24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 20 - Day 6: 1:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. - full transcript

A missing computer circuit board: the Russians get wind of Chinese espionage, the White House must find a leak, and CTU interrogates an unlikely witness.

We-we're going T...

Get medical right away!

It is incontestable wayne palmer won't be able
to continue his duties as commander-in-chief.

I have the fate of the western world and the lives
of millions of americans hanging in the balance,and I can'T...

stop thinking about you.

Bill buchanan had fayed in custody...

and he let him go.

Karen hayes put it in a blue file over at homeland.

Someone is going to have to go down--

the farther from the president, the better.

Are you asking me to resign?

No, bill.

I have to fire you.

You should work with milo, you know, get cozy.

Don't be such a jealous jerk.

the day I'm jealous is the day I kill myself.

Is there anything else?

How about don't arm nuclear bombs for terrorists.


That's not how I feel.

Yeah, it is.

No, it's not--

it just slipped out of my mouth.


You shouldn't have any trouble running ctu.

I'm not the right choice to take over.

You are the right choice.

Nothing will change operationally.

Your objective remains the same:

Bring in jack bauer before he can
hand over the component to the chinese.


Let's do this.

Audrey walks out of here alone.

As soon as I see that she gets down near the bridge,

then I'll give you the component.

All right, this is going down now, nadia.

Jack is about to hand over the component.

Mike, don't let that happen.

Cheng and his men have escaped from the hotel.

They're in three black hummers, heading north.

Agent bauer, get down!

Weapon is down!

Down on the ground now!

Who is your commanding officer?

I am, jack.

I got to take you into custody.

Where's the sub-circuit board?

Cheng's got it.

I was set to blow the building and destroy the
component until you engaged us in a firefight.

I had this handled.

Audrey, it's over.

It's all right, you're safe.

Help me, jack.

Please don't let them do this to me.


They've done something to her.

You've got to help her, please.


mr.Bauer, was this the only c-4 that was in the building?

Yes, that's everything; the building's clean.

ms.Raines, my name is mike doyle.

I'm a ctu field agent.

We're hoping you saw or heard something
while cheng was holding you...

something that could lead us to him.

You're safe now, ms.Raines.

Jack bought your freedom from the chinese with a component
that contains highly sensitive russian technology.

Can you understand me, ms.Raines?

Help me, jack.

Please don't let them do this to me.

I want chp to work with military on roadblocks.

You need to set up three- and five-mile perimeters
from cheng's last confirmed location.

I need satellite scans analyzed and forwarded to me now.

The system's overloaded.

Yeah, I understand the system's overloaded.

Those are your orders.

you wanted to see me?

Yeah.Morris, I read your request
for a transfer out of comm.

Is this because you and chloe had a fight?

Look, your facts are essentially correct.

The why I don't see as being anybody's business.

Look, morris, you've had a hard day--

we all have-- but...

I really need you on the floor.

So I'm sorry; your request for a transfer is denied.

you're new to the job,

and I'm just trying to protect you from being caught in
the middle of a very awkward professional situation.

You're asking me to indulge your private melodrama while
we're in the middle of an international crisis.

Bill buchanan said he'd consider my request.

Did he tell you that?

Bill buchanan is not running ctu, I am.

I've made my decision.


go back to your station,
keep your personal life to yourself.

You can deal with this tomorrow.

-we're done here, morris.
- Nadia

anything else you want to say?

Oh, yeah.

This is nadia yassir.

Nadia, it's mike.

Do you have a lead on cheng?

We're working on it.

How did it go with audrey raines?

Not good.

What, she doesn't know anything about cheng?

Where he was holding her, what he was doing?

She's completely nonresponsive.

I'm not a shrink,

but whatever they did to her in china...

it left her with some kind of post-traumatic reaction.

Bring her back here.

District will want a specialist to take a look at her.

Do you have any idea what jack was thinking?


He had this motel rigged with c-4.

He was going to take this whole place
down as soon as audrey was safe.

He was willing to sacrifice his life
to get audrey released?

And his plan would've worked if
I hadn't intervened.

You saved his life.

But I lost the component.

Jack went against a direct order from the white house.

This was no one's fault but his.

We're on our way back.

Stevenson, you take ms.Raines.

I'll go with bauer.




Jack, stop.

Where are you taking her?

To ctu, jack, the same place you're going.

Let me talk to her, just for a couple of minutes, please.

You saw what condition she's in, jack.

I know her.

I know what she's been through.

I might be the only person that can get through to her.


You're under arrest, jack.

We'll discuss this back at ctu.

Put him in the second chopper.


Let me talk to her now.

Ctu is pouring all their resources into finding cheng

and this executive order gives them authority to
close all ports and border crossings.

We can't keep migrant workers from
crossing our borders at will.

How the hell are we supposed to stop a
determined enemy agent?

Well, I think the point is to slow him down, sir,

so that ctu has more time to find him, but I agree,

cheng will find a way to smuggle out
the russian component eventually.

So then russia loses its defensive edge
against the chinese and moscow blames us.

We will do everything in our power to
prevent that, sir.

thank you.



Tom told me about you and bill, how you had to...

fire him from ctu.

How did he take it?

Not well.



You and I have had our...

difficulties in the past,

but I want you to know that...

I value your role here

and that I appreciate your sacrifice.

Thank you.

excuse me, sir.

What is it, tom?

Russian president's calling for you in the telepresence suite.

He insisting on a face-to-face,

did he say what he wants?

No, but he's on with the heads of
military and intelligence services.

I want both of you with me on this.

palmer's still in a coma.

Looks like noah's going to be
acting president for some time.

Good for noah.

And good for us.

The only thing he cares about is
pushing his lunatic foreign agenda.

Any pending legislation on spending...

you'll defer to me.

Now that he is acting president,

we're going to have to be even more careful

we will be.

I've got half an hour.

Let's stop talking.

President suvarov,

you're on a secure conference
with vice president daniels.

President suvarov.

Mr.Vice president.

You know my chief of staff, tom lennox,

and karen hayes, my national security advisor.

How can we help you?

Some very troubling news has
been brought to my attention.

What would that be?

The nuclear weapons that fell into terrorists'
hands contained proprietary russian technology

that up until now has only been available to
your government and mine.

I'm well aware of that, sir.

Then you are also "well aware" that an
fb-sub-circuit board from one of the weapons

is now in the possession of an agent of
the chinese government.

Do you deny that, sir?


all I'm prepared to tell you is that...

we're in control of the situation.

Mr.Vice president,

my generals have confirmed
that this component contains information

that will compromise
our defensive capabilities.

You must stop the chinese from
leaving your country with it.

I don't appreciate being dictated to, mr.President.

Now, I don't need to
remind you that it was a russian general

the same russian
general who conspired to detonate them.

That does not change our grave concerns
about this development.

If you do not intercept this component,

my generals have instructions to
initiate an appropriate response.


good night, sir.

How the hell did the russians find out about this?!

Russian intelligence must have been tracking it.

No, no, no, the information circle is too tight.

Only select people at the white house
and ctu even knew about this.

So you're saying there's a spy?

There is no other explanation.

I will start an immediate internal
investigation into the white house staff.

I'll do the same at ctu, sir.

What are your reads on suvarov?

How seriously do we take his threat?

Oh, I would say very, sir.

With the chinese in possession of the component,

the russians will need to extend their
defensive line in central asia.

We have a military base in the region.

Which the russians will have to target.

We will have to respond in kind...

which will escalate things beyond just a regional conflict.

Give ctu whatever they need to find this man cheng.




I've interfaced the component.

You should have the schematics.

Yes, they've downloaded.

I'm running a diagnostic on the component now.


We'll be there in less than an hour.


There's a problem.


The circuit board is damaged.

Can you fix it?

No, not unless I have the security override.

We don't have access to that information.

Without it, this technology's useless to us!

We'll have to find someone who
has the necessary expertise.


I'm gonna take a quick shower.

Noah's waiting for me to get back.


We're all set.

And the girl doesn't know you're working for us?

Not a clue.




I saw you arguing with nadia.


Was it about us?

I asked for a transfer.

It was denied.

Why did you do that?

Because working with you is becoming very uncomfortable.

I told you I was sorry.

You said I should stop helping
terrorists arm nuclear bombs.

We've both said things that we haven't mean before.

Yeah, I know.But...

there's a line, darling, and...

and you crossed it.

So what are you saying?

I'm saying that...

it's over.

There's no going back.

We're done.


Look at me.

You don't have to do this.

We're done.

But, morris...

nadia, the situation has escalated with the russians.

They know the chinese have the component,

and they're threatening military action

unless we stop them from taking it out of the country.

How did the russians find out?

A leak.

Tom lennox is looking into it here,

and he wants you to start an investigation there.

I'll let internal affairs know right away.

Now, what about audrey raines?

Has she provided any information that will lead us to cheng?

Not yet, but the psychiatric specialist
from district has just arrived.

So we're hoping he can get her to talk.

Do you have any other leads?

Not at the moment.

That's unfortunate.

I cannot emphasize enough how
important it is that we stop cheng.

If you need more resources,

you need to let me know now.

Do you understand?

I will.

One more thing.

To be honest, karen, what we need is bill buchanan.

But there's a rumor flying around you fired him.

Well, that's complicated, nadia.

Not as far as we're concerned.

You know more than anyone how good he is at this job.

I don't see how something like this could happen
when we're in the middle of a crisis.

Look, I'm not at liberty to discuss this.

Just keep me updated with your progress on finding cheng.

I'm nadia yassir, acting head of ctu.

We're under a time crunch now,

so I'd like to get started with ms.Raines immediately.

She's being prepped in medical.
These men can take you there.

I'll join you shortly.

Thank you.

I want to hear your first impressions as soon as possible.

Of course.


doyle and jack just landed.

Okay, have doyle secure bauer,

and then have him meet me in medical.


Can you leave us alone, please?

Thank you.


I'm here to perform a medical evaluation to help you
remember whatever you can about this man cheng--

where you were held, what you heard.

It's all right.

It's okay.

Come here.Look at this.

Please, you've got to let me talk to her.

You know ctu's protocol.

You know how they're gonna interrogate her.

They're gonna make her retreat farther inside herself.

Please, listen to me!

Sit down.

This will make it more comfortable.


Please, I'm begging you.

Take care of her.



Jack's in holding three.

How you doing?

White house is pressuring us to find cheng.

We have to hope he can get some information out of her.

He was involved in rescuing ms.Raines.

Do you have a diagnosis?

My preliminary is she's a type three catatonic,

capable of following simple commands and
repeating words and basic phrases,

but otherwise, utterly unresponsive.

Do you think that you'll be able to get the
information we need from her?

Within your timeframe?
Not without intervention.

What does that mean?

Ms.Raines is suffering from severe psychological abuse,

amplified by pharmacological agents,

as evidenced by more than 100 injection
sites on her arms, feet and groin.

It's gonna be next to impossible to
communicate with her in the near term

unless we essentially attempt to
shock her out of this state.

So they used drugs to torture her,

and you're gonna give her more?

These are different compounds, sir,
used for different reasons.

What are the risks?

22 percent of patients experience cardiovascular events,

some of it neurological.
In the most extreme cases, death can occur.

We can't do this.

No, doyle.

I am not comfortable with the high
percentage of adverse reactions either.

But this treatment is the only way
you're gonna get anything out of her in the time you have.

Maybe not.

One of our agents, jack bauer,
has a long history with her,

and the chinese
put him through something similar.

Listen, it makes sense to see what jack can
draw from her before we do anything riskier.


Yeah, I know who jack bauer is.

I read ms.Raines' file on the way over.

And in my opinion, contact with him will more
likely upset her than encourage her to talk.

But there's no chance of her dying from it.

Let's give jack a chance with her.

With all due respect, it's not your call, ms.Yassir.

District has formally placed ms.Raines in my custody

and granted me the authority
to determine appropriate treatment.

I'm gonna begin preparing for her treatment shortly.

I'll let you know what the results are.Good day.

You can't let him do this,
not without even giving jack A...

he has jurisdiction.

The hell with jurisdiction!

There's nothing I can do.

You can do what you know is right.

That's what buchanan would have done.

And that was uncalled for.

Well, I'm sorry.

What I meant to say is,

since you're acting director,

you can't be afraid to step on toes.

Does that go down better?

And part of being acting director
is respecting the chain of command.

But thank you for your advice.

it's him.


Where are you?

I'M...on my way out the door.

Well, get here as quickly as you can.

There's a crisis.

Has there been another threat?

Yes, but not from the terrorists.

I'll fill you in when you get here.

I'll be there in less than 15.


I need you.

I need you, too.

I have to go.

What's going on?

I don't know.


It's me.

What's my next move?

Thank you.

I think I've identified the leak, sir.

Is it here or at ctu?

Oh, it's very much here, sir.

I had nsa run a data sort on all white house
phone calls and e-mails over the last two and half hours.

That's when we found out the
sub-circuit board was in play.


During the same time frame,

one of our staffers
called a lobbyist, mark bishop, three times.

Now, cia had flagged this bishop two years ago

as having "possible to likely contact
with russian intelligence agents."

No further investigation was
done due to lack of resources.

Which staffer are we talking about here, tom?

Lisa miller, sir.

I find it hard to believe my chief aide is working for the russians.

I don't think she did so knowingly, sir.

She wouldn't have called bishop from her phone.

Then I...

I don't understand--
how is this man getting information from her?

Well, so far...

on the same nights, several times over the past year.

Now, I think if we dig a little deeper,

I'm sure that we will find more evidence
that shows these two were sleeping together.

Then we have a bigger problem than you think, tom.

Why is that, sir?

Because I'm sleeping with her, too.


she started working for me two years after my wife...

after nancy died, it...

at that time I didn't think I'd ever feel anything for another woman again,but...

lisa and i became close,then last year...

we were working late one night,and...

well,you understand how these things happen,tom.

Damn it.What a fool I've been.

What the hell do I do,tom?

You know,actually,sir,handled correctly,

we may be able to turn this situation to our advantage.

Mike,what's happening out there?

Will they let me speak to audrey?

I tried to make it happen,jack,but they're not going for it.

Why not?

'Cause the shrink who's treating her-- he doesn't think it's a good idea.

Let me talk to him.

I wish this guy was interested in what other people had to say,

but he isn'T.


He's got her in medical,jack,

and he's about to try some protocol of his own using big doses of drugs.

It could kill her,jack.

Why did you uncuff me?

'Cause I think you need to do something about it.

Make it look good.


vitals are strong.

I think she's ready.

Good.Get her iv started.

Excuse me,sir,you can't be in here.

Have you started yet?

-No. -What have you done to her?

Consider yourself lucky.

You're jack bauer,I recognize you from her file.

You shouldn't be here.

Seeing you will only make things worse.

Shut up!

audrey,I need you to come with mE.

I need you to come with me now.

Please,come on.

just get me anything you can.

milo,what's the location of that alarm?

Clinic,nadia,exam room six,where audrey's being treated.

Get me video feed.

She's gone.Lock everything down.

Get me holding room three!

If we just let jack talk to audrey,none of this would have happened.

Okay,thank you.

Security's confirmed that jack didn't pass through any of the exits before the lockdown.

He's still here somewhere.

No one left sectors a through k they're clear.

All right,so he's got to be on the lower levels.

Have you checked those video feeds?

Yes.That's what I'm doing,just takes a little bit of time.

I know,make it take less time.

Where's chloe?


I don'T...I'm not sure.


Have you found jack?

No,not yet.

But I'd like to know how he managed to overpower you?

I made a mistake,I got too close.

Yeah,see,i don't think it was a mistake.

You made it very clear that you wanted jack to have a chance with audrey.

So,I think you went there with the express purpose of letting him overpower you

and then escaping with your keycard.

I did what I think is best for this operation and for audrey raines.

I have him!

He's headed down to the lower level.

But with everything locked down he's only going to have access to corridors l and M.

Okay,I'm on my way.

Let me know if you find anything else.

Hold on.

Come on.

it's all right.

It's all right,I'm here.

I'm here.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm going to protect you.

I'm going to take care of you.

I promise.

I know you can recognize me.I see it in your eyes.

It's me,jack.

The men who hurt you,they can't touch you now.

I won't allow it.

Right now,i need you to try and remember.

I need you to remember who you are.

Your name is audrey raines.

You were born audrey louise heller in albany,new york.

Your father was the secretary of defense,james heller.

Your mother's name was alicia.

She died when you were nine.

Please,audrey,just try and remember.

nadia,I've got jack.

Room 237 was just sealed from the inside.

They have to be in there.

I see the room now.

Damn it.It's disabled.

Get an entry team down here now.

Need an entry team at door 237.

The men that were holding you,

when they called me there were within an hour of my motel.

When they moved you,can you remember if,

if you took surface streets or the freeway,anything that can help us find them?

I want them to pay for what they've done.

I know what you've been through.

I know what it's like to feel like it's never going to end...

to hate them that much,and then need them...

to start blaming yourself for everything that's happening to you.

But they can't hurt you anymore.

You don't need to hide now.

It's over.

Please,audrey,give me some kind of a signal.

Anything,anything that let's me know you understand what I'm saying,please.


It's all right,I'M...

I'm sorry.

It's all right.

I know you're trying.

I love you with all my heart.

I'm not going to let them hurt you,

but they're going to take you away from me for a little while.

There's nothing I can do to stop that.

Audrey,we're out of time.

Is there anything that you can tell me that could help us find cheng or at least where they were holding you?


Get down.

Jack,put your gun dowN.

You put your gun down!

Get him out of here.

I'm not letting him take audrey back to medical.

Jack,you need to lower your weapon.

Not until I get a guarantee from you that audrey is safe!


What'd you say?


Did you hear that?

She said "bloomfield.

I asked her where she was being held;

she's trying to answer.

We don't know if that represents genuine communication.

"Bloomfield" could be another programmed response meaning nothing.

We'll soon find out.

Morris,did you get that?

Bloomfield: Have chloe track it down,keep doyle in the loop.

All right.

I'd like you to wait for me in my office.

I'm not going anywhere; she's my patient.

And she's my witness.

I suggest you go with these men,doctor.

Listen to me,jack.

You have my word,I will not let him touch her.

Please,lower your weapon.

Audrey,please,it's all right.

He's going to take care of you.

Jack,I need you to go with these men to holding.

Thank you.

Yes,of course,general.

I'll review the report with the vice president.

I'll get right back to you.

Suvarov wasn't bluffing.


Air force satellites confirm the russian army is moving large numbers of troops into the central asian theater.

How long before they're in range of our base?

They'll be within strike range within the hour,sir.

I'm sorry,mr.Vice president,

I got back here as soon as I could.

Forward general wilkes' report to the joint chiefs.

Let me know their recommendations.


what's going on?

Why is tom talking to the joint chiefs?

Because the russians know the chinese have the component.

How did that happen?

Someone inside the beltway has been selling them information.

Someone with access.

A man named mark bishop.Do you know him?

I believe he's a lobbyist.

Are you sure it's bishop?


We began monitoring his phone calls as soon as this came to our attention.

Ten minutes ago,he called a known russian intelligence agent from his cell phone.

It's me.

What's my next move?

It's imperative you reach out to her over the next few hours.

Find out if there are any developments with the component.

I'll call her and I'll access her pda again,

see if she has any new e-mail.

Very good.

So how well do you know this man bishop?

He's an acquaintance.

He consulted on a white paper last year on defense spending.

Damn it,lisa,don't insult me any more than you already have.

Bishop's been passing intelligence to the russians that he got from you.

I don't know if he read your e-mails or if you talked about it in bed,

but the russians know about the component

and they're threatening military action against us

if we don't get it back from the chinese.

I always knew you were a good liar.I just...

I just didn't think you could lie to me.

I guess I thought too highly of myself.

I swear to you,I didn't know.

It's still treason,

which I don't need to remind you is a capital offense.

You didn't just betray me,you betrayed your country.

What do you want from me?

You're going to go back to your boyfriend

and you're going to make him believe that we have the component back.

I can't do that.

You can and you will do exactly what tom lennox tells you to do.

And don't you even think about trying to expose our...


If you go there,I'll have you declared an enemy combatant.

Put you in solitary; it'll be years before you speak to anyone about anything.


are you all right,sir?

I'm better now.

Secret service is sending over a team to work with her.

We'll get this going soon.

I've made arrangements to take you away from here.

I'm going to look after you,audie,I promise.

You will get well and you won't be alone.

I'll be right back,sweetheart.

Before I take my daughter,I'd like to see jack bauer.

Where is he?

He's in holding,sir.

Escort mr.Heller to holding.

Nadia,hey,did audrey speak when he was with her?

No,I don't think so.

Well,it turns out the name she gave us might be a good lead.

There's a bloomfield copper company that used to have a refining facility in jefferson heights.

Forensics just found oxidized copper particles on her clothing.

You think that's where cheng was holding her?

Yeah,I think it might be his base of operations.

Lapd's locking down the building,

but I told them to stand down till I get there.

Good work,mike.



You were right.

You did.

When it counted,you stood up to him.

You've seen audrey.

I made audrey a promise,I make the same promise to you.

I will take care of her as long as it takes.

I will be there for her.

No,you won't,jack.

Excuse me?

I don't want you to go anywhere near my daughter ever again.

Audrey went looking for you and this is how she came back.

What's happened to her is your fault.

I accept that responsibility,

but I can help her.

Stay away from her.

I can do the same thing again.

I just need some time.Please.

I'm warning you.

Stay away.

You're cursed,jack.

Everything you touch,one way or another,ends up dead.