24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 6 - 5:00 a.m.-6:00 a.m. - full transcript

Jack meets up with Teri at the hospital where they wait to talk to Janet about Kim. Palmer confronts his family about the cover up.

He's digging up old history.

He claims that Keith murdered
the boy who raped Nicole.

David, you can't seriously think
that our son might be a killer.

Now I wanna know what you did after
you found out your sister had been raped.

And I told you. I'm not gonna answer.

Honey, it's me.
Have you found Kim yet?

- We're at St Mark's Hospital.
- Hospital?

- Janet was in a car accident.
- What about Kim?

I don't know. She tried to call me
and she was in a panic...

I need you to stay there.
I'll get there as soon as I can.

Whatever happens,

I'm gonna stay with you until we find Kim.

- What happened to the other girl?
- Maybe, uh, she wasn't quite dead.

You're either dead or you're not dead.
Let me show you.


This body is connected to
the disappearance of my daughter.

- So who was this?
- I don't know yet.

George, as crazy as this sounds,
you're gonna have to trust me.

This is gonna look very bad for us
if something happens to Palmer tonight.

- She's crashing. Get Dr Collier.
- She's on her way in.

- What have we got?
- BP's dropping. She's in v-tach.

- BP's 90/50.
- Give her an amp of epi. Let's go at 200.

Yes, Doctor.

Epi's in.

- Start.
- Clear.

- Nothing.
- Again. 300.

- 300. Start.
- Clear.

- Blood pressure still dropping.
- Nothing. Doctor?

- Go again.
- 360. Charge.

- Clear.
- Clear.

No rhythm.

One more time.

- Charge.
- 360. Charge.


- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.

- Jack, where are you?
- I'm still in the West Side.

- You said you were coming here.
- I'll be there soon. Is Janet out of surgery?

There's been a complication.
They're working on it now.

Listen. Do not let anyone near Janet
who doesn't belong there.

- What do you mean?
- I think she might be in danger.

- From whom?
- I'll explain later.

- Until then do not mention this to anyone.
- OK.

- I'll be there soon.
- OK.


- Whose car?
- Penticoff was paid to pick it up

and get rid of this.

- Oh, my God. Who is it?
- That's what you're gonna find out.

Somehow all of this is
connected to Senator Palmer.

- They didn't leave much of his face.
- Or his fingers or teeth.

- Is the forensic here?
- Not yet. He's on his way.

Call me as soon as you got a name.

Nina! I need a favour.

They're starting to add up, Jack.

Don't tell anyone
I requisitioned this for personal use.

Personal use?

Yes. Could you please patch me
through to hospital security?

Thank you. You know Kim's friend,
the girl she went out with tonight?

She turned up at St Mark's ER.
She got hit by a car.

- Think she knows where Kim is?
- It's my only chance.

I'm meeting Teri at the hospital now.
Get me that name.

Yes, hello. My name is Jack Bauer.
I'm a federal agent.

I'm coming to you now but I wanted to give
you a heads-up on one of your patients.

I think her life might be in danger. Yes, I'll be
there in ten minutes. Her name is Janet York.

Jack requisitioned a chopper but he didn't
log a destination. Where's he going?

- He's tracking a lead.
- Ignoring protocol again?

First he assaults an agent,
then he breaks a prisoner out of jail.

- What the hell's going on here?
- Stop following me, Tony.

- I prefer to think of it as watching your back.
- When I need your help, I'll ask for it.

Yeah, we got a little off schedule
but we're good now.

Yeah, I know.

You see what happens when you lie?

- Don't ever lie to me, Rick.
- I won't.

Oh, I know you won't.

- Now bury your friend.
- Where?

In the ground.

- We gotta get outta here.
- What do you mean "we"?

I don't know how you hooked up with
these guys, but they don't trust you.

You just saw Gaines kill your friend.

- He's not gonna let you walk away.
- Shut up.

The only way either of us
is gonna stay alive is...

I said shut up!

Sources say the senator spent the night
working on a party-unification speech

which he's set to deliver later...

- How did you get past Secret Service?
- Good to see you too, Sherry.

Listen. David has a meeting and the polls
open in an hour, so whatever you're doing...

- David asked me to come.
- Why, Carl?

I don't know.

I've gotta get ready, and so do you.


What's the big emergency, David?
I thought we had a game plan.

We did. Until I found out my son lied to me.

That he's been lying to me for seven years.

What's going on?

Why would Maureen Kingsley
run a story this big unless it were true?

Are you saying you believe
her accusation about Keith?

I'm saying my son was involved
in Gibson's death and you covered it up.

- Not only from the law, from me.
- David...

Someone altered the hospital records
to make it look like Keith wasn't involved.

That could only have been you.

Look me in the eye...

and tell me what happened.

You sure you wanna know? You might not
like what you find if you open that door.

It's already open and I'm listening.

The night Gibson raped Nicole,

while Sherry was still at the hospital
and you were flying back,

Keith went to see Gibson.

How do you know this?

Keith told me. Your son came to me, David.

He said Gibson pulled a knife.
I took him at his word. It was an accident.

He was defending himself.

So you made it look like
Keith was never there?

As far as I was concerned, he never was.

Why didn't we just go to the police? If it was
self-defence, Keith would have been cleared.

Maybe, but your career
would have been over.

Gibson was white, David.

- I still wouldn't have covered it up.
- Are you so sure?

It was my decision, not yours.

I don't want you anywhere near me...

or my family... ever again.

You have never needed me
more than you need me now.

Get out.

Before you finish crucifying me...

save some nails for your wife.

- Sherry didn't know anything about this.
- No?

How do you think Keith
got to me in the first place?

- What are you doing?
- What does it look like?

- I said I don't need...
- I heard.

Think I wanted to leave Janet there?

Everything just got so crazy.

All we had to do was hang out with you guys.

Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
None of this was supposed to go down.

- What did you think was gonna happen?
- I don't know.

- Smoking that's really gonna help.
- I just can't believe this is happening.

It is, and you can sit there
feeling sorry for yourself

or you can get up and help me figure
out a way to get us out of here.

- Claude Davenport. Hospital security.
- Jack Bauer. Thanks for mobilising.

I put a man at each end of the ICU corridor.
Should lock it down.

- They know not to let anyone in or out?
- Only hospital staff.

- Good.
- Tell me what this is about?

I wish I could.

- Teri.
- Jack.

- Thank God. Thank God.
- It's OK. It's OK. I'm here now.

Oh, don't leave me.
Don't ever leave me again. OK?

I promise I won't.

I'll be walking the floor if you need anything.

Thank you, Claude.

It's gonna be OK.

- Tell me about Janet.
- She's stable.

- Can she talk?
- No, not yet.

What did you mean before about
her being in danger? Danger from whom?

Someone who doesn't
want her talking to me.

You must be Jack.

Alan, yeah. This is my husband Jack.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Alan's been a great friend tonight, Jack.

- I'm glad your daughter's OK.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.

Gave us a good scare,
but she pulled through.

When she's up to it,
I'll need to ask her a few questions.

But, Jack, my daughter's
been through a lot. Um...

If the doctor says it's OK.

The guys that Kim and Janet were with
tonight, Teri told me you didn't know them.

- No. No. Janet never mentioned them.
- Are you close to Janet?

She's my daughter.

- But you don't know who she goes out with.
- Jack.

No, not tonight, I didn't,
but apparently you didn't either.

- What are you doing?
- Trying to find Kim.

By treating Alan as a suspect?

He can handle a few questions.
Understand? Our daughter's missing.

- Of course I do.
- Alan, would you excuse us for a minute?

Jack. What's going on?

I don't know what you were doing for
the last five hours, but Alan was with me.

- I'm sorry if that makes you feel bad but...
- Hold on one minute.

I'm here to see my brother. My bag?

I'm not gonna open the briefcase.
I wanna see my brother.

- What's the problem here?
- There's no problem.

- What you got in the briefcase?
- Don't worry about it.

- What's in the briefcase?
- Don't worry about it.

Get off me!

What is this?

- It's my medication.
- What kind of medication?

- Ben? Ben? What is going on?
- Virgil's in pain.

- You guys aren't giving him what he needs.
- It's OK. We're taking care of your brother.

His brother's up in detox...

You guys just don't get it!

I'm sorry.

Come on.

What did Carl want?

I know about Keith.

Know what about Keith?

That he went to Carl to cover up the Gibson
boy's death. Keith was there, wasn't he?

Look, David, just because Carl
wants to feed you some story...

Are you sure you're not the one
that's feeding me stories?

The thing I can't understand,

what I keep asking myself,
is why you hid this from me.

- I wanted to tell you, David.
- But you didn't.

- Carl said you'd be exposed.
- Don't put this on Carl.

You keep your own counsel, Sherry.
You always have.

Nothing I say to you is gonna
make you feel any better. I know that.

I did what I thought was right
for our family and for your career.

What about Nicole?

Did she know too?

- We were protecting you.
- Really?

- Yes.
- Or were you protecting your chance

- to move into the White House?
- I am as ambitious as you are, David.

- That's why you married me.
- No, I married you because I love you.

- I thought we were working together.
- We still are.

- Well, it doesn't feel that way.
- David.

What are you gonna do?

I don't know.

Look, you can be as angry at me as you want.

But I'm telling you, we should do everything
we can to keep this thing from coming out.

It's too late for that.

Well, I'm sorry to hear you say that,

because you'll lose a lot more
than the election if it does.

Are you prepared to send our son to jail?

Everything was always a game with Dan.

He acted like nothing could touch him,
and I bought into it.

- So did Janet.
- I'd give anything to turn back the clock.

Me too.

I spend every day trying
to get away from my mother...

and now I can't stop wishing she were here.

She must be freaking.

It must be nice having a mom you like.

You don't like yours?

Not all women are meant to be mothers.

- I'm sorry.
- It's not your problem.


We gotta get out of here.

Come with me.

Let's go.

Leave the shovel,
unless you plan to use it on me.

When I come back,
your friend better be in the ground.

- Myers.
- Hey. Any word on the John Doe yet?

Time of death between
11 and midnight last night.

Right before we were tipped on
the Palmer hit. How close are we to an ID?

The lab are running his DNA
against all databases.

- That's gonna take too long.
- We're going as fast as we can.

Put Jamey on it.
We've gotta take care of this now.

- Did you find Kim?
- No, not yet.

- Is her friend all right?
- She will be.

- What about Teri? How's she holding up?
- She's fine, Nina.

What else is going on over there?

I think I have to apologise for Jack.

You don't have to apologise for
your husband. We're all pretty wound up.

I think Jack's wound up
a little tighter than the rest of us.

No argument here.

I guess I've always kind of accepted it
as an occupational hazard.

I thought you told me
that he sat behind a desk.

The truth is half the time
I don't know what he's doing.

He can't tell me. It's a security thing.

Must be tough on you.


But you deal with it.

Right now he's just worried about Kim.

Yeah, well, hopefully when Janet wakes up,
she'll be able to tell us where she is.


Look, I gotta go. Call me back
as soon as you got anything.

Walk with me for a sec.

What is it, Jack?

Why is there all this security here?

Who wants to hurt Janet?

Today someone is going
to try and kill David Palmer.


That's why I was brought in last night.

Well, why is Janet in danger?

Because she was with Kim.

Our daughter's missing.

How do...? You're saying that relates
to an assassination attempt?

They must know that I've been
assigned to protect Palmer.

And you think this person kidnapped Kim?

Oh, my God. Oh, my God!


I'm so sorry.

I know this is all happening because of me.

I've tried to keep a wall between my work
and my family and the wall's coming down.

Now I don't know what to do.



What do they want from you?

- I don't know.
- What are the police doing?

I haven't been able to call them
without risking Kim's life.

- What if it's too late, Jack?
- It's not too late.

Kim is OK. They took her for a reason
and that was not to hurt her.

- OK.
- Honey.

I promise you we are going to get her back.

I'm so sorry.

- I need you in forensics.
- I'm about to crack the outer shell.

You said that two hours ago.

- This key card is our best lead on the hit.
- I'm not dropping it. I called in Milo.

- Milo is an outside contractor.
- Which is why we can trust him.

- I can do this. I'm as good as Milo.
- Not with this kind of thing. And I can't wait.

Look, Jack wants you on this.

I'll brief you on the way.
The deceased is a male Caucasian...

- Who is it?
- It's David.

Sorry to wake you like this,
Mike, but something's come up.

- I was hoping to keep you out of it.
- I'm your chief of staff.

- I shouldn't be kept out of anything.
- It was a private matter.

You're running for president.
Nothing's private any more.

- Where are you going?
- They moved Janet upstairs to the ICU.

- She's out of Recovery?
- She's a little groggy, but she's awake.

- Alan, that's wonderful.
- Yeah, thank you.

Alan, I owe you an apology. I'm sorry.

You don't need to be. I understand
exactly what you're going through.

Excuse me.

- Bauer.
- We found something.

X- rays show a surgical pin
in John Doe's ankle.

Turns out it's not standard.
Custom-made. One oaf kind.

So we can trace it back
to the surgeon who implanted it.

Jamey's searching the AMA database,
crosschecking it with the manufacturer.

- Hopefully we'll have his name in an hour.
- Sooner is better.

Call me as soon as you got something.

The minute Maureen breaks the story,
you'll free-fall in the polls.

Then the media'll start
churning this thing 24-7.

They'll pick you clean,
then go to work on the bones.

Chances are the party'll try to cut bait.

So, I'd say you're textbook unelectable.

- So I'm right to withdraw from the race.
- No. That's the last thing you should do.

- You just got through telling me I can't win.
- I told you what to expect so you can.

If we handle this right,
I think you can come back from this.


you're the most important presidential
candidate this country's had in a long time.

Like it or not, fair or not,
you're making history.

My son was involved in another man's death.

- It was an accident.
- OK.

And what if some judge rules it was?
I mean, how do we justify the cover-up?

All of them -

Sherry, Keith... Nicole -
kept this from the police.

I don't wanna seem crass, but
the important thing is, you didn't cover it up.

You didn't know.

What does that say about me?

Not knowing the most important
things about my family.

I'm not saying it's not a hard sell.

The election is still six months away.

The voters know how to forgive.

You just have to know how to ask for it.

- Do you still want the job, David?
- You know I do.

Then you need to come out with the story
yourself before Maureen Kingsley.

Make it the first thing
you say at the breakfast.

I just don't know how
my family's gonna feel about that.

Find out fast, because
you can't do this without them.

When you come clean,

be damn sure your family's
standing next to you.

I did a neurological exam which showed no
spinal injury. She suffered multiple fractures,

- but nothing she can't recover from.
- What went wrong?

When they were trying to stop the internal
bleeding, she went into cardiac arrest.

- But she's OK now?
- The next six hours will be critical.

- But I'm optimistic.
- Is it possible to ask her a few questions?

- When?
- Soon as possible. Our daughter is missing.

- Janet was the last person to see her.
- I'm not happy with her being interrogated.

I'm just talking about asking her
one or two questions.

I'll leave it up to her father.

Let me go in first. Make sure she's up to it.

Thank you.

You know what we should do
when this is over?

Get some sleep?

We should take that trip we always talked
about. You know, up the coast into Canada.

Just the three of us.

That sounds nice.

I'm sorry. Nina's following up a lead.

That was quick.

Do what I tell you, Jack,
and you might see your daughter again.

Say yes if you understand me.

Answer me, Jack.


Now smile at your wife like nothing's wrong
and move away from the doors.

That's right. We're watching you.

Walk away now or Kimberly
gets a bullet in her head.

The reception's really bad. I'll be right back.

Now continue down the hall.

Come on, Jack. I don't have all day.

What do you want me to do?

Go out the north entrance.


Yes, I'm still watching you.

That's it. Out the north entrance.

- She's a tough one, your daughter.
- Yeah, tell me about it.

- Would you rather go in alone?
- Do you mind?



Hello, Janet.

You've had a rough night, haven't you?

Who are you?

Where's my father?

- Where am I going?
- On your left is a silver Taurus.

- I see it.
- Get in.

- Open the glove compartment.
- First prove to me that my daughter is alive.

- Daddy?
- Kimberly. Are you OK?

Yeah, they haven't hurt me but I'm...

There's a metal box inside
the glove compartment. Take it out.

Tuck it in your ear.

Now say something.

- If you hurt my daughter, I will kill you.
- Good. There's a nice, clear signal.

You won't need your phone any more.
Lose it out the window.

Out the window, Jack.

The keys are on the seat next to you.

- Where do you want me to go?
- You're going to the office like everyone else.

- CTU?
- That's where you work.

- This is Jack Bauer. Leave a message.
- Jack, where are you?

- Oh, God!
- Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

- Where's Jack?
- He went to take a call.

- I need to talk to him.
- Why? What did Janet say?

- They were trying to escape.
- From whom?

A couple of boys who got too aggressive.

- She doesn't know if Kim got away.
- Kim would have called.

Janet says they were being held
in a house up in Bel Air.

- That's the address?
- We should give it to the police.

Jack is the police.


- Pick up.
- This is Jack Bauer...

- Dammit.
- He's not answering.

Jack, listen. It's me again.
Janet may know where Kimberly is.

Would you please call me
as soon as you get this? OK.


- Jack?
- Teri.

He was just here.
He promised he wouldn't leave.

Keep trying on his cell. I'll call the police.

- No, I have to get there.
- If you want, I'll take you.

- Well, what about Janet?
- She's sleeping.

Dr Collier says she's not in any danger
and she'll be out for a couple of hours. OK?


I guess I'll just call from the car.

Go on. Move.

I'm sorry, man.

- We're gonna be OK.
- Maybe.

- I just spoke to my dad.
- How?

- Gaines put me on the phone with him.
- What does he want from your dad? Money?

No, I'm not sure,
but I don't think it's about money.

- My dad's gonna get us out.
- He doesn't even know where we are.

It doesn't matter.

He'll find us.

What's up, Milo?

Did you try using
an S-box inversion on that key card?

No. Why?

It's just... it's the fastest way
into a file that size.

Your hunch on the AMA database paid off.
We just ID'd our John Doe.

What happened to your wrist?
You didn't have that before.

Yeah, I did. It happened
back at the furniture store.


Maybe that's Jack.

- Jack.
- Teri. Hi, it's Nina Myers.

- Oh, hi, Nina.
- I have some important information for Jack.

He's not answering his cell.
I know he's with you.

No, he was, but he went to take a call a couple
of minutes ago. I thought it was from you.

No, I haven't spoken to him
in almost half an hour.

- Then you don't know where he is?
- No.

Nina, what's going on?


Listen, Teri, if you hear from him first,
can you give him a message?

Of course.

There's a murder victim he asked me to ID.

Tell him the murder victim's
name is Alan York.

I'm sorry. Could you say that again, please?

Alan York. He's an accountant
from the valley.

I'll give the details to Jack
when I speak to him.


- Yeah.
- Will you tell Jack?


Thanks, and if you hear from him,
tell him to call in.

- OK.
- Thanks.

Everything OK?

Yeah. That was just someone
from Jack's office trying to find him.