24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 2 - Day 6: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. - full transcript

Can Jack and an unlikely ally stop a suicide bomber and track the architect of these acts of terror?

Mr. President, my analysts believe
that Assad's organisation

cannot survive without him

and once he's dead,
these attacks will stop.

CTU needs to eliminate Assad.

That's all there is to it.

God knows we're paying
a steep enough price to get him.

We were contacted four days ago
by a man named Fayed.

He offered to give us Assad's location
for a list of demands.

And one of them is Jack Bauer.

We're asking you to sacrifice yourself

so we can eliminate Assad.

The reason why I fought so hard
to stay alive in China

was because I didn't want
to die for nothing.


I can die for something.

You kept your end of the deal,
I'll keep mine.

I have a transponder
at Assad's location.

33-58, 11 north latitude.

100-18-21-40 west longitude.

Have General Bowen
mobilize the attack helicopters.

I let know the President know
we're a go.

CTU is about to kill the wrong man.


isn't behind these attacks.

He's come here to stop them.

He's come here,

to stop


Get out of my house!

This kid's father is a terrorist.

Oh, come one. He's no more
a terrorist than you and me.

Tell me what happened.

The FBI,

they took my father.

Are you sure the FBI
didn't find the package?

Yes, it's well hidden.

You need to deliver it soon.

Get in there! Find him!

That way.

We have to go.

Not until we've found Bauer.

We're not here
to kill one American,

we're here to kill thousands.

But he knows the truth.

It doesn't matter.

By the time Bauer tells anyone,

it will be too late.

Assad will be dead and we'll be free
to finish what we started.

Fayed, listen to me.

If we don't leave now,
we'll jeopardize the mission.


The target?

This is where Fayed
says Assad is right now.

- Do you have any heat signature?
- No, they shield it.

We can't tell how many are in there.

if there's anyone in there at all.

If Fayed lied to us,

then Jack bought the farm for nothing.

Shut up, Milo.

What's her problem?

Jack Bauer is a friend of hers.

It hurt her that he died that way.

You might want attenuate
your foolish remarks.

Let's go, Milo.

Two Cobra attack helicopters
have been launched from Camp Pendleton

to hit Assad's location
in fifteen minutes.

Excuse me, sir.

- What is it?
- Jack Bauer is calling in. Line 2.

Jack, it's Bill.

Thank God, you're alive.
What happened? How did you--

Listen to me carefully,
we do not have a lot of time.

I need you to call off
the airstrike against Assad.

- Why?
- You're going after the wrong man.

Assad is not responsible
for the bombings.

Where did you get this information?

It's complicated. I'll explain
as soon as you call off the airstrike.

I don't have the power to resend
a presidential order, you know that!

Then put me through the President.
I'll tell him myself.

Bill, trust me!

Just put me through to the White House.

Alright, stay on the line.

I have Bill Buchanan for the President.
Priority 3.

- Put him through, please.
- Yes, sir.

Mr. President,
there's some new information

you need to consider
regarding the airstrike on Assad.

I'm on the line with Jack Bauer.

He escaped from Fayed.


- How?
- I'm not sure.

But he's requesting that we abort
the airstike against Assad.

For what possible reason, Bill?

According to him,
Assad is not behind the attacks, sir.

Bill, that's insane.
What is Jack basing this on?

He has an explanation but he wants
to talk directly with the President.

- Put him on.
- You're online with the President.

- Mr. President?
- Jack, I am so sorry--

we don't have a lot of time.

Did Bill Buchanan
explain to you about Assad?

Yes, he has. But I have to tell you
we're all sceptical here.

What's Assad doing in this country
if he's not behind these attacks?

He's trying to stop them.
He's trying to stop Fayed.

So, you're saying that Fayed
is carrying out these bombings?

Yes, sir.

Fayed admitted to me

that Assad is planning
to renounce terrorism.

He's trying to mainstream
his organization.

He wants to bring them
into the political process.

Fayed wants to stop that from happening.

Fayed is behind
this recent wave of attacks.

Jack, this is inconsistent
with twenty years

of terrorism on Assad's part.

His organisation has waged
non stop war against the West.

He's responsible for hundreds of deaths.

I am aware of Assad's history.

And I am still telling you

thats there is sufficient cause
to call off this strike.

What if we change the airstrike
to a ground assault?

- I mean, if we capture Assad--
- Sir,

we cannot afford a ground assault.

We have to take him out now,

while we've got the chance.

Mr. President, if Jack is right,
we've got the wrong man.

It's a risk we have to take.

Jack has been in a Chinese prison
for twenty months.

His habillity to assess this situation
is highly questionable.

I believe he's being played.

I know what I heard, Karen.
I am not being played.

Now, all deference to Mr. Bauer,
I think Karen is right.

Mr. President, you want to stop
these attacks, you need to stop Fayed.

And in order to do that,
you need to capture Assad

and find out what he knows.

he might be the only hope you have.

Mr. President,

I know your history
with Mr. Bauer runs deep.

But don't let that
impact your judgement here.

We have the opportunity
to eliminate Assad, we have to take it.

Bill, I want
a real time progress on that airstrike.

I'm sending you
a video uplink down, sir.

Mr. President, don't do this.

Jack, I am sorry.

I am.

Jack, give me your location,
I'll send a unit to pick you up.

Bill, killing Assad is a mistake.

Right now,
he's your only chance of finding Fayed.

It's the President's call, Jack.

But we'll do all we can
when you get back to CTU.

That will be too late.

Jack, tell me where you are.



Don't put me on hold again!
I've been on hold for ten minutes!

Just give me the agent in charge.

I will wait on the line.

Damm it.

She says they will--
call me back on this number.

But they didn't tell you
where they're holding my father?

they cannot release that information.

Do you have the package?

I'm still at my friend's house
across the street.

They helping me find out
where the FBI took my father.

You're not free to talk?

Just tell me if you have the package.

Not yet, but I'll have it soon.

There are other people
I could have chosen for this task.

But I chose you.

Now, get out of there.

Retrieve the package.

Call me when you have it.


I have to go back to my house.
I'm meeting my uncle.

Do you think that's wise?

Are you sure?

- Man, you should stay here.
- No, I'll be fine.

Don't worry. Thank you, for everything.

- Thank you.
- Take care.

Don't worry, sweetheart,
his family is taking care of him now.


Hold on.

Listen, I am sorry.

I can't believe this is happening.

It's like the all world has gone crazy.

It's been crazy for a long time,
we just haven't been paying attention.

Yeah, we are now.

You know what?
You should take this.

I got this at a fair in Oregon.
It's supposed to mean good luck.

Thank, but I-- I can't take it.


You might need it yourself someday.

Cobra to Zebra 1, lead is cleared out.

Zebra 1 is cleared out.

Flight is cleared for immediate
engagement at lead's discretion.

Mr. Buchanan,
please hold for Karen Hayes.

- Bill?
- Yes, Karen.

You're also online with the President.

We're monitoring the video feed
of the cobras.

How soon before they hit
Assad's location?

- Five minutes.
- And how soon

after the strike can we expect
confirmation that Assad is dead?

Curtis will lead a team
into the target zone.

They'll do a point by point grid search
as soon as the strike is completed.

Thank you.

We get ready.

... request heading change, 1-5-0.

Zebra 1 is heading southwest
through downtown corridor.

Approximately three minutes,
fifty seconds till lock on target.

Zebra 1 changing 4-2-1-8-3
to a southerly approach of the target.

Roger that, Zebra 1.

Lock in two minutes, thirty seconds.

Drop the coffee.

Don't move!
Don't even think about it.

Where is Assad?

Where is Assad!

Put down your weapon!

I said,
put down your weapon.

- My name is Jack Bauer.
- I know who you are.

This house has been targeted
for military strike.

I need to get you
and your men out of here now.

Check the street.

I came here alone.

I know about Fayed.

I know he's behind the bombings.
I know you're here to stop him.

No one outside.

Fayed has set you up.

He provided CTU
with the coordinates to this house.

Kill him, Assad!

In a few minutes, it's not gonna matter.
We'll all be dead.

Don't listen to him,
it's a trap.

There's a transponder
that's been planted inside this house.

U.S. military's using it
to pinpoint the strike.

There is no transponder here.

We've searched the entire house.

One of your men must have it on.

It's the only possible explanation.

One of your men
is working for Fayed.

Have them empty their pockets.

Assad, don't listen to him,
he's lying.

Damn it, I'm telling you the truth.

Why else would I be here?

If I wanted to kill you,
I would have come in shooting!

Have your men empty their pockets!

I'm trying to save your life.


Empty your pockets.

- But Assad--
- I said, empty your pockets.

Behind you!

Search him!

You betrayed us!


You are the one
who betrayed these people.

Assad, we need to leave now.

If you are telling the truth,

you will not need that gun.

Go, Assad! You need to leave.

We'll secure the files.

Hurry up!

Move! Move!

- Are you alright?
- He's been hit.

Get him up.


Mister President?

The target has been destroyed.

We are an advocacy group.

These people are all volunteers.
They're very good people.

I'm sure they are, sir.

All we're doing is assembling
a working database of names

to cross check against our watch list.

Excuse me, Sondra, the FBI is here.

The FBI?

They're asking for access
to our personnel records.

We take pride in being good citizens

and we will cooperate with you
in order to stop these attacks.

May I see your warrant, gentlemen?

I'm M. Arvazani's attorney.
I also represent this organization.

We know who you are, ma'am.

And I'm afraid we don't have a warrant.

Then I'm afraid we can't turn over
our personnel records.

That information is private,
and their privacy's protected by law.

I understand, ma'am. But in light
of what's happening around the country,

we don't think it's unreasonable to ask
for the cooperation of our citizens.

You're looking in the wrong place.

There're no terrorists here.

So unless you have a warrant,
I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Please, don't make me ask twice.

Alright, ma'am.

This is getting out of hand.

Maybe we should give them
what they want.

- You can't be serious.
- We have nothing to hide.

No, but we have something to protect.

The privacy of everyone
who's ever worked for this organization.

Maybe we have to sacrifice
a little privacy.

The country is under attack, Sondra.

We cannot pretend it isn't.

Who are you calling?

Yes, it's Sondra Palmer.
I'd like to speak with my brother.

We're still sweeping the target zone.

We've recovered four bodies.

Forensics are running field ID now.
They're sending data back to CTU.

Well, let's hope one of them is Assad.

The President's sister
is on the line, sir.

Well, I think he'll wanna call her back.

- She says it's urgent.
- I'll take it.

- Mr. President, we're...
- Tom, it's okay.

Let me have the room, please.

What's going on, Sondra?

I'm sorry to burden you with this,

but I think you need to know.

The FBI was just here
and they wanted access

to the IAA's personnel records.

Did they say why?

They gave some excuse about
expanding their database.

Listen, Sondra.

You know I have to do whatever I can
to stop these attacks, right?

- Yes.
- Well,

that includes giving
law enforcement the authority

to follow up on every single lead
they get.

That's my point.
They weren't following any lead.

They were invading
a group of people's privacy

based on their religion.

Look, Wayne, you know I'm not
some idealistic flag burner,

and I understand
that you're going through

a very complicated situation, but...

once your start ethnic profiling,
it's a slippery slope.

I'll look into it.

You should probably start
with Tom Linnick.

This has his name written all over.

Sondra, please, don't start it
on Tom again.

He treats the constitution
like a list of suggestions.

He's laying the framework
for a major crackdown,

and civil protections be damned.

Listen, let's be honest.
You don't like Tom, and you never have!

Neither did David.

Excuse me, sir.
Bill Buchanan's on the line for you.

One moment.

Sondra, I gotta go.

Wayne, look.
I'm sorry to put this on you, okay?

I just...

... wouldn't have called
if I didn't think it was important.

I understand.

- You take care of yourself, okay?
- Yeah, yeah. I love you too.

I hope I got through to him.

You made a good case,
and he's a good man. He'll listen.


For what?

For making that call,

and for not letting me lose sight
of what we're fighting for.

Go ahead, Bill.

We completed our sweep
of the strike zone, sir.

Recovered four bodies.

None of them is Assad.

- What?
- Are you sure?

We're still checking the site,

but I think it's safe to assume
Assad is alive.

How the hell did we miss him!

We couldn't have, sir.
Someone must have warned him.

Or the intel we got from Fayed was bad
and Assad was never there to begin with.

That's irrelevant. What matters now
is that Assad is still out there.

We're sealing a 10 block perimeter
around the area, sir.

Assad may still be in the vicinity.

Alright, Bill.

We put everything we had
into that strike.

We thought if we could cut off the head,
we could stop these attacks, and now...


What do you think Assad's next move
is gonna be?

Likely? There will be more attacks,

but respond, he will, guaranteed.

Talked to Ahmed.
We'll have the package soon.


- Is he ready?
- Yes. He's waiting for you.

It's not necessary.

I will not fail you.

I don?t question your devotion, Nasser.

When the moment approaches,

even the most devout
can experience fear.

Look at me.

By overcoming your fear,

you prove your worth.

I've been proud to have known you
in this life, Nasser.

Your family will learn
about your sacrifice.

Alright. No more loads.
Let's get outta here.

Let's go.

Put him here.

He's unconscious.

CTU's gonna realize you weren't killed
in the air strike.

They're gonna widen their search grid.

- We can't stay here much longer.
- He knows where Fayed is.

I'll only need a few minutes.

Fayed told me that you wanted
to disarm your organization.

You're gonna start negociations
with the West. Is that true?

I've gotten most of my people
and the governments that support us

to agree to a cease fire with the West.

- And that's Fayed wants to sabotage?
- Yes.

Once Fayed is eliminated,

everyone else will fall into line
and I can go public with my proposal.

But finding Fayed
is the key to everything.

I'll be right back.

Mr. Buchanan, I know why Assad
wasn't in the building

when the missile hit.
I need to show you something.

This is an aerial frame enhancement
of the building

a couple of seconds
before it was destroyed.

Jack rescued Assad.

This makes sense,

from Jack's perspective,

if Assad is trying to stop the bombing.

The President Palmer and you wife...

I mean Karen Hayes think he's wrong.
So what am I supposed to do with this?

Who else has seen it?

- Nobody but me.
- Okay. Let's keep it that way for now.

Jack didn't save Assad
out of compassion.

He's gonna use him to find Fayed.

But if he's right, then we should be
looking for Fayed too.


Refilter the channel trace, see
if we can sort something out on Fayed.

- Okay.
- Good work.

We have a car!

If we gonna find Fayed in time,
we have to involve CTU.

You mean the people who tried
to kill me, who killed 4 of my men!

They have resources you don't.

They will lock me in a room
and question me for days!

Fayed worked under me for years.
I know how thinks and I will find him,

but I will do it on my terms.

- Where is Fayed?
- I do not know.

Where is he?

I was just ordered to plant
the transponder.

- Where is Fayed?
- I don't know!

Please, stop...


Why did you stop?

I can see in his eyes...

He's not gonna tell us anything.

Where is Fayed?

I know where some of his men will be.

I overheard Fayed giving them
instructions to go there.


Figueroa and Sixth.


After you were killed.

- You've told me everything?
- Yes.

I swear it.

I swear it.

I believe you.

I understand...

... how you felt you were doing
the right thing.

I admire your conviction.

But you have taken the wrong path,

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

My men are dead.

I can find Fayed.

But I cannot stop him by myself.

I don't know how to do this anymore.

You'll remember.

You'd better come out here.
The FBI is back. They have a warrant.

Who is the applicant for this warrant?

I want to see the affidavit.

The papers weren't filed
with a district court.

We've a legally executive warrant.

Either you hand over the files,
or we take them.

It's your choice.

This is an administrative warrant.

It's not valid in this situation.

That's your opinion.

They're in the media room.

I'll show you.

I need to use your computer.

Malek. I need copies
of all of our personel files.

- Okay?
- No problem.

What is it?

I can't find the files.

Reset and try again.

- They're not here.
- What do you mean?

They're not
where they are supposed to be.

Because they've been erased.

And don't bother trying to recall them,
I used the shredding program.

Sondra, what are you doing?

Check it.

She's telling the truth.

You're under arrest.

Obstructing official business,
destroying evidence.

Take Mr. Arizani into custody.

Wait a minute,
he has nothing to do with this.

That's the judge's call.

But, I am telling you,
he's not involved!

Are you sure about this?

I told you before,
she gets no special treatment.

I know,
but she's the President's sister.

We have orders handed down
and we're gonna follow them.

Inpound every workstation
and hard drive in this office.

Thought I forgot about you, huh?

This is for everyone...

you bastards killed today.

How do you like to die?

Get up! Get up!

Are you deaf. Didn't you hear me?

You're dead.

Please... don't...



What happened?

What happened?

I'm gonna call an ambulance.

We're not calling anybody.

- Ahmed--
- I can't go to the hospital.

You're hurt.

I'm gonna call 911.

You shouldn't have come here, Scott.

Look, I don't wanna to hurt you.

But I will,
unless you do exactly what I say.

We're friends.

What friends?

You can't even pronounce my name!

It's not "Amed"...

It's A"h"med.

This is the location Amar gave us.

Over there.

Two men in suits.

One carrying a briefcase.

He's a Fayed's man.

The man in front

is wearing an explosive vest.

They're setting up another strike.


They're going in the subway.

The detonator is in his right hand.

We can't let him get on the train.

Only the bomber in getting on the train.
The other man is the handler.

He'll see the bomber off,

then, he'll leave.

The handler will lead us to Fayed.

You follow the handler,
I'm going after the bomber.

- Go ahead.
- He's on the train.

He'll reach Union station in...

5 minutes.

The moment it pausing,
he'll martyr himself.

The car is at the arranged place,
take it.

Go to Union station to confirm.
Call me when it's done.


Thank you.


Ticket, please.


Have a ticket?

My name is Jack Bauer.
I am a federal agent.

You have a terrorist
on this train with a bomb.

I need you to walk away.

If he notices anything unusual,
he will detonate his bomb.

Now, move away!

He has a bomb!

And the wave of violence
aimed an American target...

... the Baltimore's largest
shopping mall...

Fayed, something went wrong.

I'm here at Union station,
but there's no explosion.

And there is a cloud a smoke
four blocks west from here.

Whatever the case,

it doesn't matter.

Our other attacks were successfull.

Once again, the streets
are flowing with blood.

We're dealing with
3 simultaneous bombings.

1 in a Baltimore shopping mall,
another one in a Chicago hotel.

In both cases,
casualties are expected to be high.

- What about the third one?
- I call you back.

It was here, the metro red line.

Appears to be a suicide bomber.

Hang on. There may be some good news.

Aside from the bomber,
no one else was killed.

How could that happened?

A metro rail employee claims
a passenger jumped to the bomber

before he could set off his vest.

The passenger identified himself
as Jack Bauer.

Get on the metro sub-net.

Check who was on that train
and who got caught by security camera.

I want a visual confirmation
before I speak to the President.

Yes, sir.

Sir? You need to hear this.

It's a cell phone call. Write tagged
from the NSA surveillance software.

Fayed, something went wrong.

I'm here at Union Station, but...

I think we need
to contact the White House.

... bomb outside the hotel
was detonated by remote control.

sending bodies falling out of windows
from as high as the 21th floor.

Mr. President, if it's any consolation,

these attacks were planned far
in advance of the raid on Assad.

Tom, all that means
is there will be more attacks.

We're in a full blown war here,
and we still have no way to fight back.

Excuse me. M. President...

CTU just called.

They intercepted a cell phone call
between Fayed

and one of the men
behind today's bombings.


Are they sure?

Yes, sir.

Fayed is the one behind these attacks.

Not Assad.


... I promoted the strike against Assad.

But I approved it, Karen.

We were all in agreement.

So, Jack was right.

He was right all along and I...

This is gonna get much worse.

- Yeah?
- What happened?

I'll explain later.
Are you still following the handler?

Yes. I'm in the car.

We're in Alameida,
2 blocks from Union Station.

We're heading in your direction.

Copy that, I'll find you.

Just stay with handler.
He's our only connection to Fayed!