24 (2001–2010): Season 1, Episode 21 - 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. - full transcript

Jack is captured by Victor Drazen and Andre when they escape the detention center. Palmer learns he is dominating the California polls. Drazen's men capture Kim after she is released from jail.

Right now, terrorists are plotting
to assassinate a presidential candidate.

My wife and daughter have been targeted.

And people that I work with
may be involved in both.

I'm Federal Agent Jack Bauer,
and today is the longest day of my life.

- You just gave your concession speech.
- That remains to be seen.

I only hope your conscience comforts you
when you finally realise this is all over.

You mean the campaign or us?

I saw the car explode. I lost my daughter!

Kim is alive. She got out
before the explosion. I talked to her.

I'm gonna stick you
back in the holding cell.

Maybe that'll convince you
not to screw around.

Call this number. Tell them that I am
Jack Bauer's daughter and that I'm here.

Ask them if they think I'm screwing around.

This is a prison facility. Why are you here?

The people that want Palmer dead
bribed someone from the power company.

Something's gonna happen here.

A prisoner's being delivered by chopper.
His identity's classified, even from me.

- That's impossible.
- You recognise him?

That's Victor Drazen,
the man I killed two years ago.

- You haven't heard from your brother?
- You seem anxious, Harris.

Just get your men ready. It's time.

The idea is to get my father out of prison.
This is the best chance we'll ever have.

Get against the wall.

They are here.

Well, it's official. The polls have just
closed in California, and the big story:

Senator David Palmer
seems to have swept California

and every other state that held
a primary this Super Tuesday.

It looks like he may have gotten a late boost
based on the roller-coaster events of his day.

Earlier, the senator held a press conference
to disclose the details of a scandal

involving both his son
and his primary financial backers.

Palmer claims to have been
unaware of any wrongdoing...

You're in my seat.


I said, that's my seat.

- And how about you?
- Would you excuse us for a moment?

Thanks a lot.

11 for 11, my friend.
Congratulations. You did it.

We did it.

That's not the best part.
Fox News just did an instant poll.

83 per cent approved of the way
you handled the Ferragamo situation.

Boy, that is great!

- Have we heard from Ames or his people?
- They're all too busy running for cover.

We don't wanna get cocky, but so far
it couldn't have turned out better.

Everyone, listen up.

In a bit, I'm going to give
a speech to the country.

We have a number of primaries
in the coming months,

so technically it's not a victory speech.

But I'm gonna make it
sound like one anyway.

Now, as you know, in many ways
this has been a difficult day for my family.

And I am confident that being open
and honest was the right thing to do,

and that things will be resolved
fairly for everyone concerned.

And, in the meantime, I wanna thank
everyone in this room for their support.

- This is our victory.
- Yeah!

- This is our night.
- Yeah!

And I just wanna give one last order,

which will be obeyed with
no exceptions whatsoever.

Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Division wants an update
on the Palmer threat assessment.

With Alexis under control,
that threat may be minimal.

Nina, it's your line.

- Go ahead.
- Do what you can to get everyone together.

- It's Bauer.
- I got it.

- What the hell's goin' on?
- Listen up.

The field we were standing in is hiding
an underground detention facility.

It's being used as a prison
to house Victor Drazen.

You said you took him out two years ago.

Apparently not. I'm staring at him. There's
a team in place. They're ready to attack us.

They've already cut off the power.
I need you to send in a field unit now!

- George, what are you gonna do?
- All right, I'll call Division.

By the time you get approval,
this whole thing'll be over.

If Victor Drazen escapes, it'll be our fault.
George, you know what this man can do.

You decide.

What's going on?

Dispatch a field unit to the location
in Saugus. I'll clear it from my end.

- Get ahold of Chapelle immediately.
- What is going on? Is Jack all right?

It is such a shame. You're wasting
the best years of your life on a married man.

- George...
- And picking up Almeida on the rebound?

- That is out of line.
- No, you're outta line. Think about it.

I'm just tryin' to be a friend here.

- George, just tell me if he's...
- Nina, where's Jack?

Teri, thank God you're OK.

- Any word on Kim?
- No, not yet. But we're working on it.

- I need to talk to Jack.
- He's not here. He's on assignment.

On assignment?
Has he been told what happened to us?

- Well, not yet.
- Why not?

- Because we can't get ahold of him.
- Get ahold of him now.

- Teri, I'm sorry. It's just not possible.
- Nina, I want to talk to Jack.

Jack's in a situation where he needs our
support. We're doing everything we can.

- What kind of situation?
- That's all I can tell you right now.

I need you to tell me everything that
happened at your house before Tony arrived.

I already told Tony everything.

But it won't hurt to go over it again. Any
details will help us, and they will help Jack.

All right, but I need to know
what's going on with my family.

I know, and I promise I'll give you
an update as soon as I have one.

All right?

Stand against the door.

Lawrence, what's goin' on out there?

Lawrence, do you copy?

Ray, this is DeSalvo. Come in.

- Ray!
- We gotta get out of here. Which way?

The flood egress is to the right.

Open the door slowly.

Step out into the middle of the hall.

Turn to your right.

Keep moving.

Lawrence, where are you?
Lawrence, do you copy?

We have to get out of this hallway.
We're too exposed.

All right. What's the plan?
How are they gonna break you outta here?

You son of a bitch, if any of my men die...

What area of this building
is most defendable?

- Let's get outta here. Move.
- Fall back. Defend the retreat.

Turn around.

I've been trying to get ahold of Chapelle.
Whatever he's doing, this is more important.

Well, for starters, I sent a CTU field unit
over to a DOD facility.

- I need to have some unity of command.
- I can give him a message.

All right. Just get him
to call me as soon as you can.

Mrs. Bauer.

- Teri.
- Mason. I thought you were being debriefed.

Nina won't tell me anything,
and I need to know what's going on with Kim.

I'm afraid I don't know any more
than Nina does, but I'm sure Kim's safe.

Well, I wish I could believe that, but...
Based on what?

I haven't been fully briefed, but the man that
attacked you asked where she was, right?

- Yes.
- So that means they're lookin' for her, too.

As time passes it gets
harder for them and easier for us.

There's only a few of them, whereas we can
cover the whole city. And believe me, we are.

Jack is extremely important to all of us here,

and nobody's gonna rest easy until your
daughter's back with you, safe and sound.

Thank you.

Just doin' my job.

- Mason?
- George, it's Nina.


Our unit will be on site in 15 minutes. They
wanna know who's in command, us or DOD.

- We are. Let me know when they're on site.
- All right.

Was that about Jack?

We got a lot of things goin' on. As soon as
we get word from Jack, we'll let you know.

You've been very kind.

I'll have my assistant Rebecca look after you.
You let her know if you need anything, OK?

Do me a favour, keep your chin up, all right?

- Rebecca.
- Yeah?

I'm sending Jack's wife down.
Baby-sit her for me.

OK. What do you want me to do with her?

Whatever. I don't care what you do with her.
Just keep her out of my face, OK?

Got it.

- Where's Patty?
- She's finishing up your speech.

Hold that for me. I'll be right back.

- Senator.
- Congratulations.

- Looks like you're going to the White House.
- We'll know by the end of the day.

- Hey, we missed you out there.
- Hi.

I'm just going through it one last time.

I made the changes you asked for.

Oh, yeah. That's much better.

I'm glad you like it.

I can't believe you won all 11 primaries.

You and your family must be so happy.

Yeah, we are.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah. Yeah, it's just all catchin' up with me.

It's been a long day.

You know what, Patty? Why don't we
move the second paragraph to the end?

That'll close with the note about party unity.

That's a good idea.

- Uh, Senator?
- Yes, Patty?

There's, um, something
I've been wanting to tell you,

but every time I start
it just seems inappropriate.

- What is it?
- Well, it's just that, um...

I wanted to tell you how much I admire you.

I don't see very many people who stand by
their principles the way that you do.

And I truly believe our country
would be a better place with you leading it.


- What is it?
- Nothing. I'm just a little flustered.

What a wonderful
and unexpected compliment.

Well, I'll just switch those paragraphs.

All right.

Barnes, this is Mason. What's your 20?

We're approaching the site.

What's going on down there? Barnes?

Looks like the door's been blown in.

- Are the hostiles inside?
- They must be.

No activity here. We're preparing to go in.

Take cover! Take cover!

- Father!
- Andre!

Get down or I'll shoot him!

- Let him go!
- Let my father go!

Drop your weapons!

- Stay back or I will shoot him!
- You don't stand a chance!

- Andre!
- Drop it now. You're surrounded!

Back off! Drop your weapons or I will shoot!

Let my father go right now or this man dies.

- Drop your weapons!
- I'll kill him.

Don't do it, Bauer! Don't release that prisoner.

Drop your weapons or I will shoot him!
Drop your weapons!

- Don't do it, Bauer!
- Drop it! I'll give you three seconds.



The weapon's up!


- Father!
- Andre!

- Where is Alexis?
- He's been out of touch for some time.

We have to assume the worst.

- Hostiles outside the main entrance.
- How many?

At least a dozen, all well-armed.

Collapse the corridor immediately.

Let's hustle, men. Down here. Down here.

Take him. We may need him
as a bargaining chip.

Go, go, go!

That was a mistake. Now you're trapped.

We will see.

I told you, don't mess with me.

You got something that belongs to me
and you better give it up now.

- I ain't got nothin'.
- We cool. I'm your friend.

We cool if you and your girls back off.

You holdin' out on me? You a bad girl.

When we get outta here,
maybe I'll mess you up like that.

- What is your problem?
- You.

Me? I'm only in here because
you told the cops I was a part of the deal.

- You were a part of the deal.
- I didn't even know it was happening.

Nobody told you to come over.

- If this is about Rick...
- Rick? You think I care about that loser?

- He's not a loser.
- He kidnaps you, and you defend him?

- He didn't know what was going on.
- Like I said, he's a loser.

What are you shaking your head for?

You're Daddy's little girl.
You get everything handed to you.

Shut up! I have been listening
to this crap all day.

About how I get everything I want, and how
my life is great and everyone else's sucks.

Wanna know something?
You don't know anything about me.

Last night I was kidnapped, tied up in a trunk,

and then I got to see your friend Dan
get shot in the head.

Take all the bad luck you've had, it wouldn't
fit into half of what's happened to me today.

So messing me up
may not be as easy as you think.

But if you wanna try, bring it on -
here, outside, any place you like.

You think I am a monster

because I want revenge on your wife
and daughter as well as on you.

You were a monster
long before you ever heard of me.

Oh, I see. You consider yourself informed.

You have read magazines.
You have studied intelligence reports,

filed by people who tell their superiors
only what they want to hear.

And you have the audacity to judge me?

When does your suffering end, Victor?

After you've killed me and Senator Palmer
and all the thousands of enemies you have?

Yes. Simple, is it not?

You're insane. It's a psychotic fantasy.

A fantasy which is coming
closer and closer to a reality.

This is Victor Drazen.
Whom am I speaking to?

This is George Mason. I'm the district
director of the Counter Terrorist Unit.

You will be the person
I will be negotiating with?

Negative. We do not negotiate with terrorists.
I'm willing to listen to your concerns.

My main concern is Jack Bauer.

- Do you know him?
- Yes, I know him.

Do you want to see him alive again?

How do I know he's alive?

- George.
- Yeah, it's me.

I've counted six of them.
They've got assault rifles.

As you hear, he is alive.

I'll be speaking with my superiors
and I'll get back to you.

Drazen's taken command of the facility.
He's got Jack. There's at least six of them.

They've got assault weapons, explosives.
Get that information to the field unit.

Bring up the layout of the facility.

How did Jack sound?


- It's gonna be a long drawn-out process.
- I know the drill.

And you know it may not turn out well.

If you want me to put somebody who's
less emotionally involved on this, I will.

I can do my job, George.


- Any word from Chapelle?
- I still can't get ahold of him.

Unbelievable. Hope that bastard doesn't
plan on blaming me if things go wrong.

- Take it.
- No way.

- I said take it.
- No.

Who's smokin' pot?

- That one.
- She threw it at me.

Bitch! Why you lyin'?

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

- And who are you?
- I swear it wasn't me.

Oh, you're comin' with me.

She's telling the truth.

- Don't make a liar outta me, blondie.
- No need. You are one.

I didn't do nothing! Get off me!

I'm gonna get you back,
blondie, don't you worry!



I wanna talk to the cop who busted me today.
I think his name is Krugman.

- You wanna talk to him about what?
- What happened tonight.

He wants to know about it,
so tell him that I'm ready to talk.

Come on.

Two years ago in Kosovo

the man who went into the building
before the explosion obviously wasn't you.

- You were using a double.
- A common technique.

I am surprised your people
were fooled by it.

- That's not my point, Victor.
- What is your point, Jack?

You were using a double.
That means you thought you were a target.

When you let that man near your family,
you put them in danger.

You're responsible for their deaths.

They were away on a trip.
My daughter was ill.

They returned one day earlier than expected.

But, yes, I should have been more careful.

Father, are you all right?

Over the last two years

I have accepted my share of responsibility
for the death of my family.

This is the day...

you accept your share.

Come, Dada.

Make sure he does not die.


Is this what you wanted?

Mm-hm. Much better.

- Senator?
- Yeah, Elaine?

- Mike says they're ready for you downstairs.
- Tell him I'll be down in 20 minutes.

- Do you have a copy for the TelePrompTer?
- Uh, it's this one.

All but the last page.

OK. Thanks.

Would you like to be left alone?

No. You can work in here if you want.

I'm sorry.

What is it?

It's just that I feel bad that
this day's been tainted for you.

Don't feel bad for me.
It's Keith and Nicole who have been suffering.

Excuse me for saying this,
but you do that too much.

- Do what?
- You worry about everybody else.

Who takes care of you?

You all take care of me.

No. We all wantto, but planning
schedules and writing speeches

isn't taking care of someone.

I'm fine, Patty.

Just relax.

You need this.

Oh, that does feel good.

I appreciate it, Patty.

I really do.

But if I get too comfortable,
I may not get off this couch.

Yeah, well, uh...

I'll just go prepare tomorrow's briefing
with Mike. Excuse me.

- CTU. Myers.
- Chapelle calling for Mason.

Yes. I'll put you through.

- Mason.
- It's Chapelle.

Ryan, I've been tryin'
to reach you for a half-hour.

Yeah. Well, I've been getting
reamed by DOD and the Pentagon.

But I think I've managed
to untangle the mess you've made.

What are you talking about?

You should have kept Bauer
on a tighter leash, a lot tighter.

- I'm not in love with the guy, but he delivers.
- Oh, really?

Let's face it, if it wasn't for Jack,
Victor Drazen would have escaped,

which would have been embarrassing
for some, if I'm not mistaken.

- You're very mistaken.
- I beg your pardon?

Come on, George. Think it through.

Drazen wasn't officially a prisoner, right?
So he couldn't officially escape.

It wouldn't have embarrassed anyone.
It would have been...

- A nonevent.
- Exactly.

Instead, we have an assault team out there
with all kinds of people in the loop.

Soon the cops'll get wind of it,
and then, God forbid, the press.

You wanna talk about embarrassing?

Now, we have to end this thing. And
I'm not talking hours, I'm talking minutes.

What about Bauer?

Nobody asked him to go out there tonight.

Now, get on with it,
or I'll find someone who will.


I'm gonna have to order a full assault,
starting in about five minutes.

Team's making their final preparations.

I'm sorry.

Teri, it's Tony. Can you pick up?

- Hello?
- Look, we've found Kim.

She's fine. She's in a precinct.
They're bringing her over.

- Are you sure she's OK? Can I talk to her?
- We'll put you through as soon as we can.

OK. You patch her through
as soon as she calls.

- Thank you.
- OK.

- They found Kim.
- They did?

- Yeah.
- That's great.

I'm so relieved.


Teri, I have some information about Jack.

Why don't you sit down?

We think he may have been captured by
the same group that was after you and Kim.

Oh, my God!

I know that sounds bad,
but we have rescue teams on the site,

and the people who have Jack
have been completely surrounded.

Teri... I know Jack.

I know he will get out of this.

I knew you'd want to be told.

Team One is inside.
Repeat: Team One is inside.

Charges are in place. We are good to go.

- Yeah?
- This is it.

- All right.
- What about Bauer?

Just make sure you get Drazen. Go.

Hit it.

Go! Go!


- What is it?
- We're releasing you.

- Did you speak to my dad?
- No, but I talked to the people he works with.

Melanie told me she lied before. She admitted
you had nothing to do with the drug deal.

So I called the number you gave me,
and everything checked out.

- Sounds like you had a tough day.
- Yeah. Did you speak to my mom?

- She's waiting at CTU.
- Are you serious?

I'm serious. I'm gonna drive you there myself.

- Ready?
- I think so.

- Would you do me a favour, David?
- What's that, Mike?


Not a politician's smile, a real one.

You've been through hell today,
but you've come through it.

And tomorrow morning the fight starts again.

But tonight you need to celebrate.

I'll be fine, Mike.

Let go of it, just for a little bit.

I can't.

This thing with Keith is just beginning.

And as for Sherry and me? You've had a
front-row seat today. You know it's not good.

Let me explain something to you.

Once you're in the White House,
everything defers to the office.

It's what you need to do the job.

If it's your marriage that helps you...
that's great.

But if not... well, that's OK, too.

You can have whatever you want, David.

All right, Mike. Let's go.


One dead body.

No hostiles. Sector One secure.

Sector Two secure. One dead body.
Appears to be the warden - DeSalvo.

No hostiles.

Drake, this is Mason.
What's goin' on down there?

The entire staff,
including the warden, is dead.

But Drazen's gone, and so
is anyone else who was here.

Looks like they broke through another wall.
Some sort of tunnel.

- Maybe an old sewer system.
- Follow them.



It's booby-trapped. Laser mines.

- Can you disarm?
- Given time.

How much?

About a half-hour.

Do what you can.

Get your hands back on your head.

Well done.

Father, we have less than
three hours left. Get down.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

I will offer you one consolation.

Your family will be joining you soon.

Your son Alexis -
do you wanna see him again?

- Alexis is dead.
- No, he's not. We've got him.

You are lying.

How else would I know that he was
supposed to meet with one of Palmer's staff,

a woman named Elizabeth Nash,
in room 1243 at 4.30 this afternoon?

- Yeah, that much is true.
- We captured him. I know where he is.

Get him in!

- Can I borrow your phone?
- Oh, yeah.

- Hello?
- Hey, Mom. It's me.

- Hi, honey.
- Can't wait to see you.

I can't wait to see you.
I'm glad you're OK. I thought...

I know. I thought they had you again.

- How did you end up in jail?
- I'll tell you when I get there. Where's Dad?

He's not here. He's working.
I'm hoping he'll call in very soon.

I love you so much, Mom. And I'm
gonna be there in a few minutes, OK?

I love you too, honey.

- Bye.
- Bye.


- I'm real sorry about not believin' you at first.
- Don't worry. Not sure if I believe it myself.

Watch out! Argh!

No! No! No! Get off me!

No! Get off me!