24 (2001–2010): Season 8, Episode 10 - Day 8: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. - full transcript

President Taylor asks for President Hassan's help, Kayla goes missing, a New Jersey swamp claims two bodies, and Jack sets up a ruse to flush out Kamistani rebels.

I don't wanna see either one of you again.
Do we have a deal or not?

Yeah, we got a deal.

-I'm going after him.
-We're done.

We're just getting started.


We need to talk about you
having Tarin arrested.

-I know you consider Tarin a friend.
-We are more than friends.

We're in love.

You've been carrying on with this man
behind my back?

-Who are these men?
-These are men I have recruited.

We can't get the rods out of the country,
so let's use them as a radiological bomb.

We will show the Americans
how strong we are.

Samir! Over here!

There are people chasing me.
They have the rods.

I thought you had the rods.

They turned against me.
Just get me out of here.

We'll get you out, Mr. Hassan.

When things get screwed up,
people look for someone to blame.

-What have you got in mind?
-Walker, she killed one of our leads.

We're talking about a woman
who put her life on the line.

Someone has to pay for this, Brian.
I'm sending someone over from Justice.

Kristin Smith.
She'll take care of everything.

They're setting you up.
Don't say another word.

-It's too late.
-This is over. We're leaving now.

Hands in the air. Do it now!

-You offering to bring in Farhad?

If you drop the criminal investigation
against Renee Walker.

If we do this, Jack,
it's not for one rescue operation.

It's till this whole thing is over and done.


We're about to transport him
to the embassy.

-You have two minutes.
-Thank you.

Bashir, clear the room.

-Tarin, did they hurt you?
-Not yet.

They won't until they get me
to our embassy.

I tried to reason with my father,
but he wouldn't listen.

He thinks you're involved
in the conspiracy with his brother.

Even after I told him about us,
he doesn't trust you.

-You told him about us?
-I hoped it would change his mind.

But if anything,
it's made things worse between us.

Come closer.

Listen to me, Kayla,
there is a way out of this.

There are a few men still loyal to me.
Bashir is one of them.

He's agreed to help me escape.
As soon as he's able...

...Bashir will slip me a handcuff key,
and he's placed a gun in the car for me.

-You won't hurt anyone?
-The gun is so I won't have to.

Once I'm free, I have a place to stay
until the Americans grant me asylum.

Kayla, I want you to come with me.

Meet me at the Teodore Hotel.

Promise me you'll come.

Tarin, we need to go.

Cole, he's dead.

Just go.

-Just go.

Nobody knows
you had anything to do with this.

It's my fault.
I lied about everything.

Who I am, what I've done.

I'll call the police.

I deserve to take the blame for this.

What's done is done.

We're cleaning this up.
No one's ever gonna know what happened.

-I don't want you involved.
-I'm already involved.

We're gonna strip down this van
so it can't be ID'd.

We'll dump the bodies in the swamp.

Hey. Hey!

They're scum, Dana.
And no one's gonna miss them.

You wanna go to prison
for the rest of your life? For them?

Get started on the van.
I'll go get the other one.

-Mr. Hastings, the president's on the line.
-Thank you.

This is Hastings.

Mr. Hastings, I'm here with Rob Weiss.
I was told you have urgent news.

Yes, ma'am. We received a call
from Farhad Hassan.


As we suspected, he was trying to smuggle
the nuclear rods out of the country.

The people he's working with
have turned against him.

What do we know?

Farhad believes they wanna use the rods
to construct a dirty bomb.

And set it off somewhere here
in New York City.

Why would they do this?

Between Hassan's crackdowns and CTU,
we've backed them into a corner.

This is their response.

-Do you believe him?
-Yes, I do.

Farhad is turning himself in.
He's agreed to help us prevent this attack.

Where is Farhad now?

He's in a warehouse just outside the city
near Forest Hills.

I've enlisted Jack Bauer
to lock him down.

Madam President,
the men who turned against Farhad...

...are covert assets for the IRK.

If we can get access
to the IRK intelligence files...

...Farhad may be able to help us
ID these men.

And will put us that much closer
to tracking them down.

Those files are the lifeblood
of Hassan's operation.

He'll never hand them over,
especially in his current frame of mind.

Hell, the man's gone off the deep end.

Maybe this will pull him out of it.

Tell Hassan we have found his brother
and I need to speak to him immediately.

And contact Tim Woods at Homeland.
Have him put together a briefing.

I need to know exactly what we're facing if,
God forbid, this attack happens.

Thank you, Mr. Hastings.

-I'll be in the counsel chamber.
-Yes, Madam President.

-Mr. Weiss.

-Are we alone?
-Yeah. What is it?

I wanna let you know that I've decided
not to pursue charges against Renee Walker.

What? Why not? I told you...

We have a lot more to worry about now
than blaming Walker.

Walker murdered a valuable lead that might
have gotten us to those nuclear rods.

You're not hearing me.

We have a new lead now: Farhad Hassan.
And that is what I am pursuing.

You wanna replace me as head of CTU,
be my guest.

But until you do,
stay the hell out of my way.

Hastings, you're making...

I'll let you know
when Bauer reaches Farhad.

Farhad Hassan is on the north east corner
of the warehouse.

Move fast because he's injured.

King, Lynch,
you're gonna go in from the south.

-Owen and I will cover your flank.

As soon as we've got him,
we're gonna initiate interrogation.

CTU is gonna upload files on suspects.
I need that available as soon as possible.

-Yes, sir.
-We're getting a call routed through CTU.

-It's Farhad Hassan.
-Put him on speaker.

-This is Jack Bauer. Go ahead.
-How close are you?

Ten minutes out. Are you okay?

There's someone here.

They're close. They're looking for me.

Please, hurry.

Madam President.

I'm told you have my brother.
What happened?


He called CTU and surrendered himself.

I don't understand.

The men that Farhad was working with
turned against him.

And they have taken the nuclear rods.

He believes that they intend to construct
a dirty bomb to attack this city.

Apparently, these men are members
of your covert intelligence operations...

...here in the United States.

-I find that hard to believe.
-Your brother has no reason to lie.

By turning himself in,
he's facing the death penalty.

We have to assume he's telling the truth.

I need for you to give us intelligence files
for every asset you have in this country...

...so Farhad can identify these terrorists.

Mr. President,
I have given you a great deal of latitude...

...to sort out your domestic situation.

And now there is a threat to my homeland,
and I need your cooperation.

I suggest you turn Farhad over to me
and let my people question him.

-We'll get the answers you need.
-There's no time.

There's a CTU team moving on Farhad
as we speak.

They need to question him on site.
I need the files.

What you're asking is a serious breach
of our security.

I understand that,
but you need to understand...

...that if this radiological attack takes
place, I will be forced to retaliate.

You would attack my country?

I will have no choice.

I need those files.

And I need them now.

I'll call my acting head of security.

You'll get the files in a few minutes.

Thank you.

I want you to know, Tarin,
I don't believe you are guilty of treason.

But I have no choice but to follow orders.

You don't have to explain yourself, Nabeel.
I would do the same thing in your position.

I don't hold any of this against you.

Whatever happens to me,
you must not blame yourself.

Never forget that.

I appreciate that.

-Don't move.
-What are you doing?

Nabeel, give me your weapon now.
Slowly, two fingers.

Come on.

Driver, pull over here.

Remove your seat belts.
Put your hands on your head. Both of you.

Get out of the car. Now.

Don't move. Give me the keys.

-Put your hands down.
-Tarin, don't do this.

You'll only make things worse.

You know what they'll do to me
at our embassy. It can't be any worse.

-It's President Hassan.
-Give it to me. Come on.

Let's go. In the back.

Open it up.

Take out your cuffs.
Lock yourselves down.

Nabeel isn't answering.

Where is he?

-Transporting Tarin to the embassy.
-Keep trying to reach him on his mobile.

If he doesn't answer,
send a security team to track him.

-Yes, sir.
-And contact Colonel Al Jhanis.

Tell him on my authority to give CTU access
to the files they requested.

Yes, sir.

-It's me. Where are you?

I'm leaving the UN right now.

-Is everything all right?
-Yes, it worked. Meet me at the hotel.

I'll be there in 10 minutes.

I love you, Kayla. I'll see you soon.

-Go ahead, Mr. Hastings.
-Farhad, are you there?

-Yes. Yes, I'm here.
-Our team is approaching the south entrance.

Stay where you are
until they secure the site.

-He's almost on me.

I can't stay here.

Do not move
until they lock down that shooter.

Do you understand me?

Farhad? Farhad?

Farhad, talk to me.

Over here!

-Medic! Come on! Medic!
-That's him. That's Farhad.

Owen, take your team and sweep the area.
Got Farhad, but he's hit. I need those files.

-IRK intelligence just sent them over.

-It's done.

-Farhad is no longer a problem.
-Are you sure?

I shot him twice,
but the police arrived and I had to get out.

-You know where to find us.

-Mr. Bauer.
-Speak to me.

Two large-calibre slugs to the abdomen.
I don't think he's gonna make it.

Do whatever you have to, to stabilize him.
We need to talk to him now. Go.

This is B Team. We found their truck
but there's no sign of the rods.

Let me know
as soon as these files are uploaded.

In a few seconds,
I'm gonna show you photographs...

...of covert operatives
working for your country.

I need you to identify the men
who stole the rods.

-Can you do that for us?

Are those files uploaded yet?

-Come on.

-Blood pressure's dropping.
-Rapid heartbeat.

-What the hell's happening?
-He's going into shock.

Keep that man alive, do you understand?

-Keep him alive!
-Let me do my job!

-Please make that your top priority.
-Right away.

-The TelePresence conference is ready.
-Thank you.

Good to see you, gentlemen.

Madam President, Brian Hastings at CTU
has brought us up to speed.

-We're ready to review specifics with you.
-Good. I'm listening.

If you would refer to your monitor...

...and the diagram
of mid town Manhattan.

According to CTU,
the stolen nuclear rods...

...have a maximum explosive yield
of 300 pounds.

That's enough radiological material to
contaminate approximately one square mile.

If the device were detonated in a more
densely populated area of Manhattan...

...we could be looking at casualties
in the tens of thousands.

Dr. Landry?

Most of the deaths would be
from severe radiation poisoning.

The remainder of the victims would expire
from radiation-induced illnesses.

Primarily leukaemia and other cancers.

We also have to consider
that the affected area...

...would be rendered uninhabitable
for approximately 40 years.

Obviously a citywide evacuation
is out of the question.

There are millions of people on this island
with few points of egress.

It would take days to get them out.

Not to mention that going public with this
would cause mass panic.

I agree. We need to keep this threat
from the public for now.

Focus our efforts on making sure
that this attack never happens.

CTU believes the nuclear rods
are still outside the city.

They're fortifying radiation-detection
efforts at bridges and tunnels.

We are also hardening
high-value targets...

...such as the financial district,
landmarks, subways.

But we can't ignore
that the UN may also be a target.

I think we should evacuate
the entire building.

We can resume the conference
from a safe location.

All right,
inform the delegates of the situation.

-Thank you, gentlemen.
-Madam President.

CTU has your brother in custody.
He's been shot.

They're trying to stabilize him.

-Sir, Agent Rahim is calling for you.

He says he's located Nabeel.

-Put him through.
-Yes, sir.

Mr. President, we found Nabeel
and his driver locked down...

...in the their vehicle. Tarin has escaped.

-Nabeel wishes to speak to you, sir.

Yes, okay, put him on.

I'm sorry, Mr. President.

Tarin had a gun with him.
I don't understand how.

Are you saying
somebody helped him escape?

It would seem so.

But Mr. President,
there's something else you need to know.

Right after he escaped,
I overheard Tarin on the phone.

I believe he was speaking
to your daughter.


-Are you sure about this?
-Yes, sir.

It sounded like he was going to meet her
somewhere in the city.


Kayla, call me back. Call me back, Kayla.

Come inside.

Oh, thank God, you're all right.

I've contacted an American lawyer
who's an expert at international law.

He's agreed to meet us in two hours.

This is such a terrible situation.
Yet I've never felt so happy.

I feel the same.

Mr. Bauer, we did our best.

He didn't make it.

I know you did. Thanks.

We swept the area, sir. It's clear.
No hostiles. No trace of the nuclear rods.

Copy that. CTU, this is Bauer.
We lost him, Farhad's dead.

-Damn it.
-I still think we've got another play.

Whoever shot Farhad
couldn't confirm that he was killed.

We came up on him too fast. They don't
know how badly he was wounded.

-So, what are you proposing?
-That we use Farhad as dead bait.

Leak to the press
that we've got him in custody.

We're transporting him to a hospital
where authorities are gonna question him.

They'll have to make a move.
He knows too much.

-Sounds like a Hail Mary.
-It's the only play we've got.

If they make a move on Farhad, which
I think they will, we'll be waiting for them.

You said you wanted me in
till this was resolved. This is it.

We have Hassan's files.

We can scan and cross-reference
with facial-recognition software.

Maybe spot the terrorists
before they attack.

All right, Jack.
It's not exactly standard procedure...

...ferrying a dead-man's body across the
city, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

We'll figure out a route
and a press statement.

-You get ready on your end.
-Okay, thank you.

Get that body ready for transport.
Owen, assemble your men.

-Briefing in less than five.
-Yes, sir.

Aerial 1 is in position over the route, sir.

Sniper teams have checked in
and they're all in place.

Come on. Hurry up.

Let's go.

It's over, Dana.

Let's get the other body and get cleaned up
before we head back to CTU.


Cole, what about us?

I don't know.

We have just received word
from Counterterrorist Headquarters...

...that Farhad Hassan...

...brother of Islamic Republic of Kamistan
president, Omar Hassan...

...has been found alive.

We're told that Farhad Hassan contacted
CTU a short while ago and agreed to...

-Farhad is alive.

CTU responded immediately,
but when they arrived, they found him shot.

No word yet on how Farhad Hassan
sustained these gunshot injuries...

...but we do know
that he is expected to survive...

...and he's being transported
to St. Julian's Hospital...

...under heightened security,
where he will be questioned by authorities.

This is impossible.

-I shot him twice.
-But you didn't make sure he was dead.

I told you, I didn't have time.

New York City police forces
have been in pursuit...

I'll make this right. I'll go back.

You're too conspicuous.
Farhad will be heavily protected.

But if Farhad talks...

...the authorities could find us
before we can build the weapon.

You think we don't know
the implications?

We're sending Marcos.

His mother's American.
They won't suspect him.

He's in the truck with the rods.

-Mom, it's me.


-Listen, I can't talk for long.
-What is it? Are you okay?

I'm fine, Mom.

I need you to do something for me.
It's very important.


Okay. What is it?

I need you to get up right now
and leave the city.

-Go to Aunt Shelley's.
-Aunt Shelley's?

Just do it for me, okay?
Don't ask me why.

Leave right now.

Marcos, this is crazy.

I'm not gonna leave
in the middle of the night for no reason.

There's a reason.
I just can't tell you what it is now.

-Please, Mom, do this for me.
-Where are you?

Don't worry about me.

I'm not going anywhere
unless I know you're all right.

I'll meet you at Aunt Shelley's
and I'll explain everything.

Go, Mom. Now.

Okay, I'm leaving.

I have to go. I love you.

Are you ready, my friend?


Good. It's time.

You need to keep him looking alive
the entire way.

-You're clear on what you need to do?

-Jack, it's Hastings.
-Go ahead.

We've coordinated with news outfits.
They put out the false report...

...of Farhad's arrest
and transport to the hospital.

The hook has been baited.

The most logical place for them to attack
is en route.

-That's where we're our most vulnerable.
-N.Y.P.D. and SWAT are mobilizing now.

They're going to be embedded
at strategic points along the way.

They're also securing
St. Julian's Hospital.

Tell the support teams it is imperative
we take these terrorists alive.

They've been briefed.

We're moving out.
You two take the follow van.

-Owen, you're with me in the ambulance.
-Copy that.

-Hey, are you all right?
-Yes, sir.

You and your men
have not had a lot of field experience...

...and we've put you
in an extreme situation.

But I promise you, if we are attacked,
every part of this route is covered.

We've got a lot of support out there.

I'm fine, Mr. Bauer. Let's do this.


Our delegation is preparing to head
to Fort McGuire Air Force Base.

We'll be setting up an ops centre there
where we'll monitor the situation.

And the other delegates?

UN Security will coordinate the evacuation.
Everything should go smoothly.

-Can I get you anything, Madam President?
-No. Thank you, Rob.

You have done more than enough.

I'm just sorry that your first few months
on the job have been so challenging.

I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I'll see you in a moment.

I spoke to one of my aides.

He told me my brother is dead.

I'm afraid so.

When CTU is finished
with their operation...

...I would like Farhad's remains
to be returned to my country.

Personally, I don't care where his body rots,
but my mother will want a proper burial.

I'll see that it's done.

But right now, Mr. President,
we need to evacuate the UN.

I am not leaving, Madame President.
I'm staying here.

I don't understand.

My daughter Kayla is missing.


Kayla's romantically involved
with my former head of security.

-She's run off with him.
-Tell me what we can do to help.

I appreciate that, but my security teams
are searching for her now.

I understand how worried you must be...

...but there is nothing you can do
to help her by staying here.

Please, come where you'll be safe.

I can't, Madam President.

She's somewhere in this city
with no idea that a nuclear threat exists.

I won't go anywhere
until she's been found.

All right.

I understand.

I will talk to you very soon.

Thank you.

Turning west on 6th Street.
Pulling into the hospital.

Chloe, bring up the hospital security feed.

Get facial recognition up and running.

This is Bauer, we're moving into position.
Farhad's body is being taken to his room.

Let's go.

Secure these doors.

Bring up the exterior cameras.

This is Bauer.

Jack, it's me.

-I've been released. I'm free to go.

-Chloe told me what you did.

You leveraged Hastings.

Said you'd head a field ops
until this crisis was over...

...in exchange for CTU dropping
any possible charges against me.

-I didn't ask you to do that, Jack.
-I know you didn't.

Someone is trying to set you up

to take responsibility for
the failure of our mission.

And I couldn't let that happen
because you did nothing wrong.

Do you understand me?
Renee, you need to let this go.

You're not responsible
for what's happening.

Yeah. Okay.


I meant what I said earlier.

When this is over,
I wanna be there for you.

With you.

-I'd like that.

I'll have a CTU agent take you
to my apartment.

-I'll meet you there when this over.
-All right, Jack.

I'm getting chatter over the comm.
I gotta go.

Okay. Bye.

This is Bauer, go ahead.

Jack, facial recognition just picked up
a match with the IRK intelligence files.

His name's Marcos Al-Zacar.
American born.

Working undercover with the IRK
for the last three years.

-Where is he?
-Approaching the side entrance.

Brown hair, blue scrubs,
wearing dark-blue jacket.

Copy that.

Hold on, Jack.
He's got something in his hand.

It looks like a remote detonator.
I think he's wearing a vest.

-Can you disarm it?
-If I can pin down the detonator model...

...I may be able to scramble the arming code
using the transmitter in the mobile comm.

Get on it. Owen, you've got a man
approaching your position.

He's got brown hair. He's wearing
blue scrubs and a dark-blue jacket.

-I see him.
-He's our hitter.

We believe he's wearing an explosive vest
with a remote detonator.

-What should I do?
-Stay calm and do whatever he asks.

CTU techs are gonna try
and disarm the vest.

-Okay. Okay.


You can do this.

Just try and slow him down
as much as possible.

We've got you covered
every inch of the way.

Yes, sir.

Excuse me, this is a secure area.
Gonna need to see some ID.

Listen to me very carefully.
I have a bomb.

Give me your weapon right now
or I'll kill us both.

Your weapon now.

Okay. Okay. Just take it easy.



Where is Farhad Hassan?

Third floor.

Take me to him.

If anyone asks who I am,
you say I'm a doctor and I'm cleared.

Come on, son.



-Move. Go.

-Dalia, it's me.

-We need to talk.
-Don't try to change my mind, Omar.

I told you, I'm leaving.

I haven't called to change your mind.
I've called because Kayla may be in danger.

-What do you mean?
-She's run away with Tarin.

-They've been seeing each other.
-I know.

How long have you known?

What difference does it make, Omar?
What kind of danger is she in?

Farhad is dead.

The nuclear material he tried to acquire
is in the hands of the terrorists.

-They're going to use it here in Manhattan.

-How did this happen?
-I'll explain later.

But right now you need to call Kayla.

I've left messages,
she won't return my calls.

But she might talk to you.

Please, Dalia.

She's angry at me.

I had Tarin arrested.
I thought he was part of the conspiracy.

All right.

But Omar, what about you?

Don't worry about me.
Just help me find our daughter.

I'll try.

Sabira, I need the captain.

Chloe, we're moving to the third floor.

Where are we at with the vest?

I've identified the detonator, Jack.
It's German-made, K7 variant.

But that model is used
in a lot of configurations.

I'm gonna need a visual on the vest.

Copy that. Owen, it's Jack.

CTU cannot disarm the vest
unless they see it.

Get the hostile underneath
one of the cameras...

...and make him show it to you.

I repeat, CTU cannot disarm the vest
unless they see it.

You ready?

Team 3,
they're approaching your position.

What are you doing?

I wanna see proof.

-Proof of what?
-A bomb.

I don't believe you have one.

If you don't keep moving,
you're gonna find out.

Right now.

You want Farhad, you show me.

I said move.


Owen did it. I've got a visual on the vest.

-Now move.


We're set in position near Farhad's room.
What's the status?

It's a DDR configuration.

I just need to pull up
the frequency of the receiver.

You've got about 30 seconds
before they reach that room.

Got it, 3.15 gigahertz, standard GSM.

Running it through the mobile comm.
This will take a few seconds.

Stand by for assault.

On the floor, face down! Do it now!

Don't move!

Come on, Arlo.


That's it. It's done.

Jack, the vest is disarmed.

-Go, go, go.
-Move in.

It's all right. It's all right.
Lower your weapons. It's all right.

I'm gonna put my gun away.
We're not here to hurt you.

We just wanna talk.

Stay calm.

It's all right.

We just wanna talk to you.

No. No!

He's still moving. Notify the perimeter.

We have suspect in sight.

Do not fire! He's unarmed!

Hold your fire. Hold your fire.

This is Bauer, I'm in the east wing.

Suspect has barricaded himself
in some kind of pressure chamber.

I need a team down here now
to help me open the door.

-It was a trap.

Farhad was already dead.

-The police were waiting.

-They tried to ambush me, but I got away.
-Where are you?

I locked myself in some kind
of oxygen chamber. They can't get in.

-At least not yet.
-You know what you must do.

I can't. I think they scrambled
the arming code.

You need to set it off manually.

-I don't know how.
-I'll talk you through it.

Can you open the detonator control?

Yeah. I think so.

-It's gonna take a minute.
-Work quickly.

You cannot let them take you alive.

Can you hear me?

I just wanna talk.