24 Hrs to Hell and Back (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - The Park Restaurant & Bar - full transcript

Ramsay tries to revamp a gastropub located in Oak Park, Calif.

(suspenseful music)

RAMSAY: I'm Gordon Ramsay,
and I'm back

on America's roads
with my mobile kitchen,

heading to nine more
struggling restaurants.

This is not a kitchen.
This is a hellhole.

With these businesses
on the brink of collapse...

It's lined with rat [bleep].

- Smell it.
- (gags)

You haven't even got a stove.

(rock music)

I've got to work quickly,

so I'm giving myself
just 24 hours...

(crowd gasping)

To try and save
each one of them.

Have you seen behind there?
Inches deep.

It's my third time
around the country,

and even though
my advance team tells them

it's a new renovation show,
people are suspicious.

So I've had to up
my disguise and decoy game...

And if these start lopsiding...

WOMAN: We'll help you out.

Just give me some pointers.


RAMSAY: So I can get
into these restaurants

and see what's really going on.

That's molding.
You have to be kidding me.

What I discovered
this time round

is more shocking than ever.

I'm amazed you're still open.

(crowd gasping)

If I have any hope
of saving these restaurants...

This is my kitchen, Chef!

RAMSAY: I'll have to go
to hell and back...

- Okay?
- (crying)

RAMSAY: In 24 hours.

You are so delusional.

I disagree with that.

♪ ♪

(rock music)

I'm heading to Ventura County,

in an area known
as the Conejo Valley.

Just an hour from Los Angeles,

nearby ranches have doubled
as film locations

for many historic movie
and television sets.

Unfortunately, much of this
beautiful landscape

was devastated by those tragic
recent California wildfires.

The Park Restaurant and Bar

located in the quiet
bedroom community of Oak Park.

It's one of the places

feeling the real impact
of those fires,

which destroyed
over 1,600 structures.

One year ago,

owners Kirin and Angelika,

with their two young daughters,

tragically lost their home
in the Woolsey Fire.

The subsequent stress
has caused a strain

in their family
and has them on the path

to lose not only
their restaurant,

but their marriage as well.

(upbeat music)

My name's Kirin Stone,
and I own The Park here

in Oak Park
with my wife Angelika.

We've been here
for about three years.

KIRIN: We have kind of
an eclectic

California-style cuisine.

WOMAN: Realize the weather
changes so quickly here.

(woman laughs)

Oh, yeah.
It was, like, every day.

I'm a talker.
I like to talk to people.

I like to meet new people,
and to me, this is like

somewhat of a playground.

KIRIN: Are you gonna have
another drink?

If you are, I'm gonna have one.

MAN: I'll join you, yeah.

- I don't have my wallet, so...
- KIRIN: It's okay.

I actually enjoy it.
My wife hates it.

Kirin, we could really
use some help

running food and stuff.

Originally, it was supposed
to be an investment,

and not too long into
opening up the restaurant,

everything just kind of
hit the fan.

I'm not sure.

KIRIN: It started off strong,

as any other restaurant,
I think.

Everybody wants
to try the new thing,

and then it just sort
of hit this stagnant area

where all we do is we do kind of

the same business every month.

Recently, I let the manager go
that was here.

I also let the chef go
that was here.

We just couldn't afford them.

Uh, we need to do payroll.

Okay, so let's focus.

You're gonna
have to transfer money

from our personal account again
to... to cover this.

At this point,
if we don't get things busy,

I... I don't know how
we're gonna make it

past another couple months.

How's it going, love?

Good, thank you.
Welcome, welcome.

I feel like the GM.

I mean, I'm the face
of the place.

You know, people have asked me
if I'm an owner,

but it's hard when people

come to you to solve
all the problems

because they can't reach
the owners.

ANGELIKA: N... need your help
for running food.

Yeah, I know.
I gotta finish this, though.

KIRIN: I host a TV show,
and we do a lot

of really big construction

for communities
around the world.

I just got back from Alaska.

I was in Alaska
for about seven days or so.

ANGELIKA: No, I've never had
management experience.

I'm a mom first, and you know,

that's been challenging,
because when Kirin goes away,

I'm doing all of it.

It just doesn't seem
to be adding up to me.

KIRIN: Angelika is my partner
in this business.

I need to depend on her
to do some of these things,

so we fight about
the restaurant all the time.

- Uh, 83.
- Next.

Like, quickly.
We gotta get this in.

I can't do this any quicker

because I wanna make sure
it's done right.

I mean, I'll be honest with you.

It's hurting our marriage.

All right,
what are you doing in here?

Putting this away.

We are in a very delicate...

Spot in our marriage.

I guess I don't need
to be in here, really.

A little over a year ago now,
we lost our home

in the Woolsey Fire,
and it was tough on our family,

uh, our kids.

ANGELIKA: You know,
at the time,

it felt like, "Oh, my God.
It's the end of the world."

There's so much stuff that's
just come crashing on us.

I think that the success
of this restaurant

would definitely be something
that would help our marriage.

What'd you have for dinner?

Hamburgers again?

A restaurant is only
as successful

as its owners want it to be.

They have to be all-in,
'cause if not,

no one else will be.

(dramatic music)

RAMSAY: Over the next
24 hours,

I've got to get these two
back on track

to reignite their passion

both in and out
of their restaurant

and save what little
they've got left.

With this restaurant
on the verge of closing,

I need to discover
what's really going on

at The Park.

Now, being so close
to Hollywood,

trust me.

I've gotta be at the top
of my game

to get into that
restaurant unnoticed.

Captain Frank,
ready to put out the fire.

(upbeat music)

(truck horn honking)

While I'm rolling with
some real-life heroes,

I'm also sending in
a football hero:

three-time Super Bowl champ
Rob Gronkowski

and his friends as a distraction

so I can dine
at The Park unnoticed.

♪ ♪

- WOMAN: Can we get a selfie?
- ROB: Hey, ladies.

Yeah, why not?

RAMSAY: And if I know Gronk,

my plan is sure
to be a touchdown.

Fireman crew.

ROB: Thank you for everything
you guys do.

Yeah, especially all the fires
that happen around here.

What's up, captain?
Yeah, yeah, captain.

So décor's a bit drab, no?
When you first walk in.

RAMSAY: You know, dark,
sort of slightly dingy.

The color's awful.

And what's that monstrosity
in front of me there?

It's almost like a disused
oyster counter, no?

Yeah, remnants
of an old restaurant.

Yeah, not good.

MAN: Let's start
with the wings.

You wanna do the wings?

That's what we wanna do.

Pizza, like a Margherita pizza?

Yeah, we have
a Margherita pizza.

- Yeah.
- MAN: No, we're doing calamari.

- MAN: Calamari?
- Oh, calamari, all right.

Where'd it go?

MAN: We only have one fryer.

- Ready to go?
- Yeah.

Um, I'll do the Killer Wings
with the Mom's Meatballs.

RAMSAY: We're ordering typical
gastropub staple dishes.

I guess he'll get
that mushroom and bleu.

RAMSAY: As well as some
of the more odd dishes

for this kind of restaurant.

MAN: Tomohawk,
good choice, yeah.

MAN: Man, we got some
calamari here.

MAN: Holy moley!

Look at this.
It's just fried.

It's just bread.

MAN: No, the problem I have is,
look at this.

It's soaked in oil.

- ROB: Oh.
- MAN: Wow.

You'll be feeling that one
in the bathroom later.

Man, they're slow.

(tense music)

MAN: Meatballs are out.

You had the meatballs?

Yeah, I'm gonna kinda
bring it out as it comes

'cause that way
you guys get fed.

Great, thanks.

RAMSAY: So the color

MAN: It looks like a turkey.

RAMSAY: It does look
like turkey, doesn't it?

It looks anemic.

MAN: Yeah, a very sick cow.

♪ ♪

RAMSAY: Oh, that's terrible.

Excuse me.
Oh, boy.

MAN: What do you think?

There's a bone in the chicken.

MAN: These wings are horrible.

MAN: I heard there's
a Tomahawk Steak in the works.

MAN: Oh, yeah.

All right.

RAMSAY: What was all that juice
that was swimming in there,

those sprouts?
Oh, dear.

All right,
so you had the Tomohawk.

MAN: Holy crud, man.

MAN: Yeah.

Look at the color of that.
Why is it so black?

RAMSAY: $80.

It's just overcooked, isn't it?

Does that look grated to you,
or is it me?

I mean, I love a good sear,
but oh, my God.

Nothing to salvage here,

and the sear on that is cinder;
everything's just charred.

- WOMAN: This is the owner.
- Hey, how you doing?

- Oh, what's up, man?
- How you doing?

- It's nice to meet you.
- WOMAN: Angelika, his wife.

- Welcome to The Park.
- Yeah, nice to meet you too.

Hi, nice to meet you.

- Hello, how you doing?
- Welcome.

- Thank you for joining us.
- No, thank you for having me.

Time to do some work.
Excuse me.

♪ ♪

Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen!

Can I have your attention,

Kirin, can you get me the staff
from the kitchen, please?

- Oh, my God.
- Sure.

- Oh, my God.
- WOMAN: Oh, my gosh.

- ANGELIKA: Oh, my God.
- WOMAN: Yes.

Ladies and gentlemen,
all of you,

knife and fork down.

Hey, um, everybody in the front.

- Why are you smiling?
- Come here.

'Cause you'll see.
You gotta go in the front.

MAN: I don't like
when he smiles.

Oh, my God.

(tense music)

(all laughing)

(cheers and applause)

Oh, my God.

what we just experienced

is pretty much laughable.


RAMSAY: 'Cause what we've
just eaten has been shocking.

From the meatballs to the wings

to a Tomohawk steak.


I know why
this restaurant's failing.

I've got things to show you...
all of you.

Follow me.
What a disaster.

RAMSAY: Thank you, Rob.

(rock music)

♪ ♪

This is Hell On Wheels.
This is my epicenter.

It's staffed with
passionate individuals

that know their craft
and come to work

on a daily basis
with fire in their bellies.

What I wanna show you now

is how this place
really functions.

Please take a look.

(tense music)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)


MAN: Gross.

Did we just lose that guy?
Did he just walk out or what?

I don't know.

Hey, Katie, all the computers
are down for some reason.

Do you know what you normally
do when that happens?

KIRIN: Can I get a shot
of Don Julio?

You don't need to ring it up.

KIRIN: Can I get you
a... a shot or a round

or something like that?

I'm gonna get you one
of those on me.

Let 'er rip.

♪ ♪

Oh, I don't normally do tequila.


Kirin, what on Earth
is going on?

I mean, I think a lot of that
is just taken out of content.

I think we were on it
pretty good today.

Like, I wouldn't say
my experience

was the same as yours.

You think you were
pretty on it today.

RAMSAY: Katie,
why are you upset?

I'm embarrassed.

I'm so embarrassed right now.


Kirin, Katie's got more passion
than you have,

and she doesn't even
run the business.

Clearly, you don't give
a [bleep].

(tense music)

Kirin, clearly you
don't give a [bleep].

It's not that
I don't give a [bleep].

It's just, uh,
restaurants are difficult.

They're a work in progress
always, and uh...

Restaurants are difficult?

I didn't expect stupid
Band-Aids from you

with crap excuses because
you wanna make allowances

for your inadequacy.

aren't you embarrassed?

I am.

Then how come
your husband's not?

I wish I could speak for him.

RAMSAY: Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm not asking you
to pay for that.

What I do need is all
of you back here in 24 hours.

Can I have your commitment
that you'll come back?

All: Yes.

I appreciate that.

I am here to fix this place.

24 hours isn't long.

With an owner that's delusional,

you can see I've got
my work cut out.

And those 24 hours start now.


Staff, get on your cell phones
and ring home

and tell them you're not gonna
be back for the next 24 hours.

You're staying here with me
to get this place fixed.

I'll see you back
at the restaurant.

Is there any way that Lucas
can spend the night?

So, yeah, I'm not gonna
be coming home tonight.

And it was so bad.

KIRIN: I'm pissed off
at the guy.

I mean, I feel like
he said everything bad

that he could possibly say
about it,

so I wanna tear
his head off right now

and kick it down the street.

KIRIN: I have no lack
of passion

when it comes
to that restaurant.

(tense music)

The staff are the foundation
of any restaurant,

so can you two give me
five minutes with the staff?

- Do you mind?
- Sure.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

Who's in charge?

ANTON: Honestly,
not really anyone.

- I mean, we have to be...
- ANTON: We have no guidance.

We have Katie, who is like
the main person here right now.

Like, the day-to-day.

We don't have a general manager.

Or a head chef.

Yeah, unbelievable.

I would like to know
what the problems are.

Katie, you got really upset
at Hell On Wheels.

Where does it start?
Help me to understand.

He leaves.

It's like he's abandoned us,

and then when he does
come back in,

it's a showboat.

It's, "Everything's fine.
Da, da, da, da, da."


I don't know if it's just

because he's inexperienced,

if he doesn't wanna face
the problem,

if it's too much
of a burden on him.

- Right.
- Um, I don't know.

The ownership has given up
on themselves,

the restaurant, and the staff.

And that's honestly, I think,
the reason why we stick around

is just because this...

KATIE: We stick for each other.

Yeah, we really do stay
for each other, man.

We could go get jobs
anywhere else, but...

Let me tell you something.

You all are the reason
why I'm here.


Now, I know it may seem tough,

but understand,
I've got your back.



(dramatic music)

Sit down, please.

♪ ♪

I've had a... an amazing chat
with your staff,

and what I've heard
is pretty shocking.

There's no leadership.
There's no structure.

I mean, if I'm not here,

if I'm gone half of the month...

I'm gonna interrupt you.

Let's talk about you
not being here.

Okay, not by choice.
I'm working.

Uh, but you have a restaurant
that's failing,

and you're not here.

Again, not by choice.

And then there's
no infrastructure.

What's that?

You have no management.

You put all this money into
the restaurant,

yet you're chasing
dreams elsewhere,

and this doesn't seem
to be the number one priority,

yet it's siphoning
a lot of money.

If I was to come here

and just put everything
into this restaurant,

we wouldn't be in a house
next month.

You're missing my point.

You're not here.

You're not helping
when you are here.

- I disagree with that.
- RAMSAY: Why do you disagree?

Because you're not actually

You can't expect to run
a business properly

when you're not here.

You're not running the business.

That's not true.

What little business is left,
your staff are running it,

but they're not empowered
to run it properly.

That's not true, though.
That's not true.

- RAMSAY: You are so delusional.
- I disagree with that.

RAMSAY: Angelika.

We don't know how to run
a restaurant.

You don't know how to run it.
I appreciate your honesty.

You're absolutely right.

I've had enough [bleep]
for one day.

I've got 24 hours
to fix this place,

and that seems
a million miles away.

You need to man up
and not disappear.

Get your priorities straight.
It's as simple as that.

This is Teresa,
my right-hand woman.

This place is in desperate need
of an identity.

It needs a vision.

I want everyone's sleeves
rolled up

and let's get going, now.

Okay, we'll take all
the stools outside.

Then we're gonna take
tables outside.

Table dressings,

let's kind of put them
on the bar

and we'll pack those separately.


(upbeat music)

♪ ♪

You know, if this is gonna
be a cool gastropub,

it needs to get
some warmth in here.

- Definitely.
- Lots of colors.

- A little more texture too.
- More lights and texture.

Also, everything's dark.

TERESA: Mm-hmm.

- Let's get cracking.
- Okay.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

- RAMSAY: Katie.
- KATIE: Yes?

What was this thing used for?

KATIE: It used to be
an oyster bar.

An oyster bar?
What a waste of space.

Like, I've always wanted
to knock this down

and make it into a stage
because we have live music.

♪ ♪

I... I'm full of anxiety.

RAMSAY: Let's go
in the kitchen, please.

Everything's on the line,

and I hope Kirin's gonna listen
to Chef Ramsay.

He doesn't listen to me.

I mean, he'll listen to me
if I'm saying something

that he wants to hear,

but I feel very shut down
a lot of the time.

When was the last time this
place was properly cleaned?

The kitchen, these guys
clean up every single night.

Every single night?

That's absolute utter [bleep].

Are you looking properly,
or are you just tiptoeing...

Well, I'm not a chef,
so I maybe wouldn't know...

You don't need to be a chef
to understand

a kitchen's [bleep] dirty.

That there is every night?
That's every night?

For [bleep] sake.

♪ ♪

Do you have any idea how quick
this [bleep] can ignite?


How do we get wings like this?

- Oh.
- MAN: Oh.

Why are the Brussels sprouts
in with the wings?

No clue, to be honest.

Eh, they probably just
got shuffled around

when we were running around
like chickens back here.

They're cooked, right?

They should be parcooked.

But when you parcook them

and they're still raw
in the middle,

that's the most dangerous time
for a chicken.


The raw continues growing
the bacteria.

It affects the cooked part.

Everything it touches
is just cross contaminating.

It's fundamentally wrong.

Where's the main walk-in?

- Is it this one here?
- MAN: Yeah.

Where is that smell coming from?

RAMSAY: And what is that smell?

Oh, my God.

RAMSAY: Unbelievable.

(tense music)

RAMSAY: Where is that smell
coming from?

Oh, my God!

What is that, now?

Why is all this stuff
sat in that blood?

It's also a month old.

A month old?

Are you telling me
that for sure is a month old?

Like, you know for sure
it's a month old?

- Probably. Probably.
- KIRIN: Huh?

RAMSEY: Can you two [bleep] off
to the dining?

I need a word with Kirin.

I'm disgusted right now.

Like, no different
than you are right now.

I'm completely beside myself.

This is your [bleep] future
on the line.

Your name, your wife's name,

everything you've got
into this business.

A walk-in like that,

you're losing thousands
of dollars.

And that's when you really
dig in there

and you really look
at everything,

and I mean,
you know where to look.

I'm not a restaurateur,

so you know where
to kinda look at it.

You need to stop the excuses.

You need to start
looking within,

and you need to start
becoming accountable.

That's clear today, isn't it?

I want the chefs in here,

and I want this
[bleep] place cleaned.

Oh, that's frustrating.

(rock music)

♪ ♪


Oh, my Lord.


- Looks nice on the bar.
- How are you?

- Yeah, it looks great.
- That looks beautiful.

A great light in there as well,

Mm-hmm, it does,
and a nice, shiny feature.

A nice texture.

And you got that going up
the wall as well, yeah?

Yeah, yeah, we decided to add
it there at the last minute.


RAMSAY: With the renovation

quickly taking shape,

I've invited Mark and Kevin
to Hell On Wheels

so I can try to assess

what this kitchen staff
will need to succeed.

Guys, come up, please.

Welcome back to H. O. W.

Kevin, how'd you get
into cooking?

In kindergarten, actually.

- You started at five?
- Yeah.

I was completely sucked
into this.

I was thrown into
the water with the sharks

and it was... it was sink or swim.

Do you have anyone
in the family involved in food?

No, my family is very
uninvolved in food.

What do you wanna do
going forward?

I wanna go to culinary school,

and I wanna open up
a restaurant.

- So you wanna be a chef?
- Absolutely.

Mm-hmm, good.

And so your experience,
what's your background?

MARK: Well, I kinda fell
into it.

You know, it's a job,
but at the same time,

even if I don't like a job,

I still give it 100%.

I've been here for 2 1/2 years.

Right, uh, first of all,

we're running a cool,
hip gastropub.

Hearty food cooked simply.

Let's start this end down here.

A delicious, uh, bibb salad,

so it's pistachio-crusted
goat cheese,

pickled red onions,

and a vinaigrette finish
with fine herbs.

Next to that we've got some
beautiful burrata fritters,

dipped in a batter
and lightly fried,

served with a zesty caper aioli.

Next to that,

it's a beautiful linguini
with clams finished

with a light smoked pancetta

with a citrus gremolata on top

and finished with those

wonderful Panko bread crumbs

Next to that we've got
a beautiful cod,

a line-caught cod
served with mushy peas

and seasoned French fries.

Next to that we've got
a beautiful grilled rib eye.

It's got an ancho chili rub,

beautiful grilled asparagus
with some sautéed potatoes.

So rib eye.

We'll start off
with a touch of oil,

beautiful fragrant ancho chili
coffee rub, okay?

And the longer it sits
in the marinade,

the better the flavor,

and we're gonna get
a really good sear on there.

It can take a sear?

RAMSAY: It can take
a great sear.

And my sizzle platter on,

see that color,

on my sizzle platter.

That goes in the oven
six minutes, okay?

Now, potatoes, caramelized.

We make these, you do two
or three portions at a time.

Next, my asparagus.

Grill them up,
and set them on there.

Take my steak out.

(upbeat music)

I'm not even hungry,
and that smells good.

Keep a point towards the center,

then slice underneath.

I'll go four times there.

Up and just sit that on top.

And there we have literally
a beautiful rib eye.

Dig into the steak.

♪ ♪

That is incredible, though.

- That's... it's butter.
- Absolutely delicious.


You know, those two young chefs

looked like
deer in the headlights.

You're good on that.
One more side.

RAMSAY: Especially Kevin.
18 years of age.

I'm hoping,
with intense training,

this time tomorrow,
we should be there,

but uh, we're weak.

We're very weak.

Maybe one more spoonful.

(suspenseful music)

It's very beautiful, though.

I'm really excited.

Gordon's one of my heroes.

The restaurant
desperately needed a change.

We have a very short time
to get things done.

I just want it to work.

We need it to work.

Coming through here.

RAMSAY: While the back
of the house

is working to learn
a new menu...

Just gonna wait for the mayhem.

I've asked Angelika
to come meet with me...

Wow, what a day.

In the hope of getting
to the truth

of what's going on,

something Kirin just isn't
giving me so far.

Help me to understand
where we are.

I'm... I'm not happy.

I'm not spending the time
I'd like with our children.

And they need you, right?

- They do.
- Yeah.

It's been really difficult.

I do believe he loves me,
and I love him.

I'm still all-in,

but this stress
has really taken a toll.

But you gotta talk about
these things together.

You're part of this.

I try to talk to him.

I... you know, I... whether
it be about business

or the kids,
he completely shuts me out.

- Yeah.
- I feel really alone

and, um, who else
am I gonna talk to

if I can't talk to him
about what's going on

in our life?

You guys don't even have
a house.

Home's gone.

How are you dealing
with that financial pressure,

and how bad is it?

I'm living in my biggest fear.

We're financially in a big mess,

and I can't talk to him.

I don't even know how we're
gonna pay next month's rent,

and he's just not
thinking clearly.

You are a strong lady.
You have two amazing girls.

- You have a lot to fight for.
- I do.

It's just getting through
to him, I'm struggling.

You're bloody important,
and he needs to realize that

and respect that.

I just don't know
if that's gonna be enough.

- Be strong.
- I'm trying.

(dramatic music)

RAMSAY: Come on.

(exhales sharply)
What a shame.

This is not just about
a desperate restaurant.

This is a broken family
with a delusional owner,

so I've gotta get through
to him quickly,

because I don't know if Angelika

is gonna be around
for much longer.

(rock music)

RAMSAY: Everyone is working
through the night...

I just noticed
it was dark outside.

RAMSAY: To turn this dark,
dreary dining room

into something lighter
and brighter.

I'm cold. I'm tired.
I'm hungry.

I've never been here this long.

♪ ♪


But it will all be for nothing

if there's no leader
in the kitchen.

Okay, talk, talk, talk.
Kevin, you good?


- Are you good?
- Yeah.

How come you're doing it?
They're not doing it.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Put that down.

How's that?
Touch that.

So that feels a bit under there.

That's a little under, yeah.
It's a thicker one.

Absolutely, so again,

always test it before
you take it out.

- All right.
- Let's catch up.

30 seconds.

(suspenseful music)

Uh, right.
How's it going?

They're both a little
"deer in the headlights."

Damn. No one's
stepping up as a leader?

- No, definitely not.
- No.

Mark, you can tell cooking
is not his passion.

- RAMSAY: Right.
- This is just a job for him.

Kevin's 18 years of age.
Um, how's he been?

He's actually been fantastic.

He's so eager to learn.

He's so excited
to learn from us and from you,

and so he's been taking
direction really well.

If we were to stall the opening
and more and more training,

do you think one of them
could break through or not?

- As a leader, no.
- No.

Not yet.
They need more experience.

- Okay, continue pushing them.
- Yes, Chef.

Yeah, and I'll come up
with a plan B.

- Okay, you got it.
- Thanks, Mary.

Good job.

(power tools buzzing)

Right, let's deal with
the elephant in the room...

this oyster bar.

WOMAN: Oh, goodness, that's
been a thing overnight.

RAMSAY: Great.

God, look at the space
we've gained.

Yeah, now we're just gonna
turn this into a stage,

'cause we've got most
of the rebar out now

so we have these last
little bits to do.


(power tool buzzing)

♪ ♪

- WOMAN: Great.
- Amazing.

RAMSAY: With the oyster
bar gone,

now we can finally breathe
new life into The Park.

Two burgers.
That's the great hallmark

of any great gastro restaurant,

But before we reopen,

the kitchen needs a new leader,

so I've made some calls
and brought in

two candidates and asked them

to cook their best burger.

If it does become
the number one burger,

you get the job
of running the bar,

so there's a lot at stake.

Off you go, guys, yeah.
Let's go.

Now, this is gonna
be a tough decision,

so I brought back
my friend Gronk

to help pick the best burger.

Any great chef worth his salt
should be able to nail

an amazing burger, right?

Yes, that's correct.

So I'd like you to help taste
the burgers with me.

- All right.
- Okay?

And then from there we'll sort
of coordinate the Gronk Burger.

- Whoever comes out on top...
- Yes.

They're talented guys...
they'll get the job.

- All right.
- And we'll elevate this burger.

Sounds great.
Yeah, all right.

(both speaking at once)

Thank you.

Ozzy, love of cooking,
where'd it come from?

From my grandfather.
He's from China.

This burger,
how'd you conceptualize?

Where'd you get the ideas from
to put this together?

It's a blend of American
and Asian.

Yeah, can't wait to taste it.

RAMSEY: The love of cooking,
where did it start?

My grandmother.

My grandmother's
a little old Italian lady

and taught me a lot
and been cooking

since I was about six years old.

RAMSAY: Sounds amazing.

♪ ♪

Uh, two good burgers
going head-to-head.

- VINNY: Yes.
- RAMSAY: Fingers crossed.

Gronk is gonna love them.
May the best burger win.

Really good.
Well done.

All right, thank you, Chef.

- ROB: Gordon, what's up, man?
- So two...

- Are the burgers done?
- Their burgers are done.

- Excellent.
- Visually, what do you think?

ROB: I can't lie.
These are good-looking burgers.

- Let's get in there, shall we?
- Yes.

So this one is a, uh...
this is a smoked burger.

Hickory-smoked meat with, uh,
hickory-smoked, uh, cheese.

There's a lot going on there.

- Dig in, my man.
- ROB: All right.

♪ ♪

It's pretty good.

So this one,

this has got a, uh,
classic bibb lettuce,

tomato, onion.

Look how beautiful it looks
with the lettuce out,

sticking out like that.

The stack is beautiful,
isn't it?


Let's see how it looks inside.

Again, the texture is beautiful.

Open that up.
Look at that.


- Shall we?
- ROB: Yeah.

♪ ♪

- Oh, my God.
- Wow.

See, on this one,
I can taste the pickle.

- (laughing)
- Thank you.

I didn't want all that
white stuff on your lips.

Yes, I didn't know.
Don't want that.

But flavor-wise, um...

Tastes just like a burger,
how it should be.

RAMSAY: Mm-hmm.

There's no, like,
sauce in the way.

The sauce is delicious,

but it's not overtaking
the whole burger.

We need a winner.

Man, this is gonna be tough.

Gents, come on down.

Uh, come and stand in the middle

between Rob and I, please.

Both burgers were hands-down
the best two burgers

I've ever had in my life,

so I have chose
the second burger

that I have eaten.

Congratulations goes to Ozzy.
Well done.

OZZY: Thank you, Chef.

A really good job indeed.

Hey, Vin, great job.

We have an official
Gronk Burger.

- Yes, the Gronk Burger.
- Do it justice.

RAMSAY: Uh, Rob, thank you.

I look forward
to seeing you later.

Yes, sounds good, man.

Take care, guys.

- You have a new job.
- Thank you, Chef.

I really appreciate it.
I'm very humbled.

- Are you ready?
- I'm very excited.

- I'm very ready.
- Good.

RAMSAY: There's a lot
of pressure on Ozzy

to step up and lead the kitchen.

Take a seat, please.

RAMSAY: But right now,

I need to deal with
the biggest issue

facing The Park;
Kirin, the owner.

What's the most important thing
for you every day you wake up?

In your life?
Number one.

Well, I'm... I'm... you know,
support my family.

- You know...
- RAMSAY: I'm glad to hear that.

But listen to me.

You've got this fragmented
relationship with Angelika.

The restaurant has gotten
to you both.

She feels vulnerable.
She's insecure in there.

She does not on a daily basis
want to be in that restaurant.

She wants to be back
with the girls

and bringing them up correctly
with your support.

You need to build your house
and create that stable bedrock

for your girls and your wife.

Do you believe
you've got that bedrock?

There's no support there.

I feel with her,

I feel like she just wants us
to sell the restaurant

and get rid of it.

You need to stop.

She wants you.

(dramatic music)

However sensitive
you are in terms

of what you've seen or heard,

I promise you now that
she has not given up on you.

Man, she is in.

She is in hook, line,
and sinker.

She loves you.

It just doesn't...
it doesn't feel that way.

It's like every day,
it's like...

I see it.

That's the restaurant.

That's dealing
with vendors and staff,

and she's got no experience
in that.


But you've put her in a role

she doesn't want
to be in, Kirin,

and it's destroying her,
and it's destroying you.

Now, don't take her down
in something

she doesn't want to do,

and you'll see a difference
in tone when you get home.

Save your marriage.

(upbeat music)

♪ ♪

Wow, this is a big difference.

RAMSAY: Long gone is the damp,
dull interior

and uninviting color scheme.

KIRIN: I'm blown away.

It looks like a completely
different restaurant.

RAMSAY: We've added
brighter colors

throughout the restaurant

and upgraded the tables, chairs,

and light fixtures,

creating an upscale
gastropub atmosphere.

This mural here is stunning.

It was 2D.
We transformed it into 3D.

RAMSAY: The clunky,
dated oyster bar

has been removed and replaced

with a stage for live music.

I've installed
a state-of-the-art

point of sale system that is
one of the best in the world.

Touch Bistro.

It's an incredible system

that can run your business

- Thank you for this.
- Uh, you're welcome.

- You happy?
- I am happy.

This is beautiful, yeah.


- Hi.
- Welcome back.


I'll leave you two, uh, alone.

Welcome back.

Oh, my God.

ANGELIKA: It looks great.
I love it.

What do you think?

♪ ♪

Kind of an emotional
roller coaster.

(dramatic music)

♪ ♪

I think what I've learned
is how I want

to basically take the burden
off of you,

'cause I know that
you're stuck in here,

you know,
trying to make it work,

and it's not what you do.

'Cause it is too much stress,

and I think it would be best

if, uh...

You know, we get
a manager in here,

and I think that will help us
hopefully connect again

as a couple and be able
to, you know,

save our marriage
out of it and...

You really think that we can?

KIRIN: Yeah.

And I think this
is a perfect start

to being able to do that.

- Yeah.
- You good?

I'm excited, but I'm scared,
and we're still...

it's still gonna be a struggle.

I love you. I do.

I wanna make it work.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

All right?

RAMSAY: Where's the man?
Ozzy, come over.

I want to introduce you
to somebody very special.

Please welcome Ozzy.

He is gonna be positioned
as the head chef.

That's awesome.
Welcome to the team.

Thank you very much.

I'm very excited to be here.

Kirin, anything you'd like
to say to the team?

Uh, you know, I'm...
I'm really appreciative

of all you guys sticking around.

I mean, I appreciate the work
that you guys do.

So hopefully this is a good
new start for all of us.

- KIRIN: You know?
- I'm excited.

KATIE: It's so much better.

We're gonna put this place
back on the map.

All right, let's get busy.

(country music playing)

- KATIE: Welcome back.
- MAN: How we doing?

Good to see you again.

KIRIN: I appreciate
you guys coming in.

What do you think
of the new digs?

It looks great.
I really like it.

Looks really good.

KIRIN: Grab a seat.

We'll get you started
with some drinks.

RAMSAY: The Park
has officially relaunched,

and front of house
is filling up.

I think I'm gonna try the Gronk.

But back in the kitchen,

it looks like Ozzy
is gonna be missing a member

of his new team.

RAMSAY: So, Mark,
come over.

You okay?

MARK: I thought
I would be better.

Yeah, it's just the, uh, flu.

- The flu?
- I'm assuming.


The launch is obviously

but I hope you feel better,
and uh, get some rest, yeah?

With Mark out sick with the flu,

it's up to new head chef Ozzy

and 18-year-old Kevin,

who will now have to play
an even more pivotal role.

(printer printing)
Here we go.

- First table in.
- First course.

Bibb lettuce salad,
burrata fritters,

second course,
two fish and chips,

two grilled rib eye steaks,
and the Gronk burger.


Answer, Kevin, please.

Yes, Chef.
Fish and chips are in.

- Welcome to The Park.
- Thanks, thanks. Two.

This bar top
is the same bar top,

but they put the gold
on the bottom.

Chairs you're
sitting in are new.

(country music playing)

So I have some appetizers.
Enjoy, guys.

ROB: Awesome, thanks.

That's good.

Is it everything you dreamed of?

- Mm-hmm.
- (laughs)

RAMSAY: With the new team
in the kitchen

finding their rhythm,

The Park is buzzing,

and the diners
are loving the food.

- Awesome.
- Yeah.

And more importantly,

Angelika is nowhere to be seen.

Do you see table five drinks?

I'm gonna run those for Leah.


Finally we have a head chef
that's at the helm,

but what he needs
to do now is talk.

Unfortunately all he's got
is an 18-year-old cook.

- Burger coming out.
- RAMSAY: Good.

Where's your fries?
Come on.

- KEVIN: I'll get them.
- Oh, come on, come on.

You know that now, Kevin.

Don't [bleep] around me
like this.

- So sorry.

Give me the burger complete,

- Fries?
- KEVIN: Yes, sir.

RAMSAY: Just concentrate.
Hey, Kevin.

I'm talking to you.
You're not talking back.

- KEVIN: Yes, Chef. Yes, Chef.
- Look at me.

RAMSAY: Turn around
and talk to me.

- Yes, Chef.
- Like a proper chef, okay?

A lot of stress, man.

KIRIN: Thank you for coming in.
I appreciate it.

My name's Kirin.
How's the food so far?

KIRIN: Should I take it back?

KIRIN: Okay, yeah.
I'd love to do that.

All right, guys, this is the,
uh, first burger to come back.

RAMSAY: Oh, boy.
Ozzy, Kevin, come here, please.

Don't run away.
Stop right there.

RAMSAY: It's raw!

RAMSAY: Kevin, come here,

Don't run away.
Stop right there!

It's raw!

It's not a race.

Refire burger medium, yeah?

And if you're not too sure,

get Chef to check it with you,

Okay. Sure.

Now, that's a mistake,
but bounce back, okay?

- Bounce back, okay?
- All right, definitely.

One more burger, please.
Let's go.

(tense music)

How we doing over here, guys?

Doing good, man.
How are you tonight?

Um, we're good.

Yeah, that's the refire,
medium, yes?

- Yes.
- Good.

♪ ♪

- Sorry about that.
- Thank you very much.

♪ ♪

WOMAN: Good.

Fish and chips,
grilled rib eye steak.

RAMSAY: Food is finally
going out

hot and on schedule.

Keep it going, Ozzy.

Let's go, Kevin.

(upbeat music)

Be back in a quick sec.

So we're, uh,
in full-swing service.

RAMSAY: I'd like you
to expedite a little bit now.

I have it running here
from left to right.

Ozzy's calling out the orders.
Kevin's on the grill.

KEVIN: Burgers
are coming out right now.

Ozzy is, uh, cooking.

We're going now
with three rib eye,

two burger, one fish and chips,

one linguini, table 14,

followed by one rib eye, okay?

KIRIN: Um, do you guys...

hey, uh, Kevin, you gonna have

this order up in how long?

- KEVIN: Which order?
- This one right here.

- You have, uh...
- A big one?

Yeah, one burger,
you got a fish and chips,

and a linguini.

- Three... three rib eyes, right?
- Yeah.

Gentlemen, steak was nice?
The rib eye?

MAN: It was melting
in my mouth.


It's an honor
to have you back here.

- Thank you, Chef.
- Sir.


KIRIN: And there's
another linguini

that goes with this fish
and chips.

- Two coming right now.
- Two? Okay, perfect.


(indistinct chatter)

Hi, there.

- How you doing?
- Did you just get here?

- You look amazing.
- Oh, thank you.

- How are the girls?
- They're wonderful.

Um, wow, this place
is buzzing tonight.

- RAMSAY: I mean really buzzing.

ANGELIKA: Look at all
these people.

The atmosphere is electrifying,

and your man is behind
the line expediting.

- Sweating.
- Wow.

The hair's gone down
a couple of inches.


RAMSAY: He seems like
he's getting involved.

- You gonna have a look?
- Yeah, I'd love to.

- Yeah?
- Yes.

- Yes, please.
- Here you go.

Good to see you.

(upbeat music)

- Hello?
- How you doing?

What are you doing?

It's a new fish and chips.

- Oh.
- Got the expo going here.


Kev, you still got that
fish and chips coming, right?

Fish and chips,
another two minutes.

And Chef, you got a couple
linguinis in the work, right?

- Yes, two linguinis working.
- Okay, perfect.

So you're gonna be expediting
from now on?

It's good to know every part
and every facet

of the restaurant, so yes,
I can jump in at any area

if I need to.

ANGELIKA: Kirin and I have
a lot of work ahead of us.

I think he's sincere
about opening up his heart

and really putting
some effort into it.

Kev, you still got that

- fish and chips coming, right?
- Yes.

- Are you excited?
- KIRIN: Yeah.

ANGELIKA: There's nothing
more important

than family to me, and I think

that's what having
a partnership is really about.

I now just need both of you
for one minute, please.

Thank you.

How did that feel,
holding the reigns

in the kitchen?

- It felt good.
- It felt good?

Yeah, I felt actually
somewhat empowered

with my own restaurant
being able

to... to, you know,
to produce the food

and get it out
and feel in control of it

and also the quality.

Keep that feeling,
but above all that,

your relationship
is way more important,

and no restaurant
is better than a family.

Family first.

I cannot tell you
how important that is.

Make time for each other.

Work on that.

This place is gonna take off.

Stay strong.
My time is done.

(dramatic music)

Come here, you.

- Yeah?
- (chuckling)

Can't wait to meet those girls
when I get back.

- Yes.
- Mr. Stubborn.

- Are you good?
- I am good.

Anything else you need?

I'm good.

You've got everything
you need right there.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.

There he goes.

(exhales sharply)

The Park tonight felt like

a completely different

to what I discovered
24 hours ago.

The buzz, the atmosphere,

the band, the food,

and we have a proper chef
in the kitchen.

If Kirin and Angelika
can keep their differences

outside of this restaurant,

their marriage can survive.

If you bring your home life
into the restaurant,

you could be headed
for the rocks.

(truck horn honks)

(engine rumbling)

KIRIN: Hey, Gordon.
It's, uh, Kirin here

with Angelika.

Giving you an update
on what's been going on.

Not being involvd
with the restaurant anymoe

has, uh, definitely
been relieving for me.

Uh, as far as our personal
and family life,

we are now currently
separated, unfortunately.

KIRIN: I'll give you a little
update on the restaurant.

Ozzy never showed up.

We would have gladly
hired him as a chef,

but, um, he just failed to come
in the last couple of days.

The two rib eye with the
linguini left already, right?

OZZY: Hi, Chef Ramsay.
After you left The Park,

Kirin, uh, he didn't
return my calls,

so I figured out that
he wasn't that interested.

We, uh, lost, uh, Kevin.

KIRIN: He, uh, decided to bail
after the remodel here.

Hey, Chef Ramsay.

KEVIN: Shortly after you left
The Park,

I left too.

Kirin didn't hire Ozzy

and threw out most of the food

that you prepped the day before.

Sadly, you know, I don't think
you got through to Kirin.

KIRIN: Dealing with a lot
of problems right now.

All in all, I mean,

we've just been doing, um,
what we can here

to, uh... or I've been
doing what I can

to try to save the restaurant.

(dramatic music)

RAMSAY: Next time,
I'm headed to central Arkansas

where a struggling pizza joint
is on the verge of collapse.

MAN: How disgusting
is this place?

And a reckless owner...

MAN: Shots, shots!

RAMSAY: Has a staff
living in fear.

It is scary.
It's full-on rage.

For every wrong thing
I've done up here,

I've done 100 good things.

RAMSAY: It's one of the most

Every rat in the area's dumped
on top of your [bleep] fridge.

RAMSAY: And jaw-dropping
episodes to date.

My worry is you're not even

At least if you were
slightly drunk,

there's a [bleep] excuse!