24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 3 - Day 6: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. - full transcript

Jack and former terrorist leader turned peacemaker, Hamri Al-Assad, track a suspicious man to a self-storage facility.

Previously on 24...

America has been victimized again.

Last night terrorist attack
in San Antonio

was not the latest
in this series of bombings

that began 11 weeks ago
in 10 different cities.

Retrieve the package.

Call me when you have it.

- What happened?
- You shouldn't have come here, Scott.

I don't wanna hurt you...

But I will
unless you do exactly what I say.

I'm Mr Al-Rezani's attorney.

There's no terrorist here.

Yes, this is Sandra Palmer.

I'd like to speak with my brother.

The FBI was just here

and they wanted access
to the IAA personel records.

You know I have to do

whatever I can to stop this attacks.

All that includes giving
the law inforcement the autority

to follow up
whatever single lead they get.

I can't find the files.

They've been erased.

Don't bother trying to recall them.
I used the shredding program.

Sandra, what're you doing?

You're under arrest.

Take Mr Al-Rezani in custody.

Wait a minute,
he has nothing to do with this.

Don't move. Where is Assad?

Put down your weapon.

I came here alone.

Fayed has set you up.

He provided CTU
with the coordinates to this house.

Move! Move!

I've gotten most of my people
and the governments that support us

to agree to a cease fire with the West.

And that's Fayed wants to sabotage?
- Yes.

But finding Fayed is the key.

These are Fayed's men.

They're going in the subway.

I can't let 'em get on the train.

Only the bomber is getting on the train.

The other man is the handler.

You follow the handler.
I'm going after the bomber.

It's a bomb!

- We're heading in your direction.
- I copy that. I'll find you.

Just stay with the handler.
He's our only connection to Fayed.

The following takes place
between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.(del vo)

You still have Fayed's man in sight?

He's in a grey Sedan,
about 6 cars ahead.

- Yes.
- Are you on schedulled?

Yeah, there was some traffic
around Union Station.

- But I'm on the road now.
- There has been a change.

I need you to make that stop in Newhall
before you come back here.

The Americans
will be feeling helpless now.

I'm making the call.

The casualty estimates in St Louis
is resumed to 112.

The mall attack in Baltimore
is even worse.

Over 200 dead.

Many of them children.

My God.

What about the bomb in Los Angeles?

We confirmed that Jack Bauer

averted the attack at the Union Station.

Passive surveillance from Metro Transit

has also confirmed
he's working with Assad.

Have you been able
to contact him?

No, sir.
Jack's been dark since he called

to warn us about Fayed.
We didn't listen.

I didn't listen.

We're receiving a call from Fayed.
He demands to speak with the President.

Mr President, we're receivnig a call
on a scrambled channel from Fayed, sir.

He's demanding to speak with you.

Put him on.

This is President Palmer.

Mr President,

we've proven we can strike at you
anytime anywhere.

But I'm prepared to offer you
a cease-fire.

- If you meet my demands.
- Your demands?

Fayed we match your demands before,

When you deceived us about Assad
being the one behind these attacks.

And now you expect me to just accept
your assurances of a cease-fire.

I expect you'll take any action that
holds a promise of avoiding the loss

of more american lives.

What do you want?

You're holding 110
so called enemy combattants

at your Palmdale military facility.

In violation of the international law.

You must have all these freedom fighters

on a non-military aircraft

in the air by the end of the hour.

The pilot will be informed
of the destination

once the plane is outside
your country's airspace.

Even if I agree to this

- there is not enough time for us to--
- You'll find a way.

Because if you don't release
the prisonners by the deadline,

the consequences will be immediate
and devastating.

I will only make this offer once,
Mr President.

For your country's sake...

I hope you accept it.

Is it even possible, that's what
these attacks have been about?

Releasing the prisonners at Palmdale?

I feel it's wishful thinking to assume

this is Fayed's endgame.

Bill, contact Palmdale.

Find out exactly what will be involved
in making this happen.

Yes, sir.

Mr President...

you cannot seriously consider

giving in to this man's demands.

I mean you said yourself:
Fayed cannot be trusted.

No, he can't.

And, Tom, I don't believe
for one second he has any intention

of stopping these attacks.
Not permanently.

But going along with this
buys us more time to find Fayed.

At the very least,

it gives the country
a respite from the bombings.

Sir, you'd be releasing 110
extremely dangerous terrorists.

Karen, I am very well aware of that.

But unless we find Fayed,
I may be forced to.

- We got a problem.
- What?

He's heading north.

The farther he gets outside of the city,

the less traffic we'll have to hide in.

It's gonna be more difficult to track
him all the way without him seing us.

- What else can we do?
- We need to call CTU.

They can give us satellite coverage.

No, I said no CTU. They killed my men,
they tried to kill me!

That's because Fayed made them believe
you were behind the bombings.

I do not work with my enemies.

You're working with one now.

You might hate this country,
you might hate its values

but if you were serious about disarming,

about bringing your organization
and others to the table,

then you know you have to compromise.

That is your political reality.

Who's to say they won't put me in prison
once they have me?

I can't tell you they won't.

But right now,
that is our only lead to Fayed.

Make the call.

Thank you.

Morris, I need you to load this.

What is it?

The President just got a call
from Fayed.

He demands we release
all the prisonners from Palmdale.

We need to valid each one
in case he goes through with it.

What he wants is some pretty serious
high grade terrorist suspect.

Calm down, no one's not even go.


Are you refusing to do this?

I think you should give this one
to the girls in Archives.

I'm working on Fayed threats,
that's more important.

Okay, I don't really care
what you think is important.

It's not your place
to tell me what's important.

Just calm down.
I'm trying to help you do your job.

You have to evaluate
directives that come down.

You can't just keep wasting the time
of your most important analysts.

- I'm not...
- Morris.

What? What?

I want you to put filters
on each one of these files.

If I don't have results on my screen
in 20 minutes you are outta here.

Grow up.

- O'Brian.
- Chloe, this is Jack.

I didn't think I'd ever hear
your voice again.

I don't have a lotta time.
I need to speak to Bill Buchanan.

Hold on.


It's Jack on line 1.

- Jack, where are you?
- I'm in a car with Assad.

We're tracking one of the suspects
in the train bombing.

We know you're working with Assad.
Are you sure you can trust him?

I think so.

What do you need, Jack?

The suspect's on Florence
crossing Ormond.

We believe is ultimately gonna
lead us to Fayed

but we need Chloe to give us
satellite support.

Loggin' on to the NSA server now.

Jack, Fayed just contacted
the President Palmer

and demanded he releases the prisonners
we're holding in Palmdale.

What's the President's position?

If we don't find Fayed
by the 9:00 a.m. deadline

I believe he'll go through with it.

This could take me at least 10 min
to get satellite coverage.

I had to send the repositionning
orders for the sub server.

That's too long,
the suspects is entering route 7.

If we try to follow him, he'll see us.

Chloe, can you speed up access?

No, the sat queue's overloaded,
the entire country's on high alert.

We'll use CalTrans cameras to track him
till the satellite reposition.

If there was a traffic camera
on route 7.

There isn't, I already looked.

You're gonna have to figure out
another way to track him

until we get the satellite up.

- Where's yout nearest tac team?
- Curtis has a unit...

12 miles away.

Send him in my direction.
I'll get back to you.

Do you think this man
will recognize you?

No. What do you have in mind?

Curtis Manning on com.

Curtis, I just spoke to Jack.

He's surveilling one of Fayed's men
and needs backup.

- Where is he?
- Last known was Florence Blvd

near the entrance to Route 7.

He's running this operation with Assad.

Did I hear that correctly?

We're working with Assad?

Your orders are to rendez-vous
with them and lend support.

All warants on Assad are resended
for the time being. Understood?


We're on our way.

Don't get up!

What's wrong with you?
I know you saw me coming!

- It was my right of way!
- You tell me I don't know how to drive?

I'm talking to you!

Hey, you're alright?
I saw the whole thing.

Get out of here!
This is got nothing to do with you.

I'm a witness!
You drove straight into him!

What is it with you, people?

You're gonna stick up for him?

Fine. I'll wait here
until the police arrives.

Screw both of you.

Screw you!

Where are you going?

Hey, this is your fault!

I saw his licence for the police.

I can't wait for the police.
I can't drive this.

I need to be somewhere.
I'll just have to deal with this later.

Where are you going?

Newhall. I was getting on route 7.

I can take you to Newhall,
I'll drop you there. Come.

- Come!
- Thank you.

I hope you're not gonna let that bastard
get away with this.

Hit-and-run is a crime.
You must file a police report.

I know.

Come on...


This is Jack Bauer.
I need to speak with Bill Buchanan.

Hold, please.

Bill, it's Jack.
Fayed's man is now in a car with Assad.

What happened?

The suspect was involved
in a traffic incident.

Listen to me.
Assad has let his cell phone opened

so that we can monitor the call.

I'm gonna be following roughly
2 miles behind in a white Jeep Cherokee.

Through conversation with the suspect,
Assad'll let us know where he's going.

I'm ready to transfer you into the car.

Go ahead, Jack.

Bill, they cant hear us on their side.
You should be on call, now.

I don't know Newhall very well.

- I need you to guide me, please.
- I will.

Nadia, pull* all agency data pour
on Newhall,

to set up perimeters for a sort.

Chloe, when you get the satellite,

make sure we have coverage of that area.

Let Curtis know that he is to intercept
Jack somewhere on route 7

on the way to Newhall.


What is it?

Our scout is reporting
increased activity

around the Palmdale military prison.

The transport buses are starting
to arrive.


By the time my jailed brothers
are boarded on the aircraft,

it will be too late for the Americans
to realize what's happened.

We still don't have the component.

We will.

Ahmed should be on his way
to pick it up, now.

Scott? Is that you?


Honey, we were beginning to get worried.

- My God, Ahmed! What happened?
- Mom, he has a gun.

What's going on?

What is this? Where is Ray?

Just put the gun down, and...

- ... tell me what's happening.
- Call him.



What the hell...

Don't wanna hurt any of you, but I will
unless you do exactly what I say.

You're a nurse, right?

- You have medical supplies, bandages?
- Yeah.

Go get them.


You two... on the couch.

Now, come on!

Sit... down!


I need you to patch this leg.
Stop the bleeding.

My God, Stan was right.
You are a terrorist.

Stan is dead.

He killed him.

What? I can't stop this bleeding.

Don't tell me that you can't!

The wound's too deep.
You have muscle tissue damage.

You need to see a doctor.

Just bandage it!

There's a package in there.

I'm supposed to take it to a man
who has an item for me.


Obviously, I can't do that now.

So, you gonna have to.

I'm not leaving you alone
with my family.

Your family will be safe
when you do what I say.

When you pick up the item,

you'll call me,
and I'll give you further instructions.

What's in this package?

That's not of your concern.
You're just making a drop.

Grab that phone and come here.

Come here, come here.

Understand this:

if I see anyone...

police, FBI, anybody outside this house,

or if you take too long,

your wife and son are dead.

Do you understand me? Look at me!
Do you understand me?

I understand.

Where am I going?

There's an address on the front
pocket of that backpack.

It's a man named Marcus.


Curtis, how far away are you?

Less than five minutes.

Get there as fast as you can.

Assad and Fayed's man are on open road.

They're already five miles ahead.

Got it.

- Darling?
- What?

Since when do you take Milo's side
against me?

- You're doing him again.
- I was not, my lovely.

Your pick on your bosses
whenever you get stressed out.

Milo's not my boss.
Heaven forbids.

Well, he might as well be.
He can bounce you.

Which is what I think you really want,

And why would I want that?

I don't know, it's your character form,
not mine.

The files you wanted are all unlocked.
They'll be on your screen in a minute.


Mr. President?

I just got off the phone with CTU.
They reconnected with Jack Bauer.

Where is he?

He's following a man he's identified
as one of Fayed's operatives.

CTU is now coordinating support for Jack
because they believe this man

will lead them to Fayed's location.

Did CTU offer a time frame
for locating Fayed?

No, sir. At this point, any estimates
would be premature.

And did you speak with
the Palmdale facility?

Yes, and the airfield.

If we wanna meet Fayed's deadline

and have these prisoners in the air
before the end of the hour,

we have to have them on buses
and the road within the next 10 minutes.

If you still want to proceed...
with that option.

Listen, Karen.
I know you disapprove of my decision.

But unless Jack and CTU call

to say they have Fayed,
there is no other option here.

Tell them to load the buses.

Yes, M. President.

Sand Canyon Road.


I was just remembering.

I had a friend who lived
on Sand Canyon Road.

We can take the service road from here.

They're 2 miles ahead of us
on the service road.

We can monitor their direction
with their cell phone.

CTU wants you on com.

- Copy?
- 10/4.

- CTU, this is Manning.
- Go ahead, Curtis.

Bill, I'm with Jack.
Do we have satellite access, yet?

It's coming up.
Is Jack on the line?

I'm here, Bill.

We're redirecting the NSA satellite

to the area around
Sand Canyon road exit mark.

As soon as we have a fix
on Assad's vehicle

we'll upload it to your GPS.

Copy that.

Good to see you, Jack.

I'm sorry for what you're put through.

I'm glad you're back.

Now, I have to work with Assad.

Doesn't that bother you?

The man's a terrorist, Jack!

Responsible for taking hundreds,

maybe thousands of innocent lives
over the past twenty years.

Doesn't that mean anything to you?

I don't know what
means anything anymore, Curtis.

I've spend my all life defending
this country against people like Assad.

And now, he's trying to disarm
his people, renounce terrorism.

Playing field has changed.

And that doesn't change Assad's past.

We have to make sure that he paies
for the crimes that he's committed.

He's our only chance
at a peaceful resolution of all of this.

That might not happened.

Anyway, that's not our call to make.

We'll see.

What is that supposed to mean?



This isn't working.

There's still too much pain,
I need something stronger.

There are some prescription
pain killers in the kitchen.

Get them.

And some water.

Make sure I can see you.

They are in the cabinet over the TV.

Give it to me.

Sit down.

Sit... down!

Sit down, sweaty.

Form an orderly line!

Head count will be taken.

Then, and only then,

you'll be loaded onto those buses


Any problem you cause
will only delay this process.

Get in line!

I'll tell him. Right.

It was the FBI.

Your sister, she's been arrested.


- When?
- Less than an hour ago.

The FBI agents were sent to the offices
of the Islamic American Alliance

to serve a warrant
for the personnel files.

Sandra proceeded to delete them
right in front of the agents.

They had no choice but to arrest her.

Damn it!

Where is she been taken, Tom?

She's been detained.
One of our provisional facilities.

Walid, I am so sorry,
I got you into this.

I deleted those files.

It wasn't right for them
to arrest to you for my actions.

You have nothing to apologize for.

You were protecting the right
of innocent Americans.

It's what this country stand for,
even if the government forgot it.

Back away!

Move back.

Come on!

You take him.

Where are you taking him?


I'll be alright.

Over here, Ms. Palmer.

Take-off her cuffs.

For you.

I'll be right here.

Please hold for the President...

What were you thinking,
deleting those files?

I was standing-up to unlawful seizure.

You making a point,
is the last thing I need today.

I have ordered your release.
Agents are waiting outside.

with instructions
to take you back home.

I don't want to be released, Wayne.
I want to fight this.

Bring attention to the civil liberties

that you administration
has allowed to be violated.

Do you have any idea
what's going on today?

Of course I do.

Innocent people are dying
all over the country

and you choose now to make
a civil right case out of this.

Well, somebody has to!

Look, if you gonna release anybody,
it should be Walid.

Walid is the head
of an organization under investigation.

Now, the FBI just wants to hold him
until it can be determined

what was in those files you deleted.

There is nothing increminating
on those files.

Wayne, you have my word.

Walid is innocent!

The Walid has nothing
to worry about, Sandra.


I don't have time for this.

You are released.

Go home, I will call you later.

I need to speak to Walid
before I leave here.

That's not going to happen.

I'm his attorney,
you have to give access to him.

Don't tell me
what I have to do, Ms. Palmer,

I'm following orders.

Walid has rights!

Limited rights, Ms. Palmer.

He's been held under the revised
ennemy combatant statute.

Applying this statute
to somebody like him is ridiculous.

Is the law just been completely
thrown through the windows?

When you're through the lectures,

I have orders to drive you home.


Stay to the left.

Once inside the secure zone,
you will disrobe.

After a cavity search,

we will giving back your clothing.

Sir, you have to keep moving.

I don't care.

I'm innocent.

I want to talk to somebody,
an authority.

We're not gonna ask you again.

Hey, don't touch me!

Let him alone!

Sir, get back in line!

Not until you will let go that man!

Take your hands of me!

Take him to interrogation.

Do you live around here?


Visiting relatives?

Why are you asking?

I need to make sure
you can get back to your car.

- I'll be okay.
- "I'll be okay."

My son is as this.
He has a memory like a fish.

His mother is very worried.

At the next corner, make a right.

Then drop me off
at the end of the street.

Did you copy that?

It's the sixty five hundred block
of Alderton.

Bring out the data on all commercial
and restaurant buildings

within an half mile
and then begin a free sort.

You mean like I'm doing already?

Right over here.

- Alright, thanks again for your help.
- Please, it's nothing.

He's cross the sixty fourth road
headed towards the commercial district.

- I'm turning around.
- Here he is.

We've acquired the suspect on satellite.

Curtis, have your men
setup a moving perimeter.

take him at across exit port road,

setup a moving perimeter
behind the target.

He'll be well trained be carefull.

My men know their job.

- Do I know you?
- No...

- but I know you.
- Subject entering

a commercial building
one block south of where you are.

Copy that.


we're gonna take Assad with us.

Keep him on a close watch
searching for weapons.

Assad is a part of this operation.

Not anymore.

Wait, wait.

I'll take care of it
as soon as this is over.

I promise.

Thank you.

The building is a self storage facility.

14 200 units.

Borman, keep him here.

- Team leader, do you copy?
- Go ahead, Carrier.

I can see two dozen cases of amunition

Boxes with czech writing.

Bill, this is a dead drop,
Fayed's not here.

We only have a few minutes, Jack.

If the suspect
is not going to lead us to Fayed,

in order to stop the prisoners exchange,
we have to move in now.

Get the information
through interrogation.

Bill, that's too risky.

We have no guarantee
we can make him talk in time.

That's a risk we have to take.

Curtis, move your men into position.


All teams, we're moving in.

Stealth approach, none lethal force.

Come where I can see you.

Step out with you hands up.

Everyone's back!

Boggey*** the nurse fire hall.****

Get the fire department of LA here, now!

Bill, it's Jack, suspect is dead.

He was taking a laptop
out of this storage unit.

We'll check the hardrive
but it has been badly damaged.

Understood Jack, I need the President.

That's a feed
of the prisoners in Palmdale.


Mr. President, I have Bill Buchanan
on the line for you.

- Put him on.
- Yes, sir.

Mr President,

we got a set back to our operation.

- What happened, Bill?
- The suspect Jack was following

chose to kill himself
rather than be apprehended.

We're examining the area for evidence

but there is no telling how long
it will take

or if it will lead us to Fayed, sir,
I'm sorry.

So am I.

- Keep me informed.
- Of course.

Mr President if you intend on following
through with this prisoner release,

we wait orders.

Load them on the plane.

This is Lennox.

The President has made is decision:

load the prisoners on the plane.

Head counts is correct and all men
are accounted for on bus three.

I want confirmed head counts
on all other vehicules.

Copy that. Bus 1 confirmed.

Roger that.

We will proceed single file
and in orderly man onto the plane.

There will be no mistakes,
and no disorder.

Is that clear?

Let's get this buses
out of here as soon as we can.

- Let's move.
- Yes, sir.

We've just heard from the airport.

Our people are beiing
loaded on to the plane.

The President has giving in to us.


Back here.

- You're Marcus.
- Who are you?

I'm supposed to give this to you.

And your supposed
to give me something in return.

That's not enough.

What do you mean?

Component cost me a little more

than I though it would.
I need another 50.000.

But that's all he gave me.

Well, go back and get the rest.

I can't do that.

Look, I need

whatever it is you're selling, please.


take the money. I am begging you.

Until you get more money,
we got nothing more to talk about.

- Can I use your phone?
- Yeah.

He wants another 50.000 dollars.

Tell him you don't have it.

I did...

and he said to come back when I get it.

Listen to me.

There is no more money,
I don't care what you have to do,

but you have to get that item from him.

Do you understand
what happens here if you don't, right ?

Yeah, I understand.

- What did he say.
- Well, he say that I'll get the money.

And, before,
you know I bring it back here,

he just want us to make sure
you really have it.

There it is.

Son of a bitch.

I'll kill you...

Shut up and just take the money,
just take it.

OK, Jack,
the hardrive is mostly toasted,

but i was able to recover
the most recently accessed files.

Some kind of wiring schematic
how much of the file to we have.

About a page and a half mostly
in arabic, some of it in russian.

Get Assad over here now.


Bring him.

Do you know what this is?

This is a list of electronic components.

You have specifications,
programing instructions for a detonator.



is for a nuclear device.

Is it even possible that Fayed
could have acquired a nuclear weapon?

My organisation has tryed
unsuccesfully in the past.

It's possible he may have found a way.

Son of a bitch.
You know about that all along...

Curtis, get off of him now.

Assad, please.

There is a reference file
at the bottom of the page.

Softel 3.

That's a compact bomb
the soviets made in the late eighties.

- It refer to the suitecase nuke.
- Are they all accounted for?

Officialy they were all destroyed, but
there was a claim that one device

was deverted to a nuclear scientist
who's suspected terrorist ties.

He call's himself Saif-al-Din.

Looking up his file now.

There won't be much,
Saif-al-Din is a code name,

it mean: "sword of the faith."

intel just never discover his identity.

Jack, we have one surveillance photo,
it's about 6 years old

Put it up.

- Do you recognize him?
- Yes.

I saw him with Fayed a year ago.

His name is Numair, Hasan Numair.

- Did you copy that?
- Looking up his name.

We need to know where this man is now.

I think we already do.

Hasan Numair is a terrorist

being release
from the Palmdale military prison.

Get on the phone
the white house.

Chloe bring up the feed on the airfield.

This is what Fayed
has been planning all along.

This bombings where designed
to make you free this man.

Son of a bitch.

have they freed the prisoners yet?

No, they're on the plane and there'll be
2 min before they're in the air.

Give me the CO of the airfield,
send it to my office.

Nadia, tell the President
I'm stopping the release.

That is Nadia Yassir from CTU.

I need to speak with The President,
priority three.

This is Bill Buchanan. The prisoner
you're looking for is Hasan Numair.

I'm sending his picture to your PDA.

Roger that.

Prisoner Numair,

raise your hand.

I've got the photo.

Copy that.

Prisoner Numair, identify yourself now.

We need to go over every square inch
of this plane.

Someone let the sergent know,
he needs to get up here now.

Hurry up.

Fayed is waiting for you.