24 Hrs to Hell and Back (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Bear's Den Pizza - full transcript

Gordon revamps Bear's Den Pizza

(dramatic music)

I'm Gordon Ramsay,

and I'm back on America's roads

with my mobile kitchen,

heading to nine more
struggling restaurants.

This is not a kitchen.
This is a hellhole.

With these businesses
on the brink of collapse...

It's lined with rat [bleep].

- Smell it?
- (retches)

You haven't even got a stove.

I've got to work quickly.

So I'm giving myself
just 24 hours...

(people groaning)

To try and save
each one of them.

Have you seen behind there?
It's inches deep.

It's my third time
around the country,

and even though my advanced team

tells them
it's a new renovation show,

people are suspicious.

So I've had to up
my disguise and decoy game.

And if these start lopsiding...

- Just give me some pointers.
- (laughter)

So I can get
into these restaurants

and see what's really going on.

That's molding.
You have to be kidding me.

What I discovered
this time around

is more shocking than ever.

I'm amazed you're still open.

If I have any hope
of saving these restaurants...

This is my kitchen, Chef.

I'll have to go
to hell and back...

- (cries)
- Okay?

In 24 hours.

Every member of staff
in here is petrified.


last time I remember
throwing tables,

I remember everybody laughing.

(rock music)

♪ ♪

I've just arrived
in Conway, Arkansas,

home to the University
of Central Arkansas.

With 12,000 students
and faculty,

the university is the largest
institution in town.

Bear's Den Pizza was established

by two best friends
back in 2008.

Brad and Steve were able
to obtain a liquor license

in an otherwise dry community

and created the city's
very first college bar.

However, after 12 years,

the one-time
free-spirited hangout

had become a depressing dump.

If this restaurant doesn't get
its act together very soon,

trust me, he's gonna go
into eternal hibernation.

My name's Brad,
and I'm one of the owners

of Bear's Den Pizza.

I'm at Bear's Den
very little these days,

because a couple years ago,
me and Steven opened up a bar

and restaurant in Little Rock
called Brewski's Pub & Grub.

Me and Steven are 50-50 owners
at both restaurants.

My name's Steven Velek.

I'm one of the owners
of Bear's Den Pizza.

That was tequila?

A lot of people come here
because they enjoy

hanging out with me,

and they like to see me
have a good time.

I'll probably get drunk
and raise some hell.

Mine and Steven's relationship,

he's kind of like my ying,
and I'm his yang.

We are completely opposite
from each other.

And he's crazy as hell,
but love the guy.

When we first
opened up Bear's Den,

we literally took
every dollar we had.

The walls, we painted ourselves.

The booths,
we were cutting ourselves.

There's a lot of, you know,

I don't know
if pride's the right word,

'cause some of the stuff
is in disrepair.

But, you know, there's a lot
of sentimental value

to this place,
and I think that really

bled over to the customers.

Oh, my God, that is so cool.

And the staff.

STACY: All right, guys,
who's ready for some shots?

I have been at Bear's Den

probably for a total
of six years now.

It used to be slammed packed.
You couldn't walk in here.

Are we not happy
with the appetizer?

- A little cold.
- Flavor's just sort of...

A little raw, ingredients.

I'm sorry about that.

Now, Steven and Bear's Den

have a really bad reputation
in this town.


Bear's Den is like a party house

that has some... some snacks
in the back.

Nice looking pies, boys.

I wouldn't even
call it a kitchen.

It's a conveyer belt oven
and a microwave.

Would not describe the guys
in the back as cooks.

Mexican pasta, of course, again.


I never really had
a passion for food.

I'm about to say screw it
on this pasta.

I don't think
its gonna get made anyways.

A lot of our stuff comes frozen.

Mostly all pre-cooked.

We're not exactly known
for our food.

Let me get a shot
of Jager, please.

Shots, shots.

The reason why
we have holes in the wall

was because Steven has either
put his fist through them,

or a chair through them.

Sometimes, you just gotta
drive your point home.

I started punching
holes in the wall

where there's a window now.

I did because I knew if I put
in a hole in the wall,

then that was step
one of the demo process.

JP: I wish Brad
was here more often,

because I don't think Steven
would act the way he does

if Brad was here all the time.

- Let me get one more of those.
- You really want one?

- Yeah.
- JP: I think Brad stays away

because this is like

an ugly stepchild
of a business for him,

compared to his
other businesses.

Whereas though
we used to hit, like...

- better numbers than this.
- Yeah.

The problem with Bear's Den...

it gets abused by Steven.


I miss Steven as a friend.
We used to do so much together.

But over the last few years,

I'd say our relationship
has kind of grown apart

a little bit just because
we're kind of going down

two different directions.

I got married.
I'm spending time with my wife.

And Steven became single
around that same time.

As I was settled down,
he was kind of winding up.

- Friday night.
- (laughter)

Friday night.

I probably work with him less
because it is difficult

to watch him go down
this path sometimes.

I'm celebrating.

I think everybody just wants him

to find the help he needs

and just be the Steven
that we love.

Got to have one of everything.

BRAD: I think he can help
Steven and our relationship,

not just moving forward
as business partners

but moving forward
as friends, too.

With only 24 hours
to get Bear's Den Pizza

out of the woods,

I needed to find out
what they were doing wrong.

Now, as you know,
when people know I'm coming,

they do their best
to stay out of trouble.

So I'm going undercover.
Hippy Hank.

Peace, love, and pizza.
Let's roll.

I teamed up
with two university professors

who will join me undercover.

MARY: Even the sign
is sad and pathetic.

I can already tell
Bear's Den is flunking.

RAMSAY: Ooh. Oh, the smell.


Based on the odor and decaying
state of this place,

it looks like it's taken
more than a semester off.

How disgusting is this place?

- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.

Is that a beer can hanging
from the ceiling?

Every single chair that
I look at is torn and ripped.

These booths were in,
like, a car in 1975.

RAMSAY: A car accident.


- Hey, how are y'all?
- Hello.

Y'all need a minute
to look over the menu?

How about the spinach
artichoke dip?

What's the timer
for spinach artichoke dip?

- Two minutes.
- Thank you.

- Pasta?
- Yeah, the Mexican pasta.

(alarm beeping)

We just dump them
in this bowl here.

And I'll have
the Big Bear thin crust.

(alarm beeping)

I'll go ahead and do that.

RAMSAY: That's the owner.
Start the shots.

My goodness, me.
The owner is constantly drunk.


All right, here's the dip.

Sorry it's taken forever.

- You want to break the film?
- MARY: Oh, my God.

Bloody hell.

45 minutes later,

and this is what we're met with.

Oh, my God.
It's not even hot.

That... that is terrible.

All right, here's the Big Bear.


RAMSAY: How depressing is that?

So it looks like
store-bought dough.

Again, it's cold.

MARY: It tastes frozen.

What in the hell is that?

Cheese dip on pasta.

- BRENT: Gross.
- MARY: It looks like rubber.

Nothing's fresh there.

I've definitely got
my work cut out.

Excuse me.

Ladies and gentlemen,
knife and forks down.

I'd like everybody
to stop eating.

Big man,
can you go into the kitchen

and get everybody out, please?

GIRL: What the hell?

Oh, my God.

Hey, everybody out here
right now.

Somebody's talking
and he's wanting everyone,

staff included.

(people gasping)

Oh, my gosh.

That's Gordon Ramsay.

Oh, classic.

Ladies and gentlemen, sadly,

there is nothing to laugh about,

because the only joke
in here today

is what I've just experienced.

Reheated, frozen,
disgusting food.

I am appalled.

You should have been
shut down five years ago.

(dramatic music)

You have a partner.

Call him.
I want him down here.

Ladies and gentlemen,
my apologies.

A, there's no check.

I wouldn't dream of charging
for that crap.

But I need to show
you something.

And it's pretty important.

Follow me.

I don't even want to know
what this is.

I don't even want to know.

Brad, get your lazy ass
down here right now.

Gordon Ramsay's here.

I'm serious.

I don't know.
He may be an imposter.

It looks
kind of like the guy, though.

RAMSAY: Let's go.

(rock music)

♪ ♪

This is Hell on Wheels.
My epicenter.

Now, this truck follows me
across the country.

It is
a state-of-the-art kitchen,

and it's staffed with a team

that have been
with me for years.

Here he is.

- Good to see you, buddy.
- Thanks.

How are you?

- A little surprised.
- Surprised.

Not as surprised as I was
after that experience.

I gonna show you something now
that is a shock.

All of you, take a good look.

(dramatic music)

(people gasping)

There's a rat in the ceiling,

and it was, like, rotting.

And it just turned into, like,
a pile of maggots.

And they fell from the ceiling
onto a table.

(crowd gasping)

MAN: Oh, that's disgusting.

♪ ♪

STEVEN: Have you had
the sausage fest?

It's a female favorite.

WOMAN: Oh, you're so slick.

(crowd groans)

We're missing
2,000 ounces of alcohol.

There's like
100 bottles missing, period.

I will take personal credit
for maybe about 20 ounces.

Let's not act like it's a joke.

(crowd groans)

Do you have any idea
how much alcohol that is?

100 bottles.

- That's a lot.
- Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm gonna apologize
on the owners' behalf.

This place isn't fit
to remain open.

But I'm gonna ask
a massive favor.

I need to see you all back
in 24 hours from now.

Clearly, we've got
our work cut out.

Now staff, get on your cells,

because that 24 hours
starts now.

(clock ticking)

I'll see you back
at the restaurant.

Hopefully, you've got something
to say for yourself.

Uh, Gordon Ramsay has been
spying on Bear's Den.

I guess, for the next 24 hours,
I'm all his.

I want to meet with the staff
without the owners present,

so they'll be comfortable
speaking freely.

I'm here to help,

and I need to know
where the cracks are

before I can start rebuilding.

Why are we in this mess?

- 'Cause no one gives a [bleep].
- Right.

It's clearly evident

that the owner is partying.

How long has he been
behaving like that?

When we were all in diapers.

He was like this
when I came here.

And still is this way, you know?

And this goes on till 3:00,
4:00, 5:00

in the morning, sometimes.

- Or later.
- Ridiculous.

Can you talk to him?

Why not?

'Cause then he tells us
that we're mad at him,

or we started something.

And it's like it becomes drama.

Then, it, like,
creates a fight, like...

Almost makes it worse.

He's really...

can be just completely
out of control.

The time when he punched
and hurt himself badly,

where you here?

Which time?

Yeah, probably.

I can feel the atmosphere,
how toxic it is.

It is scary.
I mean, things start flying.

You tell him, in the middle,
to stop.

He's gonna hurt something.
He calls us curse words.

It's full-on rage.

And he goes red, and he doesn't
listen to anybody.

And the partner.
Have you talked to Brad?

I've tried.

You've tried.

The first time that Steven
ever raged after hours,

we texted Brad.

He's still here.
He's still doing it,

So nothing worked.

No intervention.
No stopping the tracks

and slowing this place down.

We have given up.

Are you scared of him?

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

Are you scared of him?

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

I've definitely been scared
several times.

Somebody can get hurt seriously.

♪ ♪

You should not be
walking in fear.

You should not be living
your lives like that.


RAMSAY: I want you to speak up
so Brad can hear this.

'Cause he needs to understand
how low we've got.

Yes, sir.

I'm gonna get them in.

♪ ♪

Gentlemen, sit down.

♪ ♪

Brad, you need to know what
the [bleep] is going on here.


You may be running Brewski's,

and that's the little
shiny jewel in the crown.

Big [bleep] deal.

Because right now,
you're a busy idiot.

You're taking money from there
to keep this place open,

whilst this guy puts himself
in an early grave.

Months ago, you got a text
based on his behavior.

The night when we all quit,

when Steven yelled at us.

It was a disaster.

What happened that night?

We were all counting
our money after hours,

just waiting to go home,
and he was extremely drunk.

And he was just telling us
that Brewski's is better

and that we weren't doing
a good job.

And so we all just

quit and walked out
and left him here,

because, I mean,
we were all hurt.

We didn't want to work here
anymore after that happened.

RAMSAY: The violent outbursts,
the heavy drinking,

the smashing up the tables.

Every member of staff in here

is petrified.

And you're ignoring it.


Last time I remember
throwing tables,

I remember everybody laughing.

But yeah, sure,
they're petrified.

♪ ♪

Well, when I get that text
about his behavior,

and I talk to him about it,
he says,

"Well, it was blown
out of proportion,"

or, "I'm gonna change,"
or this and that.

And I take his word for it.

It's very frustrating that

you haven't done
anything about it.

- And you think it's funny.
- No, I don't think it's funny.

I think these people have been
repeating these things

over and over
in their mind so often

that they think it's the truth.

I haven't heard anybody
say anything

that they've done wrong yet.

For every wrong thing
I've done up here,

I've done 100 good things.

But when you do things yourself,

it's, like, stapling fabric

that doesn't even match
the booth to the booth.

How about that patio out there

that's got a wood deck?
How about the roof over it?

How about the hole in the wall
right that we can serve people

through the patio now?

It's just like, well,
we don't clean up around here

because the owner
punched a hole in the wall

back in 2007.

Well, guess what
the owner also did?

He built that damn wall.

You know,
if I build a sandcastle,

I'll kick it over if I want.

(tense music)

You're the owner.

An absent owner.

Well, I just think everybody
just needs to look

in the mirror for a minute.

It ain't my fault that these
are all alcoholics up here.

You're telling me that
the staff are alcoholics.

Yes. Fact.

I am not.

You can't just stand there
and blame your [bleep] staff.

You know what,
the buck stops on me.

- It's my fault.
- Where is your responsibility?

I've made mistakes.

I probably shouldn't be
punching holes.

I probably shouldn't be
kicking chairs.

I provide shouldn't be drinking
like I have.

You probably shouldn't
be open, Steven.

Cut the [bleep].
You're heading for the rocks.

You're taking everybody
down with you.

And you just sat there,
watching it happen.

And if you were a friend,
you'd get him help months ago.

♪ ♪

I came here to help you.

But deep down inside,

I don't know if I can.

The clock is ticking.
We've got some big issues here.

So I need your commitment.
Is that clear?

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, Chef.

If Steven doesn't get serious,
Gordon Ramsay might not even

stick around the full 24 hours.

We just kind of lost
our way here,

but me and him can buckle down

and get the staff on board
behind everybody,

I think we can make this change
in the next 24 hours.

Now, Veronica, come in.
Good to see you.

We've got some work to do.

- I want life.
- Yes.

Personality. Character.

Everything a restaurant
sat opposite campus

with 10,000 students
should have.

Is that clear?

ALL: Yes, Chef.

Now, all of you, get up.
I want these chairs and tables

all outside first.
Let's go.

Let's take the chairs.

We want to bring all of these
picnic-style tables out.

Go ahead and leave these tables
with the bases in here.

Is Gordon Ramsay single?

Is he single?

- Please don't let her...
- Brad, Steven, and Shelby,

let's go through the kitchen,
please, yeah?

First of all,
where's the kitchen?

This is our kitchen.

You haven't even got a stove.

That's our stove?

A burner from 1974.
What do you do on that?

SHELBY: We have a skillet up
there to cook our taco meat.

And what is this contraption?

A really [bleep] oven.

But it's a toaster.

So how do you cook the pizzas?

We run them through
from this end,

and they go through that end.

It takes about six
to eight minutes.

This is it.

When was the last time
these were cleaned?

Probably two or three months.

Two or three months,
or two or three years?

Steve, talk to me.

I can't see you.

Come on.

There's a [bleep] pizza
cooked in a 1980s toaster.

Things have just been slipping.

Our standards
just keeping getting lower.

This is beyond slipping now.

And Brad,
is this how Brewski's is run?

Absolutely not.

How do you function like this?

At a low standard,
it looks like.

♪ ♪

Oh, my God.
[bleep] disgusting.

Steven, step up here
and look down there.

It's lined with rat [bleep].

Every rat in the area

has dumped on top
of your [bleep] fridge.


- [bleep] Disgusting.
- Yeah.

Not months, not weeks,
years of rat [bleep].

For the love of God.

What has happened to us?

Why are we standing here
like pigs in [bleep],

in [bleep] rat [bleep]?

My worry
is you're not even drunk.

At least if you were
slightly drunk,

it's a [bleep] excuse.

♪ ♪

What has happened to us?

Why are we standing here
like pigs in [bleep],

in [bleep] rat [bleep]?

My worry
is you're not even drunk.

At least if you were slightly
drunk, it's a [bleep] excuse.

This is not a kitchen.
This is a hellhole.

Do something you've never done.

Roll up your sleeves and get
this [bleep] place spotless.

You got it.

I wouldn't keep anything
that's been in that fridge.

There's rat [bleep] up there.

(dramatic music)

RAMSAY: Now that these owners
are realizing

just how big of a job this is...

- We got a bigger trash can?
- We're gonna need one.

I've got to meet
with my renovation team,

who's racing the clock already.

This is nice; this is gonna be
great for acoustics.

And that's gonna give it
a nice rustic feel, right?

Mm-hmm. And we're also
bringing in great new tables.

I'm really excited
about the new seating flow...

- Yeah.
- To kind of bring in that

restaurant vibe
versus a bar area.

- Yes.
- A great pizza and a beer.


With my renovation team
bearing down,

I've still got the grizzly job
of showing Shelby and Dave

how a real kitchen
actually works.

How can we be 100 meters
opposite that campus

and not be one of the best
pizza areas in town?

Okay, and I'm saying pizzas
that are actually homemade.

Dough beautifully made, yes?


What I'd like to show you now
is the menu.

Let's start off here with this
Italian chopped salad.

Romaine lettuce, salami,
chickpeas, provolone cheese,

and a vinaigrette.

Next up, you've got a spinach
and artichoke dip,

and it's topped with the most
amazing bread crumbs.

Next to that,
we got a margherita pizza.

Beautiful tomato sauce,

and finished with a pesto.

Next to that,
you've got a pizza bianco,

a beautiful white-base pizza.
It's a Mornay sauce.

It's finished
with parmesan cheese.

Next to that, pepperoni pizza.

Tomato sauce, ricotta, onion,
and pepperoni.

And the last dish,
we've got a bucatini pasta.

So it's Italian sausage.

It's finished with kale
and deglazed with white wine.

How does that sound?

- Delicious.
- Sounds good.

What's the secret
behind a great pizza?

Good crust?

Flour the back of the hands.

Lift it up and turn it around
at the same time.

And stretch it, okay?

I'm using my palms
and I'm pulling it out.

Now, look how nice
and thin that's got.

From there,
a beautiful tomato sauce.

Don't go crazy.
From there,

pepperoni, onions, and cheese.

Just a touch.
In the oven she goes.

Two and a half minutes,
and then we'll twist, yeah?

Some fresh ricotta
on there at the end.

From there, just a touch

of your roquette.

Got a beautiful,
beautiful crust.

So nice.

Having Chef Ramsay mentor me
today is really cool

and honestly, like, an honor.

Right, the pasta.
Why are we caramelizing them?

- Uh, for flavor.
- Flavor. Exactly that.

Once you start
to see that color, see?

I'm gonna drop
my sausage in there.

I feel pretty confident that
we're gonna kill it tomorrow.

RAMSAY: I'm not gonna
spoon-feed you but, dig in.


That's it.
Use your base.

Keep your spoon there,
and then...


(playful music)

What the [bleep]?

What happened there?

I'm just nervous about this.

- It tastes wonderful, though.
- So just cooked an amazing

bowl of pasta for you,

and you spit it all
over the [bleep] floor.

- Sorry.
- Is it that bad?

No, no, it tastes great.

We are up against it.
The clock is ticking.

Shelby started
showing some sparks,

but if they can't master
the basics, we're screwed.

I have a team
of culinary experts

that's gonna go
one-on-one with you,

headed up by Jamie, Ngoc,
and Alex.

They are so talented,
and they're here to help.

While my team and the staff
have pitched in to help

transform this dirty den
into something

they can be proud of...

Watch your toes.

I need to talk to Brad

to get to the root
of the problem.

Please take a seat.
Right, how you feeling?

Uh, I'm okay.

A little shocked from today.

Why are you shocked?

I knew we had
some issues going on.

I didn't realize
how prevalent it was.

I mean, it was embarrassing.

You've got a partner
who's killing himself.

He drinks heavily.

And the violent outbursts.
He's on the edge.

Yeah, I'm thinking that's what
everybody's concerned about.

Why can't you face him head on
and tackle the issue

with him and the way
he's running the business?

I mean,
mine and Steven's relationship

goes back probably 18 years,

so I don't want to abandon him,

you know what I'm saying?

That's just as important to me

as keeping the business going,

But business comes first.

Get that right,

and the friendship stays intact.

If you try and protect
the friendship,

the business is gonna tank.

What's eating him alive?
What's taking him down?

I mean, I think that
when his marriage failed

and his family failed,

it kind of really
[bleep] up his worldview

of how he thought
his life was gonna go.

It's been a downward
spiral since then.

Yeah. We have an owner
that leaves drunk.

Do you have any idea
the consequences

of plowing down a student
on the way home,

and you're responsible for that,

'cause you own 50% of that mess?

That's a big percentage.

Yeah. I guess I just
haven't been ready

to make that next step

that is going to probably
end our partnership

and our friendship.

- If I was in your shoes...
- Yeah.

The question I would be
asking myself is,

"Is Steven good enough,
strong enough,

to become the face
of that business?"

Can he step up and get back
to where he was?

And if he can't,
then he needs to go.

Enough's enough.

(dramatic music)

Is Steven good enough,
strong enough,

to become the face
of that business?

Can he step up
and get back to where he was?

And if he can't,
then he needs to go.

(dramatic music)

Enough's enough.

(inhales nervously)

I will not re-launch
this restaurant

with the Steven that I met.

He needs an ultimatum.

That's a tough one.

I mean, he's gonna need
that ultimatum.

You're 100% right.

And I hope he can
step up to the plate.

Business first,
and the rest will follow.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: Brad needs to wake up

and understand

how bad this business
has slipped on his watch,

and start showing
some responsibility quickly,

because you're lucky that
that business is still open.

♪ ♪

As most of Arkansas hibernates,

the Bear's Den
is roaring with life.

(upbeat music)

We're working our asses off.

But as the sun rises

and re-launch
rapidly approaches,

I know Jamie has her hands
full getting Shelby

and Dave up to speed
with the new menu.

You've got another hole
happening, Shelby.

Oh, no.

- Here. Right there.
- Oh, bless.

Yeah, so put that one back.
One more time.

This is gonna be
a fun re-launch.


- Okay, Jamie?
- Yes, Chef.

Shelby, you good?
David, you good?

- Yes, sir.
- How's it going?

We're still
getting used to the dough

is the main thing, I think.

Well, can you spin it?

Throw it in the air.
Spin it.

My hands are pretty sticky
right now.

Oh, [bleep].
There you go, there you go.

There, now it's nice
and stretched.

That's great.

So now we've got the technique.
Let's speed up a bit, yeah?

Jamie, let's have a chat.
How did it go?

Not the best.

- Not the best.
- No.

I think that they've regressed
a little bit

over the course of the night.

Oh, [bleep].

JAMIE: I think we need
some other help.

Okay, listen, push them.
Get the speed up a little bit.

- Okay, Chef.
- Okay, thanks, love.

Oh, Lord.
Tonight, we may be in trouble.

Shelby and David's performance
is regressing.

Is there a pizza in the oven?

Uh, no.

Are you guys sure?

Oh, yeah.

So there was a pizza
in the oven.

RAMSAY: So I need to come up
with a plan.

But more importantly,

I have to tackle the biggest
problem at Bear's Den.

Kind of got a lot going
through my head, so...

Yeah, likewise.

And that's the owner, Steven.

I need to find out,
has this guy got it,

or is he just too beat?

There's a chip.

I'm not sure which shoulder's
got the most on there,

but where's that frustration
coming from?

People want to say,
"Well, this is a failure,

"so this is Steven's baby,

and that's a success,
so that's Brad's baby."

Really? Man, I've tried so hard
to come in there.

I tell people,
"This is what we need to do.

We need to do this,
we need to do this."

They don't listen to me.

So you've lost control
of your business.

- I have.
- Why?

'Cause the recent employees

don't necessarily
see me as the owner.

I go in there at 4:00
in the afternoon.

"Hey, Velek."
You know, people high-five me.

"Let's have a shot.
Let me get you a shot."

Everybody wants to have a shot
with the owner.

- Staff or customers?
- Customers.

In your mind, are you saying
that every 21-year old

in that campus
is convinced to go

and have a drink
with a 42-year old owner?

Sure. I'm an inspiration
to people, I feel like.


you're digging
yourself an early grave.

It's grim.

It's [bleep] grim.

You're drinking way too much.

How have we got that bad?

Recently, I've just had
a whole lot of anxiety

about things going on.
Feel like I'm...

drinking to forget,

and I realize
that's not the right reason.

You know,
that's not a good thing.

You're hurting.

There's something
not quite right.

I'm here to fix this place,

but I've got no chance
of success

unless you can fix yourself.

Yeah, well,

I'll you right now,
I quit drinking.

I can smell alcohol
on your breath.

It must be from
a couple days ago.

You're laughing again.

So you haven't had a drink
this morning?

Nope. I didn't drink last night
and I didn't drink today.

I know you haven't
quit drinking.

You can [bleep] all you want,

but you just need to stop lying.

And you've got to stop
blaming the staff,

blaming the partner,

and start thinking about you.

(dramatic music)

Think about that.

♪ ♪

Steven's serious issues
go far deeper than anything

I'm going to be able to fix
in 24 hours.

Fortunately, my renovation
team is having more success.

We're gonna put this one here.

As they're finishing strong
ahead of tonight's re-launch.

Little accent of color
is really nice.

Place looks beautiful.


Yeah, that is a big wow.

Quite the transformation.

In just 24 hours,

my team and the Bear's Den staff

have brought new life

to this forgotten
community staple,

thanks to a fresh coat of paint,

updated decor,

and an open dining layout.

- Have a look at this.
- Wow.

This is, like,
not even the same kitchen.

By installing a gas line,

my team was able
to completely transform

this into a functional kitchen.

I have the most amazing,

ventless stone-bake pizza oven.

This thing can operate between
six and ten pizzas at a time.

- Wow.
- And it's yours.

And with this
state of the art equipment,

Bear's Den will say
goodbye to frozen foods

and be able to cook these
college kids

meals they deserve.

That's awesome.
I'm blown away.

Thank you.

But it needs to be
taken seriously.


On that note, by the way,
I want to show you something.

With a bottle
of tequila in his car.


That was this morning.

- Wow.
- That was this morning.

So the ramifications
of re-launching this business

with him at the helm
is super dangerous.

(dramatic music)

Most important thing to me
is to make sure that the staff

are set up for success,

and to make sure that Steven
personally is set up

for long-term success
and health, too.

So I think he needs
to step aside.

I'm gonna get him.

Come in, young man.

♪ ♪

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Barely recognize the place.

I appreciate this.
This is amazing.

We'll take care of business.

♪ ♪

Steven, I love you, man.

You're my brother.

And I feel like right now,
the best thing that we can do

is for you to just take a role
as a silent partner

to get the help that you need.

♪ ♪

Well, I mean...

I think that's a horrible idea.

♪ ♪

Steven, I feel like, right now,

the best thing that we can do
is for you to just take a role

as a silent partner
to get the help that you need.

Well, I mean,
I think that's a horrible idea.

(dramatic music)

I think it's what's best
for you personally right now,

and I think it's what's best
for the staff and the business.

I mean, I wish you'd take
this very seriously.

I am taking it seriously.

Because the thing is, Steven,

as your best friend,

I care about you and your health

and your happiness.

And trust that I will be here
giving the staff

the support they need
while you just take some time

to get you back to the Steven
that we all knew and loved

and built this business
together with.

This is the one shot we got.

♪ ♪

And you know I love you
more than anything.

I know that.
I love you, Brad.

I love you.
I'll do it.

I'll do it.

Thank you, Chef.
I appreciate everything.

- Goodnight, man.
- Goodnight.

Within 36 hours,
I'll be appointed

to be back in charge
of Bear's Den.

This place needs me.

I love Bear's Den.
Bear's Den is my baby.

I made the first one.

I can re-create a second one.

I'm not worried about it.

- That was tough.
- Much needed.

Thank you very much.

With Steven getting the help
he desperately needs,

it's all hands on deck
for the re-launch.

Take a slice.
Get that message out there.

And putting Bear's Den
back on the map.

We're from Bear's Den.

We've got some new pizza
over there.

MAN: Oh, my goodness.

The new and improved Bear's Den.

WOMAN: Really good.

We're minutes from re-launch.
It's been a tough 24 hours.

There's one more change,
but it's gonna come from Brad.

Thank you, Chef.
Bear's Den was on its last leg.

There was bad habits
going on here.

And there was bad leadership.

I know that some of y'all
had come to me

and that I'd ignored it,

and I apologize for that.

Steven has just not been
willing to accept his role

of why this place
has been failing.

So we've asked Steven to go home

and get the help he needs,

because I'm gonna be here
for you guys, with you guys,

to make sure that we stay
on the right track.

That's my promise
and commitment to you,

and I will not let you down.

So if you guys are ready,

let's knock this thing
out of the part tonight.

- Yes, sir.
- All right, baby, let's go.

Let's do it, brother.

(overlapping chatter)

RAMSAY: With Brad
finally at the helm...

Let's [bleep]
kill it tonight, alright?

About to get it.

And with extra help
in the kitchen,

the staff must step up

in order for tonight's re-launch

to be a success.

Lovely shapes, by the way.
Great shapes.

- Thank you, thank you.
- Soon as we go in,

we're always pushing
these things.

First customer.
Let's go.

JP: Welcome to Bear's Den.

My name's JP.
If you guys need

anything at all,
just let me know, okay?

Now that we're off
to the races...

Good to see y'all again.

The real test begins.

I like these.
These look nice.

As hopeful diners return
with high expectations.

I think I might actually
bring people here to lunch.

- There you go.
- Now.

And there is no way
I would have done that before.

It's showtime, guys.

Oh, gosh.
I don't even...

- It's okay, we got it, guys.
- Just take a deep breath.

We got this.

It's gonna get hectic,
but we got it.

I know we want
the spinach-artichoke dip.

- Okay.
- Very hot.

Move over.

And the margherita pizza.

Did you put the parmesan
on there?


And with orders flying in...

Pizza bianco
and pepperoni with pasta.

- MAN: Pasta's going.
- We are up and running now.

MAN: We got this,
we got this, we got this.

The kitchen blazes ahead.

Good. That's going to table
four, please.

Serving dish after dish
to hungry diners.

(upbeat music)

MAN: Look at that slice.

I took one bite yesterday
of the entire meal.

Spit some of it out.
This is way better.

Katie, Shelby,
they're loving the pizzas.

- Okay, good.
- Okay, nice and round.

Keep that crust super thin.

- Okay.
- Yes, sir.

Good man.
Let's go.

Thank y'all for coming back
to the grand re-opening.

I'm Brad.
I'm one of the partners here

that lived in Little Rock.

I think you maybe met
my staff and Steven.

- Yes.
- He's quite a character.

Sometimes you need those.

Sometimes you need a good salad.

Yeah. (laughing)
That's true.

SHELBY: Aw, bless.

I'm waiting on two pizza biancos

and a margherita pizza.

I'm getting on that right now.

Yeah, no... just give her a time.

It's three minutes,
four minutes.

- Six minutes.
- RAMSAY: Six minutes.

- There you go.
- Aw, bless.

I'm gonna [bleep] this up, too.

But that's okay...
I can fix this.

Can fix that hole.
Fix that hole.

Keep that shape.
Remember, nice and thin.

Nice and thin, crisp.

No answer?

I'm talking to you,
and I'm getting nothing back.

Bianco coming in.
Thank you.

Remember, the thinner the crust,

the better it cooks, okay?
Let's go.

Table 27.

Make sure it's cooked
properly first.

All right, we have some pizza.
The pizza bianco.

It does look a little doughy.

Is that a little
too doughy for you?

How y'all doing?

We actually have
a couple of issues.

What's up?

This came out
still kind of doughy.

Very undercooked on that.

And I'll get you guys
another one, all right?

I've got two undercooked pizzas.

- Okay.
- [bleep].

What table number?

Table number 27.

That's the food bloggers.

Both of you, come here.
This is a food blogger.

They've sent it back,
and it's doughy,

It's undercooked.
Come on, guys.

This is a [bleep] disaster.

(dramatic music)

This is a food blogger.

They've sent it back,
and it's doughy,

It's undercooked.
Come on, guys.

This is a [bleep] disaster.

Slow down.
Super thin on the sides,

- please, yeah?
- Okay, okay.

- Okay? Let's go.
- Yes, sir.

I dropped the ball on that.
Getting it right now.

Super thin for the critics, yes?

Yes, sir.
Bianco coming in.

Give me a time
on those pizzas, please.

- Minute, minute and a half.
- Okay, good.

Let's go.

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

- Is that good?
- Yeah, good.

Service, please.

- I got a pizza bianco.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Yeah, it looks nice.

We'll get you all taken care of.

- You're figuring it out.
- Exactly. Right?

Thank y'all.

Nice bubbling on it.

That looks much better.

(camera phone clicks)

Oh, this pizza's really good.

It is so good.

It's got a really
lovely flavor to it.

Yesterday's pizza
was really one of the worst

pizzas I've ever had.

Today, coming in,
it's like a whole new place.

It's delicious, full of flavor,
full of freshness,

and I'd absolutely be back
any chance I get.

Appreciate y'all coming out here

- and giving us another shot.
- Yeah, no problem.

I hope you really
enjoyed everything.

It's so good.
It's perfect.

I think everybody's passion

for Bear's Den
has been reignited from this.

- UCA cheer squad?
- Yes.

Y'all excited about the change?

Yes, it looks so good in here.

Chef Ramsay and his staff
did an amazing job.

We have a big responsibility
now to kind of take

what he's given us
and uphold that reputation.

- That looks beautiful.
- Thank you.

Exactly like that, yes?

Now we have a system going.
Service, please.

BRAD: My presence
is needed more here,

so I definitely plan
on spending a lot more time

here at Bear's Den Pizza.

That's some of the best pizza
I've ever had.

Oh, my gosh,
I'm so glad to hear that.

(camera clicks)

How was that
delicious margherita?

- Oh, my goodness.
- It is fabulous.

- Fantastic.
- Major step forward.

- It's amazing.
- It's gonna be so nice

for our entire UCA community.

Is it?
Fingers crossed.

SHELBY: This is the last one
right here, boss.

'Cause there's three
in the oven.

She needs four.

I'm so proud
that those are my pizzas,

and that I know
that I can do it.

It feels amazing.

- No pain, no gain.
- No pain, no gain.

Tonight, we put this place
back on the map, yeah?

Thanks to you,
her, and him, okay?

- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah? Keep it going, yes?

It's been a long time
since it's been this crowded,

and I'm glad to see that
we have all these customers,

and that we're gonna
have more in the future.

You hear that atmosphere
lift like that,

- what goes through your mind?
- Oh, it's exciting.

We've got the president
of the university here.

People who would never
step foot are in here,

and they're loving it.

- (laughter)
- Means it's good.

The Bear's Den,
they were not really

known for their food as much,
but they will be from here on.

- Focus on the business.
- Yes, Chef.

Conceptualize what you're doing,

and don't be scared
to make changes.

You've made a big one tonight,

and that was a huge
point in the right direction.

- My time is done.
- Yes, sir.

It's been
an incredible 24 hours.

- Yeah.
- Don't screw it up.

I won't.

- Good to see you.
- Thank you.

- You, too.
- Goodnight.

What a night.

This re-launch was always
dependent on Brad, the owner,

making some critical decisions,

and that was to cut dead weight.

And for me, the turning point

was Steven leaving the building,

and empowering the staff
to step up.

BRAD: Hey, you guys
hanging in there?

MAN: Hell, yeah.

If Brad can continue
making those changes

and understanding
it's a business first,

there's a chance of success.

Tonight proved that.

I'm so proud of you guys.
Seriously, man.

[bleep] Gordon Ramsay
in this kitchen

not screaming at you guys.

- I was so surprised.
- The [bleep] is that about?

- Right?
- (horn honks)

Since Gordon Ramsay has left
Bear's Den Pizza,

there's been a lot of exciting
changes around here.

The back-of-house staff is
putting out a superior product

that they're proud of.

And the customers are
really taking a liking to it.

Not only
have we expanded our menu,

we've actually
taken over a space next door

that we're leasing,

and we're expanding
the restaurant

an additional 1,100 square feet.

Like a totally different world
around here now.

And Steven is taking a break
from the restaurant business

and is working on some
other projects right now,

but he's doing well.

It's really good to just
kind of step back sometimes,

you know,
and get a fresh perspective.

I did go up there one night
and had a drink or two,

decided I wanted to take me
one of them bar stools home

for a souvenir.

It's been returned.

So you don't have
to worry about that.

You ever see me,
and you need anything,

just stop me and say "hey,"
okay? All right.

Brad's doing a great job.

If you watch this, Brad,
I love you.

Gordon, if you're watching this,

I love you too, buddy.

Signing out,
from Arkansas to Hollywood.

Thank you.

Next time, I'm traveling
to Little Rock, Arkansas,

where as a member
of the audio crew,

not only will I hear...

I ain't never been this lost.

But I'll also see
a massively flawed kitchen

with my own eyes.

This is a disaster.

And with an owner
so incompetent...

She came to me asking about it,
and, I was like...

It'll take everything I have
to turn this place around.

Grow up or sell the place.