24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 15 - Day 8: 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. - full transcript

As dawn breaks over New York, President Taylor endures a game-changing setback as the threat of mass destruction looms. Meanwhile, President Hassan makes a shocking decision that surprises ...

You know I have the fuel rods.

But I have no desire
to harm innocent Americans.

And yet you're threatening them
with a bomb.

What I'm asking for is simple.
Turn over President Hassan.

That will never happen.

You have exactly one hour
to change your mind.

We have an out here.
I think we should take it.

Give in to the demand
to turn over President Hassan?

I will not sell him out to the very
terrorists that we are determined to defeat.

-What are you suggesting?
-A covert action.

We deliver Hassan to the terrorists,
but make it look like they took him hostage.

I'm begging you, don't do this.

Don't betray your president.


All right.

My God. Call a medic.

We wait to acquire Hassan
before calling an ambulance. Understand?

Get down!

Take the weapon off now!

A dirty bomb will be detonated in New York,
unless we deliver Hassan.

Does the president know this?

She's refusing to deal with the terrorists.
This is General Brucker's operation.

What are you doing? This is on you now.
You have to deliver Hassan to the terrorists.

I don't take orders from anybody but the
president of the United States. Now, move.

Are the Americans handing over Hassan
or not?

Only information we have
is that he's being transported to McGuire.

So President Taylor
doesn't intend to give him up.


The president has not responded.
Start the countdown.

N.Y.P.D. will handle HAZMAT and triage.

National Guard will control the streets,
and I've got an Army battalion standing by.

Sir, what's our worst-case scenario?

Well, a dirty bomb is about to go off
in Manhattan, commander.

I'd plan for mass panic.

Ethan Kanin is dying.
We need to get him medical help.

-We will.
-I mean now.

No, not until our team
completes its mission.

When we have the bomb
then we'll get your friend help.

Madam President.

Carry on.

General, what's our status on the ground?

Civilian first responders
are positioning for rapid deployment.

We've got Army support
available as necessary.

Only command level knows
we're anticipating a radiological device.

But people are quick to connect the dots.
Word will get out.

Yeah, I'd like to get ahead of that.

I've drafted an address
for the networks, Rob.

I need you to look at it.
I'd like Ethan to read it too.

He wasn't in his office.
Do you know where he is?

I'll go find him.

Less than 10 minutes.

Dear God, this bomb cannot go off.

I'm sorry, Madam President,
but we have to prepare for the worst.

What are the latest casualty figures?

Median scenario shows 58,000 dead
over three days...

...due to the bomb and ensuing panic.

But who knows, maybe we'll get lucky.

Let me know
the second President Hassan arrives.

Yes, ma'am.

This is not right.
My life for so many others.

-It's not right.
-President Taylor doesn't see it that way.

She knows I would never have gone along
with this. That's why she kept me out of it.

You are more than just one life, Omar.

You are the best hope of ending a war
that has lasted for decades.

You must understand
President Taylor trying to protect that.

This is not acceptable. Not like this.

Get in here.

Get down.

-What are you doing?
-He's slowing us down.

Don't worry, he'll be fine.

-His injuries aren't lethal.
-Jack, can I talk to you?


Hassan isn't happy about Taylor's response
to the ultimatum.

-It doesn't affect our mission.
-He's a head of state. Maybe it should.

It's not our call. If he wants to take it up
with President Taylor, he can do it when...

-Throw your gun down.

-Omar, what are you doing?
-Mr. President.

-Kick it to me.
-Omar, have you lost your mind?

Omar, have you lost your mind?

You, outside. Back up, inside.

-Sir, you do not wanna do...
-Shut up and move him inside!

I'm giving you what you want.
Here, take the gun.

Omar, what are you doing?

I'm sorry, Dalia.
My life for tens of thousands?

-I couldn't live with that.
-Omar, don't. You can't give yourself up.

-I have to.
-What if they're lying?

What if they blow up the bomb anyway?

At least I've tried to stop the attack,
and I've failed.

-But if I don't even try...
-Father, please.

You stay here with Kayla. I'll send someone
from the delegation to pick you up.

I won't leave you.

-Dalia, do as I say.
-If you want me to stay here...

...then you better lock me in that room
because I won't let you walk to your death!

-I won't leave you!
-Dalia Hassan, do as I say!

-Back in the room!

Now! In the room!

We've got less than five minutes.
We gotta move.

Mr. President.

Mr. President, you can't trust him!

You can't trust him!

Come on.

These people owe you their lives, sir.
You're doing the right thing.

We don't have time
to deal with these any more.

-Excuse me.
-Thank you.

-Do you have the package?

You're cutting it damn close,
you know that?

Yeah, there were complications.
Jack Bauer found out about our operation.

He's no longer a problem.

-The entire unit. Everyone but me.

Sir, you need to know that President Hassan
is cooperating with us. He's here by choice.

What are you saying?
That he would have given himself up?

-Yes, sir. We gotta move.
-All right, stay on the line.


-He'll be dead soon if we don't do something.
-Along with half of New York.

Bishop's got Hassan.
Get ready to make the call.

-Bishop, we're live. You there?
-Yes, sir.

All right, we got less than two minutes.
Do it.

-This is Rob Weiss, chief of staff.

-Do you have Hassan?
-Yes, we're prepared to make the exchange.

-Prove it.
-Bishop, put him on.

He wants to talk to you.

This is President Hassan.

I'm prepared to give myself up
if you stop the bomb.

-So President Taylor changed her mind.

She wasn't willing to meet your demands.
I am.

-But I need assurances.

Yeah, that the exchange will...

The exchange will happen
exactly as you're told.

What you'll do is exactly what I say.

We did what you asked. Quit stalling.
We're running out of time.

He cut us off.

Only a minute and a half
until the bomb goes off.

-Tarin, stop the bomb.

Hassan will be arriving there shortly.

You know what to do.

Yes, all right.

Bomb was supposed to go off four minutes
ago. No report of an explosion anywhere.

-Arlo, what's happening on the ground?
-Sweep teams are still looking. No luck.

According to the deadline we've been given,
we're on borrowed time.

The bomb is still out there, still a threat.
We may have caught a break here.

Let's use it.

-Chloe, it's Jack. I need your help.

Reception is terrible.
I can barely hear you.

-Can you hear me now?

Hassan is trying to hand himself over.
That's why the bomb didn't go off.

-No one here knows that.
-No one can, until I talk to the president.

-What's going on?
-Chloe, I don't have time to explain.

Please, just contact Tim Woods.
He can get me a clean line to the president.

But no one else can know that I'm calling.
Do you understand?

I'll call you right back.

Who was that?

Search team. They're requesting
updated grid assignments.

-Do you need some help?
-I'll ask if I do.

We're clear!

Keep them up here on the landing.


-Get them back to President Taylor.
-What about you?

I'm gonna say behind
and look for Hassan.

Just got off the phone with CTU,
they're gonna help find your husband.

It's not safe. I want you and your daughter
to continue on to the base.

Agent Walker will help you.
She can be trusted completely.

-My father did what he thought was best.
-I know he did.

We're gonna do everything we can to get
him back, but we need to move. Let's go.

Jack, he gave himself up willingly.
Maybe we should just let this happen.

I told you, it's not our call.

President Taylor asked me to protect him
and that's what I'm gonna do.

Please, just get them
to the Air Force base.


Come on.

-This is Bauer.
-I got a secure line.

Good. I need you to do something else.
I'm on 7th Avenue between 53rd and 54th.

There's a security camera mid-block.
See if you can get a feed and roll it back.

President Hassan was here
less than 10 minutes ago.

I'll check.

Seven minutes past the deadline. Do we
have any idea why the bomb didn't go off?

No, Madam President.

We're polling our civilian counterparts
trying to determine that.

-Maybe it's like you said, we got lucky.
-At the moment, it certainly looks that way.

-What about President Hassan?
-Transport was a Secret Service operation.

-I'm not in the loop.
-I'll look into it.

-No, I'd rather you find Ethan.
-I'll page him.

No, not page him, find him.
I need him here.

-Yes, ma'am.

-Madam President?

-It's an urgent call from Homeland for you.
-Excuse me.

-This is President Taylor.
-Madam President, this is Jack Bauer.

Please don't say my name or react openly
to what I'm about to tell you.

-Hassan is no longer in my custody.

He's trying to hand himself over
to the terrorists.

-That's why the bomb didn't detonate.
-I don't understand.

You're being betrayed by General Brucker.

Forty minutes ago we were attacked
by mercenaries under his command.

-Go on.
-We managed to fight off the attack...

...but President Hassan turned himself over
in an effort to stop the bomb from going off.

They're preparing to hand him over
to the terrorists.

I'm assuming that is still
unacceptable to you.

That is correct.

Brucker's in charge of this operation.
He's in communication with the terrorists.

I need to know
where the exchange is gonna take place.

-Ma'am, you need to confront him now.
-I understand.

As soon as you have anything,
contact CTU.

-I will.
-Thank you, ma'am.

Come with me, please.

Chloe, you still there?

-I'm here.
-What do you got?

Got the security-camera feed
you were talking about.

Hassan got into a black SUV at 6:08
with another guy.

Gotta be the merc
he handed himself over to.

They were headed west on 53rd.

I was able to trace them
until they turned north on 10th Avenue.

Good work. Redirect the satellites
to the Upper West Side. I'm on my way.

Hey, hey. hey-

Hey, hey. hey!

What now?

Who's this?

Listen carefully.
Hand the phone to the driver.


It's you, isn't it?

Hand it to him now.

He wants to talk to you.

-It's Bishop.
-Okay, Bishop, this is what you need to do.

Listen to my instructions
and follow them.

Step out of the car
leaving the keys in the ignition.

Take the phone with you. Do it now.

Walk toward the intersection.

When the light changes, I want you to cross
the street. Stay inside the cross walk.

Where's the bomb?

-Just do what I say.
-The deal was Hassan for the bomb.

The light's changed, Bishop. Move.

Where is it?

Just do what I say.

Shut up. Listen.

Stop now.

Don't turn around or you get nothing.

Stand there and wait.

Turn around. Walk toward
the newspaper stand. Look down.

Show me your hands. Hands.

On the dash.

Where's the bomb?

Where is it?

-Where is he?
-The general's in Mr. Kanin's office.

With Ethan?

We're not sure.
No one's seen him in nearly an hour.

There's something you need to know.

Your chief of staff is with the general.
They appear to be in on this together.

Are you saying
Rob Weiss betrayed me too?

I'm afraid so.

Okay, do it.

Don't move.
Hands where we can see them.

Up! Call medical.

Against the wall.
Hands behind your head.

Madam President, you need to see this.

Oh, my God.

Is he still alive?

-Yes, ma'am.
-He's had a serious cardiac event.

Get him out of here.

No. You stay.

Where is President Hassan?

-Damn you, Rob. Where is he?
-I don't know.

Don't lie to me.

Tell me where he is.

No, ma'am, I cannot.

And if it makes any difference,
this was not an easy decision.

It makes no difference at all.
It wasn't your decision to make.

With all due respect...

...you were not elected to sentence
tens of thousands of Americans to death.

Is that how you justify this?
You have sold out a peace...

-...I committed this administration to.
-I've protected New York.

And given you plausible deniability
in an impossible situation.

I don't want deniability. I want Hassan.

We are on the verge of a peace
that has eluded this planet for 50 years...

...and you are throwing it away.

Tell me where he is.

The charge is treason,
it carries the death penalty...

...and so help me God,
I'll throw the switch myself.

Tell me where he is. It's not too late.

It is too late.
They have Hassan. We have the bomb.

The bomb's at Amsterdam and 93rd.

We'll get a NEST team there
as soon as possible.

Damn you, Rob.

Really, Madam President?
New York City is safe.

Take him away.

Your attention, please.

I've just spoken with the president
at McGuire.

Rogue operatives have handed Hassan over
to the terrorists.

In return, they got the location
of the dirty bomb, 93rd and Amsterdam.

Jack Bauer and NEST are already on-site
and disarming the bomb.

Now our focus
is to recover President Hassan.

We got satellite feed at 93rd, sir.

Okay, looks like we're back in business.
Put it up on-screen, Arlo.

We know President Hassan was handed over
at that location 10 minutes ago.

NSA only gives still images.
We might have missed him.

-We didn't. There's Bishop's SUV.
-Okay, they've gotta be close. Find them.

-Someone's approaching the SUV.
-Any idea who that is?

I can try to clean up the image.

-Lost it.
-They were heading east.

-We can backtrack through traffic footage.
-I want you and Dana to find that vehicle.

As soon as you reacquire it,
let Jack know.

Dana, where are you going?
Hastings wants us to do this.

I was thinking
I would reroute the servers.

-Not now.
-It'll give us more processing speed.

We can work with what we have.
Let's get going.


Those are the rods. Packed in enough C-4
to irradiate half of Manhattan.

As soon as they're extracted,
I want you to contact CTU. Thanks

-Yes, sir.
-I want him transferred back to holding.

Contact Hastings
as soon as you're en route.

So it's real, a dirty bomb?


Well, then we succeeded.
We saved Manhattan.

You betrayed your president
and your country.

Get him out of here.

-This is Bauer, go ahead.
-It's Chloe. We've got Hassan's location.

He's heading north on Amsterdam
in a black SUV.

-How far north?
-About 30 blocks ahead of you.

The president wants us to do everything
we can to recover Hassan.

She wants you to lead the operation.

-How many men are with him?
-Only the driver.

Okay, Chloe,
find me a suitable ambush point.

I want clean lines of fire from rooftop
and street level.

We need to take the vehicle
and the driver out at the same time.

-TAC teams are standing by.
-Cole with them?

On his way back.
We expect him any minute.

He's gonna have to quarterback this
from CTU.

I'll get you real-time updates
on Hassan's vehicle.

Copy that.

Cole's back. I'll go get him.

Yes? Hello?

-I'm so glad you're back.
-Me too. I heard we recovered the bomb.

Because Hassan gave himself up. Jack's
putting together an intercept operation.

He wants you to run it from here.

All right.
You'd better bring me up to speed.

What happened to that probation officer?

I convinced him I didn't know anything.
He left.

-That's good.
-Yeah, it's good.


We're gonna get through this, you and me.
We will.

We should go.

You don't have to do this, Tarin.

You can pull over right now
and stop the car.

Believe me, I want to do this.

If you hate me so much,
stand against me at home.

Join the opposition.
Fight me openly, honourably.

I don't need to fight you, Hassan.

You've already lost.

So tell me, what's the plan?

You'll put me on trial?

A dark room and a video camera,
I suppose.

A man hiding behind a mask...

...will read a list of my crimes
and cut off my head with a sword.

The world will be impressed.

You've done worse in your prisons.

Whatever I did, I did to unite our country.
To make us stronger.

That's a lie. You just wanted
to hand us over to the Americans.


I wanted us to rejoin the world.

I wanted us to have peace.

You wanted the cover of TIME magazine.

You think I don't know you, Omar.

I watched over you day and night,

Watched over you while you betrayed
your own wife with a Western whore.

You care for nothing but yourself.

Yes. Yes, I've made mistakes.

But believing in peace
was not one of them.

Think whatever you like.

You won't be around to find out.

-Madam President.
-Just... Just a moment.

They're gonna treat you
on the base hospital.

But then I want you right back here,
and that's an order.

Excuse me just a minute.

You have always been true to me, Ethan.

I need you now.

Hurry back.

Take good care of him.

Mrs. Hassan and her daughter
have just arrived.

Thank you, Susan.

I am so relieved you're both safe.

Thank you, Madam President.

Do you know what is happening
with my husband?

We do. He's in the hands of the terrorists,
but we're tracking him on satellite.

We're going in now
to monitor the rescue effort.

Do you want to join us?


All right.

If you will, go on into the situation room
and I'll be there in a minute.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

I didn't expect to see you again,
Miss Walker.

But in these last few hours, I have learned
how few people I can really trust.

I am glad you're here.

Thank you, Madam President.

But I think I'd be of more use at CTU.

Of course.
Susan will arrange a car for you.

Thank you, ma'am.

Thank you.

Jack Bauer and CTU
are running the operation.

We expect the intercept to occur
in a few minutes.


satellite feed's coming in from CTU.

Hassan's vehicle just crossed 130th.

I'm on 110th Street.
We have an ambush point yet?

Yes. Intersection of 161st
and Amsterdam.

-Who've we got for the take-down?
-I have Special Ops moving into position.

We'll trigger the traffic lights
to stop the vehicle...

...then heavy fire into the engine block
to disable it.

Snipers take out the driver,
that leaves you to reacquire Hassan.

-Our perimeter?
-Bridges and tunnels were closed earlier.

Riverside Drive is shut down too.
He can only use Amsterdam.

-Cross streets?
-Got them all covered from 140th Street on.

He'll drive straight into the ambush.

Copy. Leave this line open
in case there are any changes.

-You got it.
-What's our timing?

Tarin should hit the intersection
in eight minutes.

-I can use traffic lights to slow him down.
-Fine, I'll let the president know.

I'm seeing fluctuations
in the carrier signal on the subnet.

-What's that mean?
-A problem with the trunk line.

We can't afford another drop out
with the feed.

That's how we lost the rods
in the first place.

-What's the status of your workaround?
-It's working fine. Need me to check it?

-No, we need you here.
-I can check it if you can watch my screen.

-Thanks, Dana.

Arlo, what are you doing here?

I could ask you the same.

Cole asked me to check on the trunk line.

Except the trunk line's over here.

I can do it from here also.
I set up this system, you know.

Right. Sorry.

Then maybe you can explain
why they keep going down.

We were hit with a massive
electromagnetic pulse.

It's a miracle we managed to get anything
up and running again as fast as we did.

So, what are you doing now?

I'm running a diagnostic
on the trunk line.

Why were you looking
at a map of Manhattan...

...if you're running an internal diagnostic?

I was checking
the progress of the operation.

How I do my work
is none of your business, Arlo.

Given that I've been having to cover for you
the entire night, I think it is my business.


You wanna check up on me, go ahead.

-You're really gonna do this.
-Yeah, I am.

So where are the diagnostics?

In the systems folder,
where they always are.

No, I mean, where on your screen?

I thought you said
you were working on this.

I wasn't using diagnostics.

I was monitoring the voltage fluctuation
in the trunk line directly.

Really, how?

I thought you knew everything.

-Arlo, where are you?

-Hastings is looking for you.
-Yeah, I'll be right down.

Hastings wants me on the floor.

I'll leave you to do
whatever you're doing.

Don't push it, Arlo.

-The CTU is following you.

Where? Where are they?

They're all over you.
There's an ambush set for 161st.

Why am I only hearing this now?

Look, I am already doing far more
than I've been paid to do.

You need to calm down.
We knew this might happen.

Can you find me an exit?

There's one between 158th and 159th.

-Parking garage.
-158th, 159th. ls everyone ready for this?

I will let Samir know
and then it's up to him.

It's only a matter of time
before this gets traced.

I need to get the hell out of here
while I still can.

Hassan's crossing over 148th Street.
I'm activating signals up to 160th.

-You took your time.
-I'm sorry, it got complicated.

-Is the trunk line gonna hold?
-Yeah, I think so.

Then we keep going.
What's our timing, Chloe?

Intercept four minutes.

-Jack, do you have a visual on Hassan?

-He's five blocks ahead of you.
-Are TAC teams in position?

They're good to go.

Okay, nobody move until Hassan's vehicle
is stopped in the intersection.

What are you looking for?
We are being followed, aren't we?

Shut up.

That phone call, it's a warning.
CTU is onto you.

I'm not afraid of CTU.

-Then why you looking over your shoulder?
-I said, shut up.

Tarin, it's not too late.

Give yourself up.
Give yourself up and I'll speak for you.

I won't warn you again.

You're on an island here.

There's no way out. They'll find you.

Yes, they will. Soon enough.

Damn it, they've made us.
He's breaking left.

Chloe, can you see where they're going?

-What's happening? Why did he turn?

He's in a parking garage.
It extends across the block.

-How many exits?
-Only two.

He's gonna have to double back.

-Where's the other exit?

I'll cover that.
Cole, I want you to pull your team back.

-Cover the block.
-You got it.

AH teams pull back and reposition.

Set a perimeter around the parking garage
between 158th and 159th.

I got him.

-He's going back into the garage.
-All units converging on your position.

-He's moving deeper into the structure.
-He's got no place else to go. You got him.

-Where did they go?
-Inside the structure.

He's running for the roof.

Move! Move!

Where the hell's he going?

He's coming straight at me. Damn it.

Have you got any movement
from the vehicle?

No. No one could survive that.

Chloe, Hassan's not in the vehicle.

-You know where to go.
-What if he comes to?

He won't. Not before you deliver him. Go.

I said, go.

-Hey, it's me.

-Have you got Hassan?

We were seconds away
from taking him down...

...and out of nowhere
the driver deviated from his route.

He managed to transfer Hassan
to another vehicle.

Someone inside CTU's
gotta be tipping them off.

How is that possible?

I don't know,
but I've got the driver's cell phone.

As soon as we set up an uplink,
I'll be able to figure out who it is.

-I'm on my way. Want me to talk to Chloe?
-Yeah, but no one else.

We need a secure area to run the uplink.

-Get back to me as soon as you're ready.

Search the structure. They switched cars.
Get a team and move in now.

-All right, let's move.
-Move. Expedite.