24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 11 - Day 8: 2:00 a.m.-3:00 a.m. - full transcript

A mother wants to save her son, an estranged couple reconnects to look for their daughter, and Jack races against the clock to dissuade a suicide bomber.

Cole, he's dead.

Go. Nobody knows
you had anything to do with this.

I don't want you involved.

I'm already involved.

We're cleaning this up, and no one's
ever gonna know what happened.

They're scum, Dana,
and no one's gonna miss them.

Kayla may be in danger.
She's run away with Tarin.

She's somewhere in the city
with no idea that a nuclear threat exists.

-And, Omar, what about you?
-Don't worry about me.

Just help me find our daughter.

Come inside.

-They have the rods.
-I thought you had the rods.

They turned against me.

I can help you find them.
Just get me out of here.

-You find Farhad?
-Still looking.

He won't get far.

Medic, come on! Medic!

I need you to identify who stole the rods.

-Can you do that for us?

Blood pressure's dropping,
rapid heartbeat.

-We lost him. Farhad's dead.
-Damn it.

Whoever shot Farhad couldn't confirm
he was killed. I'm saying use Farhad as bait.

Leak it to the press that we've got him,
he survived. They'll have to make a move.

Tell the support teams that it is imperative
that we take these terrorists alive.

Go. Go.

It's all right. We just wanna talk to you.

No. No!

He's still moving. Notify the perimeter.

It was a trap. Farhad was already dead.

I locked myself in some oxygen chamber.
They can't get in.

-You know what you must do.
-I can't. They scrambled the arming code.

You need to set it off manually.
You cannot let them take you alive.

Can you hear me?

-What's the status?
-The hyperbaric chamber is amde of one inch steel.

Hermetically sealed.
Air and power systems are internal.

Its atmosphere
is most likely oxygen-enriched.

Anything to blow the door
could ignite a fire.

-How long to cut in?
-We need to use a low-speed drill.

-How long?
-Best estimate, 40 minutes.

-Unless you want us to push the risk.
-We need him alive.

Techs have got the internal cameras on-line.
We have eyes in there.

-The intercom?
-Still down...

...from when he shorted out
the locking mechanism.

-We have a bigger problem.

They assumed once we jammed the signal,
it'd be impossible to explode the vest.

-Turns out that may not be the case.
-He's reconfiguring the circuits.

The detonator's German.
Our guys are familiar with it.

The end-around he's sketched here
will work.

-Time frame?
-It depends on how fast he works.

He needs to reset four circuits.

That LED light
indicates he's completed one.

When he wires the other three,
he'll be able to explode the device.

-The upside is no one else will be hurt.
-He's not trying to hurt anybody.

He's trying to make sure
we don't take him alive.

Get that intercom up.
I need to talk to him as soon as possible.

-This is Bauer. Let me speak to Hastings.
-Right away, sir.

Mr. Hastings, Jack Bauer on the line.

So, what have you got, Jack?

Our suspect might get the detonator
working before we can get to him.

Owens will fill you in.
I need to know everything on him.

I'm pulling up the information. It took me
a while to get it from Hassan's people.

Just give me the overview.

Okay, Marcos Al-Zacar,
was born here, raised in East Harlem.

Mother's American,
father was from the IRK.

That's where Al-Zacar
got his politics from.

His father was a professor known to be highly
critical of American foreign policies...

...suspected of connections
with extremists.

Imprisoned by Wayne Palmer's
administration for four months.

Although the charges were eventually
dropped, he was unhireable after that.

Almost a year later,
he committed suicide.

That must have been what triggered
Al-Zacar. He started spying...

...for the IRK two months after that.

-What about the mother?
-Checking current records.

According to motor vehicle
and utility records, she's in East Harlem.

4211 East 117th Street.

-Get her here as soon as possible.
-We're on it. Keep us posted.

Copy that.

We have to assume
the people building this bomb...

...want to hit a high-value target
here in Manhattan.

-They've gotta get it on the island.
-We should shut down the city.

No. We want them to make the attempt
to move the radiological materials.

It's our best chance of catching them.

First, we have to make sure
that all of our radiation sensors...

...are strictly monitored at all crossings.

-Arlo, that goes for the drone sensors too.
-Yes, sir.

That's all.


We went over this.

All we have to do is act natural.
Keep our heads.

You'll be okay.

I am not worried about me.

You can't really be this calm
after what just happened.

You've never broken a law in your life.


-What do you want me to say?
-I don't know. Tell me you hate me.

-Tell me you'll never forgive me for lying.
-We're not doing this.

-I told you to walk away...
-Not now.

We're in the middle of a radiological threat.
We got jobs to do.

When it's over, then we'll talk.

Look, I can't promise things
are going back to the way they were.

But I wouldn't have done what I did
if I didn't still love you.

You two have holy hell to answer for.

-Sir, I'm sorry. I can explain...
-Save it.

If you were following a lead,
you should have been updating me.

You broke protocol.

Lead didn't pan out.
Witness proved to be unreliable.

But there's no excuse.
I should have called in.

And you were supposed
to be servicing a faulty relay station.

Yet I see you found time
to change your clothes.

Look, I don't know what's going on
with you two, and frankly, I don't care.

If we weren't at high alert,
and you weren't the best...

...you'd both be out on your asses
for this.

I'm going to ask you once.

Whatever it is, are you finished?

-Yes, sir.

Walsh, until further notice,
you will answer to Chloe O'Brian.

She will fill you in on what she needs.

Bauer has a situation
at St. Julian's Hospital.

I need you to assemble a team,
pick up Elaine Al-Zacar...

...from East 117th and take her to him.

-Is she a hostile?

-Arlo will fill you in on the details.
-Yes, sir.

How you perform from this point
will determine...

...whether or not
you salvage your careers.

Now, get to work.

Yes, sir.

-I'm in place.

I've managed to tap into
the hospital's security cameras.

We can only pick up audio
in the hallway outside.

-CTU has set up a command centre there.
-Can you see Marcos?

-Yes. He's still working on the detonator.
-Are you able to gauge his progress?

He has one of the four circuits

We're arriving now. Soon we'll be able
to transport the rods into Manhattan.

Are CTU's radiation sensors down?

Not yet, but we'll be ready.

Call me when Marcos is dead.

Port Authority is reporting no hits
on the sensors...

...at the Holland, Midtown
and Lincoln Tunnels.

I don't see stream updates for GW, Brooklyn
or Queens crossings. What's the problem?

MTA's providing that feed on a dedicated
sub link to prevent server overload.

You can access it yourself
on the system's Ethernet port.

So there's really no problem.

There's no way I could have known that
since you didn't put that in your hourlies.

Right. I will do that next time.

I know this must be hard for you having
to report to me since you've been demoted.

It's okay, Chloe, I deserved it.

Yeah, you did.

I just want you to know I'm actually glad
you didn't get fired or anything and...

Hang in there.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

-Where are we on aerial detection?
-I've got drones covering every inch...

...of the waterfront
with radiation detectors cranked up.

If they try to bring the fuel rods into
the city by boat, we'll spot them easily.

Look, I know you probably hate my guts
right now...

...but I just wanted you to know
that I'm sorry.

For telling Cole about you
and that other guy.

I mean, you were definitely messing up, and
with the threat of those rods out there...

Don't worry about it, Arlo.

-So is he gone?

You know, the other guy.

Yeah. Yeah, he's gone.

So you and the Boy Scout are okay?

We'll get through it.

I'm glad.

-If for some reason that changes...
-I know.

-If you ever decide you wanna trade up...
-I got it.

Sir, we got the intercom working.
You should be able to talk to the suspect.

Good. Tell CTU I'll keep my comm up...

-...so they can monitor.
-Yes, sir.

Marcos, my name is Jack Bauer.
I'm working with CTU.

I know the original plan
was to smuggle the fuel rods to the IRK...

...to reconstitute their nuclear program.

So I'm just guessing that helping
to deliver a dirty bomb to New York City...

...which will cost the lives of innocent
people isn't exactly what you signed on for.

But the truth is if you do this,
you'll be killing the IRK.

By bombing New York City,
you'll force President Taylor to retaliate...

...and she will, hard.

You can't possibly want that.

It doesn't matter what I want.

This peace agreement, it's Hassan signing
away my country's ability to defend itself...

...its independence.

He's surrendering without a fight.

But there are a lot of people in his own
government who are not willing to do that.

Marcos, you can't win this fight.

The IRK will sustain massive casualties
because of this, because of you.

Not because of me.

America will be the one
dropping all the bombs.

No, son.

The world will hold you responsible for
the innocent lives taken in New York City.

No, don't think you can take
the moral high ground with me.

The arrogance of this country, that it feels
it can dictate to the rest of the world...

...who gets to have nuclear weapons...

...while it insists on keeping my people
in the Dark Ages.

You keep saying, 'Your people,
your country.' Marcos, I read your file.

You were born here. You're an American.
Your father is from the IRK.

You leave my father out of this.

What happened to your father was tragic,
but this is no way to honour his memory.

You can still do the right thing.
You can help me stop this from happening.

AH you have to do is open the door.
Please, I'm begging you.

You're not gonna get me
to change my mind.

I came here prepared to die.

And that's what's gonna happen.



Please, just talk to me.



Yes, of course. I understand.

We'll see you soon. Thank you.

Your friend at the State Department,
you trust he can do what he says...

-...give us asylum?

He says with what your father
has been doing...

...ordering unlawful arrests, torture...

...U.S. law will consider us
political refugees.

But you have to understand...

...asylum will not be granted overnight.

Well, how long are we talking about?

A year, maybe 18 months.

As soon as we file the application,
we are protected by the law.

Your father cannot touch us.

You know I will not be able to work here
legally until asylum has been granted.

I have some savings.

And I will not be able to give you
the life you have been used to.

Oh, you know I don't care
about any of that.

One minute.

My mother again.

I really should answer it.

-No, she deserves to know I'm all right.

Give that back to me.

-You know what? You can call her...

...when the lawyer has filed
the application.

We must wait until then.


Kayla, it's me again.
Darling, I need to talk to you.

Your father told me something terrible
may be happening here in New York.

Please call me back
as soon as you get this message.

-I still can't reach her.
-Thank you for coming back.

Our daughter is missing.

I'm not leaving until I
know she's all right.

We'll find our daughter.

Nabeel told me you had Tarin arrested.

I didn't know who I could trust.

So you started arresting people
from inside your own delegation?

What possible evidence
could you have gathered so quickly?

-I had to do something.
-But Tarin?

He's one of your most loyal men.

So was my brother.

Or so I thought.

Until he tried to have me killed
and destroy my government.

If you continue to act the way you have
been, you will have done the job for him.

Have you told the police?

I've been trying to deal with it
on my own.

But it's time to get them involved.

-Dalia, I'm sorry.
-As you should be.

This city is under attack.
Our daughter is God knows where.

You drove her away
with your suspicion and your paranoia.

How could you, Omar?

How could you have lost your way?


You're right.

I have.

I have.

I see that now.

And I'll make changes.

I'll do everything in my power to find her.

And get her safe.

You have my word.

I am sorry.

-Who is it?
-Elaine Al-Zacar?

-What do you want?
-My name is Cole Ortiz.

I'm an agent with CTU.
I need you to open that door, ma'am.

-I don't understand. What's this about?
-Your son, Marcos.


You're either gonna open that door
or I'm gonna break it down, now.

Go, go.

Put your hands up.

Mrs. Al-Zacar, are you aware
of where your son is now?

-Not at the moment.

How much do you know
about his activities on behalf of the IRK?

I know that he communicates
with family there, if that's what you mean.

You going somewhere?

I was just about to leave
to my sister's house.

Do that a lot? Take trips to visit relatives
at 2:30 in the morning?

No, I don't. I can explain.

Marcos called me about an hour ago.

He told me to leave the city.

He said he needed me to meet him
at my sister's house in Pennsylvania.

-And he didn't tell you anything else?

I swear.

Right now, your son's barricaded himself
at St. Julian's Hospital...

...trying to blow himself up
with a suicide vest.

-My God. No.
-I need you to come with me to... Ma'am.

We don't know how much longer
till your son can activate the explosives.

We have to go.


Cole just checked in.
He's got Al-Zacar's mother...

-...en route to St. Julian's...
-What's his ETA?

-Less than 10 minutes.
-All right, then. Thank you.

Sir, I would like to apologize again
for leaving my post. I know I let you down.

Yes, you did. I brought you in
and gave you this promotion...

...because I saw something in you,
not just your skill.

Which is considerable.

But an ability to adapt to any situation,
drive to be better.

Attributes that make you a good leader.
Or did I misread that?

No, sir.

So we can chalk up the last several hours
to a serious lapse in judgement?

-What I was...

I don't wanna lose you or Cole.

You're both valuable,
but everyone is replaceable.

I screwed up...

...and I'm willing to accept
the consequences.

I know that Cole feels the same way.

Thank you, sir.

-Can I ask who I'm speaking with?

-Excuse me?
-Would you mind telling me your name?

This is Dana Walsh. Who is this?

Forgive me, Miss Walsh,
for calling at this ungodly hour.

I actually expected to leave a message.
I'm sorry if I woke you.

No, no, that's okay. I'm actually at work.
What is this regarding?

Well, my name's Prady.

I'm with the Department of Corrections
in Little Rock.

I'm trying to locate an individual
by the name of Kevin Wade.

I'm sorry,
who did you say that you were again?

Bill Prady. I'm a probation officer.
Mr. Wade is one of my charges.

Do you know him?

No, no. I don't think that I do.

Well, that's peculiar
since he dialled this number...

...a few days ago
from a motel room in Queens.

-Probably just a misdial.
-No. Dialled this number more than once.

And some of the calls lasted
more than a couple of minutes.

Look, Mr. Prady, I am really busy right now.
I work for CTU...

...and we're in the middle of a crisis.

Well, I understand. I've heard the news,
but since we're both awake...

...I wonder if I could meet with you
in person.

You mean now?

I got an early flight in
the morning, so yeah,

it'd pretty much have
to be now, ma'am.

I'm sorry. I don't really understand
why this is so pressing.

Well, Miss Walsh,
I've grown kind of fond of young Kevin...

...and the longer it takes me to find him...

...the harder it'll be for me to keep him
from going back into prison.

I don't really see
how I can be of any help.

Yeah, well, maybe not.

We can determine that when we speak.
Like I said, it won't take long.

Look, if it'll smooth things over,
I could call your supervisor.

No, no. That won't be necessary.

I'm sure I could spare a few minutes
for you.

Thank you. That would be super.
Tell you what...

...let me just pull over
and I'll get your address. All right?

Of course.

According to the bomb techs, he's close.
That third circuit was the toughest part.

The fourth is only
re-routing the firing circuits.

-The time frame?
-Ten minutes, maybe less.

-How much longer is it gonna take them?
-Too long. They're not gonna make it.

Get her some water.

Take care of that.

Did she resist?

Not once I told her
her boy was gonna blow himself up.

She had a packed suitcase, Jack.

So he cares enough about her
to make sure she got out of town.

-What else does she know?
-Nothing, far as I can tell.

-And I didn't tell her anything more.
-Okay, good.

Mrs. Al-Zacar, my name is Jack Bauer.
I'm in charge here.

-Where is he? I wanna see him.
-I'm gonna take you to him.

Please sit down. I need you
to fully understand the situation. Please.

-This is Ortiz.
-Cole, it's me.

Kevin's probation officer just called me.

He's in New York
trying to track down Kevin.

I can't talk now.
We're in the middle here.

Listen to me.
I told him I didn't know who Kevin was...

...but he caught me in the lie.

He has records that show him
calling my cell several times.


...this probation officer
is on his way here.

Look, figure out a reason
why he had your number.

I don't know if I can do this.

What, lie?
Come on, we both know you're good at it.


Look, you just have to handle this, okay?

-All right?

Let me know what happens. I gotta go.

I can't believe this is happening.

Believe it.

The men your son is working with
intend on detonating a bomb...

...somewhere in Manhattan.

That's why your son tried
to get you out of the city.

Marcos has been an agent for the IRK spying
on this country since your husband died.

We have proof of that.

He's gonna kill himself in order to protect
this plot unless you convince him otherwise.

What do...? What do I say to him?

Whatever you have to...

...to get him to stop re-arming that vest
and open the door.

We need him to open the door.
Do you understand?

If he does that...

...then what happens to him?

He'll be alive.

If he cooperates with us, I promise you,
I will do everything I can to help him.

I give you my word.

Ma'am, I'm sorry,
but we need to do this now.

We need the room.

-Yes, sir.

It's definitely her. Marcos' mother.

You recruited him, Ali.
You know him better than anyone.

-Will she be able to talk him down?
-He's loyal to our country. I don't think so.


Marcos, it's me.

Mom, what are you doing here?

Marcos, you have to stop this.
This is crazy.

You son of a bitch!

Leave us alone!

You leave us alone!

Marcos, talk to me.

Oh, my God, Mom.
I told you to get out of the city.

I told you to go to Aunt Shelley's.
Why didn't you listen?

I'm listening now.

You told me that you were gonna
meet me there. I believed you.

-I was trying to protect you.
-From a terrorist attack?

That's what they say
that you're involved in here.

Something that's gonna kill
many, many people.

Marcos, tell me that's not true.

Tell me.

-Marcos, why?
-You ask me that?

After what this country did to Dad?

Marcos, I loved your father.
You know I did.

But he was a complicated man,
and especially when it came to his politics.

But he never condoned violence
of any kind, Marcos. Never.

He would agree with what we're doing.

You really think that?

He hated America.

And yet he came to America.
He married an American.

He had an American son.

Honey, nothing is as simple
as you're making it out to be.

Mr. Hastings, I've registered a 12 percent
degradation in the hospital's security feed.

Can you boost the signal?

You're missing the point. The indications
are someone's tapped into the feed.

They can see everything we can.
I'll see if I can trace it.

I wish I'd done more.
I wish I'd helped you...

...deal with your grief
and with your anger.

No. Don't put this on yourself.

You couldn't have done any more
or been a better mother.

She's almost got him.

Jack, do you copy?

Yeah, Chloe. Go ahead.

The video feed has been compromised.
You're being surveilled.

I couldn't trace the source.

Copy that. I'll take care of it here. How
long will it take to disconnect the video?

-Thirty seconds.
-Get on it.

What's going on, Jack?
Someone else is watching.


...I know what they want you to do.

But it's too late for that.

Don't say that.
You can still turn yourself in.

We'll hire the best lawyers,
whatever it takes.

I'll be with you every step of the way.
I promise that.

I'm sorry.

Marcos, I'm begging you.

Mom, listen to me.

You gotta be strong now.

-Damn it. No.

Marcos, please. You're all I have.

Please don't do this.

I love you so much.

-I'm sorry.
-Get her out of there. Now. Move.

Marcos, no!


No, Marcos, no! No! No!

No! Marcos!

-Samir, I just lost picture.
-ls his mother still in the room?

No, but he's still in there
with one of the agents.

You detonate that vest...

...your mother dies too.

What did you say?

You heard me.

I'm gonna make sure your mother's in
Manhattan when that dirty bomb goes off.

You don't even know what the target is.

I'm not talking about her dying
during the explosion.

I'm gonna personally escort her to the
blast site so she's exposed to the radiation.

I don't believe you. You wouldn't do that.
You're a federal agent.

Truth is, I'm not, really.
Well, not any more.

I'm more of a specialist
that they brought in for today.

If you knew who I was
and things I've done before in my life...

...you would know that I'm not bluffing.

So go ahead. Blow yourself up
into a million little pieces.

First thing I'm gonna do is make
your mother come in here and clean it up.

And then I'm gonna take her
to the blast site.

Do you know how long it takes a human
body to absorb a lethal dose of cesium 137?

Five seconds.

Followed by 12 days of pain that's so
agonizing, morphine can't even touch it.

You got a decision to make.

Make it carefully.

You're not gonna hurt my mother.

I'm done playing with you.
You look into my eyes.

Look in my eyes!

You think I'm joking?

What happens to your mother
is because of you.

Only you.

If I open the door and I come out...

...you promise you won't hurt her?

You promise you'll leave her alone?

I give you my word.

Cole, I've got some action on the door.

Put your hands up, now.

Walk towards me. Move!
Down on your knees.

Put your hands behind your head
and interlock your fingers.

Don't you move.

Cole, I got four lights on.

-Damn it! Cole, I got four lights on.
-We need bomb techs, now.

Suspects come out,
but he's managed to arm the vest.

I repeat, he has armed the vest. We need
bomb techs here to disable it, now.

-Marcos is out of the chamber.

They talked him out of it,
but he rearmed the vest.

-You're sure? He's still wearing it?
-Yes, I think so.

Hang up right now
and transmit the fail-safe. Let's move!

Keep your men back.
I know the circuit pattern.

I'm looking for four common leads
before I can disarm it.

What's happening? What is that?

They must have triggered a fail-safe.
Get your men back.

-Move, move.
-Get this off of me!

I'm gonna try. Just stay calm.

-Get her out of here, now!

I might not be able to do this.

-I need to know what the target is.
-I don't know.

How will they smuggle the rods
past the radiological detectors?

-I don't know, I swear.
-Who does?

Give me a name.
Damn it, Marcos, give me a name!

President Hassan's head of security,
Tarin Faroush.

-Tarin Faroush. Did you get that, Cole?

Come on. One more.

I'm not gonna be able to do this in time.

You tell my mother I'm sorry.

Jack? Jack, do you copy?

CTU, this is Jack.

Marcos is dead. I'm gonna need
to speak to President Hassan.

Commissioner, I appreciate
that your N.Y.P.D.'s overburdened...

...but I will ask you to do whatever you can
to have my daughter's picture circulated.

Keep me posted if you get any information
regarding her whereabouts.

-If we hear anything, we'll let you know.
-Yes. Thank you.

Sir, CTU is routing a call to you.

-From whom?
-Jack Bauer.

Yes, Mr. Bauer? This is President Hassan.

I was told you were briefed on the situation
at St. Julian's Hospital.

-I was.
-Sir, the suicide bomber is dead.

His explosive vest
was remotely detonated.

Then you have no leads.

No, sir, we actually do.
Before the suspect was killed...

...he identified your head of security,
Tarin Faroush, as a co-conspirator.


-Are you sure about this?

You need to call U.N. security, have them
take Faroush into custody till we get there.

That won't be possible, Mr. Bauer.

-Tarin's not here.
-Where is he?

-I don't know. With my daughter.
-Excuse me?

They are in love, so I have learned.

Mr. Bauer, I suspected Tarin hours ago,
and had him arrested for questioning.

He escaped while being transported
to our embassy.

Kayla believed he was innocent
and has apparently run away with him.

-Do you have any idea where they might be?

-Can you contact your daughter?
-My wife has made attempts.

She isn't answering.

Sir, you need to keep trying.
Mr. Faroush is our only lead.

Let me jump in the shower.

-Hello, Mother.

I have her.

-Mr. Bauer...
-Darling, are you all right?

-...we have Kayla on line with her mother.
-You need to get me an address.

Sorry I've been ignoring your calls.
I know father has put you up to this.

-Where are you?
-You know I can't tell you that.

-Is Tarin with you?
-Not at the moment, no.

He doesn't want me to speak to anyone.

Kayla, listen to me. You are in danger.

Tarin is working
with your father's enemies.

That's not true.
It's father's paranoid delusions.

It isn't. CTU just called to confirm.
They're on the line with your father now.

-I don't believe you.
-Kayla, please.

You know I loathed your father's behaviour
and the way that he's handled everything.

I wouldn't be telling you this
unless I believed it too.

Not Tarin.

-It has to be a mistake.
-Then we'll sort it out together.

But you must tell me where you are.


The Teodore Hotel, suite 514.

The Teodore, suite 514.

Kayla, darling, just stay where you are.

-The police will be there shortly.
-They are at the Teodore Hotel, suite 514.

Thank you, sir.

I promise I'll call you
once the Americans give us asylum.

Please don't tell father we spoke.

-Kayla? Hello?
-I love you too.

I thought you weren't gonna take
your mother's call.

Oh, I'm sorry, my love.
I just didn't want her to worry.

Did you tell her where we are?

-Did you?
-Of course not.

Do you think I'm stupid?

You know I could never think such a thing.
You are perfection.

-Now, come on. We must get dressed.
-Where are we going?

Where do you think?
To formally request our asylum.

-At this hour?
-My friend made the arrangements.

But I'm exhausted.
We haven't even slept.

I suppose you blame me for that, huh?

Well, then...

...can't we have
a little more time together?


Come on. You must get dressed.

Why don't you just get dressed here?

I'm just gonna clean up first.

Our men are clearing out. It's all yours.

-Got it.
-Where are we?

I could have a team at Teodore
in 20 minutes.

No. N.Y.P.D. can get there faster. Set up
a perimeter and wait until we get there.

If any of your men come in contact
with the suspect...

...it is imperative that they know
we need to take him alive. Let's go.