24 (2001–2010): Season 2, Episode 1 - Day 2: 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. - full transcript

Retired federal agent Jack Bauer is pulled back into field work after CTU learns of an impending nuclear attack in Los Angeles, while Kim's new job as a nanny takes an unexpected turn for the worse.



Get me Eric Rayburn, NSA.

I wish Nicole could have come.
She loves it out here.


What do you wanna do tonight?

I don't know. Get a movie?

You came all this way to watch a video?

How's your mom?

Who knows?

She puts on a happy face for everyone,
but I know she's hurtin'.


OK. Copy that.

- What is it, Rosser?
- There's a situation, Mr. President.

OK, try and find me!

Excuse me. What are you doing in my bed?

Sh. I'm hiding from Daddy.


- Oh, hi.
- Hey, Kim.

You haven't seen Megan around, have you?

- What does she look like?
- Big wart on the tip of her nose.

- I do not!
- There you are.

Now I'm gonna get you.

- Let me go!
- I'm gonna get you now.

I'm going to hide again.

How do you keep up with her all day?

It's not easy.

Dad, I'm hiding! Try to find me!

Here I come!

Rayburn is waiting for us.

I'll see you back at the retreat.

Look, son...

- I'm sorry.
- Don't be. It's not your fault.

- I just miss hanging out with you.
- I know.

We'll get there.

- See you later.
- All right.

I know you wanna spend time with him.
I'm sorry, sir.

- How bad is the situation?
- I don't know, but I don't have a good feeling.

To my knowledge, no president's
been rerouted by NSA on a morning off.

Thank you.

I didn't know how you liked
intel presented at impromptus,

if you like it chronologically
with an alphabetical key,

or if you just like
separate folders with access tabs.

- I don't really care.
- I did it both ways, so you can choose.

Thanks, Paula. George.

- Hi, Mr. Mason.
- Yeah?

I ordered upgrades on all the SIM software.
I hope you don't mind.

They just went to production
and I thought you'd...

Paula, stop.

Right. OK. Thanks.

What do you need?

- Division want a meeting next month.
- For what?

They wanna see our proposal
for the LAX security upgrades.

Tony, if I'm still here this time next year,
take me out to the woodshed and shoot me.

I should be in DC, not chasing old ladies who
set off metal detectors with knitting needles.

The morning of the 15th?

That's fine.

- Mr. Mason.
- What?

I just got off the phone
with Eric Rayburn's office at NSA.

They've a request, sir.
They want you to take care of it right away.

This can't be right. Eileen, get me Rayburn.

I think he's up in Oregon
with the president.

Put it in my office.

What was that about?

NSA wants us to bring in Jack Bauer.

What? What for?

I don't know. That's all they said.
Isn't Bauer inactive?

Yeah, he's inactive.

We'll have to reschedule our day.
What do we have?

National Wildlife benefit at one,
a tour of the new Nike Campus,

and your speech tonight.

OK. Cancel what you have to,

but I wanna give that speech,
announce the new clean-energy proposal.

- I'm not sure you'll have time for any of that.
- Eric.

- I'll take care of it.
- Thanks, Jenny.

- What's this about, Eric?
- We have a domestic terrorist alert.

- How serious?
- Very.

- Has Lynne been informed?
- She's here.

Who else?

Representatives from all branches
of the military, some FBI and the CIA.

Mr. President, I've called Mike Novick.
He's getting on a plane right away.

Good. Thank you.

- Gentlemen. Lynne.
- Morning, Mr. President.

What I'm about to tell you,
Mr. President, is triple-sourced.

While crucial details are still unknown,
we believe this intel to have high credibility.

Go on.

There's a nuclear device,
under terrorist control, that's on US soil.

My God!

- Where?
- Los Angeles.

It gets worse.
This bomb is going to go off today.

How do we know this?

This suicide bomber is
Mamud Rashed Faheen,

a suspected terrorist who we believe has
been associated with fundamentalist groups.

This is the Valentine's Day bombing
in the West Bank?

This particular attack
resulted in 13 fatalities, 26 injured.

We discovered that
the secondary purpose of this incident

was to create the impression
Faheen was killed.

- He wasn't?
- No.

This was taken five days ago
at a small airport outside L?on, France.

We had the man on the left,
Jason Park, under surveillance.

It was just a coincidence that we caught
the very much alive Faheen in the photo.

We grabbed Park and tried to extract
everything we could out of him.

15 minutes ago he broke
and confessed that for the last two years

Faheen has been preparing for
today's attack on Los Angeles.

Why didn't you pick up Faheen?

This picture wasn't analyzed
until after the two had separated.

I've contacted Defense, CIA,
FBI and local jurisdictions.

- Everything will be run through NSA.
- Who controls Faheen?

Relatively new splinter group
that goes by the name of Second Wave.

Government affiliation?

Officially not recognised
by any Middle Eastern state.


- Get me their prime minister.
- Right away.

Gary, your breakfast is ready.
Don't let it get cold.

I'll be right there.

I won't be back till this afternoon. I'm
expecting a package. Keep an eye out for it?


- Mom, I'm going skateboarding.
- And what does that mean?

I know - I have to put on my helmet
and my elbow and knee pads.

And stay close to Kim.

- Love you.
- What about Kim?

She's the best nanny ever.

- You off?
- Yeah.

Coffee's ready, I cut your grapefruit
and I bought some scones.

- Blueberry?
- Of course.

- You look good today.
- Thanks.

- I'll see you tonight, OK?
- OK.

You know, Kim, you've got a great body.

You work out?

Not really. I like to swim.


I have the prime minister
on the phone for you.

- Mr. Prime Minister.
- Mr. President.

I was told you need to speak to me.

What can you tell me about a terrorist
organisation known as Second Wave?

I've heard of them, but my government
firmly rejects its tenets and its methods.

In fact, we've recently arrested
several of its members.

How do you account for three Second Wave
camps operating unimpeded in your country?

There are no camps in my country.

Mr. Prime Minister, I know two things.

One: Second Wave is planning
an attack against one of my cities today.

Two: your government
supports Second Wave.

I would appreciate it if you would stop
using my people and my country

as a source for every threat
leveled at the United States.

What I'm saying is not meant to be a threat,
simply a statement of fact.

If a bomb goes off on US soil today,

I will have no choice but to retaliate,

with immediate and decisive force,
against your government.

This is an insult.

We are not planning
to attack the United States.

Insult or not,

if you care about the
lives of your citizens,

you need to hear me loud and clear.

Mr. Prime Minister,
if a bomb goes off today, it will hurt us,

but it will destroy you.

Then, Mr. President,

you will have created an enemy
of over one third of the world's population.

Proceed carefully.

You as well, sir.

- You wanna try it again?
- Yeah.

Don't fall. You can do it, though.

All right. Slow...

- Yeah.
- Mr. Bauer?

- Who is this?
- I have George Mason from CTU on the line.

- I don't work for CTU any more.
- He said that...

I'm in the middle of something right now.
Thank you.

I'm so proud of you. You did so good.

- Is there any blood?
- Let me see.

No, no blood. You're perfect.

OK. I wanna go again.

- All right. Let's go, tough guy.
- Hey! I'm not a guy.

You know what? Why don't you go play
in the back yard. I'll meet you there.

See you in a bit.

Hey, sweetheart.

- Dad, what are you doing here?
- I just wanted to say hi.

You haven't been returning my calls.

I'm sorry.

I didn't come to ask you
for lunch or hang out.

I know you just started this job,
but I just wanted to see you. I miss you.

I know. I miss you too.

- Then why won't you...
- Every time I see you, I think of Mom.

- No, honey, please...
- Yes, I do.

If you wanna know, I'm telling you,
it's too hard for me right now.

All I ever wanted was
the three of us to be together.

- It wasn't your fault. It just happened.
- Of course it was my fault.


I'm so sorry, honey. I'm so sorry.

I love you.

I'm just... still not ready yet.

- Then when?
- I don't know.

Hey, Kim. Come on.

- I gotta go.
- Yeah.

- Come in, Eric.
- Mr. President, you wanted to see me.

Yes. This report seems to be
missing a casualty assessment.

I'm having those figures compiled right now.
They'll be ready in about 10 minutes.

- Thank you, Eric.
- Mr. President, if I may...

I think you need to have a serious
conversation with the Pentagon.

They need to know how to proceed.

It's too early to discuss a response.

We don't even know who to retaliate against.

- You know the prime minister was lying.
- He was lying about the terrorist camps.

But that doesn't mean his government
is responsible for this threat.

- Mr. President, I think...
- Eric, enough.

Right now, my only concern
is protecting Americans.

Somewhere in Los Angeles, there is
a terrorist with his finger on the trigger.

We've got to get him.

- Good morning.
- Hi, sweetheart.

Hey, you two! Cut it out.

What? I can't kiss my own wife?

She's not your wife
for at least another 10 hours.

- Andre is on the phone.
- Is there a problem with the flowers?

- I don't know.
- God!


- Sorry.
- So where are the tables?

They're not even here yet. I don't know how
they're gonna get everything set up in time.

I thought you were picking your cousin up.

- I sent a car.
- Cab?

No, the company car.

Hey, Bob. How you doin'?

- There's the groom.
- Let me get that for you.

I'm fine.

I told Marie I'd help her fix the fountain.
Best get to it. Luis.

Dad, did you tell Reza he could use
the company car to pick up his cousin?

Kate, honey, please. Not today.

If it were every now and then, fine, but there's
the condo in Palm Springs, the days off...

Why is it you can't trust Reza?

I can't believe it's because
he's from the Middle East...

Dad, please.
You brought me up better than that.

I don't know. It's... something else.


I don't know. Maybe I'm just having
a hard time letting go of my little sister.

I do miss your mother so much today.

She'd be so proud of both of you.

- Rayburn.
- Eric, it's George again.

- What have you got?
- Not a lot. Haven't reached Bauer.

- What's this about?
- Your office will be briefed.

Just find him and bring him in.

We're doing everything we can.
I don't think he wants to be found.

In his condition, I don't think
he'll be worth a damn anyway.

I'm not asking for your opinion.
I need this guy now.

I refuse to believe that given your resources
you can't bring in one former agent.

I'll tell you how you can get hold of Bauer,
but you're not gonna like it.

- I'm listening.
- You're with the president right now, correct?

Yeah, I am.

This is Jack Bauer.
Leave your message after the beep.

Hi, Jack. It's Tony Almeida at CTU.

I've left messages for you everywhere.
Could you please give us a call?

It's very important.

This is Jack Bauer.
Leave your message after the beep.

Hello, Mr. Bauer.
I'm calling on behalf of President Palmer.

The president needs to speak to you
on an urgent matter. Please call us back...

- Hello?
- Mr. Bauer? Please hold for the president.

Sir, I have Jack Bauer.

- Jack?
- Mr. President.

You've been avoiding
CTU's calls this morning.

- I don't work for them any more, sir.
- So I hear.

How's it all going, Jack?

- It's been difficult, sir.
- I'm sure it has.

- I've thought a lot about you this past year.
- Thank you, Mr. President.

I know this is a bad time,
but I need your help.

I've been inactive for over a year.
I can't see how I'd be of any help to anyone.

We are in a grave situation
that requires the attention

of all branches of our national security.

My advisors are convinced that you can
play an important part in this effort.

- I'm sorry, but I'm in no condition...
- Jack, listen to me.

I know you suffered a
loss, I know it's hard,

but this is not a routine request.

Go to CTU,

listen to what's happening,
and then make your decision.


You saved my life.

I trust you as much as I trust anyone,
and now I need your help.

When do they need me?


Carla, why'd you come back?

I was supposed to wrap a gift
for Gary to take to his assistant today.

- I can do it.
- No. I have to do it.


Because Gary likes these things done
in a very specific way.

It would take too long to explain it.



I'm sorry.

Will you take Megan upstairs to play?


Have you looked at your system?

No. What's up?

Langley issued an information flow advisory.
Whatever's going on will be inter-agency.

All right. Call Lindauer and Grothy and tell
them they don't have a day off after all.

And... start filtering anything
that comes in.


- Something's going on, isn't it?
- We're not sure.

- I could do those redundancies.
- It's OK.

- I've studied the protocols.
- Paula, you're trying too hard.

Just do your job.
Everything's gonna be fine.

Sorry. I waited to get assigned here
for two years. I just...

Heads up. I need all department heads
over here right now.

We've an active priority.

I just got off a conference call
with NSA and Division.

It appears there's a nuclear bomb,
under terrorist control,

somewhere here in Los Angeles,

set to go off at some point in
the course of the day, so...

From this moment on,

we do not communicate with anybody
outside of our secured envelope.

That means we don't call home, we don't
talk to friends, we don't call relatives.

Our job is to find this device and stop it.

We do not want to create panic.

I know this isn't very pleasant,

but this is our job, this is what we do.

So let's do it.


- I still haven't been able to reach Jack.
- NSA got hold of him.

Is this why they wanted him? I mean,
he's been out of play for over a year.

I'm guessing it has something to do
with one of his previous covers.

In this scenario, immediate loss of life would
be in the low thousands, relatively small.

But the dispersal of radioactive debris
from a dirty bomb is unpredictable

and could multiply
that figure many times over.

I understand that we don't know whether
this is a dirty bomb or something bigger.

Give me the worst-case scenario.

All right. Worst-case scenario.

Stolen Soviet nuclear warhead,

a properly configured trigger
detonated 500 feet above the city.

Approximately 100 square miles
would be irradiated within seconds.

Apart from the loss of life,

this kind of blow would
have global repercussions

that would last for years.

Thank you, Eric.

What would you like to do
about the Joint Chiefs, sir?

They're waiting to hear from you.

I'm not ready to speak to them yet.

Mr. President, if I could suggest
that you at least start the dialogue.

At this point,
this is not a military operation.

It is a potential terrorist attack,
and that's the way I'm going to approach it.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, everybody.

Paula, I need you to open up
another socket for me.

And Mason wants to see you
in the conference room.


- I don't know if I can do this.
- Of course you can do it.

No, I'm just a programmer and...

I don't think I work very well
under this kind of pressure,

so maybe they just wanna
bring somebody else in.

Look, Paula, there is no one else.

You're the best at what you do.

You know the system inside out.
That's why you're here.

Just take it one task at a time.

Right now all I need you to do
is open up a couple of sockets.

And then get to
the conference room, all right?



Thank you.

Hey, Jack.

- Hi, Tony. How you doing?
- Fine. How you been?

I've been all right. Where's George?

He's waiting for you in the conference room.

- You've been briefed?
- Yeah.


- Jack Bauer, Michelle Dessler...
- What am I doing here, George?

There's a rogue nuclear weapon
here in Los Angeles, Jack.

Intel says it's going off today.

- How good's your intel?
- Very.

NSA have high-probability leads
on regional cells that might be involved.

How close are you to IDing a prime suspect?

Not close at all.

That's what you're here for.

Where are you going, Jack? Jack?

George, let me talk to him.


Just give me a second, Tony.


- It's me. Listen. This is really important.
- Dad, I told you today, I'm not ready.

- Kim, this is not about us.
- What's it about?

I'm at CTU. They gave me some information.

You and I have to leave
Los Angeles together now.

No, Dad. If you're going back to work, fine,
but you're not dragging me into it.

I'm not trying to get back to work.
Kim, don't hang up on me.

Hi, this is Kim. Leave a message.

Honey, it's me.
If you don't wanna leave with me, fine,

but you've got to get out of Los Angeles.

It's not safe for you here. Don't talk
to anybody. Just go to Aunt Carol's.

I'm gonna call her now and
tell her that you're coming.

When you get there,
phone me on my cellphone.

Sweetheart, please,
just do this for me. Please.

- Jack, wait a minute.
- I don't have time.

You were called in
because it's a background match.

You're the only one that can run with this.

- I don't care.
- It's not like before.

We can get to Kim, get her out of the city,
keep her safe. I promise you.

The best thing you can do now
is help us find that bomb.

I trusted everybody here at CTU
to protect my wife and I lost her.

Tony, I'm not gonna
lose my daughter. I'm sorry.

I know, Jack. I was there.

Tony, look, I know you did
everything you could. I do.

I just can't lose my daughter.

I'm sorry.

Carol, it's Jack. I wanted Kim
to get out of the city and come visit you.

I'll explain as soon as I talk to you.
Could you do me a huge favour?

As soon as she gets there, call me
and let me know she's safe. Thank you.

Great, Almeida. Now what?

- Back off, George. I did the best I could.
- I guess your best isn't very good, then.

Maybe there's another way to find Wald.

Why didn't I think of that?

I bet NSA had us bring in a
burnt-out agent for the challenge.

- Anyone could have done the job.
- Settle down, George, all right?

Let's sit down, regroup
and figure out what we're gonna do.

What we're gonna do?
We're gonna call NSA. Now.

Here's the deal. I want Knoll or Grothy
to pick up my daughter

and take her a safe distance
outside of this city.


I wanna be kept up to date
on their status by Tony.

- Sorry, George. I don't trust you.
- You're gonna have to start.

What we're up against today
none of us can walk away from.

Tony and I'll both take care of Kim.

I'll do it now.

Thank you.

Tell me about the regional cells.

The most promising one's
headed by Joseph Wald.

Joseph Wald?

Wald's been linked to a terror group
called Second Wave.

That's why it had to be you.
You put in time undercover with him.

- I put him in jail, George.
- He's out on appeal.

And he's actually awaiting trial
right now on new charges.

- If he's convicted, he goes away for life.
- What's Wald's connection?

NSA established meetings between him
and the group behind the threat.

- Why didn't you pick Wald up?
- We haven't tracked him down yet.

He's not at any of
the addresses in his file.

Are there are key witnesses
against Wald in his upcoming trial?

- There's one.
- Marshall Goren.

- Apparently without him there's no case.
- Good. Bring him in.

Here? What for?

You want me to re-establish my cover
with Wald. It takes at least six weeks.

You want me to do this in under two hours.
Where's the FBI holding Goren?

Downtown, right here in protective custody.

Good. Bring him in. Now.

- Scott's coming to the wedding?
- Yeah. He called.

I thought you knew he wouldn't come.

I dated him six years ago, honey.
He's more like a brother to me.

Is the groom jealous?

Jealous? It's not a question of jealousy.

It's a question of what
I'm comfortable with.

My brothers married women that
had never been with another man.

That's what my family expects of us all.


I see. So, instead, they have to settle
for Marie, who's what - damaged goods?

All right, don't let him bait you.
He's just trying to push our buttons.

I've got this guy wrapped
around my little finger and he knows it.

Kate. Tel?fono.

I'll show you the seating chart.


- Hello?
- This is Ralph Burton. Is this a bad time?

No, Ralph. Can you hold on a second?

Sorry, Ralph. What's up?
Didn't you get my cheque?

Yes. That's not why I'm calling.

When you asked for
a background on Reza Naiyeer,

you were worried about
his financial integrity.

The report you showed me said I had nothing
to worry about. Has something changed?

Not exactly. He's done nothing wrong
at your father's company,

and his financial dealings in the past
have been legitimate.

Great. So what's the problem?

I was proofing a file on another individual.

- Reza's name came up.
- Yeah, so?

There's a man named Syed Ali.
He's an international financier

with ties to several
terrorist organisations.

What are you saying?
Reza knows this guy Ali?

Well, according to this file,
they've had dealings.

Oh, my God.

It's possible that Reza's business
with Ali was legitimate,

that Reza didn't even know
about Ali's terrorist connection.

But if you wanna know for sure,
I'm gonna need your help.

What do you need me to do?

Let's not waste time. I don't want
my decisions based on speculation.

Before I read any of the reports,

I want the sources and their
reliability double-checked.

Excuse me.

Did you set up a comm with the Joint Chiefs
regarding response?


The secretary of state called. They're
expecting to speak with you in five minutes.


- Cancel it.
- Yes, sir.


Yes, Mr. President.

Would you excuse us, please?

I thought I was clear that we're not
to burn time and energy on response.

Of course, sir.

Then why is there a conference call
set up with the Joint Chiefs?

In case you changed your mind.
It takes time to coordinate.

Don't second-guess me, Eric.

Today's gonna be a very long day,

and I don't want my own
people working against me.

Sir, I would never work against you.

Goren's gonna be here any minute.

He'll be back in your
custody within the hour.

All right, George.

Our pals at the FBI aren't too happy.

Goren's the state's only
witness against Wald.

Get what you want fast
cos I want them off my back.

What's that?

We're saying you were extradited to Florida
on two counts of armed robbery.

Don't make it armed robbery -
that's not how they knew me.

Conspiracy to transport illegal explosives.

Got it.

Are you gonna let me in our your plan?

And get in touch
with a Rudi Collett, a parole officer.

- Brief him and then put him into my cover.
- Jack.

Look at you. You look like a bum
off the street, you're not talking to me.

I just confiscated a witness
outside of my authority based on your call.

- Are you gonna tell me what you're doing?
- No.

Are you losing it? I don't have the time or
the resources to clean up your messes today.

I'm not losing it.

Just put him in the chair.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Michelle, please excuse us.

- Don't you want me to...?
- No.

- You are Marshall Goren?
- Yeah.

Eight counts: kidnapping a minor.
Two counts: child pornography.

First degree murder.

Yeah. Hey, look. I already made my deal.

I don't need to hear this noise.

All I gotta do is testify against Wald,
and I walk.

Get a helicopter and a backup team
ready to leave here in 15 minutes.

- Are you out of your mind?
- You wanna find this bomb?

- This is what it's gonna take.
- Killing a witness?

People like you want results
but you never wanna get your hands dirty.

I'd start rolling up your sleeves.

I'm gonna need a hacksaw.

Look, Kim. Olivia's giving
Kristen a haircut.

- Olivia gave Kristen a haircut last night.
- Her hair grows really fast.

Are you a complete idiot?
I had to leave in the middle of a meeting!

How do you think that makes me look?
You cannot possibly be this incompetent.

Can we go somewhere else?
I don't like it when he gets like this.

What do you mean? What does he do?

Stay there.

It's gonna be fine.



Megan, are you in there?
Open the door, sweetie. Now.

Go in the bathroom.

- Just a minute. We're in the bathroom.
- You're what?

Be right there.

Sorry. Megan's going through
a modest stage. No boys allowed.

- So you guys were in the bathroom?
- Yeah.

- You didn't hear anything?
- What do you mean?

- Carla had a little accident. She slipped.
- Is she OK?

Yeah, she's fine. Just fine.

- Why don't you go give her a hand?
- Well...

Listen, I need a few minutes
with my daughter before I leave, OK?

- What's the matter, petal?
- We were...

- Did I not tell you to get outta here?
- Mommy!

- It's OK, Megan.
- Honey, I'm sorry.

Daddy's had a bad... I'm sorry.
Just be quiet. Megan, shut up.

- Megan, shut up!
- Leave her alone!

Stay down, Kim. I will hurt you!

Shut up, Megan!

What? Yeah.

Yes, I said I'd be back
in a couple of minutes.


Listen, I just have to
take care of something.

I'll be a few minutes.