24 (2001–2010): Season 6, Episode 1 - Day 6: 6:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. - full transcript

A new U.S. President has negotiated Jack's release from a Chinese prison so Jack can stop a series of terror attacks... with his life.

America has been victimized again.

Last night terrorist's attack
in San Antonio

was not the latest
in the series of bombings

that began eleven weeks ago
in ten differents cities.

Over nine hundred people
have been killed this far

and while no one
is claiming responsability

for this wave of death,

evidence points to Islamic militance.

Here in Los Angeles,
the mood can only be described

as tense and fearfull

as the department of Homeland Security
is urging all citizens

to report without delay
any suspicious persons or activities.

We spoke with the department
spokesperson who says, quote:

"We don't want to start a witchhunt

"but we would rather here*
on the side of caution

"than become the next target."

"And he says
"the vigilance of the public

"is our best line of defense
against attacks."

Stop, stop, stop!

Open the doors!

Please, I have to get to work.

I'll be late for work.

Please, open the door!

Come on, man.

Open the door.

Open the d... I...

can't believe you...

I can't believe
you didn't open the door!

I have as much right
to be on the bus as you!

Our country is under siege!

You're the national security advisor,

I'm surprised by your resistance.

These places
that you keep building?

They're nothing more
than concentration camps.

Detention facilities.

And the criteria for determining
who should be detained

are very reasonable.


This revised plan of yours

justifies locking-up every American
who prays towards Mecca.

That's ridiculous exageration,
you know it.

Right now,
the American Muslim community

is our greatest asset.

They have provided
law enforcement with hundreds of tips,

and none a single member
of that community

has been implicated in these attacks.

So far!

Mr. President,
the people are loosing faith

in our hability to protect them.

We've got to do something
about this, now.

And locking-up more Muslims

will not make them safer.

No, Karen,

but it will make them feel safer.

What about the cost of the civil
unrest that your plan will create?

- They will be riots, demonstrations--
- Security has--

its price!

So does freedom, Tom.

Listen, I just don't see how
I can sign off on something like this.

I mean, it wasn't just three months ago
that I took an oath

to preserve, protect
and defend the constitution.

And what about preserving, protecting
and defending the American people?

All of these measures are legal.

Blake has been all over these thing
with the attorney general.

There is a precedent, sir.

Especially in war time.

Lincoln suspended the Habeus Corpus.
Roosevelt sent executive...

Yes Blake, I know this!

And Roosevelt imprisonned
over 200.000 Japanese-Americans,

what most historians consider
to be a shameful mistake.

Well, I would ask those historians
how many of those Japanese-Americans

were thus prevented from perpretrating
acts of sabotage in this country?

I realize that what I'm proposing
has its challenges

but we cannot continue
to keep our heads burried in the sand.

- Mr President?
- Yeah?

Another attack?

Los Angeles. A bus.

How many casualties?

Twenty three so far,
including the suicide bomber.

We're almost certain this man Assad
is behind all these attacks, right?

Yes, sir. We confirmed
he arrived in the United-States

three days before
the first bombing in San Antonio.

And let us not forget

Assad has been calling
for the destruction of the United-States

for the last twenty years.

Mr President, my analysts believe
that Assad's organization

cannot survive without him

and once he's dead,
these attacks will stop.

So, this assumes the success
of the operation to terminate Assad.

CTU estimates
successful probability at 75%.

Oh, I think that's very generous.

You know... It sounds to me like
you're anticipating failure, Tom.

I fully acknowledge, sir,

that this is our only option.

But I'm fervently
advocating contingencies.

Contingencies are willing good, Tom.
But CTU needs to eliminate Assad.

That's all there is to it.

God knows were paying
a steep enough price to get him.

I've told you twenty times.

You don't send that report
without a certified header on it.

This makes twenty-one,
you should update your count.

Do you... and I'm just curious,

ever open your mouth
without sarcasm just spilling out of it?

Sorry, are we done here?

Look, I'm just telling you to be careful

otherwise you will find yourself back
selling lady shoes in Beverly Hills.

You're settling well into the whole
management thing, aren't you?

What's your problem with me?

I like you fine as an analyst.
Actually, you were very good.

As a boss?

Bit of a bull.

What's going on?

I talked to your boyfriend.

He's on self distraught.

You promised me
to get along with Milo.

I'm sorry darling.
That's a promise I just can't keep.



I had the same problem with
the department head when I first started

and I learned how to fit in.
There's no reason why you can't.

Except I don't happen to be
a pretty lady.

What are you talking about?

- You're a hotty.
- No, I'm not.

Yes you are. Deal with it.

- Morris, we're at work.
- So?

It's unprofessional.

You say you don't like it?

No, I'm not saying that.
I just came go see

if you got a request for Homeland
on the priority channel.


Why did they send it only to me?

I don't know.

Just try to get along.

'Cause you asked... I will.

Nadia. I just got a weird request
from Homeland Security.

They want to set up a channel
and I want to clear with you first.

Set yourself clear.

They want it formatted
according to military specs.

Coordinating assault with the cover-
attack helicopters from Camp Pendleton.

- When?
- Thirty minutes.

An assault on who?


What are you talking about?
We don't even know where Assad is.

We will. We have a lead.

No, we don't.
If we did, I would know about it.

We found a way to get Assad's location.


Jack Bauer.

Jack's in a Chinese prison.

Not anymore. The President
negociates his release two days ago.

Jack's coming back?


Why did the Chinese let him go?
Why today?

Does Assad have to do with the attacks?

How do we think
Jack's gonna lead us to Assad?

Chloe, I can't talk about this...

- Not yet.
- Why not?

Can Bill Buchanan talk about it?

He's meeting Jack
at Point Mugu Naval Air Station.

Now, open that military channel.
Put it through the conference area.

The President wasn't giving up
a lot to make this happen.

I wish he were coming back
under different circumstances.

We don't know
what his state of mind will be.

If he doesn't cooperate,
we need to be prepared.

Mr Buchanan.

I need your signature
on this release document.

Take those cuffs off him.


It's okay.

Come with me.

Please convey to your President

that Mister Bauer
never broke his silence.

He hasn't spoken a word
in nearly two years.

The President has paid a high price
for Mr. Bauer's freedom.

What he wants from him
must be very important.

President Palmer
wants to speak to you himself

as soon as we debriefe.

I'm sorry, Jack. How could you know...

Wayne Palmer is president.

He's the one who negociated
your release.

I can't even begin to imagine
what you went through, threre, Jack.

There's a reason you're here now.

The last eleven weeks,

our cities have been targeted by...

... a series of terror attacks.

Buses, trains... shopping malls...

The last one was fifteen minutes ago,
here in Los Angeles.

Hamir Al-Assad.

Assad's here, Jack.

Four days ago,

one of Assad's men contacted us.

He said he'd give up Assad
for 25 million dollars.

But he's demanding
something more than money.

He wants you, Jack.

He wants you dead.

It's Abou Fayed.

He wants his pound of flesh
for what happened in Beyrouth.

We offered him...

other alternatives, we did everything
we could think of, Jack.

But he will only agree to give us Assad

in exchange for you.

He's demanded
our surveillance protocols.

Which means we can't risk an extraction.

Once he has you...

... you'll be on your own.

You understand what this means, Jack?

We're asking you to sacrifice yourself

so we can eliminate Assad.

I can't hear you, Jack.


Audrey doesn't know you're back.

My daughter?

Kim doesn't know either.

You'll keep it that way?

I know what's being asked of me, Curtis.

You don't need your firearm.

Before we do this,

I would like to clean up.

We've got an area set up for you,

and we brought you some new clothes.


We have Jack.


I thought I was prepared, but he's...

... worse than I expected. Much worse.

I know how hard this must be for you,

but everything depends
on this operation.

I understand.

I know you do.

I wish I were there with you.

You're where you need to be.

I miss you.

I miss you too.

About to take Jack
to the drop point, now.


Los Angeles has now been added

to the list of major cities
hit by terrorist attacks.

The department of Homeland Security
has raised the threat level

to red, the highest level
since the department was formed.

FBI will handle all the field surges
outside the city,

so, just focus on the main grid.

Nadia, I need to talk to you.

Resetup and check back with me.

Did you open that military channel,
put it through to the conference area?

I've tried to locate Bill or Curtis
to find out what's going on with Jack.

But they're both offline,
their status is blocked.

I told you, Chloe,
I can't talk about this.

Nadia, you've only been here
a couple of months

and you don't know me very well,

but if you did, you would know how much
Jack Bauer means to me.

You would also know that
sooner or later, I will find out.

So why don't you just tell me right now?

I don't have the authorisation.

Why don't I just call Division,

and let them know about the time that
you left the Jarvis firewall unsecured?

If it weren't for me,
you would have been fired out of that.

We were contacted 4 days ago
by a man named Fayed.

He offered to give us Assad's location
for a list of demands

and one of them was Jack Bauer.

Jack? Why does he want Jack?


Retribution for what?

Fayed's brother was part
of the South * embassy,

in Lebanon in 1999.

Jack was sent to grab him and get
the names of the other cell members.

Fayed's brother died
while Jack was interrogating him.

Now he wants Jack dead.

That's right.

And you're really gonna just deliver
Jack over to the terrorist to be killed?

- Nadia!
- We need to stop Assad.

But why aren't we organizing a rescue?

We can just grab Jack
once Fayed gives us Assad's location.

Fayed has the ressources
to detect our surveillance.

As part of the deal,

we gave Fayed monitoring access
to our satellite coverage,

radio frequences and air corridors.

He won't give us anything
until he's free and clear with Jack.

How do we even know
he'll do what he says?

We don't.

I'm calling Karen Hayes.

She'll talk to the President.

Chloe, don't you get it?
Karen already knows.

So does President Palmer,
he authorized it.


I'm sorry about your friend.

But there's nothing you,
I or anyone can do right now.

This is our only way out of this crisis.

If we want these attacks to stop,

Jack Bauer has to be sacrificed.

You've only gotten half those upgrades?

You'll get the rest in a minute.

I need them now, Morris.
I needed them 10 minutes ago.

And don't expect Chloe to keep running
interference for you.

I'll get your upgrades.


What's going on between you and Nadia?

The President got Jack back
from the Chinese.

He's in L.A, now.

Well that's very good news.

No, Morris. It's not.

Bill, it's the President.
Is Jack with you?

Yes, sir.
We're almost to the drop point.

Let me speak to him, please.

I'll put him on.

It's President Palmer.
He wants to talk you.

Mister President?

I've been...

trying to think
of what I could possibly say to you,

after all that you've sacrificed
for this country,

what you've done for me
in the past and of course,

what you've done for my brother David.

This is a desperate measure, Jack.
Believe me, I know

it's also a measure of our desperation.

People are...

... afraid to come outside.

They're afraid
to leave their homes, Jack.

They're starting
to turn against each other out there.

Bill Buchanan explained
the situation, sir.

I know what's happening.

I understand what's expected of me.

You have my word,

my word, Jack.
Your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Thank you.

God bless you, Jack.

Good bye, M. President.

When I agreed to run
for this office...

... I thought that I understood
this job.

I mean I was right beside
my brother David when he had...

to make impossible decisions in no time.

When he had to chose
between bad options, but...

Now that I'm the one
sitting in that chair,

I start to wonder if I am
the right person to lead this country.

It's an irrelevant question, sir.

Excuse me ?

You will lead this country,

wether you want to or not.

You are the President.

But this president can't shake
the feeling

that sacrificing Jack Bauer
is a mistake.

And that maybe I should call
this whole thing off

- before it's too late.
- No, sir.

You have not made a mistake.

And for what it's worth...

your brother
would be doing just the same thing.

That doesn't make it right.

It isn't right...

it isn't wrong.

It's simply our only option.

Bauer has to be sacrificed

so this country can survive.

- I just heard a disturbing rumor.
- And?

What rumor is that?

That you're authorizing the National
Guard to set up detention facilities

in conventions centers
and sports arenas in Los Angeles,

Detroit and Philadelphia.

Yeah. Well, that's correct.

That's against the President's order.

I was there when he gave it.

Karen, I know where you were.
I was standing right next to you.

To my knowledge,
that order hasn't been resended.

All right, you're confused.

I haven't implemented anything yet,

I merely positionning
if the President changes his mind,

as I suspect he will,

then we would have wasted less time.

I'm not confused, Tom.
And you can use whatever word you like,

in plain English
you're second guessing the President.

Plain English doesn't allow for the new
answers that my job requires, Karen.

And just how far
are you gonna push this?

The ACLU is already filing
complaints against us

that we've given the Bureau
too much field authority.

And by my lights
they haven't been given near enough.

They need a wider net with tighter mesh.

Then what happens when innocent people
get caught in that net?

Well, like I told you before,

security has its price.

Just get used to it, Karen.

- Go ahead.
- Secure Bauer's wrist to the grid,

then leave him there.

First, tell me where Assad is.

This isn't a negociation.

If you want Assad,

leave Bauer here,
get back in your car and drive away.

I'm watching you.

You listen to me, you son of a bitch.

He wants me to handcuff you
to that grid.

Do it.

I don't know what to say, Jack.

Do you understand the difference
between dying for something

and dying for nothing?

The only reason I fought so hard
to stay alive in China

was because
I didn't want to die for nothing.


I can die for something.

My way, my choice.

To be honest with you
it'll have to be a relief.

I'm sorry, Jack.

Don't be.

Bill, you need to go.


Firemen are battling a fire at the
Al-Ham-Sen mosque in Culver City.

Members of the mosque
are calling the incident a retaliation

for this morning suicide bombing

that happened downtown on the metro bus.

Scott shouldn't be going to school.

He has a geometry test.

Honey, L.A. was just hit. I mean
they should be close this schools down.

They will close them down
when it's not safe.

But until then,
I don't want to scare our son

and I don't want you scaring him either.

I want us to keep living our lives
as normally as we can.

Look, Gillian...

There is nothing normal
in what's happening here.

What are we supposed to do?

Just hide inside our house
for the rest of our lives?

Hey, was Ahmed able to help?

I didn't get a chance to see him.
The FBI are at his house.

They're arresting his dad.


- Why are they taking him?
- I don't know.

This is insane. You can't arrest
somebody without a reason.

He's not a terrorist.

He's innocent.

- It's got to be some reason.
- I'm sure it's a mistake.

Ahmed! What are you doing?

We just wanna talk to you, okay?

Ahmed, get outta here!

It's that guy down the block.

- A contractor-- Stan Something.
- Yeah, I know.

I'll call the police.

Come on!

Want you to get the hell
out of my neighborhood !

- What are you doing?
- I'm helping Ahmed.

- Your father is calling the police.
- They won't do anything.

Scott, stop. You're not going over here.

Dad, I'm not hiding here
while Ahmed gets beat up

'cause you're scared to do
the right thing.

Stay here !

I handle it.

- I just wanna talk to you.
- Get out of my house.

We're just here to give you
a little friendly advice, okay?

Stan ! What the hell are you doing, man?

Tryin' to protect my family, Ray.

This kid's father is a terrorist.

Come on he's no more a terrorist
than you and me.

Yeah? Then why did they arrest him?

Because they're scared.

- Like everyone else.
- Oh, get outta my way.

Hey, Stan ! Come on ! Stan...

If you want him...

you comin' through me.

This isn't over, Ray.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

All right, look, hum, I-I think

what we should do
is you should come stay with us

till things get sorted out
with your father.

Look, I appreciate what you just did
but I'll be fine.

Look, this guy--
this guy is a jerk

and I don't want you staying here alone,
it's dangerous.

I-I'm not taking no for an answer.
You come with me.

- Nadia, Bill Buchanan for you.
- All right.

- Bill?
- Jack's at the drop point.

Are we set with the military?

Marines have 2 cover attack helicopters

ready to deploy we could hit any target
inside L.A. within 20 minutes.

Jack's giving his life
for this operation.

So I dont want any mistakes.

Assad must be taken out
with extreme prejudice.

He will be searched as soon as
we get his location with Fayed.

If Fayed calls before I get back,
loop me in.


- Bill?
- Yeah?

I'm sidelining Chloe on this operation.


She started asking questions
about Jack.

- I-I tried putting her off but...
- What did you tell her?

The truth.

- I'll talk to her when I get there.
- Thanks.

Move over.

What are you doing?

Gonna try get a visual on Jack.

I told you,
Fayed has our surveillance protocols.

He's monitoring full spectrum radio
satellite orders and transmissions.

I had acces to a satellite
that's off the government's grid.


I did a drop of work
for this energy consortium

in Pakistan.
They needed an illegal aerial survey

for some oil fields.
I needed some big cash.

Look, the little bird--
she's still flying, she's still flying.

I think I can reposition
the camera from here.

- Morris...
- Ah, don't thank me yet, love

Just stop sulking and find out
where Bill Buchanan left Jack.

I've been waiting for this
for a long time.

- Yes.
- There is a problem.

Don't move out of the tunnel yet.

- What?
- I've just intercepted a signal

to a privatly owned satellite.

There are hundreds
of private satellites.

The signal is beeing transmitted
on a government frequency.

This satellite, what's it looking at?

I can't pinpoint it but the cameras
has been repositionned to your sector.

Connect me to CTU.

Chloe, this is it, this is it!

As soon as the military
has Assad's location,

we'll work with local law enforcement
to limit collateral damage.

As much as we are trying
to prevent civilian losses our priority,

just take out Assad.

Fayed is on the line.

This is Nadia Yassir.

Redirect the satellite
you have aimed at this sector.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Then explain the activity
on frequency Alpha-0-7-0-3.

Bauer is dead either way.

But if you don't redirect that satellite
in 30 seconds,

you will loose Assad.

I'm telling you there is no satellite.

28 seconds.

Where is this coming from?

- Inside the building.
- Where?

Chloe's station.


Redirect that satellite!

- Redirect that satellite!
- Situation is under control.

No, Fayed hacked your transmission.

We may have lost our only chance
of locating Assad.

Fayed, this was a rogue operation.

- Redirecting the satellite now.
- You have ten seconds.

- Morris, do it!
- Nine...

- Come on, hurry up!
- I'm going as fast as I can.




It's done.

It's moving away, Fayed.

They redirected the satellite.

- Other channels?
- All clear.

Because of your deception,

I will have to think about
giving you Assad's location.

But, what about our deal?


- We may have spooked Fayed.
- I heard what happened.

Damn it! What were you thinking?

It's my fault, you can fire me.

I'd fire both of you right now

but I can't afford
to loose the man power.

- Look at me.
- I'd rather not, sir.

Look at me.

Don't think you're the only one
mourning Jack, you're not.

That may be our only option.

You both better hope to God
you just didn't blow it,

we may have sacrificed Jack for nothing.

- Buchanan.
- Bill, have you heard from Fayed?

- Not yet, no.
- The President's worried.

Fayed should have contacted us by now.

There may be a problem.

There is a possibility
Fayed is going back on the deal.

What are you talking about?

He caught us trying to track Jack.

The orders were
that he was to have a clear field.

I know what the orders were.

Chloe thought there was a workaround
she did it without our authorization.

Damn it, Bill!
She's your responsability.

How could you let this happen?

If we don't take out Assad, then...

I don't need a lecture.

- Karen, I know what the stakes are.
- I don't think you do.

If these attacks don't stop,
there are people in this administration

who are willing
to tear up the constitution

in the name of national security.

The things that
they're talking about doing

this country will never recover.

As soon as I hear from Fayed
you'll be my first call.

I'm sorry, Bill. It's just, I'm...

There is no need to apologize,
we're all fear*, here.

I have to go.


- Clear
- Are you sure?

Yes, they are leaving us alone.

The money's been transfered,
should we call CTU?

Not yet.

You need to call CTU.

I won't let you die until I'm ready.

The chinese, they leave much for me
to work with.

But, before you die,

you're going to feel
what my brother felt.

I saw his body.

I know how he died.

I know what you did to him.

You don't need me to tell you...

that the nerves

are bundled...


You need to give CTU Assad's location.

That was the deal.


has lost faith in our fight.

He thinks our tactics are failing.

He's begun talking about,


About laying down our arms
and negociating.

But there is no compromise
nor negociation.


is a traitor.

And soon,

inch? Allah,

he will be dead.

That's right, Jack.

CTU is about to kill their own man.

Assad, isn't behind these attacks.

He's come here to stop them.

He's come here,

to stop me.

You will die for nothing.

If Fayed doesn't call in 5 minutes,
reassign everyone here.

- This is Buchanan.
- You kept your end of the deal,

- I'll keep mine.
- I'm listening.

I have a transponder
at Assad's location.

33-58-11 north latitude.

100-18-21-40 west longtitude.

You'll find Assad there.

- Where is that?
- It's coming.


Have general Bowen
mobilize the attack helicopters

I'll let the President know we're a go.

Cut off Fayed access
to all our surveillance.

I want a lockdown
on all of our satellites.

Shut them down, you got it?

We did everything we could.

I know it's truly awfull,
but if it stops these attacks,

it's for the greater good.

There is no one that understands that
more than Jack.

Do you remember doing this
to my brother?

- Fayed?
- What is it?

There is a call for you.

It's important.


There is a problem.

- Tell me what happened.
- The FBI,

they took my father.

Where are you?

I'm at the neighbours'.

Fayed, you know my father is innocent,
he has no idea of what we're doing.

If your father is meant
to be sacrificed...

... that is how it will be.

Now, tell me what the FBI said.


You did the right thing.

Are you sure the FBI
didn't find the package?

- Yes, it's well hidden.
- You need to deliver it soon.

- Everything okay?
- Yeah.

It was just my uncle he's trying
to find out where they took my dad.

- You want to come in?
- Yeah.

Get in there! He got away.

Find him!