

Thank you for your time.

I think I'd like
to cancel that call
to the party headquarters.

The sooner
they know,

the sooner they can pick
another candidate.

I'm not dropping
out of the race.

We need to talk
this through.

Mr. Carter,
Director Mullins
is expecting you.

Yeah. Uh, my wife is here.

I'd like to talk to her
before the debrief.

Certainly, she's in
his office right now.

Thank you.

They told me the funeral's
gonna be tomorrow.

Family only.

But there will be
a memorial service
in a couple of weeks.

Think I'm going to
take that vacation
I've been putting off.

You sure as hell earned it.


Eric Carter just
arrived for his debrief.

Yeah, right, uh,
I'll be right
with him. Thanks.


Good job today.


Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm just...

I, uh...
Oh, I'm so sorry.

No, it's more stitches
than I can count,

but I can't really complain.

I'm so sorry about Rebecca.

I know.

Where's Isaac?

Um, he had to go.

He, um, said
he just needed
some time alone.

He's going through
a lot right now.

I guess so.

Look, Eric, I just...
Look, no, Nicole, I, um...

I wasn't being
honest with you,

and for that, I'm sorry.

But you were right.

I need this.

This is where I belong.

I get that.

And if this is
what you need...

...then I want
to make it work.

I'm not going
to lose you, Eric.

I love you.

No, Nicole, listen.

I've seen this life, okay?

And what it does
to people, what it does
to families and I can't...

I don't care.
Whatever happens,
we can get through it.

Like we've always done.
This is what we do.

All I ask is one thing,
that we're honest
with each other.

No more secrets.

No more secrets.

I got to...
Yeah, go. I'll be here.

Let's go.