24 (2001–2010): Season 7, Episode 6 - Day 7: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. - full transcript

The President defies murderous demands, while Jack and his CTU colleagues unearth an FBI Agent and plant a wire on a deposed Prime Minister. Who's in the conspiracy?

Without you, sangala has no leader.

These people, they work
for duba, don't they?

Mr. Matobo, we've accessed the
air intake to your safe room.

We are feeding in
ammonium dysterate gas.

- If yyou will die.
- Ule...

get him out of there!
Get the woman, too.

- Mr. Taylor.
- Sam.

I can't stay long.

They killed roger and made
it look like a suicide.

Who are they?

I don't know who they are.

They just said that they would
kill me if I said anything.

Roger was tasked witauditing
the brokers in his department.

It's all here.

Account numbers, trading
records, everything that he knew.

Roger was looking into
things he shouldn't have.

You killed my son.

It's tetradyzine, sir.

It's a neuromuscular paralytic.

The situation here is in control.
Are you tracking ms. Roth?


Time to get her back to her apartment.

Ms.Roth. henry taylor sent me.

Mr. Taylor's been looking
into the matter you discussed.

He believes you're in imminent danger.

He wants me to place you
in protective custody.

Larry, it's renee.

I've got a visual on them loading
matobo and his wife into a truck.

Where the hell is swat?

They're still about five minutes out.

Drop the gun.

Far as I can tell, she's alone.

Damn you, bauer, you son of a bitch.

Nichols wants her out of the
way before we deliver matobo.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

Turn around.

Trust mei'll get you through this alive.


I want three more teams combing
the site where matobo was abducted.

Pull them in from
regional if you have to.

We're going to expand the search.

Coordinate with metro police to set up a
point-by-point grid encompassing a ten-mile radius.

And talk with nsa.

I want to back all of this up
with synchronized satellite sweeps.

I'll do what I can.

What does that mean?

Well, every time I ask for something,
they pull their cloak-and-dagger nonsense.

I have to get approval for
every little scrap of data.

Janis, this isn't easy for anybody.
Just, please, make it happen.

Yes, sir.

We know that another
attack could be imminent.

The only way to stop it is to find almeida
and bauer and take control of the cip deve.

for those of you who haven't heard,
renee walker was abducted by these people.

We're the only chance she's got.

So, let's get to work.

What have you got?

- Audio forensics cleaned up the recording.
- Okay.

Walker is extraneous.

Kill her before you get here.

Okay, we'll be with you soon.

Be quick about it. Dubaku's anxious
to get his hands on the prime minister.

Been combing through it, looking for
a tag that will give up their location.

So far, nothing.

Is there anybody else
you can put on this?

Larry, I don't think it's worth it.

There's nothing here.

All righ fine, help
janis coordinate with nsa.

I'm sorry about renee,
larry. She was a good agent.

We don't know that she's dead yet!

All right?

Are you sure thiss it?

- She's going to run out of air.
- Tony said near the backhoe.

Here, here.

I got her, chloe. I got her.

Alright, herehe is. Here she is.

She's not breathing.
Give me the adrenaline.

It's all right. You're
okay... you're okay.

Who are you?

We're working with jack.

He told us where to find you.

It's gonna be okay. Take deep breaths.

You're gonna be okay.

We're close to the rendezvous
point. What's your eta?

Good. We'll see you then.

It's all set.

Nichols is on his way with the diamonds.

is somethi bothering you, jack?

No, I was wondering...

why you never told tony
how you got him out of ctu.

How did you do it?

Christopher anderson.

Christopher anderson tried to kill him.

Anderson had nintention of killing tony.

He purposely missed the
artery when he injected him.

It was just enough to slow his heart to the
point where you'd think that he was dead.

My job was to...

extract and revive him and...

use him against you.


By the time I stabilized him, you had
already killed anderson. Mission had failed.

So, my team went dark.

Why did he juslet tony go?

Tony chose to stay with us.

He was consumed with hatred and anger over
what the government had done to michelle.

Anyway... I talked to him.

More importantly, I listened to him.

Pretty soon, we came to
realize that... I was right.

About what?

That the rules had changed.

And there was nothing
such as honor left.

That we would have to
take care of each other.

Like brothers.

Mr. Emerson.


We're almost there.

How is the deal gonna go down?

Don't worry, jack.
You're about to find out.

Are you ready?


Are you sure?


Go help litvak with the door.

- Go get the matobos.
- Yeah.

you better tell me what
the hell's going on.

Drop the gun, david.

You know, I just couldn't
figure out your play,

so I tried to give you some
time so you'd come clean,

'cause we are like
brothers, right, tony?

Put the gun downdaviD.

You actually think that I would let
you steal those diamonds from me?

It's not about the diamonds.

It's about killing innocent people.

I can't let you finish this.

Take a shot.

Put down the weapon or I will kill him.

- Tony, take a shot!
- Shut up, jack!

- Put it down, tony, or he's dead.
- David, I don't want to kill you, but I will.

Damn it, tony, drop the...

- you okay?
- Yeah.


Okay, you say that bauer and
almeida are working undercover,

but ctu has been shut down, so, I mean,

if you're telling the truth,
who's running this operation?

We are. We're not
working with any agency.

We believe there's been widespread infiltration
of the government by dubaku and the juma regime.

Okay. I need to contact my boss.

- He needs to know that I'm okay.
- You can't do that.

- Why not?
- Dubaku has informants in the fbi.

If they find out you're alive, they'll
know jack is working against them.

You don't know who you can trust.

I can trust agent moss.

You're not listening to me.
You cannot contact the fbi.

You will jeopardize this operation,
and I won't let you do that.

Well, I don't work for you; I work
for larry. Now give me a phone.

Sit still, please.

We're nearing the endgame.

Dubaku is the key to finding out who
in the government has been corrupted.

Luckily, we have something he wants.


He's our best chance to locate
dubaku, reacquire the cip module

and get to the bottom of
the government corruption.

Until all that happens,
you have to stay dead.

- yeah.
- Did you find agent walker?

Yeah, we got her, jack.
She's fine. Where are you?

Northwoods airfield. Litvak is dead.
Emerson's been wounded. Nichols is en route.

I need you to get over here now.

- Have you talked to matobo?
- Not yet.

He needs to agree to this,
jack. We can't do it without him.

I'll get him to agree.
Just get over here.

it's all right.

What the hell is going on?

Mr. Matobo, I'm not going
to hurt you or your wife.

I know how scared you are and I know what
you've been through, but we are here to help you.

What in god's name are you
talking about? You kidnapped us.

We had to to gain dubaku's trust.

That's the man we're after.
We're trying to stop him.

I want to call my people.

I can't let you do that,
not until you hear me out.

Sir, we have a plan to stop dubaku,
but we can't do it without your help.

We don't have much time.

Please. Come with me.

Mr. Dubaku.

I'm heading to the meeting place.
They're bringing matobo now.

- And his wife?
- Both of them.

Once you have matobo,
you know what to do.

Emerson's team is now
a loose end. Tie it off.

Are you sure about this?

We may need their services again.

I would rather keep my diamonds, and
almeida has proved to be a liability.

So. Any response from the white house?

Not the one we wanted.

American forces are still in position.

President taylor must
know we have matobo.

She can't attack sangala without him.

The country will collapse.

Taylor may be holding out hope that
she can somehow retrieve matobo.

Or she doesn't believe we are
willing to carry out our threats.

She will only respond when
there are dead americans.

I'll call you when I have matobo.

These gentlemen are at your command.

There are still 1,300 planes in the air.

Which region do you want targeted?

Washington, dc.

Yeah. Yeah.

I understand, bob.

All right, thanks.

That was bob cornell at nsa.

They've detected
another firewall breach.

There's been another attack?

Not yet, but they believe the
cip device is being utilized.

We have to assume dubaku is
initiating another attack.

It's safe to say this won't
be another warning shot.

This time dubaku's gonna
make sure that people die.

I want to speak personally with all
first responders across the country.

They need to know to brace for the worst
and that they have our full support.

Instead of preparing for it, maybe we should be
trying to preempt this attack, madam president.

The deadline dubaku gave us for withdrawing
our troops from sangala has passed,

but if we made some kind of gesture...

began an immediate pullback, it might
keep dubaku from pulling the trigger.

We've discussed this,
ethan. It's not an option.

I won't be dictated to by this madman.

Madam president, we can't
invade sangala without matobo,

and there's very little
chance of him being recovered.

Why are we risking american lives?

I've told you my reasons.

I implore you: Withdraw our
forces before it's too late.

You asked me to be your advisor
because you trust my opinion.

Well, I'm giving it to you now.

- We're out of options.
- We're not, ethan.

The nsa is attempting to localize what part
of the infrastructure is being targeted,

and the fbi is still trying
to track down the cip device.

I'll keep an open channel
with both agencies.

- I'll keep you apprised.
- Good.

Let me see it. Let me see it!

This wasn't about the diamonds, david.

You crossed a line I
wasn't willing to cross.

I'm sorry.

You're looking for forgiveness...

go to hell.

You... live with it.

You're asking us to risk our lives
to be delivered into dubaku's hands,

based on nothing but
what you have told us.

Everything I have told you is the truth.

Dubaku is in this country,
and we need to find him.

You have as much at stake as we do.

He's attacked both our countries.

Listen to him, ule.

You told me yourself president taylor
will not commit forces to sangala

until these attacks are stopped.

But how can we trust this man?

Because he has no reason to lie.

I will do what you ask,
but I will go alone.

Dubaku wants you and your
wife. That's the deal.

No. I will not put my wife
in the hands of that monster.

I will be honest with you, sir.
He wants your wife as leverage.

If I don't deliver both
of you, he will back out.


You mean he wants to torture her to make me tell
him what I know about the resiance in sangala?

Yes, sir. And we won't let that
happen. We'll be following you.

Still, you can't promise me that
she won't be harmed, can you?

Can you?

I won't do it.

May I speak with my husband?

Of course, ma'am.

- I want to do this, ule.
- What?

I am ashamed that I opened
the door to the safe room.

I want to do what is
right for our country.

Absolutely not.

You can't stop me, ule.

Sangala is my country, too.

I have been by your side for 22 years.

I am not going to leave it now.

Mr. Bauer.

We will do this together.

Thank you.

You are both very brave.

We'll need to go soon.
Excuse me for one moment.


The matobos are gonna work
with us. We've got to go.


Let's get the bodies out of sight.

We're locked onto the faa node.

Begin rerouting the targets.

Rsa 471, turn right, heading 274.

Descend and maintain flight level 270.

Call the white house.

The latest report from the nsa.

- I can summarize it for you.
- Go ahead.

They'vhad no luck in
localizing the firewall breach.

Dubaku's attack could hit anywhere.

What about the fbi?

they've dedicated every available
agent to the manhunt for matobo.

They're no closer to finding him.

Uh, excuse me.

We're at a deaend, madam president.

You need to order the pullback,
and you need to order it now.

Can it be traced?

Okay. Hold on.

Madam president.

What is it, tim?

I've just been forwarded
a scrambled call.

It's from colonel dubaku.

He's demanding to speak with you.

I'll take it.

This is president taylor.

Madam president...

I'm disappointed that you have
not taken my demands seriously.

Your forces are still in
position near my country.

Colonel dubaku,i assure you we've had very
serious discussions regarding your demands.

The time for discussions is over.

The deadline for your forces to
begin their withdrawal has passed.

Go to the window.

Look to the southwest,madam president.


See what you have done.

Colonel dubaku,if you're
endangering one american life...

oh,my god.

Go,madam president.

You son of a bitch.

Comply with my demands within the hour,

or 10,000 more americans will die.

Is the cabinet still assembled?

Yes,madam president.

Was flight 131 out of chicago.

240 passengers,ten crew members.

They collided with a small
commuter jet carrying 21 people.

There's also a high probability
of casualties on the ground.

The aircraft went down in a residential
neighborhood near edgeborough.

Thank you.

we've also just gotten word that congressman
brighten and his wife may have been on 131.

We're waiting for confirmation.

How many planes are still in the air?

Over 1,300.

Madam president,this is a
catastrophic loss of american lives,

and it's only going to get worse.

We have to withdraw our forces
before the next deadline.

I'm forced to agree,madam president.

Go ahead,tim.I want
to hear what you think.

We're simply not prepared to contend with
the scope of damage these people can inflict.

The tragedy we've just witnessed is
nothing compared to what could happen

if they begin targeting
more sensitive installations:

Power grids,nuclear facilities.

We're talking deaths in
the hundreds of thousands.

All in support of a policy that
cannot possibly succeed without matobo.

He's the only man who
can stabilize sangala.

Without him,the entire
operation is pointless.

There's still a chance that prime
minister matobo will be recovered.

And while that chance
exists,I'm not giving in.

Admiral smith,your strike force will remain
in position and at full battle readiness.

Yes,madam president.

Madam president,you're guaranteeing
another attack on our country.

We will not be blackmailed,joe,and
we will not be held hostage.

This country does not
negotiate with terrorists.

Tell that to the families of the dead!

Do you have any idea what
the public reaction will be

when word gets out that
these are acts of terrorism?

Brought about by your
reckless foreign policy?

I can guarantee there will be
a call for your impeachment...

- that's enough,joe.
- I will not stand by and let this happen.

Then you can turn in your
resignation,joe,because I'm not changing my mind.

Now sit down or leave.

I'm sorry,madam president.

You people think about
what you're doing here...

about the cost you're willing to pay.


I know that there are many of you
here who agree with secretary stevens.

If I can't alleviate your doubts,

I can at least help you
to understand my reasoning.

When I took the oath of office,I swore
to myself,and to the american people,

that this country would continue to
be a force for good in this world.

We're a nation founded on ideals,

and those ideals are
being challenged today.

Now how we respond will not only define
this administration,but an entire generation.

And not just americans,but sangalans,

and anyone else who looks to
us for guidance and strength.

I won't fail them...

and neither will you.

we're in for some tough times ahead.

Let's make sure we're ready.

Thank you,everyone.

- Hey,jack.
- They're over there.

I want you to put a wire on
mr. Matobo as fast as you can.


You okay?

What do you think,jack?

You shot me and buried me alive.

If we hadn't,emerson
would have killed you.

I'm sorry we had to keep you in the
dark,but we didn't have a choice.

Yes,you did.

You could have trusted me.

If I had told you everything back at
the fbi,would you have believed me?

Have a seat,please,sir.

What's that?

It's a transmitter.I'll be
affixing it to one of your teeth.

We'll know exactly where
you are at all times.

You won't be alone.

Are you with the fbi?

No,I'm a
stay-at-home mom.

Open your mouth,please.


Chloe acssed the fbi server.

Dubaku brought down two planes
just outside the capital.

Over 270 people were killed.

He's threatened to kill 10,000 more.

We have less than an hour to stop it.

- How long before nichols gets here?
- Ten minutes.

Here's your com.


You all right?

Yeah,just a little dizzy.

- You should take a seat.
- I'm fine.

Hey,come on.

Take a seat.

So it's really true?


I've devoted my life to the bureau
and you just expect me to believe

that it's corrupted--that the
entire government's been corrupted?

Not all of them.

But until we find out
who,we can't trust anyone.

And the four of you really
think you can stop this?

We have to.

It's as simple as that.


can we...

The president is
completely alone on this,

and she's going to get a
lot of americans killed.

You've got to find a way
to talk some sense into her.

We're both on the same side here,tim.

And I'm going to need your help
if we're going to change her mind.

How do you propose we do that?

There is someone she'll listen to.

Maybe we can convince him to help us.

- go ahead.
- I just dropped her off.

She's on her way up.

Okay,stay in the car and keep watch.

I'll call you when it's done.

mr. Taylor,how did you get in here?

the agent you sent just brought me
by to get a few of my things for...

mr. Taylor,are you all right?

Mr. Taylor,are you okay?

Mr. Taylor,unless you tell me
what's wrong,I don't know what...

help me.

help me.Please.

yes,mr. Kanin.

Agent gedge,I'm looking
for henry taylor.

He's not answering his
phone.Is he with you?

You can't talk with him right now,sir.

Why not?Where is he?

Well,he's meeting with samantha
roth in her apartment,sir.

For what possible reason?

I don't know,sir.He didn't tell me.

Why aren't you with him?

Mr. Taylor insisted on
meeting with her alone,sir.

I'm in the car.I'm just
outside the building.

I don't give a damn what he insisted.

We went through this,agent gedge.

You were supposed to
keep him away from her.

What the hell were you thinking?

I'm sorry,sir.

I'm not interested in your apology.

Just pull him out of there and have
him phone me as soon as possible.

Don't try to speak,sir.

There's nothing left to say.

We will wait here.

All right.

They're coming.One car
from the service road.

How many peopl

I can't tell.The windows are tinted.

Copy that.

How are you doing,tony?

All right.

I was glad to hear you're still with us.

Where's emerson?

You're not going to be
dealing with him today.

What do you mean?

He's dead.

So's litvak and bauer.

I got them in a back
room.You want to say hi?

You better start telling me
what the hell is going on.

I decided I'd rather not split the cut.

I don't understand.I thought
you and emerson were friends

yeah,that was before he
left me to rot with the fbi.

You want matobo or not?

- Where is he?
- Close.

I want to see him,and his wife.



He's in the back of the truck.

Keep your tracks clean.

We might call on you again.


Let's put that behind us.

You got what you want.

Now,get the hell out of here.



- Chloe.
- Jack,I've got him.

Get everyone ready to move out.



Don't do this.


the white house still has not complied.

American force are still in position.

I think this president is not
just stubborn; she's insane.

What do you intend to do?

Exactly what we promised.

We're ready,sir.

I'll see you in a mont.

Where is the target located?


- Population?
- 30000

The processing facility is located
two miles west of the town center.

Casualties will be high,about 18,000.