24 (2001–2010): Season 7, Episode 17 - Day 7: 12:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. - full transcript

Jack battles the effects of toxic exposure, a reporter squeezes the President's Chief of Staff, and it is a race against time to locate weapons on the Starkwood compound.


Season07 Episode17


Livy,it could take weeks
to find ethan's replacement.

In the meantime,I'm going to
need a provisional chief of staff.

I would like that to be you.

I have larry moss calling for you.

Mam,we have evidence juma allowed starkwood to use
sangala as a base to manufacture biological weapons.

Are you saying these
weapons are on us soil?

We suspect they're at the
starkwood headquarters in virginia.

And you're not suggesting that starkwood intends
to use those weapons to attack this country?

Given their actions today,we need
to move on starkwood immediately.

They're coming and they'll be
coming with everything they've got

and the only thing that's going to stop them
is getting these weapons ready to deploy.

Tell me what the fbi knows.

I don't know anything,mr. Hodges.

Get him out of here and
do what you have to do.

I'm not spending the rest of my life in
prison because jonas hodges has lost his mind.

- You know where the weapons are?
- Yes.

Where's jack?

He managed to secure the
weapons,but starkwood got him back.

Jack was exposed.

There has to be something
that you can do to help him.

There's no cure.

We got a location on the weapon.

We're getting ready to
stage a raid on the compound.

I want to go.

I'm sorry. I can't allow it.

I'm the only one who's seen the canisters.
I know exactly what we're looking for.

But you're sick.

We have no idea when you're
going to start showing symptoms.

You're right.

where are the damn weapons?

He played me.

Little old seaton bought us some time.

We're going to do a point by point
search of this entire compound.

There are biological
weapons on this facility.

We're not going anywhere without them.

You try to advance any
farther,you will be fired upon.


I count three platns at least.

Everything mil-spec.

Yeah. They were waiting for us.

como te cabe la leche en la cola

Renee,we would really use
those satellite overheads.

Copy,larry. What have we got?

Nothing. The subnet's been crashing.

Okay,wait,wait,wait. Re we go.

I've got sat five retasking now...

somebody talk to me.
What are you seeing?

Larry,you've got hostiles on all sides.

Damn it. Find me an opening.

I'm looking,but there's no way through.

Okay,heads up. Is everybody
seeing this? Larry?

Yeah. Yeah. We're seeing it.

It's hodges.

The men are at the ready,sir.

I appreciate your presence.

Where else would I be?

- Who's in charge here?
- I am.

Agent moss.

You need to move your men
and allow us to proceed.

I want you off our property and
I want you to release my man.

You have no right to take him hostage.

I have an order from the
president of the united states.

To search this building.

For weapons that do not exist.

Have you looked?

Are there weapons of mass destruction?
Are there weapons of any kind?

Is there anything in here at all?

Agent moss,who dreamed up this charade?

Give me a name.

Let's get to the bottom of this.

You want to talk to me,mr. Hodges?

Get these guns off my head.

You think you have a gun at your head?

You know what I've got?

I've got the united states
government sending swat teams

and attack helicopters in
the middle of the night.

I've got a government that I
served faithfully for 30 years

dreaming up bs
accusations so politicians

too cowardly to show their
faces can dismantle my company.

That's what I've got.

You've got five minutes to get
these-these helicopters flying out of here

with all of you on board.

You don't want to do this.

Five minutes.

te re cabe x atras

- Renee,you get that?
- Yeah,we did.

- And what options do we have?
- In five minutes?

I know there's no time to bring in more
tac support,so give me something else.

All right,larry,give
me a second. Stand by.

That's it.

I want to show you something.

Hodges just gave us five
minutes to clear the base.

We lost that situation. We were outmaneuvered
but I think I found us a new way in.

Look. These are senator mayer's
files. This is douglas knowles.

He's the chairman of starkwood.

He was actually helping the
senator with the investigation.

He is the one who brokered the
deal to open the company's books.

What,another insider?
Didn't we just get burned?

Just listen.

Knowles was loyal to
hodges for almost 20 years

and now he's secretly helping
the senator take down starkwood?

He's scared of something.
This man wants to help us.

It's worth a shot.

Yeah. Make the call.

- knowles.
- Mr. Knowles,my name is jack bauer.

I got your number from senator mayer.

Senator mayer is dead.

Yes,sir,I know. I was with him when
he was killed by one of your employees.

A man named john quinn.

you have no idea how much I
was hoping someone would call.

I'm sorry,sir. I don't understand.

Things are very out of control.

Are you aware of what's
happening on your base?

I'm watching it with my own eyes.

The fbi is pinned down. They say
they're looking for bioweapons.

Sir,jonas hodges is in possession
of a military-grade bioweapon.

A prion variant developed
in africa with general juma.

Well,it's not where they think it is.

They're all standing in
front of an empty hangar.

The fbi was deliberately led to the
wrong location by a man named seaton,

but I promise you,sir,the
weapon is on your base.

I was contaminated when trying
to intercept the canisters.

They were ferried back to starkwood
approximately 90 minutes ago.

90 minutes ago jonas was handing
down his new strategy to the board.

Stonewall the government,no
cooperation whatsoever.

I can't believe this is happening.

Sir,this is happening and I promise
you the weapons are on your base.

Do you have any idea
where they might be?

I think I might.

Mr. Knowles,I want to put you in
touch with one of my men in the field.

- Can I call you right back?
- Yes.

Thank you. Go.

Some of the men were unhappy
drawing down on federal agents.

It's understandable.

I had hoped not to
include the rank and file.

You can count on them.

Let's show our guests the door.

Let's move!

Into position.

Jack,I'm on comm.

You're on with me and agent walker.

Hodges' men have
repositioned themselves.

Okay,we're going to have to move fast.

Larry,I want you and your men
to pull out on hodges' timetable.

Tony,you're going to need
to find a way to stay behind.

We're going to get your vectors over to
a man that we contacted inside starkwood.

His name is douglas knowles. He
believes he knows where the weapons are.

Isn't this how we got into this mess?

Almeida and some
supposedly friendly contact?

Knowles is chairman
of the starkwood board,

but he was cooperating with senator
mayer's investigation of the company.

Larry,he is all that we've got.

All right,I got 400 eyeballs
trained on me right now.

How the hell are we supposed
to get almeida to stay behind?

Larry,I need you and your men to create
a diversion to cover tony's escape.

Look,we need to make this work.

If you all get on those helicopters together,we
are going to lose this weapon for good.

Larry,are you on board with this?

We got to go.

Larry,we need to ow,are you on board?

I'll do what I can.

Take his bag.

All right,let's go. We're standing
down. You're coming with me.

Hey,wait a minute. This
wasn't part of the deal.

What deal? As far as I could tell,he
couldn't care about you one way or the other.


You take these handcuffs off of me
or it's going to get really ugly.


Get the hell out of here,moss.

You don't want to test us.

Let's go!

don't move. No!

Doug knowles. Jack
bauer sent me. Come on.

That street's solid security cameras.

I'll take you to a restricted area.

It's on the east perimeter.

There's a good chance
the weapons are there.

The place is crawling. I don't
know how we're going to make it.

I'll take care of that.

Jack,I'm with knowles.

I'm going to need satellite
support on the east perimeter.

Jack,I need support. Do you copy?

- ******
- Copy,tony.


I've got you just off the landing pad.
No hostiles in your immediate vicinity.

Proceed at your own discretion.

Copy that. Which way?

Come on.

Jack. You all right?

Yeah,I'm fine.

Tony and knowles have
connected. We're good.

It's time to call the
white house with an update.

Okay,good. I'll be right there.

Madam president,excuse the interruption.

Jack bauer is on line seven.

Mr. Bauer,tell me you
have the bioweapon.

Madam president,I'm
afraid that's not the case.

Our search was stopped by armed
mercenaries on starkwood's base.

Agent moss and his men were forced to withdraw from
a firefight they most certainly would have lost.

Are you saying hodges men were
ready to fire on federal agents?

Yes,ma'am,that's correct.

My god! Who does he think he is? !

Madam president,despite the setback,I
am confident the weapons are still there.

I reached out to starkwood's chairman.

He's willing to cooperate.
He's with tony alameida now.

They are moving towards a secure area on the
base where we believe the weapons are being held.

Very good. Tim,what's our troop status?

Mobilizing. The secretary of defense
says they're still several hours out.

At which point we have a war on our hands
against 1,500 mercenaries armed with bioweapons.

Madam president,I do believe that
a surgical air strike will work

as long as we can pinpoint the
exact location of the weapon.

- And you can do that?
- Yes,I believe we can.

Mr. Bauer,you've seen the
canisters containing the bioweapons,

you know what they look
like,is that correct?


Then we'll need you to verify the
canisters once almeida has located them.

no more mistakes.

We're gonna need visual confirmation
from you,bauer-- eyes on.

Jack,we have got to get this part right.

I understand. Anything else?

Jack,I have been told that you
were exposed to the pathogen.

How you doing?

Right now I'fine,madam
president. Thank you for asking.

Thank you for your service.

I'm not giving up on
you. Keep me informed.

Yes,ma'am. Let's go.

I don't have a lot of
time. What's going on?

That's what I've been trying to
ask you. I called three times.

It's kind of crazy here right now.

Unless it's urgent,I
gotta call you back.

I'm hearing rumors that the
joint chiefs have been called in.

It's not a big deal.

They're just doing a final assessment
before lowering the alert level.

Olivia,don't do this.

- What? I'm telling you the truth.
- Really?

Because I've got a source in
the port authority container yard

who's using terms like
"weapons of mass destruction,"

so naturally I'm wondering if that's why
the joint chiefs are having a meeting.

Look,I can't talk about it.

It's obviously a question
of national security.

But you have my word I'll
tell you soon as I can.

I want to know now.

I just gave you a big story,ken.
You'll have to wait. I gotta go.

Don't hang up on me,olivia.

That'd be a big mistake.

What's that supposed to mean?

You want me to say it,fine,I'll say it.

Think how your mother
would feel when she hears

that you forced out her chief of staff
so you could take over his position.

He was incompetent.

Yeah,well,it won't play
that way on the morning news.

So,talk to me. Now.

I can't talk here.

I'm in the roosevelt
continental,room 1271.

You've got half an hour.

Agent pierce,please get a car ready.

I have to make a quick run.

All right,jack,we're here.

Knowles says there's been increased
activity in this area for several days now.

I'm looking at about a
half a dozen buildings.

- Could be any one of them.
- Copy that,tony.

Hold on,we're getting infrared up now.

I'm counting seven buildings
in your immediate vicinity.

The building directly southeast of your
current position is showing no infrared signal.

I'm guessing they're
using a blackout shield.

All right,we'll try there first.

You see any patrols coming our way?

Negative,you're clear.

Okay,let's go.

Jack,knowles' key card isn't working.

We're gonna need
electronic support here.

There should be an r-6 interface
module on the back of your comm device.

- It's a card key.
- Yeah,I know what that is,thank you.

I'm plugging in now.

Okay,we're up. Cormac z series.

We're looking at a five digit key
protected by an aes block cipher.

Running combinations.

Okay,tony,you've got a
vehicle coming your way.

It's east of you about a hundred yards.

Take cover down there.

- How much longer?
- How much more time do you need?

I only have two out of five digits.

We're pretty exposed here.


It's all right,I'm fine.

Come on.

Two more numbers,tony.

What are we gonna do?

We still got two digits to go.

Move in for a closer look.

- We're not going to make it.
- Sit tight.

you-- doug!

Hold your position. May I see some id?

Doug knowles.


One to go.

I apologize,mr. Knowles.

Mr. Hodges has ordered the base
cleared of all nonessential personnel.

Nonessential personnel?
I'm chairman of the board.

I realize that,but we're dealing with
a heightened security situation here.

So,I need to know what
you were doing in this area.

Jonas called a late night board
meeting,that's what I'm doing here.

- Sir,that meeting ended nearly two hours ago.
- We got it; we're in.

I don't have to explain
myself to you,younow.

I'm sorry,sir,but you do.

Sir,I don't believe you're hearing me.

No,I don't you're hearing me!

Look,I built this company! And I don't need
you telling me where I can and cannot walk!


You're gonna have to come
with me,sir. Right this way.

I'm in. But they got knowles.

Do you think he's gonna say anything?

garchar x atras

But I better get in and out as fast
as possible just in case he does.

Okay,tony,the president needs a visual on
the weapons before she'll launch an attack.

She needs your eyes on the
canisters and a confirmation by jack.

Copy that.

- I'm moving.
- Good.


Stay here,I'll be right back.

Jack! Jack? Jack! Jack? Jack?

Get me the medic!


We just found mr. Knowles alone
just outside the restricted zone.

Did he have an explanation?

Yes,sir,he said he was walking.


Should I take him to stokes
for interrogation,sir?

You're suggesting
what,soldier,that we strap him down,

extract a confession,because
he was walking?

He's the chairman of the board.

I was just requesting
instructions,sir. What you'd like done.

I'd like you to take him to his office.

Make sure he's comfortable. And
stay with him until I arrive.

Yes,sir. Will that be all?

Call zone nine,have them
double down security.

Let's make surthat mr.
Knowles was in fact alone.


How much longer?

Half an hour.


I'll need to know the minute it's done.


Aaron,I'd like you to wait
in the hall,if that's okay.

Ms. Taylor,you tasked me
with handling your security.

I can't allow you to enter a
hotel room I haven't vetted.

Aaron,I appreciate the concern.

But you can see the door from
here,I have you on speed-dial,

and I can scream very loudly
when the occasion demands.

I just need two minutes
to wrangle a reporter.

Really,I'll be fine.

All right,I'll be here if you need me.

Want a drink?


I assume you don't mind
if I do. It's been a day.

I gotta tell you.

I don't like being threatened.

It was unfortunate. I apologize.

We've known each other a long time,ken.

- I thought we had an understanding.
- We do.

And I want to keep it that way.

We both do. Am iight?

Okay,so,I told you,I have this source.

Cop out at the port
authority container yard.


He told me he saw these
professional assassin types

get into an intense firefight
out there a couple hours ago.

According to him,someone hijacked
a wmd out to god knows where.

- That's true.
- Yeah.

Yeah,I want to know all about it.

Look,if you think all you've got to do is
nod your head confirming what I already know,

then we've got a problem.

It's national security,ken.
I can't tell you.

I'm saying you can.

If this story breaks,it
would create a panic.

People would be hurt.

If you knew what it was,you'd
understand why it's got to stay a secret.

Right,exactly. I'd understand.

Have a little faith,okay?

All right.

There is a bioweapon
in the container yard.

That's what they were fighting over.

It was developed by starkwood in africa.

- Starkwood?
- Right.

They moved it to their base
about 30 miles from here.

So it's there right now.

So this is what the joint chiefs
are discussing,what to do about that.


the president ordered an air strike

as soon as the exact location
of the canisters was known.

So you see why you can't run with this?

Really,ken,you can'T.

A lot of lives are at stake. The
entire plan depends on surprise.

You get that,right?

Maybe you're right. Maybe
I need to kill this story.

Thk you.

What I mean is maybe
somebody could convince me.

What are you saying?

You know what I'm saying.

You're very beautiful when you get
all patriotic. I ever tell you that?

- That's over. We agreed.
- You agreed.

Really,I don't want to do this.


then say no.

This is pandopamine which
should control the shaking.

Here,apply pressure.

You can give yourself an
injection once every two hours.

More if needed.

You think I'll need more?

In all likelihood,yes.

The onset of symptoms so soon after exposure suggests
the bio-agent is more virulent than we thought.

All we're doing here is
just masking the symptoms.

I understand.

There's something you may
want to consider,though.

What's that?

Bryden university has been funding
some studies on prion diseases.

The work is purely experimental at this
point,but it does suggest treatment.

That's good news.

I don't want to get
anyone's hopes up here.

We're talking a slight chance.

A possible treatment using stem cells
from a genetically compatible donor.

An immediate family member would
make the best donor candidate.

I saw your file. It says
you have a daughter,right?

I don't want my daughter
involved in this.

- Jack,if there's a chance.
- Mr. Bauer...

doctor,thank you for
everything you've done.

Excuse me. I need tget back to work.


this is none of your business.

It's my business when you're having
a seizure in the middle of the fbi.

You heard the doctor. The
medition will mask the symptoms.

Why won't you even talk about this?

- Talk about what?
- The experimental procedure.

Because there's nothing to talk about.

She's your daughter,and you're
not even gonna let her know?

That's right.

So you're just not even gonna try?

Renee,I know you're trying to help,but you
don't know what you're talking about here.

My daughter and I,we don't talk,okay?

So,please,just let it go.

It should be her choice.

Well,it's not.

I'm the one who's dying. It's my choice.

Noign of the target yet,but
tony's working on it.

- You look better.
- Thanks.

Tony,can you hear me?

Jack,you okay?

Yeah,I'm fine.

Okay,tony,we're seeing new
activity outside the building.

Two vehicles,eight hostiles.

Looks like a security detail.

You think knowles gave him up?

Tony,they're moving straight
for your point of entry.

Eight hostiles and closing.

- Yeah,I hear them.
- You want to regroup?

No,I want to get this over with.

we're clear.

we're clear.

I haven't seen you here before.

They just sent eight
of us over here,sir.

Why,is something wrong?

No,sir. Just,you know,precautions.

Right,right. Can't be paranoid enough.

I'm in the main building.

Copy,we're with you.

Tony,it's jack.

I've got you at 125 feet msl,approximately
40 feet underground. Is that correct?

That's right. I'm four floors down.

We've got no information on any kind of
subterranean floors for that building.

Believe me,they're here.

Epoxy-hardened walls,poured
concrete ceilings.

I have a visual on the weapon.

Sending images for verification now.

Copy that.

Okay,those are the canisters.

I'll notify admiral smith the
target is located and confirmed.

Tony,those are the canisters.

Jack,it looks like they're transferring the pathogens
from the canisters into some sort of delivery system.

- It's on the move.
- Copy that. It doesn't matter.

Renee's phoning in the coordinates. Everything's
gonna be dust in the next ten minutes.

- Get out of there now.
- Copy that. Withdrawing.


You want to explain this,jonas?

I'm arrested by our own security force.

Held captive in my own
office like a prisoner.

They won't allow me a phone call,even to
you,to find out what the hell is going on!

Well,that's a lot of
complaints,doug. You done?

You were supposed to be home hours ago.

Why'd they find you snooping around?

I saw the fbi raid.

They say we have bioweapons.

Which they did not find.

That's not the point.

Is it true?

Remember when I first brought
you out here 20 years ago?

There was nothing here. Nothing.

And out of the damn
mud,we built this place,

the largest private army in
the hemisphere,maybe the world,

and we pulled america's ass out of
the fire again and again and again.

Answer the question!

I am.

Every da we've done things that the
government itself could not or would not do.

"Get this done," that's what
they said,"here's your mission."

Nobody asked how anything
was gonna be done.

Nobody wanted to know.

All anyone wanted was
results,and we delivered.

No one's questioning that.

No one's questioning that?

You're not insane,are you?

The senate,the committees,the president.

Every chattering nonentity in washington is out
there with their standard operating procedures

saying,"how was this
done? How was that done?"

Tearing at us,trying to bring
us down,every one of them.

I kept this country
strong. I kept it safe.

And I will not be persecuted for that.

Jonas,you cannot start a war against
the people you're supposed to protect.

We were at war,doug,the moment
they decided to dismantle us.

And as for particular weapons,as
for your question,let me rephrase it.

Are we prepared to defend ourselves?

We are.


you can't take on the
federal government.

Yeah,well,you never were
one for thinking big.

20 years I treated you like a son.

20 years.

A little loyalty...

wasn't that the least I deserved?


Sir,we just got an alert from
one of our radar intercepts.

There's a squadron of f-18's heading
our way out of virginia beach.

- Sir?
- What's the eta?

Less than ten minutes.

- What's our readiness?
- How many?

We have three loaded.

Place the call tohe president.

I'll be there momentarily.

you probably think I'm the
scum of the earth right now.

All I care about is that you
don't run the starkwood story.

You're a real sport.

Taking one for the team like this.

Look at me.

You won't run it,right?

- I'm sorry,livy.
- What?

I have to run it.

Breaking something this big will
put me over the top in new york.

I'll make sure nobody knows
any of it came from you.

You lying son of a bitch.

Come on,please.

I'm did what I needed to do
to get ahead-- just like you.

There's no comparison.

Running that story
will harm the country.

I've been in washington
a lot longer than you.

You'll see,this is how
the way the game is played.

Actually,ken,this is
how the game is played.

What do you mean?

you run that story,or ever
try to blackmail me again,

and I'll make sure everyone
knows just how you get your leads.

I think your wife will
be especially interested.

From everything you've told
me,that's gonna be one nasty divorce.

You bitch.

Find a new beat,ken.

I don't want to see you
around the white house again.

sorry,I've got to take this.

Where in the world are you?

I'm sorry. I had a meeting on k street.

I had to run interference
with a reporter.

Are the press on to this?

Not anymore. I took care of it.

I need you here,livy.

We've had confirmation on the bioweapons,and
the air strike is happening now.

I'll be there in five minutes.

Where are we,admiral?

The f-18's have been loaded with bunker-buster
ordinance and will be in range in seven minutes.

What's the risk of the pathogen
spreading to the surrounding areas?

Minimal. We're using white phosphorous
charges,which burn at 5,000 degrees.

More than enough to
incinerate the pathogen.

And that's been confirmed by the cdc.

It has.

Weapons are ready?


The call to the president?

The calls in process.

It's an historic day,gentlemen.

A great day for starkwood.

Too bad mr. Knowles can't be joining us.

Weapons control status: Yellow tight.

Fighters entering the ip. Engage
airspace coordination area.

Roger that.

Stand by.

Madam president,command
and control is reporting

that a phased array radar system is
active inside the starkwood compound.

Meaning what exactly?

They know we're coming.

Is there any evidence of an
antiaircraft artillery threat?

Intelligence is indicating no
such capability on the ground.

Madam president,there's a phone
call for you. It's jonas hodges.

Put him on speaker.

Ma'am,he's requested
a private conversation.

He says he's established a
proprietary line in the ops room.

A proprietary line?

How did he manage that?

I have no idea.


Madam president,let me begin by saying
that I am truly sorry it's come to this.

At you turn your
planesaround immediately.

You're in no position to
issue ultimatums,mr. Hodges.

Well,maybe I am.

You remember several years ago,madam
president,starkwood was deployed to pakistan.

Oh,I remember it very well.
I fought that deployment.

And you lost.

You'll also recall that we requisitioned
a missile system at that time--

python fives.

Well,three of those missiles
are now loaded with the pathogen

and aimed at cities on
our eastern seaboard.

You're bluffing.

As a sign of good faith,I'm
willing to show you that I'M...

that I'm not bluffing.

You see that? Madam president?

You call this good faith? You are
waging war on your own country,jonas.

Well,of course,I
wouldn't see it that way.

What do you want?

Well,we can have that conversation
a little later on at the white house.

You think we're going to just
sit down and discuss this?

Yes I do,in the oval office,in
confidence,within the hour.

But in the meantime,I think
it is to both of our advantage

that the american people do not know
the exact circumstance of this standoff.

So you will keep this conversation to
yourself,and turn the planes around.

And if you don't comply,madam president,

I will have no choice but
to launch those missiles.

Mr. Hodges...

and remember,I can detect any
action you take against our facility.

You have 30 seconds.

Mr. Hodges... mr. Hodges!

Abort the air strike,admiral smith.

Madam president...

just do as I say.

Ma'am,with all respect...

damn it,admiral,abort the
air strike immediately!

This is admiral smith. I have an
abort order from the president.

Take fighters off target.

Repeat: Take fighters off target.

Stand by for confirmation code.

Roger that.

We're standing down,madam president.

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