24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 13 - Day 6: 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. - full transcript

The search for Gredenko finds Jack hunted inside the Russian Consulate and a former President calling on his ex-wife.

(explosion thunders)

Vice President Daniels
is running this country now.

He will implement
your security plan.

Agent Lowry, these men
are responsible for

the attempted assassination
of the president.

I have the Vice President
calling for Mr. Buchanan.

Bill, I see
from the White House flashes

that President Palmer
granted Charles Logan

some kind of furlough.

Logan claims he can help us find
Dmitri Gredenko.


Through the Russian consulate
in Los Angeles.

The bomb
that exploded

this morning was a Russian
suitcase nuclear device

supplied to the terrorists
by Dmitri Gredenko.

Where is he?

I don't know.

(phone ringing)

The United States

has connected you
with terrorists.

The reason we brought
the Arabs into this

was to conceal our involvement.

Now we are exposed.

Russia is exposed.

Jack, you just spent nearly
two years in a Chinese prison

because you violated the
sovereignty of their consulate.

Now you plan to go back
into the Russian consulate

and take a chance
on that happening again?!

How do I find Gredenko?!

M-Mojave Desert.

Shadow Valley.

What is he doing?

Launching drones.

How soon will the drones
be ready?

In two hours, all the bombs
will be in the air.


I've got to set the transcript
codes for the debrief.

Thank you.

Who are you?

I'm just Chloe O'Brian.

I-I need to do something
on this computer.

Do you know what's going on
with Jack Bauer?

As far as I know,
he's still being held

in the Russian consulate.

I need to talk
to Bill Buchanan right now.

He'll be here after
his meeting.
Does he know

that I'm all alone here
in a holding cell?

This isn't really a cell,
and you're hardly alone.

This is standard procedure

for someone who's
under house arrest.

Excuse me?

I-I'm feeling ambivalent.
I'm gonna go.

All right, I want to introduce
everyone to Mike Doyle.

He's the new head
of Field Ops,

just in from Fort Bragg.
I want all

tactical and comm agents
to report to him directly.

Jack Bauer's currently
being held captive

in the Russian consulate.

I haven't opened up
that information

to anyone on
the outside.

Doyle will help you

put a tactical
profile together

for an assault
on the consulate.

MILO: So, we're

to provoke an
international incident

just to liberate one
of our own operatives?

No. Liberating Jack
is a secondary goal.

Our primary objective is to
abduct Anatoly Markov,

the consul. Now,
according to Jack,

Markov knows how
to find Gredenko,

who controls the remaining
three suitcase nukes.

Excuse me, but is nobody worried

that this could be considered
an act of war

against the Russians?


it's the vice president's
decision if we go in or not.

But, if Jack
is right,

and Markov is working
with Gredenko,

the Russians will
have to back down.

Sir, Logan is ready
for you.

Thank you.

I want a comprehensive siege
profile on my desk ASAP.

Who has the control keys
for the main servers?

Uh, I do.
Okay, bracket the
scenarios into three.

I want projected
outcomes based on

different levels
of personnel.

Doyle, normally,
we run general

attack assessment first,
then if there's any...

I don't care what
you normally do, Pressman.

And I wasn't
speaking to you.

I was talking with her.

Yeah, that's so weird,

'cause I had this thought
that you might come here

and not be a jerk, like you were
in Denver, but you are.

That's right.

Just like Denver.

Let's get to work.

I take it
you know him?


I don't like him very much.

Does he know
what he's doing?

Yeah, he's good.

What did Buchanan say?

We're ready to move
on the consulate,

pending White House approval.

Is Jack on his own?


This is all about getting
Markov, not saving Jack.


I'm terminating the American.

Do you confirm?

And you're sure there won't be
any political complications?

Not if we stick to our story.

The American kills
our head of security,

tries to escape.

The American has shot Vasili.

He's in the basement.
Find him!

Consul Markov?


We haven't found the American,

but I locked down
the perimeter.

There is no way
to leave the building.

He can't be allowed to call out.

Shut down the phone lines,
DSL, everything.

CTU. O'Brian.

Morris, it's Jack.

I know how to find Gredenko.

He's in the...
(dial tone)


Jack? Jack? Jack!

(dial tone)
Come on!

Damn it!

Sir, Morris just
got a call from Jack.

The line went dead
before he could finish,

but he says he knows
where Gredenko is.

Did he trace
the call?

He's still inside
the consulate.

All right, monitor
everything in case

he calls back, and tell
Doyle Bauer's got key intel,

and is no longer

Got it.

I'm sorry.

We're going to have
to reschedule our debrief.


We have an immediate situation
at the Russian consulate.

Does this have something to do

with Bauer going
back in there to
question Markov?

Please, Bill.

Maybe I can help.

Jack was able
to get Grendenko's location

from Markov.

He tried to call us,
but was cut off

before he could say more.

He's either being held prisoner
in the consulate,

or he's being pursued.

Then I was right.
Markov is involved.

And he will do whatever it
takes to keep Jack quiet.

We have to
extricate Jack,

and failing that,
we have to go in

and remove Markov
and interrogate him ourselves.

We don't have time to
go through the red tape.

There's not gonna be
any red tape.

I'm launching an assault team.

No, that's... that
is a huge mistake.

Markov will not let
himself be taken alive,

and he will
kill Jack Bauer.

We have to try something.

We're running out of options.

Have you tried any pressure
from the top?

From-From President Suvarov?

Vice President Daniels
has spoken to Suvarov.

He's reluctant to act.

It's a diplomatic standoff.

He needs to be convinced
to get involved.

I don't know
how to do that.

I do.


My ex-wife, Martha.

She became friends
with the Suvarovs,

especially the wife.

Anya can get through to Yuri.

He listens to her.

They're a very good team.

Um, with all due respect,

hasn't Mrs. Logan
been institutionalized?

That's beside
the point.

She's in a unique position
to help us.

All right. I'll-I'll...
put a call in to her.

Bill, let me do it.

Martha can be
very difficult.

I think it would be best
if I talked to her.

I didn't realize
you were on speaking terms.

We're not, but I think
I can get through to her.

I know I can.

Please, let me try.

That's the
way I want it.

How many on each
of those teams?


Okay, make it three.
More teams,

more area covered.

Who's estimating the
consulate defense figures?

That would be me.

Where are the numbers?
I'm just sorting them
before I put them out.

Of course you are.

Where are the numbers?

Oh, I see. This is
about whether or not

it takes eight seconds
or ten seconds.

There are your numbers
sorted three ways. Pick one.


Do I have your attention?
'Cause I only want

to do this once.

I have 25 soldiers

that are about to put
their asses on the line.

Whether they live or die

largely depends
on what gets done here.

That's not to mention

the larger threat
of three nuclear weapons

that may be down the street,
for all we know.

So, if anyone has a problem
taking orders from me

without giving me lip,
tell me now,

and I will have you reassigned.


You keep your hands
off my people.

Is that clear?

They need to understand
what I expect from them.

I know what you expect.

That's all
that matters.

You have a problem with somebody
on my team, you come to me.

Fair enough.

Have your "team"
merge their results

and download it onto my system.

You all right?

The shirt's a blend;
it doesn't wrinkle.

You know what I mean.


I am all right.

I thought I was a
pain in the ass.

The Vice President
likes you, Tom.

He hopes you have the right
answer for him.

Well, I hope so, too.

Tom Lennox, man of the hour.

It's all right.

You can leave us alone.

So, have you given any thought
to our earlier conversation?

Yes, I have, sir.


And I agree

that the priority here is
to protect our country.

And I am prepared

to look the other way
regarding details

of the assassination plot.

To a point.

Well, what does that mean?

It means the truth must
ultimately come out.

Reed and Carson need to be
punished for what they did.

And they will.

Look, all I'm trying to do is
keep America united.

I can't have our critics

"Look at how bad we are.

We're worse than
the terrorists."

We need to keep our eye
on the ball right now.

And on that point, sir,
we are in complete agreement.

Good, because I need you

to tell the ambassador
of Assad's country

that you saw Assad plant the
bomb that injured the president.

Sir, looking the other way is
one thing,

choosing to tell a lie

to the ambassador,
that becomes

a matter of record.

Now, you listen to me:

If we expect to navigate
through this crisis,

I need you to cooperate.

Yes, and I would
like to cooperate.

I'm still talking!

Come on, now, Tom,

let's just count our blessings
here for a minute.

President Palmer survived
this awful attack.

And neither you
nor I had anything to do

with this heinous plot
to kill him.

And the most

beautiful fact of all is

that we now have
the opportunity

to implement
the correct policy

to stop these terrorist

Can you just put
aside your distaste

for my methods
for one minute...

and think about
the great gift

that's been given
to us.

I will think long and hard, sir.


Now, I need you
to tell the ambassador

that Assad carried
in the bomb.

I'll take it from there.



Lisa, get the ambassador
clearance and bring him

down here.

Let DOJ know

that Lennox has been
cleared of any wrongdoing

and will continue serving
as Chief of Staff.

Yes, sir.


Sir, I would like to know
what you hope to achieve

in your talk
with the ambassador.

I want him to know

that I hold his country

responsible for all of it--

the nuke and the presidential
assassination attempt.

They need
to be motivated

to reign in
these terrorists.

And I want them to know

that America is mad as hell
and ready to retaliate

--Here's Fayed.

It's about time
he got here.

We need to start
loading the bombs.

Mr. Vice President.

Bill, you're on speaker.

I'm here with Tom Lennox.

What's going on
at the Russian consulate?

Jack Bauer's still at large
and somewhere inside.

It appears he now also knows
Gredenko's location,

but isn't able
to get it to us.

All right, then what's the plan?

Former President Logan

he can convince
his ex-wife

to put a call
into Anya Suvarov.

He thinks the Russian
First Lady can get through

to her husband.

That's about as likely
as the terrorists knocking

on my door
and surrendering.

I agree.

That's why we've also
prepared a siege plan.

A strike force will enter
the consulate

and extract Markov
for interrogation.

You realize an attack

on a Russian consulate is
technically an act of war.

I do, sir.

Frankly, I'm reluctant

to go the tactical
route here.

We got our hands full
with these terrorists,

we don't need to open up
another front with the Russians.

Of course,
it's your decision, sir.

I understand the politics

are sticky,

but my responsibility is
to stop these nukes.

Markov will not surrender

We have to go in.

How long will it take you
to put together this siege?

About 20 minutes.

All right.

Proceed as if you're going in.

If Logan can be

before then, great..

but don't wait on him.

Yes, sir.

You ready?

All right, take your team
to their first location,

and await our word.
Got it.

Martha, I'm back.

Did you get some rest?

I've been worried
about you.

Worried about me?

You shouldn't be out
driving around

with all that fallout
in the air.

Well, I'm keeping
a good distance away.

How are you?

Well, I've decided to read
my book and listen to music.

I've lived with enough fear
over the years.

I don't need anymore.

Good for you.

Got your magazines.

Thank you.

And I stopped by Mel's.


Did you get raspberries?

And blackberries
and fresh kiwi.

Oh, oh, thank God for Mel.

What would I do without
that man's produce?

Oh, these look


Ooh, here-- have one.

I'm fine.

Come on.


Can you get that?

Martha Logan's bungalow.

May I speak to
Martha, please?

Who is this?

It's Charles, Aaron.

Please put her on;
it's important.

Hold on.

Who is it?

It's Charles.

He says
it's important.

Important to whom?

Mr. Logan, she doesn't want
to talk to you.

I heard what she said.

Look, listen to me,
I'm in CTU in Los Angeles.

I'm here on government business

and it has to do
with the nuclear attack.

I don't understand how Martha

could possibly be
of any help.

What you understand
really doesn't matter.

I no longer have to tolerate
your sarcasm.

Please, this was not sarcasm.

Something needs to be done.

And, and I think that Martha
might be able to help.

I don't know what to
tell you, Mr. Logan,

but Martha simply doesn't
want to speak with you.

She hasn't taken your
calls in almost two years.

I don't know why you
think she would now.

Tell her
it's about the Suvarovs.


Just do it.


Martha, he wants to ask you...

I told you.

I don't want to talk to him.

It's about the Suvarovs.

What's wrong?
Did something happen?

I don't know.


What is it?

Is Anya okay?

Anya's fine, Martha.

They're both fine.

Then what the hell do you want?

It's a very delicate matter.

There's an international
incident brewing

and I think that you might
be able to help defuse it.

Let me get this straight:

The government is desperate

so they come to you
to fix the world...

and, uh, then you come to me.

I can't be dragged in another
drama, with you Charles.

I won't.

You know what's going on
today, Martha.

You know that this is


This is absurd.

You still there?

Yes, I'm still here.

Aaron, you know
I wouldn't be playing games

on a day like today.

I know.

You need to convince her
to see me.

I'm going to take a chopper
to you

and I'll be there
in a few minutes.


All right.

--This is Shavers.

Stan, let me talk to Logan.

Sir, it's Mr. Buchanan.

Yes, Bill?

We've dispatched personnel
to prepare for an assault

on the Russian consulate.

Bill, attacking the consulate
is a huge error in judgment.

This has been decided.

The only way to avoid full-out
confrontation with the Russians

is for you can get Martha to
make the call before we engage.

(woman speaks Russian,
then giggles)

(man speaks Russian,
woman laughs)


both of you against the wall.

Please don't hurt her.

I have no intention
of hurting

either of you.

But if you don't cooperate,
I will kill you.

You understand me?
Both of you speak English?


I need to make
an outside call.
You can't.

They've cut all
from the building

because you
killed Stovich.

I didn't kill Stovich.

I don't believe you.

I don't have
to convince you.

We'll do
whatever you want.

In case of
an emergency,

how do you contact
the outside world?

Please, there's a
SATCOM phone upstairs.

Get it and bring it down here.

We're in the middle
of a lockdown.

That's your problem.
Get me that phone.


Get against the desk.

Don't be scared.

You'll be fine.

Hello, Aaron.

Martha's waiting for you.

She's inside.

Thank you.


I'll get her.

What's the matter?

Apparently she's
changed her mind.

I'm sorry, but she doesn't
want to see you.


you have to convince her
that this is not about us.

This is for the good
of the country.

I told her that.

Look, if we don't do something
in the next few minutes,

there's going to be a U.S.-
led assault on the Russian

consulate here
in Los Angeles.

On top of everything else,

we will effectively
be at war with Russia.

You've lost weight.


So this is the new,
improved Charles Logan.


You look beautiful.

What do you want?

I need you to call Anya Suvarov.

What do you want
me to say to her?

She has to
convince Yuri

to order the
Russian Consul

General, here in Los Angeles,
to surrender himself.

And why would he do that?

Because the man--
his name is Anatoly Markov--

he's a criminal and he's working

outside of Russian authority.

So what?
He's also a
mass murderer.

The bomb that went off
this morning in Valencia

was supplied to the terrorists

with Markov's help.

There are other
bombs out there.

He knows where they are.

Why doesn't the White House
just contact Yuri directly?

They did. It didn't work.
Why not?

Martha, this is
very complicated.

Please don't
make me explain

everything in details--
we don't have much time.
Oh, oh, oh...

I'm sorry; just do what
you say without asking.

I'm sorry.
You haven't changed a bit.

Look at this. Look at this!

I'm still under arrest.

After this is over,
I go back to prison.

I'm just trying to help.


Is that what you call
a 10,000-square-foot

house with a swimming
pool and tennis court?

Yuri has to be convinced
that this man Markov

is a traitor to his country.

Anya can make
our case for us.

You're the only person
who can reach her fast.

Do you think I should do this?

Yes, I do.

I need a drink.

(tense, wry laugh)

Not that knocking me
off the wagon

would be a small price to pay

for saving the world.

Get Anya on the phone.

How far are you from
the Russian consulate?

We'll be there in a few minutes.

Has there been any
change of plans?

As far as I know,

the assault on the consulate
is still a go.

I'm about to talk
to Buchannan now.

Call me if anything changes.


Have a seat,
Mr. Ambassador.
Thank you.

How is President Palmer?


The President's a tough man.

He's injured,
but we're confident

he'll make a full recovery.

What a tragic and
despicable act.
I agree.

What makes it even
more troubling

is that a citizen of your
country, Hamri Al-Assad,

was responsible for the
assassination attempt.

I understand that Assad
lost his life in the blast.

But I was led to believe
that he was working

with President Palmer
to promote a peace plan.

Well, I'm
afraid that was

all a ruse, Mr. Ambassador.

Assad's real

became clear when he
detonated the explosive.

You have proof of this?

Forensic evidence, as well as
at least one eyewitness

who saw the detonator
in Assad's hand

immediately before
the explosion.

Isn't that right, Tom?

Yes, sir, that is correct.

Even if what you say is true,

you must know
that Hamri Al-Assad

was not working at the behest
of our government.

He was as much a wanted man in
our country as he was in yours.

Oh, not as much.

But that's
gonna change.

What are you referring to?

The terrorists presently on
U.S. soil are acting

under the orders of citizens
in your country

who have the support
of your government.

I know it and
you know it.

That is simply not true.
I say it is.

And I'm willing to bet you
that I'm right.

What do you mean?

I have a carrier group
within striking distance

of every major city
in your country,

waiting for me
to give the order.

You would attack us?

Abu Fayed, a citizen
of your country,

enters the United
States and detonates

a nuclear bomb,
killing thousands.

Next, Assad attempts to
assassinate the president.

We cannot be held responsible.

You know fully well that
we have cooperated with you

since the inception
of this crisis.

These threats against us are
reckless and counterproductive.

I had an understanding
with your president.

And now you're going
to have one with me.

You help us find those nukes
before another goes off...

or I'm going to unleash
the full power

of our military on your country.

All right, keep me posted.

Doyle is approaching
the staging area.

We can in the consulate
in less than 15 minutes.

It's going to come right
down to the wire.

What do you mean?

Charles, Logan and I are trying
to arrange a phone call between

his ex-wife Martha
and Anya Suvarov.


Mrs. Suvarov's giving a speech
right now in Omsk.

We have to wait till
she's finished.

Even if Mrs. Logan can
get through to Anya,

it's going to take her some time

to convince her husband
to change his mind.

I agree.
It's a long shot.

It shouldn't take much longer.

I don't understand.
This is important.

Why don't they just interrupt
her speech?

It's Russian politics.
There's nothing we can do.


It's gonna be
a few more minutes.

What's the matter, hon?

This is taking forever.
I know.

Aaron... you promise
you'll stand by me,

even if I can't
go through with this?

Of course I will.

Martha, I'm sorry.

The last thing
I wanted to do

was upset you.

Funny, you always
manage to get

to that last thing.

Let me ask you
something, Charles.

Does it bother you

to see me with another man?
Martha, please.

We may as well talk
to fill the time.

We never really had any closure.


Yes. It's very difficult.

If you want to know the truth.

But you've had a rebirth.

You should be happy
for my happiness.

I am happy for you, Martha.

I'm sure you are.

You know, Charles,

Aaron has taken
such good care of me.

I don't know
what I did to deserve

such a good man.

I never knew
what that was before.

A really good man.

Martha, if it makes you
feel better to insult me,

please feel free.

I didn't come here
to fight with you.

It does make me feel better.

I can say exactly I want,
finally, without having

to worry about
incurring your wrath.

The great Charles Logan.

The President of the Universe.

The great leader.
The murderer.

Martha, I want you
to stop this right now.

You're going to get
all stirred up.

Oh, well, God,

we couldn't have that, could we?

(knife clatters)

Mr. Logan,

if you'd be more

waiting outside,
I'd understand.

I appreciate that, Aaron,

but I think
I'll stay right here.

Actually, I'm very thankful

that you've been able
to be here for Martha.

You are a good man.

She's very lucky to have you.

Now you're trying to
irritate me, aren't you?

No, Martha, no.
I'm not.

Oh, cut the crap.

With the sincerity,
the new

enlightened soul.

At least you used
to be an honest crook.

That's enough.



I'll be a good little girl.

(Martha yells)

Oh, my God.

We need a medic
in here right now!

He just wouldn't
stop and I, oh, oh...

Oh, my God, what did I do?
You must've hit an artery.

Agent Foley, get in here now!

Somebody, come on!

Martha, look what
you've done!

He's going in to shock.

Let's get him out of here.


It happened too fast, Bill.

I couldn't stop her.

There's nothing we can
do about it, Aaron.

Right now, I've been ordered
by the vice president to send

an assault team into
the Russian consulate, unless

President Suvarov intercedes.
I understand.

Is Martha capable of having

a coherent conversation
with Anya Suvarov?

Honestly, I don't know.

Chloe's putting the call through
any second. Find out.

Will do.

Why are they
doing this to me?

I should be given a medal.

He was one of the biggest
criminals in history.

They gave him house arrest.

Martha, we're still
in a crisis situation.

Are you able to handle

a conversation
with Anya Suvarov?

Of course, I am.
I'm not crazy.

I know what the stakes are.

Are you sure?

Mr. Pierce,

CTU's got Anya Suvarov

on the line
for Mrs. Logan.

They're putting
it through now.

Do you know what
you're going to say?

Anya, it's Martha.

How are you?

I'm fine.

I've been worried about you

there in California.

Stop worrying;
everything's gonna be fine.

I know we have a lot
to catch up on,

but I'm going to have
to be rude and get
right to the point.

There's not a lot of time.

What is it?

If you've talked
to Yuri recently,

you know there's a very
tense situation going on

at the Russian consulate
in Los Angeles.

I've heard something about that,
but don't know the details.

The details are
very important, Anya.

Please, tell me more.

The Americans stepped
on Russian soil

and took me hostage.

We will sort out
the details later.

Right now, I am ordering you

to surrender to the Americans

and deliver Jack Bauer,

I am afraid...

I cannot do that,

Mr. President.

How dare you disobey
a direct order.

You will do exactly
as I tell you!

(phone beeps off)

Mr. Buchanan,

Consul Markov is
not cooperating.

You understand,
Mr. President,

this leaves me
with very few options.

I do.

I will personally
authorize the use of force

against the consulate.

The United States
of America has the support

of the Russian state
in this matter.

Thank you,
Mr. President.

(phone beeps off)

I got it.

Get over here.

Is anybody gonna
notice this missing?

In a few minutes, yes.

Make your call.
Did he hurt you?


(phone beeps)

It needs the unlock code.

Get down.

(chamber clicks)

BUCHANAN (on phone):
Doyle, Suvarov just
gave us the go-ahead.

DOYLE (quietly):

(chamber clicks)

(gun clatters)

Are you hit?

(phone ringing)

It's Markov.
The Americans are coming in.

I thought you had
that under control.

No. Won't be long
(distant gunfire)

before they have your position.

Hold them off as long
as you can.

I will.

But you must launch now.

Drop your weapon!

My name is Jack Bauer.

This man needs medical
attention. They're not hostiles.

Okay, send medics
to the basement. I'm Mike Doyle.

You need to contact
Bill Buchanan.

Tell him that Fayed
and Gredenko

are in the Shadow Valley.
Patch me in with Buchanan.

This drone is ready to launch.

Arm the bomb.

Got it.

Put all the satellite coverage
we have on Shadow Valley.

Sir, stay still.

We'll have you
to the hospital in a minute.


please don't try to talk.

He's starting to crash.

We're losing him.