24 Hrs to Hell and Back (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Caneda's White Rooster - full transcript

Gordon revamps a Cuban-inspired restaurant in Tom's River, N.J.

(dramatic music)

I'm Gordon Ramsay,

and I'm back on America's roads

with my culinary command center

heading to nine more
struggling restaurants.

Let's go to the scariest place
in America.

With these businesses
on the brink of collapse...

Just smell that.
This is worse than the plague.

You're lucky you haven't
killed anybody!

I've got to work quickly,

so I'm giving myself
just 24 hours...

(all gasp, groan)

To try and save
each one of them.

Did each member of staff
take a turn [bleep] in here?

Oh, my!

RAMSAY: It's my third time
around the country,

and even though
my advance team tells them

it's a new renovation show,
people are suspicious.

So I've had to up
my disguise and decoy game...

- Is that you?
- Yeah.

No way!
I can't even tell!

RAMSAY: So I can get into
these restaurants,

and see what's really going on.

You are [bleep] kidding me!

What I discovered
this time round

is more shocking than ever.

- [bleep] hell!
- (people murmuring)

If I have any hope
of saving these restaurants..

I got two months.

RAMSAY: I'll have to go
to hell and back...


In 24 hours.

- (retching)
- You made Gordon vomit.

(Gordon coughs)

(upbeat music)

Now, I've just arrived
in Toms River, New Jersey.

The boardwalks, the beaches,
and the attractions

have made this beautiful
East Coast township

a thriving suburb

and a must-stop
for thousands of tourists

heading down to the shore.

In an area saturated with
successful Italian eateries,

Caneda's White Rooster

is trying to stand out
from the flock

with its Cuban fare.

However, after only
being open for a year,

its lackluster performance

has given the people
of Jersey Shore

very little to crow about.
♪ ♪

My name is Patty Caneda,

and I am the owner
of Caneda's White Rooster.

I spent a lot of time being
raised by my grandparents,

who were Cuban refugees.

I wanted to create something
that was going to be based

on my heritage and my culture
as a Cuban American,

and so I took all the recipes
that my grandmother taught me,

and I opened up
an empanada shop.

My empanada shop made a pretty
big splash here in Toms River.

I started to get the itch
to grow,

and I heard about this really
great community-based investor,

Jeremy Grunin.

Patty reached out to me
via social media.

You could feel
her energy quickly,

and you could see
that this was somebody

who you wanted to kind of
hitch your wagon to,

and I invested just about
two million dollars.

Okay, I need two ropa fritas.

PATTY: When we first opened
Caneda's White Rooster,

it was a great restaurant
with great food.

After being open for a year now,

we are seeing
a big drop in business.

That was a cold pan,
and I [bleep] that up.

First-time owner
of such a big restaurant,

Patty hired a lot of young kids

with no experience whatsoever.

- Frustrating, right?
- Yes.

It's kind of a free-for-all.
Everybody does what they want.


I don't think Patty
opened the restaurant

knowing exactly what
she was getting into.

I'm pulling 37, right?

- None of this is up?
- Huh?

I thought that's the one
that we were going on.

That's what I thought.
My name is Phil,

I'm the executive chef
at the White Rooster.

I started out here
as a prep cook.

Within a month,
I was the executive chef.

No one in this building
knows food the way I do.

I think I'm really good at it.
Anything get sent back?

- Yep.
- What? Couple of things.

Patty needs
to turn things around

because I am done
reaching into my pocket.

I'm in just about $2 million.

I can't keep putting money
into this.

It's sink-or-swim time
for Patty.

If she sinks,
then I have to pull the plug.

PATTY: (voice breaking)
I'm just not ready to quit,

and I'm not ready to give up,

and I'm not ready
to disappoint my daughters.

(somber music)

I don't have anything else
but this. (rock music)

Now, with only 24 hours
to try and make sure

this isn't the White Rooster's
last cock-a-doodle-doo,

I needed to find out why failure

has come home to roost.

Before heading over
to the White Rooster,

I need to get some insight
from its investor, Jeremy.

I know that you've put
a lot on the line.

- $2 million.
- Yes.

That's a lot of money
into a restaurant

that's only been running
for just over a year.

It's not what I had envisioned,
and as with any investment,

it's important to know

when it's time to kind
of fold up cards,

and I'm at that
breaking point. Right.

So I'm gonna go in undercover
minutes from now. Okay.

I want you to come undercover
with me. Okay.

But I think it's important
for you to see it firsthand...

a normal customer's perspective.

(laughing) I'm frightened
of what we'll see.

Let's go.
Good to see you, girl.

In addition to both
Jeremy and myself

going in disguise...
Are you allergic to silicone?

No, only sauerkraut.

I've also enlisted

two well-known actors
in the Jersey area

to dine with us, as an extra
layer of identity protection.

(lively music)
Sopranos' Joseph Gannascoli

and Vincent Pastore.
Gents, we good?

Yeah, yeah.
Nice beard.

- Who are you now?
- Me? Ari.

- Ari.
- You're Ari?

Don't... don't blow this.

- Who's this guy?
- He's my assistant.

More importantly,

he's got $2 million
invested in this restaurant.

- $2 million?
- Why don't you go buy a new hat

- you got all that money?
- (laughs)

Forget about it.
Let's go.

What if I put one in the back
of her [bleep] head

and we take the restaurant?
You can have the restaurant.

You hear how much money
I've lost?

JOSEPH: We're gonna
straighten it all out.



JOSEPH: You know how to drive
on this side of the street?

(upbeat music)

The most important
thing for me tonight, guys,

is that you're gonna create
a misdirection, okay?

So we're gonna take
the focus away from you?

Exactly that.

Now, there's one thing from
a British point of view

that I need to understand.

"Forget about it."
Help me.

- Forget about it.
- Forget about it.

But you throw it away
like you don't care.

- Yeah, forget about it.
- Forget about it.

- Forget about it.
- (laughs)

So here's the restaurant.

You really put $2 million
into this restaurant?

- Yeah.
- I could've had you do a movie

with me and Joey
for that kind of money.

That does not scream Cuban.

Whose idea was that?

Patty had a vision.

She had a vision?
Check her eyesight.


Let's do it, gents. Hi. Oh, boy.

- It's gonna be for four.
- Four.

- WOMAN: You guys look familiar.
- Hey, how you doing, babe?

- You guys look awesome.
- Thanks. How are you?

RAMSAY: With all eyes
on Vincent and Joseph...

Near the bathroom?

I don't want to sit
near the bathroom.

RAMSAY: Jeremy and I
go unnoticed.

However, what doesn't
go unnoticed

is Caneda's interior,
which isn't half bad.

It's just not Cuban.
It doesn't scream Cuban to me.

You think of Cuban restaurants,

it's about color, atmosphere.

You got to spice it up.

Why does it stink in here? Hmm?

Can none of you smell that
fishy smell

every time that door opens?

Yeah, 'cause we're right
near the kitchen.

But the kitchen shouldn't smell
like fish, right?

So, everyone, can I give you
a little bit more time?

- Are we all set to order?
- No, I think we're ready.


JOSEPH: Gonna have
the empanada trio.

Good choice.

RAMSAY: Today, we're ordering
classic Cuban dishes.

JOSEPH: I'm getting
the grilled octopus,

and the arroz con pollo.

Being just a few blocks

from the Atlantic Ocean,

how could you not order
some seafood?

Can I get, er, salmon?

Sounds great.
Thank you very much.

(machine buzzes)

- Oh, no.
- What?

We don't have the
arroz con pollo started, do we?

No. (suspenseful music)

There's not much food
coming out, is there? They... no.

You need somebody
to get whacked.

We've been here an hour.

I got a slice of bread
all night long. And look!

MAN: All right, excuse me,
my friends. Ropa vieja.

And we'll have
the rest of the dishes

followed right behind,
my friends.

Okay, thank you so much.

This is what you invested
$2 million in.

She was running
an empanada store,

which you fell in love with.
These things are empty.

Where's your octopus?
There's only two octopuses.

Here, I'm gonna take a half.
(dramatic music)

Smell that. What is that?
That's not fresh.

I wouldn't eat it if it smells.

Please don't eat it.
Stop eating octopus, please.

It just smells too harsh.

The Jamaican salmon.

JOSEPH: Break open that.
Let me see that.

It's like cooked to smithereens.

It's cooked to hell.

That's no good. (beeping)

♪ ♪

- RAMSAY: That is gnarly.
- JOSEPH: That's nasty.

I've seen enough.

I'm gonna go and get them
out of the kitchen. ♪ ♪

Can I just have
everybody's attention? ♪ ♪

MAN: What? ♪ ♪ Oh, man.
♪ ♪

MAN: (groans) MAN 2: Come on.

What I've just experienced
out there

has been
a [bleep] embarrassment.

Turn everything off

and come out in
the dining room now. What a mess.

(indistinct chatter,
woman gasps)

Let's go.

Ladies and gentlemen,
sorry for interrupting. Oh, wow.

RAMSAY: But can you put
your knife and forks

down immediately, please?

I'd like all of you
to raise your hands

if you've had
a great dining experience

and you can't wait
to come back here. ♪ ♪

What we've just witnessed
with my friends at the table

is nothing short
of embarrassment.

I want all of you to come
outside and follow me, please.

This way. Let's go.
(rock music)

Come on over, please. ♪ ♪

This is Hell on Wheels.

My epicenter is equipped with
a state-of-the-art kitchen,

staffed with
the most amazing team,

a team that I've been working
with for over ten years.

I want to introduce you
to a guest of mine tonight.

Come over, sir.
Take your disguise off, please.

(suspenseful music)

Who is this? ♪ ♪

Patty, who is this gentleman?
♪ ♪ Jeremy Grunin,

my investor
and business partner.

And how much has he invested
in you and your business?

Over $2 million.

(gasps) What?

- Oh, my God!
- Ooh, man.

Would you say over
the last 12 months

that you protected
his investment?

I've done my best to.

My team have been here
for several weeks,

and unknown to every person
inside that restaurant,

we've been filming you,

and what they've witnessed
over the last three weeks

has been appalling.

I want all of you to watch
what I'm gonna show you

and just open your eyes.


Oh, my God.

Oh, that's foul!

My team have been here
for several weeks.

We've been filming you,

and what they've witnessed
over the last three weeks

has been appalling.
Just open your eyes.

(suspenseful music)


Oh, that's foul!

(fly buzzing)

(all gasping, groaning)

Oh, my God.

(people groaning)
♪ ♪

Disgusting mess. ♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

Oh, jeez! Show me to your leader.


That is appalling.

- Terrible.
- No good.

Patty, I wouldn't put
$2 into you right now.

The laughing and the joking,
staff on their phones...

it's like you're treating this
as a playground. ♪ ♪

Now, young man,
you've been at the helm,

promoted from prep cook
to executive chef.

I thought I could do it.
I still think I can do it.

♪ ♪

- How are you feeling?
- I'm angry.

I'm just mortified
'cause I invested in Patty

and I believed in her,

and we are clearly failing,
and that's unacceptable to me.

This man can kick
all of you out,

shut shop,
close the place down tonight.

I know this is tough,

but I'm gonna ask you
something really important.

I need 24 hours from you
to get this place turned around

and to wake the team up.
I've given it 13 months,

I will give it another 24 hours.

In the next 24 hours,
we need to see action,

and that action starts now.

(timer beeping)

Every member of staff,

get on your cell phones,
call home.

We've got some work to do.

I'm not gonna be, uh... I'm not
gonna be coming home, so...

I have never done this befor.

I wanted to get into empanada
concession with the Grunins,

and this building
went up for sale,

and it was overwhelming.

I've never said
I was getting into this

knowing how to run a restaurant.

(timer beeping)

♪ ♪ I'm lost for words.

I'm amazed, Patty,

that Jeremy has kept
the door opened.

- Are you not worried?
- Of course I'm worried.

Everybody in this room
will tell you that I'm worried.

Phil, how many days
are you seeing Patty?

- Three?
- That's not true.

I'm not gonna even
let you say that.

How can you be engaged
in the business

and not be present? I am present.

That was
an inaccurate statement.

I'm completely present.

I'm so present, it wakes me up
in the middle of the night

thinking about this place.

Sometimes I get up,
and I go upstairs,

and I just work,
3:00 in the morning,

playing around with menus,

looking at payroll,
and how I can change that.

It's all I do.

We can talk all the talk,
but it's about the results.

Uh, Brandon, how would you
describe Patty as a leader?

I consider her almost like
a second mother to me.

But she's not a boss.
I don't see her as my boss.

How is this place run?

It's kind of a [bleep]show
every night. Why?

Just a lack of organization,
lack of rules.

An executive chef means
that you are accountable.

Do you understand
what overheads are?

Do you understand
the word GP? Nope.

- Food costs?
- No, sir.

You have no idea of this?
I've never had anybody show me.

Oh, my God.
I've been doing all of that.

You're putting diapers
on the staff.

I should've just had more kids,

Are you in over your head?

I went from owning
a little shop with eight seats

to suddenly owning something
that was very overwhelming.

So you've been open
for just over a year,

and what have you learned?
It's not Manhattan.

It's being in
a semi-seasonal location

at the Jersey Shore.

Our audience drops dramatically
after August.

Then you need
the bread and butter locally.

But I also believe that the
concept is part of the issue.

So we can call
for the pity party

and blame the concept,
blame the decor,

blame the winter nights.

I'm done with
the [bleep] excuses.

How about looking within?

We got less than 24 hours to go,

and right now
I'm not feeling that inspired.

I need to know right now,

do I have
everybody's commitment?

- Yes, sir.
- ALL: Yes.

I'm gonna bring in Theresa
and her amazing team.

She's been working with me
for the last five years.

Theresa, come in.

Let's go.
Theresa, thank you.

Okay, everybody,
we're gonna clear the room.

We're gonna take
the table settings off.

We're gonna take
all the chairs out. Let's go!

RAMSAY: With just 23 hours
left and the clock ticking,

my renovation team
has their hands full.

Outside on the patio?

Okay, barstools
can go out as well.

RAMSAY: I don't have much tie
to convince investor Jeremy

to not shut the doors,

and I need to focus on one
of the biggest problems

at Caneda's...
the back of the house.

So, chefs...
look at the [bleep] mess.

(fly buzzing)

When was the last time
this hood was cleaned?

About a month ago.

- Who cleaned it?
- Me. ♪ ♪

Do you have any idea
what happens to that

when it ignites?

- What?
- It lights up.

Disgusting. Oh, my God!

[bleep] hell.
There's salmon in here.

When's that from?

- That one's from Friday.
- A week ago? Yeah.

You served this salmon
to me this evening. Oh, my God.

Just smell that. It's slimy,

and you served that to Vincent
and Joe from The Sopranos

and the guy who's just sunk
$2 million into this. ♪ ♪

Where's the walk-in?
Right around the corner.

♪ ♪ Oh, my God.
What in the [bleep] is that?

♪ ♪

This is fresh stuff in here,
right? Oh, my God!

And when's this from?

- What is that?
- Anybody? That is octopus, man.

Oh, I know it's [bleep] octopus.

Just smell that. Oh, God.

(coughing, retching)

♪ ♪

- (gags)
- Oh, my God!

Just smell that. Oh, God.

(coughing, retching)

- (gags)
- Oh, my God!


You made Gordon vomit.

[bleep] hell.

(exhales deeply)

You [bleep] cook that?

That one, after opening it,
I wouldn't have served it.

So the salmon's gone,
you're serving,

and you're trying to convince me

that the octopus
that's bubbling and stinking

this entire [bleep]
restaurant out,

- you wouldn't serve it?
- I wouldn't.

I don't even know
where you found it.

I wouldn't... I would've
thrown it out if I saw it.

I found it in
your [bleep] fridge.

What's in here?
What in the [bleep] is this?

You are kidding me.
No explanation.

[bleep] right
you got no explanation.

You disgusting man.
You have to be joking.

Hey, show your boss.
The lady who promoted you.


Young man, I don't give
a [bleep] about your title,

but what I do give a [bleep]
about is your attitude.

Isn't it about time that
you've manned up a little bit

and took some responsibility?
Start cleaning. All of you.

PHIL: I'm not feeling very
good right now because

it sucks hearing what he said
and what he said about me.

I think there has been
a lack of leadership,

and I do know
that it falls on me,

but I've been trying
really hard, you know?

Things have been
really stressful lately.

Yo, dump that whole [bleep]
thing in here. Go.

I've worked hard to get
to where I'm at.

So, you know,
it sucks hearing that.

There's boxes right here.

You just got to fold them
on your own.


- Theresa.
- Yes.

What we need to do
is utilize this bar.

Yes, definitely.

Because I think of the Cuban
bars that I've been into,

and it's got to be bustling.

- It's got to be vibrant.
- Yes, yes, yes.

So we added cement tile
to the bar.

- Yeah, they're beautiful.
- And it's a color pattern.

A nice texture there as well.
Great. And then we're adding

a nice tropical-design
wallpaper back there.

Okay, great.
I love this bar.

- Oh, thanks.
- This is gonna pop. Looks lovely.

Thanks, Theresa.
(rock music)

RAMSAY: With renovation
well under way...

Get 'em wet,
throw 'em in the dryer,

then hang 'em up real quick.

RAMSAY: I've got to turn
my attention to Phil...

the prep chef
turned executive chef...

- How we doing, Chef?
- Yeah, I've had better days.

How you feeling?

Had better days as well,
but I'm excited.

RAMSAY: To see if he's really
deserving of his title.

- That was a bad start.
- Yeah.

Let's draw a line
in the sand there. Okay.

Somewhere down the line,
there was a flair there. Yeah.

Tell me where it's gone
so I can get it back.

When I first took over
as head chef,

it was kind of just me.

Everything was on my shoulders,
and it was just a huge weight.

It is a lonely place
to be in there. Yeah, yeah.

Okay, so you need
to persevere, you dig deep.

That's what forms
that character,

because if there's one thing
I want from you, Phil,

I need you to get that passion.

Okay, yeah.
Let's go.

- That fire, okay?
- You got it.

- Let's talk about the food.
- Okay.

We are slicing that menu
in half. Okay.

And then we're gonna focus on
some key elements

that really sing
to a Cuban fare.

We'll start off
with some appetizers.

- Let's go.
- Chicken empanada.

baked like a proper empanada.

- Yeah.
- Shrimp creole, okay?

Finished with some
flat-pressed garlic bread.

After that, we got the
beautiful braised short rib

with a caper relish
and a black bean purée.

Next to that, we got
the spice-rubbed pork,

finished with a beautiful rice,

and then topped
with the mojo sauce.

And then, finally,
whole red snapper.

- Tiny kitchen...
- Mm-hmm. Big dining room,

and so we're gonna start
including some snapper for two.


RAMSAY: Let's just start off
with the fish first.

Snapper... I've literally just
beautifully seasoned it.

Salt and pepper inside
in the cavities.

Beautiful rock salt,

and I'm gonna score it
on that plancha grill

to get those
wonderful flavors, okay?

Straight on.
Start that on there.

Once it's grilled,
to lighten that up...

a little chili flake, okay?

Get in between those bones.
Look at the color of it.

- Yeah.
- Look at the texture of that.

- Right?
- Beautiful. Goes on.

Now where do you think
that goes?

- Oven.
- Oven, that's right.

eight to ten minutes, okay?

Top shelf.

Now the garnish for the snapper.

Okay, start off with potatoes,
part blanched, okay?

- From there, sprouts.
- A lot of root vegetables.

A lot of root vegetables,
exactly that.

Now, the secret behind cooking
a root vegetable

is literally blanching them
first, 2 1/2 to 3 minutes.

I've blanched all these
in chicken stock

and then from there shock them

and then pick them up again
in the pan,

caramelize them this time...
olive oil, butter.

- You're 26 years of age, yes?
- Yes, sir.

You should be coming
into your prime, right?

Yeah, exactly.

You have to have a passion
for every cuisine you touch.


And when I was 26,
my ambition was to make sure

I never came across
an ingredient,

a cuisine that I never knew
how to execute.

Go out of your way to find out
what it needs, what it takes.

Okay? Don't sit there
and rest on our laurels.

- Right?
- No, you're completely right.

Now, the most important thing
for me... Yeah.

Is to hear it straight
from the horse's mouth

that you are willing
to cook Cuban food.

- Oh, I'm willing.
- You are? Yeah, let's go.

Look at that.

And all those wonderful juices.

Look at the color of it...
how beautiful that looks.

I was gonna say,
can we dig into that?

Of course you can.

The freshness is there.

That's delicious.

Right now Phil
needs to understand

that he's there
as the head chef,

not as everyone's best friend.

I want to see some resilience.

I want to see some fight.
I want to see some hunger.

The skin stuck
a little bit on that one.

That means you left it
too long. Yeah.

He's been left
to his devices far too long,

and he's fallen into that trap...

"Well, they're doing it
so I'll do it."

Can he dig deep and understand

where his mistakes
have been made,

and can he bounce back?

Lift the fish, lubricate it
so it doesn't stick.

(timer beeping)

(knock on door)

- Want company or no?
- Yeah.

You all right? No.

(dramatic music)


PATTY: I am so mad
at Phil right now.

Phil's so full of [bleep].

Phil's not leading
his kitchen, Jennifer.

He doesn't have meetings
with them.

I'm exhausted 'cause all
I do is think about this place.

Patty, you're one person.

I have a 13-year-old.
Like, there's just...

Hey, you don't have
to explain it to me.

(somber music) You don't.
♪ ♪

Maybe I should've had
more kids. No.

I'm just saying,
why am I so motherly?

- (sniffles)
- It's just who you are.

I don't know.
(cries) I'm tired, Jen.

- Of course.
- I'm so tired.

You're overwhelmed.
You have so much going on.

- I'm so overwhelmed!
- Don't.

Things have to change, Patty.
This is gonna change things.

It's Gordon Ramsay.
He has to help.

(timer beeping)

Oh, look at this color.
I love it.

- Yeah? You like it?
- So beautiful. Oh, absolutely.


(timer beeping)

Oh, look at this color.
I love it.

- Yeah? You like it?
- So beautiful. Oh, absolutely.


(indistinct chatter)

(dramatic music)
♪ ♪

You okay?
What's wrong? Come over here.

What's wrong? I hate the color.

- You hate the color?
- I do.

Turn around there.
Just look at that there.

Look how bleak and meek
those blue walls are,

and you hate this color?

This interior was beautiful,
and it was light colors.

I'm sorry you're upset
with this, but it's a process.

♪ ♪

Come over here. A little five
minutes together, shall we? Okay.

Let's spend a couple
of minutes together. Man...

It's now a quarter to 3:00
in the morning.

How are you feeling?

I think it's just a lot
of change all at once.

Jeremy was fuming.

With all the pressure
in the world

to deliver for the Grunins,

I never said I knew this
business inside and out.

I hoped that in partnering
with such a powerful family,

there would be more
of that guidance

and that partnership.

We could blame Jeremy
all we want,

but the buck does stop with you,

because it's your name
on the door, it's your legacy.

You wanted this, right?

There was a moment in
this building that you were

feisty, determined,
and hungry for success.

Where's the woman now

who found that reputation
making those empanadas?

Where's that drive gone now?
♪ ♪

I don't know how
to answer that question.

What's your biggest fear?

Being back to where
we were 11 years ago.

Take me back 11 years ago.
What happened?

On our wedding anniversary,
my husband walked away.

I was jobless, so I had
to sell all of my jewelry,

anything that I could
for diapers and food,

and that's the truth. Right.

That climb took about four years

before I found that little shop.

Wow. I mean, that was
a tremendous amount of courage

and strength right there

to stand on your own
two feet again.

I don't want to do that again.

I just want to love what I do
and be happy,

and I don't want to
keep starting over.

I already did that,

and it was the hardest thing
I ever did.

But then I think
about Elizabeth and Rose,

and maybe that need to be
that giver and that support

is part of the problem.

You've become more of a mom
to the team as opposed to a boss.

You've become a member of staff.

I don't enjoy seeing you
go through this pain.

I'm here to help you.
What I need from you...

the defense walls
need to come down.

Be the strong,
smart woman you are,

and you have to be a boss.

Like you took control
of your life 11 years ago,

and you were the boss.

- I can do that.
- Good.

- You got this?
- I got this.

Come on. Let's go.

While the rest

of Toms River,
New Jersey, sleeps,

Caneda's staff
and my renovation team

are racing the clock
transforming the dining room.

I was gonna make a pillow.

- Wake up.
- Come on, let's go.


I'm no tired.
You're tired.

That was a good one.

♪ ♪

- That looks amazing.
- Thank you.

- You happy with that?
- Yes, really happy with it.

All right, how can I help?

Oh, we're finishing up
the partitions.

So we just need to put
the last piece of metal in.

(drill whirring)

All the way down on the bottom.
Iron work's big in Cuba,

so we wanted to definitely
add a touch of that.

This gives this whole space

a whole new personality
on this side.

So now it's a lot more exciting,

a lot more vibrant,
and these little colors pop.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

It's got that
Cuban flare now, right?

Yes. Yeah.

- Color and pattern everywhere.
- RAMSAY: Yeah.

(drill whirring)

RAMSAY: With renovations
in the homestretch,

I've got to check in
on Phil and his team

and make sure they're capable
of executing the new menu.

Hey, guys.
Uh, gentlemen, come over.

Right, how we feeling,
first off?

- BOTH: Good.
- Good. Mary, how's it going?

They're practicing,
and they need the practice.

Who's been the standouts?
Phil's definitely been

- the strongest of the three.
- Yeah.

- He just needs practice.
- I like the menu.

It's smaller, it's gonna allow
all of us to really focus

on everything a lot more
and learn a lot more.

It's a great starting block.

So, okay,
I need to chat with you.

Mary, I need you,
two seconds, please. Let's go.

PHIL: Have you guys done it
from scratch yet?

Not from scratch.

Going into service tonight,
what's your concerns?

My concern is them being able
to keep up with the new menu

and cooking the proteins
to proper temperature.

Two appetizers
and three entrées.

Is Phil lacking that management
sort of understanding?

He's a little meek.

- Meek.
- He's a little quiet.

He needs to step up
a little bit.

- Wow.
- That's horrible.

I'm more nervous now
than I was ten minutes ago.

If you owned
Caneda's White Rooster,

would you keep Phil on
as the executive chef?

(dramatic music)
(timer beeping)

MARY: They're all
in their own zones.

He's a little meek.

- Meek.
- He's a little quiet.

He needs to step up
a little bit.

If you owned
Caneda's White Rooster,

would you keep Phil on
as the executive chef?

(dramatic music)

He did show a lot
of interest to me

and how he really is excited
about this menu,

so I wouldn't give up
on him just yet,

but I do think he needs
to prove himself to you today.

I agree.

Tonight I feel concerned
about Phil,

because this was his
opportunity to really show

that he's communicating,
he's taking charge.

My biggest concern right now
is Jeremy

and our ability to stay open,

because this business
is everything for me.

So what are your bar snacks?
Ceviche, empanada...

Don't tell me.

Although concerns

with the back of the house
still linger...

It puts on a lot more light
than the teacups did.

RAMSAY: The dining room
is taking shape. Perfect.

I love that.
It's like a nice ambient light.

- It is, it is.
- Huh? Really cool. ♪ ♪

PATTY: It just looks
so bright and cheery.

- I love the color.
- RAMSAY: Good.

'Cause early hours this
morning, you hated it, so...

I hated it, and now I love it.

I think it looks like
a Cuban restaurant now.

RAMSAY: With the front of the
house almost ready to go...

Take a look.

- PHIL: Ooh!
- MAN: Damn, that's dope.

RAMSAY: In the kitchen,
I've setup Phil and his team

with all the necessary tools
to succeed...

the best of the best
kitchen equipment

that I use every day.

Are you happy with
the new equipment?

Yes, sir. Excited.

- Yeah?
- I'm gonna play, man.

I got all these toys.
I'm playing.

(indistinct chatter)

(timer beeping)
(upbeat music)

PHIL: I think I'm as ready
as I'll ever be.

- We got this.
- Yeah. RAMSAY: This is it!

Just over 90 seconds to go!
Well done.

The commitment's
been incredible.

- How you feeling?
- Exhilarated.

Any final words for the team?

Thank you for 24
of the most emotional

and powerful hours of my life.

You guys are a part of a reset,

not only here
in this restaurant,

but in my life.

Without you,
none of this could happen.

It's the beginning
of a big, great ride for us.

- We ready?
- ALL: Yes, Chef.


Nine, eight, seven, six,

five, four, three, two, one.

(cheers and applause)

Let's do this, guys.

- Right.
- (indistinct chatter)

First customers are coming in.

- We good?
- Yes, Chef.

- Hi, how are you?
- How are you?

- How you doing?
- Welcome to the White Rooster.

In just 24 hours,

my team and the staff
at Caneda's White Rooster

have created a distinct
bar and dining room

to maximize
Caneda's profitability.

- He did some job here.
- He did a beautiful job, Joey.

- It's got a lot more color.
- It's so pretty in here.

Gone are the gray walls

and stuffy light fixtures...

WOMAN: You know,
I love the light fixture.

RAMSAY: Livened up
with bright colors

and vibrant decorations.

When you walk in,
it feels very festive.

MAN: The family history
on the wall is just great.

Gentlemen, welcome back.

Whoa, my man!

- This place is smoking, man.
- Please, sit down.

It's like you went to my house
and copied all the colors.

PATTY: Hi, how are you?

Do you have a reservation?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Tonight's relaunch

is one of the most
important evenings

in Patty's career.
Enjoy your meal.

RAMSAY: She needs to prove
she has what it takes.

What do you think?
You happy?

Oh, I love it.
I think it's beautiful.

It's exactly what
my grandparents probably saw

when they lived in Cuba.

But unbeknownst to Patty,

investor Jeremy is returning
in a new disguise

to determine whether
he will allow Caneda's doors

to remain open.

- Hi. How are you doing?
- How we doing?

Folks, how are you doing today?

Come on, man,
where these tickets at?

- The place looks amazing.
- WOMAN: It really does.

WAITER: All right, how are
we doing over here, everyone?

Do you want to place
any appetizers?

WOMAN: Sure!
The chicken empanada, please.

The chicken empanada,

And we'll try
the shrimp creole, too.

PHIL: Order in.

Fire... chicken empanada,
shrimp creole.

- Give me a time.
- About ten minutes.

Talk to each other!

- All the time.
- Let's go. Salut!

WOMAN: It's the best mojito
I've ever had.

Let's get these apps
pushed out, guys.

- Thank you.
- How long on shrimp creole?

I can go on it right now, Chef.

Nice color on the shrimp.

- Shrimp up.
- Very nice.

Service, please, pick up,
table nine.

- Thank you.
- The empanada was yours.

And the shrimp creole?

- Yeah, I'll take that.
- It's yours. Thank you.

Appetizers look great.

- WOMAN: What do you think?
- Wow.

MAN: Oh, wow.

It's delicious.

I'm impressed.
That was very good.

- It's a good start.
- Yep.

Order in... short rib,
pork tenderloin,

and a whole snapper.

Remember, you're on that clock
now with that snapper, okay?

When that snapper's ready,
you send it, yes?

Speed up the process
a little bit, yeah?

Especially on the entrées.


MAN: What's up?
We've been there an hour.

They got their food.
Where's our food?

Not sure, but I will find out
for you, for sure.

Phil's way, way behind
in the weeds.

(suspenseful music)

I don't know what the holdup is.

I don't see any entrées
coming out.

I don't see any snapper
coming out.

Phil, I have a lot of tables
waiting for food.

- Okay.
- I need table 30...

- Are they all the snappers?
- Yes.

How come that ticket got pushed
back to the end there?

Surely, your snapper...
they must be ready now, yes?

I got a lot of tables
out there with no entrées,

We're backed up.

Phil, where is the rest
of this table now?

Take the fish.
Take the fish. It's raw.

Oh, [bleep] hell.

Hey, you three, come here.

The first [bleep] snapper
is cold in the middle

and it's [bleep] raw.
Somebody stand up! Yes, Chef.

Oh, my God!

We're [bleep] ourselves now.
This is stupid.

[bleep] hell.

We've just switched off.

We're silent, we switched off,

and it feels like
we don't care anymore.

Come here, you. ♪ ♪

(dramatic music)

RAMSAY: The first [bleep]
snapper is cold in the middle,

and it's raw.

[bleep] hell.

It feels like
we don't care anymore.

Come here, you. ♪ ♪
PHIL: Yeah.

I'm depending on you right now.

- Yeah.
- We've shut down.

Yeah, we're backed up.

I get that, okay?
I get that.

I accept that.
I get that.

But we have absolutely
shut down.

- I need you to step up...
- Yep.

Or I'll get my chef's jacket on

- and do it for you.
- Okay.

I need you in the kitchen
expediting with him,

showing some support,
but you need to talk.

- Control your standards now.
- PHIL: Okay. Let's go. ♪ ♪

RAMSAY: (sighs) This place is
utterly packed to the rafters,

but, more importantly,
Patty is not in control.

And right now
she needs to hold the reigns

and run this place,
because if not,

then her days are numbered.

Chef, can I ask why the plate
is dirty like this?

I'll replate it.

The plate looks like it was
eaten on and then re-eaten on.

We're still having a problem
certainly with speed.

Number 24 were waiting
an hour on their entrées.

It should've went out.

- Chef?
- Yeah?

Do we have that refire
for table three?

You didn't get
your refire shrimp?

- No.
- For real?

Phil, we just have
to get these dishes out.

There's a lot of people
waiting now.

I love the whole ambiance,
but the service still sucks.

We've been waiting here
all night here for our dinner.

I'm a grumpy old Soprano.

(indistinct chatter)

How long have you been
waiting for your entrées?

About an hour.

Now we're at
about an hour, yeah.


Could I just have
30 seconds with you?

- Do you mind?
- Yeah.

Excuse me two seconds.

(suspenseful music)
Patty, feel these. They're raw.

I need these to go back in.

Patty, there's someone out
on the patio

who wants to talk to you,

(Jeremy groans)

♪ ♪

- Hey.
- Hi.

I had the opportunity
to kind of sit there

just as a customer.

The food that I tasted was good.

I haven't gotten
to the entrée yet.

The team... they didn't step up.

We definitely have
some discussions

and changes to make
after tonight's service.

I know you're doing
everything you can do,

working your tail off.

I had faith in you
two years ago.

I have faith in you today.

We're gonna give it
a shot for 90 days,

see where that gets us,
and then we'll revisit.

- I mean, is that fair?
- Yeah, I think it's super fair.

I think I've learned a lot
in the last 24 hours.

It truly has been hell and back.

Yeah, I think we're still
in hell at this point.

I think we haven't quite gotten
all the way back just yet.


What you've shown me tonight,
I'd invest in you.

We're weak in
the back of the house.

Now we set systems up now,

and you're at the forefront
of this business,

and you go again, girl.
Your vision, your money.

You need to stick together,
and we go through the bumps.

Are you committed about
this business partnership?

- I'm very committed.
- We're gonna get this done.

You have something seriously
exciting here.

Run your restaurant
and look after your investment.


Come here.
Good luck.

Make those decisions
and don't you dare stop.

- Thank you for your patience.
- Thank you.

- Thanks again. Absolutely.
- Good to see you, bud.

Get in there
and run your business.

- Protect your investment.
- Absolutely.

- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- Good night.
- PATTY: Good night.

(indistinct chatter)

the way the restaurant feels,

it's what I had hoped for.

I feel infinitely better
about Patty right now

than I did 24 hours ago.

We have some
back-of-house problems,

but I think we have a road map
for success going forward.

I'm scared to death
that we're not gonna get there,

but I'm confident that
I have the right partner

to get us there.
It's incredible, right?

Tonight I have to say
I really am the proud owner

of Caneda's White Rooster.

Part of being in charge is
being able to take on that role

when it doesn't feel good
to be in charge.

Here you are.
Thank you.

If I want this business
to survive

and do what it has to do,

I need to make
those tough decisions.

Clearly, tonight
this restaurant had issues,

but the most important thing
about tonight's performance...

got the owner and
the operator coming together,

and I feel for the first time
that support is there.

Everything Patty's wanted
is now there.

Get her team right,
this place can fly.

(horn honks)

(upbeat music)

Hi, everybody,
this is Patty Caneda

coming to you
from the White Rooster.

Everybody loves the
family friendly atmosphere,

and we've been getting a lot
of exciting feedback

about our new casual menu.

We're gonna run this
to 22, please.

As a leader, I have definitely
made the important changes

that have needed to be made.
Phil is no longer with us,

and we now have Chef Lisa
from Blend on Main,

and she is crushing it.

Hi, Chef Ramsay.
It's Lisa.

I'm happy to tell you that I
stepped out of my comfort zone,

and I stopped dragging my feet
on my dreams,

and I'm not going
to disappoint you.

It's been nothing but
a positive experience for us,

and I just have
to thank Chef Ramsay.

The future of this restaurant
is bright

and a wonderful thing that
I really, truly can pass down

to my daughters. ♪ ♪

Next time...

I'm at Botto's Italian Line
in Swedesboro, New Jersey...

But you told me you needed
veal cut yesterday...

- No, I didn't.
- For sauté today.

RAMSAY: Where two brothers
are fighting...

If the food wasn't good,
I mean, I didn't cook it.

So it's Henry's fault.

To keep the family legacy alive.

Fancy one?

Come on, it's [bleep] delicious!

- Nah, not me.
- RAMSAY: Marinara.

And the only thing worse
than the dated food...

- Oh, oh, God.
- (tires squeal)

Might be my driving.

(speaking Italian)