24: Legacy (2016–2017): Season 1, Episode 10 - 9:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. - full transcript

Rebecca's personal and work life collide when she gets a phone call that forces her to make an important decision. Nicole confronts Carter about his commitment to their relationship and his future with the CTU.

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I believe you know of my father,
Ibrahim bin-Khalid.

My husband's team killed him
in Yemen.

And my mujaheddin
killed them in return.

Asim Naseri.

We want to know what operation

he's running
and how to find him.

I don't know anyone
named Naseri.

This man was
your father's top operative.

No, this man is a
fighter I recruited.

Why would Naseri keep Jadalla
in the dark?

Two years ago,
when Carter and his team

were hunting bin-Khalid,

they hired Naseri
as a translator.

Naseri used them to get

to their highest-value
Intel asset.

He killed the asset's family.

Carter found them.


Be quiet.

You think
I wouldn't recognize you

after what you did?

I swear to god,

I'm gonna watch you die.

I said shut up.

There's one last thing
that I need to take care of.

What you tell Nicole?

I need you to look out for her

a little while longer.

Jennifer Marshall's
been strapped into a vest

filled with ordinance.

And I think Naseri

is watching her on
some kind of a web cam.

Get it off, get it off!

You've got ten seconds.

Go! Move!

Who were they leveraging you

My boyfriend.
He works at CTU.

Grant runs security.
He's guarding Jadalla.

This is Grant.

I'm expecting a team
of subcontractors.

They're at the gate.

Escort them to engineering,

they'll take it from there.
Copy that.

I wasn't sure
you'd call me back.

I'd-I'd really like
to talk to you.

Could you come here?


Keith, what's happening?
Naseri was holding

Stephen Grant's girlfriend.
They're using him to break out

Tell me that you're okay!

I'm fine, I promise,
but I need you

to get out of here now.

- That's John Donovan.
- Take him.


Why didn't you tell me
you were my father's lieutenant?

You'll get your answers soon.
For now, be happy.

You have your freedom.
And we have a prize.

We are five minutes away
from the overpass.

DCPD found a witness

who was able
to describe the vehicle.

A blue Ford panel Van,
possibly 2010.

Grab a photo of the make

and upload it
to image recognition.

And notify the manufacturer's
tracking system.

I'm on it.
Uh, DCPD is also setting up

fortified checkpoints on all
Bridges and major arteries

around north Lincoln and temple.

So far, no sign of the Van.

They could be halfway
out of the city by now.

President's been notified and
he's meeting with the cabinet.

The press blackout's
still in effect,

but he's ordered
every law enforcement

and intelligence service
in on this.

Full interagency transparency.

If you need to take a moment...

No, no, I...

If I do that, I'm just gonna
start thinking about

what they're doing
to John and...

No, I need to stay on this.

Yeah, of course.

We should re-approach
Henry Donovan.

Now that his son's been taken,
he might open up about

what he knows. I already left word.
I can't reach him.


I just heard about John.

It was Naseri, wasn't it?

He was here.


You need to let me speak
to Jennifer Marshall.

She may have overheard something

while Naseri was holding her.

Something that could
help us find him.

She may not be in any
condition to answer questions.

Yeah, well, I'll get her there.


I just got your message.

What do you mean
John's in trouble?

Henry, he's been taken.

By Jadalla bin-Khalid,

the man you sold
those soldiers' lives to.

I... I don't understand.

Jadalla's men
broke him out of CTU.

John was on his way here
to see me and they took him.

He's gone, Henry, and right now,
we have no way to get him back.

You were in contact
with Jadalla.

You need to tell me right now

anything you know
or you think you know

that might help us find him.

It was Luis.

He's the one they contacted.

He's the one they dealt with.


Where is he?

He's still in the house.

All right,
CTU agents are on their way.

Just make sure
Luis doesn't go anywhere.


I'm sorry.

You look like a ghost.

I told you, give John some time.

He'll come around.

They took him, Luis.

They have John.


The terrorists, the people
you did business with.

They've kidnapped my son.

CTU agents are on
their way here now.

They're gonna need
your contacts,

electronic files,

anything you have that
can help them find John.

Henry, I did...


It's over, Luis.

It's John's life we're talking
about... your sister's son.

I have to think about my life

and I'm not gonna
spend the rest of it in prison.

You son of a bitch!

You're gonna give them whatever
you have, everything you have!

Do you understand?

I'm sorry, Henry.
I can't do it.



Careful, careful.


My son.

How is this possible?

God saved the sheikh's life
that day for this day.

To see his son come back to him.

Before he could reveal himself,

he had to make sure that
your heart was truly with his.

I'm sorry, father.


I came to finish
what you started and...

I failed you.

No, Ibni. You
did not fail.

You came home.

You came home to me.


Your father asked
me to join your men,

to monitor your progress.

You have earned his trust,
Jadalla, a place by his side.


with this gift you've given us,

we'll have an opportunity
to get an even greater prize...

The woman who's boasted
to the world that she

killed sheikh

How far is our team
from the Donovan estate?

Ten minutes out.

Damn it.

Have DCPD issue a BOLO

for Luis Diaz.

And send out
an interagency alert, code one.

What's happened?

I just spoke with Henry Donovan.

Luis Diaz is gone.

He assaulted Henry
and fled the premises.

Y-you need to send an ambulance
out to the estate.

Right away.

I need to take this. Excuse me.

How we doing?


John Donovan's execution
in front of the world

would make a powerful statement.

But he is not our enemy,
you are.

You are the one who dedicated

your life to hunting us down.

Who got a medal for leading
the raid on my father.

Now, if you're prepared
to answer for your crimes,

you can save
your husband's life.

Are you interested?

Stephen never loved his wife.

The only reason he stayed
was because of their son.

He said as soon as Kyle
left for college...

Jennifer... hey.

I'm sorry for your loss... I am.

But the man who killed Stephen
is still out there.

And he is gonna kill more people
unless we stop him.

Anything that you heard,
no matter how small...

I'm trying.
I just, I'm so tired.

I can't remember.

Yes, you can.
Yes, you can. Yes, you can.

Just take a deep breath

and start over
from the beginning, okay?

What were you doing when
they walked into your house?

I was on my laptop.


Then I heard a noise.

I thought my dog had
knocked something over.

It's okay. Good. Good.

I-I need you to count
how many men there were,

what they were wearing,

what they were saying.

Excuse me, Jennifer,
just for a second, okay?


Hey, how you doing?

Well, my leg hates me,

but we finished IDing
all the sleeper cells.

They're being rolled up.

That's good news.

Now listen.
Your wife's here.

She wants to talk to you.

She is?

I-I can finish up here.

That's why, that's why I'm here.

Yeah, okay.

All right.
Okay. Um...

Uh, Jennifer, this is Andy.

He's just gonna keep asking you
a few more questions, okay?

Okay, I'll be right back.
Hi, Jennifer.

How are you feeling?


Look, I'm s-so sorry
I couldn't wait for you.

Isaac said you had
to go after someone.

Asim Naseri.

I shouldn't have come here now.

No, listen, Nicole.

I'm glad you came, okay?

Let's, uh...

Let's talk.

I went back to the house
to change clothes,

and I found this... in the mess.

The way this reads,

you've been talking to Rebecca
for months about joining CTU.

To be honest, it was just
something I was considering.

I'm not even...

not even sure I wanted it.

Eric, this morning,
when you asked me why

I started taking birth control,

and I said I thought you
still needed more time,

do you remember
what you said to me?


But that was a lie, wasn't it?

Baby, you're not happy.


You need this.

You always will.

No, listen,
even if that was true...

it doesn't mean I, I don't
need you, baby, because I do.

I do.

Then why did you
keep this from me?

I was just... I was trying to
find the right time to tell you.

I was, Nicole.

I'm not here
to put you on the spot,

but I think this is important.

It's not about today
and what you had to do,

what you're still doing,

it's about us.

Excuse me for interrupting.

If it's okay, it's important
that I speak with Eric.

It's all right.

Um, I'm sorry to hear about what
you're going through, Rebecca.

Thank you.


Jadalla contacted me.

Just now.

He said that if I give
myself up to him,

he'll release John.

Okay, what does Mullins think?

I didn't tell him.


Look, I can't take the chance
that he will say no.

I know that I would
if I were in his position.

Rebecca, you're not
seriously considering this.

Jadalla says that if I don't,
he will kill John.

So this at least
gives him a chance.

Rebecca, I know you want
your husband back.

I get it.

I was willing to give up
everything to save Nicole, okay,

but I went in there
to get that list.

I wasn't just giving up my life.

Neither am I.

Jadalla and Naseri...

They want to stage my execution.

They want to show the world

that they can defeat the woman
who tried to destroy them.

They're gonna want
to kill me themselves.

You want to use
yourself as bait.

And I want you
to finish them off.

Find somewhere that they can't
see you and take them out.

This is our chance

to finish what we started.

All right.

I'm in.

Can you get me
into the CTU armory?

Yeah, I think so.

I still have provisional status.

Good... 'Cause I'm-a need
a few things.

We'll be leaving
soon to meet your wife,

but let me ask you
something, senator.

How does it feel to be married
to a monster, huh?

You're the monster.

Because the only monsters
in this world

are the ones who kill Americans?

No. No, those who,
for whatever their reasons,

murder innocent people.

On that score,
your wife is second to none.

And you're a liar.

I wonder if you really don't
know what I'm talking about.

I'd tell you to ask her, but...

you're never gonna
see her again.

What is it?

If I'd been at your side
from the beginning,

maybe this wouldn't
have happened to you.

It has happened for a reason.

When I left for Europe, I...

I thought I was joining
a better world.

When I heard the Americans

had murdered you, I...

I couldn't rationalize
their hypocrisy anymore.

That is why you had
to make your own journey.

I'll never leave you
again, father.

And I will never forsake you.

We will fight, Jadalla,
father and son.

We will fight

until our enemies fall...

And then...
You will take my place.

It is time.

Shut up!

Naseri was talking

to one of his men in Arabic.

But I heard two words
in English.

"East July."

"East July"?
Uh, are you sure?

He said it a couple times, yeah.


Director Mullins
needs to speak with you.

Okay, all right,
thanks. Listen.

I'm gonna be right back, okay?

All right.

Uh, hey, do me a favor.

Run this through analytics.

"East July"?

And run a full
interagency data-mine.

Use clearance profile

a-116, okay.

Yeah, thanks.

Got it.

You wanted to see me?

You know where Rebecca is?

I thought she was
out here with you.

Rebecca just left
the building with Carter.

Okay, we can't reach
either of them.

Well, last I saw Carter,
he was on his way

to talk with his wife.

Sir, this is what they took

from the armory.

Glock 19, Beretta m9a3,

- .308 sniper rifle?
- Sir?

That phone call Rebecca got
before she took off,

I recovered a piece of it
from the local cell tower's

memory cache.

It's encrypted, so it'll
take a few minutes.

Okay, good. Theo,
give her a hand with that.


Sir, I do not know where she is.

Whatever she and Carter
are doing,

she didn't bring it up with me.

Do you think you can
get ahold of Tony Almeida?

Rebecca was in touch
with him today.

Can you find him
through her cell?

I-I can try.

Okay, do it.


Half of the money's
gonna be ready for us

when we get there.

What about our cover?

The Belgian has
our identities ready.

We should go.

Who is this?

Mr. Almeida, director
Keith Mullins from CTU.

How the hell did you
get my number?

We have a situation
and we need your help.

Sorry, you called the wrong guy.

It's about Rebecca.

We need to find her.

What do you mean "find her"?

The terrorists you tried
to help her hunt down,

they've abducted
senator John Donovan.

Now Rebecca intends
to surrender herself

to the terrorists

in exchange for
her husband's life.

How do you know this?

We intercepted

a fragment
of a phone call she had

with Jadalla bin-Khalid.

Has Rebecca tried
contacting you at all?

No, she hasn't.

Listen, when she and I were
operating in Yemen,

we had two-way
GPS tracking devices

installed in our cell phones.

That way we could
always locate each other

if we ever got separated.

But that was a year ago,

and she's probably
scrambled her signal.

Mr. Almeida, this is
Andy Shalowitz.

Um, send me the specs.

I might be able
to wake up the device

with an activation code.

We just need one ping.

All right, I'll dig 'em up
and send them to you.

Rebecca Ingram's in trouble.

I need to help CTU locate her.

What does that mean,
she's in trouble?

I don't have time
to explain it, Sidra.

If we miss the flight,
we lose the job, Tony.

You're probably right.

Stay on this road
for four kilometers.

Nicole found out I was
considering joining CTU.

You hadn't told her?


And she wasn't happy.

That you want a job at CTU or...

That you kept it from her?


I kept telling myself
I was gonna

work through it before
bringing her into it, but...

Don't be too hard on yourself.

In my opinion,
in this line of work...

it's okay to keep
some things to yourself.

Even from the people you love?

Especially from them.

Civilians can't
understand what we do.

What we have to do.

And we can't expect them to.

Nicole said... that there was

something inside of me...

that she didn't think
she could live with.

What's that?

I don't know.
The same thing that made me...

Run the streets.

The same thing that made me
pick up a gun

when I was 12, with my brother
and his crew.

I just...

I'm still holding a gun,

I'm just pointing it
at different people.

The right people.

Look, I believe
in what I'm doing.

I believe in
what I'm fighting for.

Just, uh...

she thinks I need this.

Do you?

- I'm on my way.
- Good.

And I remind you again,

if I see any sign
that you're not alone...

I'm alone. I'm alone.

Your husband's life
depends on it.

Let me speak to John.

Once you reach the coordinates,

I'll send you proof of life.

We received the specs from
Rebecca's former operative,

and we're sending out signals

in the hope of getting
a response.

How soon will you know?

Could be any moment.

Sir, in the case
we do get a signal,

there is something
we should consider.

I'm listening.

Rebecca isn't doing this alone.

She enlisted a former
army ranger to help her.

Is that that same
crazy son of a bitch

who attacked
those CTU agents today?

Eric Carter. Yes.

His involvement could mean
Rebecca is planning

to do more than trade herself
for her husband.

Are you suggesting we let her
go through with this?

I am suggesting that

we think this through
before we stop her,

which I think...
Director Mullins,

senator Donovan's kidnapping
was a blow to this country.

But if the terrorists
get their hands

on a former CTU director,
there are things that...

We've already revoked
Ms. Ingram's provisional status,

and we're updating
security passwords and codes

that she may have been
exposed to today.

That's all well and good,

but Rebecca Ingram's capture
has ramifications

beyond your passwords and codes.

You are to do
everything in your power

to bring her in...
Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

I'll keep you apprised.

We got a signal from
Almeida's tracking device.

Just one ping, and it's weak,
but it was enough.

Rebecca and Carter are
traveling west

on king's highway.

Okay, they're less than a mile

from the king's county
sheriff station.

Mariana, alert the station.

Send them a description
of Carter's vehicle.

Have them run an intercept.

Ma'am, this area is secure.

I understand, but I need to
speak with director Mullins.

He's busy right now, you need
to get back upstairs.

Look, I need to know
where my husband is, okay?

Ma'am, ma'am.


Watch your hands. Let go of me.
Sir, you need

to calm down, sir.


All right, all right,
all right. Fine.

You came here to get
an answer from Eric.

You got your answer.

I don't like seeing you
like this.

Look at me.

When you and Eric
walked out on me,

one thought kept me going.

That you was moving on
to something better.

Maybe it hasn't
worked out that way.

What I'm trying to say...

It's looking like I'm gonna
be starting over


If you feel like you might need
to start over, too...

You don't have to answer now.

You and Eric got
some talking to do.

Think about it.

The sheriff's department says
they're closing in

on Carter's truck.

We need eyes on this.

I'm re-tasking a satellite
to track their position now.

Say something.

Can you hear me?
Yeah. I'm good.

We're almost there.

The turnoff's four
kilometers ahead.

Hang on.

Grab the wheel.

This left up ahead?

Take it.

Step out of the vehicle
with your hands raised.

On your knees.

I said on your knees.

Drop it.

You, too, now.

Over to the column.


We lost them in the underground, sir.
Mariana, do you have

sheriff's dispatch on the line?
Yes, sir.

Have they locked down
Rebecca and Carter?

Dispatch says the deputies
aren't responding.

We've only got a few minutes.
We're not far.

You drive ahead,

I'll follow on foot.

I'll only be a few minutes
behind you,

Jadalla won't see us coming.

Hey, hey.

I got your back.

This is Andy.

That phrase you asked me
to data-mine, "east July"?


I got a hit.

"East July" is a subheading
of some folders

in the server at the
office of the D.N.I.

Well, what was in it?

I don't know, I can't tell you.

When I tried to
access the folders,

some firewall kicked in.

And you used the clearance
profile that I gave you?

Yeah, same one.

I'm still locked out.

of national intelligence.

I'm at the location.

Right behind you.

Tell me what you see.

It's an old football stadium.

Looks like it hasn't
been used in years.

No sign of Jadalla or Naseri.

Carter, if this goes wrong,
don't let them take me alive.

I'm not gonna let them
use me for propaganda.

Carter, did you hear me?

It's not gonna come to that.

Promise me.

Carter, promise.

Okay, I promise.

I don't see anyone.

Jadalla, it looks
like she's here alone.


You kept your promise.

Now listen carefully

and do exactly what I say.

I want you to move
to the center of the field.

Did you hear me?

I hear you.

But I'm not moving until
you release my husband.

No, you are not making the demands here.
You're gonna let him go first.

That's the only way
this is gonna work.

Look at your husband.

Now do what I say,

or my men will put
a bullet in his head.

I don't believe you'll do that.

It's me you want.

You told me yourself.

My husband means nothing to you.

You want the woman who
almost took your life!

You want the woman
who killed your father!

Who killed almost
all of your men.

Show me proof that my
husband is free and safe,

and I'll walk into that field.

You have my word.

This conversation is over.

Then I will turn around
and I will walk away.

And I will re-dedicate my life
to hunting you down.


Tell them to release
Donovan now.

Release him.

Father, we can't trust
what she says.

Listen to me,
Jadalla, I want her.

You hear me?

I want her.

Do it!

Call them, Naseri.

Release him.

Watch your phone.


Talk to me.

John's okay.

He's free.

Good, then...

Get back into the car.

If I leave,
we don't get Jadalla or Naseri.

We'll get them
another time, okay?

John is safe.

No, Eric,

we came for them.

I'm not leaving
until they're dead.

Get out of there, Rebecca.

I'm gonna draw them out.

Get ready.

What is it?

The field's soaked in gasoline.

Rebecca, get the hell
out of there.

You're gonna read
your confession!

I can't get a clean shot.

I'm not reading anything.

Your confession!

I said I'd walk out
into the field.

Here I am.






It's Carter.

Get me director Mullins.

Carter's on the line for you.

Put him on speaker.

Carter, go ahead.

The terrorists may have Rebecca.

I'm sending my coordinates.

Eric, can you hear me?



Where are you?

Carter, what is it?

I think I heard her,
I'm patching you in.

He's alive! He's alive!

Bin-Khalid's alive!

The clock is reset
on 24: Legacy.

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I am a billionaire.

I will upgrade the police to the
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Long story short,
we're gonna change the world.

I have a proposal.

Give me the 13th district.

Technology doesn't solve cases.

- Cops do.
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What the hell was that?


This is the good part.